he just has a lot of pent up frustration


(christmas drabbles ‘16)

Yoongi finally got the taste of his own medicine after all these years.

From last year’s disappointment of silly strings that stuck to your face, to the previous spur of glitter all over your sweater, down to the painful experience of removing every piece of streamer that filled the room when you opened your present - Min Yoongi finally got what he’s been doing to you.

Sure, you love the guy. You’d take a pledge, swear on your life, his life, your ass, his ass, whoever, whatever but this is the one moment you won’t feel sorry for, having a smirk of triumph curved on your lips as Yoongi now has his hands glued to the box from trying to open it.

“…did you… just…”

You wanted to be calm, but boy, years of pent up frustration did a lot to a person. It doesn’t make it any better that it’s Christmas, so… sorry, Santa.

“How does it feel like getting tricked and betrayed into thinking you’re in for a nice surprise but sike! You’ve totally fell for my trick and therefore, as a reward for you being ever-so-gullible for accepting my gift without any hesitations, there you have it! A messed up prank that involves many regrets!”



“…feel better?”

With a tired exhale, you shake your head, “You have no idea,”

“Guess I should stop adding booby traps to my gifts, huh?”

“You think?” You snort, now already feeling bad seeing his hands helplessly stuck to the golden box that you stand, extending your arms out to lend him a hand, “Here, let me help-”

“W-Wait, Y/N! Be careful around-”with a little nudge against the coffee table that contained Yoongi’s gift for you, it now explodes with a mixture of streamers, glitter… and the silly strings you hate the ever-loving-fuck of. With clenched eyes and jaw at the sudden outburst of what the fu-, Yoongi’s left to gaping at you from five steps away, hands now moving up to hide his face when - “Min Yoongi!!!”

((”c’mon, it’s not fair! i made that promise before my booby trap went off!”


“y/n…” yoongi whines, a box pathetically hanging in front of you when yoongi’s unable to remove the box on his own, but he still tries to hug you with his chest pressed to your back as he rests his chin on your shoulder, “i’m sorry…”

“one hour,” you breathe, stepping away from him after pushing his arms up and moving to the side, “you have an hour to clean up this mess, get the box off your hands yourself and when i get back, this place better be spotless,”

“but how am i supposed to-!”…”yes ma’am…”))


“this is your mess, fix it yourself.”)))

anonymous asked:

John Egbert vs Jane Crocker in a fist fight. Who will win

Oh man. That’s tough. Like John has to be kinda beefy, what with all that hammer lifting, shit looks heavy. But at the same time he isn’t exactly the best fighter, or willing to enter combat (except for when he beat the ever loving shit out of Caliborn) He tends to just use his windy powers to blow away the opposition, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Jane’s confirmed to be strong as balls, what with the Dad Crocker having to use a fridge and safe to ground her and keep her inside, plus she’s got a lot of pent up frustration so I reckon she’d be more likely to seriously go to town and let off some steam. Plus we’ve seen her do serious damage when she was all crockerfied. But her power doesn’t seem to be all that easy to utilize in combat.

So,if they ended up in a proper fistfight, no weapons or powers, no escape, NO MERCY, I would put my money on Jane.

which out-of-suit main rider should you fight

godai - would probably just let you hit him and ask if you felt better after, and then you’d just feel worse. also why would you want to fight him to begin with? you some kinda douchebag or something? who wins: no one

shouichi - dunno much about him but he doesn’t seem like he takes any shit from other ppl. who wins: him

shinji - christ, it’d be like kicking a puppy. hasn’t he been through enough? who wins: you, but the guilt will remain

takumi - tougher than he looks. would probably be annoyed at you for wasting his time fighting for no reason. has a lot of pent-up frustration. might pretend you are kusaka. will knock you out quick and cause you as little pain as possible. who wins: him

tendou - you cannot simply PUNCH the SUN. your mortal human fists will most likely deflect mysteriously from their intended path. who wins: him

hibiki - he’s humoring you, probably. that “ow” from your last punch? fake as hell. he barely felt it. who wins: you, but only because he let you

ryoutarou - oh, sure. pick the easiest target, why don’t you. you asshole. who wins: you, but his squad will make your life a living hell in retaliation

wataru - a precious cinnamon bun, too good for this cruel world. similar to shinji in that you’ll win but regret it later.

tsukasa - tall, but thin and probably not all that strong. face is very smug and thus increases your desire to punch it by 50%. his friends will…. probably assist you in kicking his ass, lbr. who wins: you

shoutarou & philip - one is a dweeb and the other is a wispy teenage nerdlord who’s died twice already. two on one could be a problem, but shoutarou will inevitably try and fail to recreate some cool move from a movie he saw once, giving you the perfect opening. who wins: you by a mile

eiji - similar to godai, but with a slight chance of punching back if you catch him on a bad day. overall: not worth it. who wins: no one

gentarou - the kid knits you a sweater made of space and friendship and you fight him? you monster. on the other hand: he’d probably be gung-ho about the idea & go all-out if it were something you were really invested in. anything to make a bud happy. who wins: him, mostly due to pure enthusiasm

haruto - DON’T FISTFIGHT A WIZARD. DON’T DO IT YOU FOOL. who wins: him, unless you somehow manage to catch him off guard

kouta - small, but seemingly sturdy. apparently a dancer? also apparently some kind of godlike being? you do not want to fight streetdancing fruit jesus. trust me on this one. who wins: him

shinnosuke - a nerd & easily distracted, but shown to be tough & skilled at grappling when “in the zone.” depends heavily on the location and circumstances of your fight, but he has the upper hand due to police training. who wins: him, most likely