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COME ON NOW Zayn pretended not to see Niall passing by and he totally didn’t expect Niall to bend and shake his hand but he did it anyway asking if he was alright and he had to shake his hand and this is just INSANE and PAINFUL to watch like if you think of everything they shared and now zayn is like trying to hide from him hoping he wouldn’t notice he was completely off guard when niall took his hand LIKE COME ON NOW I AM SCREAMING they were fucking BROTHERS and now that hand shaking looked like one of two strangers at the same event i just—– 

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I am being stupid here but what does that mean? I understand the zayn part but the rest - is it just saying the boys own it equally? What is significance of this company.

It’s just saying the four remaining members of the band own their company equally. There was some question about whether Zayn had retained a small bit of ownership because of old merch or revenue from the first four albums, but this filing answered that. He does not.

He still has a share of the publishing revenues, though.

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If Zayn could just tweet out a congratulatory message to 1D... I would consider it an ot5 win.

Well, of course! That would be lovely to see, wouldn’t it? And hey, who really knows what could happen one minute from the next? Between being “proud of my boys” with Drag Me Down, and saying he thought it was “cool how they were nostalgic about the memories we shared together” when the History music video first came out, Zayn’s pretty much still very thankful of the relationship he had—and hopefully may rekindle—with his boys. There’s really no denying that.

If he decides to congratulate them? Wonderful, I couldn’t be happier! If he doesn’t? That’s fine…not ideal, but fine. Thats not indicative of anything, good or bad. The boys valued Zayn’s presence in the video, and Zayn valued the boy’s decisions to honor that presence. There’s nothing bad, or malicious, or angry surrounding the meaning of this video. I love that, I can appreciate that. In terms of an award based on a *music video*, Zayn being included in that video is just as important, yeah? Can we call it an ot5 victory? Who’s to say you can’t? But I’m proud of the boys; not just for tonight, not just for the award, but for being who they are, and holding so much meaning and love behind everything they do.

I remember the first time we went into the studio with him, I thought he was a bit of a weirdo. Not in a bad way, I have my fair share of weirdness at times. Malay was just such a strange, unique human being. First off, he started every session by describing some crazy fancy bottle of red wine that he and his buddy Manny (who mixed half my album) were currently ‘really into’. I had barely ever drunk red wine before, I’m more of a beer or whisky guy, but Malay somehow got me into drinking wine. I still don’t do the swirl it around in the glass thing though – I’ll leave that one to him.
—  Zayn on Malay (excerpt from Zayn’s book, page 118 via Complex)

niall and zayn love complimenting each other ? like they just like telling one another how beautiful they are ?

and then exchange i love you’s ? like it’s totally casual ?

and more compliments ?

admiring niall’s teeth ? because why not ?

and like sharing kisses because what is better than sharing a little love?

and like there is that touching again ?

and like that wasn’t enough so zayn had to hold niall ? like what kind of Princes realness is this? get them married already !!!

ok lets not forget how NIALL CARED FOR ZAYNIE how niall learned about zaynie and REMEMBERED. 

does he still wish him eid ? :-)

and please look at the love niall had, his eyes are SHINING looking at zayn

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It was rare, but sometimes, AJ had those small tinges of sympathy that tugged on his heartstrings, a feeling he’d largely ignored for the majority of his career that he’s made here in the WWE. But somehow, some way, there was something in Zayn the kept pulling him in and made him want to interact with the man. Of course, AJ didn’t want to feel sorry for him, but he remembered very vividly just the one time he shared the ring with Sami that prompted the very same reaction as it did now. “Hey there.” he said with a forced sense of casualness. “…Enjoyin’ yer Valentines..?” he asked a little weakly. “I mean, as best as one can after gettin’ rattled by Joe.” he laughed it off. “Believe me, I’ve been rattled for a long time by him.”

Preference #156 You’re In The Mood But He’s Not

Liam- You had asked Liam to come over and watch a movie knowing he would never refuse such an offer but in reality, you couldn’t care less about the movie. You just wanted him over so you two could share some quality boyfriend and girlfriend time. Liam had brought popcorn and started the movie, which turned out to be about a war but you hadn’t know since all you could focus on was him. When the movie ended Liam sighed and looked over at you, “That was brutal, wasn’t it?” you nodded and rested on his chest for a while, “Li? Do you wanna maybe do something more… interesting?” he looked puzzled for a bit but got it. “Oh! Normally I would it’s just… The movie kinda put me off.” Damn the movie. Either way, the two of snuggled which was better than nothing.

Zayn- It was a rainy day with nothing to do apart from laying in bed or occasionally making trips downstairs to scavenge some food but Zayn was one of the things you didn’t mind doing on a rainy afternoon. As you were laying in bed, still barely dressed under the sheet with Zayn mindlessly twirling your hair you reached for his bum and got closer to him. He looked at you and smiled raising an eyebrow. “I’m bored Zayn, please?” he reached for your hand on his bum and gently laid it back on your side, “I’m tired babe. Let’s just have a lazy day and postpone this?” you nodded and focused on the rain pattering against the window.

Harry- “Let’s party tonight for a change,” Harry proposed to you. It was true, since the two of you had gone on summer break, you hadn’t partied once and frankly parties with your boyfriend not only were fun, but usually led you to a night with no rest which you missed. “Sure,” you agreed and sure enough you had gone to the club and basically danced all night. Towards the end, you had started grinding heavily on Harry, hinting for how you wanted to continue the night when his curls tickled your cheeks as he told you that he wasn’t in the mood that night. “It’s not you, trust me you look beautiful, I just wanna have fun and get drunk.” that, you could get on with so you relaxed and had a lovely but irresponsible night with Harry.

Louis- The stadium Louis played that night was one of the biggest on the tour yet, so it required him to jump and walk a lot more than usual but he didn’t mind, he was just exhausted. When he got off stage, sweaty and in his tight black pants, you couldn’t help but picture him without clothes so when he walked into his changing room. You immediately kissed him. Louis was all up for making out, in fact, you were laying right under him, where you wanted to be but after a while Louis stopped, leaving you flustered and wanting more. “I’m sorry. I’m just worn out. I thought I could but I’m- I need rest.” You got the hint and cooled down. “To be continued?” he asked hopefully. Of course it would. 

Niall- You felt warm, hot and in need of Niall. Usually you would take your mind off it by listening to music and taking a walk but none of those distractions helped. It’s just that his loose white tank top left his nice shiny and strong biceps in complete display and it turned you on, especially knowing what they looked like when they were flexed.That’s when you couldn’t take it anymore and went straight to the point. You came behind Niall and hugged him tight whispering in his ear that you wanted him to follow you to the bedroom. He was flattered but just not in the mood. “Maybe later? I was just about to take a dip in the pool.” You sighed but understood. He made it up to you that same night.

I remember the first time we went into the studio with him, I thought he was a bit of a weirdo. Not in a bad way, I have my fair share of weirdness at times. Malay was just such a strange, unique human being. First off, he started every session by describing some crazy fancy bottle of red wine that he and his buddy Manny (who mixed half my album) were currently ‘really into’. I had barely ever drunk red wine before, I’m more of a beer or whisky guy, but Malay somehow got me into drinking wine. I still don’t do the swirl it around in the glass thing though – I’ll leave that one to him.
—  Excerpt from Zayn’s book about Malay.
L.A. Troubles


You were angry. You were upset. You were disappointed.

Harry had just told you that after onlynfour days of being home from tour, he was going off to L.A. for a month. All the time you had spent here on London, completely saddened and depressed because of Harry’s absence, only to be left again days later. Harry didn’t seem to see the problem here, already starting to pack in your shared bedroom. On the other hand, you were completely not okay with it, struggling to put up a strong debate as Harry continued to ignore you while packing his bags.

“Will you just listen to me for five seconds?!” You screamed at him, ripping away the shirt clutched in his hand and throwing it to the ground.

“What the hell, (Y/N)?” He looked exasperated, his hands fisted at his sides.

“Just listen to me! Why do you have to go to L.A. so soon?! You just got here!” You resisted bursting into tears, not ready to let him go again.

“I have a life there too, (Y/N)! I’m not always gonna be here on my time off!”

“Can’t you just stay for a few more days? It hasn’t even been a week.” Your resolve weakened, the stinging of tears starting to grow in your eyes.

“I don’t like being here.” A tears streaked down your cheek as the words fled from his mouth. “Come on. You know I didn’t mean it like that. I don’t like the cold, dreary weather and the clouds and rain and snow. I like the sun and the beach and the hot weather. It just makes me happier.”

“I don’t make you happy?” You asked, your voice cracking as you let my resolve break down.

“No- F*ck, (Y/N). That’s not what I meant. You do, you do make me happy. If you could come with me, we’d be out here in a heartbeat, but you have school and I don’t want to get in the way of that. It benefits both you and me.”

“It doesn’t benefit me!” You burst out with your hands flailing around you. “What does benefit me is you being here and you can help me study and help me do my schoolwork if I’m having trouble and you can set me up a warm bath after I’ve had a long day because you know I love that and you can cuddle with me when I’m tired and can massage my shoulders when I’m writing a paper because you know it helps me relax more and you can sing to me at night when I can’t fall asleep and you can drive me to school in the morning even though you’re always so tired when you get up but you don’t admit it and you can make me breakfast and call me during lunch and I can try to make dinner but you always push me away and tell me to go relax and then we’ll relax on the couch and watch our favorite tv shows and-and-”

You burst into even more tears and your knees collapsed below you, sending your body to the hardwood floor. Arms immediately engulfed you and you sobbed into Harry’s chest, clutching his t-shirt tight between your fingers. “I-I can’t- you can’t- you can’t leave me again.” You struggled to breathe, harsh breaths trying to find their way into your throat.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), look at me. Look at me, baby. Come on, breathe.” He pulled you back from him and held your face in his hands, your skin red and wet from your tears. “Breathe with me, come on.” He grabbed your hand pressed it against his chest, breathing in and out deeply. You followed his orders, copying his every breath.

You calmed down after a few minutes and your head leaned against his chest, listening to his heartbeat as if to assure yourself he was still here with you. “I’m not leaving.” He finally spoke and your head hesitantly rose up.

“Are you sure?” You whispered, afraid of your voice cracking if you’d speak regularly.

“Yeah. I’d rather be here with you anyways. And everything you mentioned just then sounded nice.” He smiled, a dimple poking slightly into his cheek.

“I love you, Harry. So, so much.” You said, your voice deep and gravelly, while your hands rested on the wet patch on his shirt from your tears.

“I love you, too, baby.” He leaned down and enveloped your lips with his, only giving you a small kiss, but with so much meaning.

You could handle this, even if he only stayed for a week longer. You tried to feel bad about keeping him here when it was clear he didn’t want to, but you just couldn’t.

It was too hard to even try when the love of your life was still with you.

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Harry eyed the two from his place in the corner of the library. He’d been cranky for a few days and Zayn’s insistence that he could get Y/N’s number before Harry had simply made it worse.

Fucking prick, he thought to himself when Zayn glanced at Harry and smirked.

Y/N was running late the first time they spoke.  They shared Art History, a class Harry had been reluctant to take until he saw her.

He was sat in the front when the door to his left opened and closed within seconds. He figured she didn’t want to draw attention so she quickly took the seat next to him and glanced up at the board. Harry was staring, he knew he was.

“Erm, we’re just watching a film today. You didn’t miss much,” he finally said.

Her eyes shot to him and she nodded, “Yeah, okay, thanks.”

He wasn’t sure what to say. She barely looked him in the eyes.

“I’m Harry.”

Y/N’s attention was focused on the board. She glanced at him and smiled.

“I’m Y/N.”


Zayn was slow to return to the desk they were sat at. He looked upset. Maybe she gave him a fake number. Maybe she didn’t even give him a number. Maybe she told him she wasn’t really looking to date.

Harry hoped it wasn’t the latter.

“Bit of a bitch, mate. Hate to admit it.”

Harry frowned. “You just don’t know her like I do.”

“She didn’t look at me once the entire time we talked. As if my presence wasn’t important enough for her to acknowledge,” Zayn snarled.

“Maybe it’s not.”

“Look, Haz, I don’t think you’ll be getting a date with that bird anytime soon. Sorry, mate.”


The next day, Harry arrived to class early. He wondered if Y/N would sit somewhere different if she saw him sat in her usual spot.

She didn’t.

“Morning,” she greeted with a smile.

He felt warm all over when he returned the hello.

She set her books down and turned in her seat to face him. “So, you’re friends with that Zach kid, yeah?”

He wanted to smile, but he knew she was being serious.

“Erm, Zayn, yeah.”

“Zayn. Sorry. Can you maybe apologize to him for me?”

Harry was no longer warm all over.

“Erm… sure.”

“I just feel really bad that I was a bit of an arse to him yesterday. And I wanted to apologize to you, as well, for being a bit of an arse a couple of weeks ago. I guess I’ve just been in an arse kind of mood lately,” she chuckled.

“You weren’t an arse,” he frowned.

She shrugged her cute, little shoulders. “I mean, I was rude. You couldn’t tell, but I was thinking of how uncomfortable it must be for you to sit by the girl who looks like she’s always in a pissy mood.”

Harry laughed, looking down at the pencil he’d been fiddling with. “I don’t know, I think it’s kind of cute.”

He caught the flush of pink in the corner of his eye and nearly swooned.


In celebration of all of the birthdays out there, Harry threw a party. He, personally, did not know anybody with a birthday that day; just wanted to get rid of all of the alcohol Zayn kept there.

By no means did he expect Y/N to be standing in his living room, speaking – and laughing – with a bunch of boys.

He hadn’t invited her, figured she’d say no. Harry had never actually seen her around campus with friends. He assumed she just wasn’t much of a people person.

However, when he saw her with a group of his own friends, he concluded that he was very wrong.

He also concluded that her smile warmed his heart.

He pushed through the crowded group of people until ungracefully stumbling into a Y/N.

Her hand gripped Harry’s bicep until he was standing straight, beer in hand.

“Oh,” she sighed, “I’ve spilled on my shirt!”

Harry glanced to her chest. He felt his cock twitch. Had he noticed the size of her breasts before, he was sure he would tell her to bundle up a bit more.

He could only imagine the amount of attention she must unknowingly receive from the boys around campus.

“I’m sorry! Erm, Niall’s girlfriend leaves some of her things here, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind loaning you something.”

“Oh… I-I think I can manage. I was planning on leaving soon anyway.”

Y/N had a slight crease in between her eyebrows that, though very cute, Harry wished not to see in his home. He wanted to rub his thumb over the skin and kiss her until they both forgot why she was upset.

He also wanted to fuck her until she couldn’t stand straight, but that would be inappropriate.

“C’mon. You’re not walking ‘round with a beer stain on your chest,” he said, wrapping his long fingers around her frail wrist.

She would have fell into him had it not been for the width of his steps.

He wished she would have.

A couple was in the midst of making out on Niall’s bed when Harry pulled Y/N over the threshold.

“Get out,” he said.

“Please,” Y/N added. Once they were gone, she scolded him for being so rude, and then apologized for scolding him.

She glanced around, picking at the books that Harry knew Niall only had to make himself look smart. He watched her until he feared she would notice and scold him again for staring.

“I’m not sure exactly what Monica leaves here but if you’re not interested in any of it, I have some shirts that shrunk when Niall did the laundry a while back.”

Her laugh was angelic. Harry wondered why it wasn’t a song. There’s plenty of ridiculous rap out there; he could see no reason why it couldn’t be.

“Harry?” she asked.


“Can I ask you a question?”

Y/N moved over to the bed and took a seat. She was fiddling with a ring on her middle finger when he peeked over to her.


She was hesitant to ask the question, Harry could tell, and when the words finally made it past her lips he understood why.

“Do you think boys around here can tell that I’m… inexperienced?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we’ve been at this UNI for about a year and half now, right? And I’ve been with a couple of guys, just kissing and stuff, but do you think they can, erm… sense that I haven’t… you know.”

Harry took a deep breath and pursed his lips. He wanted to pull her close and tell her that it doesn’t make a difference. That she makes him so excited to just talk.

“Love,” he started, “To be quite fair, I don’t think guys really care. Just want sex with the first pretty girl they see.”

“Do you?”

He wasn’t sure now to answer. Not like he was about to tell her that he hadn’t thought about sex with anybody besides her. Not like he was about to tell her that he couldn’t go through one conversation without glancing at her lips at least eight times. Not like he was about to tell her that he very nearly grew hard when he noticed the size of her breasts not fifteen minutes beforehand.

“Erm, well, I don’t… know. I- I guess not.”

“Because I’d assume it’s completely normal if you do. I mean, I wouldn’t want to take such a thing from somebody…”

As she rambled, Harry intently studied her face. Her eyes, he’d never noticed the color, were a dark brown, it seemed, in the dim light of Niall’s bedroom. How pretty. Her messy hair he found as endearing as a man could possibly find hair. And her lips, well he knew exactly what her lips would look like.

Did Y/N think the same of Harry? Did she glance at his hair and think of how nice it would be to run her fingers through it?

He hoped so. Otherwise, he would feel ridiculous for waking up extra early to style his hair every morning.

And when she wasn’t looking, Harry would bite his lips until he was sure they would start bleeding.

Harry had a problem, he decided, and he needed some time to himself to figure out how to solve it.


Harry hadn’t been to the last couple of classes and Y/N was surprised – and a bit hurt – when he showed up on Friday and sat near the windows.

She felt like he’d been ignoring her; not responding to her texts, not coming to class, sitting on the opposite side of the room.

It would be useless to get up and ask him about it now so she waited until the lecture was over.

He was in a hurry, he told her. Something about his sister, he said. Maybe I’ll text you, he lied.


“Mate, just go talk to her. You’re acting like a wank,” Zayn spoke.

They were sat in the library again, Y/N in the corner reading a book he’d never heard of whilst Harry stared. They hadn’t spoken for weeks and his feelings for her hadn’t dwindled in the slightest. In fact, they may have grown.

“I can’t,” Harry snarled. He was frustrated that Zayn did nothing but make jokes about his life all the time. He wished there was more of Zayn’s alcohol to get rid of.

“I don’t understand why this is such an issue! You like her, she obviously likes you-“

“You think she likes me?”

Zayn paused to glance at Harry then back to Y/N. “Listen to how noisy it is in here. Loud, yeah? Do you honestly think Y/N would be reading a book in here if you weren’t around?”

Harry scoffed. “Maybe she likes it here.”

“Maybe she doesn’t. Either way, you’ve been eyeing each other for the past twenty minutes and it’s really gettin’ on my nerves. Go talk to her or I will.” Zayn’s insistency was enough for Harry to grunt and snarl once again.

“Fine,” he spat and stood to gather his things. “I hope you know that I’ve just given your birthday present to Niall.”

Y/N looked up before he arrived to her corner. She smiled whilst he frowned. They were quite opposite, he observed.


“Listen, Y/N, I want you to know that what I’m about to tell has absolutely nothing to do with me not liking you or not enjoying your company or whatever else you might think, okay?”

Her smile faded away as confusion crossed her face and she nodded.

Harry pulled out a chair and sat. When he glanced at Zayn, he was talking to a girl from their chemistry class and Harry felt even more inclined to hand the video game he bought over to Niall and his gamer friends.


“Oh. Okay, erm… I guess you might have noticed that I’ve been avoiding you.”

“Have you?” She quipped.

“Yeah, and I thought I should tell you why so, erm, maybe you could help me out here?”

Y/N wasn’t sure what to say, he presumed, as she shrugged those cute, little shoulders of hers and offered a small smile, though didn’t say anything.

“I think when you spilled beer on your blouse at that party and we had that whole conversation about sex and, well you know, I may have confused my feelings for you with my feelings for sex with you and I didn’t want to…” Harry pinched the bridge of his nose with two fingers and sighed. “I-I don’t- I can’t… To be quite honest with you, I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say right now.”

Y/N eyebrows were drawn inward and her bottom lip pulled tight by her teeth as she listened. It distracted Harry from his thoughts so quickly that he couldn’t even finish his sentence and he could not believe how ridiculous his words had become.

“Can I take a guess?” she asked, drawing his large hand between her little fingers and rubbing her thumb over the knuckles.

He shrugged.

“Well, I- I think that you’re trying to tell me that you like me? Am I correct?”

He shrugged again and glanced down to their hands.

“And I’m guessing that you think I’m not impressed by you or something? Which is absolutely mad because have you seen you? You’re… gorgeous. I mean, who wouldn’t be impressed by you?”

Harry’s lips pulled up in a small smile as she continued.

“And I’m assuming that when we talked in Niall’s bedroom, you thought about me underneath you -or above, it’s really whatever you prefer- and it was just too much for you to handle so you thought it’d be best to stay away. Which I say boo to because that’s just crazy.”

Y/N was aware that she being quite blunt and she was as well aware that Harry’s libido had grown since the beginning of the conversation. His fingers twitched in her hers before he held them tightly.

“Do you want to go somewhere?”


“How are you? Alright?”

It was the third time he’d asked since they started kissing. They’d taken the transit back to Harry and Niall’s place after which Harry suggested the activity.

Kissing was easy. Kissing was not new to Y/N. Harry, however, must’ve thought she was a virgin to all romantic intimacies because he simply would not leave it alone.

“Yes, Harry, I’m fine. Peachy, in fact.”

“Can I mark you?”

“Erm, well my dad is coming into to town on Friday so maybe not where he can see it?” she suggested.

The two lay on the couch, kissing and rubbing noses, laughing and talking and watching Parks and Rec for hours until Niall got home.

Relaxing, Harry found it. Warm, Y/N called it. Weird, Niall laughed. Fuck off, Harry snarled.

It was how they spent their afternoons and weekend mornings. And when Niall got home, sometimes they stayed and chatted for a bit, but usually they rode the tube to Y/N’s where she lived alone.

They stayed up late one Saturday, watching old sitcoms but mostly making out.

She places her hands on his bare back and he shivers. “Are my hands cold? Sorry.”

“S’okay,” he murmurs and continues kissing her.

Harry really likes kissing Y/N. Her lips are always softer than his, her cheeks just soft enough for his to seem unpleasant. Though they hadn’t yet gone further, he imagined her lower region to be just as enticing. Good enough to eat.

He would not say that joke aloud.

His hands travelled to undo the clasp of her bra; the pretty bra she sometimes left strewn on the floor when he spent the night. The pretty bra that made his prick so hard he could barely stand.

Once removed, his hands went to her breasts, squeezing, pinching and rubbing beneath his fingers. She was quiet when it came to these things, he eventually realized. Not that he minded though; it added to the mystery factor he loved so much about Y/N.

His shirt always ended up somewhere besides his body before hers did, which he also didn’t mind. He didn’t want Y/N to be uncomfortable. He wanted to see her – all of her – without the nerves that went along with it and if that meant he be nude ten times before she, then so be it.

When her hands pulled at the hem of his sweats, he was quick to shove them down to his ankles.

His cock was leaking through the thin fabric of his boxers.

Y/N’s hand neared the length. Her eyes shot to his. “Can I?”


He watched as the dark varnish of her nails made contact with his prick. Y/N jumped when he groaned louder than either of them expected.

“I’m not exactly sure what to do next,” she hesitantly spoke.

“Would you like me to help?”

She nodded tentatively.

“Well it’s really not that difficult to be quite honest. Just squeeze, not too hard, but you know, gentle. And rub, basically. Like, up and down; your palm will work, too. And… yeah. That’s about it. The head is pretty sensitive, so maybe rub your thumb over that occasionally?”

Y/N’s eyes were wide and worried. Harry could remember the first time he fingered a girl. Definitely more frightening than going down on one, since he’d done the former long before he did the latter. He just wanted Y/N to feel comfortable.

“We can leave the pants on, if you’d like,” he offered.

She shook her head. “No, s’okay.”

After a struggle to remove the tight underwear from his hips, Y/N was sat between Harry’s legs with her hands on either of his knees.

“Hey, look at me. Don’t be nervous; you’re beautiful and you’re about to give a really great blowie.”

Y/N chuckled and took a deep breath as Harry patiently waited.

She finally took his cock into her hands and tugged. Not hard, but gentle, like he told her.

Harry threw his head back and moaned. He knew she wouldn’t have to worry about it too long since nobody had touched him in nearly six months. He’d be exhausted in a matter of minutes.

Her thumb ran over the precome spilling from the tip of his cock and dragged it back down, just as he’d advised.

“S’big. You’re big,” she said.

He smiled, eyes hazy and glancing down at hers; huge, blown and intently pointed towards his prick.

A couple of minutes had passed when her breath crossed his shaft and her tongue ran over the head. Harry’s body shuddered and his hand gathered Y/N’s hair into his palm.

Her tongue felt divine on his length. His mind, clear of all concepts except pleasure, could only picture Y/N’s mouth on him over and over. She moaned onto him and he felt it throughout his spine, causing his hand to tighten in her hair.

He forced himself to pull away from Y/N’s mouth and tug at himself quickly until he was coming in spurts. He’d never felt such intense pleasure in his cock. He wanted to believe it was partially because of Y/N, and it probably was, but it was most likely due to the fact that he hadn’t come since October.

He pulled her up and lovingly pressed a kiss to her swollen lips. “Will you let me do something for you now?”

She nodded, running a hand through the hair that Harry had tangled and frizzed up.

Harry grabbed a tissue from the table and cleaned himself off, pulling his boxers back on and getting settled to the side of Y/N on the couch.

“Tell me if I go too far. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

“Okay,” she whispered.

Harry ran his hand down her torso and casually left a mark on her cute, little shoulder.

“Erm, I’ve never… put anything in the hole, just- just”

“Your clit?”

She bashfully nodded and hid her face into the side of the throw.

“Hey, don’t be  embarrassed. It’s female anatomy. It’s normal. It’s literally the most interesting thing a man can ever see.”

She snorted into the blanket and he smiled.

“Just relax, baby. Let me make you feel good.”

His hand wiggled past the waistband of the cute pair of panties he loves; the panties he bought for her.

“You’re very wet,” he acknowledged.

She whined and lightly shoved his head from her chest, where he’s pushed her shirt past her breasts and was gently sucking on her hard nipple.

“Stop it.”

He laughs and flicks his tongue for good measure. Harry’s very good in bed; he knows how to make the ladies scream, swoon and surge with pleasure. He’s very hopeful that Y/N will allow him to properly taste her.

Y/N has never felt so good. Harry was certainly more experienced than her. She’d read somewhere that boys typically have trouble pleasuring a girl; Harry didn’t. Harry rubbed perfect figure eights into her clit, occasionally flicking in tune to his tongue on her nipple.

His eyes were shut, as were hers. When she lightly moaned, his flashed open and he smirked. How pretty, that sound. Do it again, he thought. C’mon, do it again.

She came with a gasp, tugging at Harry’s hair and moaning as his fingers helped ride it out.

They sat for a bit, Parks and Rec playing in the background as they both thought about the events that just transpired.



“Do you think it’s too early to say… you know?”

He flashed his bright eyes to her and smiled. “No, why?”

“No reason.”

Harry tsked and pulled on a section of her hair.

She giggled and pulled his arm around her. “I guess because I do.”

“Well what would you say if I said I do too?”

“Erm, I’d probably say we’ve got to be an official couple now.”

“Good choice,” he admired.

“I thought so too.“

one direction // preference // it's so obvious
  • harry: you'd been chatting a lot recently, and seeing a lot more of each other than you ever had before. it was lovely going out to all these different places with harry - and you loved when the two of you would just crash at each other's apartments; sharing the bed and sharing a cuddle. you had easily developed feelings for him but had no idea if they were mutual between the two of you. there hadn't really been any absolute clear signs. but honestly, he was totally falling for you too. but he didn't know if you felt the same. that was until niall walked past the both of you after one of their concerts, and said, 'oh for god's sakes. go fuck already and then ask each other out.'
  • zayn: it was more of a friends with benefit situation with zayn. there'd been plenty of times where zayn would pay for your flights out to wherever the tour had taken him, so the two of you could spend the night at a hotel - fucking each other senseless. but you couldn't deny that waking up in his arms - or seeing his face at his hotel door when you finally arrived... it all ended in this huge buildup of feelings. but you weren't actually sure that zayn felt the same. he'd made you promise that neither of you would develop feelings throughout this because you were friends with benefits. and that was all. but when you were staying the night at his apartment in London, and zayn got a call from one of the boys which he answered on speakerphone, you heard harry cheekily ask, 'hey mate, when are you gonna tell that girlfriend of yours that you love her?'
  • louis: it was always flirting. literally always. yet neither of you had worked out that the whole 'i'm totally falling in love with you' thing was mutual between the two of you. it wasn't that you saw each other as friends, but it was just natural for you two to act as you did together and in that sense, it made it harder for you both to think of it as being a flirty thing that could lead to a relationship. there were definite feelings there too, but it was just hard to distinguish because you felt like you were already together - just missing the intimate side of the relationship. everyone around you however, were getting sick of you two just flirting and not taking the relationship further. everyone knew just how happy you made each other - so liam sat you both down and told you both to hurry up and actually get together. and you both did just that.
  • niall: you had absolutely fallen in love with niall after all the time the two of you had spent together over the last few months. he was incredible, and you were feeling emotions that you'd never felt with anyone else - and you loved it. but the problem was, you had no idea whether he liked you back. it was parties together, going to concerts, going to the derby games. it was just fun being around him - but when you got home and slept over his house, it turned into cuddles and kisses and you just had no idea whether he wanted to go for more than friends - but you didn't want to bring it up in case things were ruined between you because of one sided feelings. little did you know, however, niall's mind was filled with the same worry. he was planning on saying something soon, however louis cut to the chase first, wrapping his arms around the both of you and grinning, 'so when can we finally say you're a legit couple? hm niall? have you told her how you feel yet?'
  • liam: the time you two spent together was incredible. you'd never felt so comfortable with someone, and you had already developed feelings even though you'd only known each other for a few months. each day that passed, you were just falling more and more in love with him. so when you were lying in bed, with liam's head on your chest, you couldn't help but notice his phone go off. he picked it up and opened the notification which had alerted him that niall had tweeted and tagged liam in it. the tweet read, '@Real_Liam_Payne please hurry up and ask your girlfriend to actually be your girlfriend !' and you couldn't help but grin as you read it. but your smile only grew wider as liam tiled his head back and asked you if you'd be your girlfriend. to which you said yes.
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He brings up the topic of wanting a child/wanting more children

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Zayn: He sighs in exhaustion and he takes a seat next to you on the shared bed, slowly starting to remove his shoes. “They really tire me out.” He chuckles throaty before removing his white t-shirt and sweats so that he was just in his boxers. He takes a spot next to you and presses a soft kiss onto your cheek. “Glad to know I’m not the only one.” You tease back causing him to chuckle softy. His hand travels down to your own interlocking the both of your fingers together. You smile softly to yourself, you had always loved the idea of starting a family with Zayn and that was exactly what you got. The moment the two of you discussed it, almost instantly was when you tried for a baby, but what you weren’t expecting was to end up with twins. Of course the two of you were ecstatic about it though. You both stay in that possession for a bit, his hand starting to absentmindedly fiddle with your own causing a smile to make its way to your lips. “Can we have another?” He asks almost above a whisper as if he were embarrassed to ask a question as serious as that. You could feel butterflies erupt in your stomach and pretty soon a sudden smile creeps to your face, “Another one? Like another baby?” You ask and you could barely make out the blush in his cheeks. “Well, yeah.” He chuckles softly, his hand never loosening from your own. You smile at the thought of having another little bundle of joy running around the house, but then you remembered all the responsibility and effort it takes, which you were more than willing to follow through with. Of course you wanted to have a big family with Zayn, he was the love of your life, but there was some pros an cons to the whole baby process. “You sure? I mean its not that i don’t want to have another baby, but we know from experience that its a lot of responsibility..” You start off and he nods in understanding, “Yeah, but we can handle it babe, we have two children of our own, another little baby isn’t going to hurt us, if anything it would be wonderful.” He explains twisting some strands of your hair beneath his fingers. You smile to yourself then up at him, “Then i don’t see why not?”

Liam: “Daddy, why don’t i have a brother?” Your six year old son, Hunter asks out of the blue. Both your and Liam’s attention go from the television straight to meet each others eyes. You never really thought about the idea of having another child after Hunter, it just really never came up in a conversation. All of you were just one happy family of three, so what just came out of your little boys mouth really surprised the both of you. “We didn’t know you wanted a brother, bud.” Liam says after a moment of silence causing hunter to shrug his shoulders and return back to his toy cars. Just like that, the conversation was over, but the thought alone just wouldn’t leave Liam’s mind. A little while later Hunter was asleep so it was just the two of you continuing to watch the rest of the movie. Liam had your back pressed against his chest with his arms wrapped securely around your waist. He leans down to press a soft kiss onto your head, and thats when he spoke, “Never really knew that he wanted a sibling.” He murmurs, lips still pressed against your head softly. You shift your body so that you were looking into your husbands brown eyes, “We don’t know for sure that he wants a sibling, maybe he was just curious.” You suggest and Liam shakes his head, “I mean he does seem pretty lonely, maybe he needs another little brother or sister to have fun with, you know?” He trails off and you giggle lightly pressing your lips onto his, “So what are you saying?” You ask raising an eyebrow causing him to smirk a slight bit, “I want to have another baby with you is what I’m saying.” He whispers softly as if it weren’t obvious. He then shifts his body so that he was on top, his elbows supporting all of his weight as he looked into your eyes. A blush creeps to your face at is sudden actions making him chuckle lightly, “Well i think its great that we’re on the same page.”

Niall: “Finally!” He cheers opening the front door to the five star hotel room. You giggle at your childish husband and take a seat on the comfortable king sized bed. He takes a spot next to you removing his dress shirt and dress pants. “Best night of my life.” He continues and leans down to kiss your lips softly. What an amazing night indeed. The two of you just came back from the wedding reception where the two of you had obviously wed. The wait to get wed was killing the both of you with his busy tour schedule. When Niall proposed, you had wanted to wait until the responsibility with the whole band had come to an end so that he wouldn’t be gone for such long periods of time, of course it took a little while, but the wait was totally worth it. So here the two of you sat tonight in a beautiful hotel room after the best night of your entire life. You were now married to the man of your dreams and couldn’t be happier than you were right this second. You sigh in content as you snuggle your body deeper into his warmth, his lips starting to break into a smile. “So happy that this finally happened after the long wait.” You slur against his lips causing him to smile into the kiss, “Im just excited to see whatever life throws at us you know? A house that we can call our own, paying the bills, children..” He trails off, but your heart flutters at the last part. Children? It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have children with Niall, if anything you were excited but he just never brought up the topic. You had always wondered what it would be like to start a family with Niall, and now that you were married, it meant that you didn’t have to fantasize about it anymore. It could actually happen. You look up at him when his ramble ends, a slight smile tugging on your lips, “You want to have kids?” You ask. “Babe, of course i want to start a family with you..” His sweet accent hums out almost instantly. You giggle as his arms pull you close to his bare chest, the slight scent of cologne covering his body, “I can’t wait to start a future with you." 

Louis: "What color do you want your nails, Clara?” You ask your seven year old niece and almost instantly she begins looking though the pile of colorful nail polish. Your sister had asked if you could take care of your two nieces for the day while she ran some errands, and of course you and Louis happily agreed. Louis was a huge lover of children, plus he was very close to the two of them. As soon as Avery picks out the nail polish that she wanted, four year old Layla curiously wanders over to the whole scene. “Uncle Louis, i want my nails painted too.” She exclaims and Louis lets out a light chuckle. He looks over at you and you nod in encouragement. “You want me to paint your nails?” He chuckles and her eyes light up. She nods picking out a color and handing it to Louis. Of course Louis didn’t mind, he would do absolutely anything for the two of them. Finally, two more hours had passed and the girls were back on there way home, leaving you and Louis to your alone time. “I have to say that they’re quite adorable.” He grins causing you to nod in agreement. Louis was great with children so as soon as he got the news that both of you were going to be taking care of them for the day, he was overly happy. You always had this feeling that he was going to be a great father with no doubt about it. “I wonder if its going to be this easy when we have children of our own.” He says casually as he continues cleaning some of the spilt nail polish on the kitchen table. You smile to yourself at the thought of Louis actually thinking about a future with you. Yeah, the two of you were married and everything, but the fact that he really wants to start a family with you gives you butterflies in the pit of your stomach. “So you do want a child?” You smile and he nods happily, “Of course i do, babe. Don’t you?” He asks walking over to you and interlocking his hands with yours. His lips then lean in to meet your own, “Absolutely.”

Harry: “Night, darlin’” Harrys voice hums as soon as he closes the door to your six year old daughters bedroom. He smiles tiredly when his exhausted eyes meet your own, “Already tired?” You tease and he lets out a chuckle. You begin to wander up to the shared bedroom, him following behind you. Before you knew it, soon the both of you were in bed pressed against each other. His legs were intertwined with yours, his hand absentmindedly beginning to rub up and down your left arm. A movie was playing on the flatscreen and minutes later your eyes began to close, but everything was interrupted when he open his mouth to speak, “I wonder what it would be like to have another child.” He suddenly says, full attention on the movie in front of you guys. You furrow your eyebrows at his words, he’s never really brought up a topic like this before. For almost seven years now you, Harry and Ella have been a very happy family of three, but not that it would be strange to add another baby into the family. You smile to yourself, then up at him, “Let me just say a lot more responsibility than we have going on right now.” You tease and he chuckles at your statement. “But i think we can handle it, i mean, don’t you want to have another baby, babe? I think it would be brilliant” He asks bringing this whole conversation to another level. You pause for a minute not knowing what to say. You had never really thought about having another child after Ella was born, and you didn’t think Harry was all that interested in the whole idea either, but apparently you were wrong. It wasn’t that you weren’t up for the idea to have another baby, it was just that the whole sudden topic caught you off guard. “Of course i would want to add another baby to the family, but don’t you think its a little too soon?” You ask and he interlocks his fingers with yours, the corners of his lips tugging into a flight smile, “Babe, we’ve been able to support Ella for six years now, whats one more baby going to do?” He murmurs into your ear, pressing a soft kiss onto your earlobe causing your body to break into goosebumps. You smile when his arms pull you onto of his bare chest, the look of admiration in his green orbs, “Well then, i think it would be wonderful.” You admit before he leans in to attach his lips onto your awaiting ones.

Zayn's One Direction Tweet Will Make You Feel All Warm Inside
Just like old times!

Zayn’s One Direction Tweet Will Make You Feel All Warm Inside Just like old times!                                                                                                                              

The boys of One Direction and former member Zayn Malik may have had a few rifts after he left the band in March, but not today. Today is too special. Thursday (July 23) marks five years since the guys were joined together as a band on the U.K.’s “X Factor.”

Directioners Show Love For Zayn, Bake Cakes And Make Fan Art For 5 Years Of One Direction

All day the bandmates have been sharing love for each other and fans on Twitter, and when it came time for Liam Payne to have his say, he was sure to include Zayn, who was with them most of the way.

“I love you all,” he wrote. Squeal!

Fans were disappointed when Malik left the group to take time for himself, but ultimately, they understood why. But things got sticky after Louis Tomlinson started calling out Zayn online. Nevertheless, the feud seems over for now — or, at least, set aside. Zayn responded to Liam’s tweets today with some affection of his own.

“Thanks bro,” he said. Aww! “Bro!” They’re bros. Just like the good old days.

What a perfect way to celebrate #5YearsOf1D. My heart is warmed.

Your child.. interrupts ;)

I’m back boyzzzzzzz

Harry ; It had been too long since you and Harry had gotten a moment alone together. It was early in the evening , 8 or 9ish , and he had just put your 4 year old to sleep. It had been a long day , and he was strolling into your shared bathroom , ready to get ready to pass out. Just as he turned the corner into the room , he was greeted by something he hasn’t laid eyes on in what felt like forever. Good lord , black lace has never looked better on you. What with your boobs practically hanging out of your tight little corset , and your legs were so… sexy. “See something you like?” You teased , slightly turning to give him a view of the back. Jesus Christ , did you kill him. You could feel him melt underneath your touch as your fingers glided across the very top of where his pants were buttoned. When it came to teasing , Harry wasn’t very patient. So it wasn’t long until every clothing item beside his boxers were draped across the room. Beneath him , you somehow managed to still have the bottom half of your little lingerie set on. Harry caressed one boob as his mouth worked your neck , swirling & biting while you let out a strong of moans. Just as his other hand began reaching for your bottom half , the door started to creak open “Daddy , you didn’t read me a story.” Hailey whined , eyes squinting as she clutched her raggedy pink blanket. You fussed beneath Harry as you frantically tried to shield your partially naked body from your infant. Harry groaned , throwing on some pants as he scooped up your child.

Niall ; His blue eyes had been glued to your ass the entire day. My god , did he marry the right woman. He couldn’t help but stifle a moan as you bent over to pick up the toys sprawled out across the floor , as he could get confirmation that you were wearing no panties with those yoga pants. The day went on & Niall found himself wanting you more and more by the second. So as soon as your 6 year old left for his play date & your 1 year old went down for his nap , Niall was on it. There was no warning at all , because in a flash you found yourself topless with Niall’s lips latched into your left boob “we don’t even need real milk.” He snickered , his tongue working magic as usual. Instead of slapping him in the shoulder , it turned more into a digging as you released the built up moan. He wasted no time , because now you were naked and as was he. “Shit (Y/N) , I’ve been waiting for this all damn day.” He groaned , positioning himself between your legs as your fingers dug into his back. “Then what are you waiting for now?” You teased , and without hesitation he slid right in. Just as he was getting into a steady , fast pace , the baby began wailing. Of course , Niall ignored it , going harder with each stroke at an attempt to distract you. “I gotta go babe.” You chuckled , gently pushing him off and attending to your child.

Zayn ; He could never figure out quit how you did it. Two kids and 5 years later you still had the body of a 20 year old. No matter how hard he tried he failed to ever find a flaw in you. Even now , early on in the morning as you stripped to get in the shower. He watched intently , comfy in his spot in bed. His eyes grew wider with every piece of clothing you peeled off your body. First your shirt , then your pants. “You enjoying the show love?” You snickered , sauntering off to the bathroom. A soft groan from him was enough of an answer for you. The water turning on & the sound of your undergarments hitting the floor was plenty of an invitation for him to join your shower. In a minute his hands were already locked around your waist , lips connecting to the soft spot of your wet neck. In the midst of the butt grabbing & neck biting , you were unaware of the persistent banging on the bathroom door. “Mom!! Open the door , I have to get ready for school.” You 13 year old whined , and so did Zayn.

Louis ; Louis’ sex drive was almost unrealistic. He wanted you every waking moment to every last minute before sleeping. All the time , and he couldn’t give a shit where it was and how the job got done. Today was just like any other , regardless of the fact you were sitting at the dinner table in Louis’ parent’s home. Your three children sat across from you , giggling amongst themselves as their more than generous cousins piled food onto their plates. In the midst of clanking silverware and fits of laughter , Louis was keeping up a conversation as his fingers started creeping up the inside of your legs. The goosebumps started and you could see the playful smirk dancing on his lips. As the conversation between Louis & his mother started heading towards another child for you two , his fingers found your favorite spot. As soon as they made their way in you let out a loud moan & unintentionally slammed your spoon down. The entire dinner table looked at you with a certain look. Everyone that is , except Louis , who just continued on. “Mommy and Daddy are probably thumb wrestling.” Your daughter , Camilla , joked to her brother. You could feel yourself giving in & this only made Louis feel twice as empowered “And daddy just won.”

Liam ; It had been the longest 9 months of his whole life. The longest he’d gone with no sex. Of course , the wait was worth it. The joy of his first son , his first child in general , had been an indescribable experience for him. But you had been glued to that baby for the past month and a half , and Liam was becoming desperate. Didn’t matter where you two were or what you were doing , Liam would do his absolute best to pounce on any opportunity he saw to get you in the way he needed you. So today was no different. You had finally sat down on the small couch as Mason dosed off in the play pen. As soon as Liam caught a glimpse of the sleeping baby , he was all in. In a matter of seconds he was on too of you , hands running up and down your leg as he left sloppy kisses on different parts of your neck. While your hands ran through his gelled hair , his worked the buttons on your top. Just as he thought he was gonna get what he’s been waiting for , Mason was already up. Like clockwork , the baby started with a subtle cry which was more than enough to get your attention.

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Aw this made me sad to think about

I wonder if Zayn sometimes sings his old songs he had with the boys. Like he’s groggily preparing some toast in the kitchen and humming Little Things. Or maybe tidying up the living room and softly singing Happily. Maybe lounging on his patio, playing on his phone and lazily saying some of the words to Strong and singing some of the other parts. I just wonder if he misses any of the stuff he used to do with the boys. And the fun they had and the talks they shared. Maybe he’s laying in bed at night and quietly singing Right Now, I wish you were here with me….

“i don’t know what you want me to tell you, babe.
the boys brought a few hoes to the after party so
obviously they were all up on my dick,” the rapper
drawls, playing on his phone as he sits on the bed
he shares with the girlfriend that had endured too
much of his shit, in anyone’s opinion. “compromising
pictures got out, sorry,” he says, pulling his shoulders
into a half-assed shrug. “can we just fuck and forget
about this?”

Just to put it out here, a scandal is always giving a celebrity a better chance to be heard than just a smooth “departure”.

If Zain had left 1D without any conflicts or issues, the articles would’ve stopped after 3-4 days because there’s nothing to report. He left and is living his life.

Please remember that it’s also absolutely possible that 4D is well aware of what was coming, that there would be a fake fallout, because as sad it is, that’s what sells in this world.

Now everyone is talking about it, everyone has an opinion, these people talk and this was the goal. Put Zain’s name out there, and isolate him from One Direction.


Instant rebranding.

#13 He Gets Jealous (Requested)

Your name: submit What is this?


It was Friday night and you and your friends decided to go out and have a “girls night”. You had just finished getting readying walked down the stairs in your shared flat with Harry. You had on a skin tight black dress that went down to just above mid thigh that had a low cut back with a row of silver sequins around your upper abdomen, paired with some black 5 inch heals. Before you left you yelled into the living room to Harry that you’d be back in a few hours. About thirty minutes after you and your friends arrived at the local club you were all on the dance floor having a great time together. After the last song changed to a more up beat one a boy around your age approached you and your friends and joined in. Soon a slower song began to play and the boy, who said his name was Jason, asked you to dance. You looked around at your friends only to see a few of them give you a look telling you to go for it and that Harry wouldn’t mind. After the dance you guys decided to head back home so you said goodbye to Jason, but not before he gave you his number and kissed you on the cheek. Of course you weren’t going to call him but you took it anyway to be nice. Once you got home Harry asked you what all you girls did. “Well we danced and then this guy, Jason, asked me to dance and I didn’t want to be mean so I did, and then he gave me his number before we left.” “Let me see his number.” Harry said flatly with no emotion showing on his features. “Why? I’m not gonna call him.” “I am.” He said. “I want him to know that you’re mine and that I don’t want him to see you ever again.” with that said you grabbed his arm and sat down on the sofa with him next  to you. “Harry, you know I only love you, I was just being nice to the guy, i didn’t know it would bother you this much, I’m sorry.” “No you don’t need to apologize, you look so damn hot tonight I can’t blame the guy for hitting on you, and I trust you, I should be apologizing, I’m sorry and I love you so much Y/N.” After that he kissed you passionately on the lips.


One day Liam and you decided to take a walk in the park since he had a day off from tour. You were walking together hand in hand around all the young children playing and swinging on the swings. About five minutes later an older man, probably in his late twenties or early thirties walked by going in the other direction. As this man passed by he, not so secretively, checked you out. You noticed but ignored the man and continued walking as if nothing happened. Guys checked you out all the time, you’re hot so why wouldn’t they? A few silent moments passed and you heard Liam let out a frustrated sigh. “What?” You asked confused as to why he was frustrated. “I’m going to kick that guys ass if i ever see him again.” he answered with his jaw clinched. “And why is that?” you questioned with a smirk. “Because he was looking at your ass.” You couldn’t help but laugh at hi response before leaning up and placing a kiss on his cheek. “Don’t worry, he’s got nothing on you, you’re way hotter than him, and besides I love you.” you said as Liam began to go back to his normal happy self. “You’ve got a good point there, I am hotter than him, and I love you too Y/N.” And with that he kissed you on the lips before you both finished your little stroll through the park.


You and Niall decided to take a trip to the country club for the weekend so Niall could do some golfing while you spent some time at the pool. Once Niall was done at the course for the day he changed into his swim trunks before making his way towards the pool were you had told him you’d be when he finished. He was walking across the warm surface of the deck, when he spotted you in your mint green bikini lying against one of the white lounge chair taking in the warm sun. As he made his way over to you he also noticed the lifeguard on the stand a few chairs down from yours eyeing your body as you tanned. When he reached your chair he slipped out of his white t-shirt before placing it next to your bag and taking off his sandals before leaning down to press his lips to yours. “I’m going in for a dip, you can join if you want.” he tells you with a wink. “Maybe in a few minutes.” you answer before he turns around and gets into the pool. Seconds later a shadow appears blocking your sun, thinking its Niall you sit up and push your glasses up to see him. “Was that man bothering you” you hear a voice say when you peer up at the lifeguard. “Excuse me?” you question. “That man… did he bother you when he touched you because I can have him thrown out.” he repeats and you laugh. “No… that’s my boyfriend.” you assure him, looking out into the pool to see Niall glaring at the lifeguard. “Really? A pretty girl like you could do better, care to join me later for dinner to find out?” he offers and you try to politely decline his offer. “Babe… get in with me.” Niall calls from the pool watching as you stand to join him in the pool. You swim towards and him he pulls you against him to press a possessive kiss to your lips. The kiss is more passionate than you had intended as his hands roam your body to ensure that the lifeguard knows just who he’s dealing with. Before pulling away Niall makes it a point to flip off the lifeguard and he doesn’t bother you ever again.


All the boys and you were hanging out at Zayn and your shared flat. You invited them over for dinner and to just catch up. The boys really liked you and everyone got along well, especially you and Liam. Out of all the boys, besides Zayn, you and Liam were the closest friends, in fact Liam was the first one you knew and you two had been friends for the longest time before he introduced you to Zayn. You were all done eating and were sitting around the living room talking. After an hour or so of chatting the boys had to go so you all said your goodbyes. You walked with Liam to the door and hugged him goodbye before he and the three other boys followed him out the door to their cars. “Why do you only hug Liam?” you heard Zayn ask from behind you as you closed the door to the flat. “I don’t know, i guess i just feel the most comfortable around him, you know I’ve known him forever.Why do you ask? Are you jealous??” you asked widening your eyes when he blushed and turned away. “oh my gosh, you’re jealous of Liam!” you stated poking him in the cheek. “Maybe a little, it bothers me how close you two are, it should’t but it does a little bit.” “Aww, well ill hug him less if that helps.” you concluded laughing at him still blushing.


Louis glares at the male waiter standing next to you from across the table as you ask the him another question about an item on the menu. He rolls his eyes as the young boy is all too willing to lean over you to point some things out on the menu in your hand. He clenches his fists on the table when the waiter winks at you before finally acknowledging Louis. “Thanks… Daniel” Louis says with tight lips, watching as the waiter once again gives you the once over before walking away. “Douche” Louis mumbles and you look up from your drink to glance at him. “What was that babe?” you question watching as he crosses his arms over his chest, the muscles in his biceps bulging. “Douche… flirting with you when I’m sitting right here” he complains and you smile at him over the candle light. You lean over the table, encouraging him to do the same before you’re pressing your lips together. “He can flirt all he wants too baby… but I’m going home with you tonight just like I do every other night” you assure him, before sitting back down in your chair. When Daniel returns to the table with your food, you keep your eyes on Louis and completely ignore the waiter. When you leave, Louis leaves a tip “Don’t hit on your customers girlfriend and you’ll get more money.”

Niall Horan (Request AU)- This Lift Needs To Get Moving

A/N: Hi everyone! To the anonymous that asked for both Niall and Zayn ‘Get Stuck in an Elevator/Lift’, it was my intention to complete Zayn’s portion, but due to the recent occurrences where Zayn was a proper dick (sorry if you do not share the same opinion) I, personally, won’t be writing for Zayn. I will complete any others, however, so feel free to leave requests in our inbox.  

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You and Niall had just gotten back from the pool at your hotel in Malibu and both of you were ready to head off to sleep. Well you were. You were tired, and your back hurt. You were hungry and really needed the toilets.

Niall was getting handsy. Now neither one of you were short with PDA, but you could tell he was getting to the point where it was making you a bit irritated. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have sex with him either, but you weren’t feeling your best and didn’t want to do anything until he knew a secret that you had been keeping for a few weeks now. You’re pregnant.

At first, you two had been using protection, knowing that in a few months time you would be married, but after you were officially husband and wife, you knew you were ready to have a baby together. You both wanted the family, and it was time. The rush and excitement was indescribable and you couldn’t explain at what moment it all started. 

Months and months of not using anything, and you hadn’t gotten pregnant. Of course, being a woman, this worried you as to why you weren’t getting pregnant. But not more than two weeks later, you started getting sick. It was just in the mornings at first, not much of anything, mainly nausea. But then your body started to change. First it was your chest, slowly growing, and of course Niall started to notice. He loved feeling you up, even if it wasn’t going to lead to anything more. But, overall, the small weight gain was enough in your bum and a bit for no one to notice.

It was exciting. You had a piece of you and Niall growing inside of you. You are having a baby with the man that you are in love with and want to spend the rest of your life with. That in itself was astounding.

You two walked hand-in-hand into the lift, quickly pressing the button to the 10th floor where you and the rest of the band were staying. Before you could even move back, a red flashing light lit up, an automated voice announcing the break in a plug for the lift to continue moving. Both you and Niall were claustrophobic, but Niall was always very good at trying to keep you both calm. You were breathing, just trying to keep calm, but you just kept thinking about telling him about the baby.

“Let’s not waste our time,” Niall says, pulling you closer by your waist. You giggle and lean into his body. Niall’s lips quickly attached themselves to your neck, finding your sweet spot within seconds. His kisses your neck with spongy, soft kisses, leaving you entwining your hands in his hair.

“Niall,” you say, your voice coming out more as a moan than anything.

“Mhm,” he says, blowing air on the new love bite he just made.

“Seriously, Niall, hold on,” you say, pulling away from him, but leaving your hand on his waist.

“What’s wrong, babe?” he says, pulling back and placing a hand on your hip.

“I have to tell you something. I found out a few weeks ago,” you whisper, eyes avoiding your husband’s.

“Found out what, baby?” he says, leaning back and eyes going wide with curiosity.

“Well, actually, I found out we’re having a baby, Ni. We’re going to be parents,” you say, eyes tearing up as you watch his eyes grow wide with both excitement and happiness.

“Oh my God, we’re going to be parents. I’m going to be dad,” he says pulling you in as close as possible and kissing you deeply, both of you smiling unconsciously.

“I love you so much. You have no idea how happy you make me. You’ve made me the happiest man on the planet,” he says, lifting you up and swinging you around. “Oh, ’m sorry, are you okay?” he asks watching as your face scrunches up mid-swing.

“I can’t do that, it’ll make me sick,” you giggle as Niall profusely apologises. “It’s okay, I just really want to get out of this lift.”

As soon as you said that, the doors opened and you were quickly pulled out of the small area for Niall to yell across the floor that he was going to be a dad. Everyone ran out and congratulated the both of you, Lou and Lottie giving hugs and then rubbing your nonexistent tummy. It was nice to see everyone so excited for the two of you. 

As soon as you and Niall got back to your room, he just sat with you on the settee, holding you close, and rubbing your tummy. It was amazing to just see how the love of your life was falling in love with another piece of the two of you, even if it was just a small picture.

“What do you think it will be? Boy or Girl?”

“I don’t know. Maybe a boy. I’d like a little one of you,” you say, leaning into him, your head on his shoulder.

“Do you think I’ll be a good dad? I know I’m always on the road, so I won’t be able to be with you all the time. But I just want to be a great father, and I want to be good for you. Maybe get a new house soon, I don’t know,” he says, eyes focusing on multiple different things as he talks to you.

“Baby, you’ll be a great dad. The way you are with Theo only proves to me that you’ll be an amazing father. And, of course, I want us to get a bigger house, but not right now, this baby is going to be little for a well three years, and that’s when we can look. I want us to focus on the little things right now. And I will be on the road with you, silly. Are you really going to leave your pregnant wife at home in London?” you say, leaning up to kiss him and laugh at how happy he looks. He’s laughing and rubbing your tummy, and you’re smiling, and it just seems like the perfect moment.

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