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To all the people complaining about storytelling problems in “The Time Of The Doctor”, you are not wrong, and I will probably write up my own post of complaints, but please acknowledge what this episode is.

TTOTD was, more than anything else, for the fans of Matt Smith’s Doctor.  Appearances by many of the enemies he had previously faced, one last the-sonic-does-not-work-on-wood moment, one last drunk giraffe dance, one last serving of fish fingers and custard, one last epic speech, one last unexpected kiss, one last sudden random naked Matt Smith (which I am sure was just added for the fangirls), acknowledging Matt’s lack of eyebrows, acknowledging that Matt shaved his head IRL, and so on.

Not to mention this scene was even more meta than David Tennant’s “I don’t want to go”:

He looks not at Clara, but right at the audience.

I just had the most random moment of my day. My cable service failed so I called for tech service. A 50 years old man entered into my room. He checked my tv and stuff and left my room.. but just 2 seconds after he came back and stared at a furniture i have. He was speachless. I asked him: what’s wrong? He made a step foward to my forniture and said: WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE!? I’M A HUGE FAN OF SHELDON AND AMY!! OMG!!... yes.. He found my Shamy Pop dolls.. x’D , we started fangirling about shamy, it was a beautiful moment.. we’re besties now! :’)
Blackout | Yoru & Yami

That city was boring. Apart from all the unusual, not necessarily welcomed issues that used to happen to him, also passing over fangirls, and other people who – God knew why – believed that if he was so called the King of Games, they had a right to just accost him in random moments, as if he was their friend, not just a man they knew from television or live watched duels.

Yeah, Domino City could be considered to be incredibly boring, nevertheless, the ex-Pharaoh didn’t mind at all. His experiences left him an insatiate desire of some calm, however, it wasn’t something favoured by mental pain. It was the reason, why he had just felt in love with walks, especially of the night ones. They provided him quiet, silence, everything necessary to actually clean his head, collect minds. Sometimes Yami craved to be alone, as much as he feared it, because in the moments of the most terrific anxiety he was too afraid of infecting anyone else with his own darkenss, especially the one he loved the most.

He already knew the city too well. Getting lost was completely impossible, no matter which direction he chose, finally there was always a place from where was any familiar way back to home, like at that moment, when he was closer and closer to the boundary of the Domino City. Regardless, he could at least pretend.

Buldings gave way to trees, and he sat down onto the ground, resting his back against one of them, his kneed pulled up to his chest. With his eyes closed, Yami inhaled the fresh air, slowly filling his lungs. He didn’t expect anyone to bother him, but that illusion lasted only for a few minutes, before a strange noise rang out.

Someone’s deep breath?

Impossible, he thought to himself, but then it happened again, and – what was the strangest in the whole situation – right above him. What the hell? Yami stood up, and almost froze as he realized that he really wasn’t alone. There was a man sleeping in a tree, looking as if he could fall down onto the ground in every second. “Hey,” Yami reached up, nudging the other’s hand, trying not to shake him too violently, just to wake him up. “Hey, wake up. Do you really wanna fall? ”