he just got 100x more attractive

Washing Tessa With Tom - Headcannons

A/N: SO!!! My “Facetime With Tom” Headcanons blew up so much more than i expected them to, and i’m beyond grateful. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I really rather write HC’s than fics so please send requests in i don’t care how weird or kinky it is, bring it on!

Requested: I sort of forced her to request it but @ladybeewrites aka @ladysnowren aka BEE MY MOTHER requested it

Genre/Warnings: Fluff?

Word Count: 439

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  • Tom dreading the day you both have to wash Tessa
  • Tessa somehow always knows when bath day is and tries (and fails), to hide from you and Tom
  • Tom specifically rented a hotel room with a massive bathtub so you could both wash Tess
  • You finally lock yourselves and Tessa in the bathroom as she tries relentlessly to escape
  • Tom getting on his knees and stroking Tessa’s head saying “it’s okay love, it’s okay angel, we just have to wash the stink off you”
  • You being 100x more attracted to Tom because he’s so caring and nurturing
  • While you run the bath, Tom holds Tessa in a weird sitting hug position??
  • The bath is filled and you and Tom struggle to keep her inside the tub
  • She got away a couple times and SOAKED both of you
  • At one point Tom fell into the tub with Tessa trying to calm her down
  • You stared at him and thought what an amazing human being he was and how lucky you were to have met this amazing man child.
  • Just staring at him imagining him giving your actual children a bath, not just your fur baby
  • Also the sight of his wet abs through his white t shirt wasn’t helping your concentration
  • “What are you looking at, love? Can you please just get me a towel?”
  • You reluctantly gave him the towel even though you wanted to stay in that moment forever
  • You’re both left wet and bubbled up from tessa’s bath
  • Tom looks fuckin adorable with bubbles all over him
  • You look in the mirror and see how disastrous you look
  • You look back at him while he’s looking down, thinking about something
  • He looks up at you with a smirk and says “What do you say? Shall we both clean up?”
  • “Yeah, I’ll go get some dry clothes.”
  • “Oh darling, we won’t be needing clothes for a while.” he says with a suggestive wink
  • A bubble fight ensues
  • Tom somehow ends up with a bubble beard and it’s the cutest thing.
  • He tickles you until you can’t breathe from laughter
  • His hands “accidentally” ending up on your boobs
  • “No bra eh darling?”
  • “Can you blame me?”
  • “Not at all those little shits seem super uncomfortable.”
  • “Okay Tommy we really have to get out. We’re supposed to meet Harry and Sam for dinner.”
  • He gets up and offers you his hand to help you step out.  
  • “I guess we really don’t have time for anything then?” Tom says, looking at the clock.
  • “Oh we’ll have time” you say “after dinner” you wink.