he just goes 'i don't really remember what my favorite part was'

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20 years after i said i was gonna send this....okay I'm all for Noah headcanons if you wanna because I need more Noah Czerny in my life. And like....if you wanna do a name aesthetic, hi hello my name is Caitlin and I'm awful at picking my favorite anything including color but if I had to make an educated guess...purple.

bitch,, i love noah czerny it’s lit let’s do this

  • noah is really fucking good at skating but would die on a ripstick
  • he was low key a stoner in school (not like one of those annoying people who know way too fuckin much about weed but he just always seemed to have a joint on him)
    • he watched harry potter high when it came out and it freaked him tf out so he wouldn’t see the others despite whelk wanting to
  • absolutely terrible with plants. he follows all the instructions to a tee but somehow they never last
  • he loves loves loves disney movies, he knows all the easter eggs and the obscure trivia
  • once let his sister pierce his nose in their bathroom at 2am
    • speaking of which? his sister is his best friend
    • he’s always been kinda dorky and sweet so he got picked on as a kid and sister has fought people for him numerous times
    • she’s his hero and he loves her so much
    • every time he’s home they yell out a goodbye to their mom and duck out to go spend the day together walking around the city, talking, buying street food, and catching up. it’s the only time they don’t have curfew bc mom knows by now there’s no use when they lose track of time chatting and hanging out
    • why is noah always playing with blue’s hair? his sister’s hair grew long and he’d braid and style it for her ever day while she was brushing her teeth before school
  • noah loves dandelions because he thinks theyre brave for growing through sidewalk cracks
  • he didn’t have a lot of friends growing up because he was always flitting between groups of people, always excited about something but never sticking around long
  • it’s the promise of a magical wish that gets noah to stick around whelk because honestly, what’s more exciting then waking an ages old welsh king?
  • he called whelk “barry” and was the only one allowed to. whelk had a weird fondness for noah (outshone by his greed, yes, but it was there) that no one at aglionby understood. whelk literally looked down on everyone, but for some reason the hyperactive part time stoner with a habit of skipping class to chase butterflies caught his attention and kept it. somehow, noah’s intensely bright personality balanced out whelk’s dour one. 
  • he swears he’s seen mothman
    • “noah mothman is in west virginia…and he isn’t even real….”
    • I meant what I said”
  • who can honestly be bothered to tie their shoes he definitely knots his laces on every pair he owns so he can just slip them on
  • mint candies are his absolute favorite thing on the planet, but peaceful fun-loving noah would actually Commit Homicide for thin mints
    • whelk has definitely given noah Apology Thin Mints when noah called him out for being a little too much of a dick
  • all the seniors are kind of in love with him?? like they all love him and say hi to him all the time. there’s a varsity football player that gives noah rides on his shoulders, the guys on the swim team with him are always giving him bear hugs in the hallways or sharing their snacks at meets
  • he’s got a cracked tooth from the one (1) time he tried ice skating
  • LOVES the beach so much oh my god. the amount of times he dragged whelk to the beach only to be in the water and running around in the sand by himself while whelk was grumpily parked by a dune with a huge book
  • so……..all in all, noah was very loved. 
  • when he went missing it went like this:
    • the swim team was putting up posters everywhere
    • his sister and mom were at the police station every day for weeks
    • whelk didn’t show up to school for a week and by the time he came back he’d lost a considerable amount of weight. he refused to speak to noah’s sister or mother. his statement to the police was that they were to meet after school, but noah never showed
    • the most solid piece of evidence henrietta pd had was an officer calling in that there might be a car fitting the description of the one missing along with noah. the recording cuts out after what sounds like a second voice (many voices?) whispering.
  • when henrietta pd declared him presumed dead it went like this:
    • raven boy blue goes black for the rest of the year in remembrance of noah czerny
    • anyone who tries to express their condolences to his closest known friend, whelk, is lucky if they meet silence, and unlucky if he instead decides to rip them a new one for deigning to speak to him.
    • his mother and sister go home and bury an empty casket with the rest of their family
    • the swim team drops out of the state tournament. they refuse to do it without noah, and the coach doesn’t blame them.
    • teachers find their eyes drawn to his empty seat, waiting for his hand in the hair, waiting for him to be incessantly tapping his pencil, waiting for his spot to not be empty, because it doesn’t feel right that he’s gone
  • noah doesn’t really know that he’s noah until gansey and ronan finally get through the sticky broken door into monmouth
  • but then in walks a king and a dreamer and noah isn’t a shadow anymore, he’s a soul, he’s solid, he’s part of something again until the day he gives himself again for gansey but it’s okay, because this time around he’s not just a town legend or warning. 
  • he’s a friend, remembered.

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do you have favorite old ah/rt videos that are like mavin classics? I'm sort of new and I don't know which old videos to go back and watch

i do!! this list is probably gonna be all over the place timewise bc my definition of “old” goes from 2012 to 2015, and i’m gonna try to separate it into general series/videos that are good, and specific moments that are good. links will be in the name and direct to playlists when available, specific vid if not. and, fair warning, i’m gonna throw a couple of links to tweets/pictures in this too. replies should be enabled if anyone has something they want to add! readmore for length

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i really liked your meta about sansa/littlefinger but i found out you ship sansan :/ don't you think that what he's doing to her is at least a little bit abusive? sexually and emotionally? their relationship is SO disturbing and creepy, he's a grown ass man clearly sexually & romantically attracted to an 11/12 year old girl, WHY would you ship it???? i don't understand.

First, thank you for liking my meta.  Here’s the thing… I wrote that meta based on textual analysis and in response to how the book community discusses Sansa’s complicated and conflicting feelings toward LF.  Many people mistakenly believe this is Sansa becoming his protege.  I did not write it with the intention of telling some shippers why they are “wrong.”     

As far as shipping goes, I’m a very ship and let ship person.  This is even when, and especially when, it’s a ship I find weird or distasteful.  I stay in my little sandbox and I don’t pay attention to (let alone try to police) what other people want to ship.  I’m too old to be barking up that tree.  I’d rather spend time writing metas or my own fanfic.  Now if I actually am going to argue with anyone on the internet, it’s going to be about the actual ASOIAF text with evidence to back up my position.  Even then I’m highly unlikely to seek out such a debate but on a rare occasion some land on my doorstep.  So…

As to your questions, let me start with the age issue first.  Let me be clear in real life such a relationship would be criminal and immoral, as it should be.  But this is a fictional world where there are vastly different ideas of what is age appropriate.  Remember, the proper way to raise your seven-year-old boy is to take him to a beheading and make him watch everything without flinching (and that’s from our beloved Ned).  I have yet to meet anyone who cried child abuse over this or stopped reading at that point.  So I don’t put too much emphasis on chronological age in questions of morality in the series.  

What I do look at is Sansa’s level of maturity and understanding of relationships and sex.  I do care about her agency.  I don’t ship Sansan (or ship her with anyone) in the early books because she’s still mentally a child and an abused prisoner of war.  I want her to come to her own decisions about what she wants at her own pace, on her own terms.  The good news is GRRM does too.  He rightly separated them at the night of the Blackwater to evolve independently, but parallel to one another.  Alayne II in AFFC is my favorite chapter of this transition to womanhood and maturity, contemplations on sex and love from a young woman’s perspective. 

 I would highly recommend this non-shipper essay on Sansa’s Sexual Maturation by sweetsunray that deals with the unkiss and Sansa figuring out what she wants. (pssst!  It’s Sandor).  A large part of her struggle is coming to accept the fact that what she does want is not the ideal as she always believed it would be.  The books are full of people just wanting who they want and it has nothing to do with the ideal standards.      

Do I think Sandor is abusive to Sansa? Like Joffrey and Littlefinger are abusive toward her?  No.  Definitely not.  I think he was at times impatient and frustrated with her superficiality, naivete, and immaturity.  He’s too uncompromising and overly harsh at times with the truth as he sees it.  Yet, Sansa is not afraid to challenge him when he’s being awful.  She is totally afraid of saying the wrong thing in front of Joffrey or Littlefinger.  

The only reason Sandor cares at all about her is that she cared first.  She responded to his secret, his vulnerability with compassion.  For once in his life, someone took his side after the system rewarded his brother and failed him.  It’s not at this point anything romantic or sexual for either of them.  He responds to her compassion by being protective and supportive through her abuse.  She reawakens in him a desire to be better.  He’s a jaded idealist, not a nihilist.  He does seek out her attention because he does crave a connection with someone, even if he can’t people around her.   He doesn’t want the intimacy to end because of his loud and clumsy mishandling.  He’s also frustrated with himself that he even wants a connection in the first place because he hates/fears the vulnerability that comes with it.  He’s a ball of conflicting emotions about her that he has no experience in how to sort out.  It’s very important that Sandor is written as someone who is as inexperienced in relationships as Sansa.  It levels the playing field between them.    

It’s not until Sansa has obviously started developing into a woman that he even notices her in that way (because the whole castle has).  He’s very drunk and he blurts out the inappropriate comment about her body.  It’s a very bungled attempt at flirting coming from someone who is also very emotionally stunted.  BUT… after talking with her he realizes that mentally she is still very innocent.  He knows it’s wrong, so he backtracks out of there as fast as he can, falling into an awkward silence.  That is the very worst of anything sexual that actually happens between them and he backs off.  Even the night of the Blackwater he is very drunk and his behavior is scary and wildly inappropriate, but it never crossed the line into permanent damage.  He never actually did anything sexual to her. He also could have forced her to go with him, but he did not.  She made her choice, it hurt, but in the end, he respected her decision to not go with him.  Do I think maybe he wanted to kiss her?  Yeah, probably.  But he didn’t.  He is not Gregor.  He is not a rapist.  He cares about her autonomy.  He cares about her consent even if he kind lost his mind (from trauma) for a minute there which he really, really regretted.  

This all says problematic to me, not creepy.  There are issues to overcome.  Good!  Bring it on!  That makes a story.  Littlefinger is creepy.  He totally does not care about her consent, boundaries, or discomfort to say the very least.  Men of all different ages have groped her, forced kisses on her, stripped her, beat her, and have attempted to rape her.   

If you don’t ship Sansan that’s totally fine by me.  If it doesn’t speak to you, that’s cool.  Ship and let ship.  I will say Sansa x whoever shippers are probably going to be very disappointed come TWOW.  All the mountains of text evidence point to future Sansan.  I got a huuuuuge meta coming out soon that deals with all that complete with tons of evidence to back up my analysis. Bottom line, I ship future Sansan because GRRM ships it and Sansa ships it.  Whatever makes that baby girl happy I want her to have.  The good news is when the author reunites them it will be when they are both really ready and have dealt with the respective issues that made an earlier relationship a terrible idea.                             

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I really love AU fics, so I want to know what are your favourites (chaptered). But like really AU changing a lot the story (like That's Not My Name, You Don't Even Know Me, Half Blade and Half Silk... you know what I mean?) And I'm sending you love and luck <3

Thanks love :’) I’m sending both right back! ♥

Listen, you are lucky you only asked for chaptered fics, because otherwise this would be like 10 times longer (not that it’s not long as it is lmao). Have fun!

P.S. Those 3 you named are some of my favorites too, but I feel like I still need to list them anyway, I’m sure someone else will appreciate it ;)


  • Half Blade and Half Silk by smokeshop ✓
    uni!au; Isak’s friends introduce him to an art student at a college party. He won’t stop calling Isak baby and Isak’s bad at pretending to hate it. College AU where Isak’s past is a little more colorful but Even still won’t leave him alone.

  • the city of illusions, the city of yearning by elisewin
    Summary: The whole point of going on a student exchange program is to meet people from different countries, learn about different cultures and so on. Isak, of course, falls in love with another Norwegian while in Rome. 

  • torches (life’s too short) by xxLeviBech
    Summary: “My mom used to tell me my thoughts would pour out of my ears if I kept thinking too hard.” Isak threw back another fry, keeping his gaze down. “That’s pretty fucked up, man.” Even deadpanned, making Isak snap his head up in a laugh .“Fuck you,” He giggled, tossing one of the soggier ones at Even and being decidedly unimpressed when he caught it in his mouth. Or, a canon divergence AU in which Isak’s childhood is exponentially more severe – where he can’t remember coming to school without bruises, a bottle of hand-sanitizer, and long sleeves. It’s fine, he’s fine. It wasn’t for his friends, though; and that’s how he wound up here, in a fold-up chair every Tuesday and Friday, talking about his experiences with other post-secondary kids diagnosed with some kind of PTSD. It’s also where meets a guy whose name starts with the same letters as everything, because that’s… exactly what he is.

  • with love, from anonymous by cosetties & iriswests ✓
    Summary: secret admirer!au; Isak just wants to get his coffee in peace, Even has a crush, and there’s a secret admirer on the loose.

  • in better light, everything changes by TimeInABottle ✓
    Summary: wrong number!au; “I just checked the revue website and blackmailing people for smoking weed wasn’t listed under the Kosegruppa description"… Isak accidentally texts a stranger (Even) while trying to text Sana.

  • i guess that’s destiny doing it right by allyasavedtheday ✓
    Summary: The alternate universe where Even originally went to Nissen and became friends with Isak and Jonas when they started first year but moved away after his episode at the start of second year only for Isak to never hear from him again. Fastforward to the summer before Isak starts college when he’s travelling around Spain and bumps into a certain someone in Barcelona.

  • I’m Not A Baby by cuteandtwisted ✓  
    Summary: childhood friends!au; “This is Even, my bro. The part about him being my personal servant is kind of true though.” “Your bro? Your bro?! What the fuck, Isak? We need to get rid of this whole masculinity thing they teach you at Nissen.” aka, Isak and Even are childhood friends.

  • love and condoms by kassie ✓  
    Summary: Isak was about turn on his heels and say “Fuck it” and go home, when a tall, slender-looking boy approached him from down the aisle. Shit. “Finding everything okay?” he asked once he reached Isak, his face entirely consumed by his smile. Judging from his choice of clothing, the boy definitely worked here. And, by the black letters scribbled on his name tag, the boy’s name was Even. Great.. Or: Isak owes Eskild a favor and Eskild sends him out to buy condoms where he runs into a tall boy who is a little too eager to help him.

  • super rich kids by koolranchkidz
    Summary: The van was parked on the side of the empty city street, next to an apartment building. The sun had begun to peek out from behind the horizon and the streetlight had been turned off for the past ten minutes. Even heard Jonas grunt, “Fucking finally! Jesus-” from the front seat. He turned to face the other car window and froze in his spot at the sight. He saw a boy coming down the apartment stairwell lugging an over-packed, black suitcase lazily behind him with one hand. In his other hand, the boy was holding a cup of KB coffee with drips of brown down the sides. He couldn’t make out the boy’s face from that far away, but going by his body language, Even could tell he was exhausted. Or: In which Jonas is rich as fuck and takes The Boysquad™ to the Bahamas after graduation, and many, many things happen.

  • I feel it when you look at me by photographer_of_thoughts
    Summary: blind!Even; “Did you hear about the new guy?“ Jonas asked, motioning over to the other side of the cafeteria. Isak looked up and became rather breathless at the sight of the tall, blonde, and totally gorgeous boy wearing sunglasses. Wait. Sunglasses? Inside? “Must suck to be the new transfer and blind. I hope someone is helping him find all his classes.” Or, Isak and Even learn to see each other.

  • making new clichés by strangetowns
    Summary: childhood friends!au; They are young teenage boys who don’t have jobs, and thus don’t have money except for when they beg their parents for allowances. The stunning lack of creativity that goes into their activities just goes without saying. What doesn’t go without saying is this - Even doesn’t care that they don’t do anything exciting. They could be lying on their backs for hours watching the ceiling and he’d still rather be there than anywhere else in the world. As long as Isak is there, he will have a good time. This is a thing he knows to be true. - In this universe, Isak and Even are best friends. Some things are different; some things stay exactly the same.

  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue by BluebeardsWife
    Summary: fake dating!au; Even hires Isak to pretend to be his boyfriend at his ex’s wedding.

  • WAKE UP! by cuteandtwisted
    Summary: Even can’t stop having dreams about this strange boy. He’s never seen him before. But why does it feel like he’s the only person that ever mattered? Or: Even has no idea who Isak is but he still loves him aka EvenDreams!AU

  • don’t you keep it all to yourself by colazitron
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Isak starts buying daily coffees before school at Kaffebrenneriet around the corner because it tastes better than the coffee in the cafeteria and keeps his hands warm. But mostly because the barista is heart-stoppingly cute. Or: An AU in which Even didn’t need to repeat his last year and instead started working at the coffeeshop Isak passes on his way to school every morning.

  • i hate your face, it makes my heart skip a beat by Bellakitse
    Summary: HateToLove!au & tutoring!au; Isak is failing History and his friends have the great idea that their new friend Even should tutor him. It’s perfect except Isak doesn’t like Even or the way his stupid face makes his stomach flip.

  • Those, who could not hear the music. by UniversalParadox_13
    Summary: In this story, Isak and Even are ballet students and collide while preparing for a play they’ll be performing in. It’s odd and exhilarating, and does not make sense to their yearning bodies and vulnerable hearts, until it does. But Even is in a steady relationship and Isak has no place for love his life, so there is that.

  • The Comments Below by DickAnderton ✓
    Summary: youtubers!au; Isak is a notoriously lazy gamer living with lgbt icon Eskild. When they invite youtube sensation Even Bech Naesheim over for a collaboration, #Evak is born. But it is not only their viewers who are falling in love.

  • That’s Not My Name by cuteandtwisted ✓
    Summary: one-night stand!au; “Isak.” Even smiled, then licked his lips. “Wanna go back to my place?” - aka: Isak is an exchange student in new york city where he meets a very forward and bewitching Even.

  • I’m Not in Love by cuteandtwisted ✓
    Summary: uni!au; Isak was not in love. Nope. Not even close. Or: Even never transferred to Nissen in his third year, so they meet in college instead. Uni AU in which Isak doesn’t believe in love but Even Bech Næsheim won’t stop kissing him. 

  • Home Is Wherever I’m With You by cuteandtwisted  
    Summary: travel!au; “Hi. I’m Even and I don’t usually walk around in nothing but a towel.” “Uh, I’m Isak.” “Isak. Mind if I kidnap you for some fun sightseeing activities?” Or Isak and Even keep meeting in hostels all around the world and never exchanging contact information.

  • The Notion of Falling by smokeshop
    Summary: HateToLove!au; Isak hates Even and Even hates Isak and Sana is the only one who knows why.

  • Things Look Different in the Morning by allyasavedtheday  
    Summary: roomates!au & uni!au; “So,” he says, drawing the word out. “I told Even he could stay here.”Isak blinks, convinced he’s misheard. “Eskild,” he says flatly. “We don’t have a spare room.” Eskild straightens his back, expression turning sheepish. “That’s the other part…I was thinking he could stay in your room?” * In which Even needs a place to stay, kollektivet gains a new roommate, and Isak just really wants to sleep.

  • Membership Dues by Sabeley
    Summary: fraternity!au; Isak is pledging Even’s fraternity. Even keeps having to be reminded that he’s not allowed to date the pledges. “It’s a ten-week pledge period. How hard could it be?” Famous last words.

  • Doctor Patient Confidentiality by skambition 
    Summary: “Male, maybe late 20s, didn’t carry an ID. Was hit by a car. Broken ribs, lots of internal bleeding, his left hand needs some work, a lot of crushed bones. Punctured lung. His heart frequency shows irregularities, but we’re not sure why. Unconscious. The driver called, he’s in surgery, too.” “Okay, thanks”, Isak said, got his rubber gloves and went into the OR. He was good at fixing people. And he knew it.

  • take me to the stars by iriswests  
    Summary: HateToLove!au & friends with benefits!au; Isak thinks Even is pretentious and impractical. Even thinks Isak is arrogant and uptight. They’re not each other’s biggest fans, even if they do happen to have spectacular sex on a very, very drunken night. And Isak doesn’t mean to do it again, but he does, anyway, so now they’re establishing ground rules and deciding that maybe they can keep doing this, no strings attached, no commitments, no feelings, and, most importantly, no need to stop disliking each other.And then it’s not quite that simple anymore.

(✓ - completed fics)

the right words to say

@natsumeweek​​ 2017 
Day 3; Favorite chapter/episode/arc

pairing: nishinatsu

so my favorite chapter is the nishimura special i say, surprising no one and i can’t believe the synchronicity of that chapter being both today’s new episode and today’s prompt (give or take some timezone discrepancies). it must have been meant to be


Natsume is really easy to hurt. In the almost two years he’s been here, Satoru has seen Natsume be hurt, has encountered people from Natsume’s old life who decided to show up in his new one and take advantage of his soft nature, throwing words at him that were cruel enough to really stick.

Satoru hates those people. He hates that he’s acted just like them once before.

“Are the people around you really that useless?” he yelled at Natsume one day, nothing but a few scant inches and the quiet of the library between them—yelled at Natsume and his painfully wide eyes and transparent expression, like there was any way Natsume could have deserved that.

The worst part is that Satoru sort of missed his chance to apologize for that day. After a disorienting trip to and from the forest, most of which he doesn’t remember, and then waking up in the hospital with his mother fussing at his bedside, Natsume slipped seamlessly back into Satoru’s life as though their friendship had never trembled.

It felt like a kindness at the time, but Satoru can’t forget that it happened.

And the closer he and Natsume become—every night he spends at the Fujiwara’s house, every lunch they share on the rooftop, every singular instance of Natsume laughing, smiling, rolling his eyes that makes this warm pulpy nameless mess living in the pit of Satoru’s stomach squirm gleefully—the worse Satoru feels about being so needlessly mean so long ago, over an origami book.

Natsume is easy to hurt, but it’s also easy not to.

It’s easy to spare his feelings once you learn how to navigate his pitfalls, once you’ve been friends with him long enough to recognize the difference between a smile and an empty slant of his mouth. At this point, Satoru thinks he could probably tell what Natsume is thinking from fifty paces away, with one eye closed, in the dark.

It’s so easy Satoru doesn’t know why everyone doesn’t just—do that.

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Ah, yay, I'm happy your requests are open! I love your writing so much, you're very talented! How would the RFA (+Saeran, if you don't mind, he's a cutie) react to MC being super into musical theater? Like, all of her music is Broadway and musical soundtracks, she sings show tunes all the time, follows theater groups and performers on social media, get super excited about news and merch, knows choreography of scenes by heart. Thank you! Hope you have a nice day!

wowie wow, thank you so much anon! /( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I’m glad you like what I write❤  and I hope you like this, too! 

especially because i lO VE MUSICALS HAHAH YE SSS

throwing v in too hehe. also im gonna focus on one musical for each of them, but mc is theater trash dw these are just the ones that popped in my head;; 

zen [in the heights]

  • ok so remember that time when he asks if mc’s into musicals and you say yes and jaehee says she’s never seen you talk about them?
  • well zen found out just how much mc likes them when she comes over to visit 
  • he’s cooking dinner in his cast and mc decides to put on some tunes
  • zen is honestly so curious about her taste in music so he asks to just put all her songs on shuffle 
  • guess what comes first. 
  • zen is so surprised and mc isn’t even phased she just breaks into character 
  • he joins in while as Kevin and Benny and Vanessa while she’s doing Sonny’s part 
  • both of them: “AND I CAN’T FIND USNAVI”
  • the kitchen turns into a stage and suddenly they’re moving everywhere
  • yes they do the Benny and Nina kiss at the end yes they do ‘Sunrise’ right after 
  • but even more musicals pop up on mc’s shuffle and dinner turns into a production
  • zen is so happy mc is theater trash, and that she’s his fan too! a few of his soundtracks are there!! 
  • they speak to each other in musical references, the rfa is sick of them
  • what a dork couple 

yoosung [fun home] 

  • it’s cleaning day! mc, put on some tunes! 
  • ‘welcome to our house on maple avenue’ starts
  • she starts there cause it’s a very in the mood cleaning song
  • and at first all yoosung could do was just watch her
  • like wowie wow his gf can sing!!!
  • totally gets interested in the story and such, especially when he hears the kids singing
  • so they stop cleaning and she tells him the story of the musical while they listen
  • he’s all ‘!!!’ and is so into it
  • when he looks through mc’s music, it’s literally all musicals and so is her lockscreen and such
  • now she got him into it
  • they like to sing ‘come to the fun home’ together the rfa is slightly concerned tbh
  • both of them cry over musicals too its a mess
  • you should’ve seen him on his first listen to ‘edges of the world’ 
  • and both of them cry at ‘days and days’ so do i
  • yoosung has a good voice too, it’s so cute

jaehee [rent]

  • yooooo jaehee is all about this
  • their music taste is literally identical
  • but mc has to introduce her to Rent
  • jaehee is so focused on the screen and the characters
  • she falls in love with it!!
  • imagine jaehee singing ‘over the moon’ god bless
  • they sing ‘tango: maureen’ together it’s amazing
  • zen is lowkey their biggest fan 
  • when the three of them are together, it’s non-stop ;))) 
  • there has to be a designated space in their apartment to dance
  • and there are numbers they always have to dance to no matter what 
  • guess who shares merch?? they do
  • they get matching coffee mugs and shirts and even socks
  • sometimes they serenade each other too!!!

jumin [les mis]

  • mc drags him to the movie first
  • and at the end of it, he’s very interested
  • the asks driver kim to play the soundtrack in the car 
  • literally swoons when mc sings ‘on my own’
  • he likes to sing ‘empty chairs at empty tables’
  • they’re both a mess when they watch it tbh 
  • now mc can get him into even more musicals
  • and he’s into it!
  • also he buys her a ton of merch
  • anything she wants, he’ll get it
  • one more thing!
  • one day, a birthday probably, he surprises her with plane tickets
  • “where are we going, honey?” “america”
  • thEY’RE GOING TO BROADWAY FOLKS wow juju take me with you
  • mc is so happy, super duper happy, and so is jumin!
  • he’s almost as excited as she is tbh

707 / luciel / saeyoung [merrily we roll along]

  • it was her latest obsession and she wanted to show saeyoung
  • and he listened, because he likes musicals
  • but he really likes this one, wow
  • it goes backwards?!!? woaah
  • his favorite is ‘now you know’, ‘opening doors’ is a close second 
  • they both of them cried at ‘not a day goes by(reprise)’ so did I
  • part of him identifies with Frank, to be honest
  • without, all the cheating and stuff 
  • when ‘that frank’ comes on, the bunker turns into a stage 
  • it’s amazing, really
  • let’s also get one thing straight here
  • saeyoung is the Bootleg King
  • he’s only partially ashamed of it 
  • he and mc can watch broadway from the comfort of home, if they wanted
  • mc thinks its cheating
  • he thinks that they’re on korea and Not America, so it’s fair

v [phantom of the opera]

  • v loves this one 
  • mc is so happy about that tbh 
  • it takes a while for him to learn the routines, but they love dancing to it more than singing 
  • he also loves all the emotion! 
  • when he gives it a listen for the first time, he does little gasps every now and then, it’s adorable 
  • but yes, they are more of a dancing couple
  • also, V is all about the aesthetic of this
  • takes pictures of mc and him sometimes in her favorite musicals’ styles
  • i know i said they don’t really sing it, but when they do
  • V has an amazing voice
  • mc could just listen to him tbh 
  • he sings so good
  • she persuaded him to cover a few songs
  • everyone is amazed
  • mc is proud
  • they do duets too! those make v even happier

saeran [heathers]

  • ohohohoho listen
  • his favorite song here is actually ‘seventeen’
  • ya’ll thought it was ‘freeze your brain’ but listen
  • he loves ‘seventeen’
  • he imagines doing everything veronica says with mc 
  • mc did persuade him to sing ‘freeze your brain’, though
  • and it was, amazing
  • ‘damaged’ really hurt, they both cried there
  • criticizes it, though. “veronica should have known jd was trouble, come on. at least at ‘our love is god’’ 
  • mc made him and saeyoung sing ‘candy store’ with her
  • saeran only agreed if saeyoung was heather duke
  • he would be chandler 
  • and mc was mcnamara 
  • they got it on video
  • it was, amazing 
  • one time he sang the line ‘i worship you, i’d trade my life for yours’ before they fell asleep
  • mc was so touched

anonymous asked:

don't you think niall's label is doing a half assed job with his album. like putting out occasional tweets and flags is cool and all but they've not really done anything to promo slow hands and also who told them its a great idea to put a gap of one year between his first single and album.. and idk but can't they do something wrt to the questions he's asked in the interviews?

i do not! i think they’re doing a pretty great job, actually. i know it’s frustrating to be so patient - HOO BOY, DO I KNOW - but if niall hadn’t dropped ‘this town’ when it was ready, then the alternative would’ve been for him to wait till this spring or summer to bring it out. taking a year to make an album is, by all means, pretty normal!! 

most bands take one to two years to make an album; there was a year and a half between shawn’s first and second, two years between walk the moon’s first and second, two years, again, between halsey’s first and second. those are all comparatively fairly new acts as well, and i know that as a performer gets even more established, the demand for them to tour often extends that timeline further, and often the label rewards them with more time in the studio to make something great. 

one direction’s pace was breakneck and grueling and i think at this point each of the boys have said that one of their favorite parts about making music on their own is taking their time with it. i think it was pretty brilliant of niall and his team to release ‘this town’ for a couple of reasons: 1) i think it probably let them gauge how much attention niall’s solo efforts were gonna get, and consequently, 2) it probably bought niall the extra time he needed to get the album EXACTLY the way he wanted it. they’ve got this town as proof of concept, which has been out, what, six months now? seven? and it’s STILL circulating pretty heavily on the radio. that’s gotta feel good not just for niall but for the label and the team that’s backing him to go, okay, not only is the preexisting 1d fanbase still strong for this guy, but his work sustains itself over a long period of time. not every song has that, you know? 

in addition to all that, i don’t think we’ve seen capitol really go as hard as they can for niall yet. when there’s a whole album to promote, i think it’s a lot easier and more sensible to have events that promote it and show it off, but so far, it helps to look at niall not as a guy from this HUGELY SUCCESSFUL band, but as a new artist. technically he has two songs to his name. give him time. and look what they’ve done for katy perry - she got a feature-length cinematic release of her concert movie, for example. 

‘course, i think at this point we’re shifting away from what the label does and more toward management. remember that tweet of niall’s from earlier this year where he was like, ‘my diary’s booked solid ! gonna be a crazy year,’ or something like that? more to the point, have you seen this guy’s promo schedule? it’s RIDICULOUS, but it goes to show niall’s a hard goddamn worker, and he’s going out there to promote himself and to ensure ‘slow hands’ has the same sustained success as ‘this town,’ while learning to work with a whole new band and strengthen himself as a solo performer. 

trust me when i tell you i’m chomping at the bit for this album and the tour and everything that comes with it, but you gotta remember it’s only taking this long because niall wanted it to. and i feel pretty confident that when the time comes capitol will pull out all the stops for him! rn we just gotta be patient and enjoy all the stuff he’s got coming our way :’) 

anonymous asked:

I don't know what greg berlanti said about b/archie but it's worth noting he's the same writer that thought of the storyline of pacey and joey in dawsons creek who were never supposed to be endgame but they were and he's the EP of arrow who put oliver with felicity who the narrative made clear from the start was better for him and not his comic canon love interest. So he's definitely not opposed to straying from canon wrt ships, he goes where the chemistry is and what people respond to most.

really? it’s strange that he had RAS add the triangle into the finale then. my personal bias of b*rchie having no chemistry aside, they’re definitely not the pair the audience and critics have responded to the most.. but, then again, they finished filming the finale on valentines day, which was before episode 4 even aired. bughead’s rise in popularity didn’t really happen until after they got together in episode 6, so they wouldn’t have known they were going to become the most talked about pairing. perhaps he wanted RAS to add it in because he wanted to see the fan reaction to the possibility of it coming back? to see if that’s something we wanted? or maybe he just wanted to nod to the comics? i know when they were filming the finale, lili said that the triangle was still there a little bit and they liked to play it up when they could. she didn’t, at the time, seem to think it was going to come back in a big way. of course, that was long before the production for season 2 started, so it was probably a guess on her part. but she also knew that betty was in love with jughead. 

i’m starting to think maybe he purposefully wrote the triangle hints in a way that could be interpreted as romantic or non-romantic. that way once it had aired and they had a better idea of what the fans liked and didn’t like, he could interpret it accordingly in his interviews. because, as upset as i was reading his quotes about the triangle in season 2, i’m now realizing that he’s never said the word romantic (i don’t think). i believe he said they were 100% going to be exploring the BAV triangle, but i can’t remember if he specifically said “love” in front of it. we already know that they’re proponents of friendship triangles– they briefly did one with jughead, betty, and archie. he also said that betty and archie have a lot of history and there are deep feelings there, but, again, i can’t recall him ever stating they were romantic feelings. i was informed by some very helpful anons that in the new versions of the comics, archie is happily with veronica, but there’s still some tension or jealously sometimes between archie and betty because they’re having to figure out how they fit into each other’s lives now. since it’s no longer just the two of them. that could be what they’re planing on doing when he says they’re definitely going to explore the BAV triangle. that fits with his explanation of the finale too. he says that, growing up, archie and betty were each other’s confidants. they shared everything with each other, they were each other’s comfort, they were each other’s happiness– and, in the finale, archie is realizing that jughead has taken over that role for betty. except for them it’s more than a friendship. i think maybe archie was supposed to be mourning that loss a little bit and realizing that he wants that too. in the words of veronica lodge: he wants a soulmate. he feels like it’s possible he could find that romantic, confiding, supportive, strong relationship with veronica. he’s really made his rounds in the first season, and when he tells her that watching betty and jughead confirmed what he’d been feeling the past week– i think he means that out of all the women in his life, she’s the only one he thinks or can see himself forming that bond with 

RAS said that archie was being honest in that scene and that he was fully committed to veronica, so i’m not buying into fandom belief that archie was lying to her and is settling for her because betty is taken. archie has made a lot of mistakes, especially on the romance front, but he is a good person at his core. having him be romantically interested in betty while she’s with jughead and he’s with veronica completely obliterates that. he’d be hurting all of the other core four members. he’s already not a fan favorite, but that would send him down to the bottom 

now that i’ve stepped back and pushed some of my panic and fear to the side, i’m taking notice of other aspects of RAS’s interviews.. like never once does he mention betty possibly having lingering feelings for archie. and when describing the problems coming for bughead, he didn’t bring up the BAV triangle at all. it was all about the civil war– jughead is leading a double life, betty feels like she’s losing him, betty feels attracted to the darkness of the serpents, ect… but there’s no mention of a love triangle or doubting feelings for each other. in fact, when the bughead ‘i love you’ scene was brought up, he made it clear that it was a big deal. especially for jughead. he told us jug has never said those words to anybody.. and the same is true for varchie. when talking about their problems for season 2, he said that hiram is going to be their biggest conflict. and it’s been pointed out to me by a couple people that the archie/hiram dynamic they’re wanting to bring from the comics to the show doesn’t work if archie is conflicted about who he wants to be with 

Lucas/Maya One Shot...Kinda
  • Setting: Outside Topanga's. Lucas enters store, sees Josh with mystery girl in booth, talking close and laughing together, backs to the door. Lucas turns around and stops Maya short in her tracks:
  • Lucas(dodging and blocking her as she tries to look/get past him): Hey! Hey. Hey Hi. How are you?
  • Maya (Confused, annoyed): I’m…fine? I’ll be better once I get my smoothie though, so if you’ll just kindly move out of my way-
  • Lucas (Physically blocking her again, coaxing her like a child): -Orrrr maybe we could go get ice cream. You like ice cream, right? Yea? Come on, you know you do….mint chip? Chocolate? Strawberry with fudge? Isn't that your favorite? Great so let’s go then-
  • Maya(Increasingly annoyed): No-get off me Huckleberry I don’t want ice cream, I want a smoothie. “Lets go get a smoothie” means let’s get a smoothie not let’s get to the place where they sell the smoothies then decide to go get ice cream.
  • : Gives him strange look as she passes:
  • You are SUCH a freak sometimes…
  • Lucas(to himself): Nobody ever listens to the freak.
  • : Lucas follows Maya inside
  • Maya (Has spotted Josh, stopped short): Oh. So that’s why you didn’t want me to come in.
  • : Maya turns and walks back outside, Lucas follows:
  • Lucas: Maya, I…
  • Maya (Shaking her head): You know what? It’s fine.. We said the long game, didn’t we? We never said right now. If he want’s to…talk with someone else then that’s just part of the deal we made. It doesn’t mean anything changes between us, right?
  • Lucas: I-I don't know...
  • Maya (tearing up, desperately): No I’m right Lucas, say I’m right... You’re Mr. Moral Compass you know the difference between right and wrong, tell me that it’s fine he’s in there with some other girl and that it doesn’t change anything.
  • Lucas (Beat): …Okay. It doesn’t change anything then.
  • Maya (Wiping tears, fake chuckling): Great. So…How about ice cream?
  • Lucas (Looking back into Topanga's): Sure. Good idea. Just… give me a sec, OK?
  • Maya: You’re not gonna try and be a hero are you, cowboy? Because he’s obviously…busy and I don’t need to go bothering him-
  • Lucas: -I just need to use the little boys room, is that allowed?
  • Maya: …Oh. Ok. Gross.
  • : Maya exits up stairs:
  • : Lucas enters, taps shoulder of Josh:
  • Josh: …Lucas? Uh, hi, whats up man, how’s it going-
  • Lucas: -How could you do this?
  • Josh: Do what?
  • Lucas(gesturing at Josh and girl): This, how could you possibly do this to Maya?
  • Josh(Gesturing towards girl): Dude!
  • : Josh gets up and pulls Lucas aside:
  • Maya and I had an understanding-
  • Lucas: Yea? Did your understanding include her coming in here to see you sitting with another girl, again, and then go running out of here crying...AGAIN?
  • Josh: I...I didn’t know she would be here-
  • Lucas: -You didn’t know she would show up at a place she goes almost every day after school?
  • Josh: Well I didn’t think-
  • Lucas: -You didn't think.
  • Josh: Ok hey, wait a second, that's not very fair. I TOLD Maya she should focus on the now, that we both needed to live our lives.
  • Lucas: Do you think that makes any kind of difference when she walks in here and sees something like this?
  • Josh: It wasn’t like I was trying to hurt her. It was an honest mistake-but you know, Mr. Western Hero, you sure are getting pretty heated about something that isn't really your concern.
  • : Maya enters, standing watching, Lucas and Josh don't notice:
  • Lucas: Except it does concern me. Because I care about Maya…a LOT. She's one of my best friends and the most selfless person I know. She would do anything to make the people she loves happy and she deserves someone who can give that back to her.
  • Josh: I want to see her happy.
  • Lucas: Do you? Cause if I were you I would-
  • Josh: But you're not me.
  • Lucas: Nope. I'm not.
  • : Stares at ground, long beat, thinking/hesitating, launches into speech:
  • Do you even see the real her? Or really know her at all? How unbelievably beautiful, creative, and funny she is? Not to mention brave? Do you? Because if you don’t Josh? Walk away. Walk away now. Maya doesn’t need any more reasons to feel broken. And she definitely doesn’t need to get caught up in waiting around for some guy who isn’t going to take her feelings seriously. She needs someone who is going to appreciate how special she is.
  • Josh: And who is that someone supposed to be? You, Lucas? That person is supposed to be you?
  • Lucas: I didn’t say that-
  • Josh: -You CHOSE Riley. Not Maya. Riley. Or do you not remember that?
  • Lucas: Of course I remember, but that doesn’t mean-
  • Josh: -That you don’t like her?
  • Lucas: This isn’t about me this is about Maya-
  • Josh: -Oh no I think this is definitely about you too, man. You still like her…You still like her a lot.
  • : Lucas stares at Josh, they don’t break gaze:
  • Lucas (Gets serious, close to Joshs face, quietly and fiercely): All I know, is that if I see her cry over you one more time, I might have to ruin the reputation I’ve worked so hard to get around here. And I’d rather not do that. So how about you just do whatever it takes to fix this and save us all the trouble.
  • : Josh looks past Lucas, sees Maya. Lucas catches his gaze, turns around to see Maya there:
  • Maya: Lucas…I-
  • : Lucas gives one last glare at Josh, storms out past Maya. Maya stares in disbelief for a second, then follows him out:
  • Maya: Lucas!
  • : Lucas turns around on the stairs:
  • Maya: ….Thank you? What you said, I mean, I didn't think you-
  • Lucas(Shrugging): Don't mention it. It was nothing.
  • : Lucas exits:
  • Maya(to herself, confused): It was definitely something.

puffandproud  asked:

Hey so question. After seeing a hell of a lot of Voltron coming across my dash, I'm really curious. Is it good? Should I watch it? It looks good... I don't know. Then the big issue is where would I watch it? You seem like the person to ask. Tell me all you can about it, but preferably without major spoilers?

So here’s my opinion on Voltron. I’ll give you the most unbiased version first.

Voltron comes from the same studio that Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra came from. While not exactly the same as the others, crew members who worked in those series came together to give Voltron (originally from japan) a new spin. While ATLA and LOK carry heavy themes of fantasy with very little sci fi, Voltron is the opposite.

If you’re looking for a series set in a sci-fi setting in the distant future, enjoy dynamic interactions between characters, and miss the many subtle and not-so-subtle lessons in big themes that ATLA and LOK often touched on, I would recommend Voltron.

Keeping in mind, of course, that Voltron’s primary demographic is similar to ATLA’s demographic (between 7- 13 year olds, officially) so there are parts that most of the older generations consider to be childish. (Which is…the point. Because. It’s a kid’s show)

My personal opinion? I absolutely recommend it. Take aside shipping for a moment (please actively do this when you start) and watch it as it’s meant to be seen.

It’s a story that touches on five teenagers that are suddenly thrown into the roles of protectors of the universe. A 10,000 year war that’s devastated much of the known universe, it focuses on how each of them come to terms with this new responsibility, whether they accept it eagerly or otherwise. They are very much teenagers in many aspects, young adults in others.

While a lot goes unexplained in regards to technological minutiae and scientific theory, it handles so much of it in a magical sense which is incredibly awe-inspiring. It makes it so nice to watch.

The dialogue is amusing and witty, characters clash in ways that feel realistic despite the whole “and suddenly the day is saved!” Feel that some episodes end on (but not without cause or reason lol) and ultimately the underlying story is treated with appropriate drama.

Voltron: Legendary Defender captures the feel of “greatness thrust upon you” and all of the characters respond accordingly. It’s refreshing, it’s super fun, and the animation makes the whole thing wonderfully enjoyable.

Now as to where to watch it, if you have Netflix, that’s the best place to support the series and watch it without any risks. I watched it there and had a good time with it. If you don’t have Netflix or have a means to borrow a friend’s account, Kisscartoon still has the episodes up there as far as I’m concerned (but you’ll need to be careful since KissAnime and KissCartoon have been under attack recently). I know of only those to be able to watch the show, so if there’s anyone out there who has any other ways of watching please reblog and show!

Now, for some personal thoughts.

When I watched the first episode, I will be honest, I got a little bored and stopped watching for a while. It felt very much like a kid’s show and I was like “eh. This is nice.”

Then I was doing a job that required I work from home and take calls and in between long downtimes, I had nothing better to do so I was all “eh, I’ll give it another shot”

So I started watching it. By episode 5 I was hooked. I absolutely loved Hunk, he had been my favorite character and seeing this loveable food enthusiast get some well-deserved screen time saving the day and overcoming his own fears, dude I was IN. I became fond of Pidge and even Lance’s flirty behavior left me snickering because that dude was ME.

Allura left me inspired, Shiro’s words gave me strength when I was facing a tough time. There was so much in there that helped me crawl out of a bad place I honestly didn’t realize I ended up neck-deep in. Now, I had seen old Voltron when I was a kid, so a lot of the stuff there I couldn’t remember aside from the fact that Keith originally piloted black and Allura was Blue’s Paladin… and I dunno I was like what–is this even the show I remember?? But I gave it a shot and loved how Keith was shown to be a very loyal, very dedicated right hand to Shiro’s black lion. (When season 2 rolled around finally, I fell head over heels for Keith. Bless that angsty shonen anime protagonist knock off. Goddd) and Even Coran! Whom I just dismissed as the annoying comic relief old dude who was more Charlie Chaplin than anything, ended up being a character I genuinely enjoyed writing in fanfiction.

By the time I got to the end of season one, I was so deep that when I looked up to click on the next episode I literally screamed “WHAT” when there wasn’t a new one. Season 2 wasn’t out yet. I went back and forth trying to see if season 2 had come out yet. I kid you not when I tell you I tore through the Internet and fell into my bed and groaned into my pillows when I found out season 2’s release date hadn’t even been confirmed! Some said it was fall of 2016 others said winter.

I remember getting on my skype group chat with multiple friends I’ve met and talked to throughout the years just to harp and exclaim about the show and it’s severe lack of season 2. I managed to get several of them to watch it and even dragged down with me into this hell we call Voltron! Hahahaha

After that I fell into the fandom, I read fan fiction, made some of my own, I even started my own webcomic inspired by the whole thing and made new friends along the way!

Now look at me, I’m getting ready to go on a huge adventure of my own where before I was miserable with the lack of direction my life had. I didn’t think the influence of a kid’s show would have such a great impact in my life but dude, it really did.

Listen, There are a ton of reasons to watch Voltron, some people may agree with me or not. But if you do end up watching it, if you do end up deciding like I did, and so many others before me and after me have done–you’ll probably end up going all, “holy shit this show is AWESOME!”

You might end up discovering new passions through it, you may end up making whole new friends and people you can end up calling family. You’ll probably end up incredibly annoyed at *that* side of the fandom, and you may end up being like many who have been unable to shake off the fandom drama and have had their experiences soured.

There are so many things you can encounter because of this show.

I decided a long time ago, that if I was gonna get into this series, I wasn’t going to get wrapped up in the same BS I did when I was in ATLA and LOK. And since then, I’ve been incredibly happy.

So, if you wanna try your luck and see what it has in store for you, I say, friggin do it. Jump in. Let it coax you in, test the waters, or dive in head first and see where the waters take you my guy.

I haven’t regretted a bit of it.

And if in the end you decide, “eh it’s not my cup of tea,” then hey, at least you tried it. :P

Cinder and Smoke

Oh hey look! The first installment in ‘the dark-but-not-FEY-dark!reincarnation AU’ XD. 

This goes along with this picture by @my-beautiful-thief. Felasel and Selene belong to her as well. And this interpretation of Dirthamen belongs to @feynites

Warnings for fire, mention of the death of an animal, and a description of an asthma attack (severe asthma attacks often have associated panic or anxiety attacks, so there is a brief mention of an anxiety attack as well).


Felasel tells her early on, about Pride. He tells her about Pride, and about the first time they met, in college, hundreds of years ago.

This is the third cycle.

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anonymous asked:

i know this isn't really related to your art but how do you figure out when ship weeks are? like lol i don't know anything about them and then ur like haha kiribaku week y'all and i am confuddled please share your magic

… so you know how tumblr (the site itself, I mean) has that kind of one track mind for which once you start following one (1) blog related to Thing it’ll start suggesting you all the blogs about Thing? I’m the type of person to go “… why the heck not” and click on the follow button of every single one of those suggestions so now I kind of follow most of the blogs related to the ships I’m on, which means that the posts about the weeks are kind of bound to happen across my dash one or a hundred times in a row

👍👍👍👍 the magic is having no implulse control at all my dashboard is a magical disaster 👍👍👍👍

Anon said:  Why are scorpio people important? ♏

Boi, this ask confused me for a while haha but you’re referring to that old Futakuchi doodle, right? It’s because it’s my sign, anon~ I love all my signs a lot for unknown reasons, so when I find out a character is a scorpio I’m like oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh new child haha

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Sorey/Mikleo Is Romantic and Canon, the Cross-Tales Edition

Originally, I was going to wait on doing this until after I’d finished my NG+ play through since I’d spread out my original play through over 6 months (so my memory of mid-game SoreMiku is a little fuzzy, while early game and end game are like, crystal clear, lol), but since I’ve been seeing a few “SoreMiku is platonic” or “they’re just bros” and similar reblogs and comments, I figure now is as good a time as any to write this: SoreMiku is a romantic and canon ship, the cross Tales of Series edition.  Also known as: “And you wonder why a lot of us think SoreMiku is romantic when (insert other couple here) gets to do this.”

Cutting for length (this monster wall of text was nearly 3 pages long in Word), spoilers everywhere for other games:

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Behind the Scenes of Smith And Jones (Part Three)

Excerpts from DWM #381 (article(s) by Jason Arnopp)

[Quotes from Anne Reid:]
“I told my agent I couldn’t wait to suck David Tennant’s blood. She told me I wasn’t the only one!”

“He’s the most wonderful Doctor Who and he’s so nice to work with.  So kind.  Makes a huge difference.  When you have a leading actor who’s as genuinely nice as he is, it goes through the whole company, in my experience.  I didn’t realize he had a Scottish accent!”

[Russell T. Davies on Anne Reid:]
“She was brilliant, and David got on with her a treat. That scene, where she’s sucking his blood with a straw… must’ve been 500 takes cos they were both laughing so much.”

[Roy Marsden (who plays Stoker) on David Tennant:]
"David has a dynamic, energy, charm, and a wonderful quality of innocence. That’s very attractive in a character.  His energy drives the show.  He’s what I call an actor who really hangs out the line, so everyone else can hang their washing on it.”

[Freema on David:]
"Straight away, I was a little bit in awe,” she confesses.  "I’m glad that we did a few scenes without him yesterday, to give me a chance to be calm on set.  Having said that, there was a moment today, when I looked at him and had to do a double-take.  He’s amazing.  He’s so good at what he does: a quality actor.  Being in a scene with him, I find myself watching him like a viewer, then remembering that I actually have to interact with him and say lines!”

Other BTS posts about Smith and Jones are here: [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 4 ]
The rest of my behind-the-scenes photosets are available [ here

jamierainbow  asked:

Wesper + flower shop, tattoo parlor au. (Loooove ur blog btw)

thank u!!! <3 okay so

  • Jesper’s tattoo parlor is called Ace of Spades, because of course it is.
  • (It may also be an underground gambling den, but that’s neither here nor there.)
  • Right across the street is Van Eck Arrangements, owned and operated by Jan Van Eck.
  • (Wylan hates the name, think’s it’s painfully uncreative… but he’s not one to confront his father.)
  • Jan had tried to teach Wylan the ins and outs of the business, but he always had a hard time following. All of the management never really made sense to him – He preferred to spend his time making the arrangements and working on new designs with his mother.
  • But when she left, Jan said at least you’re good for something, kid, and stuck him in the back of the store to cut flowers and never interact with their customers.
  • One day he’s opening the store, setting up their outdoor carts and sale signs, when he gets tapped on the shoulder.
  • He turns quickly, slightly terrified that it might be his father, when he sees the beautiful big brown eyes of the slightly intimidating tattoo artist.
  • (Until Jesper smiles; then he isn’t so intimidating :P)

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Live Report - São Paulo 04/22
  • Hi there!
  • As I promise here is my live report.
  • M&G; It was fast, really, really fast. The first was Aoi, he is so tall and beautiful. He's a sunshine. I gave my hand to him and he smiled a little and said arigato.
  • The next was Reita (send me to my funeral PLEASIu) I was really nervous, they are soo tall, they all look happy, but if u know me a little u should know that → I LOVE Reita, not an ordinary love is unconditional. He grabbed my hand and I looked him in the eyes, he is so pretty, he said arigato (with my friend he said thank you) I keep holding his hands, looked him in the eyes, trying even a little capture that moment like pics in my memory, I said "I love you" he looked me in the eyes, he smiled, not a big smile, but a cute smile, and said arigato again
  • I don't know if they thought that I was japanese, but everyone said arigato, and with my friends they replied with "thank you" wharever.
  • The next one was Ruki, he is so beautiful, he was with one glove,pretty sure that this glove is from Before I decay era, he was reaaaally happy, he grabbed my hand with force, and said arigato, he was with a big smile.
  • The next one was Kai, I don't looked at him, cuz the staff pull me off, I just grabbed his hands and said arigato.
  • The last was Uruha, I looked at him, HE IS SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL, like "maaaan, how can u be like thAaAaAt?" He smiled and said arigato.
  • I cried soooo much before and after the meet
  • The staffs pratically throw the VIP shirt in us, but whatever, I bought 2 goods (tour shirt and a hoodie+VIP shirt)
  • Fanservice: Yeah, have, yeah was a lot.
  • Aoiha, reituki, uruki, uruta (reiha) A LOT
  • Okay, lets go to the shoOow
  • The show: It was really pontual in everything, the VIP was killing each other to be more close to them. The place is not the best, but the show was INCREDIBLE.
  • I don't remember every song but we sang ALL, even undying. Ruki loved.
  • Filth in the beauty: we are singing so loud that he stopped and put the micro to us, with the open arms. HE WAS SMILING IN A WAY THAT I WOULD NEVER FORGET.
  • Vortex: was amazing, Ruki let us sing the "I don't want become the fucking garbage like you" but we sing so loud the part of "Vortex of industry" and "The only thing you really know about me, oh you can't take my soul away from me." He smilled so so so so much with us singing the songs. Was the best smile EVER.
  • Headache man: Ruki again let us sing, the part of "we are the cause of you headache" he was so happy, I can't say how Ruki is incredible on the stage, the presence of his stage is absurd. At the point of turning him on my second favorite member after today. I just couldn't take my eyes of him.
  • Ominous: we sang the "sleep, count me down, again"
  • Ugly: even the scream part, WE SANG ALL THE SONG. RUKI LOVED SO MUCH, IM CRYING.
  • Like I said, I don't remember all the songs. I put the most "wow" moments.
  • Goods: 2 shirts and 1 hoodie.
  • Shirt one: World tour
  • Shirt two: Mal um (new logo)
  • Hoodie: RAD
  • Setlist:
  • 1-NIHIL
  • 2-DOGMA
  • 3-RAGE
  • 4-VORTEX
  • 5-LEECH
  • 8-DEUX
  • 10-INCUBUS
  • 11-HYENA
  • 12-UGLY
  • 13-UNDYING
  • Encore songs: Headache man, Agony e Tomorrow never dies
  • During the encore the fans don't stopped even for a minute to scream "encore" they came after about 5 minutes very smiling and clapping us.
  • Tomorrow never dies: Beautiful. I can't said how beautiful it was. Ruki said "This song is for you"
  • The music was amazing, all crying and singing the chorus. He threw water in my face, ruki thing, but it wasn't little WAS a LOT.
  • I was so close to them that I could see every detail of everyone, Reita was with his DAMN TONGUE FOR EVERYWHERE, Uruha was smirmiking and Aoi throuig kisses, when Ruki back to encore his sleeves was pulled and we could see his tattos PERFECTLY, they are beautiful. I was so close that I could see something that mostly dont know, amazingly, ruki has fur under his arms.
  • Final: the show was amazing, they loved how we sang everything, Ruki was shinning and happy and excited about our excitement. Ruki smiled a lot, he has a wonderful smile. He goes down, smile, jumped and always wanted us to do more noise (as if it were possible)
  • Uruha was smiling and trying to seduce all with their hair move, and body rolls, gentlemen - that man is SICK! Uruha is damn hot in a way that I can't explain
  • Aoi always swaying and blowing kisses.
  • Reita with that tongue * I ALMOST DIE WHEN HE CAME REALLY NEAR IN THE STAGE AND BEGAN TO LICK THE LIPS, I said, Jehovah, IM READY TO DIE * Reita was very excited, he is very friendly and charismatic, he turned, made those violent soils if he knocked and asked more and more noise.
  • Kai was thrilled with the also distributed, smiles and asked for more and more excitement.
  • The most beautiful moment? Tomorrow never dies and Filth in the beauty, we sang aaaaall the music (sang all the other also 2 lol) but Ruki was impressed and smiled so much. I will never forget that day and that smile.
  • UPDATE 1: Uruha fell on the stage **BUT HE IS OKAY NOW**
  • And Ruki slipped in the water he spat, but he laughed at himself after
  • UPDATE 2: Ruki during all the time was saying things like "C'mon Brazil" the "What what whay, say it" and always asking to do more noise, he was very happy, I can't describe how happy and smiling he was. He jumped with us, he was so excited seeing us and smile when we sang the songs so loud that he stopped and looked smiling and surprised of how we sang ALL and so high.
  • Fanservice:
  • Aoiha - I don't remember which song was but Uruha runned on Aoi direction and played on his front. Aoi was like "hell no bro" but the fans screamed so much that Aoi smiled and start to play with Uruha. Reita was looking at them.
  • Before Aoiha we have *MY FUCKING BROTP* ReitaxUruha, Reita rose in Uruha platform and Uruha stood on it too, they started playing back to each other and looked at each other and smiled with the noise of the fans.
  • Uruki - Hyena classic, but this time Ruki grabbed Uruha, and they look to each other and smiled cuz everyone was screaming SO MUCH
  • Reituki - During the pause of some song, Ruki was in front of Kai drums and then Reita came beside him and whispered something in his ear, they looked at each other and laughed.
  • Reituki 2 - Ruki was in his central plataform and Reita came playing his bass, put his foot on Ru plataform and Ruki put his arms on Reita, I don’t know if he tapped or slid his hands on Reita's neck.
  • I saw everything, it felt like I was watching a DVD of them, it was so close, so real, so beautiful. Don't have substantives, adjectives or even "bad language" to describe how amazing the show was.

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Why make such a huge deal out of Nepeta and Davesprite's genders? Unless every male character and every-female-character-but-Nepeta had been portrayed as useful and relevant, which I'm pretty sure is not the case, I don't see the point of bringing gender into this. Don't get me wrong, I've always had my complaints about Homestuck, but my first thought seeing Davepeta wasn't "there goes Andrew, destroying female characters again".

As Gill said (since she wanted to know what my ask was) it’s a very unfortunate coincidence at best. 

Hussie did seem to have noble intentions re: female vs male characters, although I’m not sure they always get the same level of attention (the number of Jade and Rose convos vs any other beta duo, the lower number of f/f convos if they’re not in a relationship in general). Do I think this is proof of some nefarious agenda? No, I think it’s probably an unnoticed tendency. We’re conditioned to think girls speak up more than they do (the whole 17% thing) and I know as a female writer I’m more comfortable writing girls.

However, in terms of female characters, Homestuck has been getting… more sketchy? as time goes on. It’s almost like now that we have Caliborn the strawman misogynist, nothing else is an issue because it’s not that. I can’t remember the stats and I absolutely refuse to look at the archives, but I remember commenting that on the leadup to the last pause, the majority of the updates were male-centered, and most of the non-male centered ones were either Vriska or Hussie’s new favorite nightmare amalgam. Now, this may not mean all the girls besides those were being shafted. It may just be part of the general trend of shafting everyone who isn’t Vriska or Striders. 

Also, the increasing number of sexual and objectifying remarks toward Jane - not by villains but by people we’re supposed to consider heroes and also female characters who should know better - reeks of a male writer who Does Not Get It. Jasprose calling Jane cookietits is funny and quirky! It appears that Hussie does not know, did not think about, or does not care that if someone yelled “Cookietits” at me on the street I would be angry but embarrassed (because it always seems to make you ashamed even though you didn’t do anything wrong, like it’s somehow your fault) and cross my arms over my chest and hurry home looking every which way because being outside felt a little less safe. The un-condemned harassment honestly creates a fictional environment where I feel less safe. Because it’s not funny. 

So the Nepeta thing falls into a pattern where I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with the way female characters have been treated in Homestuck. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what Hussie meant. The point stands that, for me at least, the author bringing back a popular female character who fans have been clamoring for for years and then mashing her with one of the most popular male characters in the comic (Dave in general, not Davesprite specifically) and then overwriting her interests, concerns, and discomfort for a sudden ‘i’m gonna fight lord english’ (something tied to Dave’s quest, although even he did not seem interested in it before the deux ex machina disaster) is an issue. ESPECIALLY because it takes a female character who was brought back to be someone’s wife without her consent and kind of steamrolled into a situation where she does not seem psyched about that, but that concern vanishes once they’re combined. The erasure of female agency and discomfort in a predatory situation makes me deeply, deeply uncomfortable. That’s informed by my personal experience and the way my discomfort in some situations has been misinterpreted and ignored (partly because we’re socialized to ‘be nice’ about it.) Like I said, what Hussie meant or how he sees it really has no bearing on how I’m reading it here. The point is it bugs me at a really core level. It would bug me if Homestuck had been 100% totally perfectly feminist up to this point. Even outside of any other in-comic context, it’s fucked up imo.


Boredom, not so nice as you think.This one’s for me (yay. -_-) (Ooh jumping timelines my favorite.)

You step into the familiar coffee shop, take a quick look around, to realize that it’s quite crowded, save one corner, the one spot that’s always been a favorite of yours, and today noticing that spot is empty feels like a relief and a stab to your heart at the same time. You contemplate on why you made your way here on this sunny afternoon, with nowhere else better to go. You move towards the favored secluded corner of the little shop and sit in the booth, in your spot, once again. You observe the bustle around the shop and smile. It has changed so much over the years, the layout of all the chairs, the paint on the walls, everything save this spot. And you’ve been grateful, it’s here, a constant of sorts. The old owner of the tiny shop realizes its you and gives you a bright smile and a nod, and you know she’s gonna bring what you always order. What you’ve always ordered for roughly 15 years since you first set foot into this shop.


It’s the evening  after the day your honeymoon ended. You remember Holly and you dragging all the luggage inside, leaving it on the floor downstairs, exhausted after the long flight home. Back to life now, all the excitement, nervousness dying down. Now, back to routine life. The two of you had decided unpacking could be done later, and had flopped on the bed. Staring at the ceiling, you take in a deep breath and close your eyes, taking it all in.

This was it - bliss. With the woman you love by your side, back home, cozy, comfortable. It’s all so perfect.

‘So, this is it.’ she says, and though you aren’t actually looking at her, you know she’s smiling. Just from the pitch of her voice, the way she’s saying it, you know she’s grinning that lopsided grin of hers. You know that. You can hear it.

'Yup. The best part of the marriage is over now.’ you reply in your usual tone, dripping with sarcasm, and sure enough you find a pillow stuffed into your face.


The owner brings your usual order of coffee to you herself, along side with a plate of a few donuts. She gives you a wink as she places it on your table. You’ve been her favorite, though you haven’t visited here in a long time. She sees you’re alone, and doesn’t make a comment on it, for which you’re grateful. You truly are. You’ve never cared much for her, but you know she looks out for you - whenever you’re in the shop anyway.

You grab the hot mug of coffee with both your hands, cupping the mug tight till you feel the heat almost burning your palms. You don’t really care much about the pain - you’re too busy staring through the glass walls of the shop, staring at the people outside walking up and down on the street, not so much giving a glance at you. Perhaps if you looked hard enough, she just might turn up in the shop, and join you.


This particular booth, had always been yours. Well, technically, it was Holly’s. She was the one who dragged you here, the first time. She had quite literally dragged you by the wrist, introduced you to the kind shop owner, and sat you down at this very booth. And so whenever the two of you did come round to this side of the town, you had always gone in, and sat at the booth that was naturally reserved for them. You remember that one time you had flashed your badge at this freckled teenager who was sitting in the said spot, and he fell over himself trying to get away from you, while Holly spent the rest of the evening doing two things - condemning you for scaring the poor kid, and laughing the teen’s look of horror as you had flashed him your badge.

'What did he think he was getting arrested for?’ she questions between bouts of laughter. You just shrug, take a sip from your cup of coffee and eye the sandwich she always orders with utter distaste.

'How do you eat that cardboard?’ you ask back, wondering how anyone could actually come to this sweet coffee shop and order an ordinary sandwich.

Holly goes on to explain in that verbose way of hers, how she loves the bread here, home-baked, the grain and the special wheat of the bread and so on. As you listen to her ramble about a sandwich, you realize that you’re in love with this woman. You’re so in love with this woman. The revelation strikes you out of the blue, and for the first time in a long time, it makes sense. It all makes sense. You’re just in love with her. You come back to her going on about her special sandwich and smile as you take another sip from your coffee.


The coffee still tastes the same. Same hit of caffeine, same aroma, you truly marvel at how this shop’s changed over the years, yet the food tastes the same. It’s all the same. Except you’ve changed. Things have changed, circumstances have changed. Everything that defined who you were the last time you were here, it’s all different.

You were a beat cop the last time you were here, now you’re a respected and intuitive detective, where only the trickiest of cases were brought to your notice. You were happy then, blissfully happy, now - not so much. You had a ring on your hand the last time, now – a band of tender flesh where your ring used to be. You still have the memories though.

Why are the memories sweeter when you look back on them.

You notice the date, and sigh. It’s been 5 years, 5 years since the two of you signed those divorce papers.

It’s been 3 years since you last saw her.

It’s been 3 seconds since you last thought of her.

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What are you're favorite lourry prince fics?

Bittersweet and Strange, He agreed to stay so his sister could go free, but he never signed up for this. Beauty and the Beast AU in which Harry is taken prisoner in King Louis ‘The Beast’ Tomlinson’s castle, Master Liam Payne may or may not be a torture specialist, Master Zayn Malik may or may not be the Master of War, and no one will tell him what the hell Niall does around here. Basically, Harry hates his enemy with a passion. Then he kind of has a passion for his enemy. Then he wonders if he and Louis are enemies at all.

Celebrity Discount, Louis fell for Prince Harry when he was ten and Harry was eight and peeked behind the Queen’s elegant gown for his first public appearance—a shy smile and a mess of curls. He fell for him when he caught Lottie putting up a magazine cover of Harry on her wall and all she had to say for herself was, “He’s such a good person, yeah?” and, yeah. He fell for him when Harry gracefully accepted his demotion. He fell for him when Harry came out and stayed out.

feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream, “Alright, alright. No need to bite,” Harry says, holding his hands above his head in a general gesture of surrender. Louis quirks an eyebrow and his foot nudges Harry’s as he moves to sit straight. “If that’s what you think biting is, you’ve got another thing coming, Styles.” Harry blinks at him before he feels his face flush and inside the marrows of his bones there’s pulses of heat, pulses of fire spreading through him. “Is that a threat, your Highness?” “That’s a promise,” Louis answers just as the car halts to a stop. “One I intend to keep.” Harry is a journalist with a lot of secrets and Louis is the future king of the United Kingdom; they live together for 60 days.

my kingdom for a kiss (tonight you’re on my mind), “Oh fuck, I’m going to have to tell my mum,” Louis says, closing his eyes. The silence stretches between them for a long moment until Harry starts breathing heavily. “I’m going to have to tell the Queen,” he says, “and my mum.” Or, the one where Zayn and Louis make a friendly wager and it goes too far, Harry’s a baker with a heart of gold and really great hair, Liam is an overworked PA who just wants to enjoy his holiday and Niall is completely at ease, as always. An accidentally married AU mixed with a splash of modern royalty.

The Stars In Your Eyes Light Up The Sky, Once again, Harry’s life was on a fast track into seriously uncharted territory. He had known from the moment he’d woken up on that horrible morning that he would have no choice other than to come out. Publicly.Harry Styles, the first publicly gay Prince of England in British History.That would be his luck.Or,The one where Harry is a prince forced out of the closet and Louis is a boybander forced in. When they meet, everything changes.

Wear It Like A Crown, AU. As part of a team of fixers hired to handle a gay scandal in Buckingham Palace, Louis expects Prince Harry to be a lot of things—most notably a royally spoilt brat. Never mind that the very same Prince Harry used to star in quite a number of Louis’ teenage fantasies.

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1. Would you consider King Candy - or Turbo - a redeemable character? Could it work, or would the characters need to be changed?

While I do see Turbo as a more reprehensible character, I also believe that Turbo could be redeemable if the writing is done right, but I don’t think his redemption should be quick. It probably would take a long while before someone who destroyed two games and reprogrammed another for 15 years can even be considered trustworthy again.
Even then, he still has to take responsibility for all the bad things he’s done, it can’t just be swept under the rug and forgotten.
Not sure if his character would be tweaked because of it, though. Depends on his motives for redeeming himself.

2. Scenario: The Upcoming Disney Movie, Maleficent, has proven a huge success… But, due to the popularity of Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of the Mistress of all Evil, they’re considering replacing the original with the new version, or changing the design so that the original bared Angelina Jolie’s appearance.

Whether the film is a success or not, how would that make you feel?

Not sure how to feel about that, really. I do like Mal’s original design better i guess.

3. Scenario: The Upcoming Disney Movie, Maleficent, has proven a huge success. So that means that Disney is going to be making more movies based around past villains perspective! However, they have changed the characterization of the other, major characters, in order to make the villain - now given the role of protagonist - a sympathetic backstory, and ultimately the true hero of the tale.

How would that make you feel?

Depends, kinda. If the Villain has some more redeemable qualities then I wouldn’t mind seeing them in a more sympathetic light.

4. Aside from Home on the Range and Chicken Little, The Black Cauldron is regarded as one of the least memorable entries in the Animated Canon of Disney. If you are familiar with this animated feature, what are your thoughts on it? Would the Animated Canon have been better off, or does the movie deserve more recognition?

I remember watching it a few years back. It was an ok movie, but i barely remember the details of it since its been so long heh;;; I guess it could use some more recognition, though, since most people don’t even know of its existance.

5. Computer Generated Imagery is good. But so is Hand-Drawn Animation, in my opinion. But, as of late, it would appear as though Hand-Drawn Animation has been thrown away, in favor of CGI. Not only by Disney, but by other studios as well(DreamWorks). Not saying that they should ditch CGI and go back to hand-drawn animating, but don’t you think it would be nice if they did release a hand-drawn animated feature, and not just a short film?

Yes please. I’m all up for cgi animation but it would be nice to see some good old fashioned hand drawn animation again! And maybe do some of it myself if I ever get my dream job of working at one of those studios.

6. Disney is made for kids. Right, or wrong?

No, at least not just for kids. Walt once said (and correct me if I’m wrong) that he wanted the Disney parks to be enjoyable for the young and old alike, and the same goes for the movies they make as well. Though, sadly, it does seem like the company has forgotten about this recently…

7. Scenario: OH MAN! It looks like Disney has gone and purchased the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit franchises! What are your thoughts?

haven’t seen LOTR yet….  he h;;;;;

8. One thing that has me sort of bugged is the change from ‘Walt Disney Pictures’ to simply ‘Disney’. What are your thoughts on this? Should they have kept Walt’s name?

mmmm i dunno,,

9. Have you heard of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, or ToonTown? Have you played any of Disney’s MMO’s, before they decided to pull the plug and shut them down?

Ive heard of them, but never got to play them actually;;

10. Name 5 of your favorite OTP’s, canon or otherwise?

1. Jack and Sally (the first ever one)
2. Milo and Kida
3. Hero’s Cuties yes
4. Doppler and Amelia
5. Chelley wait thats not a Disney ship

11. Name 5 NOTP’s, canon or otherwise?
eeehhhh i dont have any NOTP’s
I’m either interested in a ship or feel an absolutely devastating sense of apathy toward it, i don’t think i’ve ever hated a ship before.

My questions:
1. Which Disney movie did you watch most as a kid, if Disney was a part of your childhood?
2. Have you ever been to one of the Parks? If so, how many times have you gone?
3. What are your thoughts on Disney’s Revival era? Do you think they’re still making quality animated movies?
4. Favorite hero? Villain?
5. Out of all the Animation Studios, which do you like the best?
6. Any movies in particular that you’re exited for this year?
7.  Which medium of animation do you find most appealing? (CGI, hand drawn, stop motion, etc.)
8. Which animated movie would you say has influenced you the most, if any?
9. Which story/novel would you like to see get a good movie adaptation?
10. Would you consider Animation an art form?
11. And for a filler question; dogs or cats?