he just get there and later got rejected

Dating Jeff Atkins would include...
  • You know each other because you have some classes in common.
  • You’re a friend of Clay and Jeff has heard him mention you, but never asked about you.
  • Sp basically, you’re just aware of each other’s existance but never interact.
  • A couple of months after school begins the jock’s are throwing a Halloween party.
  • Your best friend basically begs you to dress up with her in like cute matching costumes and you don’t want to dissapoint her so you agree to do it.
  • Once you show to the place, the guy in the front door asks for your ticket and you look at your friend like !!!
  • And you’re friend is like ‘you didn’t buy the ticket?’
  • And you’re like 'you never said anything about a ticket you bitch’
  • Of course Jeff, who is is casually walking round greeting everyone, happens to see the whole scene.
  • He feels bad you and decides to help you out of this awkward situation.
  • So he hands 5 dollars to the guy and tells him to let you in.
  • You thank him and try to pay him back but he’s like “Nah! Don’t worry about it:)))”.
  • You both part ways but like 20 min later you have lost your friend and stumble across Clay and Jeff talking while you’re searching for her.
  • Clay offers to help you find her but you’re like '’nah I’ll text her later I think I’m gonna go home’’ and Jeff can’t help but intervine like “going home? No way, you just got here, let’s have fun!”
  • This boy keeps you company the rest of the night – he takes you to the horror tunel, the photobooth, the dance floor, etc.
  • That’s how you meet and start to get to know each other.
  • When he asked you out after being friends for some time he wasn’t afraid of rejection but of losing contact with you.
  • You have weekly movie dates at Crestmont (bc Clay gives you free popcorn).
  • He’ll be really open with PDA, he won’t force you to do anything but will enjoy it if you hold his hand or kiss his cheek.
  • He’ll forget his clothes at your house on purpose because he loves it when you wear them.

“Baby, I left my baseball t-shirt at your house yesterday, feel free to wear it. I mean you don’t have to but do it.”

  • He thinks about you 99% of the time. Like he’ll be studying with Clay but in his head he’s remembering how you two kissed in your date the day before.
  • He refers to you as “his girl” or “his baby”.
  • He’ll be really excited when you meet his parents because he adores you and wants you to be really close to his family.
  • Of course his parents are very welcoming and ask you to visit them frequently.
  • Jeff loves driving to your house after baseball practice and and spending the afternoon goofing around in your room.
  • Most of those times he ends up staying for dinner.
  • Moments where you lay cuddled and talk about meaningful deep stuff.
  • If you fall asleep next to him he’ll pull you closer and caress your hair, kiss your forehead and smile.
  • He’s the type to take you on outdoor fun dates such as hiking, car trips or the zoo.
  • He’ll want to own something yours to carry it everywhere with him, so he can look at it when his day gets rough and feel like you’re there with him.
  • He’ll give you something his as well.

“If you’re ever feeling down just look at this at remember that I’ll always support you and be there for you.”

  • To me he seems the jealous type who prefers to act a bit laidback.
  • Although he can get really intimidating if some guy flirts with you in front of him (like you literally feel him tense up and you make an excuse to leave asap before he does something stupid.)
  • Cause this boy would do anything for you.
  • You guys are best friends, lovers and partners in crime.
Tom Holland Drabble Prompt

“You’re going out dressed like that?”, “Take. It. Off.”, and “Daddy!” 

Requested by anon featuring Domestic/Dad!Tom 

“Come on, everyone! Twenty minutes until I have to drop you off at school,” Tom yelled from the stairs. 5 minutes passed by, and Tom didn’t hear much movement from upstairs. 

Tom groaned loudly, walking up the stairs. Opening the door to one of the kid’s rooms, he found one still in the bathroom, brushing their teeth, hair still wild from bed. 

“What are you doing? How come you’re not ready yet?” Tom cried. 

“Mommy usually wakes me up earlier than you did. I need time to get ready!” 

Tom closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and left to check on the other kids, hoping to find a better scene. He opened the other door to the twins’ room. One was dressing themselves insanely. Two pairs of pants, 5 shirts, mismatched socks… a fashion disaster. 

“You’re going out dressed like that?” Tom asked, getting a little frustrated with the lack of readiness. 

“I couldn’t decide! I’m wearing this.” 

“Honey, it’s too hot for that. You need to change; you’ll be really uncomfortable at school.” 

“Nooooooooooo. Mommy lets me wear whatever I want!”

“Please, sweetie. For me? Your da–”

“DADDY!!!” the other twin yelled from the bathroom. Tom rushed in, bracing himself for an emergency. He opened the door to find toothpaste squirted all over the sink, residue left all over the mirror and walls. His child holding an empty toothpaste tube with a guilty face and toothpaste all over their hands. 

Tom took a deep breath before calmly saying, “How did this happen?” 

“I don’t know… I squeezed too hard.” 

“Okay, just use this,” Tom advised, handing them a towel to start wiping up the mess. 

“Dad?” the other twin called from the bedroom, beckoning Tom into the other room once again. Tom walked back to find your kid, sweatshirt over their head, pants halfway down their legs, struggling to get off the clothes. 

“Please help me! These sweatshirts.. Take. It. Off!” they mumbled underneath the unnecessarily excessive amount of clothes. 

Tom felt easily overwhelmed with the three kids, especially without you to help him. He decided to shoot you a quick text for some motivation.

“How do you always get them ready for school so easily? I have 10 minutes left and it’s crazy,” he texted. 

A few minutes later, his phone started ringing. “Hello?” 

“Hey, got your text. Just wanted to let you know… It’s Saturday, Tom.”

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12x11 Episode Review - What a Ride That Was!

Having just completed my second watch of this episode I have to say I am slightly stunned. I guess the best way to put it is ‘not what I expected’. But then what did I really expect? I was expecting pain, heartbreak, drama, interspersed with some humour and a big “no homo” scene to counteract last episode. I was expecting some dudebro Dean to appease certain types of viewer, along with a nice helping of deep subtext into Dean analysis for us to eat up that would go straight over that type of viewers head. I was certainly not expecting… Larry.

I haven’t looked at tumblr yet, except to glance at my askbox. I assume that you are all suitably going mad over Larry. Over the implications of Larry. Over the sheer insanity of the episodes biggest innuendo fuelled moments and probably laughing about it. I expect a hundred gifsets. I want to reblog those gifsets. I am also sure that Larry has already been meta’d to death… But what’s the harm in a little more meta to add to the massive pile gonna do? Because I wanna meta the FUCK out of Larry.

But there is a lot more to this episode than just Larry. We did get heartbreak. We did get drama and we did get some really nice character moments. Rowena particularly was amazing this episode (who am I kidding though she is always amazing) and I loved learning more about her thoughts. Overall I think it was entertaining, though not one of the best episodes, but that could be because the writing was a bit sloppy and sometimes the story didn’t make sense. I’ll get to why in a bit. Let’s just say that Meredith Glynn isn’t my favourite of the new writers by any means. I didn’t even review The One You’ve Been Waiting For because I didn’t feel particularly inspired by it at all.

But having said that she gave us Larry, and for that I will forever be thankful… even if she didn’t intend for us to take it the way I have (and I am guessing most of you reading this have too).

Anyway, main points to take away under the cut:

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We’ll Take Care of This

Pairing - Rafa x Daveed x Reader

Word count - 3K even

Prompt -  For the poly/threesome pieces, an Oak x Daveed x reader would be a great idea! Maybe a Bay Boys fic (Rafa and Daveed)? Slay!

Summary - Reader has a lot of anxiety about her job interviews, so Rafa and Daveed decide to help her. 100% pure fluff. Based on my recent life.

(Y/F/M) - Your favorite movie.
(Y/F/C) - Your favorite candy.

TW - anxiety

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That was how you felt as you curled up on your side and mindlessly scrolled through your social media feeds, hoping for a distraction from your mind. You’d been going into your head more and more lately, desperate for the phone to ring with news from your latest job interviews. At one point, you’d even held the land line in your hand and stared at it, as though that would make it ring. You were so anxious about this that it physically hurt you. Your appetite was gone. You felt sick to your stomach. Your head ached. Your will to do anything that wasn’t blankly staring at your phone, the cordless phone, or the corded line that hung on the wall in the kitchen was gone. Anxiety had you in its clutches and would until you got the phone call you needed or a rejection letter arrived in the mail. You just needed to know something. Anything. 

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Dude, Megamind is such a good movie. For starters, it’s really funny, but not in a way that puts anyone down or is offensive. It’s mostly just jokes about how Megamind doesn’t know how to pronounce words. Secondly, it’s got several great plot twists that make it super interesting and nonboring. Thirdly, it’s got the ultimate whiny baby menenist as its main antagonist. Hal/Titan is created by Megamind to be a hero, but when he’s rejected by his crush (a woman who he worked with and who has told him multiple times before that she’s not into him) he decides to be evil, because what’s the point of being good if he can’t get what he wants? He goes through the whole jealous, I’m-better-than-the-guy-she’s-seeing phase, and then he decides to just destroy the town because of her rejection. Later in the movie, while he’s in the midst of destroying things, she shows up and he says something like if you’ve changed your mind I don’t want you, and she doesn’t try to change his mind to stop him, she just says she’s going to fight him. Like, she doesn’t pretend to like him or try to be with him to save the city or anything, she just does her and tries to save the city in other ways. Also, this movie is really great in that they don’t say at all in any way that it’s her fault that he’s destroying the city and stuff. Aside from Titan saying that it’s her fault, everyone else is like no? it’s not her fault? And that’s great. Anyways, Megamind is a great movie and everyone should watch it.

Everyone loves Langst, but what about Keith angst?

Abandoned several times
Trust issues

He had one friend- and that one friend got kidnapped and tortured by aliens/to make it worse later he finds out that part of him is a part of the race that took his only friends arm!
His heritage also gets him a lot of hate from Allura: just when he thinks he’s earned her trust, he finds out that he is part Galra and she acts like he ran over her puppy and she never trusted him.

This dark news causes him to have serious doubts about himself. He starts having nightmares that Red will reject him.
The only one that has remained faithful to him.
He and Shiro had a previous bond, but Shiro hit it off with the other paladins easily- unlike Keith.

Red was the only one who only responded to him.

Now picture that feeling being crushed when Lance pilots the Red Lion…

All of the other paladins were friends(-ish, at least)- the only one that was completely rouge to the group was Keith. Hunk and Lance were best friends, Pidge was at least on their team, she had their attempts to become friends, and Shiro was famous (as far as we can infer), he was looked up to and respected.
All Keith had was Lance’s one sided rivalry

Keith has never really had anything for himself- he has no family nor friends to return to. All he has is a small shack in the middle of the desert.
All of the other paladins getting homesick, but they wonder why Keith isn’t affected by it
“I have no home to return to,”
His simple words.
It hit them: while they have friends and family to return to, he doesn’t. All he has is Shiro and whatever bonds he manages to form with his fellow paladins, but that will break off once they return home and everyone goes back to their separate lives

Why is there not more Keith angst? He has so much to exploit angst-wise

beyondtrash-voltrondumpster  asked:

Could you do headcanons for when the paladins ask out their crush, the reader, but are rejected?

Yes! Of course! Thank you so much for the request. This is more of a modern AU I guess? I still tried to include Coran and Allura but I didn’t know what to do with friends or no friends thing when you’re in space and you cant not be friends when you’re stuck in space.


I hope that made sense. Also this was very unnecessarily long and probably seems rushed but I tried :D


credit to @gayrussianicequeen for helping me out with the Pidge one




• okay, first off, it’s very obvious Shiro is HEAD OVER HEELS for you
•he’s the type of person to not even realize his feelings until later on, even then, it’ll really take him a while to actually gather up the courage to even go up to you.
• he gets flowers
•maybe a kit-kat bar too, or whatever your favorite candy is.
•he’s quite traditional, actually..
•now, depending on where you are, he may or may not go up to you. Garrison? Eh, maybe, is it the end of the day and you’re just leaving? Hell yeah why not.
•if it were that case, he’d probably do his best to keep the flowers perfect, and you would ask about them all day only for him to avoid the question and change the subject as well.
•he’d pull the flowers out and some random candy or stuffed bear, start explaining himself and his feelings toward you, and top it off with a lovely but awkwardly cute smile, extreme blushing, and then shoving his face into the flowers and exhaling.
•now, depending on your answer, whether you’d like to stay friends or not, either way, he’d be heartbroken.
•if you want to stay friends ; I feel that he would be a lot less heartbroken, but it would be very difficult, because, I mean he likes you and finds you attractive so seeing you everyday after you reject him is soooooooo awkward especially for him.
•if you find that it’s awkward too, and don’t want to stay friends ; he’d be super devastated, would most likely go home and sulk while watching comedies and horror movies to keep his mind off of it.
•doesn’t work tho because he watched It Follows and now he thinks someone’s after him and doesn’t sleep and ends up thinking about you. Oops?




•why would you even say no honestly
•jk anyway
•so, knowing Lance and the way he is there would a LOT of build up toward the official confession.
•puns about how beautiful/handsome you are, how amazing you look today even though you didn’t even brush your hair and was up until 3
•pick-up lines toward the end of the day.
•he’d probably drive you somewhere (I hope he has a license) like a small shop down the street from yours or his house.
•buy you some candy and a slushee (if ya like them)
•will definitely without a doubt have his arm around your shoulder 99.9999998% of the time so just, let’s hope you’re comfortable with that.
•when it actually comes to asking you out he’ll stutter and then blurt the rest of it out with his eyes shut so tight.
•when you say no prepare to feel extremely guilty because instead of looking sad about it he does that thing where he tries to act all cool about it but he’s just…
•"no, no really it’s fine. here I can drive you home if you want. no really, it’s fine don’t worry. it’s my fault really so sorry to make you uncomfortable.“
•probably doesn’t answer any text messages from you or anyone else.
•he does hope to stay friends but wouldn’t mind if you didn’t, he thinks it’s understandable but would still beat himself up over it.




•once again why would you say no you’re lucky this kid even likes you a little bit I feel like he’ll yell at inanimate objects if he stubbed his toe or smthn
•but anyway.
•Keith is very attracted to you whether it’s because you’re nice, or you seem to look great no matter what you do
•like Shiro he keeps it simple and traditional and wouldn’t want to go all out because he’s afraid to be rejected (foreshadowing bye) in the end when he planned something so nice
•definitely got you starbursts or sour patch kids and if you don’t like them he’ll just put them away and get on with it
•he totally eats them later on k bye
•definitely got like one carnation.
•when he finally asks you he stutters but once it’s out he seems way too calm, like a lot calmer than you thought
•once he hears the no come from your mouth he just shuts down and says ‘oh, oh ok’
•seems kinda pissed in your eyes but he’s mostly angry at himself if anything. will definitely get up and apologize and then nod and walk off.
•please apologize to the boy at least, he’s very sensitive when it comes to opening up and I feel like after that he would be WAYYY too hesitant when it comes to opening up to people especially when he feels attracted to them




•please don’t say no pleasepleSeplaesse
•he’s so wholesome and pure and lovely how
•now hunk being that way is sometimes a disadvantage, being too kind at times can get you killed. well not necessarily killed but it can cause trouble, especially if it’s the naive kind.
•though Hunk is very smart, so I doubt he would be clueless about anything.
•I do feel that Lance would probably be way too encouraging and say stuff like , “Hunk, buddy pal friendo, quit your worrying! They definitely like you, who wouldn’t! You’re a great person….” and blah blah blah
•Eventually goes up to you with some sort of food in his hands, most likely your favorite or one that triggers happy memories between you and him, and/or the paladins +Coran and Allura
•Pops the question, definitely looks dead inside
•literally has no expression and are, are his eyes,,, crossing?
•quite unfocused so when you finally and hopefully politely turn him down, you think he didn’t hear you.
•say his name a couple times and that’s when you realize that he did in fact hear you and he’s kind of just processing the information
•definitely just goes oMo and then falls to his knees and begs for your forgiveness
•"oh my gosh Y/n I am so sorry I made it awkward I didn’t mean it I just care for you and all that and I still wanna be friends please oh gosh I ruined our friendship”
•please tell him it’s ok and then pat his back and take him to a movie or home or whatever just help the poor boy he’s too sweet oh gosh
•take him to the carnival or arcade to cheer him up if you stay friends which is most likely because Hunk is too nice.




•asked Lance for advice on how to do it
•immediate regret
•then went to ask Coran, but kinda just clapped her hands together, stared into space, and turned around after she thought about a possible 7-day lecture on asking people out
•Went straight to Shiro and Allura and they gave the best advice out of everyone except Allura started talking about stuff from Altea and dating in Altea and just paused and ran lolol
•took most of their advice, which was to just get straight to the point and maybe get them something
•got them something she made herself (she definitely made you a knockoff GameCube which actually was way better than the original somehow)
•she was flustered but it didn’t exactly seem like it because she wasn’t stuttering but her face was so goddamn red man
•kinda just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ after she says it
•right when hears the word no, that word never leaves her head for the next week or maybe even two
•if you stay friends she’s definitely happy and won’t even mind if she still has feelings for you, she’s just glad that you two can still hang out together
•if you don’t want to stay friends she just awkwardly laughs and when she’s going to leave she apologizes and lets you keep what she made for you (no buts or ifs she insists you keep it)
•definitely needs to let out some type of steam so she probably just roasts everyone if they bother her peace and quiet times.
Versace On The Floor

Summary : Joe is in a mission to get your Versace dress on the floor, it just so happens he managed to complete his mission.

A/N : Hello! Thanks for taking your time to read this, I worked hard on this and I really hope you guys like it.

The music filled the room with the chatter of all the guests. Walking, I head over to my husband Joe Sugg who hosted this get together party with Gleam. The party was mostly a reunion, mostly everyone in the Gleam management was pretty busy and that meant that no one has seen one another in a while. Joe hosted the party in Brighton, only because it was a sea side town and it was where we both met. The party was held in a beach house near the pier and it was the perfect day to host a party since the sun was shining. Scorching heat that you wouldn’t be really able to get usually in Brighton.

Everyone was to stay at a nearby hotel after the party since there would be a breakfast buffet the morning after. The party was summer themed, as it was summer months. Joe and I drove here with Caspar, Josh, Jim and Tanya with our land rover. All the youtubers were vlogging, no one would want to miss the opportunity to film a special moment in their lives. Here I am now, seated with a glass of champagne beside Joe.

“Care to dance my love?” Joe stands up from his seat, a hand coming up to his head to swipe back the growing barnet that I loved so much. I clutch his hand, letting him lead me to the dance floor where mostly everyone was dancing to this year’s new song hits. (It was mostly everyone since some were seated down, having a chat.)

Zoe suddenly notices my appearance and focuses her camera on me. “It’s my sister in law! Look how beautiful you are!” She gushes with amazement, her blue eyes that were a copy of Joe’s glimmering under the colored lights. The Suggs were definitely my favorite sibling pair. Zoe and Joe have so much similarities that every time I go meet with Zoe, she was just another spitting image of the man I fell in love with.

“Thank you! You are looking gorgeous!” With my arm, I curl it around her shoulders, pulling her closer to me. Totally ignoring Joe who pulled me to the dance floor. It was then Joe pulls me away from Zoe, saying “Stop stealing my wife!” In a playful manner.

I feel his breath against the skin of my neck, subtle goosebumps rising up both of my arms. His muscled arms, looping around my waist, softly swaying both of us to the rhythm of the music. “My wife is looking so damn hot.” Joe whispers against the shell of my ear, a shiver crawling up my spin and a gently rose blush creeping to my cheeks.

Grinning, I turn my head slightly, enough to see his eyes looking into mine with pure love. “Same goes for my husband.” He rubs his nose against mine subtly, pressing his forehead to mine in the process.

Joe had a couple of drinks but not to the point where he was considered drunk. Luckily, this time he was purely sober. “God woman, you’ve already gotten me slightly hard.” He breathes with a chuckle. A small giggle erupting from me, my face scrunching up with amusement. Joe was always horny bastard, after a few years of being single, he sure did miss getting laid. It seems that he’s been making up for the lost time.

“I didn’t even mean to turn you on, you wanker.” I informed, turning my head back straight as it was hurting a bit from it’s turned position. Joe nuzzles his nose against my cheek, humming and then pressing a kiss to my jawline. At this point I didn’t even care if someone was watching us, everyone was used to Joe and I being all lovely dopey and touchy. That’s why we can’t get a video finished it time, we end up making out that we have to cut it out during the edit. Joe even asked me to create a folder of my laptop desktop full of our cut out make out sessions.

“Yes, I wank to you all the time.” I slap his arm playfully, not expecting what he had replied to my statement. I inhale, breathing in his minty aftershave. His aftershave was one of my favorite scent to smell on him, when he shaves, I’m always watching him. He doesn’t take long to shave as he doesn’t grow that much of a stache. This morning he shaved, meaning I was sat on the counter top watching him shave off his stache in front of the hotel bathroom mirror.

“Please can we go back to the hotel? I need that versace on the floor.” He lowly growls into my ear, although he was also begging with need. With small weakening kisses to my neck, I tilt my head back giving him more of my neck to litter kisses on.

I bite my lip, “In a few baby, you’ve still got to wait for the party to finish.” Joe groans in response, a whine mixed to the tone. He withdraws from me, lightly slouching and a pout. A grin on my face forms as I watch Joe walk away with a pout from the rejection. My hand gently clutches my other one behind my back as I start to step towards Joe who now has sit down back on our table, arms crossed. “Babe, I promise. You will get me later, just wait for the party – that you hosted – to finish.”

His shoulders tensing as I slide my hands from his shoulders towards his chest, my upper body leaning down to his level. “Fine.” Joe grumbles, making me giggle at his frustration. I then go over to my chair across from him, his eyes immediately going to me, scanning my attire before a mischievous smirk appears on his sinful lips. “Underwear.” Joe speaks, leaving me a tad confused.

Joe leans forward, hands lay flat on the white silk covered table as he speaks lowly but audible for me to hear. “Take ‘em off.”

My eyes stare intently onto his blue ones that are no doubt clouding with lust. I look at him in confirmation before he gives me a nod, confirming what he told me. Biting my lips, my head sways from side to side, looking if anyone was paying attention to us. They were all preoccupied. I gulp, sliding my hands underneath the Versace dress I was wearing. Luckily the silk white sheet over the table was covering my movements.

I gripped my hem of my underwear, lifting my bum slightly off the chair so I could slip them out. Looking back over to Joe, I see a toothless smile over his lips as he watches me intently. I bite my lip, grinning as I reach under to grab the knicker that I have successfully taken off. Wordlessly, Joe ducks under the table, a surprised gasp escaping my lips as I see him grab my discarded underwear and sneakily stuffs it in his pocket.

My bikini line was bare and free from the knicker. Soft breezes of the cold room hits my core making me squirm on my chair. This was the first time Joe has ever done anything like this. Cheeky prick he is. I watch him; seeing him grab his champagne glass in front of him before taking a sip as his eyes remained on me.

It was then until the clock stroke 10 pm, Joe was now called by our manager Dom. “I’ll be right back, hot shots.” Joe winks, causing a small blush to appear on my cheeks.

Joe starts his ending speech; basically thanking everyone for coming and reminding them that there will be a breakfast buffet tomorrow morning before everyone claps.

I have said my goodbyes to everyone before Joe and I take our car to the hotel. Josh and Caspar weren’t coming with us since they suggested that they take an uber instead. Tanya and Jim has resulted to joining Zoe and Alfie in their mini, leaving me and Joe to have our car to ourselves.

“Lovely party that was, yeah?” Joe says, inserting the keys into the ignition before pulling out of the driveway.

After a nod of my head, I stay silent. The car journey was silent, mainly it was BBC Radio 1 softly playing in the background as I focus my gaze onto the view outside. Zoe took me literally all of Brighton with our friend Mark Ferris since we three were having a friend’s road trip. We even had a mini little photo shoot in the beach. I remember Zoe getting pooped by a seagull that day, Mark and I laughed so hard.

The car stops in front of the hotel, my eyes drifting towards Zoe’s mini, seeing as they got here first before everyone did. Joe loops his arm around my waist as we walk towards the lift. Our floor was 27 at this hotel had 30 floors.

Walking, I press the button that contained the number 27 on it. Joe and I were joined by other civilians inside the lift. When the lift doors has closed, Joe suddenly kneels down, hands going to tie his shoelace when a woman in front of us looked at him. But I was wrong, what surprised me is that he placed his hand on the back of my leg, trailing it upwards until it went nearer and nearer to my area.

He slips a finger inside of me, causing me to let out a soft gasp. My hands gripping my sling bag tightly. Nails digging in the material that they had use to create such an exquisite black leather bag.

Joe’s fingers circle my nub, my wetness making it slip with ease. My eyes hastily look up the ceiling, silently praying that no one is seeing my husband’s hand inside my dress and expertly touching me with his skilled hand.

“So wet, darling.” He rasps at my ear at a hushed voice, thrusting two fingers upwards.

A tortured moan gets stuck in my throat as the doors open, a few civilians going out. Joe repeats his rhythm. Pumping his fingers, suddenly thrusting them hard. His fingers reaching deep inside of me to find that spot that would make me loose my mind.

Well news flash, it would make me go crazy. I would have started getting vocal if there weren’t anyone inside the lift besides me and Joe. Instead, I am in the position, letting my horny arse husband touch me behind about 10 people in front of us.

Suddenly, the doors clicked again and I see the giant number 27 plastered making me feel relived. Joe pulls his fingers out, slipping them into his mouth casually as the civilians in front of us give us way to get out and once we do, I glare at Joe.

“You total arse.” I nudged him with my elbow, causing a genuine chuckle to escape his lips as we neared our hotel door. “That was in front of people, you dick.”

Joe slots in the key, pinning me instantly against the door once he has opened it - so we could enter - and closed it back when we were inside. Lips plump and swollen from the intense make-out session we were having, hands roaming each other’s desperately.

With skilled hands, his rushes to unzip my dress and let it fall in a pool beneath me on the floor. “Versace is on the floor.” Joe smiles at the black dress, unbuttoning his button down shirt before practically ripping off the clothing. He grabs my waist, pulling me to his lap once we’ve situated on the queen sized bed of the room. Tongue dancing with mine, hands splayed across the flesh of my bottom. Panting, I unbuckle his belt, slipping the leather item out of his jean belt hoops before carelessly throwing it to the floor.

I pause, taking this time to study Joe’s face. My index finger, tracing along his defined jaw line. “Admiring my face?” Joe raises a brow, thumbs rubbing smooth circles on my hips. I nodded, pushing his fringe back before I kiss him again. My hands entwined together behind his neck as I subtly roll my hips, mouth pulling away from his to release a gasp from the friction on my c.lit against his black skinny jeans. “Y'like rubbing on m'thigh little one?” He rasps, lips pressing against the juncture of my shoulder and neck, sucking a fresh hickey on the spot.

Nodding, I do it again. Rubbing my throbbing c.lit on his jeans that were no doubt stained with my arousal. Hot and bothered, I increase the pace of my hips, bringing myself closer to my high. That tight coil in my stomach, waiting for release. “Gonna cum, love?” Joe’s hands unclip the hooks of my bra, sliding the straps down my shoulder as I let my arms fall from his neck so he can get rid of my bra.

“Yes…” I sighed, lost in pleasure and the rush of adrenaline through my veins. But like always, Joe would always find a way to tease. In the blink of an eye, my back hits the mattress. Joe hurriedly getting his jeans off but leaving his boxers on. “C'mon.” I groaned, pushing my hips upwards so he was aware that I needed him.

He chuckles, pushing my hips back down against the mattress. “Gonna make your legs tremble and shake… make ‘em wobble tomorrow and everyone’s gonna see how hard I fucked ya.” Grabbing my wrists in his hands, he pins them above my head as his lips kiss down my chest.

“Joe…” I moan, prolonging the syllable of his name. Back arching as he takes my nipple in his mouth, teasing the hard nub with his tongue.

“So pretty for me, right sweets?” Joe breathed, taking my other nipple in his mouth, treating it the same way as the other. Whimpering, I arch my back giving him all of me. “Talk t'me, love.”

“What do you want me to say?” Eyes closed as Joe continues his assault with my breasts.

With my response, Joe chuckles pulling away my chest to drop a kiss to my lips before he brings my arms down - but still gripping on my wrist - pinning them to my hips this time. Automatically, I spread my legs, bringing my knees up.

He blows a puff of air onto my core, a buck of my hips is my response as my hands clench into fists. “Please… please…” I sighed, raising my head from the pillow to look at the man between my legs. “Just fuck me already.” I was needy, so needy that I didn’t want any more foreplay. But foreplay was apart of our sex, especially.

“Just a taste love, and then maybe you could take care of me before we fuck?” It sounded like a question, but it wasn’t. Either way, I couldn’t deny him. He’s been pleasing me more than I’ve been pleasing him. If he wanted me to take care of him, then I will.

Licking a length up my slit, I release a shaky gasp, eyes rolling back my head. His mouth latches on my bundle of nerves, his tongue swiping up and down, suckling afterwards. It’s when he pulls away with a dirty sound that I whine. Missing the contact on his tongue against my most private area. “Always delicious f'me,” He hazily says, as if he’s in a world that only includes me and him.

Connecting his mouth again to my mound, he’s savoring my taste no doubt. Mind filled with the thought of me cumming of his tongue. Joe’s licking and sucking with more desire. Eager to make me writhing beneath him. Suddenly my upper body lifts momentarily as if it’s pulled up when he gently nips.

Joe brings my hands towards his hair, pulling away from my c.lit. “Pull my hair, darling.” Grasping the soft strands, he goes back to my area, doing his work. I scratch his scalp softy as a praise.

“Joe…” I moaned, arching my back ever so slightly as I pull on his hair. It was then he starts thrusting his tongue against my pulsing hole that I gasp and hips buck into his face. “You’re so - so good - ah! Stop cutting me off!” I whined, causing Joe to chuckle. The vibrations of the sound against my mound making me go crazy and pull his hair a bit harder.

“Wanna cum, sweets?” He questions, barely running the tip of his finger against my entrance.

“Will you let me?” My toes curling from when he inserts his index finger knuckle deep and then pulling away; repeating his pattern.

I open my eyes to see Joe pursing his lips, as if in deep thought wether he’d let me cum or not. “I’ll let you cum… when I’m inside of you.” Joe concludes, an irritated sigh coming out of my mouth.

“Then just fuck me already.” Groaning, I begged.

Joe crawls up to meet my face, giving me a peck, he says “You still have to take care of me, love.”

Nodding, I sit up, rolling both of us over that I am now on top of him. I trace my fingertips over his abs, my finger subtly reaching towards the waist band of his Jack Wills boxers. “All those gym sessions has been changing a lot of you.” I remark as I dip a finger inside his boxers, that only reaches the thick waist band to pull it away from his hips, only to release it, letting it snap back against his skin.

“But not my dick, love.” Joe breathes, shutting his eyes clothes when I pressed my lips against his stomach. Rolling my eyes at his cockiness, I push my hand down against the growing bulge that lies underneath the fabric of his boxers. “Fuck…”

“Hashtag Joe has a big willy.” I grinned against his ear, pressing my kisses down his long neck. His neck was the perfect spot to leave love bites on, it always fascinated me how long his neck was. Giraffe boy, as he calls himself.

Chuckling breathlessly, he answers “Don’t remind me of Caspar’s brain freeze. My dick literally shrunk.”

Biting at the love bite I was making, I replied “Either way, you’ve got a big one.” Scratching my nails softly against his skin, I slide down his boxers down his legs. He kicks them off once and they were with the scattered mess of our clothes around our hotel room. Without hesitation, I wrap my hand around his length, a sharp intake of breath from Joe as a response.

“Y/N…” He softly moans, a grin covering my lips. Tapping my index finger against his tip, I moved down, kissing his torso on the way. His shaft, hard and big. “Hurry up, please.” Joe begs, pushing his hips towards my face.

Rolling my eyes playfully at how needy he is, I wrap my lips around his length. Scrapping my teeth against the skin of his c.ock, causing his to let out an agonizing groan. I suckle gently before pulling away. “You’re a good boy, right?”

Joe groans again, “Yes, I’m a good boy. I’m your good boy.”

Smirking, I pull his length with my hand - but not too harshly - kissing him roughly. “That’s great, baby boy. Now let me take good care of you.” Patting his cheek softly, I move back down, my lips engulfing his length again.

Licking against the underside of him, I sucked afterwards. His head falling back against the pillow, a “Holy fuck” escaping his lips. Taking more of him in my mouth, I bob my head up and down. Creating a motion where his c.ock slides in and out of my mouth.

My mouth pulls away from his c.ock with a sound. “Would you like to cum, baby boy?”

Joe shakes his head immediatly, “No. I want to come inside of you.”

Adjusting my position so my crotch was aligned with his, I slowly sink down. His length filling me up. “Oh for fuck’s sake.” Moaning, he grasps my hips, helping me move on top of him.

My hips raising that only his tip remains inside of me, before I drop back down his c.ock with ease because of all the slickness of my arousal. Rocking my hips, back and fourth continously, I feel my orgasm at the edge, ready to be released. Gasping shakily, I connect our lips together, his tongue dancing with mine as I continue to thrust my hips to him.

“That feels really good, m'love.” Joe snaps our hips together, causing another gasp to escape my lips.

“Oh! I’m so close…” I groaned, nails digging onto his shoulders. It was then he started thrusting upwards that I nearly collapse on top of him. Teeth gnashing together, I was so nearly lost at these blissful actions.

Foreheads stuck together, he whispers softly “I love you.”

“I love you.” Pressing his lips against mine in a chaste kiss, that was when I released. Strings of curses flying out of my mouth as I rode out my orgasm, Joe coming after me. I pull out of him, body collapsing on top of his.

Exhausted, my head falls to Joe’s chest, pants escaping my mouth as I regain my strength. “Amazing.” He remarks, grabbing the duvet and cover both of us with the sheet, sheilding out bodies from the cool breeze that flows inside our room.

“Not so dominant, afterall huh?” Joe plays with the strands of my hair, chest rumbling with a breathy laugh.

“You’ve got me wrapped in your finger ever since, love.” He kisses my forehead, a content sigh following afterwards. “Let’s get some sleep, yeah?”

One Piece Marine Filler - Small Detail by Toei

So I just watched the filler episodes today and I noticed that the Sanji-like pervert makes a neat little comment xD. Toei had no reason to do this but they did it anyway haha.

He first goes after some girls and gets rejected and then he sees Nami in which after going gaga for her, gets rejected hard by Nami. Later, he sees Luffy and then says, “If I kill Luffy, Ms. Nami will be mine!” LOOOOL Interpret that as you will 😁

This makes it seem as if Luffy is somehow in his way when in reality he was already all over her feet and got turned down anyway. Toei makes it seem as if Nami already has been reserved for Luffy here :D

GOT7 Yugyeom imagine// Ask Her Out

A short scenario where Yugyeom gets too shy to ask out the reader so he has Jackson do it for him.


    Every single time I try to ask them out I get too scared and chicken out. I have been doing this for the past month and every time I just draw a blank. I mean they are so attractive and talented and so nice and funny.

    “Dude, it’s fine. Just go and ask them out. Just put the words there.” Jackson explained to me, not fully understanding how I feel around them.

    “I can’t. I try so hard to but I just freeze and then forget the words that I want to say and now they probably think I am some weirdo.”

    “Ugh do you just want me to ask them out for you?” He offered. It wasn’t totally a bad idea. I nodded nervously and he shot up and bolted before I could even change my mind. I just stayed put because I didn’t want to watch if I got rejected. I hope this goes fine.

    Now Jackson has been gone for a good 10 minutes. Where could he be? Maybe they are trying to explain their rejection of me. Another moment later Jackson comes in and just looks at me and goes: “You two are going to be the weirdest couple I will ever see. Don’t get too wild now. They said that they really like you back. They noticed your troubles of asking them out but they wanted to see if you had the balls to do it and I told them you didn’t and they laughed so I’m funny. But your date it tomorrow afternoon and your are going to a mall and then a café.”

    I took a sigh of relief and thought of their face again and I blushed. I finally managed to get a date with y/n. I can’t wait I feel like getting ready now.

    ~Admin Liz

The Picture™

In which I am trash and have other things to be doing but this picture ruined me. Vague student!au Jonsa drabble. 

Water. He needs water. His first conscious thought of the day is an immediate plea for hydration, because goddamnit, his throat feels like the Sahara and his tongue tastes like something has curled up and died there. Wincing against the slight swimming feeling in his head, Jon stumbles out of his bed and staggers down the corridor to the small bathroom. Sticking his head under the cold tap and gulping at the water helps some, but mostly all it does is soak his long hair and make him feel vaguely sick. He crawls back to his bed, defeated, only now just taking in the state of destruction his room is in. His debit card and student ID are flung on the floor, and his nice pressed suit from the day before is crumpled in a pile at the foot of his bed. His wallet he finds under his desk and when he opens it a few pennies and twenty pence pieces drop out onto the carpet, but nothing more. Groaning, Jon fishes out his phone from under his bed covers and tries to piece together his night out.

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Cracks | 1 [T.O.P]
  • T.O.P
  • Angst/Romance
  • Request: Can you do something with TOP or GD finding out their friend/crush is in an abusive relationship (seeing marks on her & she flinches from touch) they help her leave & start over? You can make as angsty as you like, but can it have a fluffy ending?

Warnings: abuse
AN: So, because I’m just trying out writing again, I’m going to split scenarios into parts (short stories, if you will) just to get back into the swing of things. This part is honestly more of a prologue… The next one will be longer if all goes to plan. It contains abuse, so be warned and be careful. I don’t intend to condone nor glamorise domestic abuse.

No one was supposed to see the marks your abusive ‘lover’ left on your body.

At first, they were supposed to be hidden – in fact, everything was always supposed to be hidden.

But Seunghyun was smart, always one step ahead, always studying you even though you didn’t realise it.

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Don’t Get Mad ‘Till You Know the Facts

Prompt: Can you do an imagine for Tim please, where him and the reader are friends, and he confesses about his crush on her But the reader doesn’t take him seriously and just laughs it off. Then later on bc he’s been weird for the days after bc of the accidental rejection, The reader asks whats wrong. They have this sort of argument where Tim spills and the readers just like “Holy shit you were serious?!” So basically angst(ish) and fluff all around?

YAY MY FIRST TIM FIC REQUEST. I AM SO EXCITED! Teehee got the title from a Shania Twain song, that’s why it’s a little long.

Pairing: Tim Drake X Reader

Y/BF/N- Your Best friend’s name

Y/N- Your name

TW: cursing, and angsty-ish

Word count: 850

You couldn’t help it that first time he told you, you laughed. In your defense, the timing was super bad for Tim. You had been having a conversation with your other friend, and you were literally talking about confessing your love in a joking way to get out of a class and pull a Romeo and Juliet. So when Timothy come up to you literally two seconds later and said, “H-hey. Y/N. I… I just wanted to tell you that I’ve had feelings for you for awhile now and I…”

You giggled, “yeah, yeah, very funny Tim. Next time try not to eavesdrop on Y/BF/N and I’s convo next time, okay?”

Tim looked taken aback, but he only smiled and nodded, “Y-yeah, so that Bio lab today?”

You shrugged, “oh, I know, such a pain in the rear-” And you had just one off with the subject, never knowing the truth.

You didn’t really think about it, but then Tim started to act…strange. Well, stranger than normal, anyway. Anytime you walked into a room he quickly vacated it, and he actually skipped a few classes on Tuesday, then he didn’t even show up for school the rest of the week. You were beyond worried, you tried texting him, and when that didn’t work you called him. He ignored that, so you finally ended up calling the Manor.

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imaginationismykingdom-deactiva  asked:

Can I have a GOT Bran Stark imagine? Reader and Bran were best friends before his fall but he pushes her away afterward because he thinks that she won't like him any more because of his legs. Super fluff and a first kiss :)

Push (Bran Stark Imagine)

“Maester Luwin! Maester Luwin! Bran is missing!” I practically scream as I race into the library.

“(Y/n), (y/n) dear. Calm down, what are you talking about?”

“Bran, he’s gone! I went to his room and he wasn’t there. I searched the rest of the castle too and nothing. What do we do? We don’t have Robb or Theon to help. We, we…”

“(Y/n), breath.”

“How are you so calm right now!”

“Because I know where he is.” He replies casually. I stop fidgeting and stare at the old man. “It’s early afternoon, Bran is in the Godswood. He has been going almost  every afternoon since Robb’s departure. You two have always been close, I’m very curious to why you don’t know this?”

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anonymous asked:

soft confessions that dont actually go anywhere?

yessss omg, so like usually in kdramas confessions theres a burst of emotion? its a loud/aggressive scene usually coming from the guy - sometimes he kisses her without even checking to see if its mutual and sometimes he shouts his confession at her ‘in the heat of the moment’.

but like, recently there have been confessions that take place, and they’re just soft? the guy is confessing, but his main concern is the girl’s stance - his confession isn’t loud and aggressive, he doesn’t kiss her and in a lot of cases he’s either left without a response or he’s rejected. and then following his own confession, he doesn’t pressure the girl to requite his feelings? and so, the couple don’t technically get together.

for example, in Hospital Ship, Hyun basically made his feelings for Eun Jae clear and she rejected him and it wasn’t until 7 episodes later? that they actually got together 

^^^ soft confession no. 1

then in Temperature of Love, Jung Sun asks Hye Soo out in the first episode, but they only officially get together in episode 16. (i can’t find a 268px gifset of this scene tho omg) but yeah that’s soft confession no. 2

and then in While You Were Sleeping  and this sweetness

aka soft confession no. 3

(omg also, my dear sweet bong goo!!!)

Host Club!Seventeen -- S. Coups

This is super long bc I included a confession and stuff. Some angst, but not really. The rest of it is under the cut. Let me know what you think. I’ll probably rewrite this later bc I’m not 100% satisfied. Probs gonna rewatch Ouran for inspiration.

- He’s the Wild type so during the Host Club he’d act cocky and do anything people told him he couldn’t do. That often involved doing more push ups than DK or 

- He was constantly flirting with girls, but seemed to always have eyes on you

- You weren’t overly impressed by him showing off. Instead, you liked talking to him one-on-one.

- That didn’t really happen unless you got there very early

- The more time you spent with S. Coups, the more you realized he’s just a big dork

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“I got a masters in mathematics from Columbia, and for twelve years I worked as an investor. I made good money the whole time. On some days I’d lose, but on most days I’d win, and every year I made good money. But then I got greedy. I thought I’d found a sure thing. There was a pharmaceutical company coming out with a new drug, and I got a tip that it was going to be approved by the FDA. And the sources who were telling me this had always been right before. So I bet everything. I thought: ‘I’m going to double my money really quick, and then I’m getting out. I’m going to use the money to start my own business.’ I even borrowed money to put into this stock. I was that sure. 99%. And the next day I got a call from my broker: ‘I don’t know what’s happening,’ he said. ‘It’s dropping fast.’ And sure enough, later that day they announced that the FDA had rejected the drug. Suddenly I’d lost everything, and I didn’t even own my apartment anymore. I couldn’t get out of bed for months. I stopped eating and dropped to 125 lbs. Then one day my girlfriend tells me, ‘If you don’t get out of bed, you’re going to die.’ So I got a job as a stock boy at a retail store. Twenty years later, I’m managing ten of those stores. I wish that I’d just become a stock boy in the first place.”

Okay so you know how some hand gestures mean different things in various countries? Now, imagine that with planets.

The Paladins of Voltron, Defenders of the Universe just freed a planet from the Galra, but when Lance takes the hand of a cute alien the inhabitants just. go berserk. How dare that strange creature be so rude. Imprison him. Lance doesn’t know what he’s doing and pulls the cute alien closer. Allura then has to prevent the situation from escalating an explain that “No, our blue paladin did not mean to insult your majesty. No. no. yes. we’re sorry. this is a misunderstanding.”

Hunk™ is the most supportive soul on the entire team. However, he quickly learns that hugging isn’t always considered a gesture of affection after getting kicked in the unarmoured shins by an alien child he was “threatening”. Hard.

Keith isn’t a very touchy person. Never has been. He doesn’t dare reject an outstretched hand from someone who looks like royalty though, because hey - they might be important. He later finds out that he’s publicly accepted an invitation to fight an intergalactic combat champion who just happened to be a huge fan of Voltron.

Shiro usually gives the Team a Thumbs Up 👍🏻 after a successful mission. He nearly got Pidge killed once.

But then again, Pidge will do literally anything to fuck with foreigners. Like it’s not even accidental. Pidge just wants to see what kinds of weird gestures these creatures have and also be able to insult Lance in as many alien sign languages as possible. It never ends well.

You’d think that the paladins learn from their mistakes. Oh boy. They don’t. Almost every time they go to a new planet someone eventually ends up offending their potential allies. Allura and Coran have to constantly interfere and make sure Voltron doesn’t accidentally start an intergalactic war.


Genre: Fluff/Angst

College AU

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 997

A/N: Here is part 4~ Thank you guys so much for reading! I really hope you all are enjoying this series! ♥

-Admin Snow

Our Masterlist

Covert Series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

October 18, 2019

I’ve gone insane. Completely and utterly insane.

“Y/N, calm down.”

“What do you mean ‘calm down’?! You calm down!” Taehyung blinked up at me from his spot on my bed, a little taken aback by my lash out. Closing my eyes for a second, I stopped myself from continuing my previous action of pacing back and forth along the expanse of my bedroom. I gestured for him to scoot over. As soon as he did he patted the empty space and I slumped down next to him. “I’m sorry. I’m just still a little mad.”

“I know, but I still don’t get why you had to overreact like that.” He says with a small chuckle, obviously entertained. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“What do you mean? I didn’t over react.” I counter, but as soon as the words left my lips he abruptly sat up on his elbows and stared down at me with wide eyes.

“You kissed me.” We both fell silent for a few seconds.

“I see your point.” Thinking back to it, I don’t know why I kissed Tae. All my mind was focusing on in that moment was showing Jungkook how much I really was over him. Or well, how much I wanted him to believe I was over him.

“We can do it again if you want.” Taehyung teased trying to lighten the mood. Closing his eyes and puckering his lips, he slowly inched forward. Cringing, I push his face away causing him to whine loudly and fall back on to the bed.

“Shut up.” I tell him as I sat up on the bed. I let my head fall back on to the headboard and tilted my vision towards the ceiling, silently hoping I could find some kind of reassurance hidden in the paint above. “It’s just… It’s Jungkook.” I didn’t realize how hurt my tone had sounded until I saw Taehyung frown at my words.

“Y/N, that was years ago.” He placed a comforting hand on my own, sitting up as well.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t make it any easier.” I reply. “I wish I could hate him…” I mumble, more to myself than anything, feeling as if saying it out loud would make it in anyway true, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

“Don’t tell me you still have feelings for him!” Taehyung’s brows furrowed in irritation.

“No! I mean, yeah, but… maybe? I don’t know.” I say, letting my head fall into my hands. I felt like screaming.

“He’s a douchebag.” Tae reasoned, arms now crossed over his chest, pouting.

I pulled my hands away from my face, but let my eyes remain down. “He didn’t used to be.”

If I had looked up I would have noticed the way Taehyung had clenched his jaw in anger, but instead all I saw were his fists clench, knuckles slowly bleeding white. “That was before he became a jerk and broke your heart.”

Ironically, I laughed. “Yeah, you’re right.”

March 24, 2010

“Y/N.” Throwing the backpack over my shoulder, I turned in the direction the soft voice had come from. At the realization of who it was, my lips couldn’t help but pull into a smile.

“Hey, Jungkookie. How was class?” Together, we began to walk out of the nearly-empty school building.

“It was okay.” He says softly. I hum in response and give him a smile to which he shyly looked away from. Jungkook and I had started talking to each other not too long ago. He was new here and painfully shy, and as is usual for a new student, he had no friends to speak of.

We had only begun talking due to a project we were assigned to with one another. It took a lot to get him to talk to me, but in the end, we still managed to ace the project. We walked in silence for a few seconds before he cleared his throat. I looked towards him but he kept his vision to the side, avoiding any kind of eye contact. “Um…Y/N, I was wondering if you wanted to get some ice-cream or something. It’s really hot outside and stuff and maybe if you’re not busy or something. I’m sorry, you probably are busy, forget it, maybe some other time.” His voice was so soft, if I hadn’t been standing right next to him I would have missed his rambling, to be honest all I really understood was the first part. He began walking a bit faster after saying a quick “bye”, not even looking back. Picking up my own pace, I grabbed onto his hand before he could fall out of my reach. Startled, he looked back at me, big eyes wide and jumping back and forth from our joined hands to my smiling face.

“I’d love some ice-cream.” The smile he had given me in that moment reminded me faintly of a cute little bunny. I felt the heat creep up my cheeks but I fought it back.

“Oh, okay.” He says but didn’t make a move, just standing there and smiling wide. His cute actions always managed to make me smile and laugh.

“Come on Jungkook.” Smiling fondly, I pulled him towards the exit. Quietly, he followed behind me. I didn’t realize until we got to the parlor that we had walked all the way there, hand-in-hand.

Almost 5 years later, I had confessed to him. Only to be painfully rejected. I don’t blame him, we hadn’t spoken since that year of middle school. From afar, I watched as he began making more friends, getting into sports, and suddenly he was one of the most popular guys in high school. All the while I stayed the same. I was honestly surprised when he did remember my name. It filled me with a sense of hope that maybe that year we spent as friends meant something to him, just as it did for me. It turned out I was wrong.