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Sam + performing oral? I'm trying to write him doing that in a fic, but he isn't a character I usually write about, so I'm struggling. Any headcanons on the subject?

Sam loves everything about making a woman come undone when he goes down on her.

First, there’s the precursor leading up to it, which he enjoys just as much as the act itself. Sliding down her body, gently spreading her legs apart, and hovering his lips inches away from her arousal. Sam enjoys that brief moment, parting his lips as he hears her breath hitch in anticipation, knowing she’s aching for his touch.

Then when he begins, Sam starts slow, tracing his tongue along her folds, not wanting to overload her with sensation but getting enraptured by the warmth and that distinct taste of her. Every lap of his tongue is passionately calculated with the intention of making her lose control.

It’s that element of control that he adores. Sam often needs to holds down her thighs to keep his focus on the goal of making her come undone. Nothing forceful, just to keep her steady so his rhythm wouldn’t be interrupted by her writhing beneath him and gasping in pleasure.

Finally, the sounds of oral sex is one of the things Sam loves most. From the hum of his name when he begins delving his tongue into her to the obscene wet slurping sounds as those hums become incomprehensible noises as he coaxes her to abandon.

Roller Rink: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Requested:  Can you do one where Tom throws you a surprise party at a roller rink for your birthday where he proposes? (I totally had a dream about this I’m just not a good writer)

Love this idea, and will be inspiring the party off of Beyonce’s Blow video.

“Tom, I’m getting a bit freaked out. Where are you taking me?”

“Just enjoy the ride love.” He smiled and patted your knee. “You know I don’t like being blindfolded.” You said as you adjusted the straps around your ears. “Are you sure? I remember I blindfolded you the other night.”

“You know what I mean.” You laughed. You felt his fingers brush your knee as he drove. “I can’t believe it’s your birthday.”

“Me neither, I feel so old.” He laughed. “Well what I have planned for you tonight, you’ll feel like a kid again.”

You giggled and tried to think of all the places he could be taking you. 

“Watch your step.” He said grabbing your hand. He snaked his arm around your waist and led the way. 

You tried to use your other senses but it was dead silent. “Tom it smells like feet-” He removed the blindfold, “SURPRISE!”

You screamed and laughed, literally everyone was there. The skating rink was decked out. “OMG Tom!” You gave him a big hug and a kiss. “I hope it’s not too cheesy.”

“No, it’s perfect.” You smiled and ran over to your friends. 

“Come on Tom.” You took his hand and pulled him out to the floor. He ran into the wall, “Ow, Fuck.”

You laughed and linked arms with him as you two tried to get used to the skates. Your cousin, Happy skated past you two and turned around, “Show off.” He smiled and zoomed off. 

You burs out into laughter when you saw Harry and Sam pushing each other. “Boys stop!” Mrs. Holland yelled over the music. “You got everyone here.”

“It wasn’t hard, everyone loves you.” He said. Jasmine and Anthony rolled past you, “Hey babe” Jazz yelled as she light pushed Ant away from her. “You’re gonna make me fall ya dork.” She yelled at him. 

“Thanks for coming guys!” You said. “No problem. I haven’t been skating in awhile though.” She smiled and laughed as Anthony grabbed the wall. 

At one point Tom disappeared and you skated beside your friends enjoying the music and the rush of the wind. Everyone cheered once the blacklight came on. 

You noticed your lipstick glowing.

 “Take this.” Your friend said. She placed the flashing birthday crown on your head and you two skated around, laughing. 

“Where’s Tommy?” You asked. She shrugged and pulled you around with her. 

You were so happy and thrilled to be with your friends and family. You tried to thank everyone for coming and most importantly you wanted to thank Tom but he was nowhere to be found. 

He was pacing outside of the building trying to muster up the courage to propse. “Hey mate, what are you doing out here?’ HAz asked. 

“I nervous as hell. What if she says no?”

“You’re an actual idiot if you think Y/N is going to say no to you. She loves you man.” He slapped hsi best friend on the shoulder. “There’s no better time to propose to her. Now get in there and do it.”

He walked back in the nosy party and caught you skating around with all of your friends, laughing and having a good time. He smiled and walked up to the J booth, “You ready man?” The DJ asked. Tom nodded and took the mic, “Excuse me.”

The music died down and you gripped the wall and looked at him. “Y/N, could you come here please?”

You smiled and skated your way to him. He grabbed your hand and started his speech. You stared lovingly into his eyes and gasped when he got on one knee. “Y/N, will you do me the honor of being my wife?” He pulled out the velvet black box and revealed a stunning engagement ring. 

Tears fell and you couldn’t stop saying yes.  All around you there were cheers, and people clapping. You and Tom kissed, forgetting everything around you. “I love you so much!” You cried. 

“I love you too.” He squeezed you in a tight embrace. After crying on each other like babies, you wiped his eyes, “Let’s party.”


Hope you liked it anon❤

seventeen reaction to

Their s/o brings puppy home without they knowing. Hope u enjoy!

He just walks into your room and sees you hugging a puppy. “Are you trying to replace me?” From then, he will trying to catch your attention when youre playing with puppy. - Seungcheol, Jun, Dino, Seungkwan

At first would be shocked, but when he sees that puppy makes you happy he would be like “yeah, sure, if youre happy babe, whatever” - Joshua, Vernon, Wonwoo, Jihoon, Jeonghan, 


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The rfa+V+Saeran reacting to an MC who plays an instrument and is a total classical music nerd. Like they have t-shirts with Bach and Chopin on them and drag the guys/girl to orchestras and solo performances all the time? Thanks so much!

Oh my gosh this is so cute tbh


  • He LOVES how cute you are when you get into your music
  • He could listen to you go on and on about it for hours, to be honest
  • It’s not really his favourite thing, to be honest, but because you like it so much, he tries his best to get into it too
  • On the other hand, live performances are his bread and butter
  • He loves the intensity you can see on the performer’s faces when the music reaches its climax and he wants to be able to convey that same intensity into his acting as well
  • Probably takes more away from it on a fundamental level, whereas you take away the beauty of the music
  • Nevertheless, he enjoys it soooo much
  • Sometimes he would just rather sit back and watch your face react to the music than watch those up on stage
  • When he sees you walking around the house with your Back and Chopin shirts he thinks it’s adorable
  • He loves that you have something that you can enjoy as much as he loves acting
  • Even though classical music may not be his favourite, he still finds it very soothing and likes to listen to it when he has a headache
  • But listening to YOU play
  • Boy he lives for it tbh
  • He argues that it is the best medicine he could ever have


  • He didn’t really expect you to be the type to listen to classical music
  • But, okay, he can roll with this
  • He would always ask who those people on your shirts were, and when you told him, he just kinda got this confused look on his face
  • When you explained they were classical musicians, he understood but didn’t really know who they were
  • Poor boy can probably only name Mozart
  • But he likes the way that you leave it playing all around the house all the time
  • He thinks it’s hella classy
  • And he feels sophisticated
  • When you ask him to go to a concert with you, of course, he said yes
  • He wanted to make you happy
  • Poor boy fell asleep but shhhhhh you didn’t know that
  • He woke up in like a minute or so but still
  • He felt soooooo bad
  • He told you right after it ended and kept apologising to you
  • You kept telling him it was okay but he still wanted to make it up to you
  • So you just kept inviting him to everyone you went to and he made sure he stayed awake this time
  • When he watches you play he gets almost literally hypnotised
  • You just look so graceful!
  • And gorgeous
  • And amazing
  • And you sound so good!


  • Don’t get me wrong, he loves classical music
  • It’s constantly playing in the background at home anyways
  • But he never really got too into it
  • Yeah, he can name pieces and composers
  • But he wouldn’t call himself a huge fan
  • But when he hears that you’re a huge fan of it
  • He steps up his game
  • 10/10 gets you the best seats in the house all the time
  • Because he loves you
  • And you love this
  • You don’t possibly know how to thank him and he insists that he doesn’t need a thank you
  • He would’ve done the same for anything you had an interest in
  • He loves watching you play too oh my god
  • Could honestly watch you play for hours
  • Seriously considered having you just sitting in his office so he would be able to watch you play
  • But only for a minute
  • Obviously


  • He loves it omg
  • He saw you practising a few times over the CCTV
  • And you looked so amazing
  • You were so concentrated
  • He wished he could hear it
  • It probably sounded amazing
  • Because you were amazing
  • I mean, what?
  • Nothing!
  • He first met you he pretended that he didn’t know
  • He’s a bad liar
  • You knew he knew
  • He thought he was being so slick
  • He often asks you to play when he’s a bit stressed out
  • And you play the most soothing songs you know
  • When you asked him to go with you to a performance he was hYPED UP
  • He was so ready
  • He did research and anything
  • Even though he didn’t really need to
  • Surprisingly, he really enjoyed it
  • He gained a newfound respect for classical musicians
  • Whenever he hears practising whenever he comes home he gets this huge smile on his face
  • He doesn’t want to disturb you


  • He loves to hear you play
  • He thinks it’s truly one of the only things that can actually soothe him
  • Whenever he asks you to play for him you can never say no
  •  And he just listens
  • Sometimes you can hear him humming along to whatever song you’re playing because he memorised some of them
  • When you asked him to come to a concert with you, he was so excited
  • because this was one of the only things that didn’t traditionally require sight
  • They were made to listen to
  • So he held your hand the whole time
  • When you turned to look at him, you could see him swaying side to side slightly in the dim light
  • He was so at peace you wish you could’ve taken a picture
  • It was rare to see him like this since he was constantly on guard due to his lack of sight
  • But here
  • Here he was so happy and peaceful that you just knew that you had to bring him here more often
  • And so you did
  • It quickly became one of your favourite places to go on dates
  • And from that day on, you both shared a love of classical music


  • Classical music was NOT his thing
  • At least that’s what he would have you believe
  • Truth be told, though, he would often sit close to the walls on purpose to listen to you practice
  • It calmed him
  • Especially when he was having one of his bad anxiety or depression days
  • It really seemed to just melt all his worries away
  • Once, he even recorded sound of one of your practices, your mutterings about what you had done wrong that time and all, to have with him when he was out in public
  • If he was feeling his anxiety bubbling up he would simply pop in his headphones and listen away
  • Of course, he would never tell you that
  • Of course, though, this boy is really sweet to the core
  • So whenever he would see anything classical music related, he would get it for you and leave it there for you to find later
  • When you told him that there was a concert that you were looking to go to and that you wanted him to accompany you, he was actually really excited
  • He was interested to see the pieces that you had only practised by yourself being played by a huge orchestra
  • And he was so right
  • After that, he opened up about his love of it with you and you had one more thing to bond over
  • It was finally something that you could both get excited over and you loved having that with him

I need a husband so I can flash him my titties. I want to twerk in the kitchen while he just tryna enjoy his coffee. I want to send him nasty text while he at work. I want to walk around in nothing but dang near see through t-shirt and tease him all day.

Then when we get to bed and he start tryna give me that work I’m be all nervous and shy cause that’s just how I am. 😂😂😂😂

Him: so you tryna get this D

Me: *blushes* ionknow what you want to do? We could watch some tv of you want???

Him: nah.

Then we gon have sex and that’s that.

(Warning, don’t come on my post talmbout it’s unrealistic, mind your business and leave me to my fantasies!!!)

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💚Morro for the weird headcanon thing.💚

  • What they smell like: Stale perspiration.
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): It’s very easy for him to become cold at night, so it’s practically a need for him to curl up in the covers to preserve the warmth at night. However, with this common position, he has a rather extreme case of insomnia, and will occasionally be haunted by nightmares of his past encounters. As for how many hours he sleep: from 8:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.
  • What music they enjoy: While he does greatly enjoy rock and traditional Asian music, he just likes to wing it and listen to whatever is good. He barely cares for the genre, just that it’s worthy enough for his ears.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: It actually doesn’t take long, as he’s very impressive at multitasking. It takes about 3-7 minutes to get dressed (sometimes he’ll wear the shirt he slept in too), less than 5 minutes to brush his hair/teeth, and the rest is how much time he has left to do other things.
  • Their favorite thing to collect: He oddly, has a fascination with different types of flowers, and secretly flattens some that he finds and keeps them in a small book. He’s too cool to admit that, however, he’s not afraid to admit his favorite flower is a dahlia.
  • Left or right-handed: Right-handed. He writes very sloppily with his left hand, to the point where it’s hard for people to understand. So, he’ll often write with his left hand when he wants to roast someone.
  • Religion (if any): I mostly headcanon him as having no specific religion at all, as in the stories that I write, religion isn’t actually a big deal. (But I still love reading what other people headcanon them as, I respect it fully <3)
  • Favorite sport: Ping-pong/table tennis.
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): Try to learn new things about the area he’s in (traditions/history/etc.) while also just being bored and waiting to go home.
  • Favorite kind of weather: If it doesn’t try to test his place as the Master of Wind, it won’t really cross his mind.
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Fire. This is due to the basic affects fire has on the human body that was the cause of his death. This is also a main reason why he and Kai do not get along, it’s because Morro secretly is genuinely scared of the fate he faced in the Caves of Despair. Also elevators.
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: Literally any fighting games (like Mortal Kombat). He just needs to get a basic understanding of his character and the opponent moves, then he’ll mentally devise a plan to win the round.

* . ° . — » it was just like any other day for silas. he hummed a small tune as he carried an enlarged teddy bear around his neck — nothing out of the ordinary. there wasn’t anything particularly planned for him today, and that’s just the way he enjoyed it. no school work, no party to take part it, and no troubles to worry. as his eyes drifted around the area there were few bodies to interact with, so he shrugged it off. ❝ too many sour-asses here to even bother, ❞ he said to no one specific. ❝ it’d just be another waste of time. ❞


—  Can’t we just stop and argue, now? Be done with it?

—  I don’t want to argue.


*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul