he just enjoys it

relatable Dennis Reynolds moments
  • unironically listening to Rick Astley because he genuinely enjoys it.
  • “talking to myself, but that’s just cause I got shit to say, you know?”
  • “I can’t believe they didn’t include me in their suicide pact.”
  • his overuse of the word “goddamn.”
  • defending evolution and science from Mac without fully understanding the concept himself.
  • staring into a camera for 2 hours.
  • “you remember feelings?”
  • studying psychology at college but then just opening a bar.
  • carrying around part of an onion so he can make himself cry if need be.

weeeelp here’s thissss, the whole personality change or whateverrr

it huuuurts maann, he doesn’t enjoy it-

but this is just an exampleee

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Hi! How bros would react if their s/o have a twin?

(Aww! Sorry I didn’t put a headcanon up yesterday, I was a bit busy. Enjoy!)

Noctis - He would probably just shrug at it. He wouldn’t care much, until he’s invited to be his S/O’s plus one at a wedding. He’d turn up and almost fall asleep during the ceremony, having to be prodded awake. During the reception, however, he would get a bit overenthusiastic with the complimentary champagne and find himself, for lack of a better word, trashed. He would look for his S/O, and catch sight of them across the crowd. He would pull them close by the waist, mumbling something in their ear, only to get shoved away, and to see his actual S/O pissing themself laughing across the room. He had, of course, just felt up his S/O’s twin. He was never going to live that down.

Prompto - He would be so excited to meet anyone in their family, but a twin even more so. He’d be overjoyed when he gets invited round for dinner, and gets to meet their twin for the first time. He’d be so warm towards them, and he’d talk to them for ages and ages. His S/O would get a bit suspicious, and their suspicion would be well founded. It would culminate in, at dinner, Prompto asking all the stupidest questions. “So, are you telepathic?” “Have you ever gone to their class for them?” “C'mon, you must have at least switched places for a day!” He’d just be so thrilled to ask them all the typical twin questions, despite his S/O’s obvious annoyance and their family’s awkward amusement.

Ignis - He wouldn’t react too much. “Ah, I see. I hope to meet them some day.” But he regrets that on April Fool’s Day. He’d wake up, a little drowsy, and lean over to get his glasses. When he can’t find them, or his spare pair, or his spare-spare pair, he resigns himself to a day without them. He’d nuzzle into his S/O, before going to make breakfast. Today’s a lazy Sunday, so they’re going out shopping. He spends the entire day walking around with them, arm in arm, a little self-concious because hasn’t got his glasses. He only realises something isn’t right, because when they park back home, he leans in to kiss them and they pull away, laughing, and they hand him his glasses. He puts them on and notices that they don’t have that birthmark on their neck, or they have freckles, or some other small thing that he had grown to recognise. They’d just laugh and say “(S/O) put me up to it. They said that it’s payback for that entire weekend you refused to kiss them because they hit on Prompto.” He would profusely apologise when his S/O got back from their visit to their parent’s house, involving their favourite foods and free massages.

Gladio - He’d make a crude joke at some point, because it’s Gladio, c'mon guys, it’s inevitable. Other than that, he’s not too fussed about it. He’d invite his S/O’s family to go on a camping retreat, and after a lot of teasing, their twin challenges them to a sparring contest with Gladio: whoever wins (as judged, unbiased, by Gladdy) gets an inflatable mattress instead of a sleeping bag. He’d spar with them, knowing that their twin is just that little bit better, but as soon as it’s time for him to make a decision, his S/O would give him the eyes. The ones that just say “If I have to sleep in a sleeping bag tonight, you’re in the dog house, buddy.” He’d anxiously say, “Uh… you were both good, but (S/O) was better. Slightly. Just slightly.” The twins would bicker for a while, and he would feel guilty for ages, until finally, over dinner, he would just blurt out “I’m sorry, but your twin is better at sparring than you and I only said you were better so you wouldn’t give me the silent treatment.” An awkward dinner, to be sure.

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how would each of the mystery quartet feel about steven universe

ford - heavy discourse boy
fiddleford - boy that makes edits non stop to add to the discourse
stan - baby boy that doesnt know what the FUCKS goin on but he just watches it for the drama and frequently goes through the su critical tag
rick - gif of that guy with pizza walking into a burning room boy. he just wants to enjoy the music

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Can I have some cuddling headcanons for the axis and allies +Russia and Prussia?

Germany: He doesn’t cuddle very often, but if he does, he does it very warmly, tightly and will give the person he cuddles with a feeling of safety. (In German, you call this feeling ‘Geborgenheit’)

Italy: He often talks during he cuddles with someone unlike Germany who is often competely silent. Italy, if the person he’s with allows it, would start braiding their hair or make them laugh as he wants the person he’s with to enjoy themselves.

Japan: At first, he’s very uncomfortable as he prefers to keep his personal space. However, if he’s with a special person, he would silently embrace them and just enjoy their company.

Prussia: He cuddles quite similar to his brother, it depends on his mood, though. If he’s tired, he’d be as quiet as his brother, but if he’s not, he’d talk to the person who’s with him. If he thinks the situation is right, he’d also kiss them from time to time.

France: He loves to cuddle. He’d be pretty much up for anything so he’d let his partner (?) decide what they wanted to do. In general, he likes to kiss the person he’s with on the neck and collar bone when he cuddles.

England: He is very quiet when he cuddles with someone which is something that doesn’t happen very often. When he does, however, he often strokes over the other person’s arms and gently kisses their nose or forehead.

America: He’d try to make everything like in the movies he’s seen - so he’d kiss them and everything, but once he’s in a position he’s comfortable in, chances are this little dork would fall asleep because unlike e.g. Germany or England, he’s not nervous at all when he cuddles with someone.

Russia: He’d embrace the person he’s with, giving them a feeling of being protected. Sometimes, he even starts singing some Russian lullabies and - when he thinks the person with him is ready - he’d kiss them softly.

Canada: Similar to his father France, he’d probably be more of a passive player here. He’d want the person he’s with to be content and happy. But his hugs are fantastic, he hugs like a gentle bear.

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being autistic and demi and trans is so wild bc like... I just Didn't Get that how I felt wasn't Typical I just thought everyone enjoyed he/him and felt you had to be friends with someone before you were able to feel any kind of attraction...wow

the human experience is such a weird one

i grew up raised neutral by my parents and then as a girl by others, and as i got older it was like, i never was a girl, but i never was a boy and then once school and the world started really using gendered boxes in middle school it was like “hold the fuck, what is this” 

Damn, Majitani may be a doofus but those foot muscles are real.

I didn’t even notice that she switched which side of the bet she was on when she upped the wager. What are they going to bet on now?

These prisoner challenges are stretching out a bit further than I expected. That was episode 10: Trick to the Trick.

The most interesting part of this episode was seeing how each character reacted to the problem of the unconscious prisoner. To me it seemed like Leorio butted heads with Kurapika more because of their ongoing low-key feud, rather than Leorio actually being eager to take a life just to move closer to his goal. Killua doesn’t really seem to enjoy killing either, I guess he just has serious anger management issues. Kurapika claims he’s willing to kill someone if they offend his honor, but not if they’re unable to fight back. Hisoka’s scene was cool enough, but I can’t think of much to say about it. Felt like they were just reminding us that he still exists and he’s still terrifying.

I have a suspicion that Killua’s challenge is going to be an all-out fight.

I’ll be back after a bit for episode 11!


—  Can’t we just stop and argue, now? Be done with it?

—  I don’t want to argue.


*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul


 NCT’s reaction to one of the hardest/fastest girlgroup choreography😂😂