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I just have a lot of feels about the moment before the kiss when Betty says “I believe YOU, Jughead”. I assume this comes after Archie’s revealed the truth about his dad being a Serpent and Bughead visit him together in the trailer.  

Can we talk about what this must mean to Jughead? This boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks with a waster for a dad? Who got a juvie record for playing with matches??? Who got bullied just because he was different, didn’t play sports and had his nose in books? Who got sidelined by his best friend the moment something more interesting came along? Who was a loner and by his own admission used sarcasm as a defense mechanism for dealing with the world, which had been nothing but cruel to him? This 16-year old who had to be the grown-up because the grown-ups in his life had just left him to fend for himself? Can we blame him for not trusting too easily? For being wary of people and of relationships because everyone in his life just keeps letting him down? For not telling Betty or anyone about his homelessness or his alcoholic dad? 

It’s no surprise that he expects the worst when Archie lets out his dad is a Serpent. How could he not? It took just one skeleton to tumble out of his closet and his best friend was accusing him of betrayal. He isn’t surprised – this is what keeps happening to him. It was possibly why despite being this rational thinking, intelligent, sharp-witted boy and recognizing that Keller hadn’t a hope in hell of making it stick, he was still scared of being the scapegoat. Because this is what his life has been. No one believes him or in him. They take one look at his past and the people surrounding him and brand him. The fact that he cares for people deeply has only hurt him. And continues to hurt him. He worries about losing his friends because he’s used to people assuming the worst about him. So that moment when Betty says– “I believe YOU, Jughead”, must be such a HUGE moment for this boy. She asks for no explanations. She believes HIM and that is enough for her. And he has never had that kind of unwavering faith, that kind of unconditional affirmation – from anyone ever in his young life! He’s so overwhelmed, he can only kiss her in gratitude. 

Rip my heart in shreds because the pain!!!!

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Jim Morrison, magician, by Frank Bez. 

A women’s magazine, and I think it might have been Ladies Home Journal, one of those really straight-laced places, had written an article about him. They’d done an interview, and he had mentioned to them that he had a way of talking to girls that just made them levitate. So that was the assignment: Shoot him with a levitating girl.

When we got together, he said, “I haven’t got a clue how to do it.” So I said, “I know some guys. Maybe they can help us.”

There’s a place in L.A. called the Magic Castle. It’s what you’d call a mansion, up in the hills in Hollywood. It’s a club for magicians. So I came up and said, “Can you direct me to someone who specializes in levitation?” They put me in touch with a guy, and he said, “Well, I’ll tell you how to do it, but I’ll kill you if you tell anyone else.”

Here’s what I did: I had to build a rig to do this shot. It was a steel-constructed device. I had to go to a welding shop and fit it behind Jim. It projected out in front of him, and there was a platform with a pad, which I put the model on. We got this really straight-laced Middle America type, and we had her floating in front of him with his hands.

He was a little skeptical when we did the levitation thing, because he felt he was pushed in the corner for making that comment. But once we solved the problem, he was into it. He was more outgoing, and I never saw the difficult part of his life because we just had good times.

Guys. when I went to go see Louis and stuff. I met this chick in line who has met the guys multiple times each. I asked her how and she straight up was like. I used to stalk. And I’m like….. how are you okay with that? She told me she would park in front of their houses until they came out. And I guess this one time last year she went to this restaurant and Niall and his buddies just happened to show up. And Niall called her straight out. “Guys don’t talk to them they are stalkers.” And she said she got teary eyed and defended herself saying she wasn’t and they were at this restaurant before them. He shrugged and was like, “Well I’ve seen you before. A lot actually. So yeah.” And went on to ignore her and her friend. Like. The guys KNOW. They aren’t stupid. Don’t invade privacy.


Request: Can you please do one where the two of them have a fight and Harry kicks her out of the car in the middle of the night and she gets into an accident?

Hope you enjoy!

We were at a club, drinking and having fun when it all started. When we got to the club, there was already eyes everywhere on us. When your dating Harry Styles there always is. We had been there for about 20 minutes, chatting with some friends when some guy started looking at me. I wasn’t bothered, knowing that he was probably just some horny guy. I kept my focus on our friends and Harry until about an hour later when the guy came to talk to me. Harry was at the bar getting a beer with Jeff and I was left alone at the booth.

“I’m Paul.” I’d expected some cheesy pick up line instead of just a name but I introduced myself as well.

“So what’s a pretty lady like yourself sitting here all alone for?”

“Well my boyfriend and a friend are getting drinks at the bar.” I wasn’t trying to sound bitter, I just wanted the conversation to be over before Harry saw. It’s not like I was doing anything wrong, Harry just has a jealousy streak that I don’t want continued on into tonight.

“Awfully rude of your boyfriend to leave you here alone. I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s not like he needs to be with me 24/7. I can handle sitting by myself for a couple minutes.” 

“Want to dance to get your mind off of him?” This guy was forward. I was about to respond when Harry did for me.

“No she does not. Please leave.”

“I think the lady can answer for herself. And who are you I might add?”

“I’m her boyfriend. Now leave before I make you.” This was not going to turn out good.

“Harry stop. Let’s go.”

“No Y/N. Why do we have to leave when this bastard was just getting ready to?”

Paul spoke up saying, “Harry’s right, I was just leaving. But Harry, before I go. A little advice. You might not want to leave such a pretty young thing alone in a club. From what I’ve heard, she will go home with anyone who approaches her without her boyfriend around.”

Those rumors of me cheating on Harry with random men had been going around like wildfire. Harry of course knew it wasn’t true. Most of the stories that the press used couldn’t have been true, seeing as I was with Harry. When Harry was asked about the rumors he would always shut them down, so the media died down over the past couple of days. But Harry always got defensive when someone accused me of something. With the rage already within Harry, this comment added gasoline to the fire causing Harry to explode.

He charged his fist towards Paul’s face, causing him to fall to the ground. Harry was quick to get down to Paul’s level and hit him again, this time in his eye. I tried pulling Harry off of him, but it was no use seeing as he was considerably stronger than me and he was determined to keep Paul held down. I searched around the bar to try and find Liam, who I knew could get him out of there. After a minute I found him and Liam pulled him off of Paul and dragged Harry outside. 

“Thanks Liam. I think we are gonna go now.”

“No problem Y/N. ‘Night.”

Harry was already in the drivers seat when I walked back to the car. I knew he wanted to just go home without any talking and just peace and quiet, but I was to angry for any of that.

“Why do you always have to do that! I understand he was insulting me and you were upset about that, but you didn’t have to hit him!” I yelled.

“Are you kidding me Y/N? He was chatting you up treating you like a piece of meat and you think I just going to let him do that?” he countered.

“You have got to get over this jealousy thing Harry. You turn every little thing that a guy does in my general area as a bad gesture towards me and you take him out! This can’t happen anymore.”

“I’m not jealous.”

“Bullshit Harry. It’s like you don’t even trust me!”

“I do to trust you!”

“Then why are you so jealous?!”

“I’M NOT,” he roared. Sure Harry and I had gotten into arguments before, but he has never yelled at me like this.

“You are jealous Harry. I don’t understand why you are the one getting jealous all the time when you are the one with a history.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean you have womanized plenty of women over the years and STILL have women throwing themselves at you to this day and I don’t get jealous. I trust you completely. So why don’t you grow up and realize that I’m the person that should be jealous in this relationship.” I knew I had struck a nerve in Harry. He hated it when I brought up his past. I felt bad but I needed to get my point across.

I thought I had finally gotten in his head to help him realize that he has nothing to worry about, except I hadn’t. All of a sudden the car came to a complete stop on the side of the road and Harry just stared straight ahead.


“Get out.”


“Get out of the car Y/N. I’m not moving this car until you get out of it.”

I knew I had upset Harry but not to this extent. He had never actually kicked me out of his freaking car.



I quickly unbuckled my seat belt and fumbled with the handle until I was out of the car, standing on the side of the road. He quickly sped off leaving me alone. I was stunned. I didn’t think Harry was capable of this. I knew he could get angry with me but if he did, he would just leave our flat for a couple of hours then return and we would make up. I didn’t think this would happen.

So I started walking. I wasn’t to far from our flat, so I knew I’d be fine. I felt awful that I made Harry that upset, knowing that I pushed him to far, but he didn’t need to kick me out of the car to prove a point.

I was crossing the road to get to our flat complex when a tiny little squirrel ran into the road. A car was on the other side of the road, out of my way. When the car saw the squirrel, it hit me straight on, and everything went black.

I woke up to hearing beeps and seeing several machines all around me. I tried raising my hand to see what was attached to it, but it hurt to much. All of a sudden I saw a big green eyed head full of messy curls clouding my vision. 

“Oh my god Y/N,” Harry cried clutching my hand. I was still confused as to what I was doing in what I assumed to be a hospital. 

“What happened?”

“You were in an accident. You were walking across the road when a car hit you. I’m so sorry, I should’ve never kicked out of the car. This is all my fault.” Harry was full on crying now. The memories came flooding back to me. I felt awful for putting him in this condition, knowing that we both did wrong.

“Harry shhhh. I’m okay. We both said and did things that were not helpful towards this situation. I’m not mad. Can you just lay with me for a while?” I asked. 

“Of course, love.”

So we laid there, just taking in each others embrace. I knew we had some things to work out, but that didn’t matter right now. All that mattered was me, and him. 

When we were casting the part of Richard on Gilmore Girls, we all sat around saying, ‘If we could only get Ed Herrmann.’ So we sent the script to his agent who said Ed will come in and meet, but he won’t read. We said fine — great. Set it up. The agent said, ‘But I need you to understand — he will not read.’ We said we get it — no reading. The agent said, ‘He’s Ed Herrmann. He’s worked with Woody Allen! He was in Reds! He will not, under any circumstances, read!’ We were like ‘Hey, if he’ll even sit down and talk to us, we’d be honored.’ So Ed came in. He sat down and said, ‘I like it. It’s funny. Should I read?’ We sat there in stunned silence as Ed opened the script and proceeded to read. And just like that, Richard Gilmore was sitting in front of us. And that’s when I knew this show was charmed… To our patriarch, I thank you. I miss you. And I could never repay you.
—  Amy Sherman-Palladino

Okay but can we please talk about Minako here for a minute? Can we talk about how proud of Yuuri she is?? Seeing that the boy she trained growing up is finally moving on to something he’s always dreamed of moved her to tears. The boy who always came to her when he needed to calm down and use her studio to think, the boy who would consult her when he needed some extra help with routine, who is finally being couched by the man he’s looked up to for years and she’s crying from how happy she is for him????? No bitterness or jealousy whatsoever just genuine happiness for our little katsudon?? I live for the relationships in yuri on ice 🙏

Bitty’s words echo in Jack’s ear. He might be a bit of a clueless idiot when it comes to relationships, as past evidence would show, but he knows that “can we talk” is almost never a good thing.

“A-about what?” Jack asks. He wishes now he’d listened to Bitty’s message before he called him, but there were so many missed calls he couldn’t just ignore it. And besides, Bitty sounds a little like he’s, well, crying.

“I’m just – I guess I had a bad day,” Bitty admits. “All the boys are over, Shitty even came down from Boston so we could all watch your game together. And they started talking about the rumours people used to have, y’know the ones, about how whether you and Parse were just friends, and…and it just – it hurts.”

Jack feels a little numb. He wants to drive up to Samwell right that second, but he knows he can’t. He’s got practice in the morning and then a game in the evening and so he can’t just drive the forty minutes to see his boyfriend, who is obviously hurting. Jack wants to, so badly, though. But he can’t jeopardize his career like that.

“We aren’t even friends now, you know that, right?” Jack says. He doesn’t like that Bitty’s jealous of Parse, even though he said he wasn’t back in August, but…

“No, honey, it’s not that,” Bitty says, and he sniffs again. “It’s – it’s the sneaking, and the lying, and the not being able to tell anyone about the fact the most amazing guy I’ve ever had the pleasure to know is in love with me and I love him right back and we’re together and happy when we are, and I can’t tell anyone.”

To Jack, who has never been big on confiding in anyone, this is a foreign concept. But Bitty sounds like he’s in so much pain, and Jack just wants to…well practice isn’t until ten. If he leaves right now, he can get to Samwell and back in the morning with a reasonable amount of sleep. Right?

“Bits, I’m gonna come up, okay?” Jack says, grabbing his keys and jogging down the stairs to the garage. “Just – I’ll be there in half an hour. We can stay on the phone, okay?”

“No, sweetheart, you don’t have to–”

“You’re hurt,” Jack says. He doesn’t mean to put a captain’s bark into it, but it happens anyway. “I’d do the same thing if you’d taken a bad check.”

“Oh sugar,” Bitty says. For a moment Jack thinks he’s going to tell him not to, but he doesn’t. Instead he sighs. “I dropped a pie.”

Jack feels the pain like a physical vice. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, being with Bitty the way he wanted – needed – to be with Bitty, but he never meant for it to actually hurt. It was love, right? It wasn’t supposed to be painful.

“Oh Bits,” he hears himself breathe. Bitty just sniffs in response.

“Why don’t – how about while you drive you just tell me about your game,” Bitty suggests. “And we can talk more when you get here.”

Jack agrees, although he doesn’t really want to talk about his game, and sets the phone on speaker on the passenger seat. The traffic’s good and he gets to Samwell earlier than he thinks he was going to. He parks in front of the Haus and sees Shitty’s car.

“Are you still in your room?” Jack asks.

He hears Bitty shift, like he’s getting off his bed.

“Yeah, are you outside?” he asks. Jack agrees and hears Bitty come down the stairs. This is possibly the second most impulsive thing Jack has ever done, but he thinks he’ll regret it about as much as he did the first most impulsive thing – that is to say, not at all.

“Who’s in the living room?” Jack asks.

“Uh, Lardo, Shitty, Ransom, Holster, and Nursey,” Bitty says.

All people Jack trusts. Which is good. It’s very good.

“Okay,” Jack says. “I’ll see you in a few seconds.”

He hangs up and opens the front door of the Haus. Bitty is just inside, in plain view of the people in the den. Jack ignores all of their excited clamouring at his presence, their joy over his game, and pulls Bitty into a bone crushing hug. Bitty returns it a little too tentatively for Jack’s liking. Especially since Bitty’s got red eyes and keeps sniffing. Jack is well aware of the others streaming out of the living room when he cups Bitty’s face.

“Hi honey,” he says, and he kisses Bitty, right there in front of them. Because it’s the Samwell Men’s Hockey team, and he might have graduated, but they’ve still got his back.

fma:b starter memes (edward elric edition)

Dialogue from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood S1E2
(These are from the english dubbed version.)

The ones about his miracles?
They say he could transmute flowers out of thin air right?
Could just be slight of hand or some trick like that.
I think I have a good feeling about this one.
Yeah…but it’s not scribbling.
How can he teach us anything if he’s not here?
I’m sorry. Did we mess up?
A sickness came and it took her.
That bastard doesn’t even care about us.
You know there might be a way to bring mom back.
That’s right. That’s why it’ll be our little secret.
Hey what are you going to do that for?! Hold up!
No. I hate milk.
Leave us alone, will you?
In other words, it’s not of your damn business, (muse’s name).
Right! We’ll be there!
You know whoever invented stew must’ve been a genius.
It’s even got milk in it and it still tastes good.
That’s a leap of imagination.
Sure it is! Just one leap that’s all it takes and it’s what we need to figure out human transmutation.
So we began searching for the key that would unlock the secrets of human transmutation and bring mom back to life.
We trained with an alchemy teacher to prepare our bodies as well as our minds.
We wanted to go back to our lives with her. The way that used to be.
That’s what drove us. Day and night.
It can’t be…A rebound?
Wait… what was I doing?
Who are you?
My head felt like it was about to burst.
All of the answers I need are right here.
Please you have to show it to me again.
Toll? What toll?
SOMEBODY HELP ME! Please mom! Mom please.
No. This is wrong! This isn’t…this isn’t what we wanted!
This is all my fault!
No damnit! You won’t take him too!
Give him back. He’s my brother.
Take my leg. Take my heart. Take anything, YOU CAN HAVE IT!
Just give him back!
My mind’s made up.
How long will the surgery and rehabilitation take?
I’ll do it in one!
Yeah! Now I just need to try some alchemy!
I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve tried to use it!
You can do it too, can’t you?
So you didn’t see it? Did you?
Start acting more like a girl and less like a gearhead!
No that’s okay. I got it.
You know there are some people who would say this is a good way to assassinate a VIP.
In the future, you might want to rethink the way you conduct these examinations.
When did he draw his sword?
Why is that?
I like that. It’s nice and intimidating. I think that’ll suit me just fine.

EXO as superheroes

Xiumin: He pulls off Clark Kent very well, so well, no one would ever guess that in reality, he isn’t an office worker, but a superhero with the ability to read minds. It gets confusing when he answers questions that haven’t been asked out loud yet.

Luhan: His powers came in the form of a sword that only he can wield. When it first rested in his hand he innately knew it was his, but it took a while to master the use of it - he accidentally cut down a tree while swinging it carelessly.

Kris: Though he’s talked about wanting to fly, when he developed powers he ended up with the ability to cancel others’ powers. Using his power makes him look really scary, though when fighting he’s really just human, which annoys him.

Suho: Out of tragedy and fire, this hero was born. It took him a while to come to terms with his powers over weather because he wrought destruction via hail or tornado whenever his emotions were too strong. Just like in real life, he is the put-upon hero.

Lay: So much for secret identity, Lay, in his rush to help people and partially thanks to his distraction, always forgets to put on his superhero suit. As far as powers go, he can control the elements - fire, earth, air, and water and the boys tease him that he’s like the Avatar.

Baekhyun: He thinks that invisibility is probably the best superpower ever. It’s very useful for a superhero, but he’s also used it for less than pure purposes, playing lots of pranks on the others because they can’t see him until Kris negates his powers.

Chen: Being able to see into the future made Chen more of a recluse than a superhero. He didn’t like the things he saw and though he could pull someone from under a piano before it fell, he could also the repercussions of what this person would go on to do with their life. It wasn’t always good.

Chanyeol: He was disappointed to get Sehun’s telekinesis powers instead of his fire power but when he finds out he can close the door on them and keep moping on the bed, it feels better. Plus, he gets to pretend he’s also super strong while saving people.

D.O: More anti-hero than superhero, he has the power to make anything he touches implode. When he accidentally killed someone he was trying to keep from falling, he locked himself away. He always wears special gloves to protect others now that his friends dragged him out of hiding.

Tao: Unlike some of the others, he was born with his power of replication. It was very stressful for his parents, who suddenly had 5 crying babies instead of one. When he was younger, he used it as a gimmick to not have to go to school, but now he MOSTLY uses it to help others.

Kai: Time travel has been a very useful power for Jongin. He can go back and correct his own mistakes (forgetting his homework, for instance), keep people from jumping off buildings, and incapacitate evil-doers before they have a chance to do anything.

Sehun: Because his powers manifest themselves in a way that make him look evil, he’s always having to explain that he’s not a villain. Though you can expect some Deadpool-level snark when being rescued by his mind control powers.

- Admin J

Getting Naughty in Cerebro


Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader, Raven, mentions Hank

Request:  How about a nice smutty fic where Charles is using Cerebro to have an important conversation with a mutant and you decide to have some fun. You go down on him and he is trying to stay focused but just when he thinks it’s over you start riding him.               ~anonny

A/n: Sorry it took so long to do. I hope this is somewhat what you were wanting. I hand wrote this first then typed it up. I really hope you like this, I think it’s not my complete best but this is what I came up with while dealing with the heat and crappy AC.


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               Charles was down using Cerebro, talking to someone whose name you didn’t quite catch. You knew that Hank had to go out of state for something he said was important. You didn’t pay much attention to what Hank was going on about since you were obviously and blatantly staring at your telepathic, super smart boyfriend/ You had decided that about 20 minutes ago that you were going to make this call interesting. You put on one of your silk robes that went down to mid-thigh. You pulled your hair up in a quick pony tail before you made your way out of your bedroom.

               You couldn’t hear any of the others walking around. Making your way to the elevator to go down to the lower levels. As you walked, Raven looked up at you from where she was sitting reading. She smiled, knowing that you had something up your sleeve but she didn’t know what. Once to the elevator, you made your way down. You saw the doors to Cerebro were open as you quietly made your way to the man sitting inside. You could hear Charles talking inside, his voice only spurred you on. You walked through the doors and got closer to the man you’ve been looking for.

               You ran your hand across his shoulders causing him to jump slightly at your unexpected touch. You only giggle softly as he continued the conversation he was having. You placed a kiss on the skin of his shoulder as you pulled back the collar of his shirt. He loved it when you had your lips on him and you knew it. What you had in mind, you knew that he was going to “punish” you later but you didn’t care. You made your way around the mutant, dropping down to your knees in front of him. You gently ran your hands up the insides of his legs causing his breath to hitch in his throat but he quickly recovered. His voice remained even as she spoke to the unknown person. Your hands made their way up higher, reaching the button of his pants and feeling how hard you had made him already. Undoing the button and then pulling the zipper down, you heard a slight warning in your mind. You smirked up at Charles as you pulled him from the confides of his pants, letting your hand gently and softly slide up and down his harden length. Charles bit his lip, trying to focus on his conversation. His legs unconsciously opened to allow you to get closer, which you took complete advantage of. You place a kiss on the head of his hard dick.

               You place your tongue at the base of his cock. Slowly, ever so slowly, you dragged your tongue up the underside of his hard length. Applying slight pressure as you traced the vein there before flicking the head lightly. Giving it kitten licks as your hand started moving up and down his cock. You knew that Charles was trying hard to keep his mind off what you were doing. That was when you decided to kick things up a notch. You slid your mouth around the head, letting your tongue caress it from all sides. Then you slowly took more of him into your mouth, humming around him as beads of pre-cum fell onto the back of your tongue. You took as much of him as you could fit without gagging. You stayed still for a moment before you started bobbing your head, sucking lightly as your lips move up and down his length and you pump what couldn’t fit into your mouth.

               Charles bit his lip as you continued working on him. His hands gripping the sides of his pant legs. With your free hand, you reached up and grabbed one of his hands and placed it on the back of your head. His hand gripped your hair tightly causing you to moan around him. He tried not to jerk his hips up, you could feel that he was trying. His voice wavered a bit but nothing anyone would notice. You took it upon yourself to grant him mercy, pulling your mouth off with a wet pop. You could hear a sigh of relief fall from his lips as he continued his conversation. Little did he know that you weren’t done with him just yet.

               You climbed up into his lap, your knees on either side of his hips. His cock brushed against your folds which caused him to look at you in disbelief. You smirked down at him as you gripped his length with your soft hand, lining him up at your entrance. In the back of your mind you heard Charles say, “Don’t you dare.” He sounded breathy and everything but intimidating. You leaned forward a little, placing soft kisses to his chest and collar bone as you slowly lowered yourself onto him. Your eyes never left his as you took him completely inside you. You moaned at the sensation of him completely filling you, stretching you perfectly. His hands subconsciously went right to your hips, gripping tightly and biting his lip to keep himself from moaning. You slowly start to ride him, lifting yourself up and down on him. Your soft moans filled the room as you continued to ride him. You started picking up pace, using more force as you fucked yourself with his dick. You didn’t know when his hands left your hips because without warning you were lifted up and gently laid back onto Cerebro’s control panel.

               “That wasn’t nice, love.” His voice low and husky. “I should punish you for what you did.” You looked up at him, biting your lip innocently. He pulled back and slammed into you, pulling a loud, long scream of pleasure from your lips. He finally let all the sounds he’s been wanting to make flow free. He leaned forward and took the strap holding your robe together off your body, letting your robe fall away exposing your bare body underneath. He took one nipple into his mouth causing you to arch your back, pushing your nipple further into his mouth. His pace never faltered as he continued to slam into you. Suddenly he pulled out of you, a whimper of loss fell from your lips. He smirked down at you before flipping you over so your chest pressed against the panel. You felt his hand on you, he pealed your robe off your back before letting one hand settle on your hip while the other gripped himself lining up at your entrance. He started to push in, slowly. Knowing that you need him. You needed him to fuck you and fuck you hard. He stopped moving when he was fully seated inside you, his hands gripping your sides tightly.

               “Please, Daddy.” Your voice was breathy as you spoke. You felt him twitch deep inside you. You’ve always loved calling him daddy and he loved the way you said it.

               “Please what, baby girl? Tell me what you want, tell me what you need.” He kissed up your spine. His lips soft against your skin.

               “I need you Daddy, please. I need your hard cock moving and thrusting deep inside me.”

               That was all it took. He pulled back and as he thrusts forward, he pulls you back to him. You scream out in pleasure as he kept this action. Your knuckles gripped the edge of the panel, turning white from your death grip. The tangled sounds that sounds that fell from the both of you mixed with the sounds of skin slapping skin filled the large room. This only spurred Charles on, pounding into you harder and faster than before. Your cries continued to echo around and possibly down the hall. You felt that know in your stomach build as he continued to brutally pound into you. One of his hands slid from your hip to your clit, rubbing tight harsh circles on it. That was all you needed. You came on a silent scream, pulling Charles along with you as you clamped down around him hard.

               “(Y/n)” He moaned your name as he worked the both of your through your orgasms, gradually slowing to a stop. You moaned softly as he pulled out of you then pulling you with him as he sat back down in his seat. You laid your head against his shoulder as he ran his fingers through your hair, basking in the post-sex high. He kissed the top of your head sweetly. “You know, that was very naughty of you doing what you did while I was having a conversation with Hank.” He chuckled lightly as you smirked at yourself proudly. “Now, let’s go up to the bedroom so I can punish you some more.”

               You slid off his lap and grabbed your robe, slipping it back on with a wink sent towards Charles. You turned back towards Charles and wrapped your arms around his neck, his hands landing on your hips. “Whatever Daddy wants, Daddy gets. At least when it comes from me and only with me.” You leaned up and pressed your lips to his before pulling away. You turned and started to walk away with a smile on your face.

               “Only you my love, always you.” He got up and followed you to the elevator.

One thing I found interesting today when discussing my comic shop guy is why he feels like a lot of inclusion efforts in comics aren’t that good, with Ms. Marvel being one of the few glowing exceptions.

I thought it would be a ‘forced diversity hedging out icons sucks’ rant, but it turned out to be something a lot more thoughtful and interesting.

He pointed out that a lot of writers end up writing essentially white characters with POC designs, and it ends up feeling off or hollow. He talked about how Miles Morales came off, not using AAVE or other mishandlings of his character, versus how Dwayne McDuffie would write Static and others. And because there’s a lack of Asian American writers and a lack of attention to Asian American issues, a lot of Asian characters end up being mishandled.

Conversely, he pointed out that one of the great strengths of Ms Marvel was that it had a character who was both relateable, but was also authentic and you learned new things from. Initially he thought that the writer just did their research, not realizing that the editor, Sana Amanat, was adding in her experiences as well.

To that end, he pointed out that webcomics often do representation and diversity a lot better, because it’s people writing about their lives or experiences, using them to draw on.

This should go under a list of things I never thought the resident comic shop guy would say, but damn do they make a lot of sense.

I remember when I found out my best friend was gay in 8th grade. I’d been walking to the buses and someone that sat with us at lunch came up to me and said, “Hey did you hear that Michael was gay?” and of course I answered that I didn’t. And when I got on the bus and sat down with Michael I turned to him and said “Someone just told me you were gay” and he looked terrified and I said “So does that mean that you like Roy more than Riza now?” and he laughed said “No Riza is still way more badass.”

I remember him being really comfortable after that and we never talked about it again because it was simply a fact. And when he finally fully came out of the closet and someone tried bullying him at the lunch table I made them apologize and told them I’d fight them if they ever tried to hurt Michael. And when I came out of the closet in 10th grade Michael said “So does this mean you like Riza more” when I sat down with him on the bus and I said “No I still like Roy more” and stuck my tongue out at him and after that we didn’t talk about it.

To this day Michael is still my best friend and those are probably my favorite memories I have of him.


Movements are in the making 🙌🏿 

So life ended up giving me that push to go and do something great with myself. That push came in the form of my co-worker.

This is Nathaniel and he likes slow walks on the beach.

He basically came ‘round to tell me about this idea he had banging around his brain for a while. He wanted to start up like a youth club, get it up and running for kids so they had something to do outside of school instead of hanging around the place and getting into trouble or anything like that. Which was understandable, I remember going to one with my brother after school which was just life, it was like an escape from the fuckries going on around us ya know?

His thing was that he didn't know where to start or who to talk to first so found his way to mine to ask for an opinion. I felt semi special. We ended up spending a good few hours researching the steps to take and things we should/shouldn't be doing. I was mad excited when he said that he was serious about getting this done and would have time ago if he had the funding and motivation. I honestly thought it was good little idea he had so asked if I could hop on it. We are now business partners so to speak haha. 

So this marks the beginning of our journey? Eh I don’t know. I just hope that this whole thing works out. I feel like this could really go places…

Also slightly off topic but somebody please direct this man to a decent barber.



“He just won’t talk, will he?” Scott said getting slightly frustrated, as him and Derek were in the corner of the room so Void couldn’t hear him.
“Why aren’t you talking now? Fox got your tongue?” you joked and then remembered what irritates him the most. Smirk spread on your lips as Scott came back and asked Void same questions as before, only to get ignored by Void. Again.
“Hey Nogi.” you chirped as you stood up from your seat.
“You know I hate that nickname.” he said glaring at you and you smiled.
“And yet I still use it. So, I’m wondering one thing.” you said and then moved to stand right in front of him. “What does the fox say?” you asked trying to stifle laughter. He sighed, you obviously getting to him. “Am I annoying you?”
“Very.” he said and you answered with ‘good’.
“Could you now answer the questions?” Derek asked and Void looked at him.
“Why would I do that?” he asked and Derek rolled his eyes.
“Because I asked politely and I only do that once.” he said, his voice harsh. Void turned back to you, looking at floor.
“Sure. But only if y/n will ask them.” he said as he looked up from floor to your eyes.


Lil’ Kim Speaks on Her Previous Abusive Relationships, 2009.

Source Magazine, 2005. Lil’ Kim opens up about her abusive relationship with now convicted murderer Damion ‘world hardy’

I;Tell us about the Lil Kim Cares foundation.

LK;In reference to battered women, just recently, and I’m talking about a year ago. I got out of a relationship with a very abusive man. I have had a black eye, busted bloody lips, bruised face. I came out of the hospital from getting my nose done and he broke my shit again. I have had to have MRI’s because he beat me up so bad I couldn’t even move, I had blood clots in my back. One day a voice told me you better leave right now. I had to leave from my own damn house.If I had something like my foundation where I could get help then I wouldn’t have gone through it for so long

I; You wouldn’t think that Lil’ Kim in all her glamor and glory was at home dealing with that.

I’m sharing this story because a lot of women don’t think women in the industry go through it. They probably thinking we got it good but oh yeah, we go through it. 

I; How did you recover from it?

LK;I kinda prayed the whole time … I didn’t know what to do. And it has a lot to do with my maturity too. Its been times I was in the car with my ex boyfriend and he punched me in my face and [I was] bleeding all over the car, and we were on our way to pick up his mom, and I was trying to conceal it, she was staring like, ‘I don’t believe it’ … It could’ve been right before I had to be in the studio or on stage and I have to pack on piles on piles of make-up and go and smile. I remember people asked, “what’s wrong with you” and I would say I had a allergic reaction.

I; You metioned he broke your nose..?

LK; Yeah twice, I just came from getting it broke . He punctured it again. True story. Big cast on my face. 

I; Did you get it done again after that?
LK;… The doctor had to fix nose [because] it was almost shattered. You really can’t tell but if you look close it goes to the left.

I; Does it bother you that people talk of the work you have done?

The thing that messes me up is that a lot of women in the videos get it done themselves…And I hate that it’s like ’ damn why y'all all on me?’ I’m standing here right next to somebody that had more than me done, and you don’t even know it. But like I said I’m the realest with it, so everybody wants to be all on me. Whatever.


Recently Ive been receiving more and more haters from a certain other female hip pop artists’ fan base in my inbox making fun of Kim’s appearance, Then implying she deserved it and was at fault for a man putting his hands on her when explained the situation just seriously made me sick. I decided to make this to inform others who did not know of these events & how they affected kim mentally & physically.

Imagine getting into a fight with Jax, which then leads to angry sex.

requested by anonymous

Originally posted by pandapunk825

“Y/n!!” You heard your Old Man Jax yell as he was walking through the house trying to find you.

“Nursery!” You yelled back at him. You wanted to clean up the nursery before Abel and Gemma came back from grocery shopping for the Sunday dinner. 

“Who the fuck is Brian?” Jax asked you with his jaw clenched while standing in the doorway. You turned around and saw him holding your phone.

“What? Give me my phone. Let me see what you’re talking about” You said to him. You threw away the wipes you were just using and took your phone from Jax. “Hey y/n. Would you want to go get dinner tonight? I can’t stop thinking about you…” 

“Well?” Jax asked you. He had his arms crossed. If looks could kill, you and Brian would be dead.

“He is a coworker. I must have been giving him mixed signals or something.”

“How have you been giving him mixed signals, y/n?”

“Jax. We’ve had this same fucking problem before. I don’t want anyone else but you. I try to be nice and kind with everyone so they don’t think I’m a raging bitch all the time! I work with kids, Jackson. I have to be a nice fucking person to my coworkers. I had my kids around when I talked to him, I had to be somewhat polite!” You started yelling at him by the end. You two were about two inches from each other. You were staring into Jax’s eyes with pure fury. “Do you seriously not fucking trust me!? After three fucking years together?”

Jax was staring into your eyes. You could tell he was pissed. He was always so jealous. That was one of his main flaws. Out of the blue, he reached out and ripped your flannel apart. He came closer to you and pushed you against the wall. You both started making out, angrily. You were attempting to rip his cut off him when he spun you around and started walking you to the main room, still attached at the lips. You finally reached the bedroom and you quickly took Jax’s cut off and you took his shirt off of him. You both started to take off your own jeans. Soon, you were both naked and staring at each other’s bodys.

Jax came walking towards you and pushed you down onto the bed. You started to scoot back, but he grabbed your legs and pulled you back down to the edge of bed. “You aren’t going to be remembering this Brian douchebag when I’m done with you.”

You looked down at your Old Man as he spread your legs apart and teasingly started to kiss and lick your thighs. You were moaning in anticipation. He suddenly stuck two fingers inside of you while he was making the alphabet with his tongue against you. You put your hand down on his head and was grabbing at his hair. He pulled his face away for a moment, keeping his fingers still inside you. “Who do you belong to?” He growled at you while his head was still in between your legs. He started moving his fingers around again, as if he was enticing you. “You.” You moaned. “Who!?” “I belong to you!” You yelled. You were sure that Gemma was home with Abel by now, but you didn’t really care. Gemma had heard the two of you and walked in on the two of you multiple times before. Jax went back to work once he was satisfied with your answer. You were writhing and pulling at Jax’s hair. You felt your release come, and you arched your back. Jax then came up to you and started to kiss you and play with your nipples. He was taking turns pinching them in-between his fore-finger and thumb. You were moaning into his mouth. He pulled your legs up so they weren’t bent and positioned himself in between your legs. He lined himself up and entered. You started to moan again immediately  as he was pounding roughly into you. “Jackson.” You were moaning into his ear. “Say my name again.” “Jackson.” You said in a low growl next to his ear. He grunted in response. You were digging your nails into his back and drug them across his Reaper tattoo.

Jax was thrusting hard and harder into you until you both came together. He laid down next to you to gather his breath. “You gonna talk to Brian again?” He asked while looking over at you. 

“Probably.” He stared at you. “Jesus I’m kidding.”  

“Good. I thought we would have to go for another round.”

 “Can’t you handle it Teller? Should I go to Brian’s to get what I want?” You smirked at Jax. He shook his head then climbed on top of you again to begin round 3.

The Days That Bind Us by veronicahague for JustForTommo

“Louis stands up abruptly, throwing his jacket on and walking over to the door. Harry trips on his
way to get up as he follows him. ‘Louis, wait, just let me talk to you - ’

Louis whips around. 'Oh now you want to talk? After four years of nothing, suddenly I’m worth
your time? I’m sorry Harry, but that’s not good enough. I don’t know why I even came here. Fuck, I
am so stupid.’”

Or the one where Louis and Harry are best friends until they’re not, and fate has a funny way of working itself out.

Written for the HL Winter Fic Exchange - 15,633



I had just started my shift, and was talking with my co-workers when this guy came in and asked if we could make change for him. Our policy doesn’t allow us to do that, and we explained it to him. He asked us again,and we explained once more that it was against our policy. Immediately, he started with “Funny, I thought this was America. His ‘bout you wake up instead of following orders? What if I came in here with a gun and asked for change, would you give it to me then? F**king idiots.” And with that, he left. 

And so I spent the rest of my shift nervous that he’d come back with a gun.


I went to W’s class today & the kid I have the handshake with was in there so we did our handshake, then he left. W came over to me like a minute later & tried doing a handshake, he was all over the place so I just said hmm alright whatever & let him do whatever he was doing😂 when he finished he said “i like your shirt, it pretty cool” (guys it’s just a t-shirt) so I said thank you. He reached out & grabbed the side of it & I looked down at his hand & back up at him like ‘what was that for’ & he said “oh sorry I just wanted to see what it felt like.” Some of my friends came in while he was lecturing & I started talking to them so he gave his class an assignment to work on & came to talk to us. I leaned over & whispered something to my friend & W was staring at me the whole time so he said “oh are you talking shit” & I just laughed & nodded my head. So he leans over me (I was sitting on the counter) & whispers in my ear and says “you can say whatever you want about me, but you and I both know that I’m your favorite one here” guys i don’t blush but I’m pretty sure I was blushing & then he just left the room omg😳😳😳