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Hi! So, about bonus modes, what do you think about Junko and Ouma event? And also, can you talk more about similarities between them? Thank you for answering!

This is a really fun ask! The bonus mode event between them was incredibly amusing, and interesting too. Comun translated it here, for anyone who hasn’t read it yet!

Their event is incredibly light-hearted, making it an absolute blast to read, with poor Gonta caught in the middle, confused about everything as usual. I think a lot of people were expecting it to be an event in which the two of them would gang up on Gonta and make his life utter hell (despair, if you will), but funnily enough, it pretty much plays out as Junko picking on Gonta, Ouma showing up and picking on Junko right back, the two of them snarking at each other back and forth, and Gonta being completely lost as to what’s going on.

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MBTI First Impressions (by an INFP)

ENTJ: The first time I met an ENTJ I thought he was pretty cool. We were talking about Magic: The Gathering and we seemed to clique. Then he tried sabotaging my popcorn because he thought it would be cool to trick the little INFP. And no one is allowed to sabotage my popcorn.

ESTJ: It didn’t help that he was 6′ 7″, but I asked him a bunch of random questions and he answered them all to a fine point with a huge does of sarcasm. As I got to know him better, he became more and more verbally aggressive (unintentionally, I think). He is an amazing cook, though, and I always coach him when he makes the guacamole. 

ENTP: He seemed like a loner at first, but then three days after meeting him he asked for my number and asked if I would be his girlfriend. If that doesn’t say something about ENTPs, I don’t know what does. 

ESTP: I knew right off the bat he was a nut-job, but there is something about him that I just can’t not like. Great sense of humor and I love when we have a common interest because we literally talked for two hours about it. 

ENFJ: I noticed she was really pretty. Not necessarily by physical standards, but when I first introduced myself she was helping someone carry a box out to their car. She was kind and was super enthusiastic about meeting me. We disagreed on a few things, but she laughed it off and made me feel really comfortable about it. 

ESFJ: She was cool, relaxed, and was wearing a Marvel shirt. I thought it was the Panem eagle sign though, and that’s how we started talking. But we exchanged numbers and I thought she was just a genuinely good person. There were no misunderstandings, she was so polite, and she had the best tan I’d ever seen. 

ENFP: Surprisingly, we actually went off on our own and I read books out loud. I have no idea what inspired that, but it’s true. She’d say something witty about the line I just read and we’d crack up. She was always looking for ways to help. And she writes letters to my little sisters, so I mean, she’s adorable. 

ESFP: Kind of like meeting the ESTP, except 10x more crazy. She stayed with her “own” crowd, and talked to all the boys in the room within a 15 minute time slot. She’s one of those girls that screams as she gives you a hug and it’s like you’ve been gone for 10 years. I really love that about her. 

INTJ: I think it was I that approached her first. We were at a party and we started talking about Harry Potter, Marvel, and all these total nerd things and I just knew she was a kindred spirit. Her sarcasm and wit instantly made me like her even more. (flash forward two or something years, she’s my soul buddy)

ISTJ: We were at a bonfire and I just sat with his group of friends and we started talking about murder. Murder led to James Bond. James Bond let to all these other movies that we both loved, and then we talked about the MBTI and he couldn’t believe I was introvert because I was talking so much. He was really intelligent, I noticed. He always had some little tidbit of information to add to whatever we were talking about. Very reserved and polite–he held the door for me. 

INFJ: The first INFJ I met, that I was sure of her being an INFJ, was an older lady who I instantly connected with. I opened up to her while we walked she pushed her granddaughter in the stroller. By the end of our walk I was crying and I consider her like a second grandma. 

ISFJ: I confused her for an ISFP at first! She was sweet, shy, and she honestly brings out the best in me. I can never argue with her, she has the best smile, and making other people feel at home seems to be her number one priority at all costs. 

INFP: I didn’t realize she was an INFP, but I always thought I just… got her. We could talk for hours about deep emotional things and just roll down the highway without a clue where we were going. I really like how laid back our relationship is. 

ISFP: Down to earth and super shy. She was the stereotypical “tumblr girl”, and I could tell she had social anxiety. She was very sweet, though, and I loved how developed her style was.

INTP: Feisty. That was it. We talk about deep things a lot and she is an amazing listener. The guy INTP I know, though, has a crude sense of humor. I get along with both of them and they never fail to crack me up with their weird sense of humor and strange, but somehow true, opinions of the world. 

ISTP: All I was thinking was WOW, this guy is smart. He was telling me about the difference between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine and I couldn’t help but just love the way his eyes light up when he was talking about something he was passionate about. He had that ISTP glare everyone talks about, too, and that smirk that made me fall in love for a couple seconds.

[in human skin]

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“We go to the same college but we don’t talk to each other but I just saw you sucking someone’s blood and you would have at LEAST thought you’d have the common sense to do this somewhere more private" 

Part 1 of 2

Laxus Dreyer was never one for gossip. It seemed a waste of time to him, talking about people he didn’t know and relationships he wasn’t involved in. If they had nothing to do with him, he found he didn’t care. Why would he? It had nothing to do with him.

It was boring. He thought it always would be; until one very particular day where it wasn’t.

Whether noticed or not, words implant themselves in your brain. It pops up time and time again, sneaking into the subconscious and laying dormant until one day it just clicks into place. It’s a process, it’s time consuming.

It comes from the girls chatting on the bench, the whispers that drifted through the library, even the second-long glance of the word on a scrappy poster somewhere.

One too many times, and it had the soft yet startling click in Laxus’ brain.

Not a word, but a name.


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A Murdoc + Cortez post!

Sooooo I’ve always been really interested in the mythology and folklore of other cultures, and I follow a handful of mythology blogs here on Tumblr. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts centered around ravens and ofc this now leads to a bit of domino effect that goes a bit like raven—> Cortez —> Murdoc! And then…posts like this one happen..hehe.

The raven’s portrayal across cultures is exceptionally conflicting and complicated. Perhaps the most well known interpretation prevalent in Christian tradition is that the raven is a symbol of Satan and an omen of death. In contrast, Native American lore portrays it as a symbol or transformation and rebirth. Similarly, Greco-Roman folklore characterized the raven as a “blabbermouth” that was unable to keep secrets, while Norse legend chose to associated the bird with wisdom and intuition. Even in traits that are consistent across culture such as resourcefulness, craftiness and intelligence, tend to be portrayed in either a positive or negative light.

I found this pretty funny when considering Murdoc’s characterization and character development both in the story and as it is interpreted in fandom. Coincidentally, he is also resourceful, crafty and intelligent, and he has been both praised and criticized for these qualities. Intent and morality are also nebulous concepts when discussing Murdoc because what he is going through internally is so rarely seen. Consequently, interpretations of his actions range from empathy to hatred. While he has leaned more towards the side of evil lately, there are also moments, such as his bond with Cortez (as odd as it is) that suggest that he may still have the capacity to bond with other sentient beings.

Anyhow, this is all to say that I think that the consistent association that Murdoc has with ravens (I believe one was also perched near him as a baby) is pretty significant. Even if it wasn’t intentional, I find it interesting that both of their characterization trajectories are so conflicting and debatable. Like, outside of the supernatural/occult similarities, they kind of have a lot in common? I’ve always been a fan of Murdoc’s association with birds in general but the parallels he seems to share with ravens is pretty neat!

My Theory!

i personally think that no one died!

Rap Mon meentiond something about Peter Pan in his and Jimins live V broadcast and i read some theories and now everything makes kinda sense to me.

In my opinion the storyline goes by : Run, Prologue And I Need U are mixed together!

Jin always seemed only to watch/film the others doing crazy shit. He never did it himself.. The others seem childish and risky but not Jin. Jin is the only one who growed up and was mature. The others stayed ‘young’..just as peter pan. They don’t want to grow up. Jimin, V, Rap Mon, Suga, J-Hope and Jungkook had the Peter Pan-Syndrome. (run/prologue)

Jin realised that he doesn’t have that much in common with them anymore and needs to grow up so he isolated himself from them (i need u) and thats when it gets kinda dark.

The others lost their only mature ‘rock’ that holds them in place so they started to do even more crazier/stupid shit and fight each other. They lost the connection with each other and everyone did their own thing at the end. Alone. Fucking everything even more up. (i need u) 

But no one died. Jimin and J-Hope got rushed to the hospital, Yoongi didn’t died in the fire but started to drink alot, Rap Mon’s zigarette didn’t blow up the gas station (u can’t ignite fuel with a zigarette or lighter), Tae didn’t drown bcs he could get up in time and Jungkook didn’t got hit by a car and tries to stop Yoongi from doing drunk stupid shit.

Only Jungkook seemed to understand Jin’s point. You can see how Jungkook looks at Jin in the end of Run and it looked like he’s ‘saying’ goodbye to Jin. Accepting Jin’s choice of leaving them and growing up.

That’s why Yoongi disappeared from Jin’s picture (prologue) and Jin from the other picture (run). Because they are not together anymore. They lost each other. 

They only have the memories of their most beautiful moments in life together.

The Doctor’s best feature, according to his major love interests

Rose: Ten’s hair. She gets sidetracked with fangirling about it while explaining an impending apocalypse to Donna. Makes one wonder what her favorite bit of Nine was. Possibly his big, steady hands, the way she always kept holding them.

River: His showy confident leader act, as long as he doesn’t overdo it. “…and there he went, swaggering off into his tardis!”/ the he’s-hot-when-he’s clever face thing. It’s sort of something they have in common. 

Clara: “Those big sad eyes”. Judging by his list of the things he’ll miss about her, he feels the same about hers. If we go incarnation-specific here, she seemed to have a particular thing for Eleven’s butt, Twelve’s  deep voice (See the whole “mood lighting” comment) and Ten’s snappy dress sense.

I just find it interesting that we have that information/ funny bit of trivia.

Prompts for Pie 2: Iron Man and the Roller Skates

(Prompt for Brasslizard: Iron Man and Roller Skates)


DJ gave him a hopeful look.

“Okay, I’m starting to see why Steve falls for that all the time,” Tony said. He put his hands on his hips. “It’s not going to work on me, just so you know, so you can quit doing it, that thing where you make it look like you’re about to cry. Because I’m immune.”

DJ sniffed, his lower lip trembling.

“This is, this is lies. What you are doing right now, it is manipulative, and it is a lie, I know it is a lie.” Tony did his best to look away. “I know it’s a lie, because I invented that particular falsehood.”

DJ huffed out a sigh and leaned his whole body against Tony’s side. He twisted to the side, his back against Tony’s leg, his feet sliding out in front of him as he pressed against Tony with his full weight. Tony paused, his fingers hovering in midair as his schematics rolled passed.

“No,” Tony told him.

DJ tipped his head back, his dark eyes huge and liquid and sad.

Tony dropped a rag over his head. Underneath it, DJ giggled. “You have to wear that for the rest of the day.”

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Just You and Me || Puckleberrycest

It had been a few weeks since Puck had forgiven Rachel and they had spent the night together. Nothing much had happened. Just a few stolen kisses and lots of cuddling. Surprisingly, he was perfectly fine with that. He had forgiven her but that didn’t mean he didn’t need more time to go back to the place they had been before everything had gone to hell. However, they hadn’t had a chance to really be alone since that night. It seemed like their dads were hell bent on always being around them. Puck could understand why. Just because he loved Rachel didn’t mean that he’d lost his common sense. He knew what they were doing was wrong in the eyes of society but that didn’t change that he loved her so fucking much it hurt sometimes. 

Now, though, he really wanted to spend some time alone with her. Do something fun and not worry about anyone else for a while. That was why he’d decided to surprise his sister. She probably wouldn’t have agreed to his plan because skipping school was just bad for you and what if their dads found out. Well, he didn’t care one bit if the school called them and they found out that he and Rachel had skipped school. It wasn’t like he was going to have sex with her in his truck for the first time in a long while. She deserved more than that. They both did.

As he was driving them to school, at least that was what their dads and Rachel thought, Puck couldn’t help but grin over at her every now and then. He was glad they had this time together and their dads didn’t force them to go to school separately. Reaching over, he grabbed Rachel’s hand and laced his fingers with hers as he drove past the parking lot at McKinley. “Sorry about your perfect record of attendance, Rach,” he teased her lightly.

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petition to bring back the old bodyguard alberto 2k16... or just any bodyguard that will do their job well instead of wave and say "no pictures" half-heartedly

The thing is that I’m sure Daniel CAN do his job. He’s just told not to when it comes to stalkers and paps taking pics. That being said, at least when he’s there, I have the comfort of knowing that if something serious actually happened that required intervention, he would most likely act. I would prefer Louis have a bodyguard who was actively allowed to do their job and keep people away from him entirely, but god, if he can’t have that, can Daniel at least always be around when the stalkers are there just in case something happened beyond just stalkers trying to take pictures? This should just be common sense. It’s so frustrating that fans like us seem to be 100000x more concerned about the safety of the boys than their own fucking team(s).

Request: Hi! I want say I LOVE your blog. Can you do one shot where reader is Tony’s sister and she likes Pietro and he likes her but they don’t want to addmit it? Then reader is ill and he takes care of her and they finaly addmit their love.

A/N: Yes its bad I know


“Ugh, I hate being sick!!!” I moan  throwing my head back, while my brother Tony hands me a teaspoon on medicine. “Hey remember Mary Poppins? Yeah…well you need to hum that song and take your damn medicine.”

Lifting my head up I observe the medicine for a second and shook my head, refusing to swallow that lump of tar looking stuff. No, that’s how dinosaurs died, by that medicine. “Well Mary Poppins offered a spoonful of sugar, so since that isn’t there….no thank you.”

He lifts his arms up, swinging them quickly causing the medicine to fall onto the floor while he half-screams half-teases, “I’m your brother, I don’t have to be nice to you and give you sugar. Just be glad-” “I’ll tell you what to be glad about. Be glad I don’t force that medicine down your throat like you’re trying to do to me.

“You’re hopeless.” 

“You’re annoying.” I smile, and push him away. Bruce called him about a minute ago to do something, and honestly you wanted him to go away because that medicine looked worse than Tony. 

Rolling his eyes he turned to leave and right when he began walking another boy came walking in. Pietro. He was your best friend in the tower, besides Natasha and Steve…and Wanda. however, you two had a connection, a different one than the rest, and you didn’t know if it was because it was romantic or how funny you found it when Pietro ticked off Tony.

Pietro took a step forward before Tony slyly grabbed him by the collar coolly announcing, “Nope. Not gonna happen.” “Aww Mr, Stark I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

“But I know what I’m talking about. I know hormones and I know you’re raging with them, so back the fuck off.” Tony ordered, while Pietro rolled his eyes sighing, “Fine, I’ll listen.”

He walked away with Tony only to walk back a minute later chuckling, “We both knew I wasn’t gonna listen. So ice cream is the solution and I’ll be right back with some.”

Shaking my head I smile, “Ice cream is for when you remove your tonsels.” “Well you didn’t have them removed a week ago and I saw you eating them, so let’s be ice cream rebels, shall we?”

Quickly he zips to the fridge and returns with a tub of ice cream and two spoons. Popping the lid off, he walks right next to me and I lean my head on his shoulder, slowly taking one of the spoons.


“Shit Y/N you’re burning up.” Pietro tsk, feeling your forehead. Scrunching your eyebrows you comment, “What? I feel fine though.” “No you are for sure sick, I think you need to cool down.”

Pietro smirks playfully and digs his hand straight into the tub of ice creams and smashes it straight on your face making you squeal. Gaping at him you wipse the chunk of ice cream off your face, a small chuckle escaping your lips when you saw Pietro clutching his stomach from laughter.

Putting your hands up in the air you sheepishly admit, “Okay, okay that was good. And I may have a fever but….we need to cool down your ego.” Snatching the entire tub of ice cream you slam it on Pietro’s head, who’s gone silent from shock. 

Silence was in the air for a brief minute until both of you bursted in a fit of giggles.


The rest went by in a flash. It was all spent of laughing and joking until somewhere in the mist of it, you fell asleep.

You woke up to Pietro carrying you. He wasn’t running or speeding just walking. His arm was on your back while the other hooked from your legs,a s you found yourself snuggling closer to his warmth.

Tucking you into bed, you lazily opened your eyes flashing him a tired smile. Pietro ran his hand down your cheek, tucking some on you hair behind your ear. “There’s my princess. All tuckered out.”

Giggling, you were so exhausted that you didn’t even know what you were saying you were just saying the things you were thinking, and you couldn’t even hear yourself.

“Haha, that’s why I love you. You’re so cute and charming and you, haha, think I’m a princess which makes it even better! I love you, I’ve always loved you. Love love  love love love.”

Pietro looks as if she’s going to cry from happiness. Grinning widely with a toothless smile he says,”Well…if you still feel that way when you wake up and have common sense than I’ll tell you ‘I love you more’ and give you the deepest kiss you could ever imagine.”

“That seems nice.” you softly admire as the world turns to black