he just always seems to have common sense

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Hi, I'm an INFJ dating an INTJ. I can relate to an ENFP. Is it possible that my personality type is changing?

Hey there!

Honestly, if you’re going by just one ENFP, and not the ENFP archetype as a whole, then probably not. It’s just likely that you have similar attitudes or senses of humor, and things in common. I actually have an INFJ friend that I am very close to, to the point that we always seem to be thinking the same thing, and we even finish each other’s sentences, and make the same jokes. He is still definitely an INFJ and I am still definitely an ENFP. I am also friends with another INFJ who is basically the opposite, and I can never seem to figure them out.

Remember that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator does not specifically measure the details of who you are, it simply measures your style of data intake, output, usage, and its effect on you. It’s like a very basic understanding of how you go through life and how you might react when presented with certain types of information. Meanwhile stuff like your sense of humor, quirks, likes and dislikes are all up to you.

That being said, if you feel drawn to the ENFP descriptions, then maybe! It is always possible that our personalities are changing, but I think we are all growing and changing all the time. Some people change types through life, others never change their type. If you want to be certain, you can always take the test again and see how it comes out. And you’re welcome to share the results with us if you wish! :3

- The ENFP