he jumped off the cliff

Part of my Swan Prince Victuuri!AU !!!! And I still don’t know what I’m doing !!! Yuuri finds an injured swan in the woods?? Stay tuned for what happens next (maybe) !!!


What if the way Kylo’s scar is revealed is during the cliff scene. Imagine… he still has his mask on when they’re dueling. Rey falls or jumps off the cliff. He looks over and doesn’t see her come out of the water, so he panics. We see him take off his mask from behind and he jumps in. He bridal carries her out of the water. We still don’t see his face. But then it flips and we are seeing through Rey’s eyes as she tries to focus. Then… there it is, and he has a look of worry and panic on his face as he clutches her cheek.


im kinda hoping that playing as spectre knight is just him trying to be edgy and mysterious while everyone calls him out on actually being a huge lame-o who makes stuff up on the spot

We all talk about how Mike Wheeler straight up jumped off a cliff for his best friend Dustin Henderson but we don’t talk about how Dustin was begging Mike not to do it, telling him that it was okay, that he didn’t need his baby teeth. Mike jumped off the cliff for Dustin, but Dustin was straight up willing to let Troy destroy his mouth for Mike and we need to talk about that too.

Joker x deaf!Reader Part 10

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Y/N creases her brow and shakes her head as J moves his fingers. She’s trying to teach him sign language, and so far he hasn’t been taking any of it seriously. He’s been making inappropriate hand gestures for the last five minutes. Right now he moved his fingers in a walking motion before making them leap off of his leg. They landed on whatever J was seeing on their carpet. He then pointed to her.

“I’m- jumping off a cliff?” He smiled and shrugged. She had to admit, she liked that they made up their own little language between them. He was in one of his good moods today, as they usually spent time together when he wasn’t angry. Sometimes it was board games, the lessons of sign language that she tried to teach him, or sometimes it was just them staring at each other, as creepy as that sounds. But, he was beautiful. She loved his tattoos, bad boys were always her type. Of course she was too good to have any.

“I want a tattoo.”

J grunted in response. Or at least it looked that way since his his body moved.

“Like, one of yours?”

“I’ll think about it. What would you want? Your move.” He moved his piece on the board, already winning. J seemed to forget she was deaf sometimes, because he spoke with his head turned downwards.  Y/N tapped his chin up. She knew he was ok with it because he has done it with her before. It seemed like he was always pulling her hair or gripping her chin. At first it was annoying, but now it has become their thing. Even though J hasn’t learned sign, they sometimes don’t even need words to communicate.

“A butterfly, maybe? A heart?”

J laughed at how ‘good girl’ those sounded.

“Why don’t you just tattoo on your forehead, ‘I’m a good person’?”




Y/N fidgeted as J prepared the tattoo gun. He wouldn’t let her back out after she begged him.

“Will it hurt?”


“Oh. How much?”

“A lot.”

“You know you’re suppose to help me feel better.”

“Are you sure you want it here?”

“Yes.” She let out a shaky breath while he got to work.

After he was done, she winced at the burning on her wrist. It was possibly the smallest tattoo J has ever seen, but it was her request. It was a cute little crown, and J rolled his eyes when she told him it would always remind her of him.

“Ok. My turn.”

“What?” She gave him a confused look as he sat at the chair she previously sat at.

“You’re going to give me one.”

“What?” J rolled his eyes and extended his arm.

“Draw a crown.”

“I-I can’t really draw….”

“Do your best. Right in the same spot I put yours.” She thought it was cute how he was willing to let her give him a girly tattoo. He barely flinched, and she may have gotten too excited because the tat was slightly shaky. He assumed theirs looked the same so he shrugged.

“Do you like it?” She looked giddy, slightly bouncing on the balls of her feet.

“It’s my favorite.” He replied and pulled her into a kiss.


Y/N noticed she’s been feeling different lately. Just going down the stairs made her lose her breath and her back started hurting. She tried to think nothing of it, but the nagging thought in the back of her mind couldn’t be ignored.

She sighed, feeling the anger build up as she looked for J. He always left her and she spent most of the day alone. On the bright side, J was supposed to teach her how to shoot a gun today. She noticed he made her a lot more angry lately and her patience with him has been thin, another thing that added to her suspicions.

As she was getting some french fries- a craving she has been having lately- she screamed as two hands settled on her shoulders. She rolled her eyes when she felt a kiss on her cheek, the body behind her slightly swaying with his arms wrapped around her stomach. The idiot was probably whispering things in her ear. She slammed her plate down and elbowed him in the stomach, hard enough to make him let go of her. As she was walking away he ran up behind her and lifted her up, spinning her around before setting her down and taking her face in his hands. He kissed her before she could pull away, and felt her melting under his touch. He was relieved when he saw she had a smile on her face. She wasn’t the only one who had noticed her mood swings.


“Like this?” Y/N was hesitant as she held the gun in her hands, J standing behind her.

“Go ahead, doll, daddy doesn’t have all day.” Y/N spoke up when she didn’t see him give any confirmation because he wasn’t in her line of sight.

“Like this?” She said again, and he rolled his eyes and shoved her shoulder, causing her to fire the gun. She missed the target completely, and she didn’t want to tell him it was his fault. Turning to him, she gave him apologetic look while he looked less than amused.

“Sorry, sorry!”

“I thought you were deaf, not blind.” Y/N blinked, not sure she read right. Clenching her jaw, she shoved the gun at him and angrily walked away. J rolled his eyes and grabbed her elbow.

“Let go of me.” J was a little shocked, he’s never heard her sound so angry. She snatched her arm from his grip and walked out of the room.

“Baby, you know daddy adores you- fuck.” He doesn’t know why he expects her to react by calling after her.

Later, he found her on their bed, reading a book. He carefully approached her and hesitantly pulled on a lock of her hair before releasing, as if she would bite him. He did it again and then jerked his arm back. Her face scrunched up, and she glared at her book. J sighed before poking her on her cheek. He kept doing it until she smacked his hand away.

“Stop it.”

J let out an angry purr and laid his head on the bed. He was on his knees, and his hands were spread out on the sides of his head. She should have seen this coming. Low growling noises were coming from his throat, and he pounced on her, knocking the book from her hands.

“J!” He tackled her off the bed. Being sure to press her head to his neck, he snarled and purred. Placing a knee to her stomach, making sure to not put any weight on it, he holds her hands above her head.

“Well, well, what’s my prize?”

“Let go of me.”

“I think it should be a kiss.”

“Oh, well, I might not know where your mouth is, since I’m blind too.” She snarkily replies. He leans his head back, laughing.

“O-ho-ho-oh, are you… mad at me?” He puts his face close to hers, nipping at her nose.


“Ma-a-ke me” He sing-songed. She huffed, and he saw tears threatening.

“Aw, my unresponsive little minx. My little deaf daredevil. My sweet-”

“Leave me alone.” The tears overflowed, and he made sure to kiss them away.

“Aw, baby. I didn’t mean to upset you.” He nuzzled her face like a cat, purring and relentless until she forgave him. “Baby.” He kissed her face until she gave a shaky sigh.

“Alright, alright, let me go.” He moved his head like a snake, giving her the best pouty look he had.

“You’re still mad at me.” His teasing tone went unnoticed, and she sniffed.

“No, now let me up.” J dramatically sighed and rolled off of her, curling on the floor beside her. She could tell he was in a playful mood by the way he landed, his hand coming up to paw at her shoulder.

“Hey, hey, Y/N, hey, hey Y/N” He kept pawing at her until she looked at him. He was laying on his side with his hair falling in his face, while wearing a big smile.


“Whatcha reading?” The smile made it hard for her to read what he said, so she irritably sighed and shrugged him off with an,

“I don’t know.” She continued to read the book on the ground, knowing he would pull something if she stood up. He wanted her attention, so he usually acted like a child until he received it. Pushing himself up on his elbows, he wormed and wiggled his way over to her. She made the mistake of having the book too far from her, giving him space to worm over her lap.

“J-oh my god- J!” He wiggled in her lap, laying on his stomach, her arms pinned down beneath him.  

“Does my butt look big from this angle?” He tried to turn his head towards her, but she still missed all of what she said. He sighed and maneuvered himself so that he was sitting in her lap.

“Read to me.”

“What, you forgot how?” She snapped, in no mood for his childish antics. His hands went to her sides, and he took note of how she tensed.

“Oh, ticklish?”

“Leave me alone.”  J threw his head back and groaned, deciding she would need more coddling. He slid off of her lap and then pulled her between his legs, her back to his chest. He kissed every piece of her face he could reach.

“You’re so grouchy.” He chuckled as she continued to glare at her book. “Read to me.” He slammed his head against hers, in what he thought was an affectionate way.

“Ow! Would you stop? Can you not leave me alone for five minutes? Let go of me!” She could feel the anger in the pit of her belly, and she was more than done with him at this point. He was getting tired of her attitude as well, so he tightened his grip on her.

“Doll, read to me. Let me hear that beautiful voice.”

“Don’t you have someone to torture? You sociopath.” He smacked her thigh, causing her to yelp as he let out an amused laugh.

“Woah-ho-ho, Isn’t it interesting how honest a little deaf doctor can be when they’re angry? Were you keeping that diagnosis from me ever since Arkham, pumpkin?”

“Leave me alone. I’m serious, Joker.” He let out a loud laugh, and she clenched the book tighter in her grasp as his grip on her tightened.

“OH! Joker now, is it?” He put his face beside hers and stared at her as she glared at her book. “Hoooonnnneeey” He smacked her thigh again, which was the final straw for her.

“Leave me alone!” She turned around and slammed the spine of the book in his face. His arm shot out and grabbed her wrist, saving him from a broken nose. It didn’t stop the total impact though, he sure felt that and the blood dripping down his nose. It made him smile knowing that his innocent little girl just hit him with her book. He started laughing at her expression.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I’m so sorry.” She started sobbing, trying to wipe the blood off of his face while he laughed.  She kept repeating, “I’m so sorry” and he grabbed her hands to stop her trying to clean him.

“Doll, who knew you had it in you? You really are my little deaf daredevil. But now I get to punnnish you!” He sang as she continued to cry, not catching anything he’s said. She hasn’t been trying to understand anything, really.

“Awww.” He placed his hand on the back of her head and pulled her to his chest, her still sobbing.

When she calmed down after all of the coddling, he grabbed her chin and made her look at him.

“You’ve been moody lately, baby. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.” She sniffled, and he growled at her playfully.

“Oh, my naughty little girl. I’m gonna get you for that, doll.” When she didn’t smile, he leaned in as if to plant a kiss on her cheek. When his lips made contact with her skin he blew a raspberry, and held her down while he tickled her sides. It brought a smile to his face when he heard her squeals and giggles, and he playfully grabbed her hips and pulled her over his lap.

“No! Let go!” She giggled and tried to worm away, but he held her in a firm grip, laughing as she squirmed. He playfully smacked her butt and she squealed, turning around to knee him in the stomach. They wrestled with each other for a minute before she was able to straddle him while he was still in a criss-cross position. He felt her chest rising and falling as she caught her breath, a permanent smile on her face. Feeling daring after their little moment, she stuck out her tongue and licked the blood she smeared on his face. J growled, an animalistic sound from the back of his throat, and didn’t bother trying to make it to the bed.


“When were you happiest?” Poppy asks.
Daisy smiles fully as she thinks about it. “The moment I started filling my time with him. I no longer did these fun things by myself. He surfed with me. He snorkeled with me. He jumped off cliffs with me. I had a friend. A real friend. I’ve learned more about myself, about my likes and dislikes and my limitations and my expectations, in the company of Ryke than I have all the years I spent alone. And I don’t want to go back.”

a [very late] happy birthday to sue ❤ @daisycalloway


who the cast of avatar mains in overwatch
  • aang: tracer, with deadly efficiency, but only on koth maps. plays dva when he wants to have fun, but mccree when he wants to win. still plays mccree through season 3, and can stomp 76 mains if he catches them by surprise. likes symmetra, but doesnt play her unless the team comp is right.
  • katara: mained mercy in season 1, has been desperately clinging to her since ana was released
  • sokka: reinhardt. he whiffs his ult 66% of the time. if reinhardt is already taken he goes junkrat until the other person switches off, at which point he promptly jumps off a cliff to respawn.
  • toph: played winston once, and got destroyed by reaper. played reaper the next game, and got destroyed by roadhog. played roadhog the next game, and never switched off. she got a golden roadhog gun halfway through season 1. she plays hanzo in quickplay.
  • zuko: a diverse hero roster of reaper, genji, zarya, and ana. he wants to be a good zenyatta, but sucks with him. despite constant shot calling and team encouragement, he always gets stuck with trolls, derankers, and leavers. he has never left gold.
  • azula: in quickplay she plays mei and does nothing but freeze people, she doesnt even headshot them, just freezes them to freak them out. in comp she mains ana, and cant play anyone else competitively.
  • mai: reluctantly plays zenyatta to technically fill a support role, even though she just wants to frag. roadhog hooks are magnetically attracted to her and every time she dies to one she just sighs.
  • ty lee: genji (but not obnoxious Pro Genji, proper backline diver genji). she cried for an hour when ledge-boosting was patched out.
  • iroh: he likes torbjorn for his personality, and has at least 85% armor uptime in every game. yes, every game starts with his teammates accusing him of trolling.
  • suki: pharah. came over from quake. placed in masters.
  • jet: viciously abuses the heroes that he expects to be nerfed, regardless of whether or not he thinks they need to be nerfed. mained genji in season 1, mccree in season 2, and roadhog in season 3.

Why Dipper is Awesome: determined as fuck, loves his sister and family, ultimate snark master, calls people out on their bs, if angered he will not hesitate to fight back, smart and strong, jumped off a cliff and crashed into a mech to fight a creep taking his sister away, sacrificed his chance to impress Wendy so that Mabel can keep Waddles, learns that its better to become a person worthy of loving than to force others to love you, uses motivational and touching speeches to inspire Pacifca and Gideon, fought through the fuckin’ apocalypse to save his sister, helped in ending weirdmageddon

Why Mabel is Awesome: embodiment of joy, loves her bro-bro and family, sees the beauty in everyone and everything, grappling hook, smart and strong, makes her own sweaters, mastered several art forms (sculpting, playwriting, fashion, etc.) punched a unicorn in the face for being a pompous pos, sacrificed her puppet she worked hard on to save her brother from Bill, even after a series of failed summer romances she learned that it is better to love yourself, used her summer scrapbook to reignite Stan’s memories, helped in ending weirdmageddon

Why Soos is Awesome: ultimate handyman, pretty much a big brother for Dipper and Mabel and is willing to protect them, chill af, helped the kids escape the pterodactyl’s nest, managed to overcome his addiction to the dating simulator game and destroyed said game, has his own show on public acess television, provided companionship for Stan who was probably lonely at the time, helped in ending weirdmageddon

Why Stan is Awesome: clever and cunning, loves his family, spent 30 years trying to restart the portal so he could save his brother by learning physics and stealing nuclear waste, punched a pterodactyl in the face, he beat up a horde of zombies that were about to eat the twins, climbed up a mountain and punched an eagle to save the kids, filled the role of a father figure for Soos, master of dad jokes, has brass knuckles at all times, sarcastic af, sacrificed himself to destroy Bill once and for all, helped in ending weirdmageddon, meded his sibling relationship with his brother

Why Ford is Awesome: amazing introduction from the portal, subverts the badass sci-fi hero by acting like a complete dork at times, table-top rpg nerd, YOUR MATH IS NO MATCH FOR MY GUN YOU IDIOTS!!, managed to survive 30 years of dimension hopping, despite being paranoid he learns to trust his family again, made amends with Fiddleford even after their fallout and causing Fidds to become paranoid, helped in ending weirdmageddon, mended his sibling relationship with his brother

TL;DR The Pines Family is awesome and those who think otherwise will suffer the wrath of the left hook.

I think Molly Hooper will play a big role next week!


The scene where Sherlock was with Faith at the bench and he was bout ready to jump off the cliff?
Faith was like saying “I thought you’ll be nicer…”
And then there’s voices talking…
The first voice was Molly’s!
I know it’s Molly’s voice.
I need to hear it again what she said cause I was rewatching heard her voice and started to freak out! And I need to let you guys know..

storvackers  asked:

i'm gonna join you on the kaidan defence squad tbh. people that still don't get why he's angry and hurt make me want to screeeeam

the kaidan defence squad sure af is lacking people

but honestly tho like kaidan would NEVER EVER think ‘shep is my best pal in the whole galaxy, i’ll drop everything for them at any time, consequences be damned’ and that’s something i deeply admire about him, that as much as he loves shepard, he knows dumb shit when he sees it and obviously won’t hesitate to confront you about it. and being able to communicate shit like that is key in a well-functioning relationship u guys. 

kaidan’s writers could very easily have made it so that a romanced kaidan’s life basically revolves around shepard and is always at their disposal no matter what, but they didn’t and for that, i am so grateful. he’s not some lovesick puppy who’d jump off a cliff if shepard asked him to.

kaidan alenko is a wonderful and complex character who deserves so much love and i’ll never not defend his honour. 

kaidan defence squad 4 lyfe.

I feel like, when they’re older, Mike and El playfully and lovingly tease each other all the time, y’know? I just imagine El being like, “Man, this Mike Wheeler is such a nerd…. He jumped off a cliff to save his best friend….guess I have to hold his hand, just to make sure he doesn’t pull another stunt like that,” and Mike coming back with, “Oh, yeah? Well, I know this girl named Eleven, and she robbed a grocery store just for Eggo waffles….now I have to hold her hand so she doesn’t run off and become a convicted felon” (she kisses him on the cheek and they’re both blushing like dorks) 

The gap between us. The gap between our hearts, and minds and feelings. This chasm of emotion holds so much, but it is not to be seen. This abyss of thought is never ending, but it shan’t be heard.
This gap gives me security. When I jump off he cliff, diving towards the mountain springs, it doesn’t matter how high the walls are, the cool, turbulent water will catch me. I will be plunged in to the roaring emotion and resurface.
Just to see you.
—  My love for you

I don’t know if this is a new thing, because this is the first time I have seen it happen. And I haven’t done a PoE in a while.

I ran into a player while doing a 41 PoE just a little while ago. I joined in mid-session and we were in the Fallen room. One guardian was fighting off Fallen while the other sat in the back next to the cliff. He did nothing! When the round ended, he jumped off the cliff while we waited for the next round. (which makes Variks try two times to teleport him) Variks couldn’t teleport him to the room because he was dead and we could not get to him in time before getting teleported back. He remained dead the entire time. The final round was in the Fallen room where the worthless teammate’s ghost was located. My teammate revived him and he proceeded to jump off again. So we just left him there. He didn’t revive himself at all; so he didn’t get the chest in the treasure room like I thought he was going to do.

I was curious. I checked his most recent PoE sessions. ALL of them for the past 3 days were like this. Barely any kills or none at all.

Don’t be that guy. Be a team player.

Honestly my biggest issue with the thing where everyone assumed Ford didn’t like Mabel was that Dipper like, adores Mabel.

Dipper is the biggest Mabel fan.

He’s jumped off cliffs and punched robot faces for Mabel.

He suggested uncovering a government conspiracy and exposed it because Pacifica was mean to her.

Dipper has proved, time and time again, that he’d do anything to protect his sister.

And author or no author, if Ford didn’t love Mabel 100% you can bet your ass that Dipper would call him out on that shit.

Honestly, when Dipper’s response to the “and isn’t it suffocating” wasn’t outrage, it was just “I dunno, [being your apprentice] sounds like a dream come true, but I’m not sure I have what it takes” that was what initially got me on the “Oh, Ford’s referring to his own personal experiences with having a twin and Dipper understands this, yes good” thing. Because if Ford had been talking about Mabel specifically Dipper would have shown him no mercy. 

Ford loving Mabel wasn’t just hastily written in for the finale, he loved her all along. If he hadn’t, Dipper and Ford would not be friends.

Like, I know it’s old hat now but I never got the chance to make a proper post about it before the finale so I’m doing it now.