he isn't religious

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in ur au since kazakhstan is a mostly muslim country is otabek and his sister Muslim? if so can you pls draw an older otabek's sis with a hijab on?

YES, and I do intend for her to wear hijab when she’s older! I haven’t been feelin’ the mood to draw otabek’s sister lately, but I will soon (I hope)! ;o;

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lol I'm well aware that his dad is jewish, but he isn't religiously jewish and has no connection to his culture, just so you know. I know he is at least good at answering questions in interviews when presented with them, so aint in your genes to be an ass hat i know that. girl answer my ?????? lol

I’m not a girl sorry idk who this is addressing but it’s not me

My Teacher isn’t Jewish... Obviously...

And, from what I’ve seen here, he really isn’t making any effort either.

I emailed my teacher asking to leave early for Yom Kippur. I explained that it was the highest Jewish holiday and even I, an atheist Jew, know that theres a level of respect that must be taken and I fast with my family in order to create a sacred and very real solidarity which is created amongst the entire Jewish community during the solemn and forlorn time in which we come together to mourn those we’ve lost and remember them with the sad realization that they’re gone from our lives.

This is the email that I received from my teacher in reply. 

“Enjoy your afternoon Yom Kippur festivities. Please don’t be late.”

And then when I did arrive into class fuming my anger was brought to a level of “don’t fuck with me” when my so obviously not Jewish teacher walked into the room with a big smile on his face and declared “HAPPY YOOM KIPOR!”

I should be livid.

But I’m not.

That email is going on my fucking wall. 


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Hi! I was wondering if you were doing the choose a ship and a number thing anymore?? Because if you are, could I have some Destiel with a cross between numbers 5 and 10 please??? Bottom!Cas, of course, but I'm sure that was a given :) Thanks!!

Castiel pressed a hand to his stomach, trying to comprehend what was happening inside him. His stomach was flat for now, but it wouldn’t be for very long.

Soon he’d start to show. 

Soon everyone would know he wasn’t a virgin any more. 

They’d want to know what had happened, would want to know who the father was. They’d want to know who had been able to convince Cas to give up his purity pledge and they’d all be shocked when they found out. 

Castiel couldn’t even believe it, even though he remembered every moment of it in vivid, perfect detail. 

He remembered the first kiss, remembered the moment he’d decided that abstinence could never feel as good as what he was being offered right then. 

He remembered Dean moving inside him, careful and slow, taking care of him until Castiel came, trembling all over with the force of it. 

Dean Winchester was the father of his child.

Dean who’d transferred to the school as a last resort, the final step before juvie. Dean who hated the uniforms and the prayer and was always in detention. Dean who certainly didn’t believe in abstinence or monogamy. 

Dean Winchester was a loser who was going nowhere, but he was the father of Castiel’s baby. 

And Castiel was happy that it was him, just like he was happy his first time had been with Dean. 

I guess what probably bothers me the most about Adam right now is that all of the apparent “progress” he’s made to accept Connor seems to have been done with complete disregard for what Connor wants. It seems Adam has made no attempt to communicate with Connor and instead is going in the direction which makes him most comfortable and happiest, not what makes Connor happy.