he isn't one for just killing


I want you to watch as I take her life.


emphasis on might.


Oh, I get it now! You don’t like Sans, so you turned him into an asshole so that everyone else shares your hate. Is that right?

Sans is actually one of my favorite characters. But since I enjoyed the idea of Sans and Flowey’s history and rivalry. I wanted to expand it in a way that would actually make it easy to understand why Flowey is so scared of him.

“…and Kamui just smiled and started talking to me.”

aka the childhood friends trope kills me someone talk to me about these two

You know how 91 Days' writer mentioned the ending wasn't exactly as he imagined it at the beginning?
  • And that was probably why there was no violent final showdown like the key visual suggested? It's like one of those moments in which you're writing and your characters just seem to come alive and tell you what they would do and they totally wouldn't do THAT. This is how I and other members of the hellchat imagine it went down.
  • --
  • Avilio: I want to fuck him, not to kill him. You invented me and you don't even see that?? Come on!
  • Writer: *rolling eyes* Okay, then you tell me what I should write.
  • Avilio: You should write about us fucking
  • Writer:
  • Avilio: Pretty please?
  • Writer: No.
  • --
  • Writer: "Avilio glares at Nero like he wants to kill him-"
  • Avilio: eye sex with Nero intensifies
  • Writer: I wrote "kill him", Avilio
  • Avilio: That's just a metaphor for "fuck him" and we both know it
  • --
  • Writer: "Nero slaps Avilio"
  • Nero: for Tigre!
  • Writer: because he's a rude asshole...
  • Nero: No, FOR TIGRE!
  • --
  • Writer: "Angelo starts crying and Nero-"
  • Writer: I can't write that
  • Writer: but you should hate him...
  • Nero: Have you seen him cry?? How can I hate him???
  • --
  • Writer: How did I end up writing about Nero looking at Avilio sleeping and then at the moon...
  • Nero: The moon tonight is beautiful, isn't it, Avilio?
  • Writer: NO

Ok when Moriarty said “don’t try to fight it” and then John showed up and he said “that’s not fair there’s two of you” and then John said “on your knees with the gun pointed at him I literally started to cry because John is Sherlock’s will to fight. He is the one who gives Sherlock strength to do anything. He kills Sherlock’s demons while just casually chatting with him. John Watson is Sherlock Holmes’ will to live and his strength and I can’t stop crying


get to know me meme: [1/?] favorite tv shows
➥ The Flash

“ My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive. When I was a child, a saw my mother killed by something impossible. My father went to prison for her murder. Then an accident made me the impossible. To the outside world, I’m just an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly I use my speed to fight crime and find others like me, and one day I’ll find who killed my mother and get justice for my father. I am the Flash.”

Countdown - KakaSaku Week Day Four

Ten fingers covered in blood, forming a diamond.

Nine years of medical training.

Eight miles away from home, give or take.

Seven times she’s said his name.

Six seconds since he stopped breathing.

Five sets of six compressions.

Four repetitions of please, please, please.

Three tears racing down her cheeks.

Two figures, one crouched and one laying down.

One shuddering breath.


   Harrison Wells isn’t Eobard Thawne.

   If you say Wells, you should be referring to the real Wells. Either the one Eobard killed all those years ago; or Harrison from E2. NOT EOBARD.

   Honestly the fact that the characters on the show keep referring to him as Eobard is not only a gross oversight, but also a disrespect to BOTH Eobard & Harrison as COMPLETELY SEPARATE CHARACTERS. It is also ooc writing for for all the characters who know Eobard.

   Take Caitlin, Cisco & Barry as an example. They all saw Harrison’s body for crying out loud. They know that Eobard isn’t Harrison, they shouldn’t call him Wells. Even though they all knew him for a long time as Wells it doesn’t matter. They know better now.

   The only characters that should be calling him Wells are the ones that DON’T KNOW BETTER. The ones that never knew Harrison was dead for those years. 

   It’s come to the point of mischaracterisation & just plain STUPIDITY. Harrison Wells is Harrison Wells. Eobard Thawne is Eobard Thawne.

   Do not contribute to Eobard’s erasure from the CW. He is an important villain in the Flash comics, & continuing to miss name him is completely erasing this fact, & devaluing anyone that roleplays as him.

You know Zelena…

Something about Zelena really just irks me. She reminds me of one of those crazy fan girls that will do anything to get what they want. She played a trick on Belle because Belle wanted to save Rumple – their love bothers her. She tore Neal from Rumple because she knows how much he means to him. She is tampering with Snow’s baby - Snow hasn’t gotten a chance to raise a NORMAL child yet. She’s trying to kill Regina because Rumple liked her more and she’s her freaking little sister. Aka, WANTED TO RIP HER HEART OUT OF HER CHEST.

Like I said. Crazy fangirl.

Exam over !!
Went surprisingly ok !!
I almost lost it Halfway though though, some kid pulled out a bottle of bleach during the test and just started chugging the entire thing down.
No one knew what to do.
We just ????
Holy shit ???
Kid you ok ???
But Then he started laughing and was like what? It’s just my water bottle??
Our exam teacher was so pale I thought she were going to pass out… Holy heck that kid.
Like oh man I feel so bad for our teacher were such a bad class.

I just saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them and wept and wept because that poor boy was persecuted for being who he was so he repressed it until it became a physical manifestation of his rage and pain and it got him killed and literally no one cared and if that’s not a metaphor for the struggles of the lgbtqia+ community then Warner brothers can literally fight me one by one I’m sorry I need to go cry more.

//: Just want to let everyone know, Soundwave is that asshole who messes up the prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. One moment the prices are low and the next thing you know BAM! It’s fucking higher then the regular price! 

Yes, Lazerbeak is the one switching the prices around on Black Friday. 

Why does he do this? Because its a mass of people and seeing if they’ll go at each other’s throats and possibly kill someone in the mess is equivalent to sitting back and eating some popcorn. 

samscudder  asked:

So how much do you actually know about my tech? Or is it just a twist-point-n-shoot sort of deal.

Ask my muse one thing you’ve always wanted to know about them!
Nothing is off limits and everything has to be answered honestly.

I learned– basically off the same stuff they handed McCulloch, but with the addition of what he learned. 

I know how it operates, I know how to operate it, and I know what it’s completely capable of. But the gun they gave me– it was more your speed? Rebuilt off of what got taken in by the police over the years. 
Not so great. It’s like a slightly updated first edition but with some of the key features taken out because a “good police officer doesn’t need that kind of capability for what he’s doing”. 

I know a lot. 
I can do maybe half of it.