he isn't even that animated in this


the pretty setter squad is almost complete we just need Akaashi (and Miya Atsumu but he isn’t even animated yet. God save us all when he is)


ゲスおと☆ (Gesu oto)

Aniban, an independent label, has announced the release of their ゲスおと☆ series, with two volumes currently planned for release in February.

Synopses (Paraphrased):

After being brought along to a big marriage partner hunting party (read: 婚活パーティー) by your company senpai, you find yourself overwhelmed by the chaos and liveliness of the party, and are subsequently abandoned by your senpai, who leaves you to go talk to a man she sets her sights on. 

Awkwardly standing about with no real idea of what to do, you hear a man’s voice calling out you.

However, that man is considered highly “individualistic,” or in other words, seems like he could be categorized as a ゲス (gesu*) type…

The first “gesu” guy in question is 千束友靖 (Senzoku Tomoyasu), a swimming instructor who has just recently broken up with his girlfriend. Worried over the fact that he hasn’t been able to stay with any particular girl for a long period of time, Tomoyasu decides to go to a matchmaking party for the purpose of finding a bride. 

Given that it’s a party conducted with the specific purpose of finding a marriage partner, he figures that a girl he falls in love with there won’t be able to escape the prospect of marriage with him.

And of course, Tomoyasu takes a liking to you, and you both end up going home together.

Overjoyed by the fact that he found you, Tomoyasu is unable to hold back…

ゲスおと☆ 白金泉 (Right):

The second “gesu” guy is 白金泉 (Shirogane Izumi), a cellist who is also an extreme clean-freak, and is forced to go to the marriage partner hunting party by his grandmother. Annoyed by just having to share the same air with other people, Izumi nevertheless tries to hide his discomfort to the best of his ability once the party begins. 

It is then, however, that you appear in front of him…

*ゲス = low-life/basically kind of an a** ( • v • )

**Namikawa’s volume may not be R18; it’s unclear due to conflicting information (but it’s likely not R18, as he didn’t use a pseudonym).

CVs: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo), 浪川大輔 (Namikawa Daisuke)**

Release Date: February 24th, 2017.

Smitten Kitten (Chapter Nine)

Bucky and Steve FINALLY figure their shit out in this chapter. Finally.

I hope you guys are enjoying this :) Trying to add everyone to the tag list, let me know if I miss you :)


It was going on three weeks now of Tony being stuck in a partial shift and he was tired of it.

The longer he was in a half-cat state the more he struggled to talk normally, to have regular sleep cycles, and even to control his emotions. He had Steve and Bucky at the ready at all times to drop what they were doing and hold him, but it was really starting to wear on him, and they both felt bad about it.

Bucky wasn’t expecting to find Rhodes in the lab when he went looking for Tony to see if they could spend some naked time together, but there the colonel was, passed out on the couch with Tony dead asleep next to him, their arms wrapped right around each other, Tony’s head buried in Rhodeys chest.

“Hey did you find–oh.” Steve pulled up short next to him. “Those two are just friends, right?”

“Right.” Bucky nodded slowly, and motioned Steve back several feet so they wouldn’t disturb the nap. “Pretty sure.”

“And they sleep together? Like that?”

“You know Tony needs the extra sleep right now. Besides, Rhodes says they used to share a bed in MIT all the time.”

“But… platonic, right?”

“I guess so.” Bucky cleared his throat a little uncomfortably. “I understand wanting someone in your bed for physical comfort. Like we used to.”

“Yeah.” Steve looked down at the floor, then out the window- anywhere to avoid Bucky’s eyes. Then, “I miss you.” he blurted. “I miss… you. You moved out of our room, and now we can hardly be around each other without Tony there, and I hate that. It’s like we’re barely even friends anymore and I hate that.”

“I miss you too.” Bucky admitted. “You’re my best friend, Steve, this isn't… easy on me.”

“You’re my best friend too.” Steve said quietly. “But weren’t we… weren’t we trying for more than that?”

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antichrist? it’s very good. brødre? that one, aswell. stjerner uden hjerner? maybe not that one, but the others are very good.

#look at this precious ray of sunshine being all happy and excited and passionate!!! 

Eren's Blessing Part 1
  • Jean: So... Eren, you know that Armin and I have been together for a while now-
  • Eren: Wait, what? This is news to me.
  • Jean: -and I've been thinking, since we're both really happy-
  • Eren: I didn't even know you were gay! I mean, honestly, that explains a LOT about Marco, but-
  • Jean: -I'm going to ask Armin to marry me.
  • Eren: WHAT?!
  • Jean: And I know your opinion means a lot to him, and since I can't ask his parents, I think having your blessing would mean a lot to him.
  • Eren: You... YOU want my blessing? To propose to my best friend?
  • Jean:
  • Jean: Yes.
  • Eren: No.
  • Jean: Why not?
  • Eren: It's just wrong. It's not normal.
  • Jean: Are you fucking kidding me? You're a homophobe, Eren? I don't even know why I'm surprised, you little shit, I guess I just thought that you'd be supportive of Armin, I mean he's your best friend-
  • Eren: NO. No, no, no. You've got it all wrong. I'm not homophobic at all. I'm actually... kind of going on a date with Captain Levi tomorrow-
  • Jean: Wait, what the fuck? And if you're not then what did you mean?
  • Eren: I meant that BESTIALITY is wrong.
  • Jean:
  • Eren: Get it?
  • Jean:
  • Eren: Because you're a horse?
  • Jean:
  • Eren: BESTIALITY! You know, humans being with animals. Although, technically Armin isn't human, but still- hey wait, Jean, where are you going?!
  • Eren:
  • Eren:
  • Jean: *from far away* I'M DONE WITH THIS SHIT!
  • Part 2: http://potato-fan-girl.tumblr.com/post/155928888968/erens-blessing-part-2

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Hey, what if Kylo was good with animals like all the time not just with Fox!Hux? So, whenever they go to the woods so Hux can release some Kitsune energy Kylo gets surrounded by the animals and other foxes and Hux just isn't having it


Hux being all ethereal and feeling his soul set alight because he’s home in the forest, and he turns to share this moment with Kylo, only to find his mate feeding squirrels and petting deer and a robin is perched on his shoulder & singing as Kylo hums

Hux has never been so jealously in all his life, so he shifts into his fox form and growls at all of the wildlife, chasing them away with a snarl

Kylo is confused, even more so when Hux rubs up against him and circles him like an affectionate cat would, only to realise that Hux is rubbing his scent all over him

“You’re ridiculous,” Kylo says, arms folded, watching Hux rub his cheek against Kylo’s legs. “I’m not going to run off with a squirrel.”

LazyTown Superpowers AU
  • Sportacus: super strength, agility and healing. he's the kind of hero who busts through walls using his bare shoulder without even flinching. in other words, he's basically normal Sportacus but stronger.
  • Robbie: shapeshifting. he can change his appearance to whatever he wants, hence calling himself the master of disguise. he's good at making machines and such too but that's just a regular ability and not a superpower. Even his voice changes when he transforms but he uses as little effort as possible so his disguises often fail in one way or another.
  • Stephanie: adoptive muscle memory. she can mimic any movement that she sees performed. she doesn't have any enhanced strength or anything, however, so her actual power is limited. she usually uses it for dancing.
  • Pixel: technopath and technological magic. he can manipulate, create, copy, and destroy any form of technology. he's still learning though and complicated spells tire him quickly.
  • Trixie: can make people believe whatever she says and in turn almost always knows when someone is lying. Robbie's disguises aren't necessarily lying as he actually changes his appearance so she can't quite pick up on that. she tries to fool the other kids and it usually works but not permanently. they always snap out of it within the day.
  • Stingy: senses the emotions and history of physical objects. he collects objects that have particularly appealing emotions or histories. he really wants Sportacus's crystal because it has such a long and varied history that Stingy could lose himself in it for hours, even days.
  • Ziggy: can make food with magical properties. for example, can make a pie that is sweeter than normal (through magic rather than actual sugar usage) and can make healing cakes or something. unfortunately you still have to put in the effort to actually follow the recipe and make the food and then if it expires the results might not be what was intended.
  • The Mayor: he is just incredibly likeable. his power isn't particularly useful, but everyone likes him almost immediately and it has made being elected mayor very easy.
  • Bessie: telepathy. she can mentally communicate with people and even animals if she really wants to. she's often so busy spreading gossip and information that she loses track of the outside world and gets herself in trouble a lot.
How They Would Sleep
  • Italy: Italy would kind of just curl up in a ball and cover himself with blankets. He might even hold a stuffed animal or pillow to keep him company. Italy wouldn't even wake up if there was an earthquake right by his house.
  • Germany: Germany would definitely be one of those people who lays on his back and doesn't move for the rest of the night. He would sleep like a rock and would be hard to wake up. Germany might even mumble some quick phrases here and there too.
  • Japan: When Japan is sleeping, he would sleep on his side with his hands perfectly folded and tucked neatly under his head. He would also be woken very easily, even if you're just walking by he might get up and scare you a little.
  • America: America would totally run to his bed and flopping down on his stomach and literally falling asleep a minute later. Sometimes he might even forget to take out his earbuds and fall asleep with music on. He might even wake up with them around his neck, practically choking him because he moves around while he sleeps.
  • England: He would fall asleep on his back with his arms and legs all neat and straight, but slowly through the night they would move to go in every direction possible. He also might let out a few sleepy phrases here and there.
  • France: France would definitely sleep on his side and he would literally be wrapped up in blankets like a burrito. He would also be a sleep walker, but he would only get up for about 5 minutes and just look at the stars or take a stroll down the hall.
  • Russia: He would definitely sleep in the fetal position hugging a pillow. Russia would move around a lot in his sleep and sometimes its so much that he would wake up in the morning with no blanket. When it's a cold night, he might sleep with more blankets than needed so that he won't get cold when some fall off.
  • China: China would sleep on his back literally smothering himself with stuffed animals and stuff of that sort. He would mumble and move a little in his sleep, but not a lot to move all of the stuffed animals off him. From all that heat coming from them, he could wake up with a dry and scratchy throat.
  • Canada: This little cutie would sleep on his stomach, like his brother but he doesn't fall asleep as fast. He can have trouble falling asleep sometimes, so he might talk to Kumajiro until he is drowsy and can't keep his eyelids open any longer.
  • Prussia: If Prussia is in an awesome mood he would probably not go to sleep until 5 A.M., and when he does, he would fall asleep on his back and thrash around all night. If he is in a "I am a total loser mood", he would still stay up all night, but this time he would just stay in bed on his side and just stare at a wall until he passes out.
  • Romano: This grumpy Italian would sleep on his back with his hands up and not move for the rest of the night. He would also be a deep sleeper, so if you don't know that he sleeps like that you might think that he is dead. And I wouldn't wake him up early, or else he'll be 10x grumpier.
  • Spain: Mr.Salsa here would try and sleep in the most comfortable position possible, which for him would be on his side cocooned in blankets. He might squirm in his sleep, making him look like an inch worm, and he also might mumble a few phrases here and there.
  • Austria: Austria would be so lazy, he would just plop down on his stomach and fall asleep like that. It doesn't matter if he is sleeping on top of something or sleeping without blankets, if he wants to go to bed, then he wants to go to bed and nothing is stopping him.
  • Hungary: Hungary would be very picky on how she would have to fall asleep. She has to sleep on her side, not facing a wall, with 2 blankets, and 2 pillows on top of each other. Without these, she might not fall asleep at all and be super cranky in the morning.
  • Switzerland: Switzy would sleep on his back, perfectly still. He would definitely keep some sort of weapon under his pillow/bed, because you never know when the enemy is lurking. He can be woken if he hears the front door being opened, but not when Lichtenstein gets up to get a midnight snack.
  • Lichtenstein: Little Lichtenstein would sleep on her back with her hands folded neatly on her chest. When feeling lonely, she might take out one of her old stuffed animals and sleep with it under her arm for the night. Also, when there is a storm, she might even turn on an old night light that she has so she isn't scared.
  • Ukraine: Ukraine would definitely sleep on her back, because of you know... her large breasts. To make it more comfortable, she would put a pillow under her so her back doesn't hurt that much. Ukraine would be woken up by thunder and lightening, but probably not by her brother screaming for help when he sees Belarus in his room at night.
  • Belarus: She would sleep on her stomach, cuddling one of Russia's pillows that she took from his room. Belarus would be a light sleeper, so when anyone comes in her room at night, she could see if it's Russia or not. Also, if she feels the need to, she might sneak out and watch Russia while he sleeps.

@beyondxstars is a weeaboob

  Cian’s headphones probably aren’t very good – Randy can hear the animated Japanese girl group pouring straight from them. worse, even, he recognizes them. eyes peek over at the goth bro, lips twitching as he tries to keep from snorting. “ wouldn’t have pegged you as a honkin’ Aqours fan, my dude. “

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I can sorta get hanzo attacking genji before he knows who he is and even "real life isn't like the fairytales our father told us when we were children" but I don't think it makes sense for him to pull the bow during the line?? Like what happened to his regret about genji being dead?

YA LIKE the animated short makes me laugh my ass off every time I watch it?? like literally hanzo’s actions are the exact opposite of the message the two dragons story, meant to parallel his story, is trying to send

Okay. Just let me cry in peace. Because...

Owari no Seraph released a new OVA today.

It’s about a vampire called Shahar and this girl called Riko. No more spoilers.

Everyone’s who has watched it says that the animation is bad. I agree. It’s horrible (especially when Shahar goes a little cuckoo).

But the story? Not so much. It’s very moving, in my opinion, and though I understand a few words, I can understand where this is going.

In my opinion, we need a much better studio to animate ONS from now on. S2 EP 12 was horrifying enough, but bearble. The OVA…. just stop with the animation and give me some good stuff.

Battle scenes are eh, to be honest. I was expecting much more, but good thing they kept the background music intact.

Again, on the animation problem, I was kind of disappointed (as @namanari stated) to see the same mistakes repeated. I would like to see animation more closer to Yamamoto-sensei’s art.

But the post-credit scene had me. Hello? EVER HEARD OF EMOTIONAL MIKA WHEN HE SAYS YUU-CHAN??? NO? NEVER HEARD OF IT? ( @no-signs-no-lights YOU KNOW WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO OUR SHIP?)

The ending was sad, and it had me in tears. It did, even if the animation sucked. Though that opening scene…

All in all, I’ll rate it 6/10. Only because sound quality, soundtrack, and story was moving.


How Veterinarians Ruin Movies
  • Me: "What?! Did you see that? That puma's pupils were mydriatic even with the light shining in it's face. I wonder if it was sedated?"
  • Vet Friend: "Oh totally. And it had a fractured #104. This is an older movie, do you think they used Rompun?"
  • Me: "I would imagine, or maybe low dose Telazol? Why would you sedate it anyway? Do puma's get SARDS? Maybe it has retinal disease and that is why. Really needs a dental though."
  • Vet Friend: "Imagine extracting that tooth! You'd be flapping for hours."
  • Boyfriend: "Guys..."
  • Me: "Oh god that is like my nightmare. One of the rings of hell is trying to remove a canine with an infinitely long root with a dull elevator."
  • Boyfriend: "Oh my God you guys come on."
  • Vet Friend: "Hahaha! Oh yeah! That dog is obese. You'd think they would get fit animals. You know this just makes it more difficult to discuss weight with owners. And- hey, where's your boyfriend?"
  • Me: "I don't know. The movie isn't even over, where did he go? Hey, babe? Where- Oh for crying out loud, they just put up a lateral of a dog chest and are saying it's the kid's radiograph!"

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Maybe the animators don't like Sakura and she isn't a vital support for the series only Sasuke and Naruto are. No offense. Sakura is a tag along even for a suppose main character we never saw or Kishimoto wasn't interested in letting us know who the Sakura's parents where he obviously doesn't like her. At least he didn't mess around with SS moments I think that's the only thing Kishimoto handle well in the manga the anime was terrible doe. I hope I wasn't offensive if so I'm sorry.

You’re not offensive at all. However,

  1. During the 2015 Jump Festa, Kishimoto expressed how much he likes Sakura, and how upset he was by the fandom’s reception. He really tried his best with Sakura. He was proud for turning her into a “fine young lady“ by the end too.
  2. Kishi was pressed by the editor to not introduce Sakura’s parents in the manga, due to the low popularity of her character. However, RTN’s parent designs are Kishimoto’s.
  3. Oh dear, Sakura isn’t a vital support for the series? A LOT of the manga isn’t vital to the plot’s progression, but it serves for its better appreciation, and those parts aren’t treated as badly by the animators. Almost all characters are in a way or another subplots to Naruto’s and Sasuke’s developments. They are the protagonists after all. Back to Sakura,
    1. She injected Naruto’s chest with chakra. Naruto would be dead otherwise.
    2. She saved Sasuke from the alternate dimension by aiding Obito. Sasuke would be dead otherwise.
    3. Except for the last arc, Sakura’s words are consistently the only ones to reach out to Sasuke, “devouring the wicked power”. Sasuke reacts to her, without her realising. 
    4. It’s Sakura who was given the promise of a lifetime.
    5. It’s Sakura who discovers the whereabouts of Orochimaru to rescue Sasuke.
    6. Without Sakura, Sasuke would have been a murderer of two innocent hindrances (the Otogakure guy at FoD, and Karin).
    7. It’s Sakura who smacked a god in the head.
  4. Let’s be honest, the Naruto plot is about getting Sasuke away from the path of evil. What are the most relevant bonds? NaruSasu - the Yin-Yang ”brotherly” growth-promoting rivalry, ItaSasu - unconditional love of your natal family, SasuSaku - unconditional love of your family-to-be. The parallels were decided since 2006.
  5. Saying that Sakura is not plot-relevant also means ignoring the most significant lessons to be learned from the manga. 
    1. Never give up on people whom you know still have some good in them. Don’t force yourself onto your loved ones, but let them know you will always be there for them.
    2. Armed with hard work alone, you can become the most accomplished professional in your field. Don’t forget Sakura is the only one after Tsunade, privileged by her Senju lineage, to master the Byakogou. She discovered Kankuro’s antidote within hours, failed accomplishment by Sunagakure’s entire medic team. The God of Shinobi is impressed by her alone.
    3. A girl doesn’t need to be romantically attached to a person to experience compassion and affection for them. (See Naruto, Chiyo, Rock Lee, Hinata, Karin, endless injured shinobi and children)
    4. Intelligence and accomplishments are sexy
    5. Once you think you’ve exhausted all your resources, you can still “give everything you’ve got”. Sakura drained her little chakra left to pump life into Naruto’s heart. She still managed to release her Byakogou after that. Twice. That’s unbelievable courage and resilience.
  6. Kishimoto too never stopped thinking of Sakura as a heroine (see JF15 interview again). You say that her skills aren’t comparable to Naruto and Sasuke’s, but she’s a Sannin/Kage-level shinobi at 17. Actually, I’m thankful that at least one main character was spared of gratuitous power-ups. 

Would it have been nicer if Kishi had given more focus to Sakura? Sure. Though it’s more the reader’s fault, and his inadvertent misogyny. People on average prefer unrealistic women, stripped of their humane complexity, “physically strong and mentally impassible”. Sakura is real, she faced problems which are relatable for many, and she’s an excellent role model for the way she overcame them. Arguably, she sustained the most tangible character development of all characters.

Regardless, the animator’s biases shouldn’t show. Some people will never read the manga, and their understanding of Sakura is forever skewed by people who de facto are overturning the plot of the manga. Then anime watchers complain that the plot isn’t consistent. Of course it isn’t. You’re not telling the story right.

What kind of movie they would watch:
  • Makoto: Being as faint-hearted and sensitive as he is, scary movies and ones with lots of violence and suspense are definitely out of the picture. Instead he'd enjoy more light-hearted movies, preferably a nice animation with some sort of moral lesson involved. He seems like he'd really enjoy Studio Ghibli movies like My Neighbor Totoro, or Spirited Away.
  • Haruka: He'd have a definite liking for movies that have a storyline involving water, he'd love movies like Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Life of Pi. He wouldn't be very picky of what it's about as long as it has water.
  • Rin: He'd be really into action movies. He'd be really interested in intense chase scenes and fighting. He'd love the adrenaline that those movies make him feel.
  • Nagisa: He seems like he'd be into horror movies. Nagisa isn't one to shy away so easily, and a movie that'd keep him on his toes would be his ideal choice. He wouldn't be so scared when watching the movie, instead he'd be amused and even find some scenes funny.
  • Rei: Rei would really enjoy documentaries. Ranging from history to nature ones. He'd definitely favor the nature ones though, since they usually show many beautiful sceneries and animals with unusual patterns that'd be very pleasant for his eyes.
  • Nitori: Nitori would really enjoy romantic comedies. The feel-good sappy romance stories would make him feel happy, and he'd feel really involved with the movie and characters, so much he'd cry when a character cries or when there's a really emotional scene.
  • Seijuro: He'd really like movies with a really inspirational message, and quite possibly sports. Something like The Blind Side, Field of Dreams or even Soul Surfer would be good to him.
  • Momotarou: Momo is still very much like a child, so he'd be very fond of animated movies that he was used to watching growing up. He probably would love Disney movies like Peter Pan and The Jungle Book.
  • Sosuke: Sosuke doesn't really seem like he'd be all that interested in movies, but when he feels like watching one he might choose a cult classic like Ferris Bueller or The Breakfast Club. Just because they're really good movies.
  • Kou: She'd definitely be into movies where the men are either shirtless most of the time or they are absolutely ripped. She'd be really into movies like Step Up and Magic Mike.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: tbh im still worried about the colonel, that dog in season 9 that dean was all mind meldy bros with. they gave him to a vegan couple. did they try to feed the dog a vegan diet? do they know that dogs can't survive on a vegan diet? also, did dean even think about that when he decided to give them the dog or did he just think "oh they're vegans so they love animals theyll treat the dog well." did it not even occur to him that they were so passionate about veganism that they ran a bakery devoted to it and performed illegal acts of vandalism in its name and that they might be exactly the kind of people who would expect a dog to survive on soy patties and tofu? and how could sam let him do such a thing? i mean i know sam is a health nut but he isn't a vegan and he is smart surely he knows that dogs need meat and vegans are anti meat. is the colonel ok? im just so worried about him and his health. i really hope he is okie dokie

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Since Juvia vs Keith will be animated soon, it bothers me how Mashima has Silver tell Juvia Keith isn't very strong like he is one of the weaker demons. What I mean is, before Juvia no-one managed to lay a scratch or even an attack on him. He seemed very powerful to me or is this just Mashima saying Juvia isn't strong and can only defeat a weaker demon because why point it out?

Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled by that either at the time, anon. However, the more I thought about it, the more I took into consideration what you just said. No one who fought Keith first (Gray, Gajeel and Natsu) could manage to lay an attack on him, so Mashima needed to have Silver say what he did, because otherwise he’d be establishing Juvia >Gray, Gajeel and Natsu, which is just not the case, right? 

So, physically/hp-wise Keith is not that strong (probably because he doesn’t need to be, since no one can even manage to touch him in the first place). However, no one aside from Juvia would likely have been able to have defeated Keith. That’s what Mashima was showing us. It needed to be her. She was the only one who’d be able to get passed his intangibility, because she, herself had a similar ability, and used it against him, by turning into water, and letting him absorb her. And she busted out from inside him, in probably the most brutal defeat we’ve ever seen of an enemy. 

I’ve said this before, but Mashima laid out in a stat breakdown of the Tartarus members that what Keith lacked in strength and endurance, he more than made up for in intelligence and his curse magic. Juvia managed to beat him in BOTH those strengths. She used his curse against him, and OUTSMARTED him. That’s why Juvia is awesome hee! ^-^

dragon age characters according to me, a person who has never played dragon age and isn't even sure what games all of these people are from

* a pair of blond white guys I honestly can’t even tell apart
* sad bendytoots egg, yet somehow less uncanny valley looking than bendytoots despite being a computer animated character
* minotaur jones
* very tall white(?) woman with short dark hair who always looks like she’s in a terrible mood
* pretty black woman who dresses like she came from a French musical
* Sia, except you can see her face
* fancy guy w/ great mustache (he is minotaur jones’ boyfriend, I think)

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Imagine this: man tries to teach lizards basic math- talks to them all day to get them to understand addition. He gets soo mad they never learn even though he keeps explaining, shows all his friends - "look at these dumb animals! The math is sooo simple!" Isn't this a kinda embarrassing scenario?

it sounds pretty cute actually