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my favorite thing about byun baekhyun (birthday series):

“one thing i love most about him is how he always makes sure to make his fans happy. he always smiles for us and makes jokes even when he’s not feeling well. he tries to be strong for us no matter what and idk how to say it but he makes sure to include his fans in whatever he does? like he shared a few things from his childhood with us, which no one asked him for but he wanted us to know and that’s the cutest thing ever.” - @byunchen

Kaiba and the evacuation of Alcatraz:  I’m going to start out with my usual Kaiba-related caveats here, because most of Kaiba’s actions come with a “yes, but…” attached.  I freely concede that Kaiba is (surprise!) being ridiculously reckless and careless with his own and other people’s lives.  

But what’s interesting to me is that these manga frames – which occur at the start of his conversation with Isis and before she mentions her brother as well as before Mokuba joins in – show that right from the beginning Kaiba intended to evacuate Alcatraz.  At no point was he trying to intentionally kill Yugi and his friends when he detonated the island.  Instead, Kaiba assumed that they would have enough time to get off of Alcatraz before it blew up.   

What’s interesting is that his calculations were correct – except for the one item he forgot to include.  In the anime, their escape is complicated by problems with the blimp, but in both the manga and the anime, their evacuation turns into such a nail-biting event because when they realize that Kaiba and Mokuba are missing, Kaiba’s staff delay their departure while Yugi and his friends use up all of their allotted escape time looking for them.  They’re all so worried that Kaiba intends to kill himself that they refuse to abandon the search until the last moment.  

I can’t help but feel that this is the one thing Kaiba would never have even considered factoring into his calculations: the possibility that anyone other than Mokuba cared whether he lived or died.

And in a final note of poignancy, Kaiba flies off without realizing that’s exactly what happened.

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Hiiii!! I Loove sono much your blog 💕 I would have never immagined that two of my favourite things could exist together and you always do an amazing jog. I've watched the new Run episode and I was wondering if there is anything in Tae chart that explain his cheating habit, because It isn't the first time for him breaking rules during games ^ㅅ^ . Sorry if I wrote something wrong in English

people say scorpios are the most ruthless when it comes to competition but i think capricorns take the cake. they’ll do whatever it takes to get to the top, even if that includes bending a few rules. it just shows how intelligent he is with that mercury conjunct uranus, always finding unique solutions that the others don’t. and isn’t that one of the qualities a good special agent should possess? 🤔 we love a cunning man!

Truth Or Consequences

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Word Count: 2.8k (One Shot)

Genre: Fluff

Summary: A simple dare has you wondering just how innocent Do Kyungsoo is 

Warnings: Light Teasing, Language

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(1/3) Imagine BokuAka and KuroKen being together and eventually Bokuto and Kuroo start dating with the consent of the other two who start dating as well. Kuroo and Akaashi eventually get close and get together too. One day they're supposed to all go on a date but Kuroo and Akaashi have to cancel last minute and it's just Kenma and Bokuto. Kenma feels awkward because Bokuto is his boyfriends' boyfriend but he himself isn't very close to him.

He suggest that they both just go home, but Bokuto declines and insist they hangout. As the day goes on, Bokuto pays for everything and buys whatever Kenma stares at for more than five seconds. He goes as far as to open doors for him, pull his chair out, and even walks him all the way home. At the end of the day Kenma asks Bokuto why he was so kind to him and Bokuto just looks at him all confuse and replies “why wouldn’t I be nice to my boyfriend?”

Kenma gets extremely flustered and feels guilty for only seeing him as his boyfriends’ boyfriend. He kisses Bokuto on the cheek to make it up to him and Bokuto is confuse and pleasantly surprised. -BAKK anon

How Do You Spell Roman?


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Seth: I know how to drive, dad!

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Seth: *tries to emulate his dad*

Dean: *does whatever the fuck he wants*

Roman: *loves and watches over them both*

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Roman: *is always willing to play catch with his kids*

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Roman: *is so proud of his son*

Like, so goddamn proud of his son. (credit to stellarollins)

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Roman: *leads his ducklings in a row*

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Like, all the damn time.

Even when they’re all half-dead. (credit to missbrainsb4beauty)

Roman “The Dad of Dads” Reigns

Shoutout to @harvardbby for that Roman post that murdered me inspired me to make this.

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Yg and Jm have exposed the most vulnerable parts to e/o, they revealed that when Jm was experiencing hard times they started drinking together. They constantly want to involve one another in the most intimate parts of their lives like the fact that Yg has, for 2 years now, wanted to work with Jm with his music, he went to Jm for the guide and wrote him songs etc. This isn't even about shipping I'm just so happy that they have found something like this within each other. I want a r/s like that.

seriously they’ve developed such a strong n deep connection that is so beautiful, soft, and real. seeing the things they say about each other and the way they have constantly and openly supported whatever the other does is so unreal like…….there is so much love, respect, and trust between them and I’m SO glad they have each other

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This isn't a headcanon but I think a lot about the fact that Taako is, for whatever reason, incredibly honest with Kravitz about his feelings from the very get go despite the fact that he keeps his feelings hidden from p much everyone else and it makes my heart swell

yeah… man, taako is a wild guy

he just straight up says “im worried no one else will have me” and doesnt even really beat around the bush about being attracted to him, he just lays it out and is like. yeah

my lovely friend izze/ @anonymousalchemist made a post or two (i think in reference to one of her fics) that taako just…. drops heavy ass shit like its nothing. but its Not Nothing, Ever. but he doesnt have the emotional capacity to properly talk things thru or express grief or sadness very well so he just. Doesn’t Express, and doesnt even realize that he’s being morbid or dark as fuck himself

and thats one of my fave taako headcanons i love it. i love traumatized taako yall im SORRY this was totally off topic

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To me, it seems really arrogant for Mark to say he's never going to do anything with the Host and then make claims that he is one thing. He said that whatever isn't on screen is in the air for the fandom. A part of me thinks that he has his canon version of the Host but since it's not his character he doesn't feel right using him. Honestly I'm just gonna keep writing him the way I want and you should too, don't worry about it friendo

Well, Host was never his character to begin with. Host was thought up by Cyndago, and even though Cyndago won’t be making anymore videos for obvious reasons, the character and concept of the character is still theirs. So Mark was probably just trying to set the record straight out of respect.

However his timing and delivery was a bit of a low blow, and it’s not like I’m going to rewrite this character or anything. But I’d also like to implement the idea of him being a radio host some more as well. My little outburst yesterday was just for goofs because I felt like jabbing back at Mark even though he won’t ever see it. Mark just is who is he is, and sometimes who he is makes me want to yell a little bit XD


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Are you still doing the soul mate au? Can I request #11 for bakudeku?

11: the one where soulmates share extreme physical sensation — if one gets hurt, the other gets hurt, and etc.

(i already wrote this, so this one is an au of ‘but you gotta get up at least once more’)

Izuku figures out this soulmate business out on his thirteenth birthday, because their families are eating dinner together and Kacchan shovels curry into his mouth and Izuku’s tongue promptly starts burning. 

“Kacchan,” Izuku says to a silently crying Kacchan, “can you stop that, maybe?” 

“No,” Kacchan says, and he dumps another three spoonfuls of curry into his bowl. 

“It hurts,” Izuku points out. 

“It’s good,” Kacchan retorts. 

“With how much you love spicy food, shouldn’t you have a better tolerance by now?” 

Kacchan picks up the curry bowl, stares him dead in the eye, and drinks it down. Izuku is reluctantly impressed by the sheer amount of spite that had to go into that action. Their parents immediately make Kacchan stop, but Kacchan has already achieved his goal. 

Izuku sighs. Enjoying dinner is kind of hard when Kacchan is doing his best to slowly set his nerves on fire. 

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Good vibes~ my dad snuck me some boxer briefs while my mother wasn't looking and I am so happy!! He isn't very well informed about the trans community or whatever, but he knows that I prefer being seen as a guy and would someday like to be one and he supports me no matter what. Even if my mother isn't accepting, just knowing I can rely on my dad takes so much pressure off of me


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Hi! This is maybe a bit random, but I'm genuinely confused how Harry's closet is seen by the fandom. It seems so much of the time that he's not allowed to be in the closet by the fandom, and he must be forced to be in the closet, or he isn't valid gay otherwise. People act like it's a crime or that he's "playing both sides" if he has a beard. Isn't it kind of normal for a celebrity in closet? There's this expectation for him to act differently from others in the same positition. I don't get it.

So I don’t actually know what most of the fandom thinks about Harry’s closet, or what the collective opinion is. I don’t even know if there is one. 

I do know that one of the really harmful trends I see here regarding closeting is that if Harry or Louis  are choosing to stay in the closet for whatever reason, they’re somehow less brave, less valid, less admirable. They’re bad, ashamed gays. Lots of people here can only justify their support of H and L if they imagine them as victims being forcibly closeted, who would come out in flurry of rainbow confetti if it weren’t for Machiavellian dictators keeping them chained. Attached to this idea is the dangerous, homophobic assumption that proud gays come out or want to come out, and ashamed gays who suffer from internalized homophobia stay in the closet or “self closet.” 

This is just NOT TRUE and the way people perpetuate this idea here is WHY I get regular anons from closeted LGBTQ teens asking me if something is wrong with them, if they’re a bad gay, if they should feel ashamed. It makes me sad so many people here equate CHOOSING to stay in the closet as something worthy of guilt or shame. 

Real life and real closets are way more complicated than that. There is no shame in choosing a closet. Also, celebrity closets are different that closets you or I might grapple with and I think people forget that. I agree, that his closet is not that unusual, it’s what’s to be expected for an artist who is not yet out. What is unusual is that he signals to his LGBTQ fanbase FROM the closet. I think this means some people feel “played” because they don’t understand the layers of nuance between being a fully, publicly out celebrity, and choosing to stay in the closet. They think signaling is closet knocking (it sometimes is but not always) and that closet knocking comes from a DESIRE to throw that door open, rather than just a quiet voice saying, “Hey, I’m here. Just like you.” They think closet knocking/signaling are preceding a coming out, but sometimes they’re just a form of communication. (See my signaling vs seeding post here). 

Here’s what I think: H and L don’t want to come out any time soon. They’re not planning on it and it’s not anything but a very, very long term goal. It just doesn’t seem like a priority for them, or a smart move to make in the natal stages of their solo careers. They still have numerous other shitty limitations surrounding their image and I I do think they have contractual obligations which are still in place, but. I think they COULD, (or Harry could, at least) have negotiated a coming out of some kind if they/he thought it would have actually helped him/been a sound business move or something that fell in line with his ultimate desire for privacy. I just think he chose not to argue that point, for now. 

I also think they’re NOT ASHAMED. They have no shame surrounding their relationship or their sexuality, which is why they have no problem signaling  from the closet/indicating to the fans who notice how fake and contrived the official narrative is. I think they’re proud, but private, and that they’re entitled to that and should be, given the whirlwind five years they lived through leading up to this point. 

I think they are choosing to stay in the closet at least for now. and that that choice has nothing to do with shame, internalized homophobia, etc. I also wish it wasn’t so controversial to say that? 

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I am half Japanese / half white. My dad is from Japan originally and I have visited their twice and I don't see any issue with the merch. Japanese merch has English or American themes in it and no one there cares. I even asked my dad and he said that it isn't bad and he thinks it is ridiculous for people to criticize them over something they love/passionate about. Yes people can have whatever opinions they want but I'm getting so fucking annoyed by everyone trying to make them out as bad people

yeah that’s why i don’t have much opinion on the japanese merch. dan and phil rly aren’t bad people for making the merch it just bugs some people i’m afraid. 

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Thank you for your post. Whatever happened to you only get one solo debut? I guess that only applies to everyone who isn't named Louis. The double standards to never cease to amaze in this fandom when it comes to him. "if people don’t recognise that, don’t recognise him"...I'll just be over here crying, because that's the crux of it, isn't it. They've believed all the lies that 1DHQ sold long ago and continue to push.

Hi anon :) 

I’m really bad at knowing who did what - but the ‘you only get one solo debut’ I found a slightly… ridiculous discussion as it pertained to Harry in particular. Because out of all four remaining 1D members, he honestly had the least to worry about with his album release. 

And I don’t even blame people for swallowing whatever narrative was put out there, because we’ve been inundated with it - blatantly, subtly, through astroturfers, etc. They have psychologists informing their marketing campaigns - they know how to target and demoralize and chip away at fanbases as much as they know how to build/hype them up artificially. It’s probably why 1D fans surprised them and in turn angered them, because there’s a larger than they expected part of the fandom who actually don’t believe what we’re being told. 

But now it’s a contest of stamina. Can we endure it longer than they can keep up the endless stream of bullshit? It’s a waiting game, a stalemate in that sense. Either we give up, or Louis himself gives up. That seems to be their idea. So I’m presenting Option C and that is to keep fighting for Louis. 

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Am i the only iris and cp fan who is not entirely here for carlos i mean he is ok but i won't forget the one time he complemented Dp lipstick back in S2 i was like are you for real while others said he was forced or whatever he never supported cp online when he was active or even mentioned iris by name in his twitter and always had this feeling he was more with the others like dp & tc on twitter than he was with cp i honestly am only here for cp and anybody who isn't fake & supports her PERIOD..

Huumm this is absolutely false. Candice & Carlos are close, Carlos is just not on social media. Even back then, he barely was.

What does Carlos complimenting DP’s lipstick have to do with Candice? He’s interacted plenty of times with Candice on twitter???

& yeah of course, he’s gonna be close to DP & TC since 90% of his scenes are with them. Doesn’t mean he isn’t close to Candice as well.

Whenever they do stuff together, you can TELL they are super close : CWestionnator, that Pizza promo thing (whereas he & DP were awkward and dry af), both SDCC, BTS pics and videos, CW Upfronts (and the iconic “Brown folk” selfie!!!) etc…. like??????

ALSO never forget the iconic face Carlos made when that interviewer at WonderCon mentioned Barry & CS and DP activated her pimping-snowboring mode

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What about a mob au where Nicky arrived in town in the dead of a rainy, stormy night and he's so shuttered and defensive and won't explain why he's here even after he gets picked up by ovi's crew and everybody's suspicious of him but ovi can see there's something else about him so he decided to keep Nicky around and everyone is aghast bc the dude isn't that built but look at his murder eyes?! But ovi is adamant he wants to give Nicky a chance too and see what he's made of(1/3)

Anyway Nicky starts off doing some work at one of Ovi’s stores or just doing shelving in his office of whatever and even tho Nicky doesn’t say much ovi notices he’ll him to some classic oldies that play on the radio so he buys a stack of CDs and leaves it out for him, ovi notices Nicky gets awful stress headaches and he’d deliberately let Nicky sleep in, and in turn Nicky grows so protective of the rookie mob members they soften up and start calling him “papa”(2/3)

And let’s say Nicky was on the run from another mob and the leader was his ex lover and wanted him but Nicky can’t stand the lack of respect and honour in that group so he makes a break for it and he knows he’s living on borrowed time so when he gets wind that the ex lover is headed his way, he tries to leave without causing suspicion even tho it tears his heart to leave his new family. And ovi catches him leaving but all he says is “I cant make u stay, but ur always welcome home Nicky” 3/3

(and Nicky finally breaks down out of hope and from all the accumulated stress and worry and fear and ovi sweeps him up in his arms like the movies and hugs Nicky close and that’s when mob boss Alex ovechkin swore on his life that he would protect this beautiful man and all costs) (4/3 whoops aha)



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How do you feel about people who make Yurio overly feminine? I don't consider him one of the other, he's just Yurio. Even though some of the art is beautiful, it's still strange seeing him in cat leggings and shorty shorts sometimes. The same goes for all the characters, since I see Yuuri this way a lot. Especially since many people consider him more submissive, but I can see him going both ways lol. Yuuri can definitely bottom, he isn't always a delicate flower.

Personally, I think that the fact clothing is gendered in the first place is ridiculous and anyone should be able to wear whatever they want. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people drawing characters in clothes not typically worn by their gender, especially characters from a show like Yuri On Ice that canonically had characters exploring their image and wearing things with both masculine and feminine aspects. You have Viktor with the original eros costume he said was designed to suggest both genders at once that he paired with his long hair and then Yuuri choosing that same costume and asking Minako to teach him how to move in more feminine ways. Clothing shouldn’t have a gender in the first place and our society is filled with very rigid gender roles so it’s nice to see characters exploring things outside of those confines.

There can be some issues with things like this of course, as there can be with everything. If one character, especially in a pairing, is consistently drawn as big, strong, powerful and hypermasculine and the other as weak, dainty, fragile and hyperfeminine then that can go into the territory of assigning heterosexual roles to nonheterosexual characters and relationships. But I don’t think that simply drawing characters in clothes society decrees is not for their gender is always the same thing.

So basically, while I think that like with everything there can be good aspects and bad aspects, I don’t think there’s anything immediately wrong if someone wants to draw Viktor in a dress or Yuuri in a crop top or Yurio in cat leggings. The fact that clothing is gendered in the first place is bullshit and there’s no reason for certain people not to be allowed to wear certain things. So I think regardless of what gender you identify as, if any, everyone should be allowed to explore their image and wear whatever clothes they want. 


Augustus and Gemma IV (Pt. 1; Excerpt) 

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