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Kaiba and the evacuation of Alcatraz:  I’m going to start out with my usual Kaiba-related caveats here, because most of Kaiba’s actions come with a “yes, but…” attached.  I freely concede that Kaiba is (surprise!) being ridiculously reckless and careless with his own and other people’s lives.  

But what’s interesting to me is that these manga frames – which occur at the start of his conversation with Isis and before she mentions her brother as well as before Mokuba joins in – show that right from the beginning Kaiba intended to evacuate Alcatraz.  At no point was he trying to intentionally kill Yugi and his friends when he detonated the island.  Instead, Kaiba assumed that they would have enough time to get off of Alcatraz before it blew up.   

What’s interesting is that his calculations were correct – except for the one item he forgot to include.  In the anime, their escape is complicated by problems with the blimp, but in both the manga and the anime, their evacuation turns into such a nail-biting event because when they realize that Kaiba and Mokuba are missing, Kaiba’s staff delay their departure while Yugi and his friends use up all of their allotted escape time looking for them.  They’re all so worried that Kaiba intends to kill himself that they refuse to abandon the search until the last moment.  

I can’t help but feel that this is the one thing Kaiba would never have even considered factoring into his calculations: the possibility that anyone other than Mokuba cared whether he lived or died.

And in a final note of poignancy, Kaiba flies off without realizing that’s exactly what happened.

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(1/3) Imagine BokuAka and KuroKen being together and eventually Bokuto and Kuroo start dating with the consent of the other two who start dating as well. Kuroo and Akaashi eventually get close and get together too. One day they're supposed to all go on a date but Kuroo and Akaashi have to cancel last minute and it's just Kenma and Bokuto. Kenma feels awkward because Bokuto is his boyfriends' boyfriend but he himself isn't very close to him.

He suggest that they both just go home, but Bokuto declines and insist they hangout. As the day goes on, Bokuto pays for everything and buys whatever Kenma stares at for more than five seconds. He goes as far as to open doors for him, pull his chair out, and even walks him all the way home. At the end of the day Kenma asks Bokuto why he was so kind to him and Bokuto just looks at him all confuse and replies “why wouldn’t I be nice to my boyfriend?”

Kenma gets extremely flustered and feels guilty for only seeing him as his boyfriends’ boyfriend. He kisses Bokuto on the cheek to make it up to him and Bokuto is confuse and pleasantly surprised. -BAKK anon

In the Heights Characters on Halloween
  • Usnavi: Tries very hard to throw a Halloween party so he can invite Vanessa
  • Vanessa: Looks amazing in every costume. Really, give her a sheet and she'll look great.
  • Nina: Finds a very scary and impressive costume
  • Sonny: Takes Halloween VERY seriously. Plans routes on maps of how to get the best candy, plans costume months in advance, and doesn't tell anyone but Pete what he's going as. When he does go, he's got the best costume in the state.
  • Pete: Just follows whatever Sonny's done and puts an artistic twist on it.
  • Benny: Finds a pretty cool costume and acts like Halloween isn't that big of a deal but deep down he is obsessed™ with it.
  • Carla: Finds the most adorable and flattering costume and goes trick or treating every single year, even though people think it's "immature" for people her age to do that.
  • Daniela: Dresses up with Carla against her will, and makes sure that Carla doesn't eat too much candy in one night because her sugar rushes are the absolute craziest. Once Carla woke up on a bench on 42nd street.
  • Piragua Guy: Gives out the BEST CANDY EVER MY GOD
BTS: types of friends

Namjoon: The clever one. You guys ain’t a gang or something, but he/she is lowkey the leader. Also always gets the good marks, doesn’t even have to study hard, you always ask him/her a math question you don’t get.

Yoongi: The cool one. Is usually quiet and doesn’t like to show emotions, seems like a cold and heartless person to others, but you know that he/she is an actual very sweet and caring person.

Hoseok: The moodmaker. Is always energetic, smiles 24/7, whenever you feel down he/she would do the most embarrassing stuff just to see you smile, but still is secretly the most depressed and sad person who doesn’T GET ENOUGH ATTENTION!! (gotta calm down)

Jin: Hands down a better mother than your actual mother. Feeds you like you’re his/her baby. Checks on you, asks about your day and if you have any problems. Is always up for bad knock knock jokes.

Jimin: The caring angel. Always, and I mean ALWAYS shares his/her food with you. No srsly, you don’t even have to ask, he/she will just give you his/her lunchbox food.

Taehyung: Is actually 7 y/o. Will always group up with you in group projects, bc bff. Loves to cuddle, is super clingy tho. Will go to the toillet with you, bc that’s what real friends do.

Jungkook: Superman. Srsly, he/she is that one friend that always gets whatever he wants. Always succeeds at everything, even if he/she is doing it for the first time. Teachers pet, but secretly s real rebel that wants you to skip school to go have breakfast or go to the arcade.

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Am i the only iris and cp fan who is not entirely here for carlos i mean he is ok but i won't forget the one time he complemented Dp lipstick back in S2 i was like are you for real while others said he was forced or whatever he never supported cp online when he was active or even mentioned iris by name in his twitter and always had this feeling he was more with the others like dp & tc on twitter than he was with cp i honestly am only here for cp and anybody who isn't fake & supports her PERIOD..

Huumm this is absolutely false. Candice & Carlos are close, Carlos is just not on social media. Even back then, he barely was.

What does Carlos complimenting DP’s lipstick have to do with Candice? He’s interacted plenty of times with Candice on twitter???

& yeah of course, he’s gonna be close to DP & TC since 90% of his scenes are with them. Doesn’t mean he isn’t close to Candice as well.

Whenever they do stuff together, you can TELL they are super close : CWestionnator, that Pizza promo thing (whereas he & DP were awkward and dry af), both SDCC, BTS pics and videos, CW Upfronts (and the iconic “Brown folk” selfie!!!) etc…. like??????

ALSO never forget the iconic face Carlos made when that interviewer at WonderCon mentioned Barry & CS and DP activated her pimping-snowboring mode


Augustus and Gemma IV (Pt. 1; Excerpt) 

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NO OKAY so pls don't be bitter. I saw this thing awhile back where Justin Beiber's manager said something about why he wouldn't go to South America or something and it's because of like insurance reasons or something? Idk it's something weird. I assume that's why harry isn't going there. I'm sorry you can't get tix tho :( <3

it’s just- south america isn’t really a stranger to artists, especially big names. bieber toured here in march, bruno mars and ariana grande are coming this year too. and i’m just naming the ones i can remember right now. damn, this isn’t in south america, but metallica even played a show on fucking antarctica a few years ago. they can come down here, they just choose not to for whatever reason.

and you know what pisses me off the most? the fact that crowds are so freaking good here. take 1d as an example. liam’s instagram video in chile, josh making a keek in colombia… the energy was just different, almost overwhelming. and i have no doubts it would be the same if harry played a concert here too.

i guess i’m just scratching my head here, anon. latin fans are so dedicated and enthusiastic that it’s not really a smart move to completely ignore them. i’m aware he can release dates in the future, but we’re always left behind and it fucking sucks.




The Fates Cast's Style of Dress
  • Corrin: Hoodies. Just hoodies. Nothing else. They're the hoodie kid.
  • Sakura: Sweaters over skirts with knee-high socks.
  • Azura: Airy summer dresses, even if it isn't summer.
  • Ryoma: Strange obsession with lobsters. Everything he wears has at least one lobster on it
  • Xander: Vests and dress shirts. Probably glasses too.
  • Leo: Whatever he wears, he never wears it right.
  • Elise: Skinny jeans and T-shirts with sequins on them
  • Camilla: Shorts and shirts that accent her curves.
  • Takumi: Makes his own shirts that say stuff like "Nohrians Are Scum!!" and "Hoshido FTW!". What a loser.
  • Hinoka: Doesn't quite care for dress; normally wears some sort of shirt with jeans. Anything she can throw together, basically.
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Maybe ot6 where ryan gets kidnnaped and the crew that did It send the Fakes videos of him being tortured but the worst part is that while he does scream and even cry ar one point he is mostly unfazed bc he knows his lovers are fine??? Basically when the crew gets him back is a lot of cuddling and crying and calling Ryan an idiot for not doing whatever he could to not feel Pain anymore

thats the irony of being kidnapped isn’t it? when you’re the one being hurt. because its not the others. sure you’re in for a world of pain and its sure as hell isn’t going to be fun. but at least the others aren’t being hurt. at least the others are safe. and coming for them. they just have to hold on until they get there

I'm not very religious and I don't care much usually for who has taken the title Pope, and yet I have a large amount of respect for Pope Francis. Recently the man has stated that one doesn't have to believe in God or church to be kind and can be spiritual in their own way without religion. He's also justified immigrants in America saying that this nation was built on them and will forever have immigrant blood running through the citizens' veins. The man isn't strict and seems very open to this generation's insanity and will refrain from judgment even on those who do not wish to live a Christian life. He is kind and wise and I thank whatever God may be out there for gifting him to us.

If he wasn’t already the Pope the man would be a saint.

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Despite Davekat, there is another thing that kind of rubs me the wrong way. It's about John. It's pretty clear that he isn't like his usual self, but everyone else looks so happy? I mean don't get me wrong I'm so glad they are, but for the fact that all are good friends with John (especially Dave & Karkat too) it kind of looks like no one really notices it or isn't "bothered" by it? I actually hoped they & others would hang around with him a lot but he is so secluded while everyone else so happy

I’m guessing this is gonna be addressed in whatever is coming next in some way but here’s my hot take. I think everyone is just so busy doing their own thing and living their lives – they all have clearly developed new hobbies and passions and shit on the new earth, except John, who is languishing away at home and not even taking down the birthday banners year to year – they straight up havent realized how unhappy John seems when you have the context of seeing him in his actual life. Which like, is actually pretty realistic and relateable, imo. 

Ppl who are depressed often do have a lot of really good friends who they would die for and who they know would die for them who just dont notice how bad the situation is b/c they are so busy with their own shit and John is clearly communicating with them a lot thru snaps at the very least so they get like, snaps of John being like yeah its cool guys!!! and just assume he’s doing his own thing like everyone else is. 

Like have u heard of that phenomena where social media makes everyone’s lives seem way better than they are to observers, because people tend to share things that MAKE their lives seem better than they really are? If they’re mostly communicating through snaps and not visiting in person as often it’s actually really interesting that things have went this way and they’re showing this. I’m actually baffled (in a GOOD way) about how John is suddenly getting a real continuation of the character arc he was kind of displaying at the end of the first yellow yard boat trip (the one he was on the whole way) when davesprite made fun of his dad’s notes and he flipped out about it. Like I’m amazed we’re getting a continuation of that? That’s awesome to me.

And I don’t think not noticing the extent of it makes everyone else BAD FRIENDS!!! it’s just like – it happens a lot. I actually really LIKED the depiction of it because it’s just one of those things that never gets talked about or portrayed realistically and I felt that this hit pretty close to the mark. And again I think it’s going to be addressed.


maybe we should stop trying to force this relationship

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your such a piece of trash for what you did to your boyfriend i hope he finds this blog and sues you. bullying isn't funny it's serious and scum like you should be in jail.

So the hate mail begins.

First of all, you’re a fucking idiot (notice that I spelled “you’re” correctly).

Why are you even reading my blog? You’re OK jerking off to cheating stories and pictures, but that one hurt your poor little feelings? Get the fuck off my blog then.

Once again, this is why I don’t like most “cuckolds” or whatever. Cuckold porn is always from the point of view of a guy, who “lets” his girl fuck other guys. My blog isn’t that, my blog is what real cheating is really like. I fuck who I want, when I want. And whether men want to admit it or not, women like fucking men who are strong and can beat up other men. It’s a basic instinct.

Also, I don’t give a shit what you think, it was hilarious when he got sent to the hospital. All this “anti bullying” shit makes me laugh.

  • Regina: You switched the hearts! Why?
  • Henry Sr: Because if you crush Snow White's heart, you'll be dark forever!
  • Regina: But I still killed someone. Just a different person. And I don't even feel bad about it. Isn't that just as dark? In fact, he didn't even do anything to me. He worked for me! That should be worse.
  • Henry Sr: Did you know his name?
  • Regina: No.
  • Henry Sr: You're fine.

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So, in your opinion Sebastian would completely lack a scent? Not even, like for example a weak note of sulphur or whatever hell might smell like? I liked the "Perfume" reference, though ^^ Do you think if he doesn't wear his perfume, people could actually sense that he isn't human?

I’m really glad you asked! To be honest, I’m quite torn between an idea of him lacking any kind of scent and having an unique one, it’s hard to decide which one is more suitable.

Sebastian’s body is made to change, to appear in various kinds and shapes only for his current master’s liking, but there must be something what can’t be modified, even if casual humans couldn’t see this feature. I suppose every being in the series has something like that, be it a scent, an aura, anything you like, but that’s exactly why they can sense each other - just like the Bravat did in one of the latest chapters. That’s why I think there’s at least one thing the demons and grim reapers can’t change about themselves when trying new appearance and it can disclose them. I have many theories about what could that be when it comes to demons but I’m mostly stucked with the “invisible” features, in which the scent can count also.

Let’s be honest, humans are not the most clever creatures. You could throw a hint on their face and they still wouldn’t notice it if you wouldn’t explain it rationally. That’s what could make Sebastian hiding his true self easier, I mean, everything he does in Black Butler is highly above average but nobody seems to care. I don’t think it’s just a manga’s lack of realism because in my opinion if there, right now would be somebody who acted like that people would still be amused and started loving him and his unique talent. The fact they don’t know how to explain it isn’t going to change their minds, after all there has to be an explanation for it, right? They just don’t know it at the moment, right? Therefore I doubt that if he wasn’t wearing any perfume people would notice that, they’re completely blind then and are still now, furthermore our sense of smell isn’t that good comparing to other beings but that’s not our fault, it’s just the way we are. Sebastian is a perfectionist though, even the tiniest detail has to be taken care of so that could be the main reason why he uses perfume in the first place.

Moreover, if his body wouldn’t have any natural scent, he would most likely smell like surroundings, like washed clothes, the cake he just baked, brewed tea, books from the library and the fresh air…

The second idea goes for him having his unique scent, inhuman and it could be suitable, too. It could be the sulphur but since his main purpose is to be as charming as he can, I’d rather say something more admirable. The smell you couldn’t compare to any other nor call it a name, light aroma which can never bore you and you never grow tired of feeling it, such pleasurable for your senses that you’d constantly long for it until it became like an oxygen. The sweet scent of the predator luring his prey. Remember that, even in nature it’s not the scariest one which gets the biggest bites but the one who is the most beautiful and capable of catching your attention so you’d come to it willingly.