he is... well unsure i guess

Even though I still think that airport thing is a little over the top, I feel like a damn proud mother. When I saw Dolores sitting there with teary eyes I could totally feel her…

And the best part was Ricky smiling his thousand watt smile like the proud af hubby that he is…


“Hey, sorry to bother you guys I’m looking for uh…” you trailed off looking down to the piece of paper in your hands. “Steve McGarett, do either of you know where to find him?” you asked, looking between the two men. One was smaller with light hair, the other tall with brunette hair. “That’s me” the taller one chuckled, raising his hand. “Oh hi” you laughed. “Y/N” you introducing, hold your hand out for him to shake. “I’m the new cadet I was told to come find you?” you said unsure of why really, having not been totally informed. “Oh right, sorry I didn’t think you’d be here yet. Bit early aren’t you?” he laughed. “Gotta make a good impression” you nodded with a smile. “Well I’m going to be training you in to everything around here. We’ll be spending a lot of time together and I guess that means I have to be twice as early as you to keep up” he joked playfully.

Grow (Yoongi x Reader)

He’s rude, like his feral plants.

More magical BTS here

fluff, 4.2k words, yoongi/reader, fantasy au

“_______?” There’s a tap on your shoulder.

Drowsily, you blink your eyes open. “Hmm?” you mumble, still half-asleep.

“Did you get that? We were going over our new roles and you’re in charge of getting the vegetarian feed now,” the student head, Jongin, says.

Eyes still barely open, you nod sleepily. “Oh, yeah, okay,” you say, not entirely processing the information. Your leg has fallen asleep; you wince.

“Well, okay, then,” Jongin replies, sounding unsure. “I guess everything’s finalized. I’m going to turn the papers into the coordinating teacher now.”

It’s only when the door is firmly shut behind the student head do you truly awaken, mind whirling.

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jacketyjackjack  asked:

Does Marwood have a story? They look super good!

I’m so lazy (more like I have no motivation, but that’s another matter, leedle) with profiles–so thanks for asking about him, despite him not having much info. :’)

So, Marwood is your typical amnesiac Naiad.

What, that’s not typical? Really? Gosh darn it, guess I’ll just have to expand

So, if anyone’s unsure, a Naiad’s a fairy that is found predominantly in fountains/wells/springs/brooks–ergo, any fresh water source. His preferred housing is a massive fountain that Eirik and Vashon helped build for him in a spot that Sinann allowed him to reside in.

As I mentioned, he actually had zero idea where he came from, and he didn’t even know his name. Abellio suspects that he’s fallen to a fate similar to his–where he has had a near death experience, his life saved by becoming like that which saved him. (In Abellio’s case–a Dryad. Marwood? A Naiad!)

Unlike Abellio’s Dryad family, the Naiad that is suspected of saving Marwood certainly didn’t stick around (for reasons unknown), leaving the poor young Guardian to wander about, and eventually find his way to the Clan in the Mists.

Without a name, and looking eerily similar to Lockwood, Cecelia teased that he be named after him. Ergo, he gained the name Marwood (similar to Fleetwood being named after Lockwood, too!). (He’s also teased cooonstantly about being an ‘illegitimate’ child of Lockwood’s, due to his dual heritage. He’s a Nature/Water hybrid!)

Eventually, he was drawn to his Charge, Spriggan, who just so happens to be fae-born as well (a Dryad!). So, currently, he’s following this attention-of-a-fruitfly Spiral around, keeping him from getting stuck in rotten logs, and squeaking until he’s let out…

It’s, uh. Something. He’s not sure how to feel, yet.

i was made to keep your body warm

summary: an overly fluffy pneumonia fic set in pajama week
Dan aches in his bones. Well, he says his bones, it’s not all of 206 them, only the 24 that sit in his ribcage - do you have 12 pairs of ribs? Dan’s suddenly unsure - and really, he guesses it’s his lungs. The point is that Dan aches. It hurts especially when he breathes, which, as it turns out, is surprisingly frequent.

word count: ~1300

a/n: inspired by this tweet from the wonderful dizzy!

title from Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

also available on AO3

Dan aches in his bones. Well, he says his bones, it’s not like it’s all 206 of them, only the 24 that sit in his ribcage - do you have 12 pairs of ribs? Dan’s suddenly unsure - and really, he guesses it’s his lungs. The point is that Dan aches. It hurts especially when he breathes, which, as it turns out, is surprisingly frequent.

“Ow,” Dan moans on an exhale, after a particularly harsh cough.

“Shh,” Phil says unsympathetically, clicking the volume on Bates Motel up a little.

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Well, by Golemn!

A member of our party is a rock golemn. He consistently makes rock puns.

Describing his own character’s voice: I guess it’s just kind of gravelly, to be honest.

After being knocked prone by a goblin: I guess I just took my large size for granite.

After our wizard hitting 0hp in the first round of a fight: Well we got off to a rocky start this time, didn’t we?

When the DM was unsure of a rule: It’s not like these things are all set in stone, right?

Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlock’s
[chapter fourteen] is up!


Rafael nods.  “She made their rings – Aunt Izzy’s and Clary’s.”

“Oh, an excellent choice.  Yours I’m assuming?” Rafael nods again, an unsure smile slipping over his face.  Magnus hums and says, “Let me guess.  Polished sapphire for the biscuit, and moonstone for Isabelle?”

“How’d you know?” Rafael asks, eyebrow raised.

Magnus grins.  “A Warlock has his ways.”

Alec snorts, eyeing Magnus before he looks at his son. “I told him, Raf.”

“Or a Warlock has a well-informed Shadowhunter, whichever.” 

Again set in the tagalong!Lewis AU (that’s what ecto’s calling it I think) where Lewis reluctantly tags along with the group to protect Vivi and none of them, except for Mystery, know who he actually is.

Focusing more on Lewis and Vivi this time around.

“You’re certainly one of the more…interesting ghosts I’ve come across.”

Lewis wasn’t sure if she was complimenting him or not. He stood perfectly still as she circled around him. It was obvious she was still suspicious, but she wouldn’t listen to reason that Arthur was a cold-blooded murderer.

Oh well. As long as he was around to protect her from that backstabber, and anyone else…he would be fine. Even if she couldn’t remember him.

“Is that…good?”

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It Only Takes One Time (Part 38)

this is  trash wth did i even write (pls dont h8)

Part 37

Warnings: Swearing

I gulped back and slightly tightened my grip on Liam as I heard the words escape Catherine’s mouth. Who was she talking to? Dan or Phil? What about Jacob?

I slowly turned around and saw Dan and Phil staring at her intently, waiting for her to finish talking as well. She seemed to have gone silent but I was ready to hear more.

“What did you say?” Phil rubbed the back of his neck, unsure what to do with himself. Judging by Dan’s body language; neither did he.

“Y/N…” Catherine trailed off, looking down to the floor. “I’ve never really known how to tell you this and I guess that’s why I’ve been a shit friend to you ever since you met Dan… I wasn’t sure how to deal with these feelings that I’ve always kind of had towards other women… I wasn’t sure for a long time if I was attracted to both men and women or just girls and… I know now. I’ve probably been in love with you ever since I realized I didn’t want to see you with someone else.” Catherine said all of this quietly, so she was barely inaudible. I didn’t have a reply right away. I wished that I could come close to feeling the same way about her, but I was too caught up in the Dan and Phil business. I’d already been in love with a man for almost a year and it was complete hell but as I learned; those feelings were going to remain.

Dan had started coughing, probably just struggling to digest the information that a woman wanted to be with me.

I was standing in a hallway were 3/3 of the people had seen me naked (Catherine obviously had as she was my best friend) and were romantically into me… There was absolutely nothing more awkward than this.

Not to mention I was carrying my son with me. Why had my life turned into such a destructive journey?

“Catherine, listen,” I sighed, avoiding her eyes. I couldn’t face her. “You know me so well… And I have told you things that nobody else knows. For that same reason I need you to understand that after everything I’ve been through and everything I’m going through this isn’t what I need… Nor you. I know you maybe think I’m it for you but you haven’t explored. I’m not one to judge but luckily for you, you haven’t accidentally gotten pregnant.” Catherine nodded and smiled. She knew that I wouldn’t go back on my word.

“I should go break up with my boyfriend then, I guess. Thanks for having me over.” With that she simply walked away into the lounge, leaving me once again with Dan and Phil.

“Dan, can you excuse us? I kind of have to tell Y/N something important and I’d rather had you not around.” Phil cleared his throat and inhaled deeply. Dan shook his head and pointed at Liam.

“She’s holding our son, so I’d rather stay.” Dan made a click noise with his mouth to make him appear more quirky than an asshole. I had no intention of letting Liam go and if this were a conversation between Dan and anyone else while Liam was in the room I wouldn’t leave either. There was no point in denying him. I looked at Phil and gave him a look saying ‘nothing I can do’. He huffed and shrugged.

“I don’t think that we should continue whatever is going on between us. I really do like you and if I could have it any other way, I would. I just can’t keep going on when I know that you love-“ Phil turned to look at Dan for a second before turning back. “Him. I-yeah, goodnight.” Without another word, Phil turned and walked into his room. I heard the click of the knock but that was it.

I felt like I’d just gotten stabbed close to my heart. However, my heart had already been stabbed by Dan and so this one landed right next to it.

Phil had said to me all I’d been saying to Dan for months in just seconds. I truly let myself believe that when it came to Dan, I was the only one who was hurt. I was the only one who could feel pain from the rejection and the mistakes I made with him.

Now I knew that wasn’t the case.

For when it came to Dan and I, there was no chance because Marie was in the way. I suffered.

When it came to Phil and I, there was no chance because Dan was in the way. Phil suffered.

Even Catherine, who was a lesbian and in love with me. There was no chance because there stood Dan and Phil. As a result, Catherine suffered.

The proved to me that although Dan hurt me, I projected that on to everyone around me. I made it all become sour and sticky without noticing that I damaged people while I looked for ways to fix myself.

“So, it’s just us…” Dan murmured, leaning back against the wall. I loved him so much, and everyone claimed he reciprocated those feelings. Even he claimed he did.

If that were true, why hadn’t he come running to me? Why hadn’t we been together when I gave him chance after chance?

I knew the answer.

Dan Howell was a coward. There was no further explanation.

“No. It’s not,” I stomped off into Liam’s room, slowly placing his sleepy body in the crib and grabbing his baby monitor. In a flood of tears I ended up in Dan’s room. What was this mess?

I grabbed my computer and opened up my email, quickly typing up the user and the password. It was 7:15 which meant my results for my pregnancy test would be in. This would determine my next moves.

“Y/N, can I come in?” Dan quietly asked, knocking softly on the door. I could feel myself begin to worsen with my mental break down as the anxiety rose whilst my email loaded up.

“N-no…” I shook my head to myself, trying to conduct myself properly. If this was positive, I would be much worse. At that point I would have my baby and avoid Dan and his baggage as much as I could.

“Please? Can we talk?” Dan kept coaxing me to let him in but I was in no mood.

“I don’t want to talk to you. You’re frustrating and annoying and I’m done. All I want is to get through this stupid trip and move out and never have to see you in between the custody agreement.” I was lashing out but the amount of toxins rushing through my body was making things much more dire than I needed.

I looked at the computer and saw the email from my doctor. I gulped back and braced myself as I clicked it. My breath stopped.

The email loaded and all I could see was a blunt statement.

Pregnancy test=negative”

I wasn’t pregnant. That was all the relief I needed.

My previous thoughts from just moments before had become hazy. I wasn’t crazy or self hating. I was heartbroken and for once it wasn’t by Dan. Granted, I probably broke Catherine’s heart but she was understanding. Everything happened so fast.

“Come in,” I breathed out, shutting my laptop. Dan carefully twisted the knob and entered, heavily making his way over to me. Looking at him made me burst into tears. I wasn’t having another child (which was good) but I got dumped (not so good).

Dan hugged me, but it was in no way romantic.

“I’m sorry I made you feel like this.” Was all he said, and for the first time, I believed him. He may have been a coward and a fucking idiot, but he wasn’t a bad person.

A Tale of.... wait... what just happened?

A Group of a level two slayer, level one fighter/ rogue and a level one baird/ druid are freeing a village from bandits. They’ve cleared a majority and are ready to clear the bandit hold. Three bandits have rushed them.
Rogue:*bitch slaps one bandit haughily* can’t we just talk about this?
DM: the bandit is unsure if your flirting with him or not.
Slayer(out of character): role diplomacy check.
Rogue: 16 plus 8.
DM(as bandit): Well I guess so. *blushing*
Rogue: *winks*
DM: Roll charisma.
Rogue: 18.
DM: Bandit now knows your flirting with him and likes the attention.
Rogue: so…. do you wanna meet for drinks sometime? In the next village?
DM: Bandit agrees to a week from now. He stops attacking you and walks away. What do you do?
Rogue: I was gonna stab him in the back but now I think I’ll meet him for drinks. His name is Jeremy.
That’s how we found out my rogue flirts his way out of situations. Oh and he’s super straight….

when your POT pulls out a black AMEX....

I had a POT date yesterday and it actually went really well. We met at a bar in a hotel for a couple of drinks and got along great. He was a perfect gentleman, we chatted about life and business and negotiated terms of a possible arrangement… He offered me a job because he said I was a better negotiator than people that work for him… Ladies, never let your guard down and keep up that hustle! I was unsure as to how much I liked him but he pulled out the black amex to pay so i guess you can say there will likely be a second date ;) 

In Plain Sight

Summary: You had been best friends with the boys since forever when you and Luke started secretly dating. But you didn’t know that hiding your relationship from them would be this difficult.

Word count:  1.3k

“Um… P?” Luke asked, unsure.

“No, it’s a T! Wow, you are awful at this game…” you said from where you sat, straddling his back on the bed. “You haven’t guessed one word right yet.”

“Well, maybe that’s because someone traces the words so softly I can barely feel them.”

“Okay, tell yourself that if it makes you feel better…”

Too quickly for you to react, Luke turned around and rolled you over so he was on top of you. “What was that, again?”

“You suck,” you said tracing the words on his forehead instead of on his back like you had been doing before. “And I win.”

Luke frowned. “I wasn’t aware this was a competition.”

“That’s why you are the loser.”

“You know, I’m starting to get worried about this competitive streak that you have…” Luke teased you. “I might break up with you.”

“Oh, yeah?” you asked not worried at all. Maybe the threat would have carried a little more weight if Luke hadn’t said it smiling at you fondly.

“Yeah,” he confirmed leaning in closer. Your mouths were almost touching when there was a knock on the door and you pulled away in a hurry.

“Oi, Lukey! We’re back and we come with food. Are you hungry?” Ashton yelled through the door.

“No thanks!” Luke yelled while you both quickly got up and got dressed.

“Hey, were you talking with anybody?” Michael asked. “I thought I heard voices.”

“Um, no. It was just the computer. I was watching youtube videos!”

You glared at Luke. “Seriously?” you whispered. “Youtube videos?” He shrugged.

“Okay, man!”

When their voices trailed off towards the living room, Luke turned towards you. “Okay, this is getting ridiculous. We should tell them.”

“Are you crazy? They can’t handle something like this. It would rupture the whole group dynamic.”

Luke raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you think that you are exaggerating a little?”

“Do you remember how awful they were to my last boyfriend? They practically scared him away!” You replied.

“Well, that was mostly my fault,” Luke confessed sheepishly. “I was jealous.”

Biting back a fond smile, you sat on his lap. “Still, I don’t think they are ready to know that we are dating.”

“I think you should give them a little more credit. They are much more mature now.”

At that exact moment you heard a loud noise outside, followed from loud footsteps.

“Oh my god, Luke!” Calum yelled from the hallway. “Michael just farted in Ashton’s face and now he’s unconscious, I think he killed him!”


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