he is wrapped around her little finger

imagine john and sherlock reading the harry potter stories to rosie in bed, john’s so good at doing all the different voices and sherlock takes over when he can tell john’s getting tired, rosie always begs for one more chapter and they always give in because she has them wrapped around her lil finger. sometimes all three of them fall asleep on rosie’s tiny single bed and john, half-awake, glances over at his little family and his heart swells with pure love 

You know what I just realised? It’s the women in this show calling the shots, at least in this series. Mrs. Hudson plays both John and Sherlock like fiddles (not to mention ordering around Mycroft and MI6), Mary tells Sherlock EXACTLY what he’s going to do, Euros has fooled them all, and Lady Smallwood has Mycroft wrapped around her little finger. 

Moftiss has created some fucking BADASS women characters.

Headcanons about the Scamander Children
  • Newt and Tina have three children, two boys and a girl: Phoenix, Linnet and Leo.
  • Phoenix is just your average boy; he enjoys playing and eating sweets but he’s quite well-behaved. He loves it when his parents read to him, especially when it’s about his Daddy’s creatures. As the oldest, he feels like he has to look after his younger siblings when things go wrong; despite this, when he smiles it lights up a room - his smile is one of his parents’ favourite things.
  • Linnet, the only girl, has Newt wrapped around her little finger and she knows it. She’s been a troublemaker from the start; turned the wrong way during her birth (requiring a caesarean to be performed), shouted instead of crying*, and once she could walk she went anywhere she could. She’s an adventurous soul, very kind-hearted and sweet…just very mischievous.

*Yes, I took that from Eddie Redmayne saying his daughter shouts instead of crying (“BAH!”). I think it’s adorable.

  • Leo, the youngest, is the baby of the family - he’s shy, far quieter than his older siblings, preferring to read or be with the creatures than playing. He loves cuddling, always sitting on Newt or Tina’s laps or hugging them around the waist; he just loves affection. Once he can read, he reads Fantastic Beasts as often as he can: one day he proclaims that he wants to look after animals, “just like daddy”.
  • (Newt is close to tears of joy after hearing this)
  • Each of the kids has a favourite beast (though they love them all): Phoenix is fond of the Niffler, Linnet adores Dougal the demiguise (they play hide-and-seek) and Leo just loves the bowtruckles. One day one of them starts perching on his shoulder and it’s the greatest moment of his young life.
  • When the kids are babies and struggle sleeping, she gently sings them to sleep (a trick Queenie suggested) - they become so accustomed to it that even when they get older they sometimes as her to sing to them when they need comforting. (she’s not amazing/perfect, of course, but they love it)
  • (Newt also loves it)
  • Leo contracts Dragon-Pox when he’s four and gets admitted to hospital; Tina panics because she’s seen her parents die of it and can’t handle the thought of losing a child to it as well. Thankfully, because it’s caught early, he recovers within a few weeks.
  • The kids love getting to see Jacob and Queenie as well as the Kowalski children; they all spend hours in the bakery, helping to bake in whatever way they can, and Jacob makes them pastries in the shapes of their favourite creatures, much to their delight.
  • Jacob also gives all of the kids piggy-back rides and Queenie’s home-cooked meals are the best that the children have eaten.
  • Newt loves bringing the children down into the case whenever he can, teaching them how to look after and care for the creatures - he nearly cries when he sees how much his kids love these amazing creatures, just as much as he does.
  • Tina brings books down into the case, and the entire family-plus-beasts have long story-time sessions where she reads and they all cuddle together in a big heap. Often Linnet dozes off whilst cuddled between Dougal and Newt.
  • The Niffler behaves slightly better when around Tina or Phoenix (who has his mother’s dark hair) - he still tries to escape the case and steal things, but he’s more likely to give them back if Tina/Phoenix tell him to.
  • Pickett sits/climbs on all of the Scamander children, but he likes Leo the best because he’s quieter and the most like Newt.
Imagine looking at Christmas lights with Dean and your daughter on Christmas Eve

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“Ooh, Daddy, look over there!” Sofia cheered. This was her first time going out to see Christmas lights on Christmas Eve where she was old enough to know what was happening.

Sofia sat in between you and Dean in the front seat of the Impala. She pulled at Dean’s sleeve to look at the pretty display of lights. “Pretty,” Dean agreed. He was grinning from ear to ear–his little girl was his pride and joy; he never thought he could have kids, because of the life you two lived, but when you found out you were pregnant, he was the happiest man alive. Since then, Sofia had her father wrapped around her finger.

“Hey, Sofia,” you said, “look at that house.” It had strings of only blue lights on it–her favorite.

“YAY!!” she squealed. You laughed, happy that you and Dean could provide a good Christmas Eve for Sofia.

You leaned over your daughter and whispered in Dean’s ear. “My parents always like to stop and get something to eat in the car. Can we stop somewhere?”

“Of course.” Your husband smiled at you and drove toward the nearest store.

You pulled into the parking lot and entered the store, telling Sofia to pick out one snack. She came back with four, but the look in her green eyes, just like her father’s, begged you to let her get all of the snacks. You looked at her with mock annoyance. “Okay, I guess.” In truth, you just couldn’t say no to her.

You got back to looking at lights around the nearby neighborhoods, Sofia squealing every time she saw lights she liked–so pretty much every house.

When she saw a house with an angel in the front, she pointed and said, “Cas!” You and Dean both laughed, loving that she saw Cas in the angel with wings and a halo.

“Yes, honey, it’s an angel, just like Cas,” you told her. You held her in your lap; this was the happiest you’d been in a while–Sofia and Dean were the two best things to happen to you, and there were very few moments like this. You couldn’t wait to get back to the bunker and have Sofia open her Christmas Eve present.


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Headcannons of Kiba, Kankuro, and Neji as dads please! Preferably with their children as toddlers 😍

Congratulations because this will be my 100th post on this blog. I am going out of order on this one because this ask is SO IMPORTANT TO ME. How freaking cute. ❤❤❤ 

Straight up listened to “Dear Theodosia” when I was writing this.


Kiba would have a daughter. The second he sees her, he is a sobbing mess. He can’t stop looking at her and giving her little kisses on the top of her head. He is beyond ecstatic that he and his s/o are bringing a little miracle into the world. He loves the idea of expanding his clan and welcomes fatherhood with open arms. 

This little girl would have Kiba completely wrapped around her finger. There wouldn’t be a single thing this child wants but doesn’t have. Kiba would spoil her with everything - dresses, flowers, stuffed animals, etc. With Kiba, there is no such thing as letting your child cry until they calm down because the second she even thinks about crying, Kiba scoops her in his arms and rocks her until she is happy again. 

Once she is a toddler, Kiba starts putting the Inuzuka clan fangs on her. He lives for how adorable she is with her tiny markings. She just gets excited that she gets to look like daddy. She ends up being a spitting image of Kiba, with thick brown hair and tiny fangs that grow in place of lost baby teeth. 

Kiba wastes no time taking her to meet all the pups that belong to his clan. He doesn’t just give her a dog like Tsume did with him. He introduces her to each dog that is ready to get a master and he lets her choose. Kiba doesn’t even care that she chose the biggest breed of dog they own. In fact, he is extremely proud that she chose a companion who will be able to protect her. 


Kankuro would have a son. At first he would be disgustingly nervous about having a kid, but once he sees his son and realizes he helped make that tiny human, all the initial fear melts away. He wouldn’t cry but he would have to take a few moments to really understand this new chapter of his life. He would be so careful with this child so he would never experience the pain Kankuro did.

He would want to be around for all the important moments in his son’s life. He wants to hear the baby’s first laugh. He wants to watch him discover his hands. He would die when his baby says “papa” first (after rubbing it in his s/o’s face). Kankuro would cheat the system and use his chakra strings to hold his baby up while he was trying to take his first steps. 

Kankuro and his son would get into so much trouble. He would teach his son the art of pranking his mother, starting with hiding and jumping out at her to scare her. He would love to be the type of dad who makes his kid laugh as much as possible. 

Kankuro would get yelled at for not being as protective as he should be. All the lecturing would be left up to Mom. Despite this, Kankuro is not that affectionate with his child. He gives him little pats on his head and will lift him up on his shoulders while they’re going on walks. He’ll call him “kiddo” when he’s being cute.


Neji would definitely have a daughter. He would wonder if he is really cut out to be a father, but after seeing his baby, he knows he is meant to raise a child. Part of Neji wants to drop everything and focus on her, while the other part wants to keep fighting to make sure she is protected long-term. 

Neji is the type of dad who will make sure his daughter is disciplined but still so happy. He’ll gladly give her whatever she wants in the world as long as she earns it first. He wants to instill respectfulness and sophistication in her.

She is his sun. His entire life revolves around her. He melts every time she laughs. He tears up when she first begins to speak. He teaches her to walk by holding her hands and putting his feet under hers. He likes to just lay on the floor and watch her play and dies when she holds his hands.

Neji is not shy about wanting her to be a strong shinobi. When she is old enough, he will start off with teaching her about the different types of weapons. He’ll make sure he teaches her all the basics of chakra and sparring before she even gets to the Academy. He’ll always go easy on her and let her win until she is tough enough to really hold her own. Neji almost screams when she lands a hard hit on him with her Gentle Fist because he is overcome with pride. 

Seven year old Myrna Dursley has her father wrapped around her little finger, so of course, when she asks to go into the pet store, he says yes…even though it’s going to make them late for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Dudley does draw the line, though, at going into the back room to play with the kittens. Myrna has her face pressed against the glass, and is cooing at the tiny things when she says no. 

That’s when the glass disappears. 

Myrna topples forward into the kitten’s enclosure, and immediately begins to stroke the nearest kitten, satisfied. Dudley topples backward over a stack of empty hamster cages, immediately taken back to that day at the zoo. 

He needs to call Harry. Right now. 

The Perfect Tree


Prompt-  Niall and his wife and there new baby girl are looking for a Christmas tree

~ 689 words


“Niall, honey, can we please hurry up? I kinda dont want my daughter to freeze.” You fretted as you followed Niall down countless rows of christmas trees. Personally you didn’t understand why you couldn’t just pick one, they all looked the same anyway. 

“I want the perfect one (Y/N) and you put like five layers of clothes on her and that blanket.” He teased, “And our tiny princess here is a tough little thing.” Niall cooed to the small baby in the stroller, adjusting the blanket around the infant. 

Your baby girl just stared up at the two of you, her pacifier bobbing in between her lips and her soft pudgy cheeks were blushed. She has only been alive for only a month and she already had both of you wrapped around her tiny chubby finger. While you were busy looking at your baby Niall had walked ahead and inspected every tree he passed. “Your daddy can be really tiring sometimes.” You sighed and started to push the stroller and catch up with your husband .

“How about this one.” You called to Niall.

He came back to where you were standing, “No love, its too skinny. We need a nice big one to be the Horan family Christmas tree,” Rolling your eyes fondly and watched him walk once more. 

And you continued like this for the next half hour, you pointing out a tree and Niall finding something wrong with it. It wasn’t until your newborn grew fussy, “Ni, baby, come on she’s cold. Can we please just pic one. It’s not like its going to be in our house forever, only for a few weeks.” 

“I know that but its Ava’s first christmas so i want it to be special.” You couldn’t help the smile that creeped on his face, he was just too cute. “And maybe she just wants daddy to hold her.” He smiled down at the small infant, he unzipped his jacket and picked up his baby girl who was still fussing. He brought her to his chest. Niall held her close wrapping his jacket around her slightly and you couldn’t help but giggle, “It looks like your smuggling her.” 

“Shut up.” He laughed as he fixed the baby cap on her head. Her fussing quieted a little but both of you knew it probably wouldn’t last long, “Alright lets find a tree and get this little one home.” 

It didn’t take long until Niall stopped dead in his tracks, you almost hit his ankles with the baby stroller “That’s the one” He said looking back at you with a bright smile. 

“It looks great Niall, can we get it and go?” You whined, you were absolutely freezing . 

“Yes love, now we just have to find the guy an tell him we want this one.” 

“I’ll go. Knowing you you’d find another one then spend an hour trying to decide between the two.” 

He watched as you walked off to find the owner of the tree farm, “Your mum loves to give daddy a hard time.” Niall smiled down at his little bundle of joy. Ava looked up at her dad, the blue eyes that matched his watched his features as her pacifier continued to bob up and down. “Do you think daddy picked a good tree? Your mum and i are gonna decorate it so pretty, you’ll love it baby girl.” He babbled as he swayed back and forth. Niall didn’t even realize you were walking back until he heard you point out to the man which tree you wanted. 

It didn’t take long for the tree to be cut then tied to the roof of the car. Watching from the passenger seat you smiled as your husband gently buckled the one month old into the car seat and babbled to her. You loved how he talked to her, which he did constantly. 

“Alright, lets go home and make that tree the best goddamn christmas tree ever.” He joked as he got into the drivers seat. 

You laughed at your husband knowing he’d do more watching then actually decorating with you . 

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bawson reunion sex fic

So, in the fluff fic I posted I said they had reunion sex and then I got inspired and thought it would be hilarious if I posted an angst fic, a fluff fic, and a smut fic all in one day. Hope that’s okay… ;)

Originally posted by merlinss

He thinks a cereal box must have fallen off the counter because he feels the small pops of rice crispies under his feet as he digs his fingers more firmly into the skin of her thighs. Her legs are wrapped around his waist, she lost her top and bra at some point and his shirt is open but still on, her hot hands run up and down his chest making him pant.

Ginny lets out a choked gasp when he thrusts forward into her body and he delights in how she grinds back into him, her nails scratching at his sides. Her head tips back a little and he sees her fight for air; he’d kissed her breathless the minute she’d got home. 

She’d been travelling for a string of away games and Mike hadn’t seen her in almost a week. He wasn’t even slightly ashamed to say he’d missed her terribly. When she’d walked in the door, home a few hours earlier than he’d been expecting, his heart had felt so full that he’d barely muttered a greeting before he’d wrapped himself around her like she’d just come back from war.

Mike had been stupidly restless without her, her trip the longest they’d been apart since they got together and he’d feel ridiculous if he wasn’t so in love. Besides, judging by how ferociously she’d attacked him back, he doesn’t think he was alone in his suffering. 

They’d still talked every day, even had some pretty hot phone sex on her third night away but it had just made him miss her more. Ginny was gloriously cuddly after sex, as was he, and when they’d finished his arms almost ached with a need to hold her. He’d fallen asleep to the sound of her voice which was a good, but not nearly satisfying, alternative.

This though, this is what he’d wanted: Ginny’s body flush against his, her little whimpers and moans up close, her eyes and her mouth and her back, her everything. His hands migrate from her thighs up her body to grip her breasts. She leans back more, offering herself to him freely and gratitude surges through him swiftly. He grips her tighter in response and she shudders wonderfully in his arms.

His lips kiss a trail from her neck down to her chest and he laves attention on her nipples, knowing it will make her grow impatient and twitchy. Mike loves when she gets like this, desperate and pleading for him, it fuels his while simultaneously being the greatest gift he’s ever received. It’s overwhelming and precious and perfect.

Her hands come up to to grip his hair tightly and Ginny pushes him more firmly into her breasts, telling him without words what she wants and he obliges happily. He bites lightly at first, then more firmly, at her left nipple before running a soothing tongue lovingly over her skin. She moans loudly as he switches to the right and repeats the same treatment. Mike smirks before blowing a soft, cool stream of air over her breasts and she shivers happily.

All of a sudden, her legs drop from his waist and he’s being pushed away from her body. She hops of the counter and quickly divests herself of the rest of her clothing, he sheds his shirt and pants frantically, already missing the feeling of her skin.

He’s about to suggest they go upstairs when she pulls his body back into hers, kissing him soundly, and he’s not going anywhere she doesn’t lead him. Mike turns her around and gives her perfect ass a playful slap; she gasps and looks over her shoulder at him, a stunning smile graces her features and he just can’t wait anymore.

When he finally, finally, pushes into her, it’s like the whole world quiets, he’s warm and comfortable and exactly where he’s supposed to be. They are both so keyed up from being apart for so long they move against each other desperately, the kitchen filling with the sounds of their love making, choked gasps and loud moans echoing off the walls. It’s like music to his ears.

He’s so close, can feel it tingling at the base of his spine, so he reaches around and rubs at her bundle of nerves loving the desperate groan that spills out of her as she nears her peak. She comes quickly and loudly, clutching him deliciously and making his eyes cross. He follows a short time after, feeling free and floaty as he rests his weight on her body, planting small kisses wherever he can reach.

“I want to fall asleep with you right here but the floor would be hell on my back,” he says into her skin, “plus there’s cereal everywhere.”

She lets out a breathless laugh and slowly straightens herself, he moves with her, both of them lethargic and slow, nearly glowing with contentedness. He squeezes her hips once before turning her body so she’s facing him and kisses her, gently and lovingly, so very happy to have her back in his arms. They leave their clothes and the mess and wander upstairs lazily, speaking in whispered tones, completely absorbed in each other.

The doors burst open, gunfire going everywhere. You shielded your face from the flying debris that flew around you. When the room fell quiet, you stood up from the floor of your cell, resting your arms on the bars.

“Took you long enough, Bucky-B, thought I’d have to talk my way out of here.” You laughed at the bitch face he gave you. Dugan, well ‘Dum Dum’ to you, considering you preferred their nicknames over their true names, laughed along with you.

“Bucky-B? Really? Wow, guess Rogers was right, (Y/N) really does have you wrapped around her little finger.” Steve and the rest of the Howling Commando’s smirked at Bucky who was glaring at them.

“Shut up, all of you.” Shaking his head, he took the keys from the dead Hydra soldier’s waist, unlocking the door. He pulled you into a hug, then checked for injuries.

“The only injuries I have is the loss of brain cells from boredom. Come on, we need to get out of here.” You took a pair of boots and jacket from the dead soldier, putting them on. Then took the gun Dum Dum offered you, checking the magazine. Slamming it into place, you faced your boys.

“Now let’s go kick some Hydra ass, shall we?” The guys followed you out, elbowing Bucky along the way. He couldn’t help but smile a little, watching his girl in action.

Teddy, Ginny and Harry - Our Little Family
  • Ok but Teddy Lupin definitely calls Harry and Ginny Mum and Dad, I will fight you on this.
  • So the first time it happens, Ginny and Harry have been babysitting Teddy for the day, giving Andromeda a much needed day to herself
  • and most of the day was spent trying to coax out the almost one year old’s first words, spending probably time on it that should have been devoted to actual work
  • but they’d been unsuccessful anyway and they were saying goodbye to the cooing baby, kissing at his chubby little cheeks before handing him over
  • “Ginny,” the redhead sounded out slowly, enunciating each syllable carefully, in a final pitch of her day long effort to have her name be the first to leave Teddy’s lips
  • but the boy just grinned toothily at her, which she liked to think was out of affection rather than gas
  • Teddy grabbed Harry’s hand before he could fully withdraw, wrapping his entire fist around just one of Harry’s fingers with surprising strength
  • “Dada,” he gurgled, slightly muffled by a wayward spit bubble and the sound almost lost at the end, but completely unmistakable
  • The three adults naturally froze not sure how best to react; Harry looked to Andromeda for guidance who was staring down at her grandson, unshed tears making her eyes shone and Ginny just seemed frozen on the spot
  • To say that none of them had expected this would be a massive understatement
  • But maybe they should have
  • And Teddy was too young to correct, too young to explain where his real Dad was so they just let it go, swooped down to press congratulatory kisses to his forehead when his smile began to falter
  • And it was fine
  • For a while anyway
  • Harry, along with the support of the rest of their big family had wanted to make sure that the topic of Teddy’s parents was never a taboo as it had been in his own childhood
  • So they were mentioned a lot, stories were told and although it sometimes hurt, their names were used a lot
  • Hagrid and Mcgonagall would recall stories of their youth to tell the enamoured infant
  • Andromeda would talk about her daughter and Harry would make sure to tell Teddy all he knew about Remus
  • They visited their graves often, on the anniversary of the battle in which they fought, in the weeks leading up to major holidays, just on days Harry had off
  • So needless to say, as much as they talked about Remus and Tonks no one expected Teddy’s little slip up to happen again
  • But it did over and over again in the years leading up to his fifth birthday, Teddy blinking in confusion whenever he was gently corrected
  • Finally, just weeks after his fifth birthday it happened once again, Harry decided they needed to have a little talk about it
  • He hoisted Teddy up on the counter and handed him the cup of juice he’d asked for, wishing desperately that Ginny was with him for this conversation
  • “Hey bud,” he began carefully.  “I know we’ve talked about this before but you know how we talk about your Mum and Dad and how just because they’re up in heaven doesn’t mean they’re not still you parents, right?  And how me and Ginny love you so much but we’re not your Mum and Dad.”  Harry spoke gently trying to pick his words as carefully as possible.
  • Teddy frowned and set his cup down on the counter next to him as he thought.  “But Lilian has two Dads,” he protested.
  • “Right,” Harry said slowly, thinking about how he could explain the difference.
  • “Uncle Dean and Uncle Seamus.  And Daniel on my quidditch team has a Mum, a Dad and a Step-Dad.”  Teddy spoke so patiently - as if it was Harry, who was the one who didn’t understand something - that Harry was reminded of Remus.
  • When Harry didn’t respond immediately Teddy continued, “And you tuck me in at night, and when I’m staying over and I have a nightmare you always let me into your bed and last week when I fell of my broom, Mum kissed my knee better.  That’s all the stuff other parents do.  And if they can have more than one Mum and Dad then so can I.”
  • And that was that.
  • After that little talk, a long conversation with Andromeda and Ginny about their thoughts on the matter and hours spent sitting in front of Tonks and Remus’ graves appealing to the silent unforgiving sky for a message telling him he was right to do this it was decided; it wasn’t going to become a thing.
  • Of course when it all came out there was an instant uproar.
  • For a few weeks they were slammed in the prophet, namely Rita Skeeter calling them out on disrespecting two people who had died in the war - conveniently forgetting that Remus had been an outsider in the wizarding world right up until his death.
  • But they didn’t let it bother them and it passed quickly as they predicted it would when the lead singer of the Weird Sisters was caught with illicit substances flying home on his broom one night, and for the first time they were all happy.
  • They knew what they were in his life and didn’t need anyone else’s approval.
  • They were his parents after all.
  • They were the ones he stayed with during the holidays when Andromeda needed a little time to herself.
  • And when little James Sirius came into the world the very next year, Teddy was introduced to his brother.
  • And the pair were there for every single little league Quidditch game and to see him off on the Hogwarts Express every year.
  • Harry was the one to give Teddy The Talk - an event that both were keen to forget ever happened.
  • And Ginny was always the one Teddy came to when he had girl trouble.
  • They were there, tears in their eyes when their ‘little’ boy graduated Hogwarts with top marks.
  • And when Andromeda, the years having been hard on her decided to move into an aged care facility and Teddy was fresh out of Hogwarts and not ready to live on his own, Ginny and Harry were of course there with his room ready to welcome him home.
  • Because they were just as much his parents as Remus and Tonks were.

I know he’s the Joker and this would never actually happen (cause you know- he’s a murderous psychotic clown), but I like to imagine that if he did manage to have a daughter, she’d have him wrapped around her little finger and he’d do anything to make her laugh.

Irreplaceable VIII

A writing collaboration with @ocarina-of-what and @cynfuldax for brief mention.

“I can’t do this…” Felo’thore murmured at the baby under his suede glove, considering the slow blink of her eyes before closing his own. Not more than a second had passed before his ears twitched with the sensation of her movement, his eyes opening to see she had his finger now in her little grip. Felo'thore did not understand how babies talked, nor did he expect her to understand him talking to himself. But by some force unknown to him, the mage found a response. “You’re right. Now is not the time to fret. I must.”

Slipping gently out of her hand, he left a single glove of his for her to continue holding in her tiny fingers, gently adjusting the amethyst wrap around her to loosen and giving a gentle rock of the bassinet as Xelda had shown him hours ago.

The door that grounded the mage’s portal room to the Silvermoon apartment’s study clicked, the arcane lock snapping with a dim shimmer. Heels clapped softly onto the floor of the study and there Felo'thore stood, snow still dusting his long mourning robes, stiffening in a bout of surprise to see Adrianal only several paces away at his canvas. He froze hesitantly for a few seconds, before swallowing and tugging his remaining glove off his hand.

Adrianal had heard the ghosts of Felo'thore’s swaggering footsteps on countless occasions. Long had they lost the ability to make him turn. So when he heard them again he frowned and his ears uncharacteristically tucked back. He didn’t move to paint, to do anything at all really, he just kept staring at the blank whiteness. He missed Felo'thore. Now the thought that he would surely lose what family he had made for himself made his throat close and eyes redden.


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Sugar (BVS)

Can you do a lex Luther one shot where he’s in love with you and you’re just as crazy as Harley Quinn?

Note: was really feeling this one, tbh I feel like as insane as they both are, Lex is more likely to actually care for their gal and not use them as much. V v short

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Easier? - TJP One Shot

As TJ made his way into his LA home for the first time in a few weeks he sighed a little before looking over to the couch to see his wife curled up, he couldn’t help but smile to himself.. She was perfect, She put up with his crazy schedule and his constant geeking out for video games even if she has no idea what he was talking about, she worked 10 and sometimes 12 hour shifts as a nurse at the hospital which she had been doing since before they met even though it was clear that she didn’t have to work anymore given his success with wrestling but she insisted that she continued with her career, she did all of this all while taking care of a beautiful little girl who had her daddy’s eyes, Little Olivia was on 5 years old but she had her daddy wrapped around her finger from the second she took her first breath in this world and to think she would be starting school the following day made TJ tear up, his little girl was growing up before his eyes….

As TJ walked up the stairs he poked his head into Olivia’s room, it was a nightly routine for him to check on her when he was home he would even wake up when he was out on the road in the middle of the night thinking he needed to check on her..

As he poked his head in the door for a quick second and then began to walk away he heard a little voice say his name and it immediately melted his heart
“Daddy…” the little girl said and TJ walked in the room turning the light on to see the little girl dressed in her outfit for school in the morning
“What are you doing awake?” He asked her smiling as she shrugged her shoulders
“I was waiting for you to get home so you could read Cinderella..” she said
“Why aren’t you in your pajamas?” He asked her curiously
“I wanted to be ready for tomorrow…” Olivia said innocently
“Well.. I want to make it to tomorrow and that’s not gonna happen if your mom sees you in those clothes and getting them all wrinkled up..” he said and she giggled

After getting Olivia in her pajamas and tucked in bed fast asleep, TJ began to prepare himself for bed while thinking about how his little girl grew up so fast…

The following morning began with TJ making waffles and French toast, Olivia’s favorite breakfast and then have to pose to get a million pictures taken to remember the day, Her mom wouldn’t be able to drop her off seeing as she had already left for work but that wasn’t without a lot of tears being spilled in the process…

Once they got to the school, TJ gave Olivia one last glance in the rear view mirror before pulling himself out of the drivers seat and opening the back door
“Let’s go princess..” TJ said as Olivia grabbed his hand following him to her classroom, it wasn’t long before Olivia was clinging to her father’s leg, so much so that TJ couldn’t pry her off himself and he needed help from one of the teachers, it broke his heart seeing his little girl cry out for him, she was scared and he had made a promise to her the minute she was born that he would never let anything scare her..
“First kid?” He heard a voice ask behind him as he looked over his shoulder to see a blonde walk out of the classroom and look in the same window as him
“How could you tell?” He asked nervously
“Because, unless that’s your pink sparkly backpack and lunch box then you must be new..” the woman said and TJ looked to see he was still holding all of Olivia’s things he began to make a move for the door
“No! Don’t do that! Let me do it.. if she sees you she won’t calm down.. trust me.. this is the third time I’m having to do this.. What’s her name?” She asked
“Olivia..Perkins..” he said and the blonde nodded before disappearing into the class room and returning a few moments later
“Miss Olivia is all set.. and don’t worry dad.. it gets easier..” the woman said before walking away, TJ didn’t know how this was supposed to get any easier…

In An Instant: Part Four

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Others I can’t remember right now

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

A/N: Let me know what you think, guys!


Originally posted by cassiehoward

“No, he didn’t.” Ash couldn’t hide the shock in her voice as she poured some orange juice into a glass, topping it off with champagne before offering it toward you.

You shake your head, “Yes, he did. I told him we could be friends.”

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Imagine your and Charles’ daughter using her powers for the first time.

“Daddy, daddy, look!”

Charles looked up from his book as your daughter darted over to him, holding something in her hands. “What is it, darling?”

“Look!” she exclaimed excitedly, opening her pudgy little hand and revealing a small flower.

“That’s very pretty, darling,” Charles chuckled as you came over to watch, smiling softly.

“No, watch!”

Charles’ eyes widened as your daughter stared hard at the little flower in her palm. Gradually, the severed stem sprouted tiny tendrils that spread around her fingers. She giggled as they wrapped around her pinkie, forming a sort of ring. “Look, daddy, are you looking?” she asked, eyes filled with joy.

“Darling, that’s amazing!” Charles’ grin was breathtaking as he hefted your daughter into his lap, taking her little hand and examining the flower ring.

“It’s for you, daddy!” she explained seriously, slipping the tendrils from her finger and holding it out. Charles smiled and took it, pressing a kiss to her forehead, “Thank you, darling. I’m very proud of you.”

Gif Credit: Charles