he is walking like a damn sir

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Clark Joseph Kent, I cannot believe you bothered to show up to work!!

“Um. H-Hi, Lois.”

Gah!! I could just-!” While Lois pantomimed strangling the soul right out of his body, Clark adjusted his glasses and tried to not listen too much to the whispering.

Who was he kidding, he was both ‘curious and obscenely nosy’, as Bruce liked to put it.

“Braver than he looks, if that’s real-

Actually sleeping with Batman, holy shit-

“How did Batman pick that up? I’m surprised Clark didn’t faint at the sight of the Bat.

“-cannot believe we spent all these years one cubicle from each other, and you have the audacity to keep something like this from me- hello? Clark?!” Lois snapped her fingers impatiently, and Clark blinked several times.

“Sorry. Spaced out.” Lois pinched the bridge of her nose. She breathed very slowly.

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Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (8/15)

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AU Summary:Y/N finishes her first mission and shares information about her family. 

Notes: filler chapter to fix some plot holes and reveal a bit of Y/N’s background

Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9


The people inside the cells have been released and taken care of. Hawkeye had to land the jet and speak to the people since neither Tony, Steve nor y/n spoke Chinese. They had medics came in and checked their health and their background. Transportation has been given to those in need and shelter for the victims. It was protocol.

“FRIDAY, are you done yet?” Stark groaned as he spun around the chair he found in front of the control Chinese base control panel.

“The encryption is most complex, sir. I have yet to crack the passwords.” FRIDAY answered.

“Damn Chinese smartasses.” he mumbled then stood up and stretched his legs. “How long till then?”

“About 20 minutes more, sir.”

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Mr. Jeon - Jungkook x Reader (smut)

Group : BTS 

Member : Jeon Jungkookie

Genre : smut, rough sex, passing out. 

Word Count : 3k 

Description : You had failed his class and now you have to talk to him. But once you walk into his office, you wouldn’t have the usual conversation you have expected. 


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My Small Bean

Note: This is my first ever fan fiction, so please don’t expect too much. The prompt is too cute I had to write it. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Pairing: Mare Cal

Word count: 1,926 

“We’re both baristas and sometimes I have trouble reaching for things and I show up to work one day to find a personalized stool with hearts and my name on it I HATE YOU but also thanks”

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Holiday Happenings

A/N: Requests are officially open! I have a posting schedule! I’ll be posting every other day until winter break is over, and then we’ll see how things end up. Masterlist is here. Askbox is here ((i just ask for no smut, instead go to @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait for that, she’s like top 3 friend))

**bonus points if you can guess where I’m from after reading this fic**

I also apparently have a thing with photographs and sending them to people?? help???

Word Count: 4333 ((blabbermouth? maybe))

TW: swearing, sexual innuendos, sexual stuff mentioned, children, babies, fake love ((at first ooooo)), not being politically correct/respectful

Pairing: D. Diggs x Reader

From: Mom
Don’t forget to bring the alcohol and this nice boyfriend you’ve been talking about!

You scoffed.

That boyfriend cheated on you before your parents could even meet him.

Before you could even type out a reply to correct her, a voice interrupted your thoughts.

“You have a boyfriend?” Daveed spat from over your shoulder, his words laced with disgust.

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Tommy x Reader

Requested By Anon

Tommy knew you were annoyed with him, it was the reason you were now openly flirting with one of the men that had been invited to dinner, distracting Tommy enough to be a little off his game. He knew that you didn’t intend for anything more than to distract Tommy, the man who currently held your attention didn’t seem to know that, putting his hand on yours or your arms as he’d lean in and you’d move away slightly before drawing him back in.


“Why doesn’t the lovely (Y/N) take my friend to the other room?” The man talking to Tommy declared and you smiled as Tommy glance at you before setting his jaw.


“Hope you enjoy yourselves.” Tommy’s voice appeared to be light and friendly to the men but to you it meant that later on you’d no doubt be at the mercy of Tommy’s bad mood.


He didn’t look at you as you got up and lead the man to the other room but you knew he’d be in there at the first chance he got.


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Valentines Surprise By: Y. Black

“Hey daddy, I’m missing you like crazy. I know you’re busy on Fridays, but I just wanted you know you’re the greatest gift I could ever ask for.”

I left voicemails like this often when Benny out of town, the fact that it was the Friday before Valentine’s Day really didn’t play a factor.  See he traveled for work a lot and I was a project manager for an engineering firm. We have been married just shy of three years. We’ve been good considering the hectic schedules we maintain. Most couples probably wouldn’t survive the obstacles we face as far as distance and time but we make it work for us.

I often have long hours when he’s home, well and when he’s away. Usually two weeks out of the month Benny was working out of his corporate office in Atlanta. But there’s times where he’d have a driver pick me up around lunchtime and fly me up to the A for dinner and to spend quiet evenings usually overlooking the city in different hotels. My favorite had to be The Loews hotel or The Westin downtown.  I mean it’s no better feeling than having my man in me with city as my backdrop.
Then there’s the time when my King is in town. He was always doing the most for me and I adored him for it. I remember the one time he picked me up in a Ferrari. You should have seen how the jokers in my parking lot at my job were gawking. Hell to be honest I was gawking too, but my eyes were on the clean cut brotha that got out the scorching ride. He made that Miami heat even hotter if it was even possible. I instantly started fucking him with my eyes. The suit he wore accented his build with a precision only the Egyptians knew. And OMG that fresh lineup had my pussy leaking “first quarter” as he’d say. Shit I’m wet just recalling it. Sheesh that’s another story for another day though.

Bae been good to me always had been. I already had his gift taken care of but he deserves so much more. So me, I did something different this year. Usually there was a white trail of rose petals that met his feet at the door. I’d usually leave my special guy a note along with his favorite snack milk and cookies. Chocolate chip with walnuts just like he liked them. This year though I was thinking outside the box.

When I got notice of the trip a few weeks, the wheels in my head began to turn. I had a few good ideas come to me. I reached out Janet, his secretary; to get the ball rolling on this plan. She was so helpful in the process of putting all this together.  He was booked a 1 o’clock flight from ATL to MIA, or so you thought. Janice called him at 11:30 with a new itinerary, with a destination of Colorado Springs. As the story goes the western division called short notice meeting for the afternoon. He had to absolutely be there as representation for the Southeast division.

“Hey Baby” you grumbled. I could tell you were completely livid.

“Hey Papi, what’s wrong? I can’t wait to be in your arms.” You sighed and there was a long silence. “Papi, you there?”

“Yeah baby I’m here. So I probably won’t be home til’ super late Sunday or early Monday morning.”

“What the hell?” I had to put on my Oscar hat because we couldn’t let you know I was in on it. “What are you talking, you’re supposed to be here. You’ve been gone all week an now I can’t even have you until Monday?”

“I know love, I know… they called a last minute meeting this evening out in Colorado. I’m so damn pissed right now baby.”

“Think how I feel right now. This is the worst Valentines ever.” I sobbed a little bit to add to the drama. I was good act this acting thing.

“Baby I’m so sorry. Have you finished the book I got you a couple weeks ago?”

“Ummm no. Why what’s up Papi?”

“Well go ahead and run a nice bubble bath and breeze through a couple of chapters baby. Pour up a glass of wine while you’re at it.

“Ok daddy, I’ll try to keep calm.”

“Please do, I am about to hop on this flight. I will call you soon as we land baby…. I’m sorry love.”

“Daddy, its ok go be that HNIC. Muah baby.”

“Muah, thanks love.”

I was already in place. Nervousness consumed me the next three and a half hours. I pondered how he would respond, would he like this? There was so many things swirling around in my head. I mean I’ve done things like this before but the little things I did do weren’t anywhere near on this scale. I was a wreck so I took Benny’s advice and had a glass of wine and soaked in the tub.  This place was heaven on earth. I think I was slightly beyond proud of myself. From the coziness of the place to the hot tub on the deck overlooking the mountain.

I got that call soon as he touched down just as he said. His tone still sounded blah. It was a quick conversation as I knew he had to touch basis with Janet to get his hotel information. As the story goes, the hotel chain his company (Blaze Communications) uses was booked but they had a lodge available. He brought every bit of. I was surprised how gullible he was being. Janet text me that everything was going off without a hitch and that he should be to me in about 30 minutes. That was my queue, I laid out the freshly cut strawberries I sat the massage oils on the night stand. I found a way to get my music to play from my phone on to the speakers throughout the entire log cabin. I went ahead and cut the lights. I had the fireplace going. It was rare for us to see fireplaces being from Miami so it was an added umph.

I went ahead and put on my special outfit I’d I picked up from a boutique before I caught my flight. It was a red lace bra and panty set, to match the theme of the occasion. The bottoms were boy shorts, just thing type he loved to see on me. I just wished the front said kiss me like one of those little candies from back in the day.

I took a selfie and almost sent it to him, but remembered I wasn’t home and he’d know. Dodged a major bullet there. Aside from that I also had a couple cigars, (which also fancied) set out as I filled the tub back up. My king deserved pampering.

It wasn’t too long before I heard him fidgeting at the door. I scurried across the floor to quickly lay in front of the fireplace. I could see his sexy self centered the door but I wasn’t quite in his line of sight. I could see the look of bewilderment on that face of his face as you caught wind of the music playing in the background. Sitting his bags down his arms stretched towards the ceiling. It took everything in me not to jump up and run, leap in your arms and shower him with my long overdue kisses. Slowly my man began to walk unknowingly in my direction.  Head on the swivel as he strolled through, taking the sites of the cabin as it as unfamiliar to him.

The moment your eyes met mine, the biggest smile came upon you face. Honestly it was more than a smile it was you were blushing hard as hell. Crazy as it is, it made me start blushing right along with you. We missed each other something terrible. I started to get up from my perch in front of the fire place, but he put his hand up for me to stop. Walking over with that sexy walk, I swear he gave Denzel a run for his money.
“Baby so you mean to tell me my meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado was for you?”

“Ummm… yes baby?”

“Hmph… my meeting was for Jasmine Lashae Spence?”

“Yes sir daddy.”

“Hmph, damn lady you have me blushing something serious over here.”

“Well Mr. Spence, I know you work hard and every year you go above and beyond for me.  This year I want to show my gratitude.” I plant my lips on your warm lips and it’s as though electricity is flowing through us. He cupped my ass like I liked just as hands began roaming your chest.  We were always very passionate when we embraced. But the crackle and glow of the fireplace seemed to only heighten the moment. He broke the kiss abruptly to stare into my eyes, you didn’t say a word yet I knew everything you were saying. “I love you too baby, so much more than you’ll ever know.”
He kissed me feverishly. His strong hands began exploring more parts of me. It wasn’t even overly sexual yet but I couldn’t take it. I rolled him over onto your back and straddled his torso. “I’ve missed you so much.” I planted a kiss on his chest as I started to unbutton the shirt thast covered his melanin rich skin. I had to pause and lay m head on his chest and listen to heart beat. It was strong like a drum from the Serengeti. The passion bled from my man’s eyes, he was in love with me and there was no doubt about it. Just as equally the flames inside of me for him raged strong.
Even though my thong was drenched and I wanted him. My pussy was not his gift; at least not tonight. Besides if I knew him I would be his midnight snack. I slid up his chest and put my mound right up to his lips. “Do as the panties say Papi.” He puckered and I rolled my hips to the rhythm of Joe’s “I Wanna Know” that was playing in the background. Our lips met albeit through the fabric, it still sent waves throughout my frame. He quickly pushed them to the side turning my pussy from thong covered to Kelvin covered in mere seconds. I was lost forgetting my original plan, as he feast like I was the last supper and he was on death row. Instinctively I began grinding and matching pace and I reached back grabbed a hold of the tent. Fuck I wanted him but I had to be strong. “Baby… MMM Baby…” I called out to him.
“Hmmm.” He was still muffled by my pussy. I tried to slide back, but his big hands gripped my ass and pulled me in closer. Fuck, that was all it took and I was in ecstasy.  And according to our pact I had to return fire. As it goes if he makes me cum while downtown, I have to make him cum while downtown. If not I’d have to pay up. 100 dollars to be exact. And it worked both ways but he had to pay 250, cause’ I just got it like that. After I came down I turned to my task at hand. I released the beast took my finger across the tip wiping up all the pre-cum that had accumulated. Looking back over my shoulder show him my glazed finger tips, “oh really daddy? This is going to be easy.” I slurped my finger slowly and turned back to my dick. Just as fast as I had wiped it clean, it was glistening again with a fresh coat of clear goodness.  I swallowed his shit in one motion, I felt his body lock and he moaned so deep my pussy lips quivered. My slick ass leaned back to give his ass more of a taste. Dick in mouth I undid his pants beneath me so I could get to them balls. The way he was moaning into my pussy was about to have me cum all over again. I thought about how much I had paid to get his ass out here and was like nope, not going to have me in the hole for this second nut. I moved back out of his reach and committed homicide on his joystick. With one hand juggling his balls the other jacking the base of his dick, his joystick began to twitch. I spun my whole body around so that now I was completely between his legs. I throated his ass three times back to back to back. The last time I went from dick to ball slurping them good and loud like Wesely Pipes say “you ain’t got not table manners.” Damn right! That was me. I heard Bae gasp and that was all she wrote. I stuck my tongue out and caught every drop of him.

“Come on baby let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Sheesh, give me a sec… that was too real.”

“Well you know.”

“You know that’s why you have my last name right?”

“Oh really, well what about all of this?” I slapped my ass and swished my hips.

“Oh but of course baby.”

“I thought so, now come on here before your water gets too cold.”

“Who told you that you can cater to me?”

“Ha… well that’d be me.”

“Well tell me that she winning.”

“Bring your ass on.” I was glad my plan went smooth.

Special thanks to @deebott you were absolutely stunning in the pic… salute

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Fallout 3 and 4 companions react to an immortal lone/sole being stabbed by a raider and just saying something like "You want this back or can I keep it?".

This is such an interesting and funny concept to me oh my god 

Fallout 3

Butch: As soon as he saw them being stabbed he ran towards the raider yelling “you mother fu-” and upon seeing that Lone was perfectly fine, he stopped in his tracks and, was speechless. He’d definitely ask about it later though, once they were safe. 

Clover: Immediately took down the raider, and didn’t even notice Lone was standing there watching. When she did though, she slowly walked up to them and poked them, just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. 

Charon: He held back from yelling when he witnessed Lone being stabbed in a place that’s typically fatal. Expecting them to keel over, he ran over to them to catch them, except they didn’t fall. After Lone made their snide remark and killed the raider with ease, they looked at him like nothing happened. He didn’t say anything but just looked at them bewildered. 

Dogmeat: What the woof???

Jericho: “Holy mother of..” Jericho couldn’t finish his sentence before Lone offed the raider with a knife in their back. Lone took the knife out of them and handed it to him and told him to hold it for a second. “Uhhh… well this is new.” 

Fawkes: After he saw Lone being stabbed, a few times, he ran over and all it took was one punch for that raider to be out. He quickly looked over to Lone to see what the damage was, and saw them trying to wipe the blood off their clothes and saying “I just got this jacket too..” Fawkes made a point to ask if being immortal was a new thing that humans just, became. 

Star Paladin Cross: Running to jump in front of Lone to sacrifice herself, Cross didn’t make it before the raider had managed to jab a knife into them. Enraged, she killed the raider quickly before turning to Lone. They looked at her confused and asked if she was okay. After they explained, Cross said, “so when were you planning on telling me about this?” 

Fallout 4 

Cait: Cait had just finished off some other raiders when she saw - from afar- Sole being stabbed. She screamed out to them, but mid scream, she saw that they were unaffected. She just sat on the ground as she watched them finish off any raiders left. When they approached her, she just laughed at how worried she was. 

Curie: Curie was running towards Sole when it happened, and even though she watched them turn it around on the raider, she didn’t stop running. Regardless of the fact that they were telling her that they were fine, she had to make treat their wounds. 

Codsworth: “Sir/mum!” Codsworth didn’t have nerves, but just watching Sole being stabbed, he could damn near feel it. Even though he had just watched that unfold, they still managed to take down the raider before them. Afterward, they walked up to him like nothing happened, and he asked, “have you always been like this?!” 

Danse: He watched as Sole stumbled after being brutally stabbed by a raider, but before he could take action, he saw them take the knife out of themselves and say, “sorry, is this yours? Allow me to return it.” Then they thrust the knife back into the raider, dusted themselves off, and asked if Danse was okay. He replied with an open mouth and no words. 

Deacon: Standing aways away, Deacon silently watched Sole being stabbed and immediately returning the knife to the raider. Of course he was surprised, but he couldn’t let them know that, so he just said, “are you a new model of synth, orrrr…?” 

Dogmeat: Again, what the woof????

Gage: “Boss!” Gage called out to Sole at the same time a gunner lunged toward them with a knife. He fell silent, but that was before they turned it back around on the gunner. After they had said they were perfectly fine, he just laughed and didn’t really feel like questioning it. 

Hancock: After watching Sole miraculously come back from being stabbed multiple times, Hancock just, stared at them. Sole gave him a, “what?” He replied with, “is there something you want to share with the class?” 

MacCready: MacCready quickly ran and slid on his knees to catch Sole, because, most people fall to the ground when they get stabbed. Sole didn’t, so when they turned around to see Mac’s pants all ripped and dirty, they asked if he was playing baseball. 

Nick: “Oh Jesus..” Nick said under his breath as he witnessed Sole being thrust into by a lengthy knife. He started running toward them, but they acted indifferent and killed the raider. When they looked at the expression on Nick’s face, Sole just said, “what, were you worried or something?” 

Piper: Piper shoved the raider off of Sole after they stabbed them, she checked on Sole before killing the raider, in turn, Sole pushed her out of the way to deal with the raider. She stumbled back and just, looked at them. They told her they were fine, and all she said was, “this’ll make one hell of a story.” 

Preston: Preston yelled a loud, “General,” when he saw them being impaled by a knife by some raider. They didn’t even flinch, the dealt with the raider swiftly before asking if Preston was alright. When they did, he said never mind him and asked if they were okay and if they needed medical attention. It took Sole a long time to finally convince Preston they were okay. 

Strong: “Strong don’t understand.. human, not weak?”

X6-88: “Not, all humans are like this, right?” After watching the whole ordeal, X6 was really questioning humans. He had a whole lotta questions to ask them, but held off for awhile. He was surprisingly calm about it. 

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Sex with Finn would Include? (idk if your still doing these but)

I’m totally still taking these, I love them!

-Everyone would think that’s he’s like Mister Vanilla all sweet and kinda well he could be at times

-He would love to Chock you and tie you up basically have you screaming underneath him

-Also when he was on his way home he would always text you to get naked and wait on the bed and if you didn’t, Damn there would be punishment

-I’m talking Spanking, getting you to the point of a orgasm then just walking away leaving you frustrated and tied up

- I feel like he would love to be called Daddy and Sir just to make him feel more powerful

I’ll Be With You (Part 7)

A/N: Here is part 7! I hope you all enjoy. I’ve got sooo many ideas for this series. It’s a slow burn right now so just bear with me. Please let me know if you all have any ideas or want to see anything specific.

Warnings: Swearing/Violence/Fluff/So.Many.Emotions!

Summary: James Buchanan Barnes entered in your life and turned everything upside down, but for the better. Now when a gunman comes into the hospital and threatens the staff, you will fight to protect your coworkers, while also spilling your secret relationship. Read what other aspects of your life get flipped…  

Originally posted by enochianess

[Just imagine this gif at the end of this part.]

You finally caught your breath as you stumbled into the nurse’s station. Though your hands were shaking, you started to inhale slowly, like Bucky had taught you. He was persistent in helping you through your anxiety and you loved him more for it. Your co-workers chuckled as you looked at the glass doors. If he hadn’t been pulled on a mission, Bucky was normally at the door at the end of your shift, ten minutes early in fact. You wondered if he had been pulled but didn’t get the chance to text you.

    “Your ‘boyfriend’ here yet, Y/N?” an older nurse giggled as you rolled your eyes.

    “No and none of you get to meet him yet!” You chuckled. When your eyes flickered over, you noticed another gentleman walking through the door and towards the nurse’s station. The shine of metal was the first thing you noticed as he pulled out a gun. You acted quick, screaming at the rest of the nurses to get down, as you ran towards the gunman. He opened fire, missing you once, twice, but finally grazing you a third time on your side. You winced in pain but pulled to throw a punch. You missed and he retaliated by smacking your face with his gun. You recovered and threw another punch, this time finally hitting him in the nose, feeling the crunch of cartilage and bone under your fist. You took his moment of dazed confusion to knee him in the stomach before finally grabbing his weapon. By this point, security had reached you, pulling you away from the situation. You stumbled to the ground as your adrenaline subsided. Your fellow nurses rushed to your aid, pulling up your scrubs to try and see your wounds. You couldn’t understand, trying to concentrate on their words but your vision was blurring. A familiar face ran up, flashing bright lights into your eyes, and then darkness.

    Pain was the first thing you felt when you woke up. It was a sharp pain on your side and a dull pain behind your eyes. You let out a quiet groan as you tried to sit up, stopped only by large strong hands on your shoulders.

    “Whoa there, kiddo.” Steve’s voice broke through the pain of your headache. You blinked at the brightness of the lights above you.

    “What’s going on?” You groaned out. Your view from the hospital bed was not one that you were use to. You looked around at the familiar machines, trying to think about why you were here, then it hit you. “Oh.” You winced. You pulled back the sheets around you, trying to look at the wound that put you in this bed.

    “If you wanted to take down men with guns, I could actually train you.” Steve joked as you softly chuckled. “Bucky would kill me though.” Your chuckling stopped. “Yeah, I haven’t told him yet. He should be coming back from Wakanda any minute now. He’s suppose to call me when he lands.” Steve looked at you, one eye cocked up like he was excited to tell on you, but his smile really grew when his phone rang. “Hey Buck! Yeah, no, everything is okay.” Pause. “Yeah, she’s here. Oh? You saw the news? Local Brooklyn nurse takes on gunman? Yeah, that’s the one.” You could hear Bucky erupt on the other end with a string of expletives and questions. “Buck-Bucky-BUCK, she’s fine. I’m with her now. She’s awake.” You winced when you heard him ask for you. “He wants to talk to you.” Steve smirked and you returned with a glare.

    “Hi James…”

    “Y/N! What is going on? You took out a gunman?”

    “Yeah, he walked into the ER and started shooting! I was the closest one so I just punched him.”

    “Oh but apparently that didn’t work out too well! You were shot!” You winced. Apparently, it wasn’t just a graze on your side.

    “I’m fine. It doesn’t even hurt.”

    “I don’t care if it hurts! That was dumb! You should have let security take care of him!”

    “And let people die! James, you can’t be serious!”

    “I’m going to die. You are exactly like Steve.” You heard the exasperation in his voice. Steve busted out laughing, obviously hearing the comment. “I’m coming now. Don’t do anything stupid until I get there.”

    “Okay, I love you.”

    “I love you too, crazy.” Click. You glared at Steve again as he continued to chuckle.

    “You know, Y/N, I used that line when I put in my final application for the army.” He sat down in the chair beside you.


“It was actually on the double date with your grandmother and Connie. I wanted to try my luck one more time. Buck was furious, telling me I should try other things rather than fighting. I said ‘There are men over there laying down their lives. I got no right to do any less than them.’” Steve chuckled to himself at the memory.

“What did he say?”

“He asked if I had nothing to prove. He wasn’t completely wrong. I want to protect and fight for the little guy. I have a feeling you’re the same way.” You looked away, trying not to smile.

“My coworkers could have died if I didn’t do anything. What was I suppose to do? Hide? Lay down and take it? Not likely!” You spat out, remembering the moment perfectly now. Steve huffed out a small chuckle through his nose, shaking his head.

“Just a kid from Brooklyn.”

“You’re damn right!” You smirked.  

    “I just-”

    “Y/N! What were you thinking?” Dr. Spencer walked through, stopping when he saw Steve sitting by the bed. “Oh, excuse me sir. I’m Dr. Spencer, you are?” He offered his hand.

    “Steve Rogers, a friend.” But the nurses giggled from the hallway. “Oh, no, really just a friend. Bucky is coming.” You winced, hearing the nurses gasp.

    “Steve, no one knows who I’m dating.” You whispered, causing his face to turn bright red.

    There was a scream and a few words you couldn’t understand. Spencer’s mouth dropped, staring at you. “You’re dating an avenger?” “You’re dating Bucky Barnes?” “Why didn’t you tell us?” You groaned, letting your head hit the pillow.

    “I want to be discharged already.” You huffed, throwing your hands in the air, causing a sharp pain in your side. You cried out in pain, gripping your side. Steve’s hand were immediately gripping your arms as his eyes frantically looked over you.

    “You’ll have to stay the night to make sure you don’t reopen that wound.” Spencer commented as he watched you glare at him.

    “Through and through?”

    “Luckily.” He answered dryly.

    “Did I lose a lot of blood?”

    “Enough but you also have a nice concussion. Oh, and a beauty of a black eye from a pistol to the face.” You groaned.

    “Fine. But I want to get discharged with no wheel chair.”

    “Not fucking likely.” Spencer chuckled, walking out. You huffed, twisting your mouth a little at his words.

“Are you pouting?” Steve chuckled. You stared at him and blushed.

“No…” You trailed off.

“You are!” He was now laughing at you so you stuck your lip out further. “Oh! Your grandmother called, or Mindy did really. She knows you’re okay. I have never heard a prouder woman over the phone.” You smiled.

“I know. After she found out about Kyle, she made me take self defense courses. It was hard at first, to get past someone hitting you, is hard, but I’m so glad she made me.” You stared at your hands as you wrung them together.

“You know that Bucky only worries because he wants to protect you, right?” Steve’s words were so quiet you barely heard them. “He’s not trying to control you.”

“Steve! My god! I know. He’s nothing like Kyle. The way James does it is cute…” You could hold back your blush, thinking of Bucky in such a tizzy watching news headlines about your actions. Steve just patted your hands, smiling as you looked at him.

“Thank you for being here Steve. It’s nice to have you as a friend now.” He grinned.

“Well, I’m glad you think of me as a friend. And I hope you grow for the others too! You are really good for Bucky. A quiet part in his life– well you use to be.” He winked. You groaned, knowing Bucky was going to have words for you.  

“Y/N!” You could hear Bucky running down the hallway. He had to have been wearing his tactical boots still. You were right. He was zipped up in his gear, minus the weapons, but pulled a jacket over to cover his metal arm.

“In here Buck!” Steve called out, pulling the man into the room. His hair was wind blown like he had ran from Wakanda. Sweat was covering his face and bits of dirt was on his face. His eyes were wide as he looked over you.

“Y/N! Baby girl, are you in pain? Where were you shot? What did he want? Oh god, look at your eye!” He started bombarding you with questions, looking over your form, barely allowing his hands to touch you as if you would shatter under his touch.

“James, I’m fine.” You giggled. Steve quietly left the room, closing the door as he left, to allowing the couple time alone.

“Baby girl,” he huffed out, leaning his forehead on yours. “Why do you have to be so brave? That was terrifying.” His voice was shaking and eyes closed as he spoke. “I get a freaked out call from Steve telling me to call him then I see the stupid news headlines everywhere! I don’t want to let you out of my sight.” You reached up to kiss his lips. His arms finally enveloped and pulled you closer.

“I’m sorry I scared you…” You trailed off. He chuckled against your hair.

“I’m not even going to look at you. You’re going to give me those beautiful big eyes and I’ll melt. Damn you.” You smiled, nuzzling into the crook of his neck. “But seriously, less of you getting hurt please?” He kissed your forehead again.

“Got it.” Your eyes shifted to the door and the smile on your face fell as you watched your father enter. Steve was close behind, glaring at the older man. He was in a nicely tailored three piece suit with a large bouquet of assorted flowers in his hands. He shifted awkwardly under the glares of Bucky and Steve, knowing he wasn’t welcomed. You looked at him questioning what the hell he was doing here.

“Nan called me.” He answered your question. “I was worried so I wanted to visit.”

“Okay.” You answered coldly.

“So-uh- how do you feel?” He muttered, trying to keep up some form of conversation.

“Fine. Been through worse.” You stabbed. Your eyes narrowed as he looked around the room.

“I-uh- should probably introduce myself.” He reached to shake Bucky’s hand. “[Your father’s name] L/N.” Bucky shifted looks from your father’s face to his hand and back up.

“Bucky Barnes.” He responded coldly and squeezing your father’s hand a little too hard.

“So, you’re-uh- dating Y/N, now?”  

“A little over four months.”

“Is it serious?” Your head shot up, look at your father.

“And if it is?” Bucky answered. You looked at him now, wondering just what he meant. Your father seemed to melt under Bucky’s glare. He almost looked like he was about to cry.

“Good. [Your mother’s name] would have wanted that.” You sat up about to retort when tears started rolling down his cheeks. “She would be so proud of you.” Your mouth dropped. He hadn’t spoken about your mother since her funeral. Hell, he wasn’t even there. You had to accept that folded flag on your own. But he continued. “When Nan called me, tell me you had been shot, I thought my heart stopped. I know I’ve never been a good father but I’ve never wished you ill. God, even when you were dating Kyle, I thought I had no right to be apart of your life. I know I still don’t but let me fix this before it’s too late.” His breathing was ragged as he finished. This was the first time you had really looked at him in years. His hair was still a silver shade but the deep wrinkles in his face had grew. He looked tired and worn down, years of working so hard. Your heart was in your throat, keeping you from speaking. Bucky had sat down, taking the chair beside you, and gripped your hand, squeezing to have you look at him. His blue eyes were soft as he tried to smile. You watched him breath in slowly and breath out, trying to get you to match. Your eyes flickered back to your father, eyes still red and swollen with tears.

“Dad…” You trailed off. Your father’s body stiffened. You hadn’t called him anything but father in years. Tears started to well in your eyes. Bucky’s heart broke as he watched you. It took you getting shot and in a hospital bed for your father to realize your worth to him.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m so sorry.” He slowly walked over to your hospital bed and bent down for a hug. You wrapped your arms around his neck, trying to stifle a sob threatening to leave your lips. You pushed past the pain in your side to tighten your hug, hopefully the first of many between you and your father.

Part 8



Love Kate! xoxo

Before it’s too late Part 2

You guys asked for it and here it is. I would love to hear what you all think about this series so far, it’s my first Derek series and I want to do it justice. Also a special thanks to everyone who reads, comments, and likes/reblogs it, it means so much to me and makes me want to write more.

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Song: Dust To Dust by The Civil Wars (one of my personal favorites)

Derek x Reader  

Description: It was Will and JJ’s wedding. You had been working with the B.A.U for a couple years now slowly developing a crush on the one and only Derek Morgan. But despite your flirting he never showed any interest. At least he hadn’t before tonight. But devastation strikes the very heart of the B.A.U making everything stop before it ever really begins.

Previous parts:  Part 1

WARNINGS: Cursing, talk about death, and kidnapping

Originally posted by toyboxboy

After you and Derek got the phone call about Jack you headed straight to the office your previous moment forgotten. The B.A.U was completely deserted except for the chaos that was happening in the conference room. In the midst of it all sat Hotch with a lost look on his face.

“Okay what happened?” Derek said when you both entered the room still in your formal clothes just like everyone else. Even JJ was there still in her wedding dress.

It was Spencer who answered. Well from the little bits and pieces we’ve gathered from Hotch, Jack was on the dance floor dancing with everyone. He looked away for a second to congratulate JJ but when he looked back Jack was gone. But that’s not the reason we know someone took him. There was a note left at the bar for Hotch.” Spencer said looking worriedly at Hotch as he handed Derek the letter.

You read over his shoulder

Hello Agent Hotchner. I know you’ll remember me. I was the one that killed your ex-wife. I took Jack as some leverage. I need him so you’ll do what I say if you don’t comply I will be forced to kill him just like I killed her. This is what you’ll half to do. Bring me a gun, you know my type, file number R11516, 50,000 dollars cash, and last but not least a car. Of course you’ll half to come alone. I’ll know if you don’t. You wouldn’t risk the life of your son would you? Yeah I don’t think so either. Meet me in 36 hours at these coordinates. 40N 77W. Make sure you follow the rules. Nothing good will happen if you don’t. 

Sincerely The Reaper.

“What the hell is this? George Foyet is dead. Hotch killed him.” You said taking the letter from Derek’s hands and reading the page over again in disbelief.

“How is this even possible?” Morgan asked moving to sit next to Hotch at the table.

Spencer spoke up. I don’t know. My best guess is that he was dead until he was in the ambulance and they resuscitated him.  After he was alive he was somehow able to slow down his heartbeat until they were done with him and he was sent to morgue. After that he maybe broke out and found a body to put in his place. I honestly don’t know.”

You listened to him all the while your eyes flickering to Hotch. He looked so scared and confused and lost. You had never seen him look like that before. Your once proud strong leader was barely hanging on which made you angry.

You began to pace. “What’s in file R11516?” You asked.

“Nothing really, It just has a list of names. Apparently the people died in some kind of fire 20 years ago.” Penelope answered hitting the keys on her laptop.

You scrunched your eyebrows thinking. “This doesn’t make any sense. Why would he want a list of people that died 20 years ago? What could he possibly gain?” You asked quietly to yourself still pacing the conference room floor.

Hotch must have heard you because his head snapped up to you and he immediately stood up from his chair. “It doesn’t matter why he wants it, we half to give it to him. We half to give him everything he wants. This is Jack we’re talking about, the main focus should be about getting Jack back. No price is too high. I’ll give him the damn money, and the gun, and the file. Anything he wants so I can get my son back. Do you understand that y/n?” He asked walking over and yelling in your face.

You cringed away scared. Hotch had never yelled at you like this before. You kept your head down while your eyes filled with tears “Yes sir” You managed to say and then ran from the room.

Derek’s immediate response was to run after you and make sure you were okay but there were things that needed to be said.

Morgan stood up and faced Hotch. “I know that you’re angry. I’m angry to. We all love Jack and we don’t anything bad to happen to him. That being said you can’t take your anger out on her. She loves jack just like everyone else. She was trying to work the case. Figure out if there was anything else that could be done like we always do. She was just the first one to say anything. If there was no other option of course she would have gone along with the letter.”

He walked closer and then reached out and squeezed Hotch’s shoulder. I know you want to hit something and I know you want to break down and get angry but you can’t because that’s what he wants. He wants you mad at us and vulnerable so you’ll make mistakes. He’s counting on that. So you half to be strong, you half to keep the team unified like you always do. You half to stay strong for us and you need to be strong for Jack. And I know that’s not fair. But it’s what needs to be done to bring Jack home.

And with that Morgan left the room in search for you. After a while he found you in the bathroom huddled in a corner with your head in your hands. As he got closer he saw your shaking shoulders and heard your soft sobs. They broke his heart. He immediately sank to his knees and pulled you into his arms.

You froze for a second and then buried your head in his shoulder weeping openly accepting the comfort his strong arms provided.

Once your tears dried you sat up and wiped at your eyes suddenly self-conscious knowing that your make up was smudged. “I’m sorry. I don’t what happened to me. I don’t usually act like this. I’m not the emotional type, especially for something as stupid as being yelled at by Hotch.”  You said standing up from the floor and away from his arms that were still holding you.

You looked into the mirror and harshly started to wipe away the rest of your eyeliner that made you look like a raccoon. You hated when people saw you cry. It made you feel weak and exposed. You want to be the strong woman that everyone goes to when they need help, not this unkempt fragile girl that cry’s when being yelled at.

Derek stood up and watched you as you finished up. When you were done you turned and looked at him. You tried to move towards the exit but he was blocking the way out. You tried to go around him but he moved and blocked that way. You tried again to no prevail.

You let out a frustrated grunt “What are you doing Derek we need to get back to work.” You said looking up into his dark brown eyes for the first time since the moment you shared on the dance floor.

What you saw made you pause and take a step back. You couldn’t read it but it was intense, a mixture of so many emotions that his eyes appeared too blazed like a fire.

“I’m going to let you go this time y/n. But remember this. You don’t half to be strong for me, or with me for that matter. I can see how much of what Hotch said hurt you and I know you’re bottling it up inside of you trying to appear strong but I can see right through it. I can see all that sadness and fear and self-doubt built up from years and years of keeping it in. Its one of the reasons why you’re so beautiful on the inside, but it’s also your greatest weakness.” He said walking towards you.

You walked backwards scared of the intensity in his eyes until your back hit a wall. He leaned forward and bent down continuing on whispering in your ear “I can see through those walls you have in place but I can’t break them if you insist on adding more pain to fortify them. I know you y/n. And I know by that defiant gleam in your eyes that you’re not going to change this pattern anytime soon. and that’s okay. I’ve gone through this too. We will deal with it when you’re ready. And when I say we, I do mean we, because when that damn breaks, and it will break, you’re not going to go through it alone. I promise. Now I’m going to kiss you and then we are going to find Jack and bring your walls down together okay?”

You stood there in complete wonder of his words while his hands ran up your arms tangled in your hair and then cupped your face between his hands angling your head to kiss you. Your eyes drifted close and you tilted your head back waiting for that first brush of his lips against yours.

He leaned down and his lips ghosted over yours when there was a loud knock at the door followed by the squeaky sound of it opening and Spencer walking into the room. You jumped and pushed Derek’s chest hard. He reluctantly pulled away from you and spun to face Spencer.

“You guys half to come quick we found something” He said obviously not noticing he was interrupting something.

You quickly made your way towards the door following Spencer as he walked back to the conference room leaving Morgan and that weird energy between the two of you behind. It was time to focus on Jack and making sure he made it home.

Derek watched you leave with a mixture of confusion, sadness, and regret. He was confused by what had caused him to act that way, almost like the way you two were at the wedding. He was sad because He saw how deep your sorrow ran for the first time tonight. And finally he regretted not kissing you when he had the chance. But he pushed it all to the back of his mind focusing on the important thing which was getting Jack back.

Final Fantasy 15: first impressions of chracters

Noctis: aaw he’s an adorable little shit

Ignis: Damn hello British cooking daddy

Gladio: No shirt muscle man macho over here

Prompto: holy shit shh (also pls stop dying in battle)

Luna: NAMINE?! No? Oh, well she’s chill

Ardyn: *as he walks over to you in Galdin Quay* HOLY- WHO ARE YOU FINE SIR DAMN YOURE HOT LIKE SSSHITTT DADDY


Family Reunion (Bucky Barnes)

enjoy mi amigos 


Request;  Hey! I love your writing! I have a request can you do one where it’s a family reunion and you have to bring your boyfriend which is Bucky. And this was the first time your parents meet him

Other characters featured; tin can man is mentioned 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language (I was doing sO good at not using it) 

Word count; 805

Originally posted by jamesbuchananbarnesisbae

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Sex and Chaos (Part 1)

Aaaaaah, at long last, this Tony x Reader idea I’ve had in my head for a while. What started as a quick drabble idea is turning into a two part mess!! :P

Word count: ~1400

Warnings: Drinking, Drunk Tony, Swearing, Sexual innuendos, sex talk (No sex till second part though) Daddy kink talk? (oh Drunk Tony… shame shame)

Taking care of Tony when he’s drunk off his rocker, but that’s your job for you… you just never expected to fall in love with the guy.

Originally posted by tonystarkandpepper


Two months. Two months after the accords, the fight with Steve and Bucky (and Bucky becoming a popsicle again), and now Tony’s bad alcoholic habits. Good God, even Pepper had left him at this point from how bad he was getting. As an assistant, you couldn’t help but to think you weren’t getting paid enough for this shit, but as Tony’s best friend, this broke your heart. It was that time of night again where Tony came stumbling back into the tower, plastered and a complete wreck. It was just you tonight, seeing that you sent everyone else back home to get some rest. You were dressed casually tonight, in just jeans and your favorite band t-shirt, hair a disheveled mess. “Welcome back, Mr. Stark.” you offered.

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-Au where uvo and shalnark have an unplanned pregnancy.

-shalnark is unsure of everything that has to do with kids and being a good parent and going through changes with his body. Uvogin is highly supportive of any decision but he’s a family man

-they decide the see the terms through and have the kid. Nobunaga gets dragged into it because “he’s practically family! He should know, it’s his nephew technically.” And nobunaga is shocked because he thought shal was smart about using things to prevent this kind of thing from happening

- shalnark: “did I ask?”

-“Shal’s been missing for three months where is he? And for the record, so has uvo.” Phinks points out as he takes a long drag of his cigarette. “I bet you know”

Nobunaga shifts beside him, his cigarette burning to ash, left untouched. Shalnark had made it clear that nobunaga could tell no one of what had happened. Once shal had started to show the begginings of a baby bump the blond had gone into hiding, naturally taking uvo with him. Nobunaga, hating to lie to the troupe, could only pretend he knew nothing. No way in hell was he doing it to please shal, but if anything, he was doing it because uvogin had asked. “They’re around.” Nobu shrugs, “ya miss them or something”

Phinks smirks, “im just saying, you look like a lost dog without uvo around”

“Yea, and you look like a bitch when feitans around”

- Shal in an apartment playing video games

-Uvo being forced to buy things

- “Steal? No, no way because then that means we have to go on the run and my feet? Yea, they’re swollen. Worse than autopilot. You want me to get up? Fuck you, not happening.”

Uvo groans as he rubs his neck, “okay fine, I’ll buy the damn ice cream whatever”

-“You need to put on a shirt! ” shal throws in

-when uvo’s in the store old ladies are like “excuse me sir, can you grab me something from the top shelf?” And Uvo sighs as he does

-“What a handsome man,” one woman whispers to another.

-Uvo spots a baby carriage and a mother shopping and walks over. Her face pales and she grabs her stroller ready to run as uvo looms over her. Her eyes widen and she looks at the aisle for anyone, wondering if she screamed how quickly someone could help her

-“That your kid?” Uvo asks, and the woman says nothing, numb with fear. “Eh, obvious question I guess. I’m ugh, “he rubs his arm, "im going to be a new father I guess and was wondering if you know of anything good for swollen feet. My partner has been complaining bout them so..yea”

-The woman let’s out a strained laugh, “you want…pregnancy advice?” Relief floods her

-Uvogin hunches into himself, “That would be great. I’m kinda unsure of the whole thing”

-Cue uvo dragging shal to baby classes and shals like what the fuck

- Uvo introducing shal to his new mom friends. “This is Mary and she knows all about this crap. That over there is Helen and she thinks her kid is the shit but we all know they aint”

- shalnark: oh my god

-nobunaga shows up and regrets it, immediately

vnam1005  asked:

Bts reaction to meeting you for the first time at a supermarket and you pay for a family's groceries because they didn't have enough money. Thank-you

Hello, @vnam1005! This is another type of scenario I probably would write about even if you hadn’t requested it. But thanks so much for requesting it! I hope you like it! :) 


Jin chases after you with an armful of grocery bags. “Excuse me!” You stop and look back at him. “I just want you to know that I’m not poor. I have money. I just- I just left my wallet at home.” Jin tries to redeem himself. “I’m a singer! I have money!” He tries everything to prove it to you. “Would you like some free concert tickets? Or what about an autograph? Really! I’m not poor!”


Yoongi bows and thanks you the moment you two walk out of the grocery store without making eye contact. “Thanks, again,” he murmurs before walking away, grumbling. “Damn it. How embarrassing. Why isn’t anyone picking up their phone?!” Yoongi hurries home with his head down, dying of sheer embarrassment.


Hoseok laughs, nervously. “I’m not trying to be a creep or anything but would you like to come over for dinner? Or at least stop by so I can pay you back? It’s just- It’s not even a couple of bucks… I- I’d really like to pay you back. Here’s my number. Please, call me anytime you need some money!”


Namjoon refuses to accept your money. He stands by the cashier, holding up the line. “Hold on just one moment, please. I’m trying to contact my roommates.” He refuses to let you pay, even if it means holding up the line. When the cashier tries to talk to him, he simply looks over and grins through his anger. “It’ll be just a moment, sir. Damn it! Taehyung, pick up your phone!”


“Excuse me. I’m not a strange man but do you think I can have your number? I’d like to pay you back with dinner, sometime? My name is Jimin. What’s yours?”


After you pay for him, you two walk out of the grocery store together. “Wait!” He proclaims. He searches through bags and bags of groceries. He takes out an ice cream and hands it over to you. “Thank you so much! It’s the least I can do!”


Jungkook is conflicted, watching you pay. He whines like a puppy. “Uh oh. Hyungs would be mad if I let a person pay… But then, again, they would be mad if I didn’t bring home anything for dinner. What to do? What to do?” He’s lost in conflict. In the end, he lets you pay and promises to pay you back. “What’s your bank account number so I can forward you money?” He asks for the wrong form of number.

Birthday Treat


Request: for jacquiackles because it’s her birthday and she’s super sweet :) Can you write one where reader is overweight but is really confident and it turns Dean on and there’s Dom!Dean smut involved??

Warning: smut, bit of Dom!Dean, plus size reader

Note: Basically just some random smut for an awesome follower. I typed this in like 20 minutes so I hope it doesn’t suck too bad. 

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The Walking Winchesters

The walking dead x Supernatural crossover

Negan is obviously John Winchester as they are both played by Jeffery dean Morgan <3

Warnings: May contain slight spoilers as I reference the comics, swearing (because of Negan)

Tagging: (I tagged the people who reblogged and said they’d like this) @to-many-fandoms-help, @i-can-drown-my-demons 

This was written before the season 6 finale so it's not tv show accurate

A hand full of Rick’s group were lined up in front of Alexandra’s gates. Rick had heard about this man’s group. They had made a deal with the Hilltop Colony; they would use the weaponry that the other group was lacking to kill all zombies wandering near their premises. In return, they would obtain half of Hilltop’s supplies; such as livestock and crops. To get his point across, if a potential problem would arise, the leader and his men would resort to cruel and manic measures. If they sense they are being tracked or if they feel they aren’t getting a sufficient enough amount of supplies, they beat or kill the people from Hilltop.

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John’s Daughter

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: Johnxdaughter!reader
Word count: 1,260
A/N: Thanks to @lovetusk for the idea :)
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Two boys- Sam, and Dean. His whole world after Mary had died. He did everything he could do to protect them, and make sure they learned what they had to do survive. While he focused on them, and tracking what killed Mary, John Winchester was no monk. He’d had his share of women warming his beds over the years. So, of course, he’d always been smart.

So he thought.

The first time he found out any differently was in  October 2001. He received a phone call from a woman he hadn’t spoken to in years, which shocked him. While she didn’t say what was so important, she insisted that he come see her.

He’d agreed. Sam was off at school, and he was trusting Dean more and more on his own. So, he packed up his truck, and took off. All he’d told Dean was that he’d check in when he got there. Nothing more.

His knuckles tapped on the front door at five one evening. “Who is it?” You asked from the other side of the door.

“My name’s John. John Winchester. Is your mother home?”

Seconds ticked by before he heard the chain being removed from the door, the bolt undone, and the door unlocked. You cracked it, looking up at John. “I’m Y/N.” you said quietly. “Mom told me you were coming.” Slowly, the door opened, letting him in. “She’s at work. She won’t be home for a bit. I was just making dinner. Are you hungry?” You asked, securing the door behind him.

“How old are you?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “You don’t seem to be old enough to be home alone.”

You shrugged. “I’m used to it. I’m eleven, though.”

While the two of you ate in silence, you worked on your homework. John watched you, your tongue sticking out to the side a tiny bit as you worked on your math. He chuckled, shaking his head. Your mother did the same thing.

Around nine, you fell asleep watching cartoons on the couch. You knew who John was- your father. It had taken forever for your mother to finally contact him for you. You loved your mother, you really did, but the year before there was a daddy/daughter dance night, and that really got to you.

John left the same channel playing, not wanting to risk waking you up. Ten rolled around and your mother came through the back door. He quietly got up and went to meet her. “Y/M/N.” He said quietly.

She paused what she was doing and looked over at him. “Hello, John.”

“What was so important that you couldn’t tell me over the phone?”

“She’s your daughter.” She explained. John stared at her like she was insane.

Daddy!” You whined, stomping your foot. “I don’t want you to go! It’s not fair.” Your eyes watered as you pouted, giving him the best puppy eyes you could manage. “I only get you a couple times a year.”

John groaned. “I know, I know.” He sighed. “How about I stay one more night?” At thirteen, you had him wrapped around your polished finger. The last couple visits had been dad hell. And that was for a father who had helped raise his daughter. Not one that only showed up when he could!

You had first needed training bras. Somehow, he got conned into that. Thankfully, you had been just as weird about it. He would shop in the store right next to the one you would wander into it. He kept you close, but didn’t have to deal with…that. You had been twelve. Your mother had found it hysterical when you’d gotten excited at dinner that night. He’d turned every shade of red possible.

Next, it was acne face wash. There was not a single pimple on your face, yet you’d insisted. All your friends had started using it, so you had to have it. No amount of conversation was able to detour you from that. That wasn’t too bad, it was the standing in the isle trying to help you compare which brand did what.

Then there was this visit. Your mother had to take a business trip for the first couple days. Some nurses thing. Having little time to really look into raising a daughter, he was guessing at basically everything. So, when on the second day, you heard you scream from the upstairs bathroom, his mind went into panic mode. He’d run up the stairs two at a time, and banged on the bathroom door. “Baby girl?” He yelled, scared you were hurt.

“Ruined!” You sobbed. “My favorite jeans are ruined!”

“What?” He asked, staring at the door, confused.

You sniffled before cracking the door, hiding behind it. “I started my…period.” You whispered that, knowing that your best friend’s father had nearly passed out when she started. “I got blood on my favorite jeans. They’re ruined!”

He let out a sigh of relief. “Get them soaking in hot water, I can get the blood out later.”

“Uh, there’s more.” You gave him the ‘sorry’ face. “I kinda need you to go to the store for me.”

“Ice cream? Twizzlers?” He asked, knowing that was normally your go-to feel good food.

You stared at him. “Pads, dad. I need pads.” You groaned, resting your head on the door frame.

John came out from the back, duffle bag in hand. “Alright, I’ll see you again as soon as I can.” He kissed your temple gently.

You looked up at him. “You sure you can’t stay for the weekend?” You asked, a small smile on your face. It was the first football game of the season, and you were a cheerleader. He’d caught the last year’s first game, so you hoped you’d win this, too.

He sighed. “I’m sorry, sweetheart.” Every time he walked out that door, it killed him. He missed so much, but he was on a mission.

Hearing the rumble of a motorcycle, you jumped up, a huge grin on your face. “Mom! Chase is here!” You called out. Just like that, your mood had improved.

Chase?” John damn near growled.

Your mother came walking out of the kitchen, drying her hands. “Y/N’s boyfriend. I’m sure she’s mentioned him.” Her eyes were on you. “Ah, young love.”

He shook his head. “Love? She’s sixteen!”

“Stop it, Daddy!” You snapped, opening the door when Chase knocked. Standing there on the front porch, was Chase. That sweet smile that was often overlooked because of what he drove, and how he dressed. “Chase, this is my father, John.” Chase’s arm was around your shoulders, yours around his waist.

Chase smiled and held out his hand. “Sir.”

John glared at him. “You drive a motorcycle?”

You groaned.  "Don’t start, please.“

"It’s fine.” Chase chuckled. “Yeah, it belonged to my old man.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m nineteen.” He said simply.

The rest of the night was spent much like that. Nothing you said was making it so you could get out of that damn door. You were sure that your dad would have thought it was great if he wasn’t your boyfriend.

Pacing your old home, you chewed on your cheek. “Come on, Dad. Pick up!” You sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose.


You furrowed your eyebrows, not knowing that voice. “Can I speak to John, please?”

“What do you need?”

“I need to talk to John!” You snapped.

There was a low growl on the other end. “John’s dead. Who’s this?”

Your eyes watered. “I’m his daughter.”

Headcanons from tonight's second viewing of TFA

Hux: “What do you mean FN 2187 and the pilot destroyed the docking station? I JUST GOT THAT SHIT REBUILT FROM KYLOS TANTRUM LAST WEEK!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS IS GOING TO COST ME?!?!?!?”


Finn: “Fucking sand eating my best friend and a fucking ship, why did I ever leave the First Order?”


Snoke: “Hux you’re now overseeing things”

Hux: *Z Snaps in front of Kylo’s mask and walks out of the room like he’s on a cat walk*

*During Hux’s speech*

Hux: “ALL REMAINING SYSTEM’S WILL BOW TO THE FIRST ORDER!! Now I need to know how many of you are going to my cat’s birthday party next Wednesday…she’s turning 3…”

This is also where I came up with the idea that Hux will do anything for his cat.

Someone: “Sir why are we blowing up Hoth?”

Hux: “Millicent doesn’t like the cold”

*Kylo interrogating Rey* 

Kylo: *takes off his helmet*

Rey: “I have no idea what I expected”

*The only reason Kylo walked around half the movie without his black cape on is because he tripped and fell and Hux made fun of him*

*During the attack of the resistance*

Hux: This is all Kylo’s fault

*Kylo vs. Han*

Kylo: “God damn it I’m hungry”

Han: “Hi hungry I’m dad”

Kylo: “See this is the shit that turned me to the dark side!”

*Kylo vs. Rey and Finn*

Kylo: “TRAITOR!”

Finn: “Dude no, only the other guy sounds cool doing it, you just sound like an emo wannabe”

*Base starts to blow up*

Hux: “better get my jet pack and fly the fuck outa here”

Snoke: “Don’t forget Kylo!”

Hux: “I swear to fucking god that emo fucking tantrum loser…”