he is utterly baffled

In general there is like. a whole category of Voltron angst premises that utterly fails to make me feel anything because it often severely underestimates the strength of the characters that it proposes to be breaking.

Like… Listen. Lance pretty dang likely had internal injuries and had spent a pretty impressive amount of time unresponsive and he woke up like that and shot Sendak in the shoulder before nearly back out again. This tells us Lance woke up, probably in no small amount of pain, probably pretty loopy since he remembered absolutely none of it afterwards, and the absolute first thing that occurred to him to do is Sendak was right there and he had a clear shot so, fuck that guy. He got in that situation in the first place because he saw a bomb going off and his first priority was to protect Coran- who at the time he’d known for… days, maybe? 

Pidge, the fourteen-year-old, who was pretty much entirely alone on the castle during that same time, having just lost contact with Allura, losing Rover and then hearing Shiro get tortured by Sendak- still kept her head about her enough to try and bait Sendak off with a hologram and was a major part of that fight. I mean. literally, take this emotionally compromised kid and go “you’re officially alone on a spaceship with murderous adult soldiers. They have your friends. They’re hurting your friends. You are the only one in position to do anything. Have fun.” And she won

Keith had his shoulder hacked pretty impressively in the first room of the Trial of Marmora and was given multiple opportunities to bail with a pretty clear pattern that the next room would be worse and have more attackers and Shiro states it as a given that Keith will not give up. Kolivan unambiguously tells him going in this is a life-or-death scenario. This is also Keith who willingly soloed freaking Zarkon with Coran actively telling him that he had no chance of surviving that fight because Zarkon is not getting the Black Lion.

Allura destroyed the last thing she had of her father in order to protect her team and let herself be captured by Zarkon in order to protect Shiro. She caught her second wind and held out against Haggar as best as she possibly could even knowing those odds were not good.

Coran picked a fight with Zarkon’s entire fleet piloting a ship ten thousand years old, alone, and did pretty dang good

Hunk actively, voluntarily, and enthusiastically picked a fight with a planet-eating monster stated to be one of the most dangerous things in space and long before that, all of his misgivings about signing up to save the universe evaporated like morning dew in the Sahara as soon as he saw what Shay and her people were going through. 

A lot of “angst” content seems to really disrespect or even ignore that these people are fighters. Survivors. These aren’t people who flake under pressure. In Shiro’s case, he literally never would have made it if he was. We see that at his worst, during his missing year, when he was utterly baffled by the idea anyone would help him and was pretty unsubtly about to be knocked out and experimented on- he was full of fight. There wasn’t much he could do but he wasn’t going down easily and if nothing else, the fact that there were two good-sized soldiers in full armor in the room taking the role of sedating him would tell us that Shiro didn’t exactly obediently walk to that room in the first place.

I see a lot of stuff that acts like Lance could get captured and in the time it’d take the team to get to him he could be ‘turned to the dark side’ or broken as a person and it’s like… the empire had a solid year to work on Shiro when the latter had the assumption that no one who would want to help him would even have the technology to reach him or even know he was alive in the first place and the empire didn’t win. What honestly makes you think they could take a month and destroy any of the team?

Worth The Risk {Part 13}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 14 - Final Part, Coming Soon!

Word Count: 3137
Warnings: none

Originally posted by metal-armed-jesus

You and Sam lounged across the living room in your pajamas, eyes trained on the television flickering softly in front of you as the downpour continued on outside. Through the large windows you could see the dark grey clouds rolling across the sky, leaving everyone in a bitter and somewhat lethargic mood.

It was for that reason (and your aching and bruised bodies from training) that you and Sam had decided to spend the day in, rewatching all of the Harry Potter films together to pass the time. After all, he was one of the only people in the tower who could appreciate the series as much as you.

The clocks struck noon as you continued into the third movie, the rain outside falling harder than ever as you and Sam continued to sit in a daze. You stretched your body across the sofa, unwilling to share with the latter who was currently slouched back in the large armchair to your right.

There’d initially been bickering over the seats, but now silence hung over the room as you both zoned out. So absorbed in the film, neither of you noticed when your company was interrupted

Bucky entered the near empty living room, his hands shoved deep into his sweat pant pockets as he looked around the room groggily. Catching sight of your familiar figure, he began to approach. Without uttering a single word, he reached your side and lifted your legs gently before taking a seat on the sofa. You shifted your weight slightly when he rested your legs back on his lap, shooting Bucky a smile of acknowledgment before focusing back on the movie.

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Two Weeks Notice

His blood rushed loudly past his ears and he cleared his throat several times before finally managing to speak. ‘Two weeks?’

The firm nod from his soon-to-be-former-assistant brooked no argument.

Sherlock Holmes, self-made business mogul and genius with a knack for going through PR reps like tissue paper, was, for the first time, utterly baffled. 

‘I don’t understand.’ He stood and rounded his desk, a frown on his face, until he was standing in front of her. Molly Hooper. His assistant. His conscience. His voice of reason. The one person who, despite her diminutive stature and initial fumbling demeanor, had kept him in line and in good public standing for the better part of five years with a backbone of steel and an uncanny ability to charm even the most vicious reporter. 

She wouldn’t leave him… she couldn’t.

‘Are you no longer happy here, Miss Hooper?’

She turned her head before he could read her face, but he didn’t miss her flinch at his formal address. She took a deep breath before turning her gaze back to him. ‘I believe my services would be better utilized elsewhere.’

‘That’s not what I asked. Tell me, why are you leaving me?’

She looked down at her cherry-patterned blouse, tugged it straight, and cleared her throat. ‘Mr Holmes, the terms of my employment were clear in that, should either party be so inclined to terminate said employment, a notice of two weeks must be given. No where in the wording is it required that a reason be given.’

Sherlock cursed inwardly. ‘Miss Hoop-Molly, I thought we had developed an efficient rapport, even a friendship. If I have done something to cause you distress, please inform me so that I may rectify the situation.’ He slipped his hands into his pockets and ducked his head. ‘I have very few friends in my life and I would sincerely be loathe to lose you from my life.’

‘It is nothing you can fix, believe me,’ she replied, smiling sadly. 

Sherlock stepped toward her. ‘Molly-’

‘I’ve already begun vetting potential replacements,’ she interrupted, taking a step back. ‘Three months from now, it’ll be as if there was never any change. You’ll have forgotten all about me.’

Her smile was forced and a gnawing ache settled in Sherlock’s chest. No more chipper, bubbly smiles first thing in the morning as she brought him his coffee and handed him a folder with the relevant emails that had come through overnight. No more trying to hide his laughter in public spaces whenever she mumbled a sarcastic or morbid comment under her breath. No more watching her brilliantly smooth over his social faux-paus with a smile and perfectly-worded statements. 

No more Molly. 

‘What if I don’t want to forget you.’ His voice was dark and low. 

She replied with soft resignation. ‘We both know you excel at deleting extraneous information. And when I leave, that’s what I will become. Your work and empire will continue, your new assistant will do everything I’ve been doing for you, and nothing else in your life will change.’ 

Then with the strength he’d always admired in her, she straightened her shoulders and adopted a cool professional expression. ‘With that out of the way, I shall be off. You have a meeting with the Board in a half hour and I need to prepare the conference room.’ She turned on her heel and left the room, pausing at the door to call over her shoulder, ‘Don’t forget to wear the cufflinks Mr Haversham gave you; keeps you in his favour.’

The door clicked shut behind her with alarming finality and Sherlock fell back against his desk, stunned.

Two weeks. Two weeks and she would leave him. Why? Why was she leaving? He hadn’t offended her lately, insulted her clothing recently, or God forbid, forgotten to pay her! She had given no sign of discontentment or unhappiness working with him. If anything, she had thrived in her position, going above and beyond what he had even expected of her. 

So why would she leave?

Why would she stay?

The little voice that sounded a lot like his business partner, John, came unbidden to his mind. Sherlock froze. 

Why would she stay? If she received a better offer, he would understand that. But she gave no indication that she was looking for or taking a new position and no other company would dare even consider poaching her from him.

His legs were moving before he even thought to, propelling him across the room in record speed. He threw open the door and stormed out, sending a frightened intern scuttling after a flurry of papers she’d thrown in surprise. 

Sherlock paid the employees that parted around him like the Red Sea no mind. His singular focus was on finding his assistant and demanding a full explanation before talking her out of this irrational decision to leave him in the lurch. 

The lift was too slow and he bypassed it entirely, opting to thunder down the stairs to the ground floor. The conference room was in the center of the atrium and completely encased in glass windows that rose to the top of the three story-tall room. Transparency was the core of his business success; no underhanded dealings or hiding secrets. Made for a bumpy ride at times, but paid off in the long run. 

He straight-armed his way through the doors into the atrium; the steel doors slammed into the walls and echoed loudly in the tall room. Every head turned toward the sound and many craned their necks to watch as the C.E.O., President, and Notoriously Aloof Sherlock Holmes blew into the room with the force of a hurricane and narrowed in on the petite assistant who was speaking animatedly with the few board members who had arrived early.

He interrupted them unashamedly and furiously declared, ‘No. I refuse to accept your resignation.’

Molly looked over in surprise and a fierce blush stained her cheeks. Hastily excusing herself from the conversation, she hurried across the room. 

‘Mr Holmes, please-’

‘No, no more Mr Holmes,’ Sherlock snapped, uncaring that every ear was attuned to their discussion. ‘We have been on a first name basis for two years. We are friends, Molly. And friends don’t just quit. Not without reason.’

Molly looked around at their gaping audience and lowered her voice. ‘Sherlock, it’s…’ She sighed and tucked her hair behind her ear. ‘It’s complicated. Okay? You don’t understand and I get it, I do. Just… respect my decision.’ Her eyes were suspiciously bright. ‘Please.’

It was in that moment that Sherlock saw what he’d ignored for so long. The dilation of her pupils, the longing in her eyes, the soft way she would smile at him, putting aside her own personal life to help him, canceling dates at his last minute request when he needed her… the love that was woven in every word she spoke to him and every thing she did for him. 

And how deeply that love was reciprocated.

He reached out and caught her hand. ‘You’re wrong.’ He stepped closer and lifted his other hand to slip around the back of her head. Her breathing increased and her eyes widened. ‘I believe I do understand. Finally.’ 

‘Sherlock…’ The rest of her breathless words were stolen as he dipped his head and kissed her. 

Around them, the onlookers awed and cheered. Sherlock tuned them out, focusing all his attention on the woman in his arms and kicking himself for ignoring his heart for all these years.

And when John Watson, Sherlock’s business partner, arrived with the rest of the Board members minutes later, he smirked at the sight before him. A quick check to the calendar on his phone only made his smile widen. 

Seems he’d won the betting pool. 

Do you really mean that?

It was rather amusing watching Rafael actively trying to ignore his vibrating phone which sat upside down on the table in the restaurant. It was the first time you had been back there since your first date. The vein on his forehead was pulsing prominently and he seemed incredibly stressed out.

“Just answer it!” you said.

“No. Is it too much to ask for some time alone with you?”

“You’re an important man, it’s only natural that people are going to demand your time and attention.” You tried to keep from smiling while saying this but your attempts were unsuccessful, particularly after he started rolling his eyes at you.

“Very funny.”

Before you could reply, your phone started ringing angrily. How can a phone be angry you ask? Honestly, you had no idea, but if ever a phone has sounded angry and urgent, yours did at that very moment. You and Rafael looked at each other, resigned to the fact that your evening was ruined.

“Hey Liv!” you answered, as cheerily as your could manage.

“Where is Barba?” She sounded stressed, you decided against scolding her for interrupting your evening.

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Unorthodox Sleeping Arrangements

“The best solutions are often simple, yet unexpected.”-Julian Casablancas

“Uh, Rae? I think we’re lost…” Beast Boy trailed off, glancing around them with wide eyes. Looming up all around them were massive redwood trees, with a canopy so thick, it blocked out the sun. Every direction looked the same, no matter which way he looked.

They were lost. He was certain of it.

“No. We aren’t,” Raven growled. She stomped onward, trampling the ferns in her wake. Beast Boy heaved a sigh. She’d said that an hour ago. And the hour before that.

And yet, there was still no sign of their teammates or their camp.

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Oh my god I love you no one ever writes 7 days to die aus please write/ref more!!

Ahhh, you should bless @gaywood for giving me the prompt in the first place! 

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but okay, I love to think about them not knowing each other at first, and it’s like Ryan collects a whole pack of them that follow him around like puppies as he passes through dead or dying towns

and maybe they’re the first people he’s come across who are decent, who aren’t out for his blood and the guns he’s built with his own two hands or the tins of food that sit heavy at the bottom of his pack. 

There’s Jack who snatches his arm as he’s sprinting from a horde, pulls him into a room that’s well fortified, and Jack’s clearly been there for a while, if the amount of stuff in the room is anything to go by; and he’s obviously got it from other people- killed them, Ryan thinks, and he’s quick on the draw- but Jack ignores him, keeps his ear pressed to the door, tense, before deflating. They’re safe.

Jack saved his life and he’s still got his pistol trained on him, even as Jack blinks at the gun, confused for a moment before moving on to check the other barricades. 

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To Family

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“It would have been easier to get an Uber,” Rafael complained as you looked for a space to park outside Liv’s apartment. She was having a little party since Noah’s adoption had been finalized.

“It’s okay we still have that parking permit. When does it expire again? The 21st of May?”

“That’s tomorrow.”

“It’s the 20th. Already?”


You couldn’t quite put my finger on why, but you felt a little unsettled.

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Fandom: Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Characters: Donnie, others mentioned
Relationship: Donnie/reader
Request: Hello! May I request a Tmnt fanfic with Donatello where the reader comes to the lair and finds the guys drunk, and when Donatello finds the reader, he’s very emotional and tells her that he loves her and gets super clingy. When he wakes up the next morning, maybe there’s some fluff between the reader and Donatello? Thanks!
You could hear singing in the sewer as you walked to the lair. Frowning, you continued to walk but at a faster pace, quickly realising it was Mikeys voice. He seemed to be screeching unknown lyrics, his words slurred. This could only mean one thing. He had had alcohol.
The thought of this sent you into a jog. The guys were hilarious when they were drunk. You had only seen it a few times before due to Splinter taking a lot of precautions. But the occasional bit of liquor slipped through, (sometimes because of you).
Grinning you pushed the door to the lair open to reveal Mikey balancing on the back of a sofa with a half eaten baguette in his hand using it as a mic while screaming lyrics.
You threw your head back with laughter as you saw Leo passed out in the corner with Raph getting dangerously close with a marker pen. You made a mental note to lock your door if you stayed tonight.
But you noticed Donnie was missing, then you heard a loud clutter from the corridor where his lab was.
Instantly, you darted to the lab and upon arriving, you found him on all fours, swaying slightly, as he looked under a table.
“Whatcha looking for?” You asked, holding your hands behind your back.
the second you spoke, Donnie jumped and bashed the back of his head against the underside of the table.
You quickly ran to his side, trying to hold your smiled back as you pulled him out. He fell backwards slightly so he was in a sitting position opposite you.
“Wh-what are you doing here?” He asked, rubbing the back of his head. His words, while better than Mikeys, were still slurred.
“I have the night off, remember? So I thought Id come bother you.” You giggled, playfully punching his arm. But Donnie frowned, looking like you had insulted him.
“You don’t bother me!” He slurred as he attempted to get up but wobbled. You quickly caught him and wrapped his arm around your neck.
“really?” You asked, looking up at him as you tried to maneuver him out the lab. Donnie had a habit of trying to make things when he was drunk. And this had resulted in a number of small explosions, cuts, bruises and burns. You didn’t want him to harm himself so you decided to escort him to his room before he hurt himself or Raph got to him.
“Yes, you are without a doubt, the most brilliant-ist thing in my life.” Donnie said. You smiled up at him. He was so sweet to you when he was drunk.
“Donnie, I don’t think brillinatist is a word.” You chuckled, shaking your head as the two of you swayed to the side slightly but you got yourself back on track.
“SEE!” Donnie almost yelled, pointing his free hand at you and taking you by surprise. “you’re so smart! So smart and pretty. Pretty pretty pretty.” He mumbled the last three words to himself as you couldn’t stop the small blush which he failed to notice.
“Where are we?” He asked, stopping suddenly. The fright made you trip over your feet and you tumbled to the ground with a thud. Before you could look up, you heard Donnie yell out “y/n” and then he fell to the right of you. You couldn’t stop your laughter as he scurried over to you.
“Are you okay? Did you break anything? Should we go to the hospital?” He fumbled over you, barley able to hold himself up.
“No, no, im fine, Donnie. I promise.” You giggled, batting his hands away slightly as they tried to touch yur arm to make sure you were fine.
“Ar-are you sure?” he asked as you managed to wriggle away from him and to your feet.
“Im sure.” You smiled, helping him up to his feet.
But this time, instead of his hand going around your shoulder, you felt him slip it round your waist. There was a tension hung in the air as he held his breath, waiting for you to push him away. But you didn’t.
You moved your hand around him to settle on the back of his hard shell in an attempt to help him with balance and the two of you continued on your little journey.
despite nearly falling and getting crushed by Donnie a couple of times, you managed to make it to his room with no more accident. Donnie seemed deep in thought the whole way but that didn’t stop him from asking if you were okay again and again, not that you minded.
“Here we are.” You said, using your free hand to push open his bedroom door.
But as you tried to pull him inside, he dug his feet into the ground.
“Whats wrong?” You asked, your eyes glancing around what you could see of the room in case there was a danger Donnie had noticed.
“I don’t want to.” Donnie hiccupped, trying to take a step back but you managed to stop him. You moved from his side and took both his hands in yours, trying to drag him inside.
“Why not?” you asked in a strained voice as you tried and failed ot pull him in.
“Because then you’ll leave.” Donnie mumbled, slouching slightly as you stopped pulling him. You stared at him, a little dazed at what he said. He looked genuinely upset, as if he could cry.
“Donnie-“ You started but you could finish your sentence as Donnie wrapped his arms around you in a crushing hug.
“Don’t leave me? Please, I love you. Don’t leave.” He begged as he started to sob onto your shoulder. If you were shocked before, you were utterly baffled now. Could he really love you like you had loved him all this time?
You had to mentally slap yourself as you remembered he was drunk. You had said your fair share of stupid things when you were drunk too but you knew he wouldn’t let you leave.
“Its fine, I promise. I’ll stay with you tonight.” You pulled back, smiling at him. His eyes went wide with disbelief as a smile dawned his face. He pulled back and grabbed your hand and pulled you inside his room and towards his bed.
before you could even protest, you were thrown in the bed and covers flung over you.
Blinking slightly, you sat up in Donnie bed to see him lying down on a small couch he had at the other side of his room.
“Donnie, I cant steal your bed. You sleep here and I’ll sleep on the couch.” You said as you attempted to get out his bed.
“No, you get the bed because you’re a princess.” Donnie mumbled as he buried his head into his pillow. You rolled your eyes, knowing there was no arguing with him. So you lay down in his massive bed, breathing in his scent which relaxed you.
Remembering Raph earlier, you quickly darted to the door and locked it to be on the safe side. As you tiptoed back to the bed, you noticed a blanket on the back of the sofa. You moved over to Donnie and pulled it down so it was covering him to keep him warm and you took his glasses off, placing them on a small table by the sofa. But he was already asleep. As you moved away, you heard him mumble “My princess” before letting out a soft snore.
turning back to him, you watched him sleep for a moment. He looked so peaceful and sweet. Then you clambered back into his bed, allowing yourself to fall into a sweet dream.
———————-time skip ————————-
When you woke, you heard a small groan from the other side of the room. You were still half asleep so it took you a moment to realise what had happened last night. Sitting up in the bed, you saw Donnie rolling onto his side, his head in his hands.
“Bad hangover?” You called out in a sleepy voice. Donnie jumped at your voice, his eyes landing on you in his bed. But his eyes softened as they fell on your sleepy appearance.
“[y/n]?” He asked, as if trying to make sure you were really there.
“Yup.” You giggled as you pushed the covers back and got out of the bed. You then grabbed his duvet and pulled it over to him, throwing it over him.
“What happened last night?” he asked, but you heard him chuckle as he sat up, the duvet falling away from his upper body.
You giggled, taking a seat at his feet.
“Im not 100% sure what happened before I got here. But when I came, Mikey was singing, Leo had passed out and Raph had a very menacing look with a marker.” You giggled at the memory. When you mentioned Raph, Donnies hand jumped up to his face, feeling to see if he could tell if he had marker on his face.
“Its okay. I locked the door.” You nodded to the door as you spoke, seeing him visibly relax. “Anyway, I came to find you and you were in some state in the lab. So I brought you back here. You took some persuading. You wouldn’t even come in the room unless I stayed. Sorry for stealing your bed but you were having none of it.” You giggled, avoiding telling him what he had said last night. Donnie buried his head in his hands as you spoke, his cheek glowing with embarrassment.
“Oh, god. Im sorry.” He mumbled, looking at you through is fingers.
“Its okay. It was quite amusing actually.” You smiled at him, showing him it was okay.
“Did…. Did I say anything I should regret?” Donnie asked, lowering his hands down. You had a slight suspicious he remembered saying he loved you but you weren’t sure. You might as well tell him though. Knowing your luck, Raph or Mikey might had over heard as he wasn’t quiet.
“Not too much. You called me pretty at one point and you said you loved me at another.” You chuckled, trying to play it off as a joke.
“[y/n], im sorry-“ Donnie trailed off as he shook his head slightly.
“Don’t be. Ive said my fair share of stupid things when ive been drunk. I once told a bar of chocolate I was going to marry it.” You giggled, remembering the memory very vividly.
“[y/n]? I wasn’t… lying.” Donnie suddenly said.
You froze, your eyes widening slightly.
“What do you mean?” You asked, tilting your head to the side as Donnie rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding your eyes.
“I wasn’t lying when I said I loved you.” He clarified. “I-ive always loved you but never had the guts to say it. But I don want the only time im ever able to tell you how I truly feel to be when im drunk.” As Donnie, spoke you could hear him regretting it. He glanced at you only for a second before trying to move from under the covers.
“Im sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” Donnie mumbled, scorning himself. You managed to pull yourself from your disbelief and moved in front of him before he could stand up. Ducking down, you pressed a quick but soft kiss to his lips.
Donnie froze at the action, his whole body ridged. but before you could pull away, his hands reached out and grabbed your waist, pulling you forward. You fell slightly but he managed to catch you and pulled you onto his lap. You slowly pulled away from the kiss to look at him.
“I love you too.” You mumbled, smiling slightly as you spoke the words you never dreamed you would say to him.
Donnie let out a breath before smiling at you as you both moved in for another kiss.
But after a moment, you felt Donnie wince.
“What wrong?” You asked as you pulled back, concern written all over your face.
“No, its nothing. Just a headache.” Donnie said as he pulled you closer. You thought it was sweet he was trying to work through the pain of a hangover just to stay like this with you.
“Tell you what, I’ll go get you some tablets and water, then we can continue.” You said as you got off his lap, much to his disappointment. But he nodded, not wanting his pain to get any worse.
As you unlocked the door and opened it, something big fell in the room. You jumped back but calmed when you saw it was Raph. He must have passed out outside the door last night.
He let out a groan as he slowly started to wake.
“Im so glad a locked the door.” You mumbled as you saw the marker in his hand.
“Me too.” Donnie chuckled.

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collage AU : JD meets veronica for the first time because he was late to his class and Veronica was having a panic attack in a closet and he helped her calm down and when she was calm he asked why she was having one and she told him it was because she forgot her notes. he was utterly baffled by how she was so stressed but he was also kinda impressed she was so devoted.

They skip their classes for that period together and go get lunch instead

Veronica remembers her notes next class and all is well

Some of you might know, but I won a free psychic coaching! It was wonderful. My working life got lot of light and a clearer direction, and I definitely know what I want to do. I might join her 3 month’s course to shed light better on my working life, as her fee was very low for such a long, personal coaching.

Something strange happened during the reading, though! She said she saw me working in a completely white room, taking some measurements, perhaps making crafts, and there’s a man with white skin and black hair, too. I told I don’t know anyone like that and assumed it might be my spirit guide Ian, but she said this is a living person. I took it as a sign of future; when the time is right, I’ll be working with this dark haired, pale skinned man.

The psychic went to see my Facebook profile (we handled the reading in FB, bc she lives in US). Then she LITERALLY starts to scream “There he is! The man! He’s on your FB page!”

I’m utterly baffled, asking where, what’s his name (as I think she means some of my Japanese friends). She keeps saying “Here, here! On your header pic! That’s the man I saw! It’s him! Who is he?”

And I have an official FF-painting with Noctis as my header. 

She really didn’t want to believe that he wasn’t a real, flesh-and-blood man. “I saw him, I saw him, he’s the one in the white room with you.”

We came into a conclusion that he’s one of the guides, which isn’t anything unusual from my experience. I’ve noticed our fave characters always teach us something and show us the way to better. I need to figure out what’s Noct about and how he’s related to my work life.

Fic 345: If the Hat Fits

Fluffy Red Oktoberfest for you all! 100% spoiler free from today’s new comic release.

“What is this?”

The box, wrapped in plain brown paper and a twine bow, sat squarely in the middle of a rather important requisition request justification that had taken him the better half of the evening to make any headway through. Medic looked up at Heavy, who stood in front of him with his arms crossed over his chest and with an expectant look in his eye.

“Is present.”

“That much is evident.” Medic poked the side of the box with his pencil, listening for any tell tale clues, ticking clocks, hissing vipers, spring loaded gas devices, and the like. A quick glance up at Heavy didn’t help either. The giant was simply watching with an amused look across his face as Medic approached even this simple thing with the same mix of methodical care and callous disregard as he approached his surgeries.

A present. But for what? Medic racked his brain. Smissmass long since past, and neither of them ever discussed birthdays with each other. It had simply never come up. Spy could have been persuaded to part with the information, since he had no doubt already discovered it, but they were nowhere near that date either. There had been no arguments that either would need to apologize for, and even if they had, this wasn’t Heavy’s preferred method of apology. And in any rate, he was usually not the one doing the apologizing either.

There were no upcoming missions that would require additional prep. There were no upcoming unpleasant assignments that Heavy would want to avoid. The look on Heavy’s face was not the one he wore when telling him that he would be traveling back to Russia.

Medic was utterly baffled.

“I give up,” he finally replied, “Why?”

A sly smile crept onto Heavy’s face. “Does Heavy need reason?”

“No, I suppose not.”

“Then open, dorogoy.”

Medit set his pencil down and pulled the package back into his lap,. His fingers played at the bow on top, the rough twine hissing over the paper as he pulled it away and let his drop to the floor with the paper following shortly after. Inside the paper was a box. A proper box of sturdy stock that was emblazoned with a stamp that he didn’t recognize but that was undoubtedly Russian. He felt Heavy’s eyes on him as he pulled off the lid to find red tissue paper beneath. As he pulled it back, his fingers brushed across something soft, furry, and absolutely lacking in a heartbeat.

“A hat?”

Heavy nodded. “Is ushanka. Special for Doktor.”

He pulled it out and turned it in his hands. An ushanka it was, indeed. Dark brown, and almost identical to the one he’d admired on Heavy many times before, but on its front was a gold cross, his own class symbol, that made it his own. He let his fingers run through the furred lining, feeling its warmth and softness, and knowing that it would be more than a match for their inevitable reassignment to Coldfort.

“What kind of fur is this?”

“Bear. Killed with Heavy’s own hands.”

He almost choked up at that. It was hard to find a good man who would kill a bear for you with his own hands and that kind of enthusiasm. Without waiting another moment, he pulled it on and dropped the flaps to let the fur tickle his ears. It fit perfectly. How, he had no idea. He almost never wore hats, and the ones that he did keep around were of the helmet variety. But the ushanka fit like a glove. Of course it did. It was from Heavy, who knew him better than anyone.

“Danke, Misha. It is wonderful.”

The Medi-gun could have been powered for days off of the wattage that came from Heavy’s smile.

“But if you do not mind me pressing,” Medic got up from his desk and made his way around to Heavy and laying his hands on those impossibly broad shoulders, “what is the occasion? If I have missed something important…”

“Nyet.” Heavy shook his head as he pulled Medic close. “Is because we go together, Doktor.”

Medic shook his head as Heavy chuckled a little at his own little joke. Matching hats for men who were a match. It was silly and juvenile, the sort of thing infatuated teenagers would do.

He loved it.

The room was warm, and his head was already getting hot, but he wouldn’t take it off. Not just yet. Not while Heavy was smiling so brightly down at him. Instead, he leaned up just enough to plant a light kiss to the tip of the big man’s nose.

“Ja. Together.”

eastofthemoon  asked:

Would Matt and Ulaz compete for Shiro's attention, or would they just team up?

I feel like Matt is too competitive. Like, no matter if you ship it or not, Matt’s still like ‘I knew him first, he has limited free time, you don’t get to steal it all for yourself’.

So Matt has this complicated nonsense chart of who’s ahead and who isn’t and what is worth more points, and he’s keeping careful track.  Not only that, but he’s switching up what he wants to do, because hanging out together on the couch is worth less than training together and he’s behind this week so he has to catch up.

Shiro is passingly aware of this, because Matt complains to him about it, but for the most part he’s just rolling his eyes and ignoring it.  He knows Matt is joking about it but he’s not sure how serious it is, and frankly the whole thing is utterly baffling so he doesn’t know what to do with it.

Meanwhile, Ulaz thinks it’s very nice that Shiro has reunited with the other human and encourages them to spend time together.

When Matt hears this, he curses very loudly, gives Ulaz ten points, then sulks for the rest of the afternoon.

(Ulaz does eventually find out and offer to share the time/team up on Shiro, and it takes Matt a week of grumbling to agree.  by then he’s Invested.)

ask-artsy-oncie  asked:


THIS TAKES TOP PRIORITY AND ITS GOTTA BE THE FIRST PROMPT I DO. First time writing Jade. Hopefully I’ll get better at it. Btw I’m imagining him somewhere between 13-15 here.

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Valentine’s Day Kiss

inspired by a @ramendobe post

Megamind/Roxanne, pre-movie au

K+ rating

AO3  |  FFN

“Seriously?” Roxanne says.

“It’s for charity!” her boss says, gesturing expansively, a grin edging onto his face.

“Uh, huh,” Roxanne says, unimpressed. “Roxanne Ritchi gives a kiss for charity. Very…cute.”

“Right! It’s a Valentine’s Day thing!”

“Right,” Roxanne says, “so on Valentine’s Day, I kiss whoever donates the most money to the annual Metro City Children’s Home charity drive, do I?”

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anonymous asked:

AR-1 have discovered an new ancient device powered by zucchinis!

“Much like Rodney is powered by coffee,” John jokes. Rodney sends him a narrow eyed look, but rather than replying to his terrible humor, instead explains to Ronon and Teyla what a zucchini is. John pouts over being ignored until Rodney sighs loudly and gives him a quick, sweet kiss. 

“One wonders at the peculiar minds of the Ancients,” Woolsey mutters, utterly baffled once he is informed. “Do we know what the device does?”

“Makes zucchini bread,” John speculates, a hungry gleam in his eyes.

“Dont be ridiculous!” Rodney protests.

“Do you know what it does yet?” John asks, raising an eyebrow. He crosses his arms over his chest, drawing Rodney’s attention to his biceps. John smirks.

“Well…no,” Rodney admits. He’s still staring at John’s biceps. Woolsey pretends not to notice.

Two days of avid research later, and they discover it’s an Ancient wishing machine. John is full of zucchini bread, Rodney is pleading with it for ZPMs, and Woolsey is wondering  if it can make cigars as good as those from Cuba.

John saves some bread for Rodney.

Fic: Triad

A short Kukui/Guzma/Burnet thing I’ve been wanting to write for the past few days. Its the first fic I’ve finished in months so good on that! Editing will come later when I actually have time. May end up rewording sentences and such before the AO3 post.  AO3 Link is here. This fic here has been updated too. Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

How would the siblings + azura react if Corrin (M/F your choice) were to try to tickle them?

  • Azura - She’d be confused when Corrin approached them with a ridiculous grin on their face, arms tucked behind their back in sham innocence. Then when they pulled their arms forward, fingers waggling, her eyes would widen and she’d say, “No.” But Corrin doesn’t care and Azura just runs, pulling her lance out when she hits a dead end, pointing it at Corrin. Corrin just laughs wickedly and Azura watches her life flash before her eyes. 


  • Ryoma - He’d be amused when Corrin approaches him and starts tickling his tummy, because he has a secret tickle spot that’s the only place he can be tickled and only Sakura knows of it. So he’s laughing AT Corrin when they struggle to tickle him. Then they move lower. And Ryoma’s eyes widen. No no no n– Corrin finally tickles the back of Ryoma’s thighs and he falls over right on top of Corrin, crushing their younger sibling. 
  • Hinoka - When she sees Corrin running towards her at breakneck speed, she hops off of her pegasus and runs towards them, worried something terrible happened. But then she sees Corrin’s smirk and wiggling fingers, and she’s thinking, “Oh shit.” She runs for her pegasus after turning on her heel faster than ever, like the faceless have NOTHING on a Corrin hell-bent on tickling Hinoka. She’s off into the sky and doesn’t return until the middle of the night. Unfortunately, Corrin had been waiting for her… 
  • Takumi - He doesn’t realize why Corrin called him to their private quarters, he assumes it’s just to talk about archery practice or something. But when Corrin locks the door and tells him to sit on their bed, he’s suspicious. Suddenly he’s spasming, wondering why his body won’t cooperate and he’s kicking and screaming and laughing and swearing he will remove each of Corrin’s fingers after this.
  • Sakura - She doesn’t even see Corrin approaching her. One second she’s talking to Hana, and the next she’s on her knees as Corrin is tickling her sides. When she tries to bat them away using her staff, Corrin just uses the opening to get at her armpits, and she rolls over crying and laughing and Hana is just so confused as to what she should do, which sibling to side with, and Sakura is crying for Hana and Subaki to help, but Corrin has this crazy look in their eyes and no one wants to get involved. RIP. 


  • Xander - He just stares at Corrin trying to tickle him, utterly baffled by their persistence to find a way to tickle Xander. But the prince is just a rock, as he watches Corrin with a look of concern, especially when they demand Xander take his shoes off. He just walks away, thankful he’s wearing large, thick boots, because if Corrin knew his feet were ticklish, he’d die. Unfortunately, late that night, Corrin sneaks into Xander’s room, lifts the blankets at the foot of his bed, and the next thing you know, Corrin has been kicked 5 feet away and Xander is sitting upright with tears streaming down his face. 
  • Camilla - Corrin moves towards her to tickle Camilla, but she turns around and smiles sweetly at her sibling. “I love you Corrin, but if you try to lay your hands on me I will not hesitate to use my axe, sweetheart!” Corrin never thought about tickling Camilla ever again. 
  • Leo - So he knows he’s screwed, but Leo let’s Corrin tickle him, hoping he can control his laughter. So Corrin is tickling his tummy and Leo just looks so… constipated as he tries to hold back his laughs. Corrin sees this, and they have no intention of stopping, but then Leo just snaps, bursts into laughter while pulling out a tome, but rather than using it for its intended purposes, he uselessly bats at Corrin’s head, trying to move away. This causes quite the commotion, and most of the army is now watching and Leo swears to have Corrin’s head by the end of the day. 
  • Elise - So by this point, she had already heard about Corrin’s tickling shenanigans and is prepared. She had Midori make an anti-tickle potion and everything, and had put Xander’s armor on. What she didn’t anticipate was Corrin tackling her and ripping the armor off. She screams so loudly, Effie and Arthur come running on command, but poor Arthur is knocked away by Corrin. Effie tries to lift Corrin off of Elise, but Corrin holds on to Elise and they’re still tickling her, it becomes a really big mess. 


anonymous asked:

Chrom trying to chear up f!mu because she's heart broken about a lover she remembered from her past who died protecting her, which is hard for chrom cuz he likes her too. Thank you friend!

poor blueberry

At first he’s utterly baffled. Why are you crying? Your face is red, your nose is very shiny, and to be frank, you’re not a pretty crier…your frightening appearance is all the more reason to worry the prince. “______…” He gently places a large hand on the top of your head, and you finally break out of your thoughts.

“Oh…Chrom…it’s you…”

“Indeed it is. What ails you so, my friend?”

You suppose you could tell him…you hope that he won’t think you silly for being sorrowful over a matter that you know little of. “I…I remembered something.”

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Beyond Conscious Thought

So I decided to get back into the swing of fanfiction writing, inspired by the lovely Drarry Squad here on Tumblr. Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve properly dabbled in this wonderful world of ours (there’s an utterly ancient and uncompleted 70,000-word YuGiOh fic I have somewhere that will never see the light of day), but in the wake of some pretty stressful months, it’s definitely high time to re-engage in one of favourite pastimes. I never really published any of my works online, just a few excerpts here and there on my DeviantArt account, so I’ll just see how this goes for now, and I might get an AO3 account later. I’ve also been working on and off on my own original story, but that seems to be completely on hiatus at the moment, so I decided to try break my writing funk in a more entertaining way. Or maybe in a really depressing way, because I am of the opinion that J.K. Rowling needs to properly address the fact that most of the individuals who survived the Battle of Hogwarts would have come out with some ridiculously overwhelming mental baggage….

So without further ado - and dedicated to all you awesome people who truly brighten my day in a way that no one in my real life can do - here is my first Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter fic, Beyond Conscious Thought. Do let me know if you want Part 2, or if you have any other critiques! I struggled with this a bit!

Let’s just tag this as 8th Year, Patronus Charms, Anxiety and PTSD (two things that affect my life very personally, due to my family history and profession).

 Word Count:  (Part 1 - 3,487)

(Part 1)

Draco Malfoy rested his head back against the bedpost, kept his eyes fixed on the textures of the ceiling above, and just breathed.


He counted stains in the plastering and wood until the rasp in his throat was gone, his head stopped spinning, and he could wipe his palms on his robes without them immediately returning to a sweat-sheened state.

It was a disturbingly common practice for the Eighth-Year Slytherin, and it only seemed to be worsening over time. What happened to the adage, time heals all wounds? Perhaps what Draco found most unsettling is the fact he knew he would never truly heal, and that strangely, it was a reality he’d come to fully accept.

It was a fitting penance, after all.

But acceptance of the hippogriff in the room did not mean it made his life any easier. It only took what seemed the simplest walk across the grounds and stairwells at Hogwarts to leave Draco a shivering, retching mess. Every crevasse and alcove was filled with memories of drying pools of blood, the pungent stench of death, relentless fiendfyre, and horrifically poor choices.

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