he is utterly baffled

In general there is like. a whole category of Voltron angst premises that utterly fails to make me feel anything because it often severely underestimates the strength of the characters that it proposes to be breaking.

Like… Listen. Lance pretty dang likely had internal injuries and had spent a pretty impressive amount of time unresponsive and he woke up like that and shot Sendak in the shoulder before nearly back out again. This tells us Lance woke up, probably in no small amount of pain, probably pretty loopy since he remembered absolutely none of it afterwards, and the absolute first thing that occurred to him to do is Sendak was right there and he had a clear shot so, fuck that guy. He got in that situation in the first place because he saw a bomb going off and his first priority was to protect Coran- who at the time he’d known for… days, maybe? 

Pidge, the fourteen-year-old, who was pretty much entirely alone on the castle during that same time, having just lost contact with Allura, losing Rover and then hearing Shiro get tortured by Sendak- still kept her head about her enough to try and bait Sendak off with a hologram and was a major part of that fight. I mean. literally, take this emotionally compromised kid and go “you’re officially alone on a spaceship with murderous adult soldiers. They have your friends. They’re hurting your friends. You are the only one in position to do anything. Have fun.” And she won

Keith had his shoulder hacked pretty impressively in the first room of the Trial of Marmora and was given multiple opportunities to bail with a pretty clear pattern that the next room would be worse and have more attackers and Shiro states it as a given that Keith will not give up. Kolivan unambiguously tells him going in this is a life-or-death scenario. This is also Keith who willingly soloed freaking Zarkon with Coran actively telling him that he had no chance of surviving that fight because Zarkon is not getting the Black Lion.

Allura destroyed the last thing she had of her father in order to protect her team and let herself be captured by Zarkon in order to protect Shiro. She caught her second wind and held out against Haggar as best as she possibly could even knowing those odds were not good.

Coran picked a fight with Zarkon’s entire fleet piloting a ship ten thousand years old, alone, and did pretty dang good

Hunk actively, voluntarily, and enthusiastically picked a fight with a planet-eating monster stated to be one of the most dangerous things in space and long before that, all of his misgivings about signing up to save the universe evaporated like morning dew in the Sahara as soon as he saw what Shay and her people were going through. 

A lot of “angst” content seems to really disrespect or even ignore that these people are fighters. Survivors. These aren’t people who flake under pressure. In Shiro’s case, he literally never would have made it if he was. We see that at his worst, during his missing year, when he was utterly baffled by the idea anyone would help him and was pretty unsubtly about to be knocked out and experimented on- he was full of fight. There wasn’t much he could do but he wasn’t going down easily and if nothing else, the fact that there were two good-sized soldiers in full armor in the room taking the role of sedating him would tell us that Shiro didn’t exactly obediently walk to that room in the first place.

I see a lot of stuff that acts like Lance could get captured and in the time it’d take the team to get to him he could be ‘turned to the dark side’ or broken as a person and it’s like… the empire had a solid year to work on Shiro when the latter had the assumption that no one who would want to help him would even have the technology to reach him or even know he was alive in the first place and the empire didn’t win. What honestly makes you think they could take a month and destroy any of the team?

radio rebel | pt.1

Hey, I just would like to request this song to someone who means a lot to me. I love you very much and I hope you know who you are just by listening to this song.

➤ pairing: jungkook x reader ; radiohost!au, DJ!au, college!au
➤ words: 4.1k words
➤ genre: neutral angst, potential fluff in future chapters
➤ summary: jungkook finds himself torn between falling in love with the anonymous radio host of the local radio station and the quiet girl from his english class. because truthfully, they both seem so similar and its bothering him the hell out.
➤ a/n: i’m back,,,,,,,,,,,,,from,,,,,,the dead,,,,, BUT HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET ROASTED POTATO @wastednotions i cannot believe how late i am to give this to you as your birthday gift but you can roast me for my horrible writing in school another time. just appreciate the fact i did this on impulse because u like badboy!jungkook ;). also i’m so sorry for being inactive but i just have been so burdened by work but all is good now:)) hope you enjoy this series which is inspired by the Disney movie Radio Rebel ;))))

“Hey, hey! Its your Radio Rebel in the house! I’m back in the studio and I’m feeling the 80s vibes today, don’t you think so?” Your voice crackles into a light laughter that rips through the still air of the mini studio of the radio station. “Well, lets break down today’s lazy evening with some Bon Jovi kiddos!”

A summery smile graced your lips as you took off your headset, the intense tune of Livin’ on a Prayer playing with passionately throughout the studio, a heavenly wild and energetic atmosphere enlivening the small room. You leaned back against your chair, taking a sip from your mug and you could feel the scalding of bittersweet Americano running down your throat but you down it anyway. Anything to get yourself through this graveyard shift at the radio station.

It was like any other shift that you managed, fulfilling your hours at the local radio station to whip up some cash for college. It was a completely different aura here as compared to the outside. A place where you could be you, where you could talk to people without surrounding yourself to humiliation. There was nothing more than enjoying the enigma of being behind the microphone, walls holding your up and concealing your identity form all the curious minds of who the voice of who this Radio Rebel is. And you would gladly keep it that way.

God forbid your identity as a radio host for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evening is discerned to the entire public.

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Sound the Alarms: 03

Sound the Alarms: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader ~ Jungkook | Seulgi
Description: You were in love with Jeon Jungkook since you were 14, but made the mistake of introducing him to your best friend at 16. Now you’ve slept with him at 19, and it appears that fate isn’t done screwing you over when it comes to your two best friends.
Warning: Hella Angst, EXTREME Toxicness (don’t read if you can’t handle the abusive side, it gets bad), Intercourse, Oral, Face Riding
Word Count: 4,118

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Worth The Risk {Part 13}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 14

Word Count: 3137
Warnings: none

Originally posted by metal-armed-jesus

You and Sam lounged across the living room in your pajamas, eyes trained on the television flickering softly in front of you as the downpour continued on outside. Through the large windows you could see the dark grey clouds rolling across the sky, leaving everyone in a bitter and somewhat lethargic mood.

It was for that reason (and your aching and bruised bodies from training) that you and Sam had decided to spend the day in, rewatching all of the Harry Potter films together to pass the time. After all, he was one of the only people in the tower who could appreciate the series as much as you.

The clocks struck noon as you continued into the third movie, the rain outside falling harder than ever as you and Sam continued to sit in a daze. You stretched your body across the sofa, unwilling to share with the latter who was currently slouched back in the large armchair to your right.

There’d initially been bickering over the seats, but now silence hung over the room as you both zoned out. So absorbed in the film, neither of you noticed when your company was interrupted

Bucky entered the near empty living room, his hands shoved deep into his sweat pant pockets as he looked around the room groggily. Catching sight of your familiar figure, he began to approach. Without uttering a single word, he reached your side and lifted your legs gently before taking a seat on the sofa. You shifted your weight slightly when he rested your legs back on his lap, shooting Bucky a smile of acknowledgment before focusing back on the movie.

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Through and Through

// Draco x Hufflepuff!reader.

Requested: No.

Summary: When in Divination class the tea leaves in front of y/n are read and Trelawney predicts that great happiness will soon come, followed by trials and suffering. Y/n soon notices things about  a rather troublesome Draco Malfoy that she’d never seen before.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.

Warnings: Mild language. Nervous, stammering Draco. Awkwardness.

A/n: This is going to have multiple parts to it (seven at the most, five or four at the least). I had this idea and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity! I hope you like it! I can’t quite remember if in Harry Potter if this is how it is, so excuse me if it isn’t, but for the sake of the story a person’s “aura” can be like, interpreted one’s Aura into emotions, basically. Also the timeframe/time setting or whatever may be off to the classes they are taking, but whatever don’t think too much about it. :)

Title: Through and Through | Part One. //

Y/n taps her finger impatiently on the desk, attempting to at least pretend to be listening to what Professor Trelawney was currently going on about. She had arrived late to class and her Professor had unknowingly punished her. She had made y/n take a seat at the table with only one other person instead of being able to join her friends. Draco Malfoy currently stares down at the delicate cup, a look of disgust on his face.

“This is bloody ridiculous,” he murmurs, glancing over at her slightly. “This nutty old witch has no idea what she’s talking about,” his eyes narrow as he looks back at the cup. His gaze shifts over to his book, which in theory was supposed to aid the students in reading the tea leaves. “I can’t make any sense of this bloody mess.” Y/n glances over, sighing deeply.

“I’m not quite sure if anyone can,” she says, directing her attention back to Trelawney as she suddenly appeared by their table. Before either of them have any time to react, she whisks one of the cups off the table, her eyes widening slightly. Draco casts a glance towards Y/n, watching her expression as Trelawney gasps dramatically.

“I can see it,” she whispers, her gaze turning to y/n, as both cups were close to her. “See it? Right there?” She points to an indecipherable mass of leaf gunk and y/n nods slowly.

“Uh, yeah…” she ventures, keeping her gaze away from Trelawney’s intense stare.

“I knew you had an eye for this,” Trelawney muses, smiling brightly at her. “It’s…” Her voice trails off as she squints at the cup, a loud gasp falling from her lips. “Oh, my dear, I’m so terribly sorry!” Sybill wails, setting the cup back down and moving in close to y/n. “You will soon experience great happiness!” Her eyes widen to an impossible size, her lips quivering slightly. “But it will be soon followed by-” her sentence breaks off into more incoherent mumblings of what seem to be apologies before she meets y/n’s gaze fully. “Horrible suffering…” The bell rings and all the students get up quickly, most happy to exit Divinations class.

Oddly enough, Draco gathers his stuff at a leisurely pace, until the moment Trelawney says:

“Wicked trials await you, beware! In the darkest of times, make the right decision! Don’t stray from the path!” Draco’s eyes almost seem to widen slightly as he grabs his bags in a hurry and rushes out of the classroom.

Y/n excuses herself and slides past her professor, running slightly to catch up with her friends.

“What the bloody hell do you think that was about?” Ron asks, his mouth slightly open from shock. Y/n stares forward and her lips turn down into a frown as she catches a glimpse of Draco’s quickly fading figure. “Y/n? Are you okay?” Ron stops walking, turning his full attention to y/n.

“Yeah, I’m fine, it’s just…” Her voice trails off and she sighs, shaking her head. “You’ll all think I’m insane, but…what if she’s right?” She whispers and forces her gaze to the ground. Hermione laughs, shaking her head quickly.

“Don’t tell me you’re actually buying any of this y/n. Come on.” Hermione shakes her head, a small flicker of anger sparking in her eyes. “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

“This is bloody ridiculous. This nutty old witch has no idea what she’s talking about.”

Y/n’s back stiffens slightly, Hermione’s words vaguely reminding her of what Draco had said only moments ago. Draco. Y/n breathes in deeply, staring at the ground. She clenches her fist and narrows her eyes.

“-no, no! You’ve no idea what you’re talking about Ron, don’t be bloody ri- Y/n, look out!” Just as Hermione’s words register in her brain, y/n crashes into something. She drops her books to the floor as she grips the person’s arm, her heart pounding wildly. Y/n lifts her gaze, grimacing when her eyes meet Draco’s. She lets go quickly, elbowing his hand off her arm in the process. She drops to the ground quickly and gathers her books, standing up and moving backwards next to Hermione.

“Watch where you’re going, Malfoy.” Harry snaps, stepping forward. “You should apologize.”

“Apologize? To her?” Draco steps forward and sneers at Harry. “Now why would I do that, Potter? Because famous Potter told me to? Hm? Are you upset with me, Potter? Have I hurt your girlfriend?” Draco’s last word comes out as a hiss, and he steps forward, not backing down even when Harry steps forward too. This surprises most of the people watching. Harry’s gaze flickers to the crowd of people.

“Harry, come on! It’s not worth it.” Ron mutters. She steps forward and grabs Harry’s wrist, pulling him back reluctantly. Draco’s gaze flickers to her hand. The angry, venomous expression on his face disappears and is replaced with one of confusion. His fist clenches at his side as his whole-body tenses, and he turns to her, forcing himself to meet y/n’s gaze.

“I’m sorry y/n.” He blurts out, moving past her hurriedly. Y/n’s lips part slightly as she turns around and watch him move through the crowd quickly, pushing people out of his way. Y/n lets go of Harry’s wrist and shakes her head, turning and going in the other direction.

Ron stares after him, shaking his head. “What in the bloody hell is with him?” He looks over at her with wide eyes. “Did he just apologize to you? What did you do to get him to apologize?” She shakes her head and opens her mouth to respond. “Bloody brilliant!” He exclaims, turning over to Harry, his mouth wide open.

Hermione walks up next to her, nudging her in the side gently.

“So, not to pile on…but how did you get Malfoy to apologize to you?” Y/n laughs softly, and she shrugs.

“I have my ways,” she jokes, flipping her hair over her shoulder. Hermione and y/n burst out in giggles, the whole group unaware as they pass Malfoy and his friends. Draco stares at y/n as she moves past him, his lips turning down into a frown as his eyes narrow slightly.

Y/n runs quickly as she misses being late to Potions by a few seconds, earning herself a glare from Professor Snape. She inhales deeply, murmuring an apology as she rushes to the only empty seat available. She sets her bag down, taking out her books, parchment, quill and ink. She only turns to her right to check who she’s sitting next to when Snape mutters:

“Today we will be making Amortentia…turn to your partners, and begin working.”

She recoils slightly when she meets Draco’s cold stare.

“Well, looks like we’ll be partners.” He murmurs. “Right then, let’s get to work.” They quickly begin to work together in silence, moving along quite efficiently as they brew the potion.

The classroom is filled with varying levels of enthusiasm as the students begin to talk about what they smell in their potions. The kids’ who weren’t successful brewing it cower slightly as Snape lectures them.

Y/n glances over towards Hermione, Ron and Harry who are all near each other. Hermione’s gaze meets hers and she gives her a sympathetic look. Y/n turns away and sighs, looking down at the potion once again and inhaling it. There were many scents she’d anticipated to be in it; the smell of the Hogwarts library, fresh parchment paper, freshly fallen rain the cozy and inviting smell of the Hufflepuff Common Room. But one of the smells is completely foreign to her, and no matter how hard she tries she’s cannot remember where she has smelt it before, although it seems to be on the tip of her tongue. It’s an undefinable but absolutely alluring scent. The more she focused on that scent, the more prominent it became, and the more it confused her. She couldn’t remember smelling this anywhere else before. It smelt vaguely of some sort of tangy fruit, morning dew, and most conspicuously the smell of fresh, sharp, peppermint. Her eyes narrow slightly as she glances to her right. She sees Malfoy staring intensely at the Amortentia Potion, an utterly baffled look on his face. He straightens his posture instantly as he whips his head around to look at y/n, his eyes slanting as he meets her gaze.

What?” He hisses through his teeth. “Why are you staring at me?” Y/n’s mouth drops open as she gasps slightly, and her eyebrows shoot up.

Me? Staring at you? Bloody hell Malfoy, don’t let your dreams get the best of you.” His eyes shine slightly as a quiet, pleasant laugh leaves his throat. Soon his lips turn up into a smile as his eyes close, and he leans forward slightly, still laughing softly.

“I didn’t know you could be funny, y/l/n.” He says between laughs, sitting up straight in his seat and cocking an eyebrow. “Maybe you are pleasant to be around,” he comments, smiling teasingly.

“And maybe you’re not a complete git,” her words come out sounding harsher than she meant them to, and they seem to instantly sober Draco’s mood. His lips press into a thin line and his eyebrows pull down. Just as the class is dismissed he grabs his bag, sweeping his books off the table and into the opening of the bag, and opens his mouth to say something.

This is when y/n notices the slight dullness to his eyes that wasn’t there before, the undeniable, blatant sadness to them. He takes a moment, closing his eyes and sighing slightly-but only taking a second before his eyes snap back open.

“Farewell, y/n.” She can’t help but pull back in shock slightly when he doesn’t retaliate with an insult, and instead gives her a small, awkward smile before walking out of the room at an unnaturally quick pace for him, almost like he had just done something he shouldn’t have.

She stands up quickly, grabbing her bag and bolting out of the room to catch up with him. She didn’t understand the way her heart broke slightly when she realized she’d hurt him, but she wanted to make it right.

“Draco! Draco, wait!” He only pauses long enough to turn around and see her running to him, but that’s all she needed to catch up. “Draco- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to be rude…I just…” She speaks breathlessly, trying to gather her thoughts. “I just…it’s hard, to…to be nice to you- not that I don’t-I just, I want to be nice to you…I don’t mean to be rude, really… I guess it’s just hard because- because you’re so rude to my friends…and…I…” Draco holds up his hand, cutting off her jumbled rant as he shakes his head, offering her a forced smile.

“It’s fine.” He says.

“No- no, it’s not. You weren’t rude- you were actually being rather kind, and I just- I ruined it, I ruined it and…I was rude to you, Draco…I.” Draco puts his hand on her shoulder.

“Y/l/n, really. You ought to stop being such a Hufflepuff.” She recoils slightly at the emphasis he puts on the word.

“What’s wrong with that? Hufflepuff’s are very pleasant people. I don’t see anything wrong with them- plus, I am a Huf-”

“Y/l/n, I realize that…I just, I’m not good with words, I guess.” He says, a slight blush tainting his cheeks. “All I meant was you…you should stop being so kind. Someone’s going to hurt you one day- if you keep being…so nice to everyone.” He shuffles on his feet slightly, turning his gaze to the floor.

“O-oh…but I wasn’t nice to you, that was my whole point.” She replies, pushing her hair behind her ears.

“Y/l/n you didn’t say anything wrong…nothing I haven’t heard before, and nothing worse than what I’ve heard before.” This statement seems to alarm her more than calm her nerves, and he shakes his head quickly. “Not that I- I didn’t mean it in that way, but…I think it’s clear to us both that not everyone…really likes me that much-” he shakes his head, cutting himself off. “It doesn’t matter. My point is- what was my point again…I could’ve sworn I was going to-” his sentence is cut short once again, but this time it’s by y/n’s arms wrapping around him as she pulls him into a hug.

“Draco, I-”

Oooh!” Trelawney gasps, her eyes widening to a seemingly impossible size as she clasps her hands together and leans forward. “Look at the two of you! I can sense great fondness…” She smiles wistfully. “Oh, to be young and in love…” Y/n and Draco’s eyes widen at that and they bounce apart.

“Oh no, you’ve got it all wrong!” Y/n says nervously. “Me and him, we aren’t!”

“Aren’t together, that is.” Draco says, cringing slightly and forcing his eyes shut. “Not romantically, I guess is what I’m trying to say. We aren’t even good friends,“ he stammers, his gaze darting all around. “Or in love, that is.” He adds, realizing afterwards how redundant his words are getting. He fakes a laugh, and moves a little further away from them. “I actually have to go- I’ve got to go- to class, that is.” Draco stammers over his words, his face turning a shade of pink as he turns away and pushes through the crowd of people, muttering a “Move, out of the way.” Every now and then. Y/n manages to slip away while Draco keeps Trelawney’s attention, as she calls out to him apologetically:

“I’m sorry…I could’ve sworn, by the look of your Auras-” She stops when she glance back towards where y/n was, realizing that both Y/n and Draco are gone, and she sighs, shaking her head and looking at the ground.

Two Weeks Notice

His blood rushed loudly past his ears and he cleared his throat several times before finally managing to speak. ‘Two weeks?’

The firm nod from his soon-to-be-former-assistant brooked no argument.

Sherlock Holmes, self-made business mogul and genius with a knack for going through PR reps like tissue paper, was, for the first time, utterly baffled. 

‘I don’t understand.’ He stood and rounded his desk, a frown on his face, until he was standing in front of her. Molly Hooper. His assistant. His conscience. His voice of reason. The one person who, despite her diminutive stature and initial fumbling demeanor, had kept him in line and in good public standing for the better part of five years with a backbone of steel and an uncanny ability to charm even the most vicious reporter. 

She wouldn’t leave him… she couldn’t.

‘Are you no longer happy here, Miss Hooper?’

She turned her head before he could read her face, but he didn’t miss her flinch at his formal address. She took a deep breath before turning her gaze back to him. ‘I believe my services would be better utilized elsewhere.’

‘That’s not what I asked. Tell me, why are you leaving me?’

She looked down at her cherry-patterned blouse, tugged it straight, and cleared her throat. ‘Mr Holmes, the terms of my employment were clear in that, should either party be so inclined to terminate said employment, a notice of two weeks must be given. No where in the wording is it required that a reason be given.’

Sherlock cursed inwardly. ‘Miss Hoop-Molly, I thought we had developed an efficient rapport, even a friendship. If I have done something to cause you distress, please inform me so that I may rectify the situation.’ He slipped his hands into his pockets and ducked his head. ‘I have very few friends in my life and I would sincerely be loathe to lose you from my life.’

‘It is nothing you can fix, believe me,’ she replied, smiling sadly. 

Sherlock stepped toward her. ‘Molly-’

‘I’ve already begun vetting potential replacements,’ she interrupted, taking a step back. ‘Three months from now, it’ll be as if there was never any change. You’ll have forgotten all about me.’

Her smile was forced and a gnawing ache settled in Sherlock’s chest. No more chipper, bubbly smiles first thing in the morning as she brought him his coffee and handed him a folder with the relevant emails that had come through overnight. No more trying to hide his laughter in public spaces whenever she mumbled a sarcastic or morbid comment under her breath. No more watching her brilliantly smooth over his social faux-paus with a smile and perfectly-worded statements. 

No more Molly. 

‘What if I don’t want to forget you.’ His voice was dark and low. 

She replied with soft resignation. ‘We both know you excel at deleting extraneous information. And when I leave, that’s what I will become. Your work and empire will continue, your new assistant will do everything I’ve been doing for you, and nothing else in your life will change.’ 

Then with the strength he’d always admired in her, she straightened her shoulders and adopted a cool professional expression. ‘With that out of the way, I shall be off. You have a meeting with the Board in a half hour and I need to prepare the conference room.’ She turned on her heel and left the room, pausing at the door to call over her shoulder, ‘Don’t forget to wear the cufflinks Mr Haversham gave you; keeps you in his favour.’

The door clicked shut behind her with alarming finality and Sherlock fell back against his desk, stunned.

Two weeks. Two weeks and she would leave him. Why? Why was she leaving? He hadn’t offended her lately, insulted her clothing recently, or God forbid, forgotten to pay her! She had given no sign of discontentment or unhappiness working with him. If anything, she had thrived in her position, going above and beyond what he had even expected of her. 

So why would she leave?

Why would she stay?

The little voice that sounded a lot like his business partner, John, came unbidden to his mind. Sherlock froze. 

Why would she stay? If she received a better offer, he would understand that. But she gave no indication that she was looking for or taking a new position and no other company would dare even consider poaching her from him.

His legs were moving before he even thought to, propelling him across the room in record speed. He threw open the door and stormed out, sending a frightened intern scuttling after a flurry of papers she’d thrown in surprise. 

Sherlock paid the employees that parted around him like the Red Sea no mind. His singular focus was on finding his assistant and demanding a full explanation before talking her out of this irrational decision to leave him in the lurch. 

The lift was too slow and he bypassed it entirely, opting to thunder down the stairs to the ground floor. The conference room was in the center of the atrium and completely encased in glass windows that rose to the top of the three story-tall room. Transparency was the core of his business success; no underhanded dealings or hiding secrets. Made for a bumpy ride at times, but paid off in the long run. 

He straight-armed his way through the doors into the atrium; the steel doors slammed into the walls and echoed loudly in the tall room. Every head turned toward the sound and many craned their necks to watch as the C.E.O., President, and Notoriously Aloof Sherlock Holmes blew into the room with the force of a hurricane and narrowed in on the petite assistant who was speaking animatedly with the few board members who had arrived early.

He interrupted them unashamedly and furiously declared, ‘No. I refuse to accept your resignation.’

Molly looked over in surprise and a fierce blush stained her cheeks. Hastily excusing herself from the conversation, she hurried across the room. 

‘Mr Holmes, please-’

‘No, no more Mr Holmes,’ Sherlock snapped, uncaring that every ear was attuned to their discussion. ‘We have been on a first name basis for two years. We are friends, Molly. And friends don’t just quit. Not without reason.’

Molly looked around at their gaping audience and lowered her voice. ‘Sherlock, it’s…’ She sighed and tucked her hair behind her ear. ‘It’s complicated. Okay? You don’t understand and I get it, I do. Just… respect my decision.’ Her eyes were suspiciously bright. ‘Please.’

It was in that moment that Sherlock saw what he’d ignored for so long. The dilation of her pupils, the longing in her eyes, the soft way she would smile at him, putting aside her own personal life to help him, canceling dates at his last minute request when he needed her… the love that was woven in every word she spoke to him and every thing she did for him. 

And how deeply that love was reciprocated.

He reached out and caught her hand. ‘You’re wrong.’ He stepped closer and lifted his other hand to slip around the back of her head. Her breathing increased and her eyes widened. ‘I believe I do understand. Finally.’ 

‘Sherlock…’ The rest of her breathless words were stolen as he dipped his head and kissed her. 

Around them, the onlookers awed and cheered. Sherlock tuned them out, focusing all his attention on the woman in his arms and kicking himself for ignoring his heart for all these years.

And when John Watson, Sherlock’s business partner, arrived with the rest of the Board members minutes later, he smirked at the sight before him. A quick check to the calendar on his phone only made his smile widen. 

Seems he’d won the betting pool. 


Gonna combine these; hope you two don’t mind! I can definitely relate a bit to this S/O. ;_; Thank you for the requests! Enjoy!


Cramped. It was entirely too cramped in the petite Hawaiian hotel room, due to the unintended addition of Ann, Ryuji, and S/O. Akira wasn’t disconcerted in the least, and Mishima was so preoccupied with his cell phone that he completely ignored the boisterous visitors.

“My roommate bailed on me for his girlfriend who, uh, happened to be Ann’s roommate. So you’re stuck with us for now, if that’s cool.”

Akira shrugged, hands stuffed in his olive sweatpants. “I’m fine with it. How about you, Mishima?”

The admin mumbled a slur of unintelligible words, the screen dimly illuminating his concentrated scrutiny. Akira reverted his attention back to his guests, his hand dejectedly rubbing the nape of his neck.

“H-he says it’s okay. Probably,” Akira claimed, then he focused his concerned gaze on S/O. “What happened to you? Are you all right?”

They nodded contently, sinking into the mattress as they seated themself on the edge of his bed. “I’m fine, don’t worry. The atmosphere was just really… tense, to say the least.”

Ann propped a hand on her hip and shot a questioning glance at S/O. “Huh? Why is that?”

“There are constant rumors about me, so as a result no one really approaches me unless they need something done. Apparently, my parents’ money is paying for my grades, and I’ve never had to work hard for anything.”

Akira perched adjacent to them and kissed their shoulder reassuringly. “That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Ryuji crossed his bare arms and furrowed his brows in frustration. “Yeah, I’ve seen you bustin’ your ass at the beef bowl place. They don’t got the right to be sayin’ shit about you.”

“It doesn’t bother me. I donate a lot of my projects to the school, anyway. They’re completely useless, though.”

“…Didn’t one of them shoot lasers and meow whenever it was activated?” Akira inquired, a trace of amusement in his baritone voice.

S/O snickered, their eyes glazing over with reminiscence. “Yeah, that was your favorite. Sorry that I had to get rid of it. I’ll make you a new one for Christmas, and I’ll throw in a few tools, too.”

“I appreciate it, but you don’t have to do that… a-although, a meowing laser would be pretty amazing,” Akira murmured bashfully, twisting his onyx locks between his fingers.

They smiled from his sudden endearing shyness, and they pasted a fond kiss to his pink, dimpled cheeks. “Just the laser cat, then.”

Akira returned their grin with admiration sparkling in his ebony orbs, briefly wondering what he did right to deserve someone as incredible as them.


“H-how the hell’d you do that?! Ya didn’t even look at the paper!”

“I did for half a second!”

“That’s barely a glance!” Ryuji countered with bulging chocolate eyes, exasperation laden in his cadence and demeanor.

The blonde had proposed that S/O assist him with his studies, as his grades left something to be desired, and he would like to avoid attending cram school at any cost. 

However, somehow the study session resulted in Ryuji testing S/O’s abilities as opposed to his own. He was aware that they were intelligent, but he was utterly baffled by their otherworldly eidetic memory. Granted, Ryuji’s reliable recollection of people and events was something he prided himself in, but S/O was on an entirely different level.

“Maybe it’s magic,” S/O teased, sending a wink to their flustered boyfriend.

Ryuji sighed as he shook his head. “Knowing how you are, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” they huffed, attempting to appear indignant. They were certainly a genius, but their acting skills were downright atrocious, even compared to Ann.

Ryuji laughed lightheartedly and lazily slung an arm around their shoulders, placing a kiss to their cheek. “It means you’re too amazin’ to be real, ya nerd.”

S/O flushed a bright pink and snuggled into him; although his compliment was merely casual, it meant a great to S/O, who was often ostracized at school due to their monetary wealth, and Ryuji was possibly the only person to look beyond that.

“I could say the same about you… Phantom Thief,” S/O added smugly, secretly eager to witness his reaction.

Ryuji blatantly avoided eye contact and rubbed the nape of neck. “Y-you’re funny. Me, one of the Phantom Thieves? Man, not only are you really smart, you’re friggin’ hilarious too, haha…”

S/O delicately kissed his jawline, smiling as they whispered the following words, “Oh, I don’t know about that. The mind of a thief is somewhere in that skull of yours.”

Ryuji’s cheeks were incandescent with a scarlet tint painted over them, not that S/O could observe that; his face was completely out of their sight now. “Y-you little… Akira told ya somethin’, didn’t he?”

“He didn’t have to.”

Ryuji sighed. “Of course.” He finally initiated eye contact, and he wore an expression of guilt as he apologized, “Sorry for hidin’ it from ya.”

S/O shook their head. “It’s all right, I understand. Do what you have to do, but please be careful.”

Ryuji directed his lips to their forehead, where he placed a gentle peck. “You really are perfect. Don’t make me steal your heart, too.”


“S/O, are you all right?”

Yusuke’s smooth voice interrupted their eavesdropping as they perched on a bench in front of their school. S/O had requested that he meet them there since it was within close proximity to the site of their date; however, as they waited patiently for his arrival, they overheard a conversation about them. S/O could almost feel the eyes of the gossips drilling into the back of their head as the two chastised them for their ‘purchased’ intelligence or their ‘half-assed’ projects that the school pilfers to ‘kiss their parents’ asses’.

Unfortunately, Yusuke had taken notice of the rattled expression on S/O’s face as their anxiety overwhelmed them, and he approached them with furrowed brows.

“Yusuke!” S/O promptly uplifted themself, relief washing over their formerly tense nerves. “I’m fine, l-let’s just go-”

“Oh my god, is that their boyfriend? I feel so sorry him, he’s too handsome to be with a fake like them,” one of the gossips snickered, making no attempt to be discreet.

“…Come on, let’s just go. They don’t matter.” S/O tugged on Yusuke’s sleeve, coaxing him to follow them to avoid any further involvement. However, it was too  late; the searing rage emanating from the artist could be sensed from the far side of the galaxy.

Yusuke closed the distance between himself and the currently silent gossips, his obvious irritation clamping their mouths shut. “Pardon me, but if you would be so kind as to take your ignorance somewhere it’s actually wanted, I would greatly appreciate it.” Yusuke crossed his lithe arms and leaned on one of his legs, appearing exceptionally vexed. “Alternatively, there is a school right there; perhaps you’d like to waste your time on a feeble attempt to utilize the gray matter between your ears and educate yourselves.”

The pair of gossips scoffed at Yusuke and scampered off, throwing piercing glares behind their shoulders as they retreated. Yusuke scurried back to S/O with an apologetic disposition as his arms hung on his sides. “I’m sorry for involving myself and taking matters into my own hands without your approval, but I couldn’t tolerate one more false word against you.”

S/O shook their head and tugged his sleeve once more; this time they successfully convinced him to walk with them so that the duo may commence their date. “I was happy you came when you did, and thank you for defending me. I guess I don’t have the energy to do it myself anymore.”

“Will you be all right?” Yusuke inquired, his cadence thick with worry.

“Of course; you’re here, after all,” S/O said softly, shyly staring at their feet as they walked. 

They felt Yusuke place a swift kiss on their head before claiming, “And I can think of no greater honor, although I wish you didn’t have to endure the fate of an outcast; you’re far too bright, and you managed to discern my… extracurricular identity within a week of my joining.”

S/O glanced at him and smiled fondly. “I guess outcasts attract each other… not that I mind.”

Yusuke reciprocated their smile with one of his own, and his gratitude was as evident as the beautiful, radiant sunlight shining down on them. “The feeling is mutual, my love. For my friends… and you.”


Akechi thought himself to be quite well-versed in the art of poker; that is, until he engaged in a match against S/O. Out of the fifteen rounds they’ve played, Akechi had not once emerged victorious, and his streak of defeats were beginning to erode his once-brimming ego.

“If I discover that you’re cheating, I’m going to make you pay for it,” Akechi jested halfheartedly. “Really though, how are you so talented at a game that relies solely on chance?”

S/O smirked as they shuffled the cards. “A good gambler never reveals their hand. You should know that, sweetie.”

Their glibness made Akechi uncertain as to whether he wanted to smother their taunting face with kisses or a pillow. He opted for a bet instead as he rested his forearms on his dining table. “Fine, let’s play another match. If I’m victorious, you’re going to tell me your strategy.”

“Fair enough. What do I get if I win?”

The detective smiled sweetly as he wagged his hand dismissively. “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that… I don’t intend on losing this time.”

S/O eagerly dealt the cards and chuckled, “You’re on.”

After a fairly quiet and tense match of poker, Akechi had apparently won.

“Congratulations,” S/O commented, attempting to organize the deck of cards.

Akechi crossed his legs and placed his folded hands in his lap. “Thank you, but that was entirely too one-sided to be claimed as a match. Why did you allow me to win?”

“…Because I wanted to see if you used the same strategy as me.”

“And did I live up to that assumption?”

S/O grinned proudly. “Yes, actually. You count the cards, just like me.”

Akechi tilted his head in slight bewilderment. “Then if we utilize the same principle, how does your expertise outweigh my own?”

“That’s…” S/O suddenly became bashful, staring at their twiddling thumbs as though they had been caught doing something wrong. A floral pink permeated Akechi’s ears; he didn’t anticipate them to behave so… adorably. “I don’t know, to be honest. I just remember where each card is placed, even after they’re shuffled. Maybe I am just a cheater…”

A twinge of guilt agitated his heart from the dejected inflection in their voice. “No, you’re incredibly skilled, and I apologize for previously accusing you of such a petty thing as cheating.”

S/O frantically shook their head. “N-no, don’t apologize, it doesn’t bother me. Students at my school say it all the time.”

“It should bother you. Your natural intelligence shouldn’t be demeaned and whittled down; it’s truly something to admire and aspire to, so I sincerely hope that you allow me to take responsibilty for insulting it. Perhaps you could even teach me a few things.”

“Goro…” Despite seeming slightly dramatic, S/O’s heart fluttered from the sincere glint in his mahogany eyes. “How about you make us both some coffee?”

He smiled, maneuvering around the table to press a kiss to their forehead. “Coming right up, dear.”

u know i’m american bc the bit in asib when sherlock shoots the gun into the air outside and tires immediately squeal and he says “on their way!” wrt calling the police was utterly baffling to me until i found out how much more unusual that sound must be in england. like obviously gunshots aren’t a good thing but like. in america for the most part ur kinda like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if u randomly hear them from a distance or smth

Do you really mean that?

It was rather amusing watching Rafael actively trying to ignore his vibrating phone which sat upside down on the table in the restaurant. It was the first time you had been back there since your first date. The vein on his forehead was pulsing prominently and he seemed incredibly stressed out.

“Just answer it!” you said.

“No. Is it too much to ask for some time alone with you?”

“You’re an important man, it’s only natural that people are going to demand your time and attention.” You tried to keep from smiling while saying this but your attempts were unsuccessful, particularly after he started rolling his eyes at you.

“Very funny.”

Before you could reply, your phone started ringing angrily. How can a phone be angry you ask? Honestly, you had no idea, but if ever a phone has sounded angry and urgent, yours did at that very moment. You and Rafael looked at each other, resigned to the fact that your evening was ruined.

“Hey Liv!” you answered, as cheerily as your could manage.

“Where is Barba?” She sounded stressed, you decided against scolding her for interrupting your evening.

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Pennywise x Reader Abused; Part three.

Before you go on, have you read part one and two?

Part one

Part two

Part four out now

Warnings: Abuse

Request made by: @mentallydestroyedfemme

Let me know if you would like to be tagged in the next part.


Your head shook slightly side to side. Confused wasn’t a big enough word for how you felt, in fact, you didn’t believe you possessed such a word in your vocabulary to express your emotions in that moment. But one thing was clear to you, all so you thought, your senses were deceiving you and actually you wasn’t in a lair stood by a freakishly tall clown with orange eyes. Sadly, however, you were not insane, although, you strangely wished you was at that moment.

“Mad?” The clown laughed menacingly. “If you’re mad then I must be.” He approached slightly, bells jingling on his grey, blood stained Victorian clown costume as he walked, every step he took was mimicked by the jingling. You stood utterly baffled, mouth still gaping open. “What? This isn’t real enough for you Y/N? I’m not real enough for you?” The clown almost seemed offended, his gloved hand pressing his chest. “I’m real enough for you every other time I see you!” He shouts.

“Every other time?” You managed, your breath shaking. Not out of fear but out of panic, you too clutching at your chest trying to regain a slow rhythm to your breathing.

“What’s up Y/N? Can’t breathe?” Laughing once again he began mocking your breath wheezing in and out giggling to himself.

“Every other time?” You managed again. “I-I’ve never seen you before.” Your eyes locking on his and your breathing slowing slightly.

All Pennywise did was laugh. “You should be singing now Y/N. Why are you not? Your father, you’re not scared of him so why not?” His eyes went from orange to blue, you recognised these eyes.

“I’m not scared of my father, I pity him.” Your breathing seemed to be at a normal pace again as you tried to analyse the clown before you, since your senses were not deceiving you and this was in fact real you decided to better understand the clown you were speaking to. “H-how do you know I should be singing? Have you been following me?”

He laughed again. “Questions questions too many questions.” You didn’t realise how much he had moved but it became evident as he stood inches in front of you. Before you could even think about this, however, he was grabbing you by the shoulders, smelling into your neck as if he could receive information from your scent, his cold face against your warm skin was enough to send a shiver down your spine. Suddenly he stopped and jolted his head away still holding onto you. Your eyes open wide startled from the abrupt movement made by the clown, his head moving to the side as he made a strange snarl sort of noise that you could only describe as inhuman. “What is this? You are not scared?”

You shook your head slightly for you had nothing to fear, you didn’t believe your life held much value anyway so if you were to die today then so be it.

“You will be.” Is all Pennywise said before lifting you up by your neck, your hand grabbing onto his gloved fingers more for support than anything. His face started to peel backwards, to your dismay, revealing row after row after row of razor sharp teeth and you had never seen something more magnificent before in your entire life and, behind these teeth, were three small green lights staring up at you. They were beautiful; he was beautiful. You felt yourself becoming intrigued by this figure and how he knew so much about you yet you knew nothing about him. It was almost embarrassing. Yet somehow the green lights sensed you wasn’t scared by him, they knew your feelings like they were written across your skin highlighted and underlined. They understood you better than you understood yourself as words, once again, failed you. And before you knew it his face snapped back in one quick motion like an alligator; he then lowered you back to the ground releasing the hold he had on your neck.

“You’re beautiful.” You managed croakily, a red hand mark forming around your neck, using your hand to rub at it hoping to ease the discomfort it and caused you.

“B-beautiful?” He managed, his voice full of disgust and anger. A few seconds past before he began to giggle slightly, his bells jingling against his movements as if they were one with him. All you did was stand and watch as the clowns giggle turned into a full eruption of laughter that intensified by the second. You would have probably joined in laughter if you hadn’t been so embarrassed by what you said so you stayed silent. “You’re strange, kiddo.”

You ignored his previous comment and shuffled your feet as you looked down at them, your black and white converse dirtied by the sewers and their dreaded water. You tried not to think of your surroundings or of the people floating in mid air, instead you broke down crying.

At first, Pennywise stood staring at you, he had seen people cry many times but that was just before he ate them but their tears were from fear, however, yours were not. Yours were much deaper than fear for you wasn’t scared by the clown. Eventually, he spoke up. “Hey, kiddo, what you crying about? I’m not eating you!”

Tears were streaming down your face, your hair began to stick to your cheeks which annoyed you and you was already painfully aware that you were an ugly cryer and that eventually snot would run out of your nose, but you were honestly past caring at this point. “I-I know you’re not. I’m sorry.”

Pennywise found himself walking over to the pile of children’s clothes and toys and picking something off of it; walking back over to you he presented you with a dirty old rag. “Here.”

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We have all gladly accepted jealous Jyn or Cassian but like what about Not Jealous Jyn. Like men & women are constantly eyeing Cassian and trying to flirt w/ him and Jyn doesn't really care because 1.) trusting and loving relationship, duh and 2.) Cassian is a very Pretty Man so it would be weird to her if people were NOT attracted to him.

Sorry, I heard “Doesn’t really care” and somehow came up with “Exclusively Gets Off On”:

“Your boyfriend is attracting a lot of attention.”

Han glares pissily at her, slumping into the seat beside her on the booth. He’s half on top of her lap until she scoots away. Han’s a gentleman like that.

Once readjusted, Jyn cranes her neck. There’s a scantily clad Twi’Lek at the bar who keeps arching her bared spine, Cassian speaking intently to their contact behind her, like she’s trying to draw him around her body like a cloak. Half the cantina band is playing like they’re trying to will him into the hurricane eye of their music. With some horrified amusement, Jyn realizes that the walls are dripping with lust for Cassian Andor. Her…

She clears her throat, biting back a grin as she sips from her straw. Her Cassian.

As they’re leaving, not to end the night empty handed, the Twi’Lek falls against him as he gets up to go, her hands overly-friendly on his body over the “accident”. Solo laughs beside her so loudly that it further jars Cassian, who looks up and, white as a sheet, realizes Jyn saw the whole thing. Jyn raises her eyebrows, then her glass, in his direction.

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Unorthodox Sleeping Arrangements

“The best solutions are often simple, yet unexpected.”-Julian Casablancas

“Uh, Rae? I think we’re lost…” Beast Boy trailed off, glancing around them with wide eyes. Looming up all around them were massive redwood trees, with a canopy so thick, it blocked out the sun. Every direction looked the same, no matter which way he looked.

They were lost. He was certain of it.

“No. We aren’t,” Raven growled. She stomped onward, trampling the ferns in her wake. Beast Boy heaved a sigh. She’d said that an hour ago. And the hour before that.

And yet, there was still no sign of their teammates or their camp.

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Fandom: Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Characters: Donnie, others mentioned
Relationship: Donnie/reader
Request: Hello! May I request a Tmnt fanfic with Donatello where the reader comes to the lair and finds the guys drunk, and when Donatello finds the reader, he’s very emotional and tells her that he loves her and gets super clingy. When he wakes up the next morning, maybe there’s some fluff between the reader and Donatello? Thanks!
You could hear singing in the sewer as you walked to the lair. Frowning, you continued to walk but at a faster pace, quickly realising it was Mikeys voice. He seemed to be screeching unknown lyrics, his words slurred. This could only mean one thing. He had had alcohol.
The thought of this sent you into a jog. The guys were hilarious when they were drunk. You had only seen it a few times before due to Splinter taking a lot of precautions. But the occasional bit of liquor slipped through, (sometimes because of you).
Grinning you pushed the door to the lair open to reveal Mikey balancing on the back of a sofa with a half eaten baguette in his hand using it as a mic while screaming lyrics.
You threw your head back with laughter as you saw Leo passed out in the corner with Raph getting dangerously close with a marker pen. You made a mental note to lock your door if you stayed tonight.
But you noticed Donnie was missing, then you heard a loud clutter from the corridor where his lab was.
Instantly, you darted to the lab and upon arriving, you found him on all fours, swaying slightly, as he looked under a table.
“Whatcha looking for?” You asked, holding your hands behind your back.
the second you spoke, Donnie jumped and bashed the back of his head against the underside of the table.
You quickly ran to his side, trying to hold your smiled back as you pulled him out. He fell backwards slightly so he was in a sitting position opposite you.
“Wh-what are you doing here?” He asked, rubbing the back of his head. His words, while better than Mikeys, were still slurred.
“I have the night off, remember? So I thought Id come bother you.” You giggled, playfully punching his arm. But Donnie frowned, looking like you had insulted him.
“You don’t bother me!” He slurred as he attempted to get up but wobbled. You quickly caught him and wrapped his arm around your neck.
“really?” You asked, looking up at him as you tried to maneuver him out the lab. Donnie had a habit of trying to make things when he was drunk. And this had resulted in a number of small explosions, cuts, bruises and burns. You didn’t want him to harm himself so you decided to escort him to his room before he hurt himself or Raph got to him.
“Yes, you are without a doubt, the most brilliant-ist thing in my life.” Donnie said. You smiled up at him. He was so sweet to you when he was drunk.
“Donnie, I don’t think brillinatist is a word.” You chuckled, shaking your head as the two of you swayed to the side slightly but you got yourself back on track.
“SEE!” Donnie almost yelled, pointing his free hand at you and taking you by surprise. “you’re so smart! So smart and pretty. Pretty pretty pretty.” He mumbled the last three words to himself as you couldn’t stop the small blush which he failed to notice.
“Where are we?” He asked, stopping suddenly. The fright made you trip over your feet and you tumbled to the ground with a thud. Before you could look up, you heard Donnie yell out “y/n” and then he fell to the right of you. You couldn’t stop your laughter as he scurried over to you.
“Are you okay? Did you break anything? Should we go to the hospital?” He fumbled over you, barley able to hold himself up.
“No, no, im fine, Donnie. I promise.” You giggled, batting his hands away slightly as they tried to touch yur arm to make sure you were fine.
“Ar-are you sure?” he asked as you managed to wriggle away from him and to your feet.
“Im sure.” You smiled, helping him up to his feet.
But this time, instead of his hand going around your shoulder, you felt him slip it round your waist. There was a tension hung in the air as he held his breath, waiting for you to push him away. But you didn’t.
You moved your hand around him to settle on the back of his hard shell in an attempt to help him with balance and the two of you continued on your little journey.
despite nearly falling and getting crushed by Donnie a couple of times, you managed to make it to his room with no more accident. Donnie seemed deep in thought the whole way but that didn’t stop him from asking if you were okay again and again, not that you minded.
“Here we are.” You said, using your free hand to push open his bedroom door.
But as you tried to pull him inside, he dug his feet into the ground.
“Whats wrong?” You asked, your eyes glancing around what you could see of the room in case there was a danger Donnie had noticed.
“I don’t want to.” Donnie hiccupped, trying to take a step back but you managed to stop him. You moved from his side and took both his hands in yours, trying to drag him inside.
“Why not?” you asked in a strained voice as you tried and failed ot pull him in.
“Because then you’ll leave.” Donnie mumbled, slouching slightly as you stopped pulling him. You stared at him, a little dazed at what he said. He looked genuinely upset, as if he could cry.
“Donnie-“ You started but you could finish your sentence as Donnie wrapped his arms around you in a crushing hug.
“Don’t leave me? Please, I love you. Don’t leave.” He begged as he started to sob onto your shoulder. If you were shocked before, you were utterly baffled now. Could he really love you like you had loved him all this time?
You had to mentally slap yourself as you remembered he was drunk. You had said your fair share of stupid things when you were drunk too but you knew he wouldn’t let you leave.
“Its fine, I promise. I’ll stay with you tonight.” You pulled back, smiling at him. His eyes went wide with disbelief as a smile dawned his face. He pulled back and grabbed your hand and pulled you inside his room and towards his bed.
before you could even protest, you were thrown in the bed and covers flung over you.
Blinking slightly, you sat up in Donnie bed to see him lying down on a small couch he had at the other side of his room.
“Donnie, I cant steal your bed. You sleep here and I’ll sleep on the couch.” You said as you attempted to get out his bed.
“No, you get the bed because you’re a princess.” Donnie mumbled as he buried his head into his pillow. You rolled your eyes, knowing there was no arguing with him. So you lay down in his massive bed, breathing in his scent which relaxed you.
Remembering Raph earlier, you quickly darted to the door and locked it to be on the safe side. As you tiptoed back to the bed, you noticed a blanket on the back of the sofa. You moved over to Donnie and pulled it down so it was covering him to keep him warm and you took his glasses off, placing them on a small table by the sofa. But he was already asleep. As you moved away, you heard him mumble “My princess” before letting out a soft snore.
turning back to him, you watched him sleep for a moment. He looked so peaceful and sweet. Then you clambered back into his bed, allowing yourself to fall into a sweet dream.
———————-time skip ————————-
When you woke, you heard a small groan from the other side of the room. You were still half asleep so it took you a moment to realise what had happened last night. Sitting up in the bed, you saw Donnie rolling onto his side, his head in his hands.
“Bad hangover?” You called out in a sleepy voice. Donnie jumped at your voice, his eyes landing on you in his bed. But his eyes softened as they fell on your sleepy appearance.
“[y/n]?” He asked, as if trying to make sure you were really there.
“Yup.” You giggled as you pushed the covers back and got out of the bed. You then grabbed his duvet and pulled it over to him, throwing it over him.
“What happened last night?” he asked, but you heard him chuckle as he sat up, the duvet falling away from his upper body.
You giggled, taking a seat at his feet.
“Im not 100% sure what happened before I got here. But when I came, Mikey was singing, Leo had passed out and Raph had a very menacing look with a marker.” You giggled at the memory. When you mentioned Raph, Donnies hand jumped up to his face, feeling to see if he could tell if he had marker on his face.
“Its okay. I locked the door.” You nodded to the door as you spoke, seeing him visibly relax. “Anyway, I came to find you and you were in some state in the lab. So I brought you back here. You took some persuading. You wouldn’t even come in the room unless I stayed. Sorry for stealing your bed but you were having none of it.” You giggled, avoiding telling him what he had said last night. Donnie buried his head in his hands as you spoke, his cheek glowing with embarrassment.
“Oh, god. Im sorry.” He mumbled, looking at you through is fingers.
“Its okay. It was quite amusing actually.” You smiled at him, showing him it was okay.
“Did…. Did I say anything I should regret?” Donnie asked, lowering his hands down. You had a slight suspicious he remembered saying he loved you but you weren’t sure. You might as well tell him though. Knowing your luck, Raph or Mikey might had over heard as he wasn’t quiet.
“Not too much. You called me pretty at one point and you said you loved me at another.” You chuckled, trying to play it off as a joke.
“[y/n], im sorry-“ Donnie trailed off as he shook his head slightly.
“Don’t be. Ive said my fair share of stupid things when ive been drunk. I once told a bar of chocolate I was going to marry it.” You giggled, remembering the memory very vividly.
“[y/n]? I wasn’t… lying.” Donnie suddenly said.
You froze, your eyes widening slightly.
“What do you mean?” You asked, tilting your head to the side as Donnie rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding your eyes.
“I wasn’t lying when I said I loved you.” He clarified. “I-ive always loved you but never had the guts to say it. But I don want the only time im ever able to tell you how I truly feel to be when im drunk.” As Donnie, spoke you could hear him regretting it. He glanced at you only for a second before trying to move from under the covers.
“Im sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” Donnie mumbled, scorning himself. You managed to pull yourself from your disbelief and moved in front of him before he could stand up. Ducking down, you pressed a quick but soft kiss to his lips.
Donnie froze at the action, his whole body ridged. but before you could pull away, his hands reached out and grabbed your waist, pulling you forward. You fell slightly but he managed to catch you and pulled you onto his lap. You slowly pulled away from the kiss to look at him.
“I love you too.” You mumbled, smiling slightly as you spoke the words you never dreamed you would say to him.
Donnie let out a breath before smiling at you as you both moved in for another kiss.
But after a moment, you felt Donnie wince.
“What wrong?” You asked as you pulled back, concern written all over your face.
“No, its nothing. Just a headache.” Donnie said as he pulled you closer. You thought it was sweet he was trying to work through the pain of a hangover just to stay like this with you.
“Tell you what, I’ll go get you some tablets and water, then we can continue.” You said as you got off his lap, much to his disappointment. But he nodded, not wanting his pain to get any worse.
As you unlocked the door and opened it, something big fell in the room. You jumped back but calmed when you saw it was Raph. He must have passed out outside the door last night.
He let out a groan as he slowly started to wake.
“Im so glad a locked the door.” You mumbled as you saw the marker in his hand.
“Me too.” Donnie chuckled.

To Family

Originally posted by seekret-fanfic

“It would have been easier to get an Uber,” Rafael complained as you looked for a space to park outside Liv’s apartment. She was having a little party since Noah’s adoption had been finalized.

“It’s okay we still have that parking permit. When does it expire again? The 21st of May?”

“That’s tomorrow.”

“It’s the 20th. Already?”


You couldn’t quite put my finger on why, but you felt a little unsettled.

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anonymous asked:

Oh my god I love you no one ever writes 7 days to die aus please write/ref more!!

Ahhh, you should bless @gaywood for giving me the prompt in the first place! 

{ AO3 Link }

but okay, I love to think about them not knowing each other at first, and it’s like Ryan collects a whole pack of them that follow him around like puppies as he passes through dead or dying towns

and maybe they’re the first people he’s come across who are decent, who aren’t out for his blood and the guns he’s built with his own two hands or the tins of food that sit heavy at the bottom of his pack. 

There’s Jack who snatches his arm as he’s sprinting from a horde, pulls him into a room that’s well fortified, and Jack’s clearly been there for a while, if the amount of stuff in the room is anything to go by; and he’s obviously got it from other people- killed them, Ryan thinks, and he’s quick on the draw- but Jack ignores him, keeps his ear pressed to the door, tense, before deflating. They’re safe.

Jack saved his life and he’s still got his pistol trained on him, even as Jack blinks at the gun, confused for a moment before moving on to check the other barricades. 

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Hello, Doc! This my little IG Bailey. He is nearing his 15th birthday and decided to give me (and my vet) a major heart attack by breaking his leg recently. His surgery went fantastic and the surgeon was utterly baffled and amazed that he was this old and hadn’t broken anything before AND was cancer free!! I love you and your blog and just wanted to send you some good news and good vibes! I’d draw you something, but I’m only good at flowers!

It’s amazing he’d defied the odds for so long, honestly. He still looks a wee tiny bit sedated there.

Happy birthday to my dearest darling @mint-and-parsley! I hope you have a wonderful day, and you deserve everything beautiful! Here’s some fluff for you! ❤️✨

Kylo’s dreams of standing beside Hux during his coronation as Emperor slowly fade as he wakes up, rousing into full awareness with the help of soft fingers combing through his hair. He sighs softly, eyes fluttering open to see Hux lying beside him.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” Hux whispers, kissing Kylo’s head, making sure his hair is brushed out of the way, allowing his lips to grace his forehead. “But I’ve made breakfast for you.”

Kylo blinks, frowns. Hux has never made breakfast, for either of them. A droid usually delivers their morning rations to them; boring and tasteless processed food on a tray that’s meant to be eggs and toast, a mug of coffee for Hux and glass of cold fruit juice for Kylo, eaten at their small, square table before parting ways for their respective shifts.

But the sweet smell in the air tells Kylo that this morning is different.

Hux is up and gone into the main chamber of their shared quarters before Kylo can ask what’s going on, so he sits up in bed, utterly baffled by what he’s woken up to, and part of him still wonders whether he’s still dreaming. Only moments later, Hux re-enters their bedroom with a lap tray in his hands, placing it down so its stands are either side of Kylo’s thighs, and Kylo becomes transfixed by the regale in front of him.

It’s a square plate instead of a bland tray, and upon it sits a neatly arranged assortment of food. There’s cooked meat on one side, with gorgeous-looking scrambled eggs nestled next to them, garnished with something green. A glass, droplets running down the side, of red fruit juice sits in the corner next to a smaller plate with two pieces of golden toast, a blue jam spread across it perfectly evenly. Kylo’s mouth waters.  

“Happy birthday, Ren,” Hux says, sitting down on the bed beside Kylo, kissing his cheek. “I’ve managed to clear your schedule for today and for tomorrow, so we can do whatever you choose.”

Kylo looks down at his food and then back to Hux, then to his own hands, his chest welling up with emotion.

“…That’s today?”  

“Well,” Hux shrugs, moving the fork to sit straight beside the plate. “By the Finalizer’s cycle, yes. You can’t possibly have forgotten when your own birthday is.”

“I don’t celebrate my birthdays. Not since–” Kylo stops, remembering how Snoke had declared that Kylo Ren had been created from the ashes of Ben Solo; the boy is no more, the monster is alive. And with that, meant Kylo doesn’t have a birthday; created not born. But he can’t dismiss Hux’s efforts. “I…I don’t even recall telling you about my birthday. Snoke wouldn’t approve.”

“I may have done my own research,” Hux says, blushing, obviously proud of himself. “I know the Supreme Leader forbids anything personal going on your personnel file so I used my own methods to explore your past.”

Kylo hums curiously, forefinger grazing across the jam on the toast, bringing it up to his lips to taste, recognising it immediately. It’s Corellian; sweet and tart but exactly what his father used to bake—

“This is bluefruit jam.”

Hux nods. “It is indeed. I apologise for the rather thick consistency. It’s my first time making jam and I’m very much an impatient fool when it comes to cooking.”

Kylo takes a bite of the toast, finding it fresh and hot, unlike the burnt and cold pieces he’s used to eating from the ship’s kitchens.

“Hux,” Kylo gasps. “It’s my favourite…How did you know? How could you possibly—

“Straight from the horse’s mouth,” Hux shrugs. “Well. General Organa’s mouth.”

Kylo coughs, choking on the toast, reaching for the juice to quell his coughs. Hux pats him on the back but Kylo waves him away.

How in the name of the Seven Hells did you get all of that from her?”

“I sent a man undercover,” Hux says, blasé, as though confused by Kylo’s shock. “There’s no one better to ask about what Kylo Ren’s favourite things are than his own mother. She was very willing to reminisce with a fellow ‘parent’ about her lost son.”

Kylo puts his head in his hands and groans.

“You sent one of your men undercover, into a Resistance base, spent money on the plan, all to get information about me from my mother? He could’ve been caught, our plans divulged to our greatest enemies if they’d managed to crack him. You’re insane,” Kylo laughs, eyebrows raised.

“Maybe so, but you’re happy with your bluefruit jam, aren’t you?”

Kylo nods, taking another bite, finishing the first piece, his tummy filling with butterflies at the memories it’s bringing back. The Solo-Organa’s had enjoyed cooking together, though none were good at it. Leia didn’t have the patience to wait, Han wouldn’t follow the recipes and Ben just wanted to eat as soon as possible, even if that meant licking the spoon of the mixture, but bluefruit jam was something that Ben’s father had apparently took a liking to when he was a young boy, and Ben was all too enthusiastic to try it.

“I love it,” Kylo says, a spot of jam on the end of his nose. “Thank you, Hux. This is…the best birthday I’ve had in a long time.”

Hux smiles, kissing Kylo’s nose, getting the jam off before moving to kiss his cheek.

“You’re welcome, Ren. Here’s to many more happy birthdays.”

A Quiet Drink (Loki Ficlet)

“Remove the hand, or lose it.”

I couldn’t help the chuckle as i turned on the barstool, grinning at Loki.

“I told you wearing the suit was asking for trouble.” I nodded at the crowd.

This was the third time in an hour someone had slid up beside him, supposedly to order at the bar, though it was just an excuse to get close. The running tally of the evening was now five; three women and two men who’d copped a feel. I dearly wished I’d been able to catch a photo of the second man’s face when he realised Loki was male and not female.

“I could change into my armour, that would stop them.” He seemed convinced by that, and utterly baffled when I started to laugh.

“Ooooh no, that would just draw a whole different crowd instead. Gotta say though, I couldn’t give an honest answer as to which I prefer seeing you in.” I raised my fizzy drink in a small salute before taking a large sip. Watching his face as he tried to understand what I might mean by a different cloud, before it turned into a smile at my appreciation. He then returned the small salute with his own drink.