he is tooo hot

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Can I suggest the "[drunk text] don't tell (whichever of them you want) but they're REALLY hot" for Matsuhanaiwaoi?

[Hanamaki]: dont tellll Oikaw a but he’s reall y h ot 

[Oikawa]: ….Makki-chan?

[Matsukawa]: you’re dating him 

[Hanamaki]: fuck…Iwa isss p hot tooo

[Iwaizumi]: is…is he okay?

[Hanamaki]: maaatttsun wh y is everyone so hot

[Matsukawa]: am i hot?

[Hanamaki]: fuck yeah 

[Matsukawa]: cool 

[Oikawa]: makki are u drunk??

[Hanamaki]: i dun know what ur talkin bout 

[Hanamaki]: i havve never touched a singlr drop of alcohal in me life 

[Iwaizumi]: yup, he’s drunk.

[Matsukawa]: I kind of like him drunk

[Oikawa]: me too

[Oikawa]: he compliments me

[Hanamaki]: bc i love u 

[Hanamaki]: but dun tell oiks ok 

[Oikawa]: sure, makki, sure