he is too hot for his own good

Sorry. I can’t do it any more. I was going to attempt to mimic John’s style of writing for an entire blog post but life’s too short. And I say that as someone who died over two years ago. Good evening everyone, this is Sherlock Holmes. John can’t be with you today as he is on his Sex Holiday. Sorry, honeymoon.

Apparently we aren’t allowed to call it Sex Holiday. Apparently we really shouldn’t tell children that John and his wife have gone on Sex Holiday. They’ve chosen to go somewhere hot and sunny with beaches and cocktails or something. To be honest, he talks about things and I phase out. She’s the same. They’re both perfectly acceptable friends in their own way but then they start talking and I wish I really had died. I am, however, quite happy that they have found each other and that they make each other happy. That’s nice, isn’t it. And it is very nice to have the place to myself without their meaningless chatter distracting me from more important things.Anyway. I decided that I’d share with you a video of the wedding. It’s a video of the photos of the wedding. Sadly there are no photos of the attempted murder. If there are any attempted murders at John’s next wedding, I promise to take photos.

Good evening.

Sherlock Holmes

Consulting Detective and Best Man

—  Sherlock takes over John’s blog and uploads a video where the last frame is a photo of him and John. <3 and the comments are amazing (and really sad ok.) [x]

ok so like i was thinking and the members of vixx have really distinct fashion styles ??

  • hakyeon: nice classic outfits that are simple but also high fashion def the best dressed in vixx like he can wear three all black outfits in a row and they will be different and he will kill it 
  • taekwoon: a lil iffy sometimes but overall he dresses like a young dude in the city that owns a studio apartment and spends his time in coffee shops reading but also sometimes like a hot modern villain 
  • jaehwan: ranges from really comfy cute outfits like hoodies and crewnecks with the sleeves going over his hands (dammit emily u got me obsessed w it too) to really nice urban casual outfits to sometimes v questionable things that look like they came straight off of a runway but they work???
  • wonsik:………………………………………..im not gonna say anythign
  • hongbin: also really nice and casual??? like he dresses for his body type and its very good an d he just generally has really nice outfits like i would believe him if he said he was a freelance photographer like thats his style casual but artsy 
  • hyuk: dresses like a teenager with a lot of money which he is like basically hyuk is just a really well dressed teenager but he makes good choices and sometimes goes out of the ordinary but it works u go hyuk 
Speaking purely for myself, while I’ve greatly enjoyed Kieron’s company on those too-few occasions when we’ve been able to meet up (he’s one of the only people I’ve ever met whose conversation contains – and needs – its own footnotes), and while I have an obvious fondness for a working class chancer who’s probably much too clever for his own good, regarding his work I think the most distinctive things about it are its relentless progressive momentum and the sense of effervescent colour – probably hot pink – that Kieron brings from his gaming and his music journalism background. There’s a lot of deceptively light-footed complexity in much of Kieron’s writing – I’m thinking now primarily of his weirdly symbiotic and merged collaborations with the excellent Jamie McKelvie, like PHONOGRAM and THE WICKED + THE DIVINE – where you can see a dance-like or musical sensibility creeping into the storytelling, a kind of fluorescence that he brings to his work from a dance culture that he’s grown up with and that I’m largely unfamiliar with in first-hand terms. I recall Brian Eno talking once about how despite his usage of it, he didn’t really like computer technology, because in his words there wasn’t “enough Africa” in the technology, by which I think he meant that it didn’t involve enough physical rhythm or ecstatic sway, something which I think Kieron’s best writing aspires to and reaches. He’s also possessed of an admirable range in his storytelling sensibilities, and effortlessly avoids using the same special effect twice or continually banging away thematically on a single note of the piano, for that way lies Frank Miller. Speaking of whom, Kieron’s breadth is such that he can move from an insightful riposte to the inane 300 in his splendid 3, through some perfectly-pitched YOUNG AVENGERS space-dust and some fit-inducing PHONOGRAM strobe effects, to the remarkable and probably gaming-influenced complexities of ÜBER, currently one of my very favourite comics, and a series to which I hope I have made a tiny but significant contribution that may be apparent in the long-awaited next arc. Anyway, I better stop now: Kieron has such a reticent, retiring and self-effacing personality that I’m sure he’ll be getting uncomfortable about all this well-deserved praise. Seriously, if you tell him you like his shoes he’ll more than likely blush, giggle, and run away to hide in the washroom until everybody’s gone. I just wish he could be more confident and outgoing. And not so fat.
cha hotyeon tbh

… I dont know why I keep doing this someone stop me. it’s not good for my health nor is it for yours but idk I just literally cannot stop now that I have started

hakyeon is gonna own this oh damn lord

yupp he owns it
I always wonder how he’s such a fucking hot mess on stage like cha pls
I guess it’s in his genes?
maybe he just knows what we want
yeah I think he does
he also knows that he drives us crazy with that long neck of his
but his smile though??
that hair and that shirt
hakyeon confuses me like he’s super cute and then he’s super hot and like ??? I mean every member is like this but he’s perfected it
…. uhm.
yeah no not okay
I said not. okay.
cha fucking hakyeon everybody
this is ruining me more than I thought shit damn
why do I always forget it’s actually not going to end well
oh good lord
why did I sign up for this in the first place
is there no one that can stop me… or him
like seriously
what have I done
I done

I am surprised you haven’t all killed me yet like bc I am sure I’ve killed you with all of this

like yeah
no hakyeon
you can’t just

My Present (Jungkook, You) Scenario

Requested by anon :)


You couldn’t help but smile as you held your boyfriend’s hand on the way to your favorite restaurant where your friends had threw a reunion party. It has been three years since you’ve visited your home country; having been working in Korea full time as a music producer for an entertainment company. Although you felt homesick at times, you never complained…Simply because you had your boyfriend, Jungkook. 

He’s the main vocalist of the group Bangtan Boys and you had met when you were assigned to collaborate with the group. You were one of the youngest producers in the company which is why they thought you were the best choice for the job because you’ll be able to get along well with the group since they are close to your age. You just never thought you’d get along with one of the members a little too well.

Jungkook was the sweetest and most talented guy you had ever met. Aside from his good looks and charming personality, you were mostly reeled in by his passion. Just like you, he wanted to make a difference in the industry; to touch the hearts of many through music. You were surprised when he had confessed to you a couple of years ago and the two of you had officially dated. Up until now, you were happy and very much in love with each other. 

Although you were very happy, there were days when you felt really homesick. You had been feeling homesick lately; missing your family, your friends, and even your mom’s cooking. Needless to say, Jungkook had noticed and suggested that you go home for a while. 

“You should take a break Jagiya. Even just for a few days.” He said as he wrapped his arms around while you sit comfortably on his lap.

“Actually, I’ll only have a couple of days if I come back now.”

“Go for it.” He encouraged with a smile. “It’ll be worth it no matter how short the stay.”

You smiled at your boyfriend. You loved how understanding he was and how he knew exactly the right things to say. “But–” you bit your lip, a little shy about what you are about to admit. “I don’t want to leave you, Jungkook.”

Jungkook looked at you and grinned, “Wae? My jagiya’s so clingy." 

You stuck out your tongue at him, "Fine I’ll book a flight now and leave tomorrow.” You stood up and went over to the telephone. You were about to dial the travel agency when you felt arms snake around your waist. “Who said I was gonna let you go alone?” He whispered in your ear. You couldn’t help but smile and you turned around to give him a kiss and a big hug. Jungkook chuckled at your excitement and hugged you tight, lifting you off the ground.

And now here you were about to meet up with your closest friends. You were so excited and couldn’t wait to let them meet your boyfriend who had made your life perfect in almost every single way. (Cheesy as that sounds)

You entered the restaurant and it was mildly crowded with familiar faces. You broke into a grin when one of your best friends, Hana, bounded up to you. “Y/N! Is that really you? You look amazing!” She gave you a hug. 

“You too, Hana!” You grinned and suddenly realized that Jungkook was beside you. “Oh! This is Jungkook, my boyfriend.” Jungkook offered his hand with a smile, “Nice to meet you, Hana.”

She nodded, looking speechless as she shook his hand. She gave you a knowing look; a look that meant he was a good catch. You rolled your eyes, hooking your arm onto Jungkook’s. 

Hana wasn’t the only one who looked a bit starstruck at seeing your boyfriend. In fact, you could feel almost all of the girl’s eyes on him. Well who could blame them? He’s gorgeous. Every time you introduced him to someone, they seemed to be a bit speechless. It made you proud. 

You had introduced Jungkook to a guy friend of yours who was Korean and was now a dancer instructor in the US. As the two of them started talking about dance and choreographies, you excused yourself for a moment to get a drink. 

“I’ll get it, Jagiya.” He offered.

“No it’s fine.” You touched his cheek. “You guys continue, I’ll be right back.”

You went over to the bar and ordered a ripe mango juice. You were leaning on the table waiting for your drink when someone called, “Y/N?”

You turned towards the voice and found  Mark, your ex boyfriend, standing there, looking like he’d just seen a ghost.


"You’re back.” His mouth was slightly agape as he took you in. 

“Yeah, I’m back.” You squirmed a bit at his gaze since he was openly gawking at you. He was your last boyfriend before Jungkook and you had broken up with him before you went to Korea simply because you felt like he never took you seriously. 

“Why didn’t you answer my emails?” He questioned. “I tried so hard to reach you.”

“I was busy.” You lied. You didn’t want to tell him that you had on purposely ignored him for the past three years. 

He nodded and then smiled, “You know what? It doesn’t matter. You’re here now.” He took a step toward you and you inched backward. You hit something hard and the next thing you knew arms snaked around your waist. The feeling was familiar and you immediately knew that it was Jungkook standing behind you. You relaxed at his touch, unconscious of the breath you had been holding. 

Mark was staring at Jungkook and then at his arms around you. “Who’s this?” He asked. 

You felt Jungkook shift to your side, “Mark, this is Jungkook–”

“Her boyfriend.” He interrupted as he stared him down. 

Mark was speechless and you felt Jungkook tighten his grip on your waist, pulling you closer. “Who’s this, Jagiya?” He said in a husky voice as he kissed the side of your head. Mark watched the two of you, looking annoyed. You tried to stop yourself from grinning as you realized what Jungkook was doing. 

“This is Mark, he’s my–”

“Special friend.” Mark said as he reached out his hand for a handshake. Jungkook just looked at it and didn’t bother reaching out his hand. 

“I see,” Mark said as he withdrew his hand and gave you a small smile. “I’ll see you later, Y/N.”

When he was out of earshot, Jungkook hissed, “See her later my ass." 

You elbowed him in the rib, "Jungkook.”

“What? The guy was obviously hitting on you. I saw the way he looked at you.” He looked down at you with a frown. “I didn’t like it, Jagi.”

You sighed, “Just forget about him–”

“And what was that special friend about?” He finger quoted with an annoyed expression.

“He’s my ex.” You said nonchalantly. Jungkook stared at you for a while and you could practically see the thoughts processing in his brain. “Now Jungkook, don’t do anything rash.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.” He said as he grabbed your hand with a smile. “Come on, let’s get back to the party.”

You felt Mark lurking close by throughout the whole party. You knew he wanted to get you alone and talk to you but it was impossible. The whole night, Jungkook refused to leave your side. He stayed with you as you talked with your old friends and as you went around the place greeting everyone you knew. Mark’s gaze followed you and Jungkook knew it as well. Because of this, not only did he not leave your side, he also became very touchy. Holding your hand, wrapping his arm on your waist, pulling you close, giving you butterfly kisses, whispering sweet nothings in your ear; anything that will let Mark know that you were his and his alone. 

Not that you were complaining. You secretly loved it when he got all possessive. 

By the end of the night, you were about to go home when you realized that your phone was missing.

“I probably left it at the table–” you said but beforr you could move, Jungkook stopped you, “Stay here, I’ll go check.”

He went inside and soon you were alone at the entrance. You continued to search your bag until you heard someone say, “Looking for something?”

You turned around and saw Mark holding up your phone. He stepped towards you, handing it back.  “You left it at your table." 


"I already put in my number, by the way.”

“How did you–” you were going to ask how on earth he knew your password when he shrugged, “It was your dog’s birthday.” He smiled at you and you blushed at the fact that he still remembered. “Some things never change, huh?”

No, everything has changed. You wanted to say. “Mark–”

“I still love you, Y/N.” He confessed as he took a step towards you. “I know I messed up before but I want to set things right.” He held your hand, the contact making you jump. “Please Y/N. Take me back…. I want you back.”

“I’m sorry, Mark.” You said and you forced your hand out of his grip. “But I’ve changed.”

Just then you heard a yell, “Hey!” You looked up and saw Jungkook looking completely pissed. He pulled you out of the way and stood in front of you, “Don’t touch her.” He spat as he shove him. “If you even try to do that again I’ll swear I’ll never let you see the light of day.” With that he grabbed your hand and pulled you away. 

When the two of you had reached your car, you said, “Jungkook, hey. Calm down.”

“Calm down?!” He looked at you. His ears were red, and he looked completely furious. “How can I calm down when a guy is trying to steal my girl?”

You sighed and placed a hand on his arm. “He couldn’t steal me away, Jungkook. I’m not gonna let that happen.” You smiled and you felt Jungkook relax at your touch. He turned to face you, cupping your cheeks, “I’m sorry. I just don’t want to loose you." 

"You won’t.” You assured him by pecking his nose. “Look, he may be an important person from my past…but that’s it. He was my past. You’re my present Jungkook. You’re my ’now’.”

Jungkook smiled and gave you a kiss; a kiss which made you dizzy and literally made your knees weak. If it weren’t for you holding onto his neck and him supporting your waist, you would have fallen by now. “I love you Jagiya." 

You leaned your forehead against his and thought: maybe this guy is my future as well. You simply couldn’t imagine life without Jeon Jungkook. "I love you too.”

He hugged you tight and you sighed in his embrace. After a few moments of silence he asked, “Y/N?”


He let go of you and held out his hand, “Your phone.”

You looked at him weirdly as you handed it to him. He started scrolling through your contacts. “What are you doing?”

“Deleting his number.” he said as he locked your phone and gave it back to you. “There’s no way am I letting you talk to that creep again.”

You shook your head with a smile and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Pabo. I wouldn’t have answered any of his texts or calls anyway.”

Jungkook hugged you and you sighed in his embrace. The two of you stayed liked that for a while just hugging each other until he asked, “But I’m more handsome than him, right?" 

A laugh escaped you and you slapped his chest playfully. He was so cute when he was jealous. 

"Yes, Jagi.” You said as you kissed his neck. “Definitely more handsome.”


Major Kookie feels :“”>

Thanks for reading!


160610 - 11 Super Camp Osaka: Moments to remember~

>> 160610 Super Camp in Osaka - Day 1 <<

Telepathy Game

They need to guess and wear an animal mask for answer. At first session, both Yesung and Ryeowook wore the same Bulldog mask. They hugged each other and Ryeowook attempt to gave Yesung a kiss. Everyone screaming!!

Cooking Game 

During cooking time at first everyone looks good at cooking but some member failed in making Takoyaki. Since Leeteuk make a Takoyaki before his dish looked so good. Ryeowook get some idea on Leeteuk and Ryeowook. Takoyaki was made perfect too. Kyuhyun didn’t put an oil on his Takoyaki pan so his Takoyaki was so messed :) Heechul concentrate on putting ingredients and forgot the Tako so when he asked why he has no Tako, Yesung gave him 1 pc and he was grateful. At the end, Leeteuk taste his own Tako but suddenly his expression was bad. He shouted hot and share it to all members!! 

Members have 10 min to cook Takoyaki. Ryeowook and Leeteuk seemed to be the most stable. Leeteuk had a weird way of preparing cause he put the octopus and vegetables into the frying tray first before adding batter but still managed to make them into ball shapes in the end. He also helped Wook turn some of his Takoyaki. Kyuhyun was struggling. He hesitated to pour the batter. While cooking, he also kept laughing at himself xD He wasn’t really making octopus balls, more like stir frying the octopus, batter and vegetables together xD Last 10 seconds, members were trying to finish cooking but Kyu just totally gave up and just stood there helplessly xD His finally product really looked like.. stir fried dish. Heechul added the octopus last so when he looked for it. There were only 2 pieces left :) 

Leeteuk ate his Takoyaki and stared fidgeting cause it was still too hot. Kyuhyun stood there judging him :) Teuk fed Kyu one and Kyu also started fidgeting and looked like he wanted to puke it out as it was hot. Teuk then fed Heechul and Wook who gave the same reactions. Teuk then wanted to feed Yesung but he refused by saying “Diet! I’m on diet man!” He ate it in the end though :)

Find the Missing Dancer Game

During the 2nd half of the game, they asked to find the 8 hidden dancer among audience. They went down on stage and went around the wenue. Yesung found 5 dancers among 8. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Heechul found one dancer. Leeteuk haven’t found any. 

SJ: Wow, Yesung you really work on playing game!! It’s good!!

When Yesung came to our place to find the hidden dancer, he was so serious looking on every row, he even met every fans eyes ^^

* Instead of looking for the missing dancer, Kyu & Teuk were busy giving fanservice to us!!

Pocky Penalty Game

During penalty game everyone will do a pocky game except Yesung. The pocky will start from Kyuhyun mouth then he pass to Heechul then Hee will pass to Leeteuk. When Ryeowook turn to get thepocky on Leeteuk’s mouth, there’s only a tiny bit left on Teuk’s lips so his second option was to lick the pocky on Leeteuk’s mouth. Fans all scream but he didn’t lick it. Ryeowook successfully get it but their lios touched!

Paper Kiss Punishment

After both games, Ryeowook was the final winner. The other 4 members had punishment which was paper kiss. They played scissors paper stone. Heechul won and got to decide their standing order. The order was Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Kyuhyun. Heechul was sucking on to the paper while Leeteuk opened his mouth really wide. When it was Yesung-Kyuhyun turn, Yesung put his hand on back of Kyuhyun’s head. Kyuhyun looked so disgusted :) It was supposed to end but Leeteuk went to “kiss” Kyuhyun and got the paper instead. Kyuhyun squatted at the side looking sad xD Leeteuk tried to “kiss” Ryeowook but Wook refused to get the paper. The paper was so dirty. From the screen, showed their make up on the paper yucks.

Heechul the Ramen Monster :)

★ Evening Fanmeet is better than 1st one.. Their excitement was too high!!Heechul jokes a lot this time!! He said he will go & eat ramen after. 

★ During Intro Heechul called himself as Mr. ramen… He had his perm hair today!!


Ryeowook was reading Elf’s question: *he hesitated to read it* If you have a limited time on earth what food you want to eat?
Heechul: Ramen!!
Ryeowook: Sorry but i can’t answer it!! I want to prefer to see my mom rather than eating foods ^^

★ Because Heechul energy during afternoon show wasn’t that high. He asked the member why. Yesung answered “Because you haven’t eat ramen.”


They asked Heechul who he loves to the most?“Meeting ELF or eating ramen?”
He can’t answer and he thought for a while…
ELF: Ehhh..??
Heechul: Sugeiiii.. *imitating Kyuhyun* 

★ Heechul: Do you know that I’m not in a good condition now? You know why? Because I haven’t eaten ramen. Su~gooooooo~~~~iii (i’m sorry)

Leeteuk: We can just meet ELF Japan and then eat ramen together.
Heechul: …I can’t lie like you.
Yesung: Do you prefer eating ramen or meeting elf japan?
Heechul: ………sugoooooooooii elf japan, sugooooooiiiii …..sumimasen (i’m sorry)  

* They kept saying “Suu~gooooo~~ii” and “Uttatte~!” today. All thanks to the master of Japanese, Cho Kyuhyun XD

Q: if u’ll be given a long vacation how will you spend it?
Ryeowook: I want to do a tour.
Yesung: Vacation in Hokkaido.
Heechul: I will eat ramen and get chubby like Ryeowook.  

Ryeowook: I’m everyone’s boyfriend Ryeowook.
Yesung: I’m the most younger-looking one Yesung.
Heechul: I’m suju’s ramen.
Kyuhyun: I’ve never eaten Heechul.
Heechul: Eat eat.  

Kyuhyun being a kid ^^

★ When it was time to answer fans’ questions, Leeteuk came out first as the MC. He wanted to introduce the members to come out. Before he could, Kyuhyun was already trying to pry the entrance open so we could see a bit of his face :) Then staff opened the entrance and Yesung pushed Kyuhyun out xD 

★ When Kyuhyun sat down, he kicked his feet. When hyungs were answering questions, he took the box with fans’ questions and started shaking and spinning it xD

Kyuhyun: Since hotel accommodation is expensive, i’d like to go on a vacation where i can visit elf’s houses for temporary lodging. 

Leeteuk: Playboy!

★ Everyone got punishment except Ryeowook but Heechul & Leeteuk was soo happy to their Paper Kiss punishment!! 

★ Kyu teasing yesung abt his hand size :) [for video]

★ Yesung proudly annouced his Solo Japan tour!!! He kept on leaning on Ryeowook then RW just raising his clothes at the back!!


Q: What will Yesung do when proposing?
Yesung: Eumm..
Kyuhyun: Singing~~
Heechul: Sing~~ing~~
Yesung: (Thinking)
Kyuhyun: Dancing~~  

★ Members keep on teasing Ryeowook & called him “PamPam” (Chubby) and he said he will go on diet.. Lol

★ When Ryeowook imitating Yesung voice & sang Here i am, he told wook to stop teasing him then he pouted soo cutely!!

★ Heechul also arrived on fan’s side but he didn’t hightouch fan coz his hands was hurting, he apologized for that. His bandaid was Hello Kitty.

★ Kyuhyun recording his voice!! Kyuhyun: kyutan sing!! (Singing celebration) then suddenly “Sugoi”!!

★ When Ryeowook recording his voice on the bear, Yesung interrupted and his voice recorder together!

★ During “Alright” while Kyu was singing, he was hugging Wook but Yesung interrupted and joined them together. In the end, Kyu hugged both of them with his hands on their shoulders and continue singing ^^

★ Ryeowook said on behalf of other member, He came.. So he was soo happy that he can still join the other member!! ^^

Ryeowook: How’s my hair?
ELF: You look so cool~ cute~~~
Ryeowook: It looks nice right~
Yesung: Elf, pls stop lying.

★ Hyukjae’s message: “You’re spending a good time with the members now, right? I’m jealous… Have a good time and stay healthy.”  

★ From tame to wild paper kiss xD poor Kyu :) [for video]

>> 160611 Super Camp in Osaka - Day 2 <<

Heechul keeping his promise to Donghae 

Heechul: Not too long ago, I visited Donghae and saw him. Donghae said if we go to Japan, please convey this message. And there is something he said to me. “Make sure you protect this space” is what he said to me. “Please protect Super Junior’s spot.” So I asked this favour of the members and also told Donghae to not be worried. And I said another thing to Donghae. “Don’t worry, in order to protect and show you an unchanging appearance of myself by the time you come back, until you get back, I won’t cut my hair.” is what I told him. Seriously. So that’s why, even if you hate to just see my hair, please endure it for a while. 


Q: Teuk’s favorite thing is?
Leeteuk: You ~ (pertaining to ELF)
Heechul: me?? 

* then HC did the flower petal pose in front of Leeteuk lol 


Q: If ‘Super Junior’ wasn’t the group name, what would you like it to be?
Heechul: Super Senior!
Leeteuk: Hyuk and I had sugguested a group name to the SM before.
Heechul: Oh! I know!
Leeteuk: It is PRINCE! and the fanclub’s name is PRINCESS!
SJ: We are PRINCE~ (urineun prinseseuseyo!)
Leeteuk: I like Super Junior and ELF the most! 

Meet Diva Heechul :)

But what’s happening there? hehe

★ Leeteuk went to the farthest corner he could go to shake hands with the audience. Warmest leader!!

Shy Wookie~ ^^ 

Q: What you feel like doing the most now and what you feel like doing together with ELF?
Ryeowook: I want to hold a hug event, and hug everyone one by one.
Kyuhyun: During the hug event can people hug you and touch your body at the same time?
Ryeowook: No… What i want to do together with ELF is bbobbo 

*covers his face in a shy manner twice*

★ Kyu recording his voice on toy bear. He’s so cute [for video]

★ Kyu’s voice recording on teddy bear. Must listen! His voice just so beautiful ;; [for the record]  

“Why haven’t you slept yet? I’ll sing for you”  *sings Celebration* 

★ Heechul pushed Yekyu heads during pepero game and Kyu showed a disgusted/hateful face after that so YS asked "I can’t even kiss the dongsaeng that I love?!” then Kyu looked so shocked and kept wiping his lips :)

★ During Stars Appear perfermonce, Heechul continued singing the last part even tho the music had already stopped.

★ Teuk said Heechul is wearing a pink leopard printed boxer today :)

Heechul: Why i always get the difficult question..ㅠㅠ i’ll go out for a while… i’ll be back once the fanmeeting ends 


Leeteuk: My alarm tone is “Leeteuk-ssi!!!! Leeteuk-ssi!!!!”
Kyuhyun: That wasn’t the alarm, that was the manager! 

★ Heechul sang a bit of SMAP’s Sekai Ni hitotsu dake no hana. It was recorded in a doll and was given to a lucky fan~ 

★ Kyuhyun have tried so hard on playing game in order to not do the punishment. He got 100 points on the 1st round. And he kept mumbling “No game punishment.” But then he got negative 100 points on the finding dancers round. Then he just sat on the floor. Leeteuk squated next to him saying “ You are the same as me, with or without trying, zero points.” xD 

Q: portray Heechul by doing a pose?
Ryeowook: (nikkonikkoni)
Yesung: (fierce eye look)
Heechul: (eating ramen pose)
Kyuhyun: (dontonbori pose)
Leeteuk: (pc gaming) 

Q: Which SJ’s songs will you recommend to a non-SJ fans?
Kyuhyun: Your Eyes, One Spring Day, You&I, I listen to it (U&I) a lot.  

Moments To Remember  | (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c)

here is another drabble for the superpowers au drabble series. which you can find here

(slight NSFW)


Zayn swallows, tucking his fingers through Liam’s hair as he nods. He wants to be able to put it into words, but he can’t. He feels like he is burning with Liam’s skin pressed against his own, his fingers like matches striking flames against his skin. It runs deep, settling in the low of his navel and sparking through him with every wet kiss Liam presses to his neck. He has never been this hot in his life, but it feels good, unbelievably good - 

"You’re sweating,” Liam mumbles, nibbling on his bottom lip anxiously. Zayn can feel the erratic beat of Liam’s heart everywhere he touches him, it practically thumps through him too. “I can -" 

"No,” Zayn interrupts before Liam can say stop. He doesn’t want him to, has been craving this moment with Liam since they met. “I don’t want to stop." 

Liam looks unsure before he presses his lips gently to Zayn’s throat. “Me neither.”

The other man scatters kisses across his chest, fingers tickling down his sides. It is maddeningly slow, the way Liam’s tongue slides against his skin. His eyes are dark, just a flicker of a flame in them as he looks up at Zayn before trailing his tongue down to his navel. He wants to roll his hips up, get a hand around himself, just something to ease the pressure building between his legs from Liam’s touch.

“Zayn,” Liam murmurs hoarsely, crawling back up until their chests are level. Liam’s hips roll down against his, tugging out a soft moan from his throat. “Want you so bad.”

“Have me,” Zayn breathes, sliding his palm up Liam’s chest before curling it around his neck. He is mesmerized by the crease in his brow, the way his lips part and eyes fall closed as he grinds down against him again. But he can feel the slight panic that takes over Liam, intune to the way his heart skips in his chest. 

“I can’t,” Liam shutters out, eyes falling to where he hovers his hand between them. Zayn gasps slightly, latching his eyes onto the flames that lick up and down Liam’s fingers. “What if I hurt you?”

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Waking up on Christmas Morning With Michael
  • him jumping on your bed at five in the morning 
  • ‘babe we already missed the first five hours of Christmas you need to get up!’
  • hot chocolate and pancakes 
  • having to open everything he got you all at once because he’s too excited to wait 
  • the boys coming over and making fun of him for the cute little gifts he got you
  • ‘make fun of me all you want but at the end of the day i’m the one she fucks so’
  • making you model all of the things he got you
  • having both of your families come over and spending the day with them
  • cuddling and watching Christmas movies after everyone leaves
  • making cookies 
  • lots and lots of hot chocolate 
  • watching him smile when he notices how much effort you put into getting things for his family
  • ‘I can’t wait until we have a family of our own to celebrate with’
  • having a huge meal 
  • ‘babe you need to come lay with me, i ate too much i don’t feel good’ 
  • walking into the room and watching him grin like an idiot as he points up to the misletoe
  • wiping whipped cream on his face
  • saying ‘babe before we go to sleep I have one more thing for you to unwrap’ in his ear and watching his reaction 

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in today’s weird events, my high school history teacher keeps trying to set me up with guys he knows. 

i am 5000% down for smitten octy please just give me smitten jedtavius 

jed losing track of his careful twang and slipping up his words whenever hes around octy and tipping the front of his hat down to hide his blush when it gets too bad, jed tripping over his own feet on front of him and buring redder than octys cape, jed whipping his cowboys into shape and telling them how they need to look good to intimidate the roman army (and totally nOTTT  to impress their super hot general)

octy mixing up his speeches- fuck that, octy composing goddamn love poems in his spare time (b/c you know hes totally the poetic dramatic type) and trying to read them and messing up so terribly and dropping the papers and bending to pick them up hurriedly as jed just stands there and watches him with widening eyes