he is too cute and sweet

being lab partners with peter parker

thank you to @nedslaptop​ for requesting this i love cate sm and i haven’t updated frustrating, i’m such a fake so here are some hcs to keep y'all busy while i try and finish that imagine :)

• so let’s not lie

• you’d have a little crush on peter

• nothing too extreme since you barely know him (because this boy barely talks to anyone he’s not comfortable around) but you know that he’s sweet and cute and seems like an all around good guy

• plus once you overheard him and mj discussing racism and how he wanted to ‘learn more about intersectional feminism and how he can be apart of ‘fighting against all the shit happening in the world’

• and honestly you’ve approved of him ever since

• in science you sneak glances at him from across the room when you really should be paying attention to the lesson

• and you clear your throat when he’s busy looking at stuff on his laptop and not listening

• you guys are DEFINITELY on a first name basis and you’ve had a couple conversations but nothing really serious

you wish it was serious

• then one day you walk into class late (by like a minute, come on mrs. g, don’t give me a detention) and everyone’s already partnered up and you check the list by the board and you see your last name next to PETER PARKER on the seating charts for your latest project

• and well, shit

• usually you and peter sometimes pair up for small assignments that take like fifteen minutes out of the eighty minute period

• but nothing as big as this project that takes practically the entire class and requires more follow-up worksheets after

• peter is kinda nervous but he doesn’t know why

• he’s talked to you before and you seem like a great person but you’re also very pretty and he likes your hair and he’s not so great at talking to people for such a long time

• because he rambles

• and three minutes after you sit next to him to start working on your lab project, he’s talking about building a computer out of all car parts

so basically once i just found this old DVD player in an alleyway which makes me sound like a total dumpster diver—and that’s what tony stark said once which was really offensive and embarrassing—but anyways you can use stuff like maybe some parts from an engine like the wire thingies to make an old school computer and…uh, sorry what were we talking about?

uhm peter the question was how did we get the solution to react and we haven’t even poured in the acid yet

• you find his rambling ADORABLE

• but it’s not exactly the best because you ramble when you’re nervous too and you both get sidetracked

• somehow you guys finish the lab early (flash rolls his eyes because of course perfect peter penis parker finishes everything on time and gets everything he wants—) and you’re supposed to go back to your seat but you don’t and you and peter are !!!!! still !!!! talking !!!!!

• you don’t hand in the lab reports so your teacher doesn’t make you move and whenever she passes by, you guys pretend you’re struggling and talking about mole ratio

• your crush on him gets worse because he’s really a great guy and oh my god you’re screwed

• it’s an ongoing constant conversation and you guys are just switching subjects and he’s pretending to look to up chemical solutions relating to the lab on his laptop whenever your teacher takes a look at what y'all are doing

• when he tries to switch the window back to something you guys were talking about, he accidentally switches it to ‘Human Spider Superhero Saves Ferry’

• and he’s a flustered mess because he knows you saw it and he exits the window but misses and makes it bigger and then he’s trying to make excuses because oh my god what kind of conceited person watches videos of himself and his head is in his hands

oh my god you like spider-man too??

• peter looks up and isn’t surprised that you like him—well, spider-man him because the whole school is crazy about him but he’s relieved that you don’t think spider-man is a vigilante wannabe

hey y/n could i get your number—for the project! yeah for the project. we’re getting extra worksheets for homework tonight and it would be smart to be in contact with each other

• which isn’t a lie, but it’s not the only reason he wants your number :-)

• you take out your phone discreetly under the table and your fingers brush against his and both of you ignore the blushes rising to both of your cheeks

• he puts his contact as peter parker 🕷 (cause this bitch is totally subtle) and he was originally going to also add a lil red heart but decided against it

• you put yourself as y/n ✨♥️ and he smiles when he sees it

• the bell ringing and both of you are holding back your feelings of disappointment

• when you get home from school you’re simply WAITING for peter to text you. you would want to text first because it’s not a huge decision you just don’t want to come on too strong

• but little do you know peter is sitting in his bedroom, figuring out what to text you, and has searched up cool ice breakers on google

• you end up texting first with a lie

you: hey peter, i’ve been having trouble with the first open-ended question and i was wondering if you could help me out! thanks 💕

• he ends up actually helping you out and both of you finishing the homework over an hour or less

• it would’ve taken less time if you guys just SHUT UP ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE

• you guys kept talking nonstop

• like your conversation at school never ended

• you follow him on every other social media and he does the same and he lowkey stalks your ig and looks at all your photos

• he’s come to like you a lot—even just as a friend— and he finds you amazing

• texting for longer than intended

texting for longer than you guys should really

• you’d come to like each other so so much and he makes a great friend AND DAMN IT YOU WISH YOU DIDN’T HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM

• peter keeps this detail from ned because ned would blab away his big mouth about peter finally talking to the person he’s liked for months

you: peter what’s your favorite movie

peter parker🕷: i have too many! but i like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and i REALLY like action movies

you: ok fantastic this friendship is going to work GREAT :) !!

• both of you cannot wait until tomorrow to see each other again

Haechan gif spam

I just did one of these for NCT, but I have to do a separate one for my sweet boy Haechan. He’s so soft and cute and sweet and is just too good for this world and we are not worthy. I would put this under a read more, but a little 21 gif post of Haechan never hurt anyone~

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If this didn’t make you feel all happy on the inside then I don’t know what will.

Security ~ A Markiplier Ego Fanfic

Okey so it’s basically an unofficial Too Late pt 3 and i wasn’t gonna do this BUT I LUV MY SWEET CANNIBALISM INDUCING PLANT BOI GETTIN TICKLES OKAY?! Ya need to scoot over to Too Late Parts 1 and 2 for context an shit and JUST FYI dark as a ler just gives me tingles so here we go!!!

If Bim had known what was going to happen he would have just taken his tea and run away like a bat outta hell. Much like he was running away now, except he was being chased by a bat out of hell in the form of a mischievous Darkiplier; a rare occurance. The flustered presenter sped through a hallway and through an open door into a spare bedroom, swivelling to look for an exit; but none existed.

‘Uh oh…’

Bim squeaked and jumped at Dark’s drawling tone, turning to see said man grinning maliciously as he waved a hand…causing the door to swing shut. Crap. Bim breathed fast and shallow, heart beating with fearful anticipation as his eyes flicked over the other man in the room.

‘Poor little Bim…alone and trapped with nowhere to go. You and I have something to discuss…’

Bim shivered at the teasing tone lacing his words, he backed away with a heavy gulp and jumped when his legs made contact with foot of the bed. Dark’s eyes glimmered and in that moment of inbalance, Dark pounced. Lunging forward he pushed Bim so he was lying on his back, Dark settled himself atop his thighs with a contented sigh before forcing Bim’s arms up with his smoky aura; relishing in the terror building up behind Bim’s thinly framed spectacles as he squealed loudly in surprise. Dark chuckled as he looked round the room briefly.

‘How curious that should come to this room…are you trying to tell me something?’

Bim flushed, with intense embarrassment and confusion at Dark’s previously unheard playfulness, thus spreading the heat across his cheeks. He tried to speak, poor thing, but only stammers came through and Dark only hummed as he reached forward and placed his hands on Bim’s wrists. He moved them closer together above Bim’s head as black, swirling tendrils kept them in place. Dark’s fingertips moved back down, trickling down Bim’s arms before delicately resting under his arms.


Bim giggled with light, whispered breathlessness as tickly sparks ignited and made him shiver. Dark cocked his head with a raised eyebrow.

‘My my, you are sensitive aren’t you?’

Dark mumbled, enjoying and taking in Bim’s flustered state. He fluttered his fingers in Bim’s hollows deftly causing a river of giggling to burst forth, as well as making Bim gasp and squeak at the effectiveness of his light touch.

‘Nohohohohoho!!! Yohohohohou dohohohohon’t nehehehehed toho dohoho thihihis!’

Bim managed to exclaim as he grinned widely, head tossing and turning rapidly. Dark donned a serious expression as he hardened his scribbling, making Bim wail and cackle wildly.

‘Oh but I do…allow me to explain my dilema to you Bim…’

He latched one of his hands onto Bim’s ribcage and vibrated it, causing a yelp and belly laughter to ensue.


Dark kept maintaining his stoicism, but he couldn’t help but feel gleeful at the entire scenario; having someone at your complete and utter mercy does tend to make you feel thus. Bim could only laugh and squirm uselessly as Dark spoke.

‘You see the problem I have…is that you might SAY that you’re going to keep your promise, and I don’t doubt that you mean it when you say so-’

A second hand affixed itself onto Bim’s ribs, the fingers of each hand massaging and rubbing the sensitive flesh and bones; Bim jerked and bucked helplessly.

’-but after a bit of time…you might just let something slip…’


Dark hummed and paused his torment briefly in order to worm his thumbs under Bim’s shirt so he could untuck it and move it up. Bim shivered and knawed on his bottom lip as his sensitive tummy was bared, he hid his face in the crook of his arm to try and hide his sheer embarrassment. Dark smirked when he saw this.

'Why so shy…?’

Dark trailed off as he flicked a finger over Bim’s waistline, chuckling at the strangled noise that came from Bim’s throat as he buried his face furthur.


Bim was smiling widely, shaking in anticipation at the thought of Dark tickling and tormenting him. Mainly because that for Bim, being tickled wasn’t something that he…exactly…hated. It made him cringe to no end to think about how someone tickling him made him feel so happy and giddy, but he’d never be able to tell anyone that. The words would get stuck if he even just thought about trying to say them. He glanced at Dark briefly but looked away again after he saw the teasing smirk he wore, said smirking tormentor resumed his monologue as he rested his palms on Bim’s quivering belly.

'So essentially, I’m obtaining some…security of sorts. Just so you have a memory to remind you in case you decide to let your mouth run away with you.’

Dark grinned and curled his fingers slowly, Bim giggled heavily and squeakily as Dark’s fingertips swirled, scratched and squeezed the soft flesh of his tummy.


Dark leant over Bim, lips curled in a innocent smile as his eyes danced with evil deviance.


He waited patiently as tears began to glisten at the corners of Bim’s bright eyes, he noticed how wide and joyful they seemed…quite dissimilar from Wilford’s when he’d gone through this treatment-


Dark was jerked out his thoughts but soon laughed deeply, Bim’s innocence never ceased to amaze him.

'Does it? Does it really?’


The almost childish nature of his words made Dark smile a fond smile as he raked his gaze over Bim’s form; making sure to keep torturing the wonderfully sensitive tummy before him. It was then that Dark noticed a few things. Bim was indeed squirming, undoubtedly, but not to great extent. Not only that, but his restrained arms had remained relatively stationary with no pulling or tugging in earnest. Dark thought that Bim was perhaps conserving his energy…but then again. Dark gazed intently at the man below him, laughing so happily and freely….and then it dawned on him.


Dark grinned in realisation as Bim squealed before cackling crackly. Bim was enjoying this…he actually liked what was being done to him. Dark had to admit that it was rather endearing, before his mind twisted to mischief as ideas formulated on how he could use this to his advantage. He locked eyes with Bim as he slowed his tactics and simply trailed his fingertips over Bim’s belly absently.

'Goodness, I don’t think I’ve heard you laugh this much before. You must really be enjoying yourself-’

'Wh-whahat?! Noho ihi’m nahat!!!’

Bim’s flush darkened visibly as his mind rushed and jumped between his thoughts, analysing Dark’s words with anxious fear…and perhaps a twinge of hope. Was Dark saying what Bim thought he was saying? Dark smirked wider, leaning over Bim with taunting intimidation as he raised his eyebrow slightly. He knew this was going to be fun.

'You’re not? Hmm…are you sure about that?’

Bim shivered and gulped as Dark’s face hovered above his, the hands at his stomach began to gently knead the sensitive flesh making him buck and shake…desperately trying to hide how much it tickled him. He failed of course. His loud, bouncy giggles soon took centre stage as Dark smirked above him and Bim realised that Dark had figured it out…but he wasn’t judging him, he didn’t find him strange or abnormal.


Bim laughed louder and louder as Dark squeezed his sides and the bespectacled man couldn’t be happier. Dark slowed his movement momentarily with a badly hidden snicker.

'I asked you a question Bim, so I therefore expect an answer…’

Dark leant to whisper in Bim’s ear, the latter was shocked at their new proximity but was certainly not about to complain…although he couldn’t deny the pang of terror that passed through him as Dark’s breath fluttered against his neck.

'Are you absolutely sure…that you don’t like this?’

Dark waited patiently as Bim’s brain worked overtime, his need for mercy battled with his love for tickling…and eventually his love won out as Bim shook his head, mouth still administering giggles and yips rapidly. Dark was overjoyed, he growled lowly as he mumbled into Bim’s neck; he made sure his stubble brushed torturously.

'No? Hah…apologies but, I don’t believe you!’

Bim barely had time to inhale before he screamed, echoing and high pitched as Dark dug into his stomach and nuzzled into his neck. The stubble was rough and scratchy, like thousands of sharp bristles working on every nerve ending as Dark laughed melodously; he knew full well what this was doing to Bim, he knew how much he loved it. Not only that, but Bim’s poor belly was attacked from all sides. Dark scratched, kneaded, stroked and ruthlessly tickled every inch he could lay his touch on. He payed special attention to Bim’s navel, which was evident by the owner’s reactions.


Bim was in heaven. He could never have imagined such a scenario, I mean c'mon it was Darkiplier for god’s sake! Bim would most likely try to get his head round it all later, since at the moment he could barely think of anything but Dark’s hands and how they currently tortured him wonderfully.


'Tickle tickle Bim…’

Dark teased slowly as he fluttered over and inside Bim’s navel for was seemed like an era, but after one more teasing burrow he withdrew. But gradually, from Bim’s belly first and then from his neck. He reared up, shifting gently as Bim’s chest rose and fell sporadically, the sound of his breathing getting back to normal filled the room as Dark looked down at him patiently. Bim’s lips twitched into a nervous smile in response to Dark’s strong gaze, the latter rolled Bim’s shirt down carefully as he spoke.

'So…how are we feeling?’

Bim nibbled his bottom lip, letting himself smile gently without too much fear.

'I’m okay…’

Dark chuckled, shifting off Bim and perching on the bed as he withdrew the smoky tendrils restricting Bim’s arms. Bim brought them close to his body before sitting up and similarly shuffling to the end of the bed. He glanced at Dark nervously who was perched and relaxed as he spoke nochalantly.

'Just okay?’

Dark chuckled again at Bim’s bashful smile, which he noticed showed off his dimples, and Bim fidgeted with his hands. Bim smiled wider as he spoke, words he never thought he’d be able to say.

'I’m uhm…it was good…i-it was really good.’

Bim gasped partially at his own words, Dark looked at him and felt a spark of pity. He couldn’t fathom what it must be like to be ashamed of something you loved and enjoyed, he also felt a prick of anger at the thought of Bim feeling that way; the idea stung him harshly. Dark placed a hand on Bim’s shoulder, which encouraged Bim to look up to him.

'Do not feel shame or guilt for taking pleasure in something that others may not, you should pity them because they are unable to share your joy. You should relish and embrace what you enjoy…’

Bim felt his chest swell with emotion at Dark’s words, because they were all he needed. Often, words like that are just what someone needs…there are just very few people in world with the sense to provide them. Dark had trailed off to let them sink in for Bim, but now he leant a little closer with a smirk.

’…especially given how utterly adorable it makes you.’

Bim’s breath caught in his throat as crimson flooded his cheeks once again, he mentally cursed Dark and his goddamn teasing. Dark’s smirk was unencumbered as it reflected his satisfaction and joy, he rose from the bed and brushed his clothes gently. He ran a hand swiftly through his hair as Bim regained the ability to look back at him, he grinned with the thought that he could get used to that. He clasped his hands behind his back.

'I have to say that I did not expect a scenario such as this to form between us, however…I would like to explore this furthur some time. If you are willing, of course.’

Bim could feel his heart beating faster again, he could think of nothing he’d like more. It was strange, he’d never been especially close to Dark and yet this “thing” had somehow blossomed, whatever it was. Bim’s smile widened, and you’ll be glad to know that it was also unencumbered.

'Uhh…yeah. Yeah I’d um…I’d like that.’


Dark snapped his fingers, making the door click and open fractionally. He rested his hand on the doorknob, ready to leave, until a wide grin took precedence as a quick afterthought came to light.

'I assume you would like the events of this room to stay in this room?’

Bim giggled and shivered simultaneously at Dark’s effortless tease, the ease at which it rolled from him both excited and terrified Bim. He nodded wordlessly making Dark chuckle again before turning and striding away with his usual purpose and suavity.

'Till the next time…Bim.’

And then he was gone, so swiftly and silently as if he was a phantom…but the ghostly tingles that still traipsed over Bim’s tummy assured his existance. Bim hugged his stomach with a wide smile, he was questioning the reality of it all but eventually his pure unadulterated joy convinced him. It happened. It was real, and it wasn’t the end. Oh…it certainly wasn’t.

tell meh if ya like it jfc i love this ship almost as much as driplierst, yeah im trash come fite me scrubs. luv yous xx

My Top 5 (Male) Cinnamon Rolls

Okay, my idea of a cinnamon roll is someone who is sort of the underdog but is really sweet and honest about what they stand for and keep going regardless of what happens. 

I’m curious though, what’s your definition of a cinnamon roll? Feel free to tag your mutuals!

5. Genos (OPM)

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Do I really need to say more? He respects Saitama so much that he once said he’d do anything for him. The way he jots down notes about Saitama’s training routine is cute too. It’s interesting the see a character like him whose part cyborg trying to learn from a human being on how to become stronger.

4. Yato (Noragami)

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Yato is adorable and I don’t know what he’d do without Yukine and Hiyori. Their bonds are so precious. Yato has a tough side that he’s shows during battle but most of the time he’s wandering around trying to find Hiyori or their mischievous son. Yato starts out with almost nothing when we’re first introduced to him in the series but because he has these two I feel like they have helped him to find his way.

3. Okuyasu Nijimura (JJBA)

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I feel like a lot of people don’t don’t think of Okuyasu this way but let’s be real. He not the brightest and doesn’t think sometimes about how his actions will affect him but when it really matters he steps up and even occasionally saves the day. Also his close friendship he develops with Josuke is really pure and good.

2. Shigeo Kageyama(Mob Psycho 100)

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Poor Shigeo. He’d be lost without Reigan-even though he tries to take credit for Shigeo’s psychic powers. Still, Shigeo depends on him for insight. All in all though Shigeo is too precious. 

1. Izuku Midoriya(BNHA)

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Probably the closest definition of a cinnamon roll that you’ll ever get. Izuku was born without a quirk (superpowers) which is unusual in the universe he lives in. For years he thought he’d never have powers until one day, the hero whom he admired the most (All Might) transferred his powers to him. I seriously can never get enough interactions between these two. Izuku just admires All Might so much and ugh.

anonymous asked:

ah, you're such a cute flirt... now i'm this close of having a crush

Well, I’d say God bless you for that Anon, but it looks like he already did ;)

(HONESTLY THOUGHT I AM JUST A MESS. I’m an too excentric person, with a very dirty mind, but you’re so sweet akjakjbannhb)


cinnamon roll /ˈsɪnəmən rəʊl/ 
   1. Salim from American Gods

things girls look for in boys:

  • goofy, friendly, and adorable personality
  • bright smile
  • high-pitched yet strangely cute screams
  • tall leggies
  • really cool
  • and cute too
  • loves the ocean and marine creatures
  • strategical mind
  • smartly practical
  • loves his friends a lot
  • selfless and protective
  • like he’d literally sacrifice himself for his friends
  • really handsome and suave
  • loves space and astronauts
  • sweet and kind
  • a bit talkative
  • but has a really cute and attractive way of talking
  • likes to take care of his looks
  • a noble gentleman
  • yet would fart or burp in your face without a prior notice
  • loves his family. a lot.
  • skilled sharpshooter
  • has a rival who he really, really cares for
  • loves the color blue
  • flirts with anything and everything that moves
  • pretty brown hair
  • attractive blue eyes
  • beautiful brown skin
  • cuban
  • lance

+bonus,he is just too…overwhelmed



Peter gets bullied in school and they all say that he could never get a girlfriend, so Y/N who’s rather popular at school just kisses him in front of every one.

Words: ~ 1500

No spoilers!

A/N: This took me way too long to write… so sorry! Tell me what you think! :)


Walking through the overcrowded hallway, I felt myself being to tired to move and bumped against several people. Not that I cared.

Normally I didn’t care about much going on in school, referring to the people. I did care about my grades and my career and all- but the people in school? I didn’t care at all about them apart from my friends.

It’s not that I didn’t like them. I mean, I was quite popular in school and I talked to a lot of students over the day. But honestly, I didn’t really listen when they told me about the last party or a concert they went to.

But there was one person that I cared about who wasn’t part of my friends even though I hoped I would have more contact with him. Body contact, too.

It was Peter Parker, the nobody of our school. No one seemed to notice him apart from me. His gorgeous face with the sweet hazel eyes and the fluffy auburn hair…
Yes, he was my secret crush that nobody knew about and nobody ever would.

I kept my little secret a long time, talking to him occasionally or having school projects together which lead to me falling in love with him.

He was so clever and his shy side was so cute that I just couldn’t handle it. I loved how kind he was and he always had something interesting to ramble about.

Nothing caught my attention while walking through the hall way, apart from him. I saw him standing at his locker, opening it to put a book inside. Me and my friends stopped at my best friend’s locker and I occasionally let my gaze slip to Peter for a few seconds.

I jumped when Flash and his friends appeared out of nowhere and pushed Peter against his locker after he had closed it. “What a looser you are!”, Flash exclaimed after Peter groaned loadly, getting everyone’s attention.

“Sorry to ruin your face but with these looks you won’t get a girlfriend, anyway.”, Flash claimed and his friends laughed at this comment before he pushed Peter again.
And Peter only stood there, head down, shoulders stiff while Flash threw several mean words at him.

But when Flash grabbed Peter’s backpack from his hands Peter looked up, his face filled with anger as Flash started throwing all of his stuff on the ground.
“Oh, what’s this?”, Flash exclaimed when he took a piece of paper from the ground. “DEAR Y/N, I wish i had the courage to tell you that I’d walk through fire just to see you smile…”, he started to read and I saw everyone’s eyes stare at me, making my face heat up.

I unconsciously made eye contact with Peter who seemed to be internally screaming. And while I was glued to the spot, not able to speak or think, Flash continued bullying him.

“But you do know”, he laughed, “You do know that someone like Y/N Y/L/N would never love you, right?” Oh, boy, how wrong you were…
I saw Peter’s head lowering again, his fingers brushing over his face before they ran through his hair.
Flash laughed triumphantly and suddenly I felt the strong urge to prove a point.

Someone like Y/N Y/L/N would definitely love Peter Parker.

My legs brought myself over to them, even though my friend’s arm grabbed me slightly. But I ignored it and shoved Flash ’s friends aside so that I could get to Peter.

“Peter, you told me you wouldn’t drag this old thing with you.”, I laughed, rolling my eyes and earning a very confused and very cute look from Peter.
“See? I told you that someone would think that you’re single.”

In the corner of my eye I saw Flash looking at me as confused as Peter and I smiled to myself.
And then I laid my hands on his shoulders and leaned in quickly, pressing my lips on his.

Ignoring the electricity coming from him and the urge to kiss him forever, I pulled back after a few seconds of giving in.

Peter’s face stated pure shock and he stared at me nervously before I smirked at him. “Bye, Peter, see you later.”, I smiled proudly, wandering off to my next class and ignoring everyone’s dazzled looks.

I let out a shaky breath I didn’t know I was holding. This had been life changing.

“Wait, Y/N, what the hell was that?”, my friend wanted to know, a strange look on her face.
“Spontaneous.”, I only answered, shrugging. “Yeah, I know. But what were you thinking?”, she asked and now there was a worried look that made me angry somehow. It seemed like she thinks something is wrong with me just because I kissed my crush. Okay, secrete crush. She couldn’t know this part.

“Nothing really. I just thought that Flash is a dick and Peter doesn’t deserve this.”, I simply said and only got a confused “Okay…” as an answer.

Later that day I sat down at a bench outside, my eyes roaming over the campus. I enjoyed being alone at lunch. Not because of my friends! I simply enjoyed the time to think without talking slash gossiping.

I thought about the kiss, obviously.

Was it right? Apart from the fact that probably the whole school knew it by now, Peter knew too.

But still, I was proud of myself: Helping someone by proving his bully wrong. Somehow it made me feel strong.

And there was another positive aspect, as well. I had kissed my crush Peter Parker!

Thinking of the devil… Peter suddenly stood next to me, a nervous grin on his face.
“Can… uh… Can I join you?”, he chuckled, nodding his head towards the empty seat in front of me. “Sure.”, I nodded, a smile on my face which was maybe a bit too wide.

He let out a relieved sigh as he sat down, letting his bag fall on to the ground.
“Rough day?”, I asked and he only nodded before he leaned forward slightly, his arms supporting his weight.

“Uhm, yeah.”, he replied before biting his lip, my eyes not being able to look at something else but him.
“Actually, it wasn’t that bad.”, he chuckled softly, his brown eyes meeting mine.

“Yeah?”, I grinned and he just nodded with a cute smile on his lips. Oh, how soft those lips had felt on mine…

A few moments of comfortable silence passed before my mind brought back the letter that Flash found in Peter’s backpack.
“Uhm, Peter…”, I started but paused briefly when his beautiful eyes stared at me, “I was wondering… I mean… would you… Would you really walk through fire to see me smile?”
He nodded instantly without a word, nervously fiddling with his fingers before my hands grabbed his. I couldn’t help but smile, my heart beat running in my chest.
“You know, you don’t need to do this. I start smiling as soon as you smile at me.”, I clarified, earning a grin from him and I returned it instinctively.

“Uh, I… um, I wanted to thank you for… you know.”, he began and I only shrugged, playing it cool,“No problem.”
“But the whole school thinks were a couple now.”
“Is that bad?”, I wanted to know, a flirty tone in my voice.

Peter shook his head, causing his brown strands to dance on his fore head. “No, it’s not bad at all.” He clearly gained some confidence when I grinned at his answer. “I liked kissing you.”, he confessed, tilting his head. “No, that’s an understatement. I loved kissing you.”

“That’s good.”, I laughed before grabbed the collar of his shirt and nearly pulled him over the table to feel his soft lips on mine again.

He was able to place his fore arms on the table to support his weight before our eyes closed and our lips met. He hummed softly when I started moving my lips and my grib on his collar loosened since I had him where I wanted. My cheeks blushed due to all to blood that my heart pumped through my veins and I felt the excitement rushing through my whole body.
My fingers wandered up to the back of his neck, playing with some of his strands after Peter tilted his head to deepen the kiss, causing my mind to go mushy.

He pulled himself back slightly, a huge grin on his face when I ran my fingers through his hair. “You like me.”, he breathed out and I nodded before I pecked his lips briefly.

He leaned back again, giving me a charming smile. I had to bite my lip to hid that huge smile on my face which Peter saw anyway and I felt my heart skipping a beat.

This one question wether I wanted to be Peter’s girlfriend was definitely in his head but there was no need to voice it.

He knew that I was in love with him.

Part 2

if you say this isn’t one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen you’re lying

BTS reaction to: You being too short to kiss them

i like cute reactions 


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He would find this adorable  *cue windshield wiper laugh*  “Ahh jagi you’re so cute!” he would watch you blush but still continue on your tiptoes trying to reach his lips. He would let you struggle for a few more seconds before bending down and giving your lips a peck. 


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Not Amused  as he watched you struggle to reach his lips. But as you continued to struggle his unamused face was replaced with a cute gummy smile, giggling as you struggled “ahh Jagi, i’m not even that tall” you would pout at him before he leaned down and kissed you.


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Laughing hysterically. To the point where you got too embarrassed and stop trying. He didn’t realized until you were walking away with your head hanging. To which he freaked out and ran after you “Jagi i was only joking! I’m sorry!”  to which you turned around pouting. He pouted back at you before stealing a kiss.


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He would smirk as you stood there on your tip toes with your lips puckered. “Ahh baby girl you want my kiss that bad?”  you nodded and continued your attempt to reach his lips. He chuckled before lifting you up off the ground and wrapping your legs around his waist. You smiled as he planted a kiss on your lips.


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He would find this adorable. He- the shortest member of Bangtan- had a partner that was too short to kiss him. He wouldn’t teaser you too much though, he always the one to get teased about his height and didn’t want you to feel insecure. So after your first two attempts he swooped down and placed a sweet kiss on your lips. “I love you Y/N”


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He would giggle at your struggle. Finding It impossibly cute to watch. “Ahh Y/N you can just ask for a kiss you know..”  you stopped your struggle and pouted “Taehyung… can i have a kiss please?”  he thought about teasing you about it some more. But the way you asked him was so cute he couldn’t resist. So he leaned down and gave you what you wanted


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He watched you struggle and would blush brightly. How were you so damn cute? You pouted when he didn’t try to kiss you back and began to sulk away. But you were surprised when you felt him grab your arm and spin you around. You only smiled as he leaned down and kissed you. He pulled away and smiled before saying “you’re so cute Y/N”

Hope you enjoyed!