he is too cute ;u;


that small moment of sadness because even if you miss being Voltron’s leader you are immensely proud of what Keith has become

bonus: Keith not having any of it because he knows Shiro belongs with Black

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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job


doyoung moments that make me wanna squeesh him (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ♡
↳ happy belated birthday ooma looma @peterpanrenjun 🎂🎉💕

Katsuki Yuuri is handsome and beautiful af

Pass this on.

Jin squealing J-Hope in a tiny voice is the cutest cute to ever cute!

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You and your art gives me freaking life. I could spend all day being a thirsty hoe and drooling all over your masterpieces. I love all your ships but nothing gets me going other than your Katsudeku. I would kill for them. Your Kirishima is adorable too..but when is he not? Have a good day forever.

adorable to most but not to some 
least he be saving Midoriya’s ass 

so i might’ve been watching stardust and i might’ve gotten soppy about vanessa and usnavi so… have a vansnavi stardust au