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EPIX Road to the Outdoor Classic, Episode 4 - Patrick Kane to Jonathan Toews: Cappy, stay hot.

i suppose “stay hot” is their Thing now:

edit: some people have told me that they hear patrick saying “kempny, stay hot”, not “cappy” - some others have said they hear “cappy”. (personally i hear cappy because i’m not hearing an M or N sound when he says it and he’s looking at jonny.) but y’know, this is a PSA, because i probably heard him wrong and then the whole gifset is wrong /o\


my heart just did about 1 million flips 💞 

I love how Stiles just intently watches Lydia as she stares off into space. The little things like that mean as much to me as the big Stydia moments. It’s obvious that Dylan understands Stiles and what Stiles feels for Lydia so well because he knows when to add the smallest touches that have the biggest meaning. I absolutely love it.

A/N I really hope this was okay! I’d also love to do a part 2, so if this get’s good feedback I’ll probably do that. I love Klaus sooo much.

Y/D/N: Your doppleganger’s name

Y/L/N: Your last name

Summary: Reader gets pulled onto the stage to sing at the Mikaelson ball, and Klaus is surprised to see that she is the doppleganger of his first love.

Warnings: none

Klaus mikaelson

Part 2

You walked into the large home that belonged to the Mikaelson’s, a hesitant look on your face. You had gotten an invitation by someone unknown, yet you had decided to go as all of your friend were too. Also, Elena had begged you and Caroline to go because ‘she can’t handle the Salvatore drama’.

You knew about the supernatural world, but thankfully you had been out of town and had yet to meet the Mikaelson’s. Little did you know, that Elijah had seen you earlier in the week, and immediately recognized you as the doppelgänger of Klaus’s first and only love. He was the one who had sent you the invitation, and had also sent you a beautiful gown to wear.

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#Alec lightwood proud af to see his sister kicking ass and taking names #just look at his face #he’s like boy you asked for it #stupid mundane thinking you can take my sister in a fight #hahahahahaha #you didn’t even last 10 seconds #that’s how far out of your league she is #and then you look at Izzy #turning with a smile to look at her big brother #and Alec’s smile and subtle head shake of ‘Izzy that was too easy’ #it’s beautiful really #watching them have this moment in between looking for Jace #now I need a scene where Jace and Alec are both present #and smiling all cocky at the sight of their sister kicking ass

So I saw @elvirasteckningar‘s fusion art (here look at it it’s beautiful) and since I love Steven Universe (and klance) I had to draw it too!! I used your design except I added more eyes because I’m always a slut for extra fusion body parts

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