he is too adorable to be true

When Sherlock is talking about how everyone is human and he says “even YOU” to John, it’s totally flip flopping how John thinks it is. John thinks he’s the one who imagines Sherlock as this untouchable infallible being and he gets more and more angry the more that isn’t true because it means Sherlock might actually FEEL things like everyone else and that’s delving way too deep into John’s repressed love for him, you know?

But Sherlock saying “even YOU” undeniably tells John that Sherlock feels the same way, and that Sherlock thinks JOHN is this untouchable amazing human, that he puts John on this pedestal and adores him above all else and is only just realizing John is a human who hurts and feels things and is vulnerable and John needs to hear that SO BAD, he needs to know what he means to Sherlock, and really hear it from Sherlock himself because John’s gone through a lot and he needs reassurance that Sherlock does feel things and Sherlock IS human. That conversation is so much. They both are realizing exactly how real the other is, and exactly how much the other feels. That’s SUCH a big step.

Sorry I had to correct my original post. I’m not too savvy yet on TW and perfectpotts corrected me and said that Cait did not like this but was tagged by the tweeter. But this boy is so adorable that I’m wishing that he will come true someday for Sam snd Cait!

If somebody posted this already, my apologies for the duplicate .

// Hi anon!! Thank you! also my inbox blew up so fast, 50 requests within a couple of hours oh my goodness i’m so sorry for keeping you guys waiting for requests to open for so long!! but there’s so many good ones in there including this one that I really like! ♡


- He’s never been too into all that stuff, he’d much rather watch a movie with real people and such.

- “ But Zen!! There are live action movies made for animes! ”

- True good point he will watch those

- The way you obsess? Adorable.

- He literally loves it

- You look so good in your little cosplay that’s literally just the cutest thing?

- “ Zen i’m trying to cosplay a character who’s a cold blooded killer here. ”

- “ If looks could kill everyone would be dead whenever you walk in the room! ”

- cheesy very cheesy

- He’ll come to conventions with you and might even cosplay, but he doesn’t really know who he’s cosplaying– You picked out and made his outfit!

- Still gets a lot of compliments, it’s actually pretty fun!! He really wants to come back with you sometime if that’s okay.


- He’s never gotten too into it, well at least not to your level.

- “ What is this? ”

- “ Its a 42 inch limited edition wallscroll!”

- You’re such a nerd it makes his heart heart hurt he loves you so much like that’s so cute how excited you get about this stuff?

- Supports your little habits of collecting merch, he’ll buy most of it for you but he doesn’t watch any of the shows so he gets a little mixed up when he’s getting them

- “ Is the little pony not an anime? ”

- “ No Jumin, it’s not. ”

- at least he’s trying ~

- He won’t usually come to conventions just because he’s busy a lot but he’ll ask you to take pictures for him of everything.


- YES he loves anime he’s so excited when he finds out you do too!!

- He’s such a weeb he’s so pumped

- he’ll show you his collection of merch or cards as well as introduce you to new shows.

- He’s always been a little shy so going to cons has been scary for him but if you come with him he has an amazing time

- You guys cosplay as some LOLOL characters at his request and you two made your costumes together, he thought that was really cool.

- He’s super supportive and will save up money for cons every year, he really likes going with you.


- Welcome to the club, MC.

- This boy has been going to cons for years but no one ever recognizes him since his costumes are so good and different every year.

- He loves everything that you like and will flip out

- you’re just like him!! this is meant to be!!

- You talk about everything you’re interested in for hours

- He makes his own costumes whenever he has time, so you two make them together.

- When you show up his friend is Tom is waiting!! You guys had a 3 character cosplay.

- Lots of pictures, Especially selfies with you.

- The rest of the RFA thinks it’s childish but he doesn’t care he has an amazing time with you regardless.

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Youngjae + yellow

aka yellowjae

btw don’t kill me for not crediting stuff, I just had them downloaded already

ok so here we go

first starting with this adorable photoshoot

he’s an angel, isn’t he?


I miss GOT7NOW


his moles are adorable ;-;

is this post getting too big? idk buT LOOK AT HIM

and of course, our queen, Coco

btw feel free to request(?) me other stuff!!

Imagine Raphael knitting you a little shawl.
The heat has gone out in your building and, knowing just how unbearable winter can be, Raph wants you to stay warm.
He kints you a scarf and mittens too (true fact, Raphael is obsessed with human hands. He thinks mittens are adorable.) but the scarlet shawl is your favorite. Whenever someone asks you where you got it, you always proudly say
“My boyfriend made it for me!”

True Love

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 1,303
Warnings: Swearing
Challenge: @wayward-oneshots 300 follower challenge
Prompt: True Love- Pink

Rubbing your temples, you were trying so hard not to scream. You were in the middle of some petty argument with your boyfriend, and it was like talking to a child. “Dean!” You finally snapped. “Stop!” He stared at you, wide eyed. “My God.” You breathed. “You’re getting on my last damn nerve. I love you, but holy shit, man.” Looking up at him, you caved. “Sometimes I swear you do this on purpose…” There was a small smile on your face.

“Do what?” He asked, looking far too adorable.

You got up and cupped his cheeks. “Push every last button until you go from the most obnoxious man I have ever met…to this.” You pecked his lips. “Someone that makes life not totally suck.”

Dean grinned. “I love you, too, sweetheart.”

Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say
Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face
There’s no one quite like you
You push all my buttons down
I know life would suck without you

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‘Why did you let them do that? Cheating on you and playing with you’ he asked, as I watched the stars above.
‘I guess I loved them too much to stop them’ I answered as I turned my head to see him. My eyes met his, that were a reflection of the beautiful show of lights a million miles above us.
‘That isn’t love, it’s infutuation that makes you blind’ he said while I watched every movement of his lips, realising how strong my attraction towards him was.
I sighed ‘I know what you think, but it isn’t true’
A smile started playing on his lips ‘Than, what do I think?’ 'You think I was so blinded by adoration and lust for them and the fact that they actually noticed me, that I mistoke that for loving them’
He nodded his head while turning his head away, swallowing. 'Sorry, you made it sound more harsh, but yeah… it came down to that’
I raised up slightly, leaning on my elbow 'Don’t be sorry, you’re not the first one to tell me that’ He cuckled, facing me again. 'I still don’t think you have experienced true love’
While shaking my head I smiled 'So you’re the love expert now, huh?’
He took a deep breath 'Well, not exactly, but I think I can let you experience what it is to truly love’
It was like life paused for a second, my heart beat stopped and I seemed to forget how to breath. And suddenly the galaxy, formated in a place impossible for us to reach, dulled, even faded away and the fact that I forgot to put on my make-up didn’t matter anymore.

He had just confessed the thing I had been too scared to believe

—  confessions

“He was young, and beautiful, and talented, and suddenly had a few bucks in his pocket. I think that level of adoration is just difficult for human beings, I don’t think anybody receives a disproportionate amount of adoration and handles it gracefully. It’s awkward, you become too full of yourself, too egotistical, too self-centered, because everybody is flushing you with this attention. There’s no way anybody handles that well. Some people end up dying because of it, like child actors, ‘You’re the greatest thing ever. Oh – you went through puberty, next.’ That’s a hard thing to go through, and I think it was hard for John, I think it affected him in a rough way.”

- Anthony Kiedis about John Frusciante

Well this song gave me feels again, and I’m sharing

So I’ve been watching steven universe videos for hours now and.. The song Love Like You always made me think of Io. At first it was because of @mostlikelytofangirl‘s awesome fanfic series called Something Wicked. But today I was listening to Love Like you again and..

If I could begin to be, half of what you think of me
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love

Even half huh..? Yep, listening to Love Like You made me think of Io and the ioryuu argument in season 2 episode 6.

And then there’s verse 3 of the song

Look at you go
I just adore you
I wish I knew 
What makes you think I’m so special?

And there’s Ryuu’s part too in this ep, in which he reflects that verse too and this part of the song too..

I always thought I might be bad
Now I’m sure that its true
‘cause I think you’re so good
And I’m nothing like you

And now I’m dying in ioryuu feels… especially for that last part of the song

When I see the way you look
Shaken by how long it took
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love like you

Love me like you

Chapter 854
  • Oh my fucking lord that cover page…Take me the fuck now! *opens arms wide*
  • No but seriously, Zoro is one sexy motherfucker
  • Knew those two were being chased by people other than trying to find Sanji. That would have been too good to be true (ಥ﹏ಥ)
  • Also i love the Nami/Jinbe panels, it’s just beautiful how they’re already so comfortable with each other and are even fighting together 
  • That cute Luffy-like face, so fucking adorable Nami xD
  • Omg chOPPER?! ARE YOU OK?!?
  • Wow, thank God Jinbe didn’t spin the roulette then!! He’s so fucking smart good job! 
  • Brook is such a fucking badass i love him
  • Pudding is such an evil bitch i love her
  • Dude, now i wonder how Oda would manage a real kiss scene…
  • Big Mom is so crazy and adorable i love her
  • I’m sorry Tamago but what the fuck is with that face?! 
  • OOOHHHMMMYYYGOOOD…Opera just fucked everything up for Big Mom and his siblings xD
  • Daaaww Reiju is ‘thinking about Luffy’. My Reijuffy heart can’t handle this
  •  What are the chances he gets lost? xD
  • Thank you Sanji, for admitting that you cooked for every single one of the straw hats instead of Pudding, *slow clap*
  • What the heck this became depressing (┳Д┳)

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iwahinaoi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell / THE TRUE OT3

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa

oikawa, that nerd. hes so embarrassed when he does it too. iwaizumi lowkey laughs at him and hinata gives oikawa a kiss to make him feel better about it

Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them

oikawa does. its honestly sickening. iwaizumi even says as much even though they both know he has it just as bad for hinata

Who starts the tickle fights

oikawa!! he loves hearing hinata’s giggles, but mostly does it because he loves seeing hinata breathless and flushed underneath him. (iwaizumi will sometimes too, when hinata is being a brat and trying to get his attention when he’s in the middle of something, but not often)

Who starts the pillow fights

oikawa will start one with hinata and then accidentally hit iwaizumi in the middle of it and it becomes an all out war

Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile

oikawa and iwaizumi love watching hinata. oikawa is an insomniac while iwaizumi usually just drinks too much coffee. hinata burns out pretty quickly, due to exasperating so much energy throughout the day

Who mistakes salt for sugar

oikawa is an absolute mess in the kitchen. he does it when he’s trying to help hinata cook. obv that doesnt go well and it ends up with him being kicked out and iwaizumi helping hinata instead. oikawa sits on the couch and pouts away and only feels better when hinata comes in and gives him a kiss on the cheek. to which oikawa would just pull hinata in his lap and smooch him all over his cute face

Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning

oikawa is usually very attentive to the timer, but sometimes he’ll get caught up in his thoughts and space out until the beeping starts

Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines

OIKAWA!! he loves dropping them on hinata and making him laugh and blush. iwaizumi tries but he’s bad at flirting

Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order

iwaizumi would try to, but then hinata would come in and distract him and the next thing they know theyre making out with hinata pinned up against the bookshelf

Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies

its usually a group project, and since oikawa is left out due to his ineptitude in the kitchen, he’s shown pity by getting the spoon

Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion

OIKAWA THE SAP!! sometimes iwa will too, or they both will choose some out together because they both love seeing hinata get flustered and giddy and theyre so in love with him holy shit

Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen

hinata loves drawing on iwaizumi’s strong arms. oikawa will see this ofc and then get jealous and demand that hinata draws on him too, which hinata gladly does

Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation

oikawa and hinata both do it. when theyre together on trips, they’ll pick the best one out together. iwaizumi doesnt really understand the reasons why, but if he’s on his own trip he’ll bring back one to add to the collection, just out of consideration. (he may have an ulterior motive, because hinata greets him with even more kisses when he does)

Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines

hinata will ask oikawa and iwaizumi to do it because he wants to save money and be smart, but they usually end up getting distracted by each other and the constant glancing and brushes of skin that honestly its a miracle they made it 5 seconds into the process

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Hello, can I get Miyaji fluff/nsfw ? (≧▽≦)

I hope you don’t mind headcanons ^^ -T-chan

  • Not huge fan PDA, but if alone with his partner then yes, yet only after lots of convincing and puppy eyes. He’s very weak to puppy eyes, especially if they keep the eye-contact.
  • He loves to tease his partner, be it tickling or their bed-hair, he’ll tease them.
  • A huge fan of stay-in date and watching movies. Action or thriller are his favourite, so he can hold his partner close, but he wouldn’t mind romance every now and then. He also wouldn’t mind if they want to read, because yes, Miyaji likes to read too.
  • He’s good with children and children adore him. If you want to see him being his true-self, all you need is to see him with children and you can fall for him all over again.
  • He likes to take pictures of his partner in secret and save them on his phone before printing them and saving in a box or album. Though he likes action, he’s a romantic too. He’d definitely give that album to his partner for their anniversary or birthday.

And nsfw under the cut.. :^)

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Cris only has eyes for Ricky!

True Story…

I think the blonde next to Cris quickly realised he only has eyes for Ricky too!

Irina’s the third wheel…

*cough loudly* Ahem. Cris you’re staring dear

This little uncontrollable giddy smile when Ricky touches his tie! I’m about 10 seconds away from death.

This next gif…how anyone can think Cris isn’t completely gone for Ricky with no hope of return, is beyond me…

Cris can’t take his eyes off him……

And Ricky’s no better either…

But that’s another story!

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Enchanted, Clueless and She's the Man

I think this is the only one I got with multiple movies where I’ve actually seen them all….lol


Squalo Superbi knew some things with absolute certainty.

1) Everyone had an angle.

2) What you can believe in is science and what you can see and feel.  Things that are physical.  

3) True love does not exist.

Well, he had known those things with absolute certainty before he had met you.  Now, he was starting to doubt them.  It was a very disconcerting feeling.  

“Well, I don’t think I like this place very much.  It’s a far cry from Andalusia,” you said with a somewhat adorable pout on your face.  “I’m sure that you would be happier there too.”

“And why is that?”  He definitely didn’t groan.  The past week had been a trial in patience for the man.  At this point he had stopped trying to convince you that maybe you should go see a psychiatrist, and had started to feel the nasty little feeling of what could be belief at your crazy comments about life in general.  Such as the fact that you had come from another world, were seemingly completely angleless and you practically swore by true love.  

“I think you’ve been cursed,” you commented, completely serious.  He raised an eyebrow before turning back to his coffee.  The drink had been his drug of choice for the past few days.  

“Really?”  He took sip.

“And that true love’s kiss will break it and you’ll finally be happy!  In Andalusia, things are always solved by that?”  You continued on, as Squalo tried to stop choking on his coffee.  

True love’s kiss?  That was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard!

He refused the acknowledge the small idea at the back of his head that a kiss from you would probably make him feel a bit happier.  Nope.  He was not going there.  


  • Dino has always been like a brother to you - the two of you close friends from a very young age; grouped together with the burden of being “the family’s only heir” on both of you
  • however, the two of you did end up developing incredibly differently
    • Dino’s father became ill and died, forcing Dino to rise to the leadership position at a young age
    • your father tried to keep you from the horrors of the mafia for as long as possible, spoiling you and letting you do most things you wanted
  • however, despite this, you and he always remained close - and you would turn to him when you needed help, when he needed to remember how to smile
  • he thinks his heart is breaking as he watches you falling in love and flirting with another guy while you keep referring to him as “your brother”
    • he can go around and pretends to be happy for your sake but it’s hard 
  • and then the guy turns out to be a scum bag and was only using you for his position - Dino wears the badge “brother” proudly because now no one’s going to ignore his right for justice
    • maybe except your dad, who totally sees it - but he likes Dino and isn’t going to get in the way
  • it’s your Dad who starts making comments off-handedly, enabling you to realize that maybe it’s not quite a “brother” role that you see the Cavallone boss in 
    • for all you thought you could play your dad, the way he manages to casually mention the ball for Dino to start looking at suitors, and how as his “sister,” Romario was looking forward to your help in processing the potentials - you’ve got nothing on him, when it comes to influencing him
  • you show up at the Cavallone ball telling him that he might as well cancel that gala, because if he thought that you were going to let one of those “bitches” get him, than he had another thing coming entirely

She’s the Man:

“Well.  This certainly explains some things.”  Yamamoto commented, ignoring Gokudera’s squawking in the back.  Tsuna, meanwhile, wasn’t making any comment but you figured that was just because he had spun around to avoid seeing anything, and was trying to forget what he had seen.  

You were frozen for a second, shirt clutched to your chest …your very bountiful, definitely not male chest.  “I can explain?”  You cursed the way your voice went up an octave at the end.  

“I should hope so!”  Gokudera’s own voice cracking was enough to make you stop feeling bad.  At least when your voice had cracked it had sounded more like your normal voice than anything else.  “You had better have a good reason for going behind the Vongola’s back on something as big as this!”

“Maa, maa, calm down, Gokudera.  Y/n.”  Yamamoto was completely unshaken, and if anything, might have had a mischevious gleam in his eyes as he watched Gokudera’s outraged temperament.

“I’m …  Well…”  You paused before deciding that honesty was key.  “I was worried that my brother might fall in with some guys he met when he was at college.  They were with another mafia family.  A bad one. So I figured if he got a reputation as being part of the Vongola that the other guys would avoid him.  He’s back in the United States and doesn’t know about this.  So, I figured I could just dress up like a guy, go by his name and that it would just work out.”

Your hands played with the shirt that you were still holding.  “I didn’t mean to trick anyone, I just didn’t want my brother to get hurt.”

Tsuna had turned back around, though you noticed he had red cheeks and was very definitely keeping his eyes well above chest level.  “In that case, there’s nothing I can hold against you.  I would do anything to protect my family as well.  You can still keep your male persona if you want for missions, but I expect full disclosure in the future.  Do you understand?”

You looked up, unable to keep the elation out of your eyes.  “Yes.  Thank you so much, Boss!”

“It’s fine.  However, you’re the one telling Reborn.  I’d suggest putting a shirt on before you do that.”  He grabbed Gokudera as the two headed out of the room.  

You were grateful for that.  You and Yamamoto had been partners for a bit now, you wanted to make sure there was no hurt feelings on his end.  You could only hope that he understood.  

“Wait,” Gokudera pulled himself back.  “You’re saying that you were partners for months with her, and you never noticed?”

Yamamoto only shrugged.

“You really are a baseball idiot!”  The storm left in a huff, rolling his eyes at the rain’s “ignorance.”

“That wasn’t a no,” you realized.

“I know.”


Ace Attorney is awesome I just can’t. <3 I never thought that story about lawyers will be so fun. But then he ask bring parrot.

Too bad they (for some reason) shove Maya to backstage.
And I really wanted to see how she and Trucy meet. When I first time saw Trucy I thought how happy Maya will be to see tiny cute adorable magician.

Dean/Cas: Technicolor Heartbeat

Soulmate AU commission for @cassammydean. In a world where people see in black and white until they touch their destined soulmate, Dean - a popular actor - is adored by many but has yet to find love. He’s a true romantic at heart and waits for the moment he’ll begin to see in color. Too bad the person he’s pining for seems to show zero interest in Dean. 7.3K.

This is hardly the first time that Cas has come home to find paparazzi outside of his building. They’re not even subtle about it anymore; three are camped just ten feet from the door.

“Excuse me!” one of them hollers, only to flinch at Castiel’s stare. His next words are far less confident. “You, uh… ever see Dean Winchester around here?”

It requires great patience not to roll his eyes.

“No,” Cas answers curtly, his tone enough to discourage any follow-up questions. He brushes past the man - swift and impatient - before nodding at the doorman and sweeping inside.

His mood has been foul for most of the day ever since his breakfast meeting with Dick Roman. There are certain tasks he’d rather avoid, eye-bugging salary and benefits aside, and that includes playing nice with total assholes over coffee and eggs Benedict. Unfortunately for Cas, he isn’t his own boss yet, and his actual superior doesn’t give two shits about how much of a tool Roman really is. “Get him to sign the merger, Castiel,” he said. “The reward will be worth your while. You’re due for a promotion, aren’t you?” The man is almost as bad as Roman.

Needless to say, Cas had been looking forward to retreating to the peace and quiet of his apartment. He had just begun to slowly decompress for the night when the paparazzo called to him five minutes ago.

Have I seen Dean Winchester, Castiel scoffs, tapping his passcode against the keypad. The door unlocks with a series of beeps and he holds it open while glancing across the hall.

Oh, he’s seen Dean Winchester alright. It’s difficult not to when his face is everywhere. All the box office successes are merely the starting point, after which come the interviews and endorsements and-

Anyway, Cas shakes his head. The point is all the paparazzi out there, hanging around in handfuls and hordes as though they could ever get past the tight security.

Cas frowns at the apartment.

It’d be a mess - a complete, utter mess - if they managed to sneak in somehow and caught a glimpse of Dean Winchester’s private life. Cas of all people would know.

Dean is his next-door neighbor.

[read the full fic on ao3]