he is tobias!

As a general rule, I’m not keen on MP’s but after today Tobias Ellwood is the exception

You did your best my friend. 

My thoughts are with everyone who was hurt, killed or who witnessed any of the events of today, but to reiterate my previous post, we aren’t scared, it takes more than this to break us. Stiff upper lip and all that


These are my kitties, the grey and white one is Tobias he’s Jewish and weighs 25 pounds, the orange one is serendipity, I found him under a car and he stops breathing in his sleep sometimes, and his nose drips when he’s overstimulated.

@dryde HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRYDE CUTIEPIE ;v; !!! Sorry I’m super late college restarted already orz hope you’ll like that little doodle of Tobias TvT <3 he has such a pure smile Brandon would be totally blinded XDD

(How can I corrupt that one ?!)


Dain: What the hell are you doing, man? Step back. I won’t be your guardian angel forever, just so you know.

Spoilers: he will. :D

But I must give credit to Nate, he helped Dain in putting out the fire and they acted like a real team.

my thoughts on Puppet Master’s Mitre-Snatching Social Media Slaughterhouse though, for realsies:

i know for absolute certain that simon/alpha is the puppetmaster, but i don’t know if he’s the one writing the tweets for puppetmaster’s twitter account. but i’m just gonna assume it’s him for this post. 

and as FUCKING HILARIOUS as it is watching him cyberbully new air/zach baird, it’s also kind of shitty and unnecessarily petty. same goes for the shots he fired at tobias/papa.

and it’s not a very good way to represent yr new musical project on social media…i wouldn’t be surprised if these tweets end up deleted lmao


i hope he or martin/omega spill some of this piping hot tea for us…martin did say in his “i’m omega” video that he’d discuss “later” why he left ghost. bitch it’s later what happened give us answers

or, if there is a god, let us pray that tobias himself makes some kind of response because i would absolutely shit myself laughing

martin’s probably got the best idea though lmfao just keep us updated on new music and stay the fuck out of it


Some summary required


Will’s life is not getting easier.

He hears voices.

He asks his dogs if they hear them too, but the dogs don’t know anything about it.


The new killer in town is one who tried to play his victim like a cello.

Jack has the nerve to tell Will “You shake it off, get to work”. It’s important to point out the zero fucks Jack gives toward Will’s state of mind for future references.


So Will goes to Hannibal to discuss the case. While discussing, since they’re at it, they do this cute love dance around the desk. Actually, it’s probably just Hannibal following Will.


Hannibal is surrounded by patients who are potential killers or patients who have potential killers as friends.

Tobias is a friend of Franklyn’s; Hannibal goes meet him to tell him that he likes him.

And Tobias returns the favour by accepting a dinner with Hannibal.


Will keeps himself busy kissing Alana. Then goes confess his sins to Hannibal because he clearly feels guilty.

But puppy-Will is always forgiven.

Who wouldn’t forgive him?

Well, Hannibal sends Will to Tobias… So maybe forgiveness is a strong world.

Anyway all’s well that ends well.

Franklyn is killed

After a sexy fight scene, the first one of many, also Tobias is killed

Will is not.

Mixed Feelings

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where Spencer falls in love with his therapist. @coveofmemories


After all that he had been through in the past seven years with the Bureau, he had to admit he needed help keeping himself steady. There was nothing wrong with that. He’d been through more in seven years than most people had been through in a lifetime. First, his friend, Elle was shot in her own home, and then turned around and shot an unsub “without cause.” It was never confirmed, but everyone on the team knew it happened. Then he was taken captive by Tobias Henkel, tortured both physically and mentally for two days, and saved - with a Dilauded addiction in tow. 

For months, Spencer struggled with his addiction until he was finally able to get control of it. Then he was shot in the knee on the job, and most recently, his boss and friend’s wife, Hayley was shot by The Reaper, leaving his son Jack without a mother. This team had been through hell and he was finally able to admit that he didn’t have the ability to get through absolutely everything on his own.

That’s when he’d started seeing Y/N, the Bureau’s resident psychologist. At first, he was afraid to confide in someone at the Bureau. What if something about him alerted her and she told the Bureau and he lost his job? This job was his life - he wasn’t sure what he would do without it. However, in their first appointment, last week, she’d convinced him that to say anything would be to violate doctor/patient confidentiality. 

“Whatever you tell me, you say in confidence, Spencer,” she’d said. “I promise.”

Immediately after leaving her office, he felt lighter. They’d only discussed Hayley’s death so far, but he felt a little bit better - and she had convinced him that he could talk to her without fear of losing his job. With that, he made an appointment to see her every week, and today was his second appointment. 

“Hi Spencer,” she said, her warm smile inviting him to sit down on the couch opposite her. “How are you doing today?”

With a huff, he sat down on the couch and took a deep breath. “Actually looking forward to this,” he laughed. He never thought he’d enjoy therapy - he hated asking for help.

“There something in particular you need to get off your chest?” she asked, uncrossing her legs and getting up from her chair to grab them both a bottle of water. 

“Kind of, yea,” he said, thinking back to this past week. After dropping off some files for Hotch to work on while he was home, he’d had a craving for the drug that had almost ruined his life. “About three years ago, I was addicted to Dilauded,” he admitted.

“But you’re not anymore?” she asked, sitting down casually across from him. 

That’s what he liked about her; she wasn’t shrinky, she didn’t take notes or anything, she just talked. “No, after about ten months I started going to NA meetings and now I’m clean. It’s just, that after everything that’s happened with Hotch, I found myself craving this week.”

“When I first started college, I got into a very bad car accident, and ended up addicted to pain pills, so I know the craving feeling well,” she said, reaching into her pocket. She pulled out three coins. “A five year, and two one year coins.” She was seven years sober. “You didn’t give in to the craving?” she asked.

He shook his head. “Why?” she asked. “What did you think about that allowed you to not give in?”

He actually hadn’t thought about. It wasn’t a small craving, but it wasn’t an overwhelming one either. But when he thought about it more, he managed to come up with an answer. “I guess I didn’t give in because I know this team couldn’t handle more than one person falling apart at a time, and right now, we all need to be strong for Hotch’s sake.”

“So you wanted to stay strong for your family?” she asked with a smile. “That’s what keeps me going too. Love is a powerful motivator.” Moving around in her chair, she continued to ask him about his teammates. As he spoke, he found his mind wandering in a separate direction that his mouth. While he talked about his friends, his mind fixated on her smile and her eyes; they shimmered when she smiled. Focus, he told himself. 

Nearly an hour later, the session was over, but he felt so much better that he decided to keep the appointment for the following week. Being able to talk about his drug history without feeling persecuted and having someone who understand the cravings first hand was truly helpful. “Looking forward to it,” he said, turning around to face her on his way out. 

“Me, too,” she said softly. “See you soon, Spencer.”


Week after week, Spencer made his way into Y/N’s office, unloading all of the shadow he had collected over his lifetime. They spoke of his mother and her schizophrenia, the fact that his father walked out on them, hid drug problem and how it developed - he divulged it all.

Throughout it all, she knew just how to help him. She’d tell him a bit about her own background, but never actually made their sessions about her. They’d just talk. 

For a while, their sessions were cleansing him week after week, but for some reason, he stopped feeling better. This time, he knew exactly why - he was falling for his therapist. On top of being beautiful, she was amazingly intelligent, a star in her field, funny, sweet, caring. She was the entire package, but she was his therapist, so how was he supposed to say anything? Their sessions became less and less frequent. It was too difficult to sit in therapy with her knowing that he was falling in love with her. She’d probably think the whole idea was completely unprofessional, but they were so alike in so many ways, he found himself connecting to her in a way he hadn’t expected. 

A month after he’d last seen her, he went to another appointment. “Hey Spencer,” she said casually, a tentative smile flashing across her face. “How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“I’m okay,” he lied, “Just haven’t been feeling well.” She scrunched her brow; she didn’t believe him and he didn’t blame her. He was a terrible liar. 

She cleared her throat and sat on the chair across from him. “Spencer, I can tell that something is wrong. It’s okay. I’ve heard it all before.”

He wasn’t quite sure about that. It wasn’t every day that a patient fell for his therapist. “I doubt it,” he said, feigning a smile. 

“Try me,” she replied.

He took a deep breath. Was he really about to confess how he felt about her? Should he? Was it completely unprofessional? “I haven’t been i-in in a while because I-I’ve been avoiding you,” he admitted, looking down at his fidgeting fingers. He was praying that she knew exactly what he meant so he wouldn’t have to say it, but being the good therapist that she was, she continued interrogating.

“You’ve been avoiding me? Why?” she asked, shifting in her seat. In the few tense moments before he spoke, he drank nearly his entire water bottle.

“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable at all, so if you feel like you need to not have me as a patient anymore I understand, but…I-I’ve developed feelings r-regarding you…over the past couple of months.” He finished speaking and looked up, a small smile staining the corners of her lips. “So you have heard it all before?” he asked.

“No, I actually haven’t heard that yet,” she chuckled softly. “Why wouldn’t you just say something?” The light streaming into the office hung beautifully around her delicate features. 

“W-What do you mean why?” he asked incredulously. “Isn’t it obvious? You’re my therapist, I’ve developed feelings for you. At first, I thought it was just the fact that you’ve helped me, but it’s not just that, I find myself thinking about you all the time. I didn’t say anything because of the relationship that we have. I didn’t want to ruin that,” he finished rambling. 

“But you’ve limited that relationship anyway,” she laughed again. “Nothing says I have to remain your therapist Spencer. Yes, dating a client would be frowned upon, but nothing says you have to remain my client. To be truthful, I’ve imagined us going out on a date quite a few times.” Her smirk put him at ease. 

“So you mean, I could find another therapist and m-maybe take you to dinner some time?” he asked, his heart hopeful for the first time in the past two months. “I didn’t completely fuck this up.”

She laughed. As far as he could remember, he hadn’t cursed in front of her. “No, you haven’t fucked it up. I can’t keep you as a client, but if you’d like to dump me as your therapist, I’d love to go out with you…you’re probably one of the cutest clients I’ve ever had. Will this be your last appointment?” she asked.

“I think it is,” he smiled. “Do I have to sign anything to discontinue our professional relationship?”

She pulled out a form for him to sign. “So that’s it, we are no longer patient and client,” she said, getting up from her chair and sitting next to him on the couch.

Gently, he pulled her toward him by the base of her neck, grazing slightly against her lips before pressing them firmly to her own. “Good.”


Tobias only snorted in response, looking away from the younger man & towards the only things that seemed to be bringing him comfort in this trying moment. He frowned, his mind feelings heavy. No matter how much he drank, nothing could drown the thoughts. Nothing could change the words the man in that damn white jacket had said to him earlier that day.

Noticing the shift, Archer’s whole stance softened as he pulled out a chair beside his husband & sat down. In all the time that he’d know Tobias Presley, he’d never been one to skip out on work or to set aside his responsibilities in place of a little fun. 

Baby… Archer started, concern now evident in his tone.

Ha! the other man exclaimed loudly, cutting him off. Baby. Baby, baby, baby. Wrong choice of pet name today, sweetheart.

Tobias, what in the hell is wrong with you? the blond scoffed, his brows drawing together tensely. 

Never had he been one to give up or back down. Never had the Tobias Presley had to walk away from something he wanted unsuccessful in his chase. But the one thing that he wanted most, would continue to elude him & there was little he could do about that. Sitting back heavily in the chair, he finally looked into Archer’s ocean blue eyes & shook his head. I can’t give you everything that you want as your spouse, he intoned flatly. So you shall have everything else. You can have the house, the cars, my share of ownership in Mercury, custody of Ell, those stupid fucking dogs & the whole white-picket ideal to share with Levi or whomever else you please.

Archer was visibly taken aback by this statement. His eyes narrowed as he watched the seemingly serious man stare back at him blankly. How drunk are you? Levi? The label? What the fuck are you even talking about?

A divorce. You can call the lawyer; I will sign the papers without argument. I only ask that you find not only someone who will be able to give you everything that you deserve, but someone that will accept & love our child. And I ask that you don’t try to keep her from me. She will be all that I have left after all. He looked down as his voice broke, his eyes welling up with the tears of debilitating defeat. For a time, he thought that all of his dreams had come true. It really seemed like he had it all. Never could he have guessed it could so easily come crashing to the floor as it was now.