he is the reason i cry

Speedpainting done!

Happy 26th to Sonic! This blue boi has a special place in my heart. 

I may not draw him much anymore, but he is the main reason I started drawing and posting my art online. I made my first online friend through Sonic and he really helped me through tough school years. 

I also have really strong, fond memories of spending hours playing Sonic games with my siblings who I rarely get to see anymore due to adulting.

So yes, this one is a big part of my childhood and I’ll always love him.

Dear Evan Hansen theory:

In ‘Sincerely Me’, Evan says: “You’ll be obsessed with all of my forest expertise!” And for some reason, whenever I hear that line, I picture Evan researching like what kinds of trees are the tallest so he can know which is the best to fall out of. And no, I’m not crying, I looked into the sun for too long and now my eyes are melting, that’s all. 

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So i really want to get this out of my chest. Yesterday I had a discussion with my boyfriend, we like comics and fiction with all our hearts but as I was talking about how much I adore and respect the Lego Batman Movie he stopped me and started saying how WRONG that movie is, how WRONG is the concept of queer couples in the DC movies and series.

He said that Oswald and Edward are a mistake, queerbait by Gotham because the series are flat, that Joker can’t be romantically obsessed with Batman, that Teen Titans GO! is just garbage to make little kids see the tv.

Now don’t get me wrong, I respect the people who doesn’t like all of the above, but when its for ACTUAL REAL REASONS. I was literally in the verge of crying with all his homophobic violent comments about couples and how idiotic the movie was to him.

But you know what? I’ll not stop supporting the sexual preferences of this very Oswald Cobblepot, I’ll not stop supporting the HAPPINESS Joker shows in Lego Batman and I’ll not stop supporting how much Teen Titans GO! makes me laugh.



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It seems that half of the 1998 Hogwarts alumni are doing illegal shit and Harry and Ron are cops (basically). I sooooo expect Ron to lose it at some point. The history with Katie is surprising and to some extent, reasonable. He needs to find someone who understands and has the capability of changing the world with him and won't ever forget the war anniversary instead of a sweet and forgiving girl. I love this so much I could cry out of happiness.

1) ron will totally lose it (in a good way, i.e. a way that will make us, specifically me, laugh) and it will be magnificent 

2) I’m actually really glad you said that about Katie, because that v small plot point has gotten some VERY mixed reviews (including at least one person who said they can’t read it now because of her appearance in the story), so here, allow me to explain:

What I wanted to do with this story was FOR ONCE allow Hermione to be something more than just Draco’s first source of forgiveness/redemption. yes, sure, Hermione is kind and fair and sympathetic, but lots of people have played on those aspects of her before, and I want Draco’s relationship with her to be based on other things, like their shared intellectualism, quick tempers, etc. REAL things, beyond just “this is the first person who gave me a chance.” 

Does that make sense? So look, I chose Katie intentionally because I wanted Draco to have an experience with someone who was kind enough to forgive him for his past, but also to show in the same blow that that isn’t necessarily enough to fix someone. He needs someone who really understands him with a lot more complexity - understands all of him, the good and the bad - and it was important to me to show that it takes more than just “I forgive you” to build a relationship that lasts

edit: I also needed it to be someone Harry knew so that he would later reach out to Draco etc etc it was purposeful etc the end

ps: ❤️

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Does Alex go through a stage (only a couple months) when she is a toddler where she is super emotional for no reason? I know most kids do, like things that normally make he laugh now make her cry or angry and Clexa don't know what to do? They go to wake her up one day with tickles and she just screams at them to go and starts crying "no mommies I don't like it!! Stoppp!!!" And this goes on for a couple months and clexa are distraught that they keep upsetting their baby.

Well I don’t think it’s at random stuff, just things she genuinely doesn’t like. Like when she needs to be babysat, when she has to take medicine, things like that. She will cry, she’s not a screamer, but her lower lip will wobble and her voice gets all heavy and she just furrows her brow and latches onto Clarke and Lexa and just moodily cries about it. If she’s being irrational tho, they cut the shit and tell her what’s what. They’re not gonna raise a hellion lmao

Phan!Cry Baby (1990)
Please Mr. Jailer, won’t you let my man go free?
He don’t belong in prison, though he’s guilty as can be,
But the only crime he’s guilty of is simply loving me.

(The only reason Phil would end up in prison is for stealing cereal.)  

(@bluemeowredfoxy​ asked for it, so not completely my failt)

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My boyf is the sweetest thing... I wasn't able to attend prom for personal reasons but I told him to go anyway just to have a good time with his friends. So I expected him to be going but at 7pm on the dot (when prom was supposed to start), I heard a knock on my bedroom door while I was crying my eyes out. I opened it to see my boyf standing there in his prom suit holding a bouquet of roses and he picked me up and twirled me around and we had our own private prom... HSM inspired, I guess!


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...what would you say/ask if you met him?


I’d cry a lot, and try to thank him for everything he is and mean not just to me but for all of us. thank him for all the great things he taught me and all the moments where he was the reason why I didn’t gave up of everything. Then, I’d ask to him for a hug… then I would die.

thanks for asks Rachel, i love you!

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Have you ever seen CB upset or extremely scared before?

I have… And I can speak for absolutely everyone when I say it actually does shake you quite a fucking lot as it is incredibly rare to see him cry, shake, shriek… Be generally upset at all… He is always so cheery and happy you know?

It happened once… I will not say the reason but I remember him sitting on the floor clutching his knees and shaking terribly. Someone said something and he lifted his head, tears streaming down his face. Something… happened and he just… broke. Next minute he was attacking himself, screaming, crying, shrieking at the amount of pain he was having both mentally and physically…

I felt sick at the sight of him and no one was prepared to go anywhere near him. I left and I do not know what happened to him.

But yes I hope that answers your question. That memory has scarred me for life and I do not wish for it to happen again.


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

Ok I just finished Power Rangers (2017) and I don’t think Allistics quite understand how important it was to see Billy (the blue ranger) portrayed the way he was. 

In media, there’s generally only one kind of canon autistic. And by canon I mean “The source material uses terminology that references autism or outright states said character is autistic”, and Billy straight up said “I’m on the spectrum” which is how many of us say “I’m autistic” without actually saying it’s Autism Spectrum Disorder. He also said “No it’s a diagnosis” when he missed Jason’s (the red ranger) joke. 

So we only get one (1) kind of autistic in media. What kind is that? Well look no further than Sherlock “I’m a high functioning sociopath” Holmes of BBC’s Sherlock. That is usually what we get. A genuinely horribly written person who treats his peers like trash because he believes he’s smarter than them, and is given ~mystical Autism powers~ [read: he’s really good at logic and things] because of the fact that he is Autistic. 

We generally get the white boy who likes trains, is good at math, and treats people badly (if an adult) or is a “problem child” if a minor. 

Billy is a black autistic teenager. Now I’m white, I should say that straight up, but it is super important that we see black autistic characters. Why? Because people of color are massively under diagnosed with autism. The reasons for that vary, it could be resources (getting diagnosis is expensive), but a lot of it does have to do with racism in the field of psychology. It’s important for young black autistics to be able to see people like Billy on TV. To be able to think “That’s me. I could be a power ranger to.” 

Not once was Billy shown to be a “problem child” at all. He was a Soft Boy. He has special interests, trouble communicating and picking up on social cues. A few times there I thought he was going to cry from the stress of everything and when the bully at the start of the movie broke his pencils I felt what he did because I was in his situation once upon a time. He was distressed and if it wasn’t for Jason stepping in I have no doubt that the bully would have pushed him to tears. 

Billy was the reason everything took off. He found the coins. He was able to map out where the crystal was. He was the first to morph!!

He wasn’t this egotistical jackass who treats coworkers like they’re disposable silverware, he was a real person. He was a real autistic person. 

And seeing someone like him, being himself and was unapologetic about it! And when he did face shit for being autistic, both times the bully got fucked up. It even went the extra step of making the bully a running gag for getting hurt and tbh I don’t give a shit about a bully’s feelings I’m glad it was a running gag. 

Billy is so important, and I need people to understand we need more people like him in media at large. 

Some of the best things I’ve heard in Heathers rehearsal so far:

  • “Oh no! My shirt, where’d it go?” followed by really slow and awkward finger guns
  • “Free pizza, and we don’t even have to buy it a pussy!”
  • “Those stupid tree thumpers”
  • *dramatically pirouettes and leaps in* “BIG SWORDFIGHT IN HER MOUTHHH”
  • “Aww that seems like a relationship that would last.” “Yeah until one of them blows up” “I guess you could say their love is….. explosive”
  • *Our choreographer screaming like one of those sheep used in parodies back in vintage youtube days whenever she gets frustrated or needs to get people’s attention.*
  • “So you’re going to do a Jesus lift” “A WHAT” “Just put your arms out and they’ll lift you like you’re Jesus resurrecting from the cross”
  • “Welcome to Newsies on steroids.”
  • “Be the closeted gay we all need.”
  • “The first step to any good plan is murder.”
  • “How much bitch is enough bitch though?”
  • “Imagine having to explain to someone like ““oh how’d you break your tailbone?” ““Oh I booty-popped too hard.”” 
  • “When we go off to makeover Veronica, can she still have the monocle, but, hear me out, it’s now bedazzled.”
  • “I have to check the historical accuracy of bedazzling in the ‘80s.”
  • “Okay, but what if we made it gay?”
  • “COSTUME NOTE: SOMEONE MAKE RAM PARTY SLIPPERS!” “What if they’re like bunny slippers, but with tiny party hats?!”
  • “This is Ram, he’s not very nice, but somehow my best friend still wants to fuck him.”
  • “Your whole bio better be about how much you love and respect women or else I can’t help you when your ass is being kicked.”
  • “I paired you guys together because you say he’s your sort of boyfriend later.” *Kurt proceeds to emark in various sexual dance endeavors with multiple other women* “That’s where the sort of comes into play….”
  • “SHUT UP HEATHER” *bursts out crying*
  • Our original Chandler dropped out so our original Duke got promoted to her role and just looks at me and says “Oh my god this is the most Heather Duke thing that has ever happened to me”
  • “That’s a school cheer?!?!”
  • “What if when she makes you spit up the pills, your wig flies off?” “Oh no you’ve discovered the real reason behind my crisis, I AM NOT A NATURAL BLONDE”
  • “Maybe he should take up knitting or something as a hobby rather than therapedic murder.”
  • “The saddest thing is that’s not even 3rd base”
  • “Veronica, you’re soaking wet!” *cue our assistant stage manager loosing her shit*
  • “My character description is just internal screaming.”
  • “Who needs a dance partner when you have weed?”
  • “I feel bad having to ask but was that supposed to be a dick joke?”
  • “Do I get extra points if one of the pills hits someone in the face?”
  • “I can’t remember the lyrics but I’m pretty sure I’m still gay”
  • “Why didn’t they just throw the bomb and run or something, like why are they so determined to die?” 
  • *recites Blue Reprise as demonic slam poetry because we didn’t have rehearsal tracks yet*  
  • “Veronica, it’s not a phase. I’m just naturally a slightly psychotic bag of angst with great hair.”
  • *music director teaching us Blue* ”They’ll curl up on your face. And purr like-” *slowly looks up from music and proceeds to put his head in his hands* “There’s moments that I evaluate my life and this is definitely one of them.”

And we’re still about 3 weeks from tech week


In other news Hiryuu’s too cute and I’m weak

  • Alexander: Bad News- Washington locked the keys inside the building.
  • Alexander: Good News- We didn’t have to wait around for a locksmith.
  • Alexander: Bad News- Washington finds it very concerning that I know how to pick locks, and tried to unlock my Tragic Backstory™. I was too embarrassed to admit that the reason I learned was because, at thirteen, I figured that was the kind of skill that would impress cute boys.
  • Alexander: Good News- A cute boy saw me do it.
  • Alexander: Bad News- It was John, and since he’s already seen me fall out of several trees, cry because I saw a fawn that was just too damn small, and knows I can ride a unicycle, he’ll never think I’m cool no matter what I do. It’s too late. He knows.