he is the perfect villain

Criss, who was one of the strongest members of the Glee cast for five seasons, makes for a perfect, whimsical “villain.” He doesn’t do much—and, really, he’s more Teen Angel than Music Meister—but everything he does is laced with a theatrical panache that fits the tone of “Duet” seamlessly.
—  How The Flash Just Pulled off the Best Musical TV Episode of All Time (Vanity Fair)

I made a child unit for Ira!! He’s name is Malum and he is a piece of crap. :D 

I’m not kidding

Ira is so done with having all these violent family members (Still loves him though)

His information is under the cut! 

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Stupid Spirk Imagine #86,397

Imagine Spirk watching the Star Wars prequels together because Jim is like, “Agh they’re so awful but you really just need to see them at least once; trust me on this” and they get to the awkward as hell “romantic” scene between Anakin and Padme where he’s like “I hate sand….” 

And Spock just turns to Jim super serious like, “Clearly this boy is the villain – he does not appreciate the perfect desert landscape into which he was born.”

My dudes I’m just realizing that Aku is the perfect villain.

He may not exceed Samurai Jack in power, but his wits gave him the idea to send him into the future, allowing him to rule the world for thousands of years, and since he owns the world, he can toy with Jack and spy on and thwart him whenever he wants. The only times he ever got directly involved were when it came to the time portals. He always allowed Jack to have that small glimmer of hope before he swooped it away from him.

That’s just perfect villainy man, an embodiment of pure evil at its finest

Hey there’s a movie called They Look Like People and the scenery is really beautiful??

Also the main character has an unidentified psychotic disorder and:

- he isn’t portrayed as perfect but definitely not portrayed as the villain

- abliesm is in there, but it’s realistic and not in a strawman way at all

the man has a real scary delusion and ends up acting strange in other people’s eyes, so theu treat him poorly and physically / verbally hurt him

- even the supportive people are rather abliest unknowigly, but that’s.. pretty realistic too tbh?

- the movie centers around his delusions and hallucinations, but also the relationship and fun he has with his new roommate

- again, REALLY pretty scenery

Personally I found it relatable, but if you don’t then that’s okay too! I suggect not watching any trailers because it usually spoils the movie, but you can find it on netflix!

Excuses, Excuses

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Prompt: Bones continues to find small reasons for Reader to stay away from her engineering job because he sees the job as dangerous (Drabble)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 874

A/n: Fics won’t be as consistent for a while friends. I’m nearing the end of the school year and I have oodles of projects, homework, and studying for finals I have to do so I have very little time for writing. Don’t worry, once the school year is over and summer break begins, I’ll get back on track and hopefully spit fics out like crazy!

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Criss, who was one of the strongest members of the Glee cast for five seasons, makes for a perfect, whimsical “villain.” He doesn’t do much—and, really, he’s more Teen Angel than Music Meister—but everything he does is laced with a theatrical panache that fits the tone of “Duet” seamlessly.
—  How The Flash Just Pulled off the Best Musical TV Episode of All Time - Vanity Fair
Villains I admire

Going back in time, there was a great emperor named Akbar the Great.

He actually brought a lot of good stuff to his empire, like philosophy and religious tolerance.

Something unbelievably adorable about him was that he could not read but he loved to learn so he had people read to him.

So why was this perfect man villainous?

Well, he had a political opponent who he wanted gone. So you know what he does?

He throws him out the window.

Now that he’s all good and dead, Akbar is done, right?

Nah, he drags him back up and throws him out the window again.

Did I mention Akbar was great?

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What would it be like if Marty Scrull tried to steal you from your boyfriend?

- look here. Marty is the perfect villain.
- he knows you’re not an object to be stolen, a thing to be played with.
- he knows you’re a person, with thoughts, whims, and motivations and he has too much respect for you to outright attempt to steal you
- he knew you’d have to come to him of your own accord
- besides, if he were too… overt in his attentions, you’d sour on him and run even further into your man’s arms. Marty couldn’t allow that.
- so wooing it was
- it started with simple things, like helping you bring groceries in and cutting in front of you in line at the coffee shop, for the sole purpose of paying for your coffee
- then it was bouquets of flowers showing up to your job, with no notes attached
- he’d always offer you his arm when walking down the street, making sure to walk closest to the road and if it was cold out, his coat would be draped over shoulders before you can say anything
- but it was when the photos started appearing that things got… weird
- it was just a simple envelope, but the photos of your boyfriend looking a little too friendly with another woman was another
- the text from an unknown number that your boyfriend wasn’t actually working late was the last straw
- you’d called Marty and was crying into his shoulder
- “He just doesn’t treat me the way you do.” 
- you didn’t see his victorious smirk through your teary eyes and the hug he had you wrapped tight in

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Which Haikyuu kiddos would be the best superheros.. And which would be the best villains?


I can only think of one superhero???

Nishinoya! Honestly, I feel like Noya is the only character with the 100% confidence to become a hero? 

As for villains…

I love Tendou but he is already basically The Joker so???

Oikawa!! Have you seen him in the Final Haikyuu Quest AU as the Demon King? He’d be the perfect villain.


One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Seven)

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One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. When an old beggar woman appears at his side, she heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth, and the town’s memories of him, come to an end.

Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

Tags: @harleyscheekheart ; @jordyhaley ; @thesizeofabarge ; @araceli91103 ; @the7thsilence

The evening’s wintry bite gnawed painfully at Gaston’s exposed skin while his arm draped across his face, shielding himself from the sudden frosty temperature. Cheeks still stinging with outrage, he mulled over the events of the last hour as Tom and Dick’s sneering expressions became vividly engraved in his mind. He couldn’t believe it. Had they not intruded, his dinner with Anne would have most likely been a success, an awkward success that is, but the wrath of his two previous friends suddenly brought his actions from June to the surface. Anne was unaware of the grueling details, but he had lost his final attempt with her, he figured. Now, she knew he was a monster. He should have distanced himself like he promised he would, but he allowed his emotions to take control.

Normally, Gaston would hunt or seclude himself in his private spot in the woods, but on this particular evening, he was meandering aimlessly. Truth be told, he considered running away, never having to return to that dreaded, tale-telling village. No wonder Belle always visualized herself with a larger plan than that smothering town. He had often criticized the young woman for her wild ideas, but now that he was a constant target of whispers and insults, traveling to a far-off land appeared ideal.

Why did this happen to him? How was it that Gaston the Great could never be fully content? At a time, he was, but after his parents unexpectedly passed away and the war took hold of his susceptibility and molded him into the perfect villain, he was always in search for completion. And now the curse, this hopeless curse, where he would never be presented the opportunity to redeem himself…it was all a disgusting joke. The village and its dreadful people made it impossible to break the curse, but Gaston was well aware that he was a cause of its failure as well. He did have that chance of absolution, with Anne, and he completely obliterated it.

His heart pulsing uncontrollably, Gaston gripped his bow as the numbed tips of his fingers curled over the bow’s upper limb. It’s so unfair, he thought to himself as his hands began to quiver with rage. That damn Beast, he was obviously cursed by the Enchantress and he still managed to find love. Why, with Gaston, was he only given one year? Only one year to find his true love and somehow she would have to match his exact admiration? It was impossible. Why didn’t the Enchantress just kill him when she had her moment? Why couldn’t she let him die in peace? She may as well have; He was doomed, after all.

With rapid speed, Gaston withdrew an arrow from the holster, placed it against the bow, pulled back and launched the weapon directly into a narrow tree trunk. One after another, Gaston fired the arrows, imagining the faces of the unruly townspeople until there were no arrows remaining. In an enraged state, Gaston was blinded with darkness as he grabbed his hunting knife and hurled it into the nearest tree.

His chest rose and fell with heaviness, nostrils flared, as he lowered the bow at his side. Suddenly, a sharp pain traveled from his toes, up his body, throughout his limbs, and towards his head as Gaston dropped to the forest floor, doubled over in agony. His muscles tensed, throbbing rhythmically, as his complexion grew feverish. While the pain broke then regained itself in intervals, he clutched his heart and groaned in reaction as his clenched fist pounded violently into the soil, leaving an indentation in the ground.

What’s happening to me? He thought to himself as the fierce discomfort subsided. Unsteady and apprehensive, Gaston, mind racing with thought, rose to his feet as beads of chilled sweat formed on his forehead.

Why couldn’t everyone simply leave him alone? Did they truly care? He often wondered this in regards to LeFou, there was no doubt that his trusted sidekick was loyal, but the events from June left Gaston contemplating whether or not LeFou stayed out of habit. Wherever LeFou was, Stanley followed and therefore his desire to help Gaston wasn’t fully genuine either. But Anne? Could it have been because she had nowhere else to go? Was that why she stayed?

Either way, he was certain that he would never find happiness again. That feeling died with his mother and father only to be buried for good when Gaston left the village for years of combat. The excessive damage to his character was done, and after gathering his arrows and hunting knife with shaking hands, he shuffled towards the tavern with no desire other than returning to solitary confinement as he awaited the last of his remaining days.

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Pain is Relative

Hey you know how I said some of the first fanfics from fandoms other than Undertale that I posted where going to be Villainous garbage?

Here we go! Fic number two! More on the way as well

Black Hat is a jerk.

Some mentions of torture, and starvation as torture! (why are all my Villainous fics so dark geez)

Quick note, I don’t really ship Paperhat (Dr. Flug x Black Hat) in a romantic way. To me their relationship is strictly work and Black Hat is a horrific eldritch abomination who is not at all a good person.

Someone hug Dr. Flug. I would but I’m too busy making him suffer.

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I started a Haikyuu AU! It’s inspired by Winter Woods (an awesome manhwa, so if you haven’t read it yet, do it!!).

I love Oikawa, but he was kinda perfect for the role of the ‘villain’ XD plus I wanted to draw him with dimples.

(Hope to update this as soon as I have some time ^-^)

people villainize superman’s “perfection,” but when he fails to save someone, when he doesn’t stop every disaster, or win every battle, you say “he’s superman, he should have saved them.” you complain about him when he saves the day, you complain when he doesn’t. you call him “too perfect,” but fail to see that he isn’t, not even superman can be everywhere at once.