he is the perfect black adam

How Adam’s college friends thought he was weird, but it turns out that he’s pretty “normal” compared to his friends HC

-ronan never really goes up to college with adam, because adam’s the one who escapes back home on his time off

-adam’s college friends all think there’s something off about him, even tough they all also think he’s perfect

-his nickname with the college friends (that they never say directly to his face) is “Perfect Adam” to differentiate between him and another adam.

-how he disappears on weekends and holidays and doesn’t really tell anyone where he’s going

-how there’s a chest under his bed they’ve never seen him open

-fun fact: it’s Persephone’s tarot cards and he keeps them there for Reasons

-how there’s photos of a small girl in a black beanie on his wall and desk, but all of the photos are just of her face, never below the waste

-how adam has a boyfriend, but whenever they ask about this dude, the story changes for each person (they’ve compared notes and it just confused them more)

-“he’s tattoo’d and street races sometimes”

-“he’s a lonely farmer”

-“yeah he’s got a kid”

-“he’s an asshole I went to high school with”

-“trust fund kid”

-and then

-one day the rest of the gangsey decide to drop in unannounced because Henry, Blue, and Gansey are in town and Ronan’s missing his bf

-Opal is left in the care of 300 Fox Way because you can rip the fact that those women adore my small goat child from my dead, headcannon loving hands

-and they just watch as Adam’s face breaks stoic-Adam-bitch-resting-face as a beat up orange ass car pulls up and a sleek black one behind it

-gansey is the first one out

-that little boy fucking runs into adam’s arms and hugs him for longer than socially acceptable

-“stop stealing my man, Parrish”

-Blue definatly interrupts like this, insults Gansey’s boat shoes for the 28839439th time that day and kisses Adam on the cheek

-henry is a good bean and he just waves and stands next to Blue and Gansey

-and adam’s college friends are like “is that dude that hugged him the bf????”

-and Blue and Gansey are laughing while Adam shakes his head and Henry pulled out his phone to take photos because the other two of his roadtrip buddies are fucking gremlins that never take photos and then are sad that they don’t have photos of the memories

-yeah, Blue, Henry and Gansey are all in a beautiful poly-relationship and Blue and Gansey can now kiss because they DESERVE IT OKAY

-anyways, Ronan is the last one out

-and Adam looks Ronan in the eyes and goes “hey asshole”

-and adam’s college friends are fucking shook

-and ronan’s reply is “fuck off” because it’s ronan

-and adam just turns and goes “this is my ex Blue, and her boyfriends Gansey and Henry. And this is Ronan”

-adam’s poor college friends are so lost and confused and Blue isn’t helping because she KNOWS they are and is attempting to make it worse

-“throw back to when Adam and Gansey were lovers”

-“henry, remember that time you got a boner for perfect Adam?” “blUE-“

-“adam’s my second favorite boyfriend” “i’m your first right?” “Whatever helps you sleep, Boat Shoes” “thanks- wait-“

-(her favorite bf is Noah,,,)

-and they all just continue on with this for a while, everyone walking back to the dorms or something and adam’s college friends are just trailing with confused expressions

-and finally one of them stops adam and is like “are you really dating all of them???” And adam just goes “no???? I’m dating ronan???? I thought you knew????”

-“he’s a farmer?!” “…yeah?” “,,,he’s fucking terrifying” “yeah”

-and the rest are all like, “ronan’s barely said a word or even hugged adam and he’s the supportive and loving bf adam cares for????”

-and then ronan, in his terrifying, shaved head, tattoo’d glory turns to adam and chucks his hand cream at the boy’s head and goes “oh yeah, got you this” “thanks”

-and adam and ronan’s smiles are really soft in that moment and the college friends are like “OH”

-“stop flirting. I want to eat some college dorm room ramen” “Adam, are you living off of ramen?” “Gansey, it’s not that big of a-“ “im buying us dinner now”

-and Blue and Henry are just being weird and making fun of Gansey

-ronan just calls everyone “asshole” or “jerk”

-blue flips him off at least once

-honestly, what a weird constellation these dorks make

-but soon, the trio has to leave because they’ve got to visit Helen and her gf and the elder Ganseys

-and it’s just Adam, Ronan and the college friends left

-and adam starts his homework at his desk while Ronan lounges onto adam’s bed

-“btw, I brought chainsaw” “in the dorm?” “In the dorm”

-and a small chainsaw heads pokes out from Ronan’s hood at the sound of her name

-college friends fucking loose it now and just disperse because they can’t handle anymore of this

-and poor adam’s roomate is left alone with adam and the terrifying creature that is Ronan

-but adam and ronan are being chill, but somehow Roomate can’t concentrate with ronan and chainsaw there

-and then ronan just gets up suddenly and walks out and adam doesn’t even flinch when the door slams, just smiles and rolls his eyes and continues with his work because he knows ronan will be sitting on the trunk of his car when he finishes this chapter

-and he meets back outside, but it’s cold now and adam’s an idiot who didn’t think to bring a hoodie so he’s cold in his cocacola shirt that he’ll probably never get rid of

-and ronan’s there, sitting on the trunk, feeding chainsaw out of his hand with feed adam expects is dream-made

-and they just sit there in silence for a bit, watching chainsaw eat

-they’re shoulders are touching and ronan’s slightly leaning into adam, but not overly so and he’s sitting on adam’s good side so that he can hear him

-“squash one, squash two-“

-adam laughs before ronan lapses into humming old songs he learned from his bagpipe training, bless his heart

-and adam just listens, occasionally petting chainsaw as they sit

-and it’s over too soon because Ronan gets a call from Maura’s phone, but it’s Opal asking to talk to Adam and wanting to be picked up soon because “maura’s making tea again” and ronan should leave home before his poor goat daughter is destroyed by shitty tea

-and they don’t kiss or hug, ronana gets into his car and drives off as adam stands on the curb and watches him disappear

-“he left fast” “yeah, he needed to pick up Opal” “his… daughter?” “Yeah”

-and none of the college friends question adam directly, but they all accept that perfect, but weird Adam is definatly the least-weird of his friend group

-(and they attempt to compare notes on what happened that night, but get even more confused because one noticed that Blue wore weird clothes and another was like “but Gansey looks like white priviledge” and “ronan can’t be the gay farmer with a kid”, “adam must have two boyfriends”, “adam said that ronan has a daughter named Opal”, “IS he the gay farmer???? I thought he was the streetracer????”, “was Gansey the trust fund boyfriend????”, “how come his ex is dating his bf????”)

I love how all the Raven Cycle characters like totally do things just for the aesthetic. 

Blue: homemade clothes, purposefully messy hair, wears fingerless gloves even though they are impractical because they look cool

Gansey: has an antique car that always breaks down, lives in an old factory, keeps a patchwork notebook full of his finding just because he’s so dedicated to making his life seem full of interesting things (because he doesn’t think there’s anything interesting about him :( sorry this one got said.)

Ronan: all black, all the time. got a 900 dollar tattoo just to piss off his brother. dreams himself a pet raven. puts copies of speeding tickets on door. probably practices his shitty faces in the mirror

The Grey Man: has his whole gray thing

Greenmantle: Literally has a whole chapter in the raven king were he stands around in his underwear drinking from a bottle a wine contemplating how this was the perfect sad aesthetic for mourning piper

And then there’s Adam, who’s too tired and busy to have an aesthetic, but literally wore a Cocoa Cola shirt one time and thus gets called Cocoa Cola shirt for the rest of his life in-universe and is represented by Cocoa Cola in every photoset ever in fandom.

On Silent

Based on this prompt by @mad-the-swine

“so I like to think that every Sunday when Ronan goes to church, he thinks about stopping by to see adam but never does because maybe sundays are the only days the garage is closed and he can get some sleep for once, and then one day as the organist is playing in mass he realizes that adam must be able to hear everything, there’s no way he could sleep through it. So one day he dreams some noiseless headphones and leaves them outside adam’s door, and well-rested adam starts smiling more after that”

Thank you so much for submitting i looveeed this idea, you’re so creative!!

This is 1,714 words, pre relationship

He was so close.

Just for fun, Ronan tried to calculate the distance in feet between him and Adam during mass. The distance in yards, inches, meters.

Shuffling brought him out of his daydreams. The service was over, people were getting up to leave. A certain distinct part of Ronan became thrilled.

Maybe he could do it today. Maybe he’d casually stop by Adam’s scrappy appartement on this bright Sunday, he was in the area anyway, right?

As Ronan walked out of the old church building, he looked up to where he knew Adam lived and sighed. He wouldn’t go to Adams, he never would on a Sunday morning- the only day Boyd’s was closed and Adam could even attempt to sleep in. Adam needed the rest.

With a deep breath and a considerable amount of restraint, Ronan walked by the door of Saint Agnes’, saying a simple prayer to whoever would listen on behalf of Adam’s well-being.

Thinking about seeing Adam tomorrow made Ronan excited about the start of the school week. The fact that someone could do that to him was more than uncomfortable but also more than thrilling. Just twelve hours more.

In deliberate nonchalance the next morning, Ronan flopped down into the chair beside Adam’s, hardly sparing a glance his was. Hardly holding himself back from looking more.

Adam’s eyes were sunken it and glazed, not in the classroom or aware. Disheveled hair and sustained blinks were all the clues Ronan needed.

“Sleep much Parrish?” He pried with carefully disguised concern.

“Hm?” Adam looked to Ronan for the first time that morning, revealing the full vacancy of his expression.

Ronan found himself struck with an unfounded feeling of anger. Of course a few hours extra of sleep wouldn’t really change much. He just wanted better for Adam. How dare sleep in Sundays not help this boy more?

Ronan had been staring and Adam hadn’t been awake enough to realize, when Gansey arrived in class wearing some horrible new boat shoes that disgustingly matched his Aglionby uniform.

Ronan cracked a joke that Adam didn’t catch and Gansey reprimanded Ronan for his lack of preparation for class. Ronan didn’t care. He had one reason for coming to school this morning, and that reason was currently a sleepy dead man walking.

A bell rung, class began and Ronan couldn’t stop think about Adam. Wondering about the dark rings under his eyes and how to change their existence. Why didn’t thoes few extra hours of sleep make any difference for Adam? Ronan avoided him after church just so he could catch up on sleep-


Church. Maybe that was it. Of course. It had to be. The church’s organ was scarcely well played, never well receive and always incredibly loud. And at seven thirty every Sunday morning, it began blaring some underrehearsed hymnal right below Adam’s room.

No wonder the extra hours asleep did nothing for Adam- he wasn’t getting them. Ronan couldn’t blame him; who could sleep through those atrocious sounds?

Fuck the organ. Fuck the organ player. But this was good. At least Ronan knew the problem, that meant he could dream away to stop it.

Ronan dreamed without sound.It was disorienting to be cut off from the senses within his own head.

He saw Adam. They were, both of them in the forest, but Adam was laying down on that shitty mistress from his apartment. He was tossing around, holding hands to his ears.

Ronan sat in the edge of the bed, next to the restless Dream Adam. Still, Ronan couldn’t hear a thing. Adam sat up and looked st Ronan- his eyes glassy with this dream world. Reaching his hands out, Dream Adam brushed his fingers by Ronan’s ears.

Shivering unwillingly, Ronan watched as Dream Adam pulled solidly black earbuds from Ronan’s ears. Sound came back at once.

“Oh,” Ronan mused, “I get it.”

Ronan took the headphones from Adam, savoring the way their fingers brushed in the exchange.

Following the thin headphone cord to his pocket, Ronan found them connected to a solid black cube, printed with simple white letters, reading:



It was Saturday night before Ronan finally found the guts to bring the noise eliminating gift to Adam. He had to bring them tonight so the church organ wouldn’t wake Adam in the morning.

He pulled up into the gravely parking area of St. Agnes’s, noted the absence of Adam’s shitbox and opted to wait in the hallway outside Adam’s door.

Ronan stretched his legs out strait in front of him, back against a wall of peeling paint. He put the dream buds into his ears and closed his eyes.

Almost, Ronan thought, he could dream like this. This particular brand of silence was like a blanket, protecting whoever experienced it from whatever pain and noise existed outside of it.

Ronan started when he felt a gentle kick to the side of his knee. Ripping the soundless ear buds from his ears, he looked up to see Adam Parrish, messing with the apartment key before unlocking his door.

“Sleep much, Lynch?” He smirked. Adam had the sleeves of his blue coveralls tied around his waist, white tee shirt hugging his chest in a way that forced blush to Ronan’s cheeks. He got up and followed Adam inside, deciding to have some fun.

“Listen to this new song I found Parrish?” Ronan said, meeting Adam at his desk where he already stood looking over the weekend’s homework.

“Ronan I swear, if you’re talking about the Murder Squash song-” Ronan cut Adam off by bringing the headphones to the boy’s ears.

Ronan held his hands over Adams ears, thumbs along his jaw bone. Ronan told himself this action was necessary in order to ensure Adam didn’t rip the buds away, but in actuality, Ronan wished he could hold Adam’s face like that all day.

“I don’t hear anything!” Adam said, a bit too loudly. Ronan hesitantly removed his hands from Adams face in order to dangle the connected ABSOLUTE SILENCE CUBE by Adams face.

Ronan smirked and Adam laughed. This reactions supercharged Ronan’s state of being. His stomach felt light and his eyes felt on fire.

Ronan reached to take the ear buds from Adam, wishing to make some snide comment he hadn’t thought of yet. Ronan was saved the trouble of figuring out some witty remark when Adam grabbed his hand.

It seemed like maybe he would swat it away, but Adam just kept his fingers on Ronan’s palm, thumb on the back of his hand

“I like you better on silent.” Adam joked, adjusting his voice to what he probably thought was a normal volume but just came out low and undeniably sexy. Adam still held Ronan’s hand in his own.

Touch was electric.

Breathing shallow and heart thoroughly wrecked, Ronan stumbled away from Adam in an awkward tornado of too long limbs. Adam caught Ronan by his left arm, took out the ear buds and laughed.

“So, standing? Were you skipping school the day that was covered?” Adam quipped.

“Fuck off Parrish.” Ronan snapped, but he made no move to leave Adam’s grasp. Standing was one thing, standing in the presence of Adam Parrish was another.

They both smirked. Adam headed to the shower leaving Ronan with the soundless headphones and the dimming light in the room.

If he stayed, Ronan knew what would happen. He’d try to kiss Adam, he knew he would. It was just one of those nights where Adam was extra irresistible. The firework touches didn’t help.

Ronan resolved to go home. He left the soundless earbuds on Adam’s pillow and quietly left.

Sunday was torcher. All through mass, Ronan could only hope Adam was getting the extra sleep he needed. What if he didn’t notice Rona had left the headphones, or just disregarded them all together? Adam was used to Ronan’s accidental dream creations, maybe he thought nothing of the ABSOLUTE SILENCE creation.

The urge to stop in at Adam’s was stronger than ever but Ronan tore himself away from the church apartment buildings and prayed for a well rested Adam.

When Ronan entered his first period class the next morning his eyes went strait to Adam as they always did. He looked slightly more at ease and aware of his surroundings. Adam jerked his head in greeting as Ronan walked in, even smiled at him for the seconds before obnoxious classmates began to fill the room.

This time, when Ronan commented on Gansey’s strange style choices, Adam laughed and ignited the electricity in Ronan from that weekend. He felt on top of the world, like he was finally doing something worth any amount of time put into it.

Adam seemed better during class, he smiled more, his notes were more organized. Ronan was sure he was imagining it but it seemed like Adam kept stealing glances his way. Even the possibility made Ronan soar.

After class, Adam held back until Ronan was ready to leave. They walked out of the room together into the already emptied out hallways. Adam stopped before heading out of the building to his next class.

“You’re gonna be late Parrish, the entire faculty with shit their pants if-”

Ronan couldn’t continue, not with Adam’s mouth pressed against his own, Adam’s fingers gripping his uniform tie.

Adam leaned against Ronan with his whole body and Ronan felt he would melt into the wood paneling behind him if he didn’t hold onto something. He gripped Adam around the waist and closed his eyes.

Ronan couldn’t be sure if this was real or not. He needed to remember it forever, he needed to understand what was happening in his brain.

“Adam,” was all he could manage to say.

Adam pressed one more kiss onto Ronan’s mouth.

“For the record,” Adam began simply, “I don’t like you better on silent.”

Ronan laughed even though he didn’t have the breath for it.

“Even when you’re being and asshole.”

Ronan smiled against Adam’s check and kissed him there without thinking before bringing their lips back together.

Really, if all Adam need was a few extra hours of sleep to be interested in this, in him of all people, Ronan figured silent headphones were a small price to pay.

Madancy Ships

I’m going to start up a little For Me list so i can follow these ‘shipping Hugh and Mads characters’ things y’all do. Hugh First, Mads Second.

SadDogs-  (my personal favourite)

Will Graham (Hannibal) -  FBI special agent, antisocial, magical empathy powers, adopted 27 stray dogs. Had Encephilitus and is accused of being a serial killer. Defeats charges by dating/sweet-talking a serial killing cannibal in order to get proof.

Lucas (Jagten)- A very sad divorcee estranged dad kindergarten teacher, falsely accused by his small town of molestation. Ruins his life. It is proven that he is innocent of all charges but still his town hates him and kill his dog and attack him. Who would understand false accusations, quiet country living and flannel shirts like Lucas? No one. They are perfect for each other


Adam Raki (adam)– Aspergers new york guy, youngish, loves space, helpful

Nigel (charlie countryman)- Romanian druglord guy who falls in love intensely and instantly and refuses to let go. Violent, curses, usually is actively dealing with his wife divorcing him from the other end of the planet.

Basic Chickens-

Adam Towers (Basic instinct)- I think he’s in a threesome scene.

Elias (men & chickens)- He cries. His dick is large enough to kill a man.


? (Black Hawk Down) - No clue. War movie.

 ? (Death Stranding) -No clue. Future gooey-eyes army man.


Tristan (King Arthur) - No clue

Galahad (King Arthur)- No clue


Cal Roberts (the Path)- No clue. I think he MIGHT be a cult leader.

Kaecilius (Doctor Strange) - Magic reality-bending monk-guy who wants to be immortal. Kind of funny and very clever. Nice Hair. Can hop  dimensions

((some additions from @hotsauce418 ))

Valhalla Enchanted-

Prince Charmont (Ella Enchanted)- Friendly and practically a popstar, well meaning but kind of airheaded. Id have to rewatch to remember more, but this is my #1 favourite book and #1 least fav movie so.

One Eye (Valhalla Rising)- A viking with one eye, i assume

Royale instinct-

Adam Towers (Basic Instinct)-  think he’s in a threesome scene.

Le Chiffre (Casino Royale)- An accountant with asthma, his scarred eye randomly cries 1 dramatic blood-tear, and he loves card games. the concept of this nerd being scary is just baffling.


Roberto Bellini (Trial and Retribution)- No clue

Tonny (Pusher)- Drug Pusher guy with ugly tattoos


Will Graham (Hannibal)- FBI special agent, antisocial, magical empathy powers, adopted 27 stray dogs. Had Encephilitus and is accused of being a serial killer. Defeats charges by dating/sweet-talking Hannibal. Goes on a journey to europe to get revenge but is too in love to go through with it. Makes bad choices.

Nigel (charlie countryman)-  Romanian druglord guy who falls in love intensely and instantly and refuses to let go. Violent, curses, usually is actively dealing with his wife divorcing him. Has a shirt with a weiner dog on it?


Roberto Bellini (Trial and Retribution)- No clue

Allan Fischer (Resjeholdet)- No clue. Police Procedual?

(new additions from @strange-book-club )

Strange Book Club-

Grigg Haris (The Jane Austen Book Club)- .he bikes, he likes dogs, he reads jane austin and loves science fiction. he looks very soft in the trailer

Kaecilius (Doctor Strange) - Magic reality-bending monk-guy who wants to be immortal. Kind of funny and very clever. Nice Hair. Can hop  dimensions

Rochetagen -

D'artagen (Young Blades) - nnno idea. I assume he uses the sword  

Rochefort (The Three Musketeers) - One eye, violent, steampunk universe, very fancy and strong swordsman who knows he’s the villain and so is perfectly happy to cheat. A little bit of a manbaby that can’t shake off an insult without reacting, but pretty nonetheless

I know there are others, this is for me, i will update them when i come across more


Part 1: Imagine getting into an argument with Draco.

Standing in front of a mirror was a beautiful teenage girl, with her hair pinned on the side and her long platinum blonde tussles curled to perfection. Her make-up was light and natural, but it accentuated her skin tone. Her dress, reaching the floor, but lifted on the side to reveal black heels radiated with elegance in the perfect hue of emerald green.

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Baby Makes Four

(A/N) Accidental baby acquisition is one of my absolute favorite tropes EVER so I had to write it for today’s prompt! XD
There are no warnings here, just pure teeth-rotting fluff.
Also, this takes place in the same universe as Of BMWs and Cadillacs, in case you were wondering c:
I hope you guys enjoy!!

P.S. I will be writing something for day 8, but I probably won’t be able to get it up tomorrow so it’ll be there for you guys on Sunday :’)
Until then, happy pynch week! It’s been so much writing for it this year~

Admittedly, Ronan has been thinking about this for a while now.

The idea had wriggled into his head a few years ago, when he’d been coming to terms with the fact that Opal would be going off to college soon. It was like the situation with Adam all over again, except Ronan felt especially ill-equipped to handle it a second time. Four years of undergrad and two years for a master’s degree away from an integral member of Ronan’s family was enough to last a lifetime – Ronan had no idea what to do about the fact that he’d have to do it again.

It was almost harder with Opal, really. She’d been around as long as Ronan could remember, assisting him in his dreamscape and protecting him from his nightmares. While he was guiltily a little excited about having the entire Barns alone with Adam, he found the idea of Opal being gone for so long unbearable.

But he didn’t want to be in the way of her dreams either, so he knew he would have to let her go.

So then he started wondering what could possibly fill the void of Opal’s absence.

And then he started wondering what it would be like to raise a child for real.

Opal is his daughter, they’d signed the papers to make it official a while back, but she had come out of his head mostly functional and already fiercely independent. Once they’d taught her to stop gnawing on sticks and how to walk in boots to hide her hoofs, she pretty much didn’t need them anymore. She was more like another adult living in their house than anything. (Ronan had even taken an amusing snapshot (amusing to him) of Opal and Adam both hunched over their respective homework at the dining room table, sticking their tongues out in concentration in comically similar fashions.) She just needed to be calmed down from horrific nightmares as often as Ronan did and sometimes a harsh reminder not to eat the wrapper on her granola bars. It had been easy, once Opal had adjusted to the waking world.

And all of it just made Ronan wonder what it would be like to start from scratch.

For a long time, Ronan hadn’t thought he wanted kids. But hell, he’d thought he’d be alone for the rest of his life, and look where he is now. He’d just been worried that he’d never be able to control his dreams, that eventually people would come after him and attack him and destroy his family, just like his had been destroyed so many years ago.

But nobody came. Ronan and Adam have lived off the grid as far as the magic business goes for years, and no one has bothered them since the Gray Man had contacted them a couple of years back to say that he was successfully diverting attention away from Henrietta.  

So now Ronan feels safe to ponder the idea of children. He’d loved growing up in a big family, with his two brothers to tumble around with, and he likes the idea of having a big family again. He also kind of wants to prove that he can be a good dad, or at least a better dad than Niall had ever been. He’s finally old enough to acknowledge that his dad had been a shit dad, though he still holds his intense love for him, and he wants to make it up to the next generation. He doesn’t want anyone feeling neglected and insufficient just because they weren’t a dreamer, like Declan must have felt. He doesn’t want anyone to sit around and wonder if their dad will ever come back home, and then have to find out one day that he won’t ever be coming home again.

And, for a more screwed up reason, Ronan kind of finds the idea of Adam as a dad stupidly attractive.

But it’s Adam himself that makes Ronan hesitate about bringing it up. It’s no secret that Adam’s worst fear is that one day he’ll wake up and find that he’s turned into his father. It’s why he still hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol besides the occasional glass of wine Ronan forces on him when he’s especially tired and stressed. It’s why Adam still flinches sometimes when he touches Opal, like he’s afraid he’ll somehow accidentally hurt her.

Ronan doesn’t want to make him feel pressured to overcome that fear just because he so badly wants another child. He and Adam decide things together, with no one’s opinion meaning more than the other’s. He figures that the safest option for now is to just leave things be. Their life is good right now – there’s no need to add a sudden change.

Which is great, until it suddenly escalates out of his control.

The way it starts is rather ironic, as they do have sex right before. Adam had gotten home late and angry because someone on his team had made critical mistakes in their math and he’d had to stay late at the office to correct them. He has deep bags under his eyes, his usually perfect tie is crooked, and he’s in a horrible mood.

Ronan has learned that the best approach to dealing with an angry Adam is to say nothing at all. Probing at him only makes him explode in his face. So he just wordlessly slides a cup of black coffee over to him when he sits down at the kitchen table with an irritated sigh. Adam downs the whole thing, wordlessly demands another, and then launches into an hour long rant about how shitty everyone at his work is.

“And don’t even get me started on that fucktard Scott; he always does everything wrong and yet somehow still gets away with—why are you looking at me like that?” Adam’s eyes are suddenly piercing into Ronan, who realizes he’d been unsuccessful at hiding his amused smirk behind his cup.

He quickly wipes the smirk away, leaning back against the counter. “No reason.” And then, against better judgement, “You’re just hot when you’re mad.”

“Of all the—!” Adam looks about ready to detonate, but after a second his shoulders loosen and he rolls his eyes. Ronan would be richer than he already is if he had a dollar for every time Adam has rolled his eyes at him. “You’re impossible.”

Ronan grins wolfishly. “At least I’m better than fucking Scott.”

It’s the right thing to say. Adam grins before standing up, abandoning his half-finished coffee and walking over to Ronan. He stops when their chests touch, wrapping his arms around Ronan’s neck and leaning in for a sweet kiss. Ronan hums, settling his hands on Adam’s hips as he kisses him back.

He’s survived this round.

“How was your day?” Adam asks between kisses.

Ronan shrugs, moving down to kiss Adam’s jaw. “Fine. Just farm stuff. Set up at the farmer’s market. Sold some shit. Nothing eventful.” He raises his eyebrows suggestively at Adam. “Yet.”

Adam snorts, but he also tends to be in the mood for sex when he’s had a bad day at work so he leads Ronan up to the bedroom anyway.

Once they’re done, spent and happy once more, Adam gets up to let the dogs into the room before trotting back to the bed and opening his book. He always reads before bed, so Ronan, as always, tucks his arm around his waist and rolls onto his stomach, getting comfortable for an attempt at easy sleep. He goes to bed earlier now than he did as a teen since he has to get up early for farming work.

Just as he’s sinking into his pillow and Adam’s warmth, however, their three hounds climb onto the bed and immediately flop onto his back.

“Fucking…! Your dog-children are suffocating me!” Ronan groans under the weight. Misty, their Australian Shepherd, licks at the back of his neck, making him shiver violently. He tries half-heartedly to roll her off of him, but Ray the golden retriever and Chip the husky have dutifully pinned down Ronan’s legs.

Adam snorts and doesn’t even look up from his book as he reaches out to scratch Misty’s ears. “They’re your dog-children, too.”

“So when a gay man and a bi man love each other very much…”

Adam chokes out a laugh and shoves a pillow into Ronan’s face. “Apparently they make three dog-children. But the real question is: who gives birth to them?”

Ronan laughs so hard his sides hurt. God Adam is the most amazing human being he has ever met in his entire life. Pushing the dogs off of him, the action easy now with his sudden surge of motivation, Ronan scrambles over to tackle Adam down onto the mattress. Adam lets out a surprised yelp, his book tumbling onto the floor as Ronan nuzzles into his neck. “Hey! You made me lose my page!”

“Oh please, you have the whole damn thing memorized anyway.” Ronan rolls his eyes and leans back to press a soft kiss to Adam’s lips. He lets himself smile a little, lost in the shining amusement in Adam’s blue eyes. “I love you.”

Adam reaches up to stroke his cheek. “I love you too. Even if you did give birth to three dog-children.”

“Hey, who’s to say it wasn’t you?” Ronan growls, but he’s laughing again as he rolls over to lie next to Adam. He watches his husband, mesmerized by the way his dimples show when he laughs.

Adam smirks and shoves his cold feet in between Ronan’s legs. “Because I think I would remember something like that.”

“They say some women don’t remember the pain of childbirth,” Ronan says as he wraps his arm around Adam’s waist and pulls him in tighter.

Adam raises a playful eyebrow. “Yes, but they don’t say that some men don’t remember the pain of dog-childbirth.”

“God I fucking hate you!” Ronan laughs, but he’s happy and warm and still hopelessly in love. He falls asleep staring at Adam’s smile and rubbing lazy circles into his hip.

As usual, he falls into a dream. With all of the thoughts and discussions of children and birthing lately, Ronan is only mildly surprised when he walks around a tree in Cabeswater and stumbles across a crib. His breath still leaves him though, and for a long time he just stands there, staring at it. He knows he shouldn’t go over to it, that if he does he won’t be able to stop himself from doing something irreversible.

And yet he finds himself walking over anyway, like something is drawing him forward. There’s a soft crying now, and Ronan can see the gentle flailing of tiny limbs over the lip of the crib. He catches a glimpse of one of the baby’s limbs before it falls back down again.

A pale, freckled arm.

Ronan curses his overactive brain for doing this to himself, but by now he’s already standing next to the crib. He tries not to look in, he really does, but the freckled arm had attracted his attention and now he can’t not look in at it.

Just one peek. That’s all.

It’s a mistake.

Ronan doesn’t even remember grabbing the baby, but when he wakes from the dream there is loud, shrilling crying in his ear and a hand violently shaking his shoulder. “Ronan, Ronan! Ronan, wake up!”

Ronan is awake, but he can’t do anything to prove it. He can’t move a finger, his body paralyzed from bringing the little bundle in his arms out of his dream. He wishes he could move, though, because he can roll his eyes around and see that Adam is panicking and that the bundle in his arms is actually what he thinks it is and that he has royally fucked everything up.

When he can finally move again, he rolls over with a groan, clutching the bundle tighter in his arms. Adam can most definitely see what he’s brought out now, and his eyes are as wide as saucers as he stares at Ronan like he has three heads. “Ronan, that’s—!”

Ronan closes his eyes and heaves a big sigh. “A fucking baby. Yeah.”


Adam is mad.

“I can’t believe you didn’t consult me about this!” he fumes, though the effect is immediately canceled out by the little baby boy cocked on his hip. Ronan is melting.

“It’s not like I brought him back on purpose!” he whispers back, not wanting to alarm the baby as he steps forward to ease a bottle of milk to his lips. The baby drinks eagerly, to Ronan’s relief. “I was going to talk to you about it! I’ve just been thinking about it a lot lately, and when I stumbled across him in my dream…”

He trails off, still uncomfortable with stating his feelings outright. About how he’d fallen in love with the baby on first sight. About how he’d seen Adam’s blue eyes and his own curly hair on that little baby and couldn’t just not pick him up.

Adam scoffs and rolls his eyes, but his expression is softer now, more understanding. “I know you didn’t bring him back on purpose, but I would’ve still liked to be part of the process. You should’ve told me when you first started thinking about it.”

Ronan looks away. He should’ve, but he’d thought Adam wouldn’t want to. Adam has trouble seeing how good he is with Opal, no matter how much Ronan tries to show him, no matter how well Opal has turned out because of him. Adam obviously loves Opal, and Opal obviously loves him, but it’s apparently not enough to fully dissipate Adam’s fears. Ronan hadn’t brought it up with him because he hadn’t wanted to get into a fight over it.

The idea seems stupid now.

“I…I didn’t think you’d want to…” he admits, rubbing a hand over his head. It’s still a habit, even though he actually has hair now to get caught in his fingers.

“You’re an idiot,” Adam says bluntly, and Ronan flinches. For a moment, he feels angry. Why does he always get in trouble for trying to do the right thing? It’s like he’s just one big fuck-up no matter what his intentions are.

But then Adam walks closer to him, shifting the baby into Ronan’s arms. Ronan hugs him tightly, so he won’t fall. He’s staring so intensely at the little boy, awestruck, that Adam has to place his hands on Ronan’s cheeks to force him to look at him. It’s the first time in over twelve years that Ronan has to be made to look at Adam, and the idea amuses him slightly.

“The truth is, I’ve…been looking into adoption,” Adam says quietly, running his thumb down Ronan’s jaw.

Ronan just stares at him. “Adam, I love you, but we have three dogs already – you seriously want to get another one…?”

No you idiot,” Adam snaps, but a smile is twitching at the corners of his lips. Ronan grins back. “Human adoption. I’ve been thinking about getting a baby too, Ronan.”

For a moment, the words don’t even process. Ronan just blinks at Adam in shock, convinced he hasn’t heard right. “Wh-what? But I thought—?”

Adam suddenly seems embarrassed as he stares down at the baby, a small smile gracing his lips as the boy reaches for him. Adam hands him a finger in return, and when the baby grasps at it with a cry of delight Ronan nearly explodes from the cuteness overload. “Look, I know I’ve been…hesitant for a long time about this, and God I’m still terrified, but…You’ve always wanted kids. You love Opal, but she was never going to be enough for you. So I thought…I thought we could give it a try… And before you say anything, I want this too. I want…I want to try having a family with you, Ronan.”

Ronan is gaping for a completely different reason now. He never realized how…known he is. He always seems to forget that Adam can see right through him, that he doesn’t even have to learn to be comfortable with stating his feelings out loud because often Adam just knows. Ronan can do the same for Adam, but now he’s starting to realize why Adam was always so freaked out about it.

It’s scary being so transparent, even to the man he’s been together with for ten years.

Adam is looking at him again, and he looks so terrified that Ronan wants to wrap his arms tightly around him and never let go. “You’ll stop me if I ever try to hurt them, won’t you?”

“God, Adam,” Ronan murmurs, shifting the baby to one arm so he can cup Adam’s cheek with his palm. “Listen to me – you will never be like that piece of shit, alright? I’ve seen you Adam, we’ve lived together for ten years; I’ve seen how good you are with Opal. Who was the one who sat up with her and helped her with her homework? Who was the one who made her a makeshift sling and called the ambulance while I did nothing but freak the fuck out when she broke her elbow? Who was the one who toured colleges with her, made sure she had all of her shots, made her wear her safety gear when we went spelunking, combed and braided her hair all this time?”

“Me,” Adam says quietly, but it comes out cracked. He leans into Ronan’s palm and reaches up to cover it with his own; Ronan can feel his hand shaking. “But just in case—”

“You would never hurt them,” Ronan says firmly, leaving no room for misunderstandings.

But Adam is still shaking his head, looking very much like he’s trying not to cry. “You don’t know that—”

“I do know that,” Ronan interrupts. “And you wanna know why? Because I’ve been staring at your dumb ass for twelve years and you have never hurt anyone. Because you love Opal so damn much that you flew all the way to Seattle just to help her move into her dorm. And you hate flying.”

Adam laughs a little before that beautiful small smile comes back onto his lips. A stray tear runs down his cheek, and Ronan swipes it away with his thumb. “I can’t believe you’ve been staring at my ass for twelve years.”

Ronan scowls before playfully swatting at Adam’s head. “Be flattered you shit.”

“Thank you, Ronan,” he murmurs quietly, suddenly serious.

Ronan hugs him tightly with his free arm, and doesn’t even comment on the tears he can feel soaking into his tank. “You’re going to be the best damn dad anyone has ever seen.”


“Daddy, I wanna lick the bowl!” Ken Niall Lynch-Parrish, barely 5, says, holding up his chubby arms towards Adam. Adam is more the baker of the family, Ronan prefers cooking dinner-type foods, and he stands at the counter mixing a cake. It’s Ken’s birthday, and all of their friends and family are coming over that night to celebrate. Even Opal is flying home from Seattle, though her quickly approaching finals means she can’t stay for more than two days.

But it’ll be alright. Ronan is just happy to have all his kids in the same place again.

“It’s bad for you, Ken,” Adam chides, but when the toddler’s face falls he rolls his eyes fondly and stoops down to pick Ken up in his arms, holding him so that he can reach the bowl on the counter. “Only because it’s your birthday.”

Ken squeals with delight as he reaches for the bowl, grasping the spoon and licking from it eagerly. Ronan, seated at the table, can’t stop grinning. It’s been five years of raising their boys, and he will never get tired of watching Adam be a dad. It’s his absolute favorite thing.

“Papa?” A small hand suddenly tugs at Ronan’s pant leg, and he looks down to find their dream boy, Jerome Noah Lynch-Parrish, also 5, staring up at him. His fist is clenched tightly, as if holding something in his hand.

“What’s up, squirt?” Ronan asks, pulling the boy into his lap.

Jerome looks down shyly before opening his fist and offering the object to Ronan. “Papa, I think it turned out right this time…”

Inside the toddler’s palm is a toy car, one that suspiciously looks like Adam’s Cadillac. When Ronan spins the front wheel, a familiar song begins to play: “Squash one, squash two—

Ronan quickly stops the wheel, muting the tune. He glances sharply up at Adam, but his husband is too busy helping Ken clean off the rest of the bowl that it looks like he hadn’t heard anything. For once, Ronan thanks the fact that Adam is half-deaf.

Grinning, Ronan places a messy kiss on Jerome’s temple. “It’s perfect. Why don’t you go give it to your Daddy?”

“Okay!” The toddler grins before carefully climbing down from Ronan’s lap and running to Adam.

Jerome is unique in the fact that he is both a dreamer and a dream. Ronan hasn’t noticed anything other than that that differentiates him from non-dream babies, like his brother Ken who they had adopted from Japan, which had been a relief for both him and Adam. While they would’ve loved him either way, it’s just easier on Ronan not having to dream up all of his pairs of shoes and such like he has to do for Opal. He also hopes that someday he’ll be able to work with Jerome to improve Cabeswater and find a more permanent solution for dreams that no longer have their dreamer.

It’s of even more importance now that they find the answer.

But that’s a long ways away. For now, Ronan is content to sport a shit-eating grin as he watches Jerome tug on Adam’s pant leg. “Daddy, I dreamt this for you!”

“Oh?” Adam has to set Ken down to accept the car from Jerome, and Ken crowds next to his brother to also get a look at what he’d presented Adam.

“No fair Jerome, where’s my dream present? It’s my birthday!” Ken whines.

Jerome, a surprisingly gentle-natured child considering he’d come out of Ronan’s head, smiles and says, “I already dreamed your present! Papa just won’t let me give it to you until Aunty Blue, Uncle Dick, Uncle Henry, Uncle Declan, and Uncle Matthew are here.”

Ken sulks, but the answer seems to satisfy him. Ronan counts it a mental win that his son had called Gansey ‘Dick’ instead of ‘Gansey’, but he doesn’t bask in the glory of it for long. Right now he has more important things to witness.

Adam smiles as he inspects the tiny model of his own car, obviously touched. It makes Ronan feel a bit bad for what he’s about to do to him. “Thank you, Jerome! It looks just like our Cadillac.”

“Spin the wheel!” Jerome chirps, a huge grin on his face. Ronan has to bite his lip to prevent himself from barking out a loud laugh.

“Alright…” Adam, obviously having no suspicions whatsoever, spins the wheel.

Squash one, squash two—

Adam stalls the wheel on his palm immediately before whirling to face Ronan, comically furious. “Of all of the beautiful and innovative things you could be teaching our son how to make, why did you decide to teach him how to make this?! This song died ten years ago!!”

“That song is a fucking classic!” Ronan barks, leaning back in his chair and roaring with laughter. Adam looks ready to strike back with a scathing retort to that, but their son interrupts him.

“You don’t like it, Daddy?” Jerome asks, the poor boy sounding absolutely crushed.

Adam falters. “No, Jerome, it’s great! Thank you. You’re getting so much better at controlling your dreaming.” Ronan snickers at the fact that he got Adam to admit the Murder Squash Song was great, and Adam points at him in a scarily accurate imitation of Gansey. “This isn’t over, Lynch.”

“That’s Lynch-Parrish to you!” Ronan says cheekily, and just laughs as Adam throws a dish towel at him.

Later, when the rest of their crazy family is all together and watching Ken open his presents, Ronan is suddenly struck with how amazing this all is. That he, Ronan Lynch-Parrish, is lucky enough to have stumbled upon such an incredibly strange and incredibly amazing group of people who make him feel loved and accepted every day. It’s a long cry away from where he was as a teenager, and honestly it’s a goddamn miracle.

He even has a soft smile on his face as he watches Ken unwrap the little stuffed animal that Jerome had dreamed for him, one that lights up like a night light in all sorts of fantastical colors. Ken absolutely loves it, and he’s grinning from ear to ear as he tackles his brother in a hug.

As if reading Ronan’s thoughts, Adam squeezes his knee and leans over to whisper in his ear, his breath warm on his skin, “Can you believe this is our family? Our family??”

Ronan breaks his gaze from their sons for a moment to grin fondly at Adam. He cups his cheek gently before leaning in to leave a quick peck on his lips. “Not at all, no. It’s like a goddamn dream.”

Adam grins at him, happy and awake and finally filled out in his form, and kisses Ronan back. “Well, if it is, then I never want to wake up.”

Flashback (Adam Cole One shot)

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This was originally going to wait until next month but plans changed as they always seem to. So here’s some Adam Cole fluffy smut for all of you. This is my first fic since I finished the Say You’ll Haunt Me series, no supernatural element to this and I’m honestly a little nervous to post it lol. It’s a little out of my wheelhouse. Enjoy!

Tags: @daintymissdevitt @sarahmatthews7 @shadow-of-wonder @happiness-in-reznor @tooweirdforlifex @fan-fiction-galore @allgirlswrestlingclub @helluvawriter @omgmissmillie @thedeboniardevistation @jazzytoosweet @mindsetcalamity @alexispoo @mermaidfett @thathpchick @skyrina @lifeoutofcontrol @laziestgirlintheworld @ang-78 @valeonmars @laigy2213 @sammiielli @silverrawrs

I tagged you if I thought you might be interested in this one or if you requested to be tagged in future fics <3

**BTW, if you’ve asked to be added to the forever tag list and I forgot you on this one, I apologize. I still need to put an official list together for future fics. Let me know if I forgot you or if you want to be added.

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//Sehun x you ❤️ 

It’s all because of this photoshoot (especially cover). And well, if title sounds familiar, it’s because it should. But it is a stand alone, some time after Fabled happened.

For @hidaulie without whom it wouldn’t be as fun. And without whom I would have lost myself in clothing research I would have never written anything.

Sehun is in the kitchen. But why he’s in the kitchen is beyond you.  The rest of his flatmates, along with few of their plus-ones, is in the living room with pizza, and alcohol, and console, and fighting game on, and very lively competition. You can hear them howling and cheering and cursing as Baekhyun and the tall stripper, whose name you’ve already forgotten, are facing each other.

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Quiet Mornings at the Coffee Shop - Itmakesyoulooklikealoser - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
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Pynch Week 2017 Day 8: Free Choice

Every morning Adam Parrish gets up at 5 AM to begin his day. He gets out of bed and takes a shower before his roommates can steal all the hot water. Then he gathers all his stuff for the day and heads to the coffee shop down the street where he gets a large vanilla dirty chai latte and studies and does homework until his first class at 10 AM. This has been his routine for the past 4 months since starting at college. He loves the consistency and stability this simple routine has offered him.

Adam had had a hard time adjusting to college life at first. The hard work and effort needed to succeed wasn’t a problem. Adam had worked three jobs while in high school. No, the difficult part to adjust to was having to live with three complete strangers and having no privacy of his own. He had moved out of his parents trailer before his senior year in high school and lived on his own in a tiny one room apartment above a church. He was used to a certain amount of privacy and quite. But the first week in the dorms Adam had nearly lost his mind. There was always someone around, some noise being made. Food disappeared from the refrigerator and things inexplicably moved on their own. Adam was overwhelmed to say the least. He just needed at least an hour a day of peace and quiet away from his roommates.

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Rough Night - Fred Weasley Imagine


can you pls do a Fred imagine and its the yule ball and y/n really likes him but he asks someone else so she just goes with a durmstrang boy but he turns out to be a @$$ and when the night finishes she ends up crying in the hallways and Fred finds her and just loads of fluff pls?

•Warning: Mean Durmstrang!•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

The announcement about the Yule ball spread quickly throughout the school. Girls all around were very ecstatic, hoping and crossing fingers that a boy from hogwarts might ask them to the magical event but it would be definitely a huge bonus if a boy from Durmstrang asked them. The Yule Ball was being held at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry due to the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The Yule Ball and The Tournament are both a very rare occasion to be held anywhere. On the first day back to Hogwarts or for first year’s their first day, Professor Dumbledore announced that two other magical institutions just like ours will be staying here at Hogwarts with us. These two schools that we will be competing with are called The Durmstrang Institute and The Beauxbatons Academy Of Magic. Once the other two schools arrived everyone was in awe by Beauxbatons beauty and grace, and by Durmstrangs hotness… I mean bravery. Okay, no more talking about school rivalries, let’s talk about me. My heart raced like I just ran a mile a minute ago, the news of the Yule Ball brought a smile to my face.

I didn’t think about any other date options I had, only one face popped up in my mind and that’s the person I want to go with. His name is Fred Weasley, my best friend, he’s known for his famous pranks with his twin brother, George. Fred’s a flirt, a good guy, a prankster, and so much more, I never thought I can be attracted to a guy so much. Fred’s been there for me all the time, when I was sad he wouldn’t give up on me until I at least smiled at one of his horrible jokes. When I’m extremely tired and was to lazy to walk upstairs, Fred would walk into the common room and find me sprawled out on the couch asleep, He would pick me up and bring me to his bed and we would just sleep wrapped in each other’s arms. Fred is something special to me and I want to go to the ball with him. Then when a few rumors were spread around and found its way to me, I felt as if I were punched in the stomach a million times, brutally. Fred… Fred asked someone else to the ball, he asked Katie Bell. At first I couldn’t believe it but when I entered the Great Hall and saw him smiling to her and them talking a lot, it killed me inside, all those nights of late trips to the kitchens, all those pranks together, all those times we were wrapped in each other’s arms, meant nothing to him.

I ran out of the Great Hall, tears threatening to spill. I sucked in a harsh breath and rubbed my eyes of the few tears that already fell out. “I don’t need him, like he was gonna like me back anyway, I’m such an idiot” I told myself feeling dumb just to think that he would ever like me back the way I liked him. After a few minutes I found myself in front of the library, I always like to go to the library when I need to take my mind off of things. I opened the door quietly, and of course found it empty, everyone was still at Breakfast. Madam Prince greeted me with a warm smile and a wave in which I returned happily, I needed that. I went to my usually spot right in the middle of the library and took a seat in one of the wooden chairs. I opened a book that was left on the table it was titled “Hogwarts: A History” I only read a few pages before a voice caught my attention. “Um… Excuse me” A gently but manly voice said, I looked up and saw a Durmstrang boy standing in front of me. By the look on his face he was nervous, really nervous, he held a red rose in one of his hands. His short black hair and his dark brown eyes gleamed in the sun peering through the window, his face looked chiseled, he was pale, and pretty cute “Um. Hi” I said awkwardly “H-Hi” he stuttered out, I smiled at his flustered estate “Nice to meet you, I’m (Y/n)” I said gently holding my hand out. He grabbed it and shook it quickly “M-my names (Y/n)… I-I mean it’s Adam, I’m sorry” he gushed “No, it’s okay” I reassured him.

He smiled at me brightly “Um. Here. I got you this” he said in a normal tone handing me the Rose “Oh, thank you” I said softly taking the flower into my hand. “Actually, I was here to ask you if maybe you would like to - like to go to the Yule Ball with me?” He asked the nervous tone back in his voice. I thought for a second, ‘I wanted Fred to take me. Wait, No! (Y/n) he ditched you for another girl!’ I said angrily in my mind. “I would love to go with you Adam” I smiled, he smiled back before giving me a tight hug and leaving the library. This might even be better than Fred.

~A Few Days Later~

The Yule Ball is tonight! I’ve never felt more excited in my entire life, except for the time when I found out that I’m a witch but still I’m super excited. Adam has been super sweet to me, he always says hi and smiles at me whenever he sees me. I’m currently standing in front of my body mirror, making sure that everything is perfect. My dress barely touches the ground showing a little glimpse of my gold heels, the top of the dress is strapless with a white lace top, the rest of it is just gold silk flowing near my legs. My hair has huge curls in it, the top half being held back by gold flowers, my make up was simple, I put on black eyeliner, mascara, and a nude gloss on my lips. I heard a knock on the door, I quickly ran to the door and swung it open “Oh my god! (Y/n) you look Beautiful!” My friend exclaimed “Thank you! You look amazing as always” I smiled hugging her “stop being a lair! Anyway Adams outside the portrait waiting for you” she laughed pulling back from the hug.

I slowly made my way downstairs, holding my dress up so it doesn’t get dirty. I heard a gasp and looked up to see Fred looking as if he were stunned his mouth open wide. “(Y/n) you - you look amazing” he exclaimed “Oh, thank you Fred, you don’t look to bad yourself” I said calmly stopping at the end of the staircase. He chuckled coming closer to me, his eyes left mines drifting to my nose then my lips then back to my eyes. My eyes widened as I just realized that our lips were merely inches away, I took a step back “well, I must get going. See you later Fred” I said quickly rushing to the portrait. I sighed heavily as I passed the portrait, my heart beating rapidly “Wow” I heard a voice say. I looked up to see Adam standing there a grin on his face “You look gorgeous” he added. “Thank you, you look handsome as well” I smiled, he held his arm out in which I looped with my arm fairly quickly. We set off towards the Great Hall, the faint music becoming louder with each step we take. Once we entered the hall, we were thrown into the huge crowd that was dancing, the music was upbeat just like the people surrounding us.

We danced only two songs before we went to go get a drink, we were a little exhausted due to the dancing and all the warm bodies around us. I sat down in one of the empty chairs looking at the dancing crowd, “Do you want some punch?” Adam asked “Yes please” I said softly looking up at him, he gave me a smirk before leaving towards the punch bowl. It was only a few seconds before he came back with two cups in his hands, he handed me one and I thanked him. After he finished his cup in one gulp, he wrapped an arm around my shoulders tightly. He leaned his face forward and I pulled back abruptly falling out of his grip. He grabbed my wrist and wrenched me forward “What’s your problem?” He said through gritted teeth “let go of me!” I exclaimed his grip hurting me due to his tight clutch which is surely going to leave me a bruise. “No, your mine! I brought you here!” He said angrily. 'Are you serious?!’ I screamed in my mind, just because he brought me here doesn’t mean I’m his or that he can control me. “I’m not yours! Let go of me!” I said pulling my hand away from him, I jumped out of my seat and ran out of the Great Hall. Once I was out, I knew that I was safe, I knew that he wasn’t chasing me. I sighed deeply before leaning with my back against the wall, I slowly slid to the floor. A sob escaped from my mouth, I placed both hands over my mouth trying to quiet myself. I was wrong. Wrong about everything. I thought this guy was gonna be better for me, I thought he was gonna be as nice as I met him, but no! He’s a mean asshole, who thinks he can control me just because I said yes to his proposal!

I pushed my hands against my mouth even tighter but it still didn’t work. My sobs kept falling out of my mouth, I was having a hard time breathing. I took a shaky breath in and exhaled deeply with a cry. The pain in my wrist still throbbing, I looked at it to see it extremely red as a tomato. I covered my face with both hands, letting tears fall rapidly down my cheeks. “(Y/n)?” I heard a voice ask, I looked up to see Fred crouching down in front of me, I quickly looked away not wanting to look at him at the moment. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked grabbing my chin and gently making me face him “nothing. Don’t you have to be in there? With your partner?” I asked him “Katie and I are better off being friends” he replied “but I’m serious now, what’s wrong?” He added “it’s nothing” I whispered “don’t tell me it’s nothing” he said sternly “Its just some asshole” I said quietly wiping my eyes from the few tears that were left “The guy that you were dancing with?” He asked, I nodded my head slowly rubbing my arms that now have goosebumps due to the cold pavement against my back. “Come on. Let’s go” he said standing up, holding a hand out for me to grab. I took it and stood up “where?” I asked confused “To the dance floor” he smiled his hand softly clutching mines. “Fred, I don’t know how to dance” I whispered, when I was with Adam all I did was sway my hips and move my feet a little and that’s about it. “It’s okay, I don’t know how to dance either” he smirked, I rolled my eyes smiling to myself. We entered the Great Hall and made our way to the dance floor were there was still loads of people. A slow song was playing “May I have this dance?” He asked bowing lowly “why, of course” I said in a royal accent. “Fred! I have no idea what I’m doing! Oh, sorry!” I apologized as I stepped on his foot, but he didn’t seem mad or hurt. He just kept smiling, after a few more steps on Fred’s foot the song ended. I didn’t realize that my head was on his chest with my arms around his neck as his arms were firmly wrapped around my waist. All was fine until I felt a lurch in my stomach due to the sight of an angry Adam walking quickly towards me and Fred.

I pulled back from Fred and was about to say lets go but I was too late. “What do you think your doing with my girl?” Adam said angrily, Adam and Fred were basically the same height so they were both face to face. “Adam. Leave us alone” I said my voice barely above a whisper “you be quiet!” He said madly “Hey! Don’t you talk to her like that!” Fred said his fists clenched tightly, he went in front of me. “I can talk to her like that if I want too! She’s mine! Not yours!” Adam said coldly “She doesn’t want you, so get away from her!” Fred exclaimed, Everyone in the Great Hall were staring now, the music stopped. Adam lost his temper and swung his fist at Fred’s face, which Fred ducked just in time and hit him harshly on the nose. Adam stepped back a few steps holding his nose that was now bleeding, he then ran forward and punched Fred in the stomach so hard he gasped. Fred growled, then tackled Adam punching him a few times before stopping indicating that he knocked out. Madam Pomfrey took Adam to the hospital wing after she was done healing Fred’s bruised hands. Some people left back to the dormitories tired and a lot of people stayed to either dance or drink, me and Fred were one of those people. After an agreement that we both had a rough night, we drank and drank and drank, till there was 3 empty fire-whisky bottles on the table in front of us. We sat wrapped in each other’s arms, then unexpectedly Fred leaned in and kissed me. This was something I never felt before, there were sparks, the way our lips molded together or the way our lips moved against each other was amazing. I pulled back smiling to myself, taking a deep inhale of air. Fred was also wearing a smile, he grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap “Your beautiful, you know that?” He whispered “You’re drunk” I laughed wrapping my arms around his neck “Yes, I’m drunk. And your beautiful. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be sober but you’ll still be beautiful” he whispered in my ear placing a kiss on my forehead then my nose then on my lips ever so softly. “I love you so much” he smiled “I love you way more ginger” I laughed pecking his lips.


The Younger Donovan

Characters: Reader (Donovan’s litter sister), Sherlock, John, Lestrade, Donovan, Anderson, lil bit of OCs

Pairings: a lil bit of ReaderxSherlock

Warnings: None? Some mentions of murder but c’mon its a Sherlock imagine like its kinda expected

Word count: 2439

It is rare that you visit your sister at your work for any reason. It’s never necessary - expect the occasional time she forgot something back at her flat and calls you to bring it over to her, which has happened a total of five times over ten years. But today your parents are in town so once she gets off the two of you are going out to dinner with them.

Since you got off at two - thankful for flexible hours and a chill boss - you decide to head over to Scotland Yard. See the station in action, the excitement they always deal with. She’s told you plenty of stories of her co-workers (and you’ve heard plenty of the one she pretends she isn’t hooking up with) and some detective that always pisses her off.

As you walk into the Scotland Yard, someone you don’t recognize rushes past and nearly bumps into you, at least three boxes worth of documents in their arms. But you let it slide, they probably couldn’t even see you. Pushing forward into Scotland Yard and past all the desk towards the back, where you see your sister, you pass people who glance to you with peering eyes. Some you recognize, others you don’t. Which means some recognize you and others don’t.

“Sally!” you say as you get closer to where your sister, Anderson, and Lestrade stand discussing.

“Hey, didn’t think you were coming today,” she smiles, turning around to face you.

“Got off early, decided to come by to see you all in action!”

“Well, (Y/N), maybe you can be of assistance if you are anything like your sister. We are bit stuck on a few pieces of evidence, c’mon, I’ll show you,” Lestrade sighs. He turns around and starts walking off towards his office.

You follow behind him, your sister behind you. While you haven’t ever worked on a case, your sister has shown you plenty of evidence inadvertently before, causing you to help her on accident. So in all reality, it’s not anything new to you.

Lestrade opens his office door for you, allowing you and your sister to walk in. The DI walks over to the table opposite his desk to pick up and open a few of the evidence bags.

“A triple homicide - but the bodies were moved after they were shot to the different levels of the home - the three levels excluding the basement. Each person was redressed afterwards too, stuff placed around the. Very ritualistic and we can’t quite figure out what.”

“Lemme see,” you hum, grabbing the first set of photos from Lestrade.

As a librarian while you search for a job in the world of editing - you’ve read up on loads of lore and mythology and religions since it is so fascinating. Unless it is something the murderer created, you should be able to identify it quickly.

The first set, and therefore the first person, is wearing a black dress. Sets of symbols are carved into the woman’s forearm, cascading down in nearly perfect scrawl - done postmortem. It’s Enchain - language developed by John Dee, a Renaissance magician and mathematician. He supposedly contacted spirits. Originally named Adamic as John Dee called it, named Enochian after the prophet Enoch and eventually the supposed language of the angels.

“This is Enochian. Renaissance language from a mathematician guy, eventually became language of the angels because the prophet Enoch made it big and Biblical. Her right arm says ‘God is alive’ and the left says ‘I’m not worthy’.”

“Oh shit, really?” Lestrade grins. “So most likely someone with a God complex.”

“No. More likely someone who is a heavy believer in the devil. Not a Satanist, they believe in peace and equality, actually. But someone who is a true devil worshipper. They are on the hunt for this supposed alive God. If you look on the forehead, on the other postmortem cut, there are more small scrawl that says ‘Not this vessel’.”

“Are you sure it isn’t just someone thinking they are God looking for a vessel or whatever?”

“Highly unlikely. I would need to see the body in person though. True devil worshippers have very specific ways of handling bodies.”

“Oh my god, Lestrade, did you phone the freak?” Sally groans, her eyes glanced to outside the office.

“Well, yeah, this is a tough case,” he shrugs.

“The freak? That detective guy you always bitch about?” you confirm, placing the pictures down a moment to follow their eyes.

He’s tall, curly black hair, sharp cheekbones, blue eyes you can already see clearly with a black coat that has hints of dark blue. Behind him is a short fellow, blond hair, a more worn face. They walk quickly together, the taller one is long strides and the shorter one just as fast as he can. With no regard to what is already happening in the room, the two burst in.

“Hello freak,” Sally grits.

“Hello Donovan,” he states, voice deep. A nice deep voice. His attention quickly turns to Lestrade. “You didn’t give me much information, what is this case about? And who is…” he pauses, withdrawing one hand from his pocket to gesture towards you, “this?”

“Well, this is (Y/N) Donovan, Sally’s younger sister and she actually figured it out for us right before you got here,” he shrugs.

“Unlikely, she’s related to Sergeant Donovan, hand me the photos. I’ll be needing to go to the crime scene too,” the ‘freak’ says, snatching the photos out of your hand.

“It’s Enochian. Right arm ‘God is alive’, left ‘I’m not worthy’. Forehead says ‘Not this vessel’. I think we are looking for a Devil worshipper or at someone who thinks they are the devil looking for God.”

The freak stops looking at the photos, looking at you. “How long did that take you?”

“To figure out the language or what?”

“The whole thing.”

“Well about a minute and a half to figure out the language, another minute to figure out what it said, and another to figure out who we were looking for.”

“Impressive. The name’s Sherlock Holmes since I’m assuming your sister only ever called me freak. Would you care to come with me to the crime scene? A librarian with a near infinite knowledge of rare and unknown languages and symbols and an understanding of religion and cults could really help me on this case.”


“She’s not interested, freak,” your sister interrupts. She pushes herself in front of him a little, making a small barrier between you two.

Sherlock turns his head to your sister. “I believe I was talking to your sister, not you, Donovan, I’m sure Anderson is free for a few minutes.”

Your sister looks at you over her shoulder, a hint of anger hanging in them. Sherlock’s blue eyes look at you curiously.

“I would love to but Sally and I have dinner with our parents in a few hours. Maybe another time. I hope my information gives you a jump start.”

“Donovan, if you want to leave early, go ahead,” Lestrade tells the sergeant as she fumes off to the side.

“Let’s go (Y/N),” Sally groans, grabbing you by the arm and dragging you out.

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I Don't Want To Live Forever - Part 2

When she was notified of someone being at the gates of her home, she was having a quiet evening just writing some music, having a cup of tea. She wasn’t expecting anyone, her plan was for the quiet to last the whole day but apparently the universe seemed to have a different idea for her because right when she saw who it was, she was a mess of nervousness.

She opened the door and there he was, standing a bit awkwardly at her footstep with a sheepish grin on his lips, hands on his pockets. Wearing a t-shirt that she suspected she had bought for him.

“Hi!” He cleared his throat. She smiled gently.

“I see you’re finally off the crutches now, huh?”

“Yeah, got rid of them yesterday.” He told her. “Would you mind if I come in?”

“Oh! Yeah, sure! Come in!” She stepped aside, chuckling lightly. Adam stepped inside and he noticed something different in the house, the pictures in which he was in had been replaced with her friends, he felt his chest tightening at the reminder that they had actually broken up, that they had moved on with their lives without each other. But he quickly snapped out of it, not wanting her to be uncomfortable.

“How are you? Is everything alright?” She questioned as they moved to the living room.

As if remembering just then the reason for his visit, Adam’s eyes widened. “Yeah, I just wanted to see you. I’m sorry I didn’t call or anything.”

Biting her lip, she tried not to look at his eyes. I just wanted to see you seemed like such a strange thing coming from the man that had broken her heart, the man whose heart she broke just a few weeks ago with nothing but the truth and irony of life. “Oh, it’s okay. I wasn’t doing much so it’s fine.” She shrugged and he nodded his head. “So they gave you the all clear on everything? You’re okay now?”

“Yes, everything is great. They said I recovered fast. It’s just my memory that is a bit messy. They said I may be able to get it back but there’s no way to know for sure and it may never happen.” He explained.

“Oh well, it’s better than nothing. Thank god it wasn’t worse than this.” Worst scenarios crossed Taylor’s mind for a moment and she refused to think about it. The thought of what could’ve happened left her little breathless. Because she still cared about him, you don’t just go from loving a person for a year to hating them. She could never hate him and that’s what she hated about this. It was easy to ignore when they didn’t talk, when they didn’t cross paths and when they agreed to just be friendly when they needed too but this…actually having him here was making her rethink a lot.

“Taylor, I’ve been trying to remember everything that happened, you know? Going over pictures and articles and stuff people tell me. I’ve been trying so hard but I can’t understand what I did, what we did. It’s so confusing.” He sighed.

“Adam…I don’t think I understand either and I remember it.” She smiled softly, placing her hand over his for a second that was far too short in Adam’s mind. “It’s okay. It’s in the past.”

His lips stretched into a smile as he looked at her. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Her brows furrowed and she chuckled. “Sure.”

“I lied. I didn’t come here just to see you.” He told her. “I came here because I have a proposition to make.”

“And what’s that?”

“Ten days is what took me to convince you to date me. So I want to ask for ten days to let me convince you again.” His words were so certain, he seemed so sure of this. “If after those ten days, I’ve made no progress then I’ll give up on you. I guess what I’m saying is that I want us to start over. Everything.”

“Adam, you can’t just do this. This past year has been hell for me, for us. I can’t risk getting hurt.”

“I can assure you that I know what mistakes I made to lose you, Taylor and I know that I won’t make those same mistakes again. I can’t promise you it’ll work but if you give a chance to try, that’s all I’m asking. A chance. So please, let me try.” He begged, grabbing her hand. It was hard to say no to a face like that. But what he was saying was substantially insane and she should totally be against doing it but there was something about having someone handing out what you wanted for months right in front of you.

She didn’t speak for few seconds, turning to look at him. “Ten days. You have ten days.”

“Thank you.” He laughed, hugging her. She was surprised at the contact but soon relaxed under his touch, her arms wrapping around him before she pulled away not wanting to get caught up.

“So this starting over thing, how does it work?” She smiled.

“Well, Taylor Swift, would you go on a date with me?”

“Why are you freaking out over this?” Gigi laughed, laying sideways on Taylor’s bed as she came in and out of the closet pulling different outfits. “It’s not like you don’t know him. It’s not that hard, Taylor.”

Taylor groaned. “I know! But still, I’m just nervous about it all.” She came out of the closet wearing a black dress. “What do you think?”

“It’s perfect!” Gigi grinned at her.

She frowned, looking down at herself.

“What is it?” Gigi asked.

“This was one of his favorite dresses that I wore.” She mumbled, running her hands over the fabric.

“Babe, it’s okay.” Gigi stood up to hug her. “You’re gonna be fine. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself. It’s Adam. He did screw up big time but he’s a good guy and you know him in and out.”

Sighing, she grabbed her phone, checking if anyone had texted her, if Adam had texted her. Thankfully he hadn’t said anything which meant she still had time until he came to pick her up.

“Do you think I should’ve given him the chance? What if he remembers everything suddenly and then he hates me?”

“You’re overthinking it, Tay, honestly. This is good, I mean, you can just end up as friends but maybe it can work out this time. I know you still have feelings for him and I wanted to cut his balls off for a second there but you should give this a shot.”

Taking a sharp breath, she smiled softly. “Okay. It’s gonna be fine.”

Gigi smiled at her encouragingly and Taylor’s phone started ringing. Her eyes widened.

“Oh god.” She groaned and swiped it right, answering Adam’s call. “Hello?”

“Hey, Just letting you know I’ll be there in like ten minutes.” His voice came from the other side of the line.

“Okay, yeah, great!” She smiled nervously. “I’ll see you in a bit then.”

“Can’t wait.” He said before hanging up the phone.

“Isn’t this crazy? It’s crazy isn’t it? I made a mistake.” She muttered, running a hand through her hair.

“Okay, stop!” Gigi held her shoulders, looking into her eyes. “You need to breath, Taylor. You gave him a chance to get you back, which is super brace and I think that maybe if it doesn’t work out, you can get some closure on the Adam thing, which you and I both know you don’t have right now with everything that happened, okay?”

Taylor nodded and then smirked softly, looking at Gigi. “When did you get so wise?” Gigi laughed, shaking her head. “I need to get ready!”

Adam was driving the car, his hands gripping the steering wheel as he tried to calm himself down. He wasn’t even sure why he was so nervous, it suddenly felt like this was his first date ever with a girl. Perhaps it was the fact that this was Taylor or just the fact that he lost his memory and now the girl he loved, who he wanted a future with, had left him. Too many things had happened for his liking. How he managed to screw up so badly was beyond him, he kept wondering how on earth did he not fight for her to stay. He knew she had made mistakes but from he’d been told he was the biggest reason for their break up and he wanted to make sure that he would never make the same mistake twice.

He was driving through the familiar street that led to her house, telling himself it was going to be fine. That he could actually convince her to take him back.

Thinking back to the moment she told him what happened, he never knew losing her could hurt that much. He felt suffocated, his lungs collapsing as his heart broke into tiny pieces. It didn’t make sense. Everything people told him about, the articles he read about what he said, it just didn’t make sense. How he had hurt her, pushed her away like that. How it all went down, from the break up to Taylor and Tom, it was very confusing and the only thing he knew was that he needed to get her back.

‘I’m outside.’ The text message read as Taylor checked her phone. Taking a deep breath, she made her way out of the door quickly. Excited yet nervous about that night. She hoped she wasn’t making a mistake by doing this. This was Adam, the guy she was still sort of, very much in love with who didn’t remember anything about their break up, who was a completely different person than the guy she left, in a good way.

His car was parked in her driveway and she saw him wave before he exited the car, heading towards her with a grin on his face.

“You look absolutely beautiful.” He complimented her with a huge smile on his face. She giggled, walking towards him. He planted a kiss on her cheek. “Shall we get this whole date thing started?”

“Let’s do it.”

pynch smut ;)

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Pynch - While at college Adam makes Ronan a dirty video, using those fingers Ronan loves so much to work himself open in full view. It’s half to tide Ronan over till he’s able to come home for a weekend and half to train Ronan that his phone is really not so bad

So, here you go :) ♥

Since it’s nsfw, find it under the cut or here on ao3. 

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Mine - Chapter 8

Recap from the last chapter

Shannon shook his head. “For him, the sun rises and sets on you. If you decide to seek the truth, once you see and understand all of his tattoos and his scar, maybe you’ll believe me.”


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Trigger: Blowjob, some backstory. 

Nearby motel—Friday night

HAIR wet from her recent shower, Lily combed her tresses with one hand and rifled through her suitcase absently with the other. She grabbed a cotton floral nightie from inside, stared at the duffel bag by her feet, then frowned. In the year she’d been living with Michael, this was all she had come away with? She’d walked in with the clothes on her back and walked out with the same. Everything in the house had been his when they’d moved in together. She’d never bought a stick of furniture with him. Hell, not even a toaster. What did that say about their relationship? Had she unconsciously known that it wouldn’t last? Lily swallowed as she flipped the lid of the suitcase closed and shoved on her pajamas. She poured more wine into one of the hotel’s cheap plastic cups and grimaced. By far, she preferred tequila for a good, rousing drunk, but being in a part of town that only allowed beer and wine sales, she’d had to make do. After half the bottle, however, she couldn’t say that she felt any better. Not that she felt bad exactly, just somewhat numb. And that was the problem. On a day she’d come twice for a man she had refused to miss in years and the case she worked on being complicated by a dead body, not to mention the fact that she’d lost her fiancé, she should feel something. But Lily wondered now if she’d been truly feeling for years. Everything came back to Jared. Somehow, over the miles and years, he’d continued his hold on her without a single touch. Now suddenly, he was back in her life. In fact, he was the center of her world this week. Could she make it to the next without losing her heart again? She wanted to talk to Jared, ached to ask him questions. But that wasn’t smart. What if the truth made her want him more? If she embraced him now, how broken would she be if he walked away again? After everything he’d taken from her today, and, damn him, given her, she wasn’t ready for any sort of soul-baring. Tears lurked under the surface of her haze; she could feel them. Just like her adolescent self, she couldn’t seem to hold anything back from him. Jared was her downfall, probably always would be. Lily downed the rest of the wine in her cup. Damn, she wished this stuff would work faster. A boom blasted through her room, startling her. Someone was pounding on her door. No one knew she was here, not even Adam. Her stepfather would not be pleased with today’s developments. He thought Michael was perfect, and Jared was Satan’s spawn, so she’d bailed on dinner with her stepfather tonight, not having the energy to explain herself and defend her actions. So who the hell wanted in her room at nearly ten p.m.? She tiptoed to the door and peeked out the hole. Jared, wearing all black and carrying a grocery sack packed full. For a moment, she debated not opening the door, but he already knew she was inside. He wasn’t going to go away. With a sigh, Lily pulled the door open, then leaned against it. “Why are you here?” “I’m a Dom; it’s my job to take care of you.” That was the last damn thing she wanted to hear. “Only when we’re working. Otherwise, I can take care of myself. You’ve already been up in my face for most of the day. I don’t need you here tonight, too, ordering me around and—” “I’m not here to tell you what to do, Kitten.” He gripped the bag tighter. “I just came to bring you a few things, see what else you needed.” Without another word, he held out the bag to her. Curiosity got the better of her, and she grabbed it. A peek inside revealed some bottled water, toothbrush and toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo, and a comb.

She looked at him with a questioning gaze, and he shrugged. “I wasn’t sure if you’d been able to get anything from Michael’s house, and I didn’t like the thought of you shopping at night by yourself, especially around here.” Against her better judgment, she was touched. “I managed to get all my things from his house, but thank you. Come in.” As she stepped back, he edged inside, looking around at the rundown dump. He scowled. “This is…No, Kitten, come stay with me. I promise, I won’t touch you if you don’t want me to, but you—” “Will be fine.” Lily marveled that he seemed genuinely concerned as she set the grocery bag on a nearby Formica table. “I know it’s not the Ritz, but Misty said the place was reputable enough. I’ve got lots of locks on the doors and bolts on the windows. No one is getting in here to hurt me.” Jared blew out a deep breath, clearly pensive. “This is another reason I wish I was your Dom. I could just tell you to come with me so I could sleep beside your warm body peacefully, knowing that you’re safe.” Another reason? “I am an FBI agent, you know.” “But you’re also a beautiful woman in a world with a lot of predators.” She softened again. “I’m fine. Really.” “Yeah. And smart and capable. This visit was for my peace of mind. Thanks for humoring me.” “You’re really different away from the club.” Jared shrugged, his smile self-deprecating. “I’m not a twenty-four /seven kind of Dom. In the club, subs better not fuck with me or there’s going to be punishment. Outside the club? I’m just a guy, with other concerns and thoughts…and regrets.” He was going to get personal, and a part of her didn’t want to stop him. Her hand shook as she poured herself another glass of wine, then held up the bottle. “Drink?” “No, thanks. I won’t overstay my welcome.” Jared turned for the door. Lily didn’t examine the feeling, but she knew that she wasn’t ready to see him go. “Jared?” He turned. “You need something, baby?” Before she could talk herself out of it, she nodded. “Answers.” She settled herself on the edge of the bed, then watched as he folded his big form into an ugly green plastic chair with a sleek economy of movement. “I’m wide open.” God, where the hell should she begin? It had been an eventful day by any standards, but the information Shannon had dumped on her late this evening gnawed at her brain. How much of what he’d said was true? “What’s the scar on your leg from?” “That’s not important.” He dipped his head, looked away. “What happened in high school is. Don’t you want to know about that?”

In years, she’d sworn that she had gotten over Jared. Now she knew she’d been fooling herself. Michael had accused her of giving him up for Jared. He’d been right. Jared had reminded her what it was like to truly feel and want and hurt again. The avalanche of emotion had smacked her hard. Had she, maybe, not built much of a life with Michael because she’d been subconsciously waiting for her withered relationship with Jared to blossom to life again? It sounded absurd on the surface—but Lily couldn’t deny that his pull still lured her in like no man ever had. Eventually, she’d have to listen to his explanation, but she wanted this conversation on her terms. “Do you have any scars?” He pinned her with a cautious look. “Yeah.” “You regret them?” His somber stare wiped away any levity. “No. Kitten, ask me about our breakup.” He’d promised that he wouldn’t explain until she asked him, and he was trying to live up to his word. Lily bit her lip. What if there was some explanation for everything? What if it was something that made her want to forgive him? After the magnitude of his betrayal years ago, did she want to? She was damn sure that it would be easier—and safer to her heart—to go on being angry with him. But maybe, a voice whispered in her head, it was no longer realistic. “Is it true that you haven’t had sex in the last five years?” “God damn Shannon,” Jared cursed, closing his eyes. “What didn’t he tell you?” “If what he said is true, he didn’t hold much back.” He rose, paced, stared out the window into the shabby parking lot. A moment later, he seemed to come to some decision and turned back to her. “Yeah, it’s true. Even before then, sex had become…infrequent.” When Shannon had spilled this secret, Lily had been sure the guy was insane. To hear Jared fess up to this absolutely blew her mind. “Why? In high school, you loved sex. If those rumors were true, you had a lot of it.” “I don’t know exactly what you heard back then, but yeah. I took advantage of the fact that I was the quarterback and the tallest guy in my class. I figured out quickly that if you could make a girl feel special for a moment, then it wasn’t too hard to get her horizontal.” Lily grimaced. “God, you sound like a pig.” Jared shrugged, the black T-shirt lovingly hugging his wide shoulders and muscled chest. “I was sixteen. I sure was a pig. Then came you.” She rolled her eyes. “It was a long time ago, and I don’t think for one minute that I had any lasting effect on you. You fell right back into bed with Britney a few hours after we broke up.” “I was drunk, and I was angry.” He swallowed. “Afterward, I felt really empty. When she left…I cried.” She reared back, looking up into his taut face. She’d expected to see him laugh, but Jared was dead serious. Shock pinged through her body. “The pattern sort of repeated itself a lot for the next few years. I’d meet a random girl, pick her up hoping she could bring me out of my funk. At first, I’d realize how lousy I felt after the sex. Then the feeling began to hit me in the middle. I got a lot of girls off, then sent them on their way, leaving them to wonder why I hadn’t finished fucking them.” He shrugged. “Masturbating was easier, less emotional.

“Then I found BDSM before the Hurricane video. A whole new avenue opened to me. I suddenly controlled everything. The females didn’t expect sex. And I realized that I could absorb a sub’s sexual energy and use it to propel me to my next self-induced orgasm. It worked.” “Jared …” God, such a damaged life broke her heart. Because of her? Really? Lily didn’t know what to say. He stepped closer and wrapped a hand around her nape, his hot touch searing her skin. “It worked until I saw you again. I never got over you. A week ago, I couldn’t find a woman on the planet who could tempt me to want to have sex with her. One look at you—even before I knew it was you—and my first thought was of getting deep inside you and never leaving.” He trailed his thumb down her cheek. “That’s what I think every time I look at you, Kitten.” A whole new wave of shock reverberated through her body. The girl who had once loved him wanted to leap up, wrap her arms around him, and offer him whatever he needed to feel whole. The woman she’d become after he’d burned her wasn’t sure how to believe him. He’d said that he loved her the day he took her virginity. Barely twenty-four hours later, he’d broken her heart and taken another girl to bed. “We weren’t together long enough for you to get that hung up on me, and I—” “Yeah, we were.” He closed his eyes. “And I think I left scars on you, too. Kitten, please, ask me why I broke up with you.” Lily trembled. The million-dollar question. If she asked it, she feared that everything would change, that the answer could throw her into a tailspin all over again. Being able to open up physically and emotionally to Michael had been a real step up for her. In college, she’d only managed drunk sex. Sober, she couldn’t bring herself to let anyone touch her. But she’d broken through with Michael. And now he was gone. If she didn’t get the answer to this question, would she remain in limbo, hung up on Jared forever? Maybe they both needed this to cleanse themselves of the past and move on. That didn’t mean that she wasn’t scared as hell to hear the answer. “A-All right, Jared. Tell me.” Her voice broke up as tears welled. She was fucking terrified. “Why?” “Thank you.” He leaped on the bed, pushing her flat on her back and covering her body with his own. He pressed their foreheads together and drew in a deep breath. “Jared…” He was so close, felt so good, that she couldn’t breathe. “Lily, I had to protect you. The sick fuck who’d killed my mother sent me more than one note threatening to kill you if I didn’t walk away. Then when you showed up at school late that day with a broken arm …” Jared told the entire story, the words halting at first, as though recounting all this hurt him, but Lily could feel his will and his anguish as he explained. When he was done, she blinked and tears filled her eyes. If he’d told her this story earlier, she would have tossed it back in his face angrily and called him a liar. She would have assumed it was some sob tale he’d spent years inventing, designed to dupe her into dropping her panties so he could get her into bed again. Now, looking at the torment tightening his face, she couldn’t doubt that this was the truth as he knew it. “Why didn’t you tell the police? Or tell me?” “There was no way I was going to risk you any further. You were beyond precious to me.” He cupped her cheek. “I would have done anything to keep you safe, and at sixteen, I couldn’t think of another way. Please understand.”

Oddly, given the circumstances and their age, she did. And she was both touched and crushed by his words. All the time they’d never had together, all the things they’d never had the opportunity to do…The relationship may not have been one to last happily ever after. But how much pain would they have never experienced if it hadn’t been for that note on his pillow and the relationship had come to its natural conclusion? “Your mom was such a nice lady. I’m sorry. And the police never caught her killer?” Jared shook his head with deep regret. “It’s in cold-case status now. A new detective tried to tackle it about four years ago. He called my dad and me, checked with some of Mom’s old neighbors, asked questions of the people she once worked for. Nothing. One of her neighbors said she thought she saw a man entering her apartment that afternoon, but she was elderly and a bit senile. My mother never mentioned a boyfriend, not to me, to her neighbors, or her coworkers. There were no prints at the scene, no DNA left behind. This psycho randomly chose my mother. The police have no record of any similar case, either.” He squeezed his eyes shut and pain crawled all over his face. “I am never going to forget what it was like to drive to her house, so excited to tell her about us, then find her so still. Dead.” Her heart went out to Jared. It was a lot to deal with at sixteen. He’d been reeling, grief-stricken. A note like the one he’d received from the killer warning him away from her would have both scared and confused him. Lily couldn’t blame him for the decisions he’d made then. “Kitten, if I’d had my way, we would have stayed together, gone to prom as a couple, graduated hand-in-hand.” He shrugged. “Built a life together.” A part of her really wanted to believe that, but after everything that had happened, she couldn’t imagine that alternate universe. “Why didn’t you ever try to tell me all this after your mom’s case cooled down?” “After you changed your cell, I only had your stepfather’s home number.” And she’d always made Adam answer the phone and tell him off. “You could have come to see me.” “I tried. Remember a couple of Christmases ago? You slammed the door in my face.” She had. And now she regretted it like hell. “We’ll never know the paths our lives would have taken if things had been different. I may be training to be a submissive. I may even have submissive tendencies. I don't know that I could live this life.” “You could, baby, under the right circumstances. It doesn’t have to be in a club if you don’t like that setting. I just want to be with you. I’d vow to be the most loving Dom ever.” “Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron? What, you’d boss me around in a tender way?” She raised a disbelieving brow. “Yeah. Say the word, Kitten, and I’ll show you exactly what I mean.” His words, along with his body heat settling under her skin, made her tremble. “I just lost a fiancé today, and there’s been too much water under the bridge. Maybe…your hang-up isn’t about me in particular. Is there another incident—” “I know what happened. I know what’s in my heart,” he growled each word fiercely, fisting the cheap bedspread beneath her. “It was you. It’s always been you.” Those words sounded so romantic, and the female in her really, really wanted to believe them. But they almost didn’t compute. Yes, she’d pined for Jared, but him for her? Oh, God. Her next confession was going to open her up wide, but he’d been so painfully honest, how could she be anything less? “I saw a therapist shortly after college. I went to him for a good two years.

He suggested that my hang-up about you stemmed from the fact that our break was really sudden. He suggested that I simply needed closure. Maybe that’s what you need, too. Maybe we just needed to talk it all out and know the score—” “No. I know what I need, what I’ve always needed.” Jared wriggled his hips between the slight spread of her thighs, forcing them wider, until his cock settled right against her pussy. “Kitten, I need you.” Then he rocked against her, igniting her body with sensation to match all the emotions swirling inside her. Lily closed her eyes. God, it would be so easy to give in. He wanted her. Between her tears and her loathing, she’d fantasized more than once about what it would be like for Jared to make love to her again. Never in her wildest fantasies had she imagined that she’d actually have this opportunity again. She licked her lips. “Jared, really, maybe you’re mistaking some old emotion or the need for closure for actual love. Someday, you will fall in love with the right person and—” “You think I’ve never been in love? Baby, I never fell out of love with you.” Lily’s heart lurched in her chest. And something that felt way too much like joy raced through her veins like a heady drug. She had to take a deep breath and stop herself. Everything on his face underscored his honesty—at least as he believed it. But how could he know for certain? If what he said was true, he’d never really been in another relationship, so it was possible he’d fixated on her because she was the last girl he’d tried to love. There was too much behind them, and even if she put the BDSM thing aside, their lives were going in opposite directions. She might have a mountain of feelings for Jared, but being with him so soon after getting out of a relationship with Michael…Frying pan, meet fire. But she wasn’t immune to his pain. If he was stuck here, then perhaps she could help him out. Maybe it would be good for both of them to get the closure they’d never had. “Kiss me, Jared.” When his entire body tensed, she added, “Please.” “If I start, Kitten, I won’t be able to stop.” He caressed a gentle hand down her hair, over her shoulder, brushing the side of her breast to settle at her waist. “You sure? It’s been five years …” Would he still be able to? Would he feel empty afterward, as he did with the others? “Oh, I’m dying to prove that, with you, everything will work just fine.” “Then kiss me,” Lily repeated. She’d worry about tomorrow when tomorrow came. Tonight, she’d be with him, try to heal his pain, scar over her own. He’d done an incredibly selfless thing to protect her all those years ago. She might wish that he’d told her what was going on. But at the end of the day, he’d been young and he’d done what he thought would be best for her, shattering his own heart in the process. Clearly, he cared about her. But unending love? They were going to be together until she went undercover. Maybe it would be best, for both of them, to spend the rest of the week together, training hard by day, working through their issues by night. Maybe by the end of the week, both of them would be ready to move on with their lives, sane, happy, and whole. “Kitten, baby …” he breathed out, then settled his mouth over hers. The kiss was soft as a rose petal. He clearly leashed himself, sinking into her mouth slowly, as if worried that he would scare her. When his tongue brushed her bottom lip, then curled into her mouth, Lily opened to him. There was no place she’d rather be than here tonight with Jared. Maybe they weren’t meant to be together forever, but every time he touched her she felt some inexorable bond with him, an invisible line that ran between them over the years, unchanged, unbroken.

Jared moaned, then nudged the little spaghetti strap of her nightie down her shoulder, then shoved the garment under her breast. The cool air hit her nipple, and it puckered. He covered the little bud with his hand, pinched it with his fingers. Then he looked down at her with burning blue eyes, already panting. “Take it off for me.” That was his Dom’s voice. She couldn’t fail to recognize the lower, silkier tone. Her pussy clenched. She nodded. He eased off of her, still hovering above her. He gave her just enough room to pull the garment up her body and over her head. She used it to shield herself. Jared’s stare raked her body. Around the edges of the little nightie, he could surely see that she hadn’t been wearing any panties. “Fuck, Kitten. I can’t wait to get inside you, baby. Hand the nightgown to me.” Those hushed words, his low command, made her insides flip, then melt. Of the lovers she ever had, none had ever made her feel as beautiful and desired as Jared. Lily was shocked to feel a blush creeping up her skin as she handed the little cotton garment to him. “Can we kill the lights?” Jared shook his head. “I’m going to enjoy seeing your every expression while I’m deep inside you.” As her belly dipped in reaction, he flung her nightgown to the other side of the room. Despite the anticipation charging through her system, she laughed. “Hey,” he defended, “if I had my way, I’d burn it. As it is, I’ll make sure you don’t need that for the rest of the night.” Her belly quivered. “Kiss me, Jared. Don’t stop.” “Yes, ma'am,” he promised, before dropping his hand to her hair, tucking his fingers beneath her head, and bringing her close. This time, his mouth settled over hers firmly. He didn’t merely seduce her with his kiss; he took charge, nudging her lips apart with his own, tasting her deep inside, an endless tangle of lips and tongues that had her breathless and clinging. She wrapped her arms around his sizeable shoulders, fingers grasping into the hard flesh of his back as he moved between her thighs and began working his way down her body. His lips caressed her everywhere. She shivered as they drifted down her neck, to the sensitive little spot where it joined with her shoulder. Those same sure lips pressed tender kisses across her collarbone as his palm cradled her breast in his hand. Languid honey rolled through her blood, and yet, every sense felt attuned to him. Even her skin seemed to strain closer to him. “I fantasized about this a lot,” he whispered against her skin. “From the day I met you, I used to think about getting you alone and naked for uninterrupted hours, exploring every part of your body over and over.” His words alone made her shiver, but when he closed his lips over the hard bud of her nipple, she cried out and arched toward him. Instantly, he wrapped an arm under her back to support her—and keep her there. “When I’ve been drunk or just really damn lonely, I’d let myself think of you. You don’t know how fucking often I’d roll over in bed and wish you were there.” The sincerity pouring off of Jared made her want to cry. “I thought of you, too. When I realized I was doing it, I’d try to force myself to stop. But sometimes, I couldn’t. I’d remember the way you made me feel, like a woman, like…someone special. No one else has ever made me feel that way.” “Kitten, you are special. I’m never going to let you forget it.” Tears stung her eyes, and she slammed them shut. If he kept talking like that, they wouldn’t get closure; she wouldn’t want it. She’d want nothing more than to cling to Jared and pretend the last twelve years had never happened. She’d want to pretend they could have a fairy-tale ending. That would most likely lead to another broken heart. Lily forced out a saucy grin. “Shut up and take your clothes off.” He paused, then smiled down at her.

“You’re awfully demanding tonight, baby. If you’re not careful, that’s going to cost you tomorrow.” She shrugged, but excitement raced through her veins, pulsed between her legs. She would never have considered herself a glutton for punishment, but the way Jared dished out pain, it felt awfully sweet going down. But he did as she asked, and shrugged off his tight black T-shirt. Every time she saw him exposed, she wanted to swallow her tongue. “Are you going to tell me what this scar is?” “How much of yourself are you going to share with me?” He’d dangled the answer to her question like a carrot, wiggling it in front of her face as bait, hoping she’d expose all her secrets to him. Lily couldn’t lie and say that she wasn’t disappointed—or terrified. He sighed. “If you can’t share everything with me tonight, Kitten, I understand. It’s been a long time for us, and Michael…I know it just ended. All I’m asking is that you share as much of yourself with me tonight as you can.” He acted as if this was meaningful, almost momentous, not merely closure. Lily swallowed. Eventually, he’d see that, while there was something wonderful between them, it wasn’t a forever kind of thing. Was it? She gnawed on her lip. “Is there anything else you won’t share with me?” “No. I’m going to give you everything you’ll let me.” That made her swallow against a new tide of desire. According to Shannon, Jared had shared next to nothing of himself with anyone in years. The fact that he felt differently about her warmed something dangerous in her chest. She shouldn’t be more to him than the means to heal a wound. But she couldn’t deny that part of her wanted more. Without another word, he stood and unfastened his jeans, then slid them down his hips, taking his boxer briefs with them. Slim hips, jutting hipbones and a dark cluster of pubic hair revealed themselves before his cock sprung free. She blinked. Lily hadn’t looked at him when he’d taken her virginity. At sixteen, she’d been too embarrassed. The moment between them than had been tender, but now she knew why it had hurt so damn bad initially. He was long and incredibly thick and very hard. His stalk stood straight up, its head flaring bluish and wide and fascinating. He had, by far, the biggest cock she’d ever seen. Unconsciously, she licked her lips nervously. He groaned. “Baby, don’t tease me like that. You’re killing me.” Instantly, she understood—and wanted the opportunity to drive him mad. Since she’d walked into his dungeon, he’d had more than one chance to dish out the sensual torture. This could be hers, and she wanted it. “I’m not teasing,” she whispered. “Shit, Kitten.” He drew in a shuddering breath and stepped closer, wrapping his hands around her head. “This has been one of the most potent fantasies I’ve had for years. Suck me.” When he drew her down to his turgid cock, she opened her mouth, conscious that he watched her every move with unblinking eyes. She could feel his rapt attention all through her body. Excitement settled right beneath her clit. She licked the head once experimentally. Salty, musky, earthy. All man. She shivered as his flavor flared through her, addictive on her tongue. So she lapped at him again. His hands tightened on her head and he hissed in a breath. “You’re trying to kill me.” No, but she couldn’t lift her mouth from his thick stalk to tell him so. Instead, she closed her lips over the bulbous tip and shook her head, humming a little denial. His hips jerked, his body bucked. “Deeper, Kitten.” She sank lower on his cock, her lips skimming as much of the velvety flesh as she could. There was no way she could take him in completely, so she settled for lapping her tongue around him on her way back up, tasting the head again in a series of little licks, then cradling him as she worked back down. He jerked once more, his body tightening as she braced her hands on his hard thighs. God, he was like a rock everywhere, and while that was sexy, what got to her more was how much she aroused him. The fisting of his hands in her hair and the little curses he couldn’t hold in spurred her on to take him deeper again and again, until he pushed at the back of her throat. Lily’s mouth felt overfull. Suddenly, she felt as if she couldn’t breathe. She panicked and tried to shove him back.

Jared held firm. “Calm down, baby. You’re not choking. I’ll stay as still as I can. Breathe through your nose. It’s okay.” She heard his words, but they didn’t compute until he added, “I won’t let anything happen to you.” He wouldn’t; she knew that without hesitation. With that thought foremost in her mind, Lily focused on breathing through her nostrils. Relief hit her. She swallowed, and the back of her throat pushed against the swollen head of his dick. Jared cursed again. “Jesus. I’m trying really hard to go easy on you, but damn …” Her inexperience was showing. She’d given a few drunken blowjobs in college and been criticized for her technique once. Michael had never seemed that enthusiastic when she’d gone down on him. Maybe she sucked, and not in a good way. Lily backed away, and his wet cock slipped from her mouth. “Sorry if it’s not working for you. I don’t do this a lot.” That made him grin from ear to ear. “Kitten, you were doing wonderful, but it does my heart good to know I’m one of the few who’ve been in your mouth.” He tapped her cheek. “Open up, tongue out.” Automatically, she complied, and something inside her heated at his gentle command. Jared took himself in hand and eased his hard flesh back onto her tongue. “Don’t move yet,” he advised. “I want to watch this.” Slowly, he slid his cock against her tongue, from the large, salty head leaking fluid, past the ridge, down the entire silky length, until he was pressing back against her throat again. “Now close your lips around me.” Lily didn’t hesitate, and the heat of his flesh in her mouth fit perfectly. She moaned. “Good girl. I want to fuck your mouth. If it’s too much, snap your fingers, okay?” She’d barely finished nodding before he set a blistering pace as he thrust past her lips. His fingers tangled themselves in her hair again as he groaned and slid over her tongue, to the back of her throat again and again. The taste of him suffused her. His scent sank into her pores. “That’s it, Kitten. Dear fucking God, you’re going to kill me. Yes, baby! Oh, yeah. Damn … I’m not going to last. Now swallow me, every drop.” Lily tensed. She’d never actually swallowed. The few times she’d managed to finish the job, she’d always discreetly spit into a nearby cup or sink. But the thought of this intimate act with Jared, pleasing him, she was nervous, but not scared. She sucked harder, pulling against his thrusts to create more friction, running her tongue all up and down his length, nipping at the head with her teeth. “That’s it. I’m…there. Damn.” His fingers tightened in her hair. He pulsed on her tongue. “Fuck!” Warm jets of salty fluid sprayed to the back of her throat, coating her tongue. Feeling the way his body shuddered, hearing his whispered “Kitten, baby, yes …” filled her with something she couldn’t quite explain. Happiness was too simple, as was pride. It was a deepening connection, a gladness that she’d given him something he desired. She softened her suction, lapping at him, bringing him down slowly. He cradled her head at the crown, then caressed her hair, filtering the strands through his hair for a long moment until he pulled free. When she looked up to meet his gaze, he wore this dazed, happy expression. Every muscle in his body was relaxed. He was so blindingly handsome when he smiled that the sight of him almost hurt. He sighed, then leaned down to kiss the tip of her nose just before he stumbled to the bed and fell flat on his back with a wobbly smile. “That was…awesome. No, incredible.” Jared shifted his body to his side, then propped his head on his hand to look at her. “I needed that.” Warmth suffused her. As broken as he’d been, she was happy to offer him some form of release that hadn’t come from his own hand. “You don’t let the subs at the club do that to you?” Jared shook his head. “The last one who tried spent twenty minutes at it. It wasn’t going to happen, so I let her off the hook. My fault, not hers.” Conflicting emotions clashed inside her: pride that she'd succeeded where others had failed, but jealousy that other women had taken him in their mouth. It wasn’t rational or fair. If anything, he had more reason to be jealous. She’d been engaged, had sex in the last five years. Feeling proprietary wasn’t smart. She was supposed to be getting over him, helping him let go.

But she supposed it was only natural to feel close to him when his scent and taste still lingered and he laid beside her, watching intently. The right time to say good-bye would hit them both, and they’d be done, whole people ready to face their lives. “You’re staring off into space. Did I lose you already?” She shook her head. “It’s just been a momentous day.” He winced. “Two orgasms, a spanking, being fondled by your brother, and a breakup. If you’re too tired for more, I’d be perfectly happy to get you off with my tongue, then let you go to sleep. Is that what you want, Kitten?”

Is that what she wants? Find out next chapter!

Are You Hitting on Me?

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Pairing; Adam Cole/FC

Category:  Smutish


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“Are you hitting on me?”


“Can I buy you a drink?”  The voice suddenly appearing at your right shoulder startled you, almost making you drop the near empty cocktail in your hand.  Once you steadied yourself you turned to see who it was, arching an eyebrow at Adam Cole who was looking at you with a smile that was probably too dirty for public consumption.   It was a bedroom smile, one that spoke volumes, one that said he was imagining you naked with his tongue buried in your pussy.  You weren’t overly familiar with the newest member of the NXT roster, not really paying attention to much that went on outside of the WWE.  You had heard he was gorgeous, nearly a perfect male specimen by the accounts of backstage gossip.  Giving him a quick once over, taking in the tight dark blue jeans, and black button-down shirt he was wearing with his long brown hair in a messy man bun and sparkling blue eyes you could see why.  The man was almost too damn pretty.  The only thing keeping your attention was that filthy smile. You didn’t go for pretty boys, you liked them a little dirty, rough around the edges.

“Are you hitting on me?”  You asked draining the last of your beverage.  

“I offer to buy you a drink and I’m hitting on you?” Adam scoffed taking the stool next to yours.  “Someone has a high opinion of their self.”  Your expression changed from amused to confused at his words.  Handing you a fresh drink he took a pull from his own beer.  

“If I were to hit on you I would say ‘why don’t I take you into the bathroom, you latch your legs around my shoulders and I eat your cunt out until you are a screaming trembling mess and my beard is coated with your cum.”  He said nonchalantly.  You squeezed your thighs together as a rush of dampness appeared at his dirty words.

“Where you hitting on me there?”  You were so confused.  You didn’t know if he was saying that to hit on you, or telling you what he would say if he ever did hit on you.  Your eyes darted up to his face as he chuckled darkly.

“I’m not hitting on you.  If I wanted to fuck you, I would’ve already had you.”  Adam said tipping his beer bottle in salute to you as he slid off the barstool and walked away, leaving you staring after him mouth gaping open in disbelief.  

What Has Been Learned/Confirmed From This Years RT Extra Life Stream:

~Miles Luna may have some very dark thoughts and is in need of a therapist.
~Gus Sorola gets very touchy feely when he is drunk (basically the opposite of regular Gus).
~Jack Pattillo has a chin.
~Ryan Haywood’s black tennis shoes were truly demonic (they had to put out the fire with salt)
~Jeremy Dooley gives very nice kisses.
~Matt Bragg has a smooth head.
~Miles Luna strives for perfect entrances.
~Gus Sorola knows various Japanese phrases.
~Adam Kovic can fit approximately 3 donuts in his mouth.
~Jon Risinger once wanted frosted tips (but no longer does).
~Mica Burton can braid hair like an elven princess.
~Michael Jones can still somehow make jokes right after being tased twice.
~Larry’s name is Larry.
~Gavin Free can keep down his milk longer than Michael Jones.
~Amiibos die in horrible ways.
~Ryan Haywood can lift Meg “Dirty Dancing” style.
~Jeremy Dooley still had his “Bag Of Emotions”.
~Millie Ramsey can punch hard.
~Gavin Free enjoyed slapping Jack pattillo for revenge.


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Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Lucifer, Michael. Adam

Pairing: Michael x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: A few curse words, nothing much other than that I think. This is purely fluff with Michael. Italics show the readers thoughts.

Word count: 1366

Summary: A run in with the oldest archangel gives Y/n his happiness.

A/N: Some fluffy weirdness with Michael, cos he’s gorgeous and I love him. Hope u like it!!

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“Deeeaaan! Saaaamm! Seriously, dudes. Where the fuck are you guys?” 

Y/n had been wandering around the bunker for the past hour. 

He’d only recently moved in with the Winchesters, reconnecting with them on a case after three years apart. 

But with the bunker being so large and confusing, he was completely lost. He had absolutely no idea where he was. 

Hearing faint voices coming down a large hallway, he walked down, praying he would find his way back to his room. 

That way, he could easily navigate his way to the bathroom, in desperate need for a pee. 

Going down the hall, he ran into a dead end.

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Michael on iHeartRadios snapchat 11/20/16 

Facts That Were Listed:

1. Adam Day, 5SOS’ music teacher, previously revealed that Michael Clifford showed so much ambition from his early start. “Michael always said to me. ‘I’m going to be a superstar one day,’” he told Rolling Stone mag. 

2. One of his favourite bars is The Nice Guy in Los Angeles

3. A few of Michael’s celeb friends are Nick Jonas and Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas.

4. Unlike bandmate Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford likes to write darker songs like “Jet Black Heart.” 

5. In fact, Ash said that Michael hated the hook in their first big single, “She Looks So Perfect.”

6. For his 20th birthday party, he borrowed a house in Beverly Hills and was kicked out of the crib in the early morning hours. Will he be able to top that this year?

7. Michael has a dog named Federer, but he only sees him a few times a year when he goes back to his parents’ home in Australia. 

8. Michael suffers from a mild depression, but is all about focusing on things that make him happy. 

9. With that said, he feels a bit like an advocate for mental health. 

10. Despite meeting his bandmates at a Christian private school in Sydney, he doesn't attend church anymore. 

11. Michael used to listen to Prince as a child, thanks to his dad. 

12. He once got into a fight with James Corden during the filming of the host’s late night show. Apparently, the band kept stepping on the comedian’s lines, which caused the host to lash out on the guitarist. 

13. According to Michael, his grandma sends him the worst Christmas presents every year. “My grandma buys a lot of gifts, but gets me the same shampoo every year. I don't like it. Enough with the Black Suede. I'm done with it,” he joked. 

14. He's actually lost some hearing in his right ear because of screaming fans. 

15. Michael first started playing guitar because he was absolutely obsessed with “Guitar Hero”. 

16. He has reportedly said that he’s open to dating fans. 

17. Michael’s a big fan of patterned underwear. We imagine he looks perfect standing there… 

18. He’s eagerly looking forward to the release of “Final Fantasy XV”. Clearly, Michael’s a huge fan of the video game series-he even has a ‘Final Fantasy” tattoo. 

19. Even with over 7.4 million followers on Twitter, Michael admitted that he isn’t the best at using the social platform. 

20. Just like the rest of us, he lives for the Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. 

21. Over the summer, as part of their Sounds Live Feels Live world tour, Michael and the rest of 5SOS sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City.