he is the one named sailor bro

lazyninjaphilosopher  asked:

Would you be willing to do fluff for reverse honeymustard (ut sans x sf papyrus)?

“my bro built ten puzzles in one day.”

“my bro made eight puzzles deadly in one day.”

“papyrus tricked undyne into befriending frisk.”

“m’lord did the same with alphys and chara and he’s an amazing cook.”

“… alright, ya got me there. paps can’t cook for his life.”

Sans grinned up at his boyfriend where he was lying with his head in his lap. Slim returned the grin, and picked the last plum from the bowl. After waving it over Sans’ face a little while, he popped it into his mouth. Laughing slightly at Sans’ pout, he enjoyed how the plum melted on his tongue. As always when he and his boyfriend couldn’t decide on something, they had had a My Bro Is Cooler-contest. It was always the best way to settle this kind of things.

“mmm,” he hummed, smirking as the other’s pout grew bigger. His soul beat in contentment. Undertale was such a great place. The sun shone in through the window, reflecting on the deep layer of snow outside. It was winter on the Surface.

“asshole,” Sans muttered. Slim laughed.

“can i kiss ya?” he asked, and as Sans nodded, he leaned down to press a kiss to his teeth. Sans glared at him, reciprocating as little as possible to begin with but eventually was as enthusiastic as the taller.

There were a few beats of silence after they broke the kiss. Sans lifted his hand to caress Slim’s cheek, which he eagerly leaned into. Tender touches were a rarity to be savoured. Even his brother didn’t allow them too often, not wanting to risk it ‘turning them weak’. Slim could understand the sentiment, yet…

He almost purred as the hand reached behind his earhole. Sans’ smile suddenly turned into a grin, and he removed his hand, holding it up in front of Slim’s face. Between his phalanges a gold coin reflected the sunlight.

“look what was behind your ear,” he said, chuckling. “weird, huh?”

“well, if it was behind my ear then it ought to belong to me,” Slim replied quickly, snatching it from the other’s hand. Sans stared at him in disbelief for a short moment before starting to laugh.

“ya lil’ thief.”