he is the one in the center

Best Case Scenario for Season 5: BoJack continues to work on himself and grow as a person. His progress isn’t linear and he backslides into typical BoJack behavior but ultimately he keeps trying and continues to do things that Season 1 BoJack would have seemed incapable of. He slowly repairs his relationships with his friends and gains a new relationship with Hollyhock as they continue to talk on the phone to one another.

Undesirable Scenario for Season 5: BoJack continues to work on himself. He makes an amazing amount of progress in a very short time and only ever occasionally says something jerky to indicate he’s the same person he was before.

Worst Cast Scenario for Season 5: BoJack tries to be a better person, but after backsliding a few times convinces himself that changing who you are is impossible, a sentiment the people around him reinforce. He returns to the sort of self-centered destructive behavior that we saw in seasons 1-3, all hope and goodness is dead.

BMC Squad At Walmart Headcanons!

- Christine goes by herself. She gets in and gets out. Probably only takes about ten minutes

- Jeremy goes with Michael. He really wants to get in and get out like Christine does, but he ends up spending like 5 years in each aisle

- Michael dances to the quiet music over the loudspeakers. Occasionally sings to it. He knows every area of the store that plays music loudest or quietest. The best place to listen to music is by the bakery.

- Jake skips around between aisles. has a vague idea of what he wants, but he’s not quite sure. He ends up spending way too much money because Rich is like 85% of his impulse control.

- Rich ends up in the toy aisle every time he goes. Usually throws a giant ball directly at Jake’s head. One goal is to get Jake to hit him with the cart.

- Jenna is the type that would go to the store once every day and grabs the stuff that she needs. Always checks out the garden center, because she loves how it smells like flowers and herbs 24/7.

- Chloe is the Suburban Mom Type who will ask to talk to the manager if something happens that she doesn’t like. She’s very persuasive.

- Brooke is the Coupon Queen. She could go and grab like 500 dollars of stuff and end up with the store owing her $7.89. Offers to shop for her friends because she honestly just loves coupons and wants to use them all. Has asked Rich if he wanted twelve boxes of spaghetti because “the deal was irresistable, just take some fucking pasta, asshole”

- also note that Jeremy’s dad is banned from walmart because he once didn’t feel like waiting to go to a dressing room so he literally just tried on clothing in the middle of the store jeremy was Mortified

sugardaddy!Zitao ; I’ll get you anything you want ;

Summary: You work at an old restaurant, struggling to pay your bills. One day this handsome man comes in and changes everything.

Rating: (Smutty ;D ) later…

Looking down at the broken plates, you slowly turn and face your boss’s angry expression. You flinch as he comes towards you, fuming. Instead of scolding you, he just sighs. “Y/N, just go and buy some more ingredients and plates, I’ll run the store.” You nod, grab all of your stuff and run out of the store before he can change his mind. 

When you enter the buzzing shopping center, you take out your phone and read the ingredients you needed to buy. First, you needed to buy bread. Lots of it. You groan, asking yourself why you didn’t ask one of your co-workers to help you before coming here. Walking for at least five minutes, you find the bread shop. 

Before you could speak, you were greeted by an old man, “Hello young lady! What kind of bread would you like?” You clear your throat and answer, “Ah, I’m here for Mr. Lee’s store. I need the bread he uses…please.” He laughs at your meek voice and grabs a box. He plops the box right into your hands and you stumble, trying to adjust to the weight. He just grins at your struggling form and begins to help the next customer. 

“W-wait sir! I have to pay.” You say as you try to reach for the money in your pocket.

“No need! A handsome guy already paid for it for you.” He said.

What? What man had paid for it? 

“When did this man pay for it exactly?” You ask the old man.

He responds with an annoyed tone, “Before you came, a handsome man told me he was paying for the girl that came to get a lot of bread. He even helped put the bread in the box with me.”

That’s weird. You don’t remember you boss saying someone would pay for you.You take the supplies and struggle back to the store. 

When you reach the front of the restaurant, a handsome guy with Raven black hair opens the door for you. He smiles at your small frame and you give him a meek thank you. He suddenly stops in front of you as you were going inside the store.

“Let me take that for you princess.” He lifts the boxes out of your hands like it didn’t weigh anything. You lead him to the kitchen while getting weird stares from your co-workers. 

He sets down the boxes near the sink and turns to look at you. 

“A-ah, thank you so much, you didn’t have to.” You said to him while scratching the back of your neck. 

He gives you a small smile and pats your head and said, “No problem love.” He then takes out his phone and hands it to you. He cocks his eyebrow at you.

You hesitantly take his phone and look up at him for directions. 

He points at his phone and says, “Your number, put it in.” 

“OoH. Ok! What will I call you for?” You ask him while your fingers fly across the glass screen.

“I’ll call you when I need you.” He takes the phone from your hands and walks out of the restaurant. You look around at your co-workers, and they looked as confused as you were. 

“Okay, back to work everyone!.” The main chef says to everyone. You quickly get back to unloading the boxes.

Your shift was over and a couple of your friends offered to take you home, but you didn’t want to burden him so you decided to walk home. You were scared of walking alone since your job was in a run down place. Gangs often hung out here at night.

You just walk with your head down for a good five minutes, passing people that cat-called you and wandering hands. All of a sudden a black, sleek car rolled up beside you. 

You wanted to keep walking but the voice sounded too familiar.

“Hey princess, need a ride?” You eyed him suspiciously.

“I don’t know you that well to get in a car with you, sorry.” You keep walking, but you suddenly bump into something. 

“Watch where you are going bitch!” A guy with a black cap said to you. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry! I was ju-” He grabs the collar of your shirt and pulls you towards him.

Your breath hitches. You could smell cigarette smoke and mint in his breath. You try to wiggle from his grasp, but he holds you in place by squeezing your waist. 

“Please stop…” You say to the man with your eyes closed. All of a sudden the smell disappears and you hear a loud slap.

“Get lost, she’s my girl.” That voice sounds familiar. You open your eyes and look at your savior.

“Thank you…” You say trying to remember if he ever told you his name. 

“I’m Tao. Nice to meet you, princess.” He gives you a toothy grin and offers you his hand. You hesitantly shake it and bow to him. 

“It’s getting late. Want to come with me and have a drink? My treat!” He smiles at you.

“I don’t know… I have work tomorrow sorry.” You say to him and your head drops down a bit.

He shakes his head as if telling you not to worry.

“It’s fine. Can I get your number at least?” He says while pulling out his phone.

You nod your head and hesitantly take it from him. He unlocks it with his thumb and tells you to punch in your number. After you add your name to his phone he takes it from you and pats your head.

He gets into his car and drives off, but not without giving you a wave from the window. “See you soon princess.” He blows a kiss and drives off.

You smile to yourself and walk home.

Hi um I know this is very crappy but I didn’t want to make the requestor more unhappy than I already made her :(

Instead of just doing one scenario I’ll just break it up into 3 part so I feel more motivated to make it. I just felt so bad seeing it in my drafts for so long. I promise that the next one will be better.

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I know this is random but I honestly wish big hit would let Namjoon stand in the front when they speak or do interviews. U know they have that little standing arrangement where for instance Jin & Rapmon stand in the center in the back. I get kookie is the face but he is sooooooo awkward and it looks so weird when rapmon talks behind him. JK is just awkwardly standing there looking at the camera. Imo as a leader it should be a given namjoon stands where JK usually do but we all know big hit :///

Hey wow i’ve noticed this too.. idk why they do that,,, because jk’s one of the popular members?? Idk… but i agree with you tho. Namjoon should be in the center or at least in the front bc he speaks the most

Also here another fan art of hyno I adore him too.😁But with my villoues sorry if spell wrong)😌Of Zip.Idt your gonna like this but he works for black hat as a hit man to take out center people.Not much else to say expect he enjoys he’s job,horror movies (mostly slasher, ones and spicy food (don’t ask how he depans he wears a mask most of the time. eats idk my self.😑Also I wonder what it be like if these two met.Anyway I hope you like this one ok and have a good day.😀

Oh my i like him!! Kinda like his design as well!

cant say the same bout hypno tho


“No mourners, no funerals. Another way of saying good luck. But it was something more. A dark wink to the fact that there would be no expensive burials for people like them, no marble markers to remember their names, no wreaths of myrtle and rose.”

Astrology Behind Our Beloved Leader (Happy Namjoon Day)

In honor of Namjoon Day, let’s look into his natal chart and see what exactly makes him the genius leader we all know and love ♡

Sun Trine Uranus

  • this aspect makes for an inventor, a rebel, a visionary 
  • people with this aspect don’t have to try hard to be seen 
  • they naturally stand out from the crowd
  • they embrace everything unique and eccentric, it’s truly their element 
  • these are independent spirits who walk to the beat of their own drum; they’re quite content with being outsiders
  • they have ideas that are beyond their time 
  • many are humanitarians
  • not afraid to go against the status quo to stand up for what they believe in 
  • they believe in the equality of all and embrace all walks of life
  • literally some the least judgmental folks you could encounter 
  • so open minded 
  • if u have a secret that u think is too strange, tell joon. he takes everything in stride and will never judge you 
  • they have an air of curiosity and enthusiasm about life that takes them on many adventures 
  • so optimistic and hopeful, bless his heart 

Sun Trine Neptune

  • i think his sensitive, philosophical side comes from this aspect 
  • these people have a deep connection with everything neptune represents: creativity, spirituality, nature
  • this is a very good aspect for artists and musicians, specifically writers 
  • poetry is a second language to them 
  • they write in ways that leave others in awe
  • this is apparent in so many ways in namjoon; from the songs he produces, to his fancafe posts, to his mini speeches during concerts
  • a subject matter many are drawn to is suffering, either one experienced by themselves or the human race collectively 
  • in fact, suffering and tragedy are two things these sensitive souls are quite familiar with
  • another aspect that points to humanitarianism
  • extremely compassionate people who are in tune with the hardships that others face 
  • it also notes a strong connection and appreciation for nature and animals
  • which can be seen in his many photographs that center around nature, he appreciates the little things in life 
  • for these people, a simple walk in the park is enough to recharge them 

Moon Sextile Mercury  

  • when the planet of inner needs and the planet of learning and communication form a harmonious aspect, it creates an individual who has a thirst for knowledge 
  • and a charming speaker 
  • these are people with good common sense
  • they solve emotional problems in logical ways, but at the same time avoid being insensitive
  • their nonjudgmental nature and great listening skills makes them very good mentors, role models, and leaders 
  • he’s definitely someone you can look to for advice 
  • the moon also represents the home, the mother and childhood 
  • this aspect indicates a childhood where education was important in the household, and a mother who encouraged his intellectual pursuits 
  • many posses talents for writing (again, another aspect that contributes to his amazing producing abilities), and speaking 
  • they’re able to weave imagination into their speech and written word flawlessly 
  • many are drawn to books and literature and have an impressive library
  • they are truly perpetual students: learning is a life long process

(first three text gifs belong to yoongles.tumblr.com)

How to Make Your Villain Domestic but Still Evil

It’s the oxymoron that attracts us. Billowing black cape, terrifying worldviews, a willingness to make the streets run red with blood – and you know what would be hilarious? Them trying and failing to make morning pancakes. You know what would really hit us in the feels? Watching them show tenderness around a special someone.

Having a villain with a domestic side is lassoing a black hole, and it’s a tantalizing thing to watch. However, anyone who’s indulged in these daydreams with their own villains has probably encountered one very specific issue: it makes them less evil. They lose their edge.

For example, look at Crowley from CW’s Supernatural. This was a guy to be feared at one point; arriving out of nowhere at unexpected times, always playing both sides of the conflict, and you could be certain he would skin anyone necessary to get what he wanted – usually without getting a single drop of blood on his impeccable suit.

Flash forward to recent seasons, and we’ve seen Crowley cry and whimper more times than Dean has died –which is saying something. At first, it was fascinating to discover this powerful character actually had a tender side; and now, when Crowley makes a threat, we’re about as afraid as when any low-level demon makes one. This is because his evil was too compromised. He let himself go.

How can we avoid this mistake with our villains? The answer isn’t making them crush puppies and hate butterflies at every turn; it’s in balancing their core scariness with their softer side – giving them complexity, giving us a bit of “aww,” and making their eventual whiplash back into ‘terrifying’ all the more wonderful.

For this, we’re going to use Epic of Lilith by Ivars Ozols as an example. This book centers on arguably the original female villain – Lilith, the first woman of the Garden of Eden, who got on the “good guys’” bad side by refusing to submit to someone who was clearly her equal. There won’t be any spoilers below, but if you give the book a read (it’s an easy page turner), the points will be driven home stronger.

Plus it’s a book with a great female villain who isn’t objectified (don’t let the cover fool you, seriously) and prose that isn’t full of sexual over- or undertones. Talk about a win, eh?

Here we go.    

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Listen. Daniel busted his ass to improve ranking, helped others along the way, is versatile and capable of being every position, was never center, or greedy to be, yet STILL shone every group battle, helped choreograph Get Ugly, led his team to victory for Open Up, admitted to his faults and need of improvement while being leader, took the position spot he didn’t necessarily want because the ones in the position he wanted wouldn’t have been good at it and he didn’t want them to fail, CHOREOGRAPHED “HANDS ON ME”, AND YALL UGLIES OUT HERE STILL SAYING HE DOESN’T DESERVE THE CENTER POSITION FOR WANNA ONE. 


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  • Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
  • Genre: Sugar!Daddy AU, Fake!GF AU
  • Warnings: angst, smut, degrading names, mentions of cheating, dom themes, asshole hoseok
  • Words: 10k
  • Summary: Jung Hoseok is the devil in Armani. Self-entitled, rich, with striking good looks, there’s nothing he wants for with his parents’ money backing up his extravagant lifestyle. Yet when suddenly he’s forced to find himself a humble girlfriend or say goodbye to his monthly paycheck, he runs into you, lacking everything he possibly looks for in a girl. But he’s desperate, and being desperate makes a man do crazy things.

a/n: tysm to my irl bff @garbageeking for beta-ing for me and providing me with endless sugar!daddy hobi inspo to help me finish this chapter!!! ily!

The high chime of yet another eager customer ricocheted off of pale yellow walls, leather booths, and tiled flooring that was worn down with age. The quaint little shop lacked elegance, yet made up for it with charm. Watercolor paintings of sea cliffs, dipping waves, and golden sand hung from every corner of the small cafe, each dated and signed by a unique signature in the far left corner.

“Table three!” Your father’s gruff voice reminded from the back storage room, your attention once again redirected to the easily recognizable and overgrown mop of dusty brown hair, belonging to your best friend, who wore a forlorn frown, looking especially distressed as he sat himself into his regular booth. Red leather squeaked under the weight of his body as he threw himself down onto it, leaning his head against the cool glass of the large window that overlooked the crowded sidewalks and busy streets, a long horizon of blue easily noticeable in the distance.

“You look like you need some pie.”

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