he is the nicest dude

Ed is a simple, very easy going, grounded guy. And Ed is an incredibly talented song writer, musician and  performer, way more out of the ordinary than we’re used to. Ed is also ambitious, self confident and aware of his possibilities, determined to be as successful as his talent allows him to be. 

Excuse me, I’ll be here counting to 5.297 while I look for reasons why any of this should be considered a problem.


I started following Mejibray since they formed and have been to every instore they had where I lived in Japan. Even though Mia seems snobby and full of himself, he is the nicest dude and hilarious. Once he talked about how the best present he ever received was an electric bicycle and he forgot he didn’t have to pedal but was doing it anyway? Haha 

JT Brown is the nicest dude in the world. He literally went along every side of the huge ass line and signed and took pictures and smiled and was patient through it all. This couple in front of me was sorta rude and pushed me and my lil sister back so he was like ‘hey no come here’ and took a pic with us before moving on. So in conclusion, JT BROWN IS AN ANGEL (and he looked ridiculously good). Vasy looked gorgeous too of course but oh my god listen. The poor kid kinda left quickly without signing or taking pics for whatever reason maybe he was tired, maybe he didn’t wanna stand outside and melt, maybe he was feeling sick, maybe the weight of this season was exhausting, regardless of the reason, these dick bags next to me kept talking shit about him. Saying stuff like he’s so rude and he should’ve signed for the kids and what kind of leadership qualities does he even have and bish would’ve stayed. I WAS READY TO FIGHT but I didn’t say a thing cause on top of being a girl, I’m a hijabi Muslim and he probably would’ve caused a scene. Anywayyy, Vladdy was a sweetheart as always, Heddy looked so damn good and he’s always so soft and nice and his HAIR, Kuch’s hair looked super cute and curly, Jo waved at me from his car and reached out to take a selfie but the light turned green, and then I ran into Dotchin while walking back to my car and he was so cute and we took a nice selfie and he was like I didn’t think anyone knew me yet lol. I didn’t stick around for the rest of the boys cause it was so freaking hot but I’m glad I got to see some of them before the season ends.

My boss is awesome. I asked for a raise today, only to learn that there has been a raise freeze in the company over the last year, but he’s going to try to get me at least something.

Bless employers who actually care about their employees. Idk why everyone is so nervous to talk to this dude, he’s like the nicest person here.

I mean, sucks that I won’t get anything from it, but nice to know if he could, I would.

I love thinking about like a 25yo Yuri Plisetsky who got massive as he got older and became a hockey player. And like he’s the nicest most laid-back dude imaginable and his Instagram’s all stuff he’s baked and the daily doings of the 12 cats he has with Otabek, but the second he’s on the ice with a stick in his hand he immediately reverts to his furious gremlin shitlord ways, only now he’s all that and also the size of a bus.

Oh my god. Sorey’s pissiness with anyone even mentioning about hey, what if Mikleo became a Sub Lord is beautiful.

“Yay, it’s so great that Alisha’s a Squire now in order to achieve her dreams!”

“Okay, but Mikleo- “


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How do you feel about Pluto!Frank or Aphrodite!Hazel omg or even Hypnos!Piper or Apollo!Nico the possiblities are endless i cry

Pluto!Frank would be a big dude with a naturally menacing glare but hes rlly misunderstood bc hes not mean at all and is probably the nicest dude on earth.

Hypnos!Piper would be very lanky and have her choppy hair braided but all her hair eventually slips out and falls asleep constantly.

Aphrodite!Hazel (/Venus!Hazel?) would be absolutely flawless (which she already is tbh) and have the most amazing hairstyles and rawest fighting style.

Apollo!Nico is already making me cry pls dont do this to me, sPARE me.

Anti: you cant ship real graves with credence we don't know who he is but its still abuse

Says who, and so what. If we didn’t see real graves then anyone can interrupt how he is as a person. Dude be the nicest person ever or down right cruel, WE DONT KNOW.  I going to assume he a nonsense type guy that loves his job, and probably not a people person and keeps to his self. Or maybe he's  the ultimate dad to everyone and just looks like he hates the world.  How you know if real graves x credence is still abuse if you say we don’t know who he is. Dang yall don’t know how to be creative and makes up ideas. Or you do and you want  everyone to go by your idea and not let anyone else think different of it. If they dislike you idea  clearly their x y and z and support abuse??? I’m sorry but I think tumblr really some of you guys sensitive on tumblr for every little thing. But I’m in the wrong when I don’t policing people on how they should like fiction and just tell them ship what they want if you like it.

  • brain: wow Rami is the nicest chillest dude and he's just so kind to everyone and everyone that meets him goes on and on about how nice he was to them and he is so talented and precious
  • my mouth: look at that dweeb's hat

fyi: artemi panarin didn’t sign autographs after the game tonight. but he did stop to tell everyone he didn’t feel well and he would stop next time, making him the nicest dude ever, cause some guys don’t even bother to wave. 

Have I ever said my Free! Hogwarts headcanons? I don’t think so, so here we go:
Imma start with Nagisa. He’s Slytherin. Little one has ambition out the ass. Not educational ambition, but ambition none the less. He managed to convince a guy that he knew while he’s was in elementary school to make a swim team with him, despite Haru basically never wanting to swim on a team again. Do what you need to get what you want.

In the same vein, Rin is also Slytherin. I think it’s pretty clear with his ambition for his dreams and all that jazz. Sidenote, Rin transfers out in Year 4 and comes back in Year 6.

Rei I feel is a Gryffindor. Why not Ravenclaw? Because while the boy is plenty booksmart, he’s so full of brave it blows everyone else out of the water. Doesn’t know how to swim? Dives in face first- dumb but brave. Goes out in the middle of the night to swim to prove that he can catch up to everyone else? Dumb, but brave. Rei goes and faces this new and scary thing and fucking masters it. So brave. Such Gryffindor.

Sousuke is a Hufflepuff. Let’s be real. Sou isn’t here for anyone but Rin. He is loyal out the ass. He doesn’t really have the ambition of his own to be Slytherin. It’s for Rin. Even with Momo and Ai, he’s such a good dude. He does his best for them. So Hufflin.

Makoto is a Hufflepuff too. Kinda like Sousuke, he’s got the loyalty down pact. Makoto’s also got the scary-sweet Hufflepuff thing going on. Like you hurt Haru or a friend he will def fuck you up with the nicest smile. Otherwise, best dude. So loyal. Another side note, he and Sousuke are roomies.

Haru is that kid where no one is sure what house he’s in. Like, he’s lazy enough that he never has his tie on despite Makoto trying his damndest. He never actually stays in a single dorm. With the Iwatobi four all being in different houses he’s always seen in a different one. He doesn’t have the ambition, he’s only loyal to his like four friends, and let’s be honest, Haru isn’t the bravest little toaster when it comes to facing stuff he doesn’t want to. That only leaves Ravenclaw, which no one, not even the professors, is 100% sure that he is. He’s spacy, never seems to do any work, and really does the minimum in anything that doesn’t have to do with swimming.
No one remembers the Sorting Ceremony either for some reason, besides Makoto. Little 11 year old Haru sitting on the Sorting stool, as soon as the hat is placed on his head, “Can I be in Ravenclaw?” “But why child?” “I like blue. It’s like the water. Did you know-” And then he proceeds to inform the Sorting Hat about ever piece of ocean knowledge that his little 11 year old self knows. The Sorting Hat has to stop him, “Remember little one, others need to be sorted too. You can tell me more later. Into Ravenclaw he goes.

He has a bad habit of breaking into places as well. Mainly the other dorms when he wants to see someone, but also the headmaster’s office. He’s not doing anything bad, so the headmaster lets him. The Sorting Hat appreciates the company