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My first Mino scenario. I honestly really enjoyed writing this and i had a lot of fun doing it. I really hope you guys like it, feedback is much appreciated as always so please don’t hesitate. 

A/N: disgustingly fluffy bc i live for fluffy cliches okay fight me. this is my first mino scenario so if you like it let me know if i should write more for him

Pairing: Song Mino x reader
Genre: fluff, smut
Word count: 12,791 (idek man mino did things to me)

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Thanks for those Shouri gifs, made my day. So awkward but oh sooo adorable lmao

Soooooooo awkward…

Honestly he tries so hard to be this cool, suave, sexy Kuroo, but he’s also literally the cast member with some of the funniest bloopers I’ve ever seen.  And the most.  That jacket drop in Revival… multiple times now across Revival, Winners and Losers, and now Summer of Evolution, I saw at least one live show where he trips!  And in one viewing of SoE, he just ran into a set piece he was supposed to duck behind and it really… made his “super cool” blocking instruction significantly less dramatic and cool.  

I adore Alan Rickman and his performance as Snape was some of the most powerful acting I’ve ever seen but I feel like him being an older actor who’s dripping with poise and stoicism may have made the character seem less mean, because I’m inclined to trust Alan Rickman and assume he knows what he’s doing. If I were remaking the movies today, I’d cast Martin Starr as Snape, or perhaps Adam Driver. I’d ask Martin to play Snape exactly like his character on Party Down and Adam to play Snape just like Kylo Ren. Maybe if the character looked as young as he was and had just a little less gravitas and composure, he’d seem less like a strict teacher and more like a genuinely unpleasant person.

Anonymous asked: Dean and Cas, best friends since they were 5 years old, are going on a camping trip to celebrate graduating high school. Cas has to share a tent with Dean ‘cause it starts raining and it turns out his tent has a hole. (his older brother Gabriel made the hole because he’s sick of the two of them pining for each other) Maybe a bit of mild smut ensues? Or can be fluff with sexual tension, too.

Author's note: Mostly fluff, implied sexual activities, but nothing explicit. 

The rain was pounding roughly against the canvas of Dean’s tent; not exactly the ideal weather for a camping trip, but it bothered him less than it should. After all, he had plenty of awesome things to look forward to, and a little bit of rain was not going to get in the way of his good mood.

Dean had officially graduated a few days ago, and ahead of him now was a long summer vacation, which he got to spend with his best friend. Speaking of that best friend; Dean wondered if Castiel was still awake as well…

The only regret Dean was having at the moment, was that the two of them had gotten separate tents for their little adventure. Castiel had insisted that he didn’t want to invade Dean’s personal space, but deep down, Dean was all for Cas invading it.

For someone who despised chick flicks, Dean sure was doing one hell of a job at being smack in the middle of one; he had been crushing on his best friend for ages now, but he didn’t want to risk their friendship, and so he’d kept it to himself. Still, that didn’t stop Dean from feeling all warm and fuzzy inside whenever Castiel was close to him, or whenever Cas smiled at him. That smile alone could bring world peace and cure every disease possible, if you asked Dean…

The sudden sound of the zipper of Dean’s tent startled him, effectively chasing away all of those forbidden thoughts about his best friend. That was until Cas’ disgruntled face poked through the opening, his dark hair dripping wet.

“Dean! I don’t mean to bother you, but it appears that there’s a hole in the roof of my tent… Everything is soaked… My pillow, my sleeping bag, me…” Cas paused, giving Dean a pleading look.

Dean snapped out of his trance, realizing that it was still freaking pouring outside, and he got up into a sitting position and hastily motioned for Cas to get inside.

“Dude, come on in! You don’t have to ask! You’re gonna freeze out there.” Dean said, scooting to the side of the tent to make room for Castiel.

The tent technically wasn’t made for two people, but it was manageable, and Castiel climbed inside with a grateful sigh. Dean securely zipped the tent back up once Castiel was in, then turned on the flashlight to check out the damage.

Cas hadn’t been exaggerating; he looked like he’d just gone for a swim with his pajamas still on. His sad blue eyes were staring at Dean, a pout forming around the lips that Dean had fantasized about more than once.

Dean sighed, knowing that his next idea was not one of his better ones, but it was the only one his brain provided him with. “You’re gonna get a cold, buddy. You’d better get out of those wet clothes, you can borrow one of my shirts to wear.”

Castiel nodded without saying a word, and Dean quickly averted his gaze, instead turning to his duffle bag to search for a shirt. Dean tried so hard not to think about Cas stripping right beside him. He tried so hard not to think about what it would be like, seeing Cas while he was wearing one of Dean’s shirts. This was the kind of stuff that was usually reserved for Dean’s dreams and secret fantasies, but this time, Dean knew that he was very much awake.

He found a simple shirt for Cas to put on, and he passed it to his friend while deliberately not looking in Castiel’s direction.

“Thank you, Dean.” Cas quietly said.

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Fic: Klaine Advent Day 1: “Anniversary”

A/N: I’m going to write a continuous story in 24 chapters throughout the month. It’s gonna have a title too as soon as I can think of one.

“This is ridiculous,” Blaine says, struggling uselessly against Sam’s vice-like grip on his wrist as his best friend enthusiastically pulls him along down the crowded New York sidewalk. “Let me go! I want to go home!”

Sam bounces a little on his feet, shakes his head so his too-long hair flies all around his face as he beams back at Blaine. “It’s tradition! You can’t bail on tradition!”

“It’s a ridiculous tradition,” Blaine points out. “And does it really count as one if it’s only the second time?”

“Of course it counts,” Sam says absentmindedly, strides straight through a group of middle-aged people gathered outside a bakery – Blaine hastily throws apologies left and right as people hop out of Sam’s way looking terrified. “What would you even want at home?”

“I have plans.”

Sam snorts. “Meaning you want to eat cronuts in your pajamas and read Star Wars fanfiction.”

Blaine sticks his chin out, head held high. “So I have plans with myself. They’re still important!”

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I always gush about Connor, but I really think Wes is the most groundbreaking character on the show. I don’t remember ever having seen a black male being cast in the “‘innocent,’ bumbling, adorable boy-next-door” role as a main character, so it’s really really really refreshing to see Wes in this role.

And honestly, if you don’t think he turned out to be the best-looking member of the Harry Potter cast, you are probably low-key racist because Alfie Enoch is just so objectively-pleasant to look at.

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