he is the doctor for excellence

It’s the day after they’ve officially become… them. The very next day. A day that should be brighter and gentler and more beautiful than any other day that there has ever been.

And yet today, of all fucking days, is when some godforsaken woman decides it’s an excellent day to hit on John Watson and Sherlock cannot breathe around the suffocating swirl of emotional turmoil currently attempting to swallow him whole.

The knee-jerk reaction of course is fury. How dare someone approach his John like that? With such boldness and flare, like somehow this stupid woman thinks John is available for her to ogle, like he’s giving off some vibe that he is available, like she’s seen some hidden sign that yes this doctor is obtainable and yes she’s more than welcome to feast her eyes all over his compact frame. 

Which naturally leads to jealousy because what the fuck? Is John giving off a vibe that he’s available? Is he coming off open for this type of blatant attention? Does this woman think she stands a chance because John is letting her think that? Is he still allowing the female population, and all other interested parties for that matter, believe that he is not in fact involved with one consulting detective?

And with that last thought, worry rolls its way down said detective’s back and Sherlock is starting to sweat. Is this how it’s going to be for the rest of their lives? Is this what he’s meant to watch for all time? Every woman and man alike finding John, Sherlock’s John mind you, Sherlock’s man, somehow eligible for partnership? And what if John returns the sentiment? What if John is still keeping his options open? What if John finds someone kinder? Someone softer? Someone better than Sherlock Holmes?

Oh Christ, the panic is settling in now, the all-consuming fear that this isn’t actually forever for the two of them, that this isn’t going to be the two of them against the rest of the world in every way possible. It’s a terrifying prospect, the very worst kind of betrayal, the possibility of having this and then losing it to some faceless, nameless person is just too much to bear, it’s just… it’s just…

And right when Sherlock is edging into spinning territory, thoughts twisting themselves up tight enough to smother him entirely, John does something. Something to put every unsettled thought in Sherlock’s head at ease in the span of a breath. Something so spectacular it makes Sherlock’s knees weak with relief and gratitude and so much goddamn love for this man.

John shifts himself out of range of the overeager woman, smiling gently and stepping away and out of reach, nodding politely but firmly and pointing a strong finger at Sherlock. “My apologies m’am,” John says kindly, “but I believe my partner needs my assistance." 

“Partner?” The woman bats her irritatingly long eyelashes flirtatiously, taking a step to follow John in his retreat and Sherlock hates her fiercely. “Are you police officers?”

“Nope,” John smiles tightly, taking another step away and waving a hand between himself and Sherlock. “Just a Detective and his humble Doctor. And boyfriend. If you’ll excuse me.” 

And then he’s at Sherlock’s side, hand placed firmly at the small of Sherlock’s back, a soft smile on his face and confirmation written in his blue eyes, somehow sensing Sherlock’s discomfort and moving quickly to ease it without making a spectacle. "Alright?” he murmurs gently, dropping a kiss to Sherlock’s cheek, lips lingering long  enough to solidify any and all doubts away with that single touch.

In the end, Sherlock doesn’t even feel the need to watch the horribly embarrassed woman shuffle off in silence, completely lost in the man beside him, the swell of affection a wave he will happily drown in.

“Yes, John,” Sherlock replies with a grin. “Thank you.”

NCT reacts to you getting very ill

(hyungline reaction)

Jaehyun: Jaehyun would be so considerate, he would wrap you up in blankets and make soup for you and keep checking on your every 5 seconds minutes. He’ll keep check of your temperature incase you get a fever, he’ll give you your medicines on time and will feed you all sorts of healthy but bad tasting food. He’ll laugh at you when your cringe at the taste but he knows it’s healthy for you so he’ll make you finish the meals.

Taeil: Taeil would be so upset about your health. He’ll keep asking you how you feel and if you want to go to the doctor. He doesn’t excel a lot in cooking so he asks his mom for soup recipes and makes the worst soup for you. It’s so bad that he ends up ordering some food for you at last. He’d stay next to you all the time, making sure you rest well.

Johnny: Johnny would watch movies with you because you being sick got him a day off from work, he’d make the most out of it. He’ll order pizza and binge watch a comedy series with you. He’ll allow you to rest in his lap as he cuddles you and runs his hands through your hair. He’ll rush to get you necessary medicine and healthy food. He’ll stay up all night and get you water when you need it, help you walk to the bathroom, play your favorite movie and what not.

Yuta: Yuta would ask you what lead you to this condition. ‘Did you drink too many fizzy drinks?’ ‘Did you shower in cold water?’ He blames you for making him miss his work and he is mad at you for being so careless but he softens up seeing you not being able to speak. He gets you food to give you some energy and he feeds you himself, he combs your hair, checks your temperature, makes your your room is warm and helps you sleep when you can’t because of headache.

Ten: Ten would snuggle up next to you and stay there for eternity, he will always be by your side, asking you if you feel better and irritating you by asking too many questions. He’s be very upset because he doesn’t really know how to look after a sick person so he googles it up. He’ll cook for you and surprisingly he does it well. He does everything well and he’s so relieve when you recover.

Hansol: He doesn’t know shit about anything. He’d panic and look up the symptoms of your illness on the internet and get convinced that you are either pregnant or you are going to die. He would cry when he looks at you and it would be just like those hospital scenes from dramas and movies where the male lead regrets all the things he has done. He’s afraid he’ll catch flu from you so he’ll stay away from you, scared for his life.

Taeyong: Taeyong would be the most caring. He would cook you tasty food, give your medicines on time and attend you often. He would literally become a mom. He’ll make an appointment right away and keep nagging like a mom. ‘You never clean your space I always tell you to, now see you’re all sick you dirty brat!’ He would lay next to you watching you all night and get worried when you move during your sleep. ‘omg are you having a bad dream? well good for you you never clean up’ he would be the most caring, he’ll changee the thermostat according to your body temperature, clean off the sweat from your forehead and change your clothes in your sleep so you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Doyoung: When he’ll see you all warm and drowsy on your bed he’ll get so concerned. He’ll get so quiet and sad because he can’t see you like that. He’ll make coffee for you and make sure you are relaxed in every way. He’ll probably be mad at you for being so careless but he loves you way too much. He’ll get you an appointment as soon as possible and will stay with you until you fully recover.

Winwin: Winwin will get too worried. He can’t cook, he doesn’t know anything. He’ll go to Taeyong for help and end up writing down tips from Taeyong and still mess up everything. He doesn’t know how to use a thermometer or turn on a stove. But in the end he still takes good care of you by asking Taeyong to make him soup.

Kun: Kun will be the most considerate just like Jaehyun. He’ll cook fancy but healthy meals, take care of you in every way and make sure you are comfortable. He believes that his recipes are more effective than medicines.

Can we talk about-

episode 14 of Sonic X?  The one where Sonic blows off the PRESIDENT to keep a promise he made with this girl Helen!

That alone speaks volumes about Sonic’s character! He values everyone equally and promises clearly mean serious business to him.

But let’s talk more about Helen. She’s a elementary aged girl with a disability that confines her to a wheelchair. She desires to visit an island that her father told her has an abundance of beautiful flowers, but her father is stuck working long hours in order to provide her with everything she needs (doctors, wheelchair, ect.) so he has been unable to take her. Like how real is that situation!? 

I love the fact that even though she has this disability, she is still able to go on this amazing adventure with Sonic! You don’t need me to tell you that it’s important for children to be able to identify with characters and I think Sonic X excelled in this particular episode.

And the end had me tearing up when Helen is retelling her adventure with great enthusiasm and her parents realize they have been sheltering her and thinking her not as capable as “normal” children. Holy smokes that is beautiful stuff right there!

I honestly wish she would have been the protagonist instead of Chris. She is more interesting and I feel like she could have been a character tons of kids looked up too!


12th: “How in the world have you two idiots not manage to screw up the past, present, and future?” 
Ted: “I don’t know old dude, we don’t really think, we just do.” 

Home pt. 2 - Recovery

A/N: Here it is.  The much-anticipated, much requested continuation of the knee surgery blurb, Home. Thank you to my amazing crew for helping me flesh this out and offering their support and editing!  Enjoy!

Four weeks.  You were four weeks post-op from your knee surgery, and you were on the verge of pulling out your hair.  The doctors had declared the surgery a success, but the amount of constant pain you felt begged to differ. Niall had been attentive and sweet, catering to your every need.  It had actually started to get on your nerves.  He had the bandage change schedule set in his phone.  Each time the “ding” sounded on his phone, he came into the room with a full-blown first aid kit at the ready.  If he hadn’t been a pop star, he would’ve made an excellent nurse with his soft touch and attention to detail.  

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Why a Yale neuroscientist decided to change careers — and is now becoming a priest
Scientists-turned-seminarians like Jaime Maldonado-Aviles, who plans to apply his background to shape a role for himself in bioethics, are especially valuable in ministry these days.
By https://www.facebook.com/julie.zauzmer

“Even as he sought the truth day in and day out, peering into mice brains in the lab to figure out the mysteries of addiction and depression, Jaime Maldonado-Aviles was filled with uncertainty.

Was this what he should be doing with his life? As he excelled in school, earned a post-doctoral position at Yale, and won prestigious fellowships, Maldonado-Aviles wondered: Is this what God wants from me?

Eventually, the calling he felt from God became too powerful to ignore. The promising neuroscientist left the Ivy League research laboratory — and entered seminary at Catholic University of America in Northeast D.C. to become a priest.

“This constant intuition — I almost want to say nagging — that maybe I was called to serve in a different way… it was always frequent,” he said. “At different times the question would come back: If I see myself 90 years old, close to death, would I say to myself, ‘I should have entered seminary’?”

He entered. And now, within the church, he hopes to help Catholics understand scientists, and scientists understand Catholics.”

Never Again

A/N: I was randomly inspired by this awesome song when it came on shuffle in the car. Enjoy Queens ♥

TW: Domestic violence.

Standing in front of the mirror by the door, Spencer glanced once more at his hair, tucking a rebellious few strands behind his ear. He’d looked forward to dinner at Rossi’s again, being in good company with excellent wine and food. Once satisfied that his appearance was suitable for the evening, he reached for the door handle, pulling it open and stepping through it in a single motion. With so much distraction, the young doctor nearly walked right into you as you turned the corner at the top of the stairs.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Y/N,” he pleaded, glancing from you to the small boy holding your hand. “Hey, kiddo!”

“Hi Spencer,” your son replied, half hiding his face in his coat.

“It’s ok,” you chuckled, knowing you were just as much at fault for trying to hurry home. “Off out somewhere nice? You’re looking smart.”

“Oh, just dinner at a colleague’s house,” he replied with his sweet smile. “He’s kind of well off so I always feel a little underdressed.”

“Well, you look just fine to me.”

The words had barely left your lips when a bad feeling swept over you, followed immediately by the sound of the lock clicking on your front door; just a little way down the hall. Three sets of eyes looked up to the door as he stumbled outward, fists clenched and rage in his eyes.

“Y/N,” he slurred. “Get your ass in here…” Such a charming man that your husband had become.

“I’m coming,” you replied sweetly, turning to Spencer one last time. “Enjoy your meal.”

Spencer stood watching as both mother and son scurried forward as quickly as they could, till the door slammed shut behind them. The husbands low and angry voice could be heard, raised enough to seep venomously through the walls but never enough to understand.

He’s drunk again, it’s time to fight
She must have done something wrong tonight
The living room becomes a boxing ring
It’s time to run when you see him clenching his hands
She’s just a woman, never again

The clock pinged, jolting Spencer to reality. A hardbacked book slid from his chest and thudded against the rug at his feet. He blinked, trying to bring the room into focus as quickly as he could. Just how late was it?

Then came another dull thud, causing the now alert agent to look around himself, thinking something else had fallen nearby. But there was nothing, just the book that had already fallen. As Spencer leant forward, reaching downward for the book, there was another noise. This time a series of thuds in rapid succession.

Something wasn’t right, a feeling deep in his stomach that he tended to follow in times of uncertainty. Out in the hallway came a muffled voice of a man shouting, followed by a woman’s scream and another, even louder thud.

Leaping to his feet, Spencer darted for the door with little regard for his own safety. The door flew open and the light of his apartment flooded the small space before him. As he craned his neck around the door, he could see you, curled against the wall by your door. The sound of whimpering prompted him to open his mouth but you didn’t want to hear it.

“Sp…sp…encer…g…g…go back to… to bed,” you cried, shielding your face from his sight but Spencer continued forward. He couldn’t see you, not like this. Not while your son was still in there with… him.

Before the young man before you could reach out to help, you raised up, yanked open the door and returned to whatever hell might await you. Spencer was left in the darkness of the hall, his lips parted in shock. What had he just witnessed?

I hear her scream from down the hall
Amazing she can even talk at all
She cries to me go back to bed
I’m terrified that she’ll wind up dead in his hands
She’s just a woman, never again

“I’m telling you, there’s something going on and I can’t just stand there and let it happen,” he said, lifting the coffee to his lips. JJ shifted uneasily as they walked through the brightly lit corridor. The case they were helping with had ended abruptly with a shooting and both unsub and victim were receiving treatment in the local hospital. “But I’ve not actually seen anything, so…”

“Be careful, Spence,” she advised, looking at him sympathetically. “If you’re wrong then it could be very damaging to accuse something like that… and if he is violent, then you could make things worse in the meantime.”

“I know but…” Spencer started but almost choked up. “I’ve seen things like this end so badly before, but we usually only see the aftermath… seeing it happening and being powerless to do anything without evidence…”

“If she needs help, does she know she can come to you?” asked JJ, to which Spencer nodded.

Been there before but not like this
Seen it before but not like this
Never before have I ever seen it this bad
She’s just a woman, never again

The pair rounded the corner but Spencer grabbed JJ by the shoulder and dragged her back. The look of surprise on her face was accompanied by the urge to shout at him but the look of horror on his was enough to silence her.

“Spence?” she asked.

“He’s there, around the corner,” he explained, leaning his head around to see.

“In the waiting room?” asked JJ.


“Ok, I have an idea,” replied JJ after a moment of thought. “I want you to find out if Y/N is here while I distract him.”


“No buts, Spence, just go.” With that, JJ rounded the corner and headed straight for him.

Looking back, Spencer saw the nurse’s station, attended by two young women in scrubs. If there was a record of Y/N’s room number, it’d be there. With a deep swallow, he built up the courage to move over to one of the young women.

“Excuse me,” he said faintly before clearing his throat of nerves. “Hi, my name is Dr Reid and I’m with the FBI… I wondered if you could tell me which room Y/N is in.”

Two sets of eyes flicked from his face to his FBI vest and then to the badge that Spencer had pulled from his pocket, verifying he was who he said he was. Once it was confirmed, the pair looked to each other and then back to him.

“Has she told the truth?” asked one of them.

“The truth?” asked Spencer in reply.

The door creaked open, causing you to look up in fear and embarrassment but Spencer was the last person you expected to see staring back at you. Instinctively you tried to hide your face but it was too late, he’d already seen it. The painful swelling on the side of your face was too obvious to hide in the harsh light of day anyway. As he stepped further into the room, the small young woman who’d been treating you followed.

“It’s not what it looks like,” you said, trying to defend something you knew was wrong.

“And what does it look like?” he asked, his hand moving to grip the strap of his satchel.

“I… I slipped in the bathroom last night…” you answer, looking away from him.

“Y/N, if there’s anything…”

“There isn’t anything to tell, Spencer.”

He was about to argue when another face rounded the door. The face that had been sat out in the waiting room for what had been hours. As your husband looked around the room, his expression changed from fake concern to anger.

“Can we help you?” he asked Spencer, who suddenly felt a rush of courage in the face of danger; like he’d been given determination by his own anger.

“Not at all, I was here anyway and I saw Y/N coming back from an exam,” he said calmly. “Slipping in the bathroom can be quite dangerous.”

“I warned her… she’s clumsy,” he spoke through gritted teeth. “Will this take much longer?”

The nurse was about to answer but Spencer was too determined to get Y/N away from him. He had to get him to leave and he took his chance.

“If you need to be somewhere, I can give Y/N a ride home,” he smiled, tucking his lips inward to try and hide how fake it was. “We can pick up your boy on the way too, I guess.”

The offer took Y/N’s husband by surprise, not knowing just how to take it but deep down he thought she was wasting his time here anyway.

“Yeah,” was all he managed as he slipped back from view.

Just tell the nurse you slipped and fell
It starts to sting as it starts to swell
She looks at you, she wants the truth
It’s right out there in the waiting room with those hands
Lookin’ just as sweet as he can, never again

As the lock clicked and the latch flicked across, the door creaked open. A single hand moved inside to flick on the light before the rest of you stepped across the threshold. Behind you, Spencer stepped inside, looking around himself having never actually seen the inside of another apartment within his building.

As you placed your keys down on the kitchen counter, your free hand flicked the switch on the kettle. Being kind enough to drive you home, let alone pick up your son on the way, was deserving of a cup of coffee at the very least.

“Go on,” you said softly, looking at the little boy who was hovering at the FBI agent’s legs. “Shoes, coat then room.”

“Aww,” came the defeated response as the young boy trudged away.

“You don’t have to…” started Spencer but you held up a hand to wave off his objections; so he changed the subject. “Wanna tell me what really happened?”

You paused, the image of the fist flashing in your head causing you to shudder and move a hand to the swelling on your cheek. If you told him, could he get you both away? Could he really protect you both or would it destroy the life of an innocent child?

“I…” was all that came before the sound of a door opening stopped you in your tracks.

“Took you long enough,” came a slurred voice from behind Spencer. The young doctor turned quickly to see your husband standing in the open doorway. “Think about running away with him, did you? Think you could take my son with you?”

The drunk staggered forward, causing Spencer to take steps backwards toward you. Both of his fists were clenched and his eyes look right through Spencer as if they were burning a hole to see you. The standoff was silent but terrifying.

“No one’s doing anything,” said Spence. “I brought your wife and son home, just like I offered.”

“What do you want? A medal?” he asked. “Mr. FBI”

“It’s Doctor and you’re drunk,” said Spencer sternly which was met with a feigned impression.

“Whatever,” he spat. “You can go now. I need to talk to my wife… alone.”

“Y/N, do you want me to go?” asked Spencer. Panic set in. If you said yes then it would enrage your husband but if you said no, there was no telling what he could do without witnesses. At that moment, your little boy, the one thing that actually mattered to you now, came running from his room to stand in front of the FBI agent.

“Spencer, Spencer,” he shouted in excitement. “Show me the trick again!”

Your heart sank as you realised that this small, precious thing was now standing between danger and its target. In his innocence that little boy understood nothing of what went on but would most likely suffer the most from it. The mass of so-called manhood strode forward, pushing the child with a single hand to the face and sending him crashing to the floor. Spencer knew all he needed to know now.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to remain calm,” said Spencer, his hand hovering at his side, just above the revolver.

“Or what?” demanded your husband. “You gonna shoot me in front of my son? Gonna let him watch his father bleed?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t call you that,” said Spencer, a dark tone in his voice. “You don’t have the right to be called that. Not anymore.”

Father’s a name you haven’t earned yet
You’re just a child with a temper
Haven’t you heard don’t hit a lady
Kickin’ your ass would be a pleasure

The crying child, the raised voices, the pain, the threats, the anger, the violence, the memories. All of it swam around and around in your head till you felt sick. Sick of what you’d become. Sick of what he’d made you. Sick that you’d allowed it to happen for so long and felt trapped.

Before anyone could react, you had decided it wasn’t going to go that way ever again. Your hand moved quickly, with no attention on you as you pulled it from its holster. No one was able to stop you because no one had seen it coming. Your other and came to grip the butt as your arms raised. Your finger rested gently on the trigger and with one look straight down the iron sight you squeezed.

The flash was blinding. The explosion was deafening. The smell was choking. But the feeling was relief. Everything moved in slow motion. Spencer curling away and ducking. The expressionless face of your husband, calm for the first time in years as he dropped to his knees. Even your son had stopped crying in shock of the sound.

You released the breath that you’d been holding in for what seemed like hours. With the man you’d once loved laying face down on the carpet, you could finally lower your arms without fear of something striking your face. A smile crept across your lips and the revolver hit the floor hard.

Silence at last.
He’s drunk again, it’s time to fight
Same old shit, just on a different night
She grabs the gun, she’s had enough
Tonight she’ll find out how fuckin’ tough is this man
Pulls the trigger fast as she can, never again

Spencer picked up the gun, his eyes flicking from you to the man on the floor as he tried to piece together what had and what was about to happen. The first sound that actually broke through to you was the thudding of a young boy, no longer in danger but desperate to cling to his mother. With your arms wrapped tightly around him, you burst into tears.

“It’s ok, baby… it’s ok,” you whispered softly. “Never again.”

The young agent moved over to the man who lay face down, his fingers pressed to his neck for a moment before shaking his head. What would usually cause grief or anguish suddenly caused hope and relief. Pulling his phone from his pocket, Spencer stood up, moving over to the counter. With the phone pressed to his ear, Spencer pulled off a square of kitchen towel from a dispenser and moved further along the counter.

“Hi, JJ,” he said when the person on the other end finally picked up. “I’m gonna need you to come to the apartment opposite mine…” He opened up the square of kitchen towel and wrapped it around the handle of a knife in the block. “Yeah… ambulance and local PD…” As he pulled the knife free from the block he moved back over to the body on the floor. “We got back and he was already here, drunk… he had a knife…” Spencer knelt, pushing the knife into the dead man’s hand before standing and kicking it away. “Yeah… I warned him but he pushed the boy aside and came at us anyway…. Ok, thanks.”

There was nothing of what had happened that you’d been aware of since your son was in your arms, crying. All you could do was whisper the same thing over and over.

“Never again. Never again.”

The goofy, clumsy boy, but he tries very hard and is strong. 

BEST BOY!!! Sleek! Strong!!! Plastic!!!!!! Classic! 


A fucking inspirational fashion icon tbh. 

Feels organic, feels natural. Squat, mean, ready. Wish there was more art. 

Inorganic, unnatural. No. 

Faithful boy!!!! True boy!!! Excellent boy!!!!!


No Good With Words

A/N: Anon request for a Spencer x Reader, where the reader is almost smarter than him - at least in some respects. She’s ridden with anxiety and panic attacks, but when it comes to work, she’ll do what needs to be done. She also has a crush on the doctor, but she doesn’t know how to explain it to him, despite the fact that she has practically memorized the dictionary and thesaurus.  @coveofmemories


When you first started, Spencer seemed to have something against you. In time, you’d come to realize that he was threatened by your intelligence. Your IQ was two points higher than his. Although you excelled in different areas, your one area of commonality was statistics. 

When you realized he felt threatened by you, your anxiety shot into overdrive. Anxiety had always been an issue for you, but being the new girl made it worse. Since then, you’d become good friends with everyone on the team - Spencer included - but your panic attacks and anxiety hadn’t petered out at all. It didn’t help that you harbored an all-consuming love for the good doctor. Once he’d realized you were no threat to him, his job or his friends, you’d gotten close, trading nerdy statistics nearly every day.

However, the panic attacks were happening on almost every case for one reason or another. The last case was one of the worst. Spencer had put himself in the line of fire. The unsub was very much like him - made fun of a lot, desperate for love and attention and not well taken care of at home. He’d handed you his gun and walked straight towards the unsub, who had a gun of his own.

“Spencer, what are you doing?” you blurted out, watching as one of your best friends walked straight into the path of a loaded rifle. 

“Don’t shoot,” he said, walking towards him in an attempt to talk him down.

Once out of earshot, you had no idea what was happening. First the unsub put his gun down, then he picked it back up again, then it fell slightly down again. You couldn’t keep track and the not knowing was killing you, especially when Spencer knew exactly what he was doing. You knew he felt for the unsub, but dammit, this was dumb. As you watched the gun maneuver in the boy’s hands, your heart began racing. What if he didn’t come out of this? You’d become so close. Plus, you’d never told him how you felt about him. What if you never got to tell him? The tremors in your hands started to increase, the gun shaking uncontrollably. You had to calm yourself. If the unsub picked up his gun again, you needed to be ready to take him out - and your window of opportunity was very narrow. Your line of slight blurred just a bit as the boy picked up his gun once more, training it on Spencer.

Come on, Y/N, you said to yourself, steadying your trembling hands. “Spencer, down!” you screamed, as the unsub put his finger on the trigger. In a quick succession of events, Spencer dropped to the ground, the unsub switched his target to you, and you let loose a hail of bullets, hitting him square in the chest. 

Immediately, you ran toward the unsub, kicking the gun from his hand and checking his pulse. He was dead. “Spencer, are you okay?” you asked. You felt horrible you had to shoot the kid; Spencer really wanted to help him. But he wasn’t going to be talked down - you knew it as soon as he’d put his finger on the trigger.

“Yea, I’m okay,” he said, looking at the slight traces of blood that had splattered onto his clothes. He looked towards the unsub like he wanted to cry.

“I’m sorry, Spence,” you apologized, “but I couldn’t lose you.”

“It’s okay, Y/N,” he said dejected. But he wasn’t okay. He walked away in anger, leaving you to simmer in your anxiety.


Once back at the BAU, Spencer seemed to let things go. He knew what he did was dumb and he knew that you’d only done what you did to save his life. As the two of you finished your paperwork on the case, he turned to you. “Y/N, can I ask you something?” he asked, a look of trepidation on his face.

“Sure, Spencer,” you replied. “What is it?” Whenever you didn’t know what someone wanted to talk about, it made you anxious. How you hadn’t collapsed from fear and anxiety by now was beyond you.

“When you took out the unsub, you said ‘I couldn’t lose you.’ Not, ‘I didn’t want you to get hurt’ or ‘The unsub had his finger on the trigger,’ which he did. You specifically said, ‘I couldn’t lose you.’ Why?”

“I-I don’t know how to explain, Spence,” you sputtered. You knew facts, not feelings. Feelings were difficult to explain and you didn’t have them - romantic ones anyway - for many people, so explaining them was beyond your capabilities.

“You have an IQ of 189, Y/N. There has to be a way to explain,” he insisted.

“I meant what I said, Spence,” you started, the pain in your chest intensifying. He wanted to hear your answer, but you weren’t sure how he’d react. Again, uncertainty was a bitch. “You’re special to me. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You started shaking slightly, afraid to be so vulnerable. “Over the years, you’ve become one of the few people I can be myself with, one of the few people that enjoys my company, despite how weird and annoying I can be…you’re one of the few people I feel comfortable with and I don’t wanna lose that,” you said, looking up to see that his look had softened. It was too difficult to beat around the bush, so you just said exactly how you felt. “Spence…I’m…I’m in love with you.” You face heated up in embarrassment - you were sure your face was as red as a tomato.

“Why didn’t you say so?” he whispered, reaching out to grab your hand.

“I’m not good with words, Spence. Not unless they’re factual. Feelings aren’t my thing,” you rambled.

“I know how you feel,” he smiled, grasping your hand a little tighter. “I’m not really good with them either, plus I get all nervous taking to people I like.“

“I get that,” you laughed, the tightness in your chest easing away a little bit.

He turned his chair towards you, grabbing your other hand. “Just so you know, your feelings are reciprocated. I-I love you too.”

A warm smile spread across your face, the shakiness in your being dissipating completely. As you leaned into him, you looked around the make sure no one would catch you - that still made you nervous - but once the coast was clear, you pressed your lips to his - feeling the most comfortable and at ease you had ever been.

Smallness Is Close To Cuteness

“Doctor can we go back to Earth for a bit? I need to get more clothes.” The Doctor turned away from the TARDIS console to his petite companion and smiled warmly. He nodded then turned back and inputted the co-ordinates for Earth. The TARDIS began to shake slightly as it whirled with energy. The two friends held onto the console tightly so as not to fall. Eventually the TARDIS stilled and the two let go and made their way to the door. The Doctor arrived there first and held the door open.

“After you my excellent companion.” He bowed slightly in a joking manner. (Y/N) giggled and walked through the door into the street that was all too familiar to them. They turned to watch the Doctor locking the TARDIS and waited for him. He finished and turned around, a kind smile on his face. “Shall we go?” (Y/N) nodded and looped arms with him. The two walked down the pavement and through the estate until they reached (Y/N)’s house. They pulled out their necklace that held their house key and pulled it from their neck. They opened the door quickly and disabled the alarm system that had been left on by (Y/N)’s family.

“I’m gonna get my stuff. You can wait here if you want or you can come upstairs with me.”

“I’ll wait here. Your cat will be somewhere so I’ll find her.” (Y/N) nodded and made their way upstairs. The Doctor made his way into the living room and spent time observing the photos of (Y/N) and her family. He smiled when he came across the first photo he was present in and picked it up. The photo was taken on the same day as (Y/N) had decided to travel with him and it had been an amazing day.
He was pulled out of his daydream when he heard a loud bang from upstairs. Sparked into action, he sprinted up the stairs and ran into (Y/N)’s room. He walked through the open door to see (Y/N) collecting things from the floor and placing them in a box.

“You okay?” (Y/N) jumped in surprise and turned to face him.

“You scared me to death! I was trying to get a jumper from the top of my wardrobe but I couldn’t reach and this box fell. Can you get it for me while I finish putting these away?” The Doctor stared for a moment but slowly began to laugh. (Y/N) watched on for a moment in confusion. “What’s so funny?” The Doctor slowly stopped laughing but kept a wide smile on his face.

“Oh nothing. It’s just cute.”

“Cute? What’s cute?” A smile began to grow on (Y/N)’s face because of the Doctor’s.

“You’re cute. You knew you couldn’t reach it but tried anyway. Human perseverence is as fantastic.” He moved to the wardrobe and grabbed the jumper with ease and put it on the small pile of the clothes he assumed they were taking with them. “Is that everything?”

“Yeah, I just need to leave a note for them to find so they don’t freak out when they see that my room’s a mess.” (Y/N) stood and grabbed the clothes with one around and wrapped the other around the Doctor. “Let’s go.”


(Requested by Anon) 
(Request: Imagine Carlisle teaching you ballroom dancing + Imagine getting ready for a formal event and Carlisle teaches you ballroom dancing + Imagine you wanted to learn ball-room dancing so you applied for the lessons and Carlisle goes as your partner. As time passes, you are made aware of the feelings you have for him.)

You were pretty embarrassed. It seemed like all of the Cullens had class and knew how to dance except for you. Hell, you were pretty sure Bella could dance better than you. So when Alice told you that everyone was going to be dancing at Bella and Edward’s wedding… well, you decided you needed to learn.

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Gavin loved playing the crews deal maker. Every so often Geoff trusted gavin with the role of negotiatior, and he was pretty damn good at it. The only reason gavin wasn’t a first choice is Caleb had far better connections so it made it easier to find a deal. But, Caleb was their full time doctor and a part time nurse at Los Santos Hospital. He was busy, and Gavin often wasn’t.

That’s how the brit ended up sitting in front of various opportunities with Meg and Ryan just behind him on several occasions. While Gav was a negotiations expert, Ryan was excellent at interrogations, and Meg was right in the middle. Anywhere a charming smile and golden tongue couldn’t get Gavin, Megs lash-batting and Ryans knuckle cracking did. Of course, things could easily go south for their criminal empire, so the Vagabond and Dollface pulled weapons out and forced what they wanted out of the person on the other side of the table; it was Gavin’s favourite game.

Ryan and Meg were the best, which no one suspected at first glance. They saw a pretty little face with multi coloured hair and a masked man with a ponytail. The best interrogators in the country, however, were gruesome. It was often when Meg walked into a room, a man would tell her to smile. She did, of course, when slowly dissecting their mind and body simultaneously. Ryan took his mask off while working, showing his victims his neatly painted face that sent chills down their spine as it snapped.

Gavin’s squeamishness made him exit their impromptu interrogation room within minutes. He waited outside where he could still hear the slicing and screaming and Megs little giggles, which was the scariest sound out of them all.

anonymous asked:

So, the prison doctor who assigned your Megamind as male was pretty decent. How do you think it would have affected his self-identity if he'd been assigned female? (For that matter how would it have affected his interactions with Metro Man and Roxanne?)

An excellent question! I’ve written a fic; it’ll be in my next post :D

Rules: List 5 fandom facts about yourself and then tag 5 people.

I was tagged by @celinamarniss. I don’t know what fandom facts are so I did my best??

1. Most of my earliest fandoms can be blamed on @afgurri, who was and always has been excellent at knowing just what he needs to say or show me to get me hooked on something. He got me into Firefly by showing me “Shindig,” for example. He started me on that, Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, literally all anime, and Sandman (and thus: comics). I’ve gotten him into plenty of nonsense in return.

2. The earliest fanfic I wrote was for Gundam Wing. I wrote two little fics, both of which are still out there. I reread them every few years, and stand by them.

3. The fic I’m proudest of is Extra Whip, but my fave thing I’ve written is currently the ace attorney fic. Whenever it gets kudos I want to find the person responsible and hug them.

4. The most prolific period of my fanfic writing career was when I was the loneliest I had ever been. Wrote a shit ton of Parks & Rec and Inception fic tho. It was also when I really started interacting with fandom on LJ and tumblr! Thanks for keeping me alive, Parks & Rec and Inception pals.

5. When I got into Stargate, i did it in the most ass-backwards way imaginable. I decided to pick SGA up when Jewel Staite joined the cast, so I went to borders to get a box set (HOW WE DID BACK THEN), but they only had season 2. Bought it anyway, which started with a Part 3. We watched it anyway, then continued on to the new season on tv, then later doubled back and watched season 1. Still later, I saw the SERIES FINALE of sg-1 on tv, decided I’d like to watch it after all, and through a combo of box sets Adam already owned and me shelling out for the giant complete series box, watched all 10 seasons of the show in about a month. While also working retail full time. It was extremely foolish, probably.

Ok that’s enough of that I’m tagginggggg @scullyseviltwin, @spicycheeser, @notcaycepollard, @bookgeekgrrl, and @ratherembarrassing


Hansol being a caring hyung to a curious jisung