he is the cutest thing ive ever seen

rogelio de la vega is honestly the best male character ive ever seen on television 

  • he doesnt give a shit about masculinity. moisturizing, avocado masks, etc.
  • the episode where he realizes how attractive rafael was, and he was so unapologetic about it.
  • he openly became best friends with his daughter’s lover, instead of trying to act like that stereotypical father thats mean to the man his daughter dates.
  • him renaming his grandson, matelio. 
  • his obsession with twitter.
  • he puts his family first all the time, i literally want to cry, he’s such a good man. 
  • he compliments people in the cutest way ever. :(
  • he loves shopping for clothes.
  • he knows the importance of lighting when it comes to photo taking.
  • ‘why are you so afraid of having your pelvis touch mine?’
  • his dedication to concealer is the greatest thing ive ever seen. 
  • when he left the AC running for 30 minutes and explained by saying ‘i didnt want your makeup to run’ on jane’s wedding day, what a dad! 
  • he owns up to his mistakes whenever he can. ie: when he told xo to get an abortion. 
  • he knows damn well that he can dance. 
  • HIS SKIN CARE DEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • when he payed for jane’s education and literally set up a fake scholarship so she wouldn’t find out that the money was coming from him, like come on…
  • him constantly calling michael is best friend :( 
  • his moment of blatantly checking out rafael’s ass on the elevator one time after saying ‘i never realized how attractive you were until now’
  • again, he doesn’t give a shit about masculinity. 

Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Radcliffe being extremely cute on the set of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2′

FMA Live Action Anime Expo Panel

Okay so we weren’t allowed electronics out for most of the panel so this from memory (and on mobile so rip formatting) but BASICALLY the panel started with showing us the first trailer, then an interview with Ed’s actor and the director, then they showed us this long montage of new footage with music overlayed (!!!!), and then there was a short Q&A (which we could video so there will probably be footage of that going around but I didn’t video bc I was in line to ask a question)
Ed’s actor’s first thought after being offered the part was “wow I guess it’s finally paying off that I was never tall”
Scar and Armstrong will both be in this movie, but probably moreso in Part 2
They’re definitely intending to make more movies
They read a letter from Arakawa that was very nice and sweet and said she had seen the movie and likes it
Oh my gosh when they said they had a message from Arakawa the message part got cut off at first bc when they started talking about her everyone thought they meant SHE was here and started screaming
Looks like it’s cutting off around the Lab 5 arc? I didn’t quite catch what he said but I think that was the idea
Al is done completely with CGI but Al’s actor would stand where Al would be during the scenes so Ed’s actor said that throughout the process of filming he was able to feel like he was actually working with Alphonse
Okay so most of the footage from the first trailer is from the Loire arc and specifically from Ed’s final fight with Cornello
Including that shot of Al that was going around
Also apparently Roy is going to be in the Loire arc bc?? Reasons????? And he really dramatically sets the fake philosopher’s stone on fire
Also when Roy picks up the stone we see his gloves and that’s the first shot of him and I started cheering but I was the ONLY one no one else cheered until we panned to his face it was embarrassing
Winry is going to be brunette (and I think she’s the only blonde character not dying their hair that we saw???) and had the CUTEST DRESS YOU’VE EVER SEEN in this one shot honestly she’s SO CUTE
More footage of Nina and Alexander than my heart needed
There was a shot of Lust confronting Hughes before his death and everyone screamed
REALLY COOL footage of Roy using Flame Alchemy and sending a ton of flames against a backdrop of fire
There was a confusing shot of someone before that who looked a lot like Envy running and being completely caught on fire so I’m not sure if they’re changing things around or????
Riza walked up in front of a bunch of soldiers and kneeled down with them and got ready to shoot and everyone was screaming I almost cried SHE LOOKED SO GOOD it was A Lot
Ed pulls off his automail at one point it looked intense as hell
That’s all I can think of right now asdfghjkl it looks so good guys I’m so excited


some littler things i noticed while spending almost 2 hours in junkertown

  • roadhog and junkrat are Bad Boys and their pictures are everywhere
  • roadhog has a pachimari machine
  • roadhog also has a cute blanket
  • while junkrat does have a sleeping space in his shack, he doesnt exactly fit on it, so anyway roadrats canon they share the big bed
  • theres a rope or a telephone line connecting roadhogs and junkrats houses, theres no other lines anywhere else in town that i can see
  • theres a hogdrogen can outside of junkrats shack. its the cutest can ive ever seen

ok i just had the cutest interaction with beau in pocket camp, i play in spanish right

he says he has a question for me, and that he’s heard that if you eat a lot before bed you get ‘quesadillas’ (the spanish word for nightmare is ‘pesadilla’)

he says ‘i’ve been eating a lot before bed and nobody has given me anything! all i’ve gotten is night…ma…’ (pe…sa….)

and then he realizes his mistake and gets embarrassed and blushes, then pretends he forgot his question

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Okay so I have this new headcannon for reasons unknown that Bucky gets irrationally angry/swears a lot when Tony is being cute (it's because of the thing in your brain that can't handle cute so when you see cute things it responds with aggression and that's why you want to squeeze/hug cute things) so when Tony is cute Bucky kinda gets flustered and swears and hugs Tony a lot. Love what has been going on with Long Distance too❤️❤️

Ok so this turned into the fluffiest, cutest shit ever.


The first time it happened, Tony wasnt really sure what was going on.

One minute he had been curled up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and trying his hardest to resemble a burrito because it was fucking freezing—

—-and the next minute Bucky had stomped into the room and grabbed him, blanket and all, hugging him close and growling? before depositing him back on the couch and stomping back out.

Tony had been so shocked he couldnt even be upset about it, had just laughed to himself and curled closer into the blanket.


Then it happened again, several weeks later, as Tony was sitting at the kitchen table eating nachos.

He was sharing the plate with Sam, each trying to get the biggest chip with the most cheese, and had ended up with cheese hanging off his nose.

Tony had spent an inordinate amount of time trying to lick the cheese off his own tongue as Sam just laughed at him, but their funny moment was interrupted when Bucky shoved off the counter and crossed the kitchen, swiping the cheese almost violently off Tonys nose and running his fingers through Tonys hair, tugging gently but looking pissed off.

Once he left the room, Sam swiveled around and stared at Tony with wide eyes, who was looking back at him with equally wide eyes.

“What just happened?”

“Um, I think me having cheese on my nose irritated Bucky? Im not real sure.” Tony said slowly. Sam shook his head, then reached out and snatched the last big chip.


One night when Bucky was in the lab letting Tony work on his arm, Tony wiped at his face, leaving a smear of grease across his cheek.

“Tony you got–” Bucky motioned to his cheek, and Tony grinned.

“Thanks.” he tried to wipe it off, which just made it worse of course, and Bucky clenched his fist in frustration.

“Goddamit Tony!” he snapped and yanked Tony down into his lap, smashing their mouths together in a hard kiss.

“Bucky!” Tony leaned away. “What–and I mean this from the bottom of my heart– what in the actual fuck are you doing?!”

“You have been so cute lately!” Bucky grumbled. “So damn cute with your stupid blanket burritos and the way you eat and now you have grease on your face and I cant–I cant—I just want to like, squeeze you violently.”

“Squeeze me violently.” Tony repeated, and his face turned red as he tried not to laugh. “Violently? You cant squeeze me gently?”

“Well I–” Buckys mouth opened and then closed as he thought about it. “Truthfully I didnt think about how you would respond and–”

“Because if you wanted to squeeze me gently–” Tony looked down at where he was half straddling Buckys lap. “I wouldnt be opposed to it. You dont have to get violent when you think Im cute. You could you know… just kiss me or something.”

“Yeah?” Bucky asked in surprise and Tony nodded, sliding further up his thighs and looping his arms around Buckys neck.

“I mean, kiss me gently, of course. I dont really do violent snuggles? But Im not opposed to non violent demonstrations.”

“Oh.” Bucky thought for a minute, then cupped Tonys jaw carefully and touched their lips together in a short kiss, then again, a litle longer. When Tony sighed into it, Bucky pulled him closer and kissed him again, his tongue pressing against the seam of Tonys lips until he opened with a short gasp and Bucky could stroke into his mouth, tasting and licking every corner of him.

“Wow.” Tony stammered when they finally parted, even though Bucky didnt let him go far, taking little tastes of his lips, nipping lightly along his jaw. “Bu-bucky wow. How do you–why havent we done this before? Why is this the first time I know how well you can kiss?”

“You are the cutest thing Ive ever seen.” Bucky whispered, and Tony just sort of melted against him.

“Keep showing me how cute I am.”

“All day long, sweet thing.” Bucky promised. “All night long too.”

“Oh my god.” Tony groaned and Bucky laughed quietly.

“So damn cute.”

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after eddie comes out losers accept him and refer to him with male pronouns but richie like overdoes it? and he constantly says things like "eddie my BOY" "cutest BOY ive ever seen" etc to the point when eddie feels like richies just making fun of him so he confronts rich about it. turns out richie acts like this bc he's fucking mad anxious that he's gonna accidentally misgender eddie or say something rude with this big mouth of his bc for the 1st time in his life richie cares about that he says


the promised Moriel fluff for @highfaelucien! thanks 2 @pterodactylichexameter for the suggestion. YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE ME FOR ALL THE ANGST NOW, THAT’S THE RULES. >:)


Az has more secrets than anyone in Velaris, but Mor’s never seen him like this about one before. It’s subtle, as Az is wont to be—Mor might not pick up on it if she didn’t know him as well as she does—but he’s reveling in it; a smirk plays at his lips, his eyes glint in smug satisfaction as he watches her silently try to form a guess.

There’s someone I’d like to you meet, his note had said, with a request for her to come over. So Mor had knocked on the door of his condo by the river for a drink she’s almost finished with. But he still hasn’t given any indication yet who he meant, and the mystery is slowly eating at her. Is it an old friend? A lover? She cracks first, bringing it up before he does.

“I think you enjoy keeping me in suspense a little too much,” she says playfully, swirling the remains of her wine in its glass.

Az gives a arch smile into his whiskey, elbows rested on his thighs where he sits on the couch. His shadows swirl languidly around him, content. “Can you blame me? The Morrigan knows all, it’s fun to see you squirm for once.”

Mor gives a soft, surprised laugh: he really is in a good mood. Az doesn’t often flirt with her, in any traditional sense; he tends to vacillate between stoic loyalty and broken devotion. It’s a delight to see him truly relaxed, but even if she’s hardly ever felt possessive of Azriel—and she shouldn’t, for cauldron’s sake, they’re not together—the evidence of how happy this mystery person clearly makes him sends a little twinge to her gut. She does her best to ignore it.

“Az, come on—who am I meeting?” She insists good-naturedly, reaching to touch his arm, “I’m dying to know. Five hundred years of you keeping your lovers secret and there’s finally one you want us to meet, they must be—“

Az bursts out in choking laughter, putting his drink down so he doesn’t spill it. “You think I asked you to come over so you could meet my secret lover?”

“Or—I don’t know, a friend, maybe—“ Az is still laughing, and Mor has to laugh too at his reaction, gestures wildly. “But what was I supposed to think?”

“Alright, I—“ he tries to collect himself, chuckling. “I surrender. I’ll go get her.”

Mor has a moment to sit in her own bewilderment—it’s a her? She’s here? She hears him murmur sweetly from around the corner, and it compounds her confusion until she sees him return.

Mor can’t help but let out a little delighted gasp. “Az, you got a cat?”

Azriel is grinning, and in his arms is a tawny bundle of fluff who blinks sleepily in Mor’s direction. “This,” he takes her tiny little paw with his free hand and waves it in Mor’s direction, “Is Sacha.”

Mor squeals girlishly, is crossing the room to fawn over the little angel before he even finishes saying her name. “She’s precious,” Mor coos as she pets her.

“I woke her up from a nap to meet you, so she’s a little tired.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Sacha,” Mor whispers sweetly, “You’re much cuter than any of Az’s lovers would be.”

He laughs, and Mor’s heart swells—she’s more relieved than she might have guessed that this is the secret. And his clear adoration for the kitten is as adorable as the kitten itself.

“Here, sit down,” He prompts her. “She’s a lap cat.”

Mor complies and Azriel gently puts Sacha next to her on the couch—sure enough, she yawns with her little pink mouth, and, after a moment of investigation, decides to pad her way into Mor’s lap, a warm little weight that starts to purr furiously. Sacha’s small but almost grown, though still possessed of kitten gangliness and big liquid eyes.

Mor melts, stroking her downy fur. “Az, she’s perfect.”

The smile that spreads across Az’s face is like honey, slow and sweet, and it makes Mor feel warm down to her toes.

“Do you want to see the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life?” He asks, almost conspiratorial. He murmurs to one of his shadows, and it snakes out, runs across the floor—

The kitten perks up immediately in Mor’s lap.

She laughs as the shadow wiggles and dances, and the kitten takes off after it, on the hunt as Az directs it across the room, under chairs and over tables, Sacha pouncing and bounding after it. Her paws swipe uselessly through the darkness when she catches it, and Az is right—it’s the cutest thing Mor’s ever seen.

PSOTW: Mike/Liam, Roman; handy

For the prompt: Mike making a friend–maybe with one of Liam’s teammates, maybe with someone we haven’t met. 

This kept taking second place in SOTM polls, always a bridesmaid, never a bride, and when it slipped to third and out of the standings I figured its tenacity earned itself a SOTW fill at the very least. This…is all of 33 words less than a SOTM.

I am as handy as Liam Fitzgerald. It probably shows here.

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