he is the cutest puppy ever

~ Jungkook being bummed out cause he has no one to go bowling with

~ Jungkook begging Jimin to come play with him

~ Jimin refuses at first cause he doesn’t want Jungkook to embarrass him

~ Jimin finally gives in cause Kookie resorts to The Puppy Eyes™

~ Jikook looking cute in their matching bowling shoes

~ Jimin is really impressed by how good Jungkook is even though he’s only been practicing for a little while

~ Kookie dying laughing cause Jimin looking lost and smol with a pink ball in his hands is the absolute cutest thing he’s ever seen

~ CLICHE AF BUT INEVITABLE ‘here let me teach you how to bowl’ SCENE

~ Kookie standing right behind Jimin, arms around him and holding his wrists, coaching him in whispers

~ Jimin knows Jungkook is speaking coherent Korean to him, but he might as well be speaking English because Jimin c a n n o t pay attention with Jungkook’s breath on the back of his neck

~ sTOP thinking dirty thoughts Jimin!

~ Kookie pulls back and squeezes Jimin’s hips in reassurance

~ Jimin improves every time he goes and Kookie cheers for him each time

~ First time Jimin gets a strike he jumps into the air and Kookie can’t stop smiling cause he’s adorable 

~ Kookie jumps up and bear hugs Jimin in celebration

~ They both leave happy and with ice cream cones

poly!yorktown x reader hc's

anon request;; poly!yorktown + s/o headcanons!! :)

•George is the most reserved in the relationship

•but like,,, he’s still like,,, super affectionate ya'feel?

•y'all got a biggg bed bc 6 people in a queen bed doesn’t work out v well (california king bed to be specific)

•you and Alex sleep in the middle since y'all are the smallest

•of if you’re taller, than you sleep next to Herc (who’s last on the left) or George (who’s on the right)

•pls let George know he’s loved a lot bc sometimes it can be hard to distribute equal love to six people and since George came into the relationship last sometimes he feels like he’s not loved as much,,,

•their contact names in your phone are v interesting

•George is ‘dad boyfriend™’

•Alex is ‘my lil author’

•Laf’s is ‘french fuckboi’

•Herc’s is ‘Hercules the god’

•yours in their phone is all the same

•'princess/prince/prinxe (for my gender neutral dudes!) (Y/N)

•also,,, there’s a groupchat with all of you in it and it’s always blowing up (courtesy to Alex constantly talkin shit and being shady)

•lmao one time George and Alex were in a meeting and Alex was sitting texting in the gc talking shit about jefferson and jefferson sAW THE MESSAGE ANS HE WAS SO MAD IT WAS SSO FUNNY. GEORGE WAS TRYING HALFHEARTEDLY TRYING TO BREAK IT UP JSJSHSH

•Herc sometimes works from home so when you get home from your job (you come home first. john, Alex, and George all carpool together) he’s making dinner and the whole house smells heavenly and he’s cleaned up a bit. let’s face it he loves the domestic life

•Laf is always napping. a l w a y s. one time you saw him, Alex, John, Herc and George all napping together on the couch and you took like 600 pics it bc was the cutest thing ever.

•speaking of pics, jfc Alex has 0 space on his phone.

•bc he has 3000 photos. of all of you together. and some cute candids of you, Herc, Laf, John, and George.

•omgggg John makes separate music playlists for each of you he’ll think you all will like and he gives them to you at the end of every month and they’re so good and he puts so much thought into it and he’s such a soft puppy protect him

•make sure they get a gold amount of sleep at night. all of them.

•let!! them!! nap!! whenever!!

•you and Herc force John, Alex and George to eat a real meal for breakfast.

boyfriend!mark lee
  • the cutest dork ever omfg
  • gets shy and blushes a lot
  • especially when he holds your hand, which he’s doing 24/7 his hand is forever glued to yours
  • always squishes your cheeks and cups your face
  • gets really flustered and embarrassed when you do it back
  • and when you compliment him omG he’d be so smiley and as red as a tomato
  • would always be trying to make you laugh or smile even a little
  • he’d tell you really stupid cheesy jokes and you’d laugh not because they were funny but because he’s an idiot
  • you’d also be laughing because he’d be so pleased with himself and giggling so hard over such a bad joke
  • even though he’s only young he is very deep
  • meaning he’d come to you a lot for advice when he has worries
  • you’d also stay up all night when you’re laying in bed having deep conversations while you cuddle
  • the older members would be like brothers to you
  • they’d be more protective over you than mark is omg
  • soft shy kisses!!!!! hELL YES!!!!
  • gives you the cutest nicknames
  • and he’d change your contact name to them when he thinks of a new one
  • loves to play with your hair
  • would make you really cute playlists
  • writes raps about you
  • whenever he’s tired he’d get really snuggly and would fall asleep with his head on your shoulder
  • he’d just be the cutest little puppy ever with you
  • you’d be his entire world he’d be the best boyfriend despite being young
  • he’d give you his all

gif not mine credit to owner

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i want to punch your cute face | isaac lahey

anon request:  1, 3 and 10 with Isaac if is possible ✨ thanks babe i love u and ur blog 💖

1. “is that my shirt?”

3. “enough with the sarcasm.”

10. “I want to punch your cute face.”

warnings: none just fluff

a/n: holy shit im so sorry it’s been so long, i’ve been so lazy and i just haven’t had any motivation to write but i love you more. its really short too ugh i hate myself,, but i do have other requests that i will try to get to asap

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Draco: *picks up white fluff ball* *instantly falls in love and gives Harry the “this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen other than myself, pls get it for me” eyes.*

Harry: Uh… *looks at the person selling the cats* How much for the white one?

@l0vegl0wsinthedark has this adorable “ask drarry” thing going on right now, and I had to draw their cat Cleopatra. This is just how I imagine Draco got all of their cats, by giving Harry the puppy dog eyes 😂 there’s no way he could resist.

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Hey, so I'm from near Manchester, and the confirmed deceased girl was from my college. I could really use a pick me up right now, so anything fluffy and happy would be appreciated.

He giggles when he sees her, and Alex arches an eyebrow but says nothing.

He hides his grin behind his hands, pretending to scratch at his five o’clock shadow. Pretending to be the picture of innocence.

Alex ignores it.

Winn often has his little jokes with himself, in his head, and it probably is a coincidence that he started laughing when he saw her.

But then James does it when he walks in. 

And Kara.

And J’onn.

“Okay, what the hell?” Alex wants to know, because there is no fiber of her being that feels insecure with these people – with this family – so it doesn’t even occur to her that they’re making fun of her.

But it does occur to her that something’s going on that she doesn’t know about. 

Something that’s making them all giggle in anticipation. 

Something that’s making them all squirm and glance at their watches, their phones.

Something that makes them look up with eager grins instead of confused surprise when the crisp, excited sound of a dog barking echoes through the DEO hallways.

“What the…” she asks, and she turns, and Kara is squealing with her hands behind her mouth and Winn is reaching into his desk for the massive chew toy he bought last weekend and James is snapping photos and J’onn is watching his children with barely-concealed delight.

Alex turns, and she falls to one knee, and tears spring to her eyes, because she and Maggie have been talking about it.

They’d been talking about it a lot. 

About getting a dog. Naming them Gertrude. 

About getting a dog, a huskie, an adopted puppy, to love, to parent, to go on adventures with.


A family.

They’d been talking about it a lot, and now Maggie’s dimples are on full display, and now an extremely tiny, extremely fluffy huskie is running right at Alex, leaping up and licking her face, tail wagging, tongue panting, face smiling.

“Gertrude Danvers must already know you since your scent is all over me,” Maggie beams as Alex forgets where she is, forgets that she commands the soldiers around her in battle, in war, only knowing that her girlfriend loves her, that her girlfriend wants a family with her, that this little angel is their first dog in their lifetime of firsts.

“Danvers?” Alex asks, her voice cracking over Gertrude’s fur, looking up at Maggie through tear-stained eyes.

Maggie squats back on her haunches in front of Alex, adding her hands to the mix, together their hands covering Gertrude’s entire excited body.

“I figured they should have your last name,” Maggie says, and it’s soft, and it’s vulnerable, and it’s I love you, I love you, I love you. “Since I’ll probably want to have it one day, too. If you’d let me, you know. If you’d want me to.”

Alex forgets how to breathe. She forgets how to do anything but smile into Maggie’s lips, anything but kiss her until neither of them can feel anything else.

Nothing else, that is, except for the small critter leaping up to their faces, tongue out and eager, trying to get in on the love.

They laugh as they pull back from their kiss, and Winn and Kara can’t contain themselves anymore.

“Can we meet them? Please please please?”

“I bought them a chew toy!”

“Come down here, you two.”

James laughs while he snaps photos, while Winn and Kara drag a faux-resistant-looking J’onn down to meet Gertrude.

“They are rather – “




“The cutest little puppy ever to puppy?”

“Endearing,” J’onn grins, and his children laugh while his grandchild yips. “And they couldn’t have better parents.”

“You... you think so, huh?”


+ he’d talk to his creatures about you
+ like, he’d ask them for advice and one time Jacob walks in on it and stares for a long moment before slowly backing away…
+ clumsy Newt
+ but like, newt is always clumsy so no one notices
+ but Queenie would obviously figure it out and purposefully try and get you two alone
+ nervous, fidgety Newt
+ but still, that’s super common so no one notices
+ whenever you guys are together Picket tries to mime that Newt loves you
+ but Newt always shoves him back into his pocket, speaking to Picket very quickly, his British accent increasing tenfold
+ even Tina knows but she doesn’t get involved
+ because, like, she doesn’t really care and love is beyond her anyway
+ but like, we all know Newt is the biggest cinnamon roll ever
+ and it shows
+ and he also seems to have some kind of psychic ability?
+ like, he knows you better than everyone else
+ that’s the power of observation
+ he knows all of your favorite restaurants and what you get there
+ he can tell when you don’t like something but are trying to be polite
+  he can tell when you’re hiding something
+ because let’s be honest, you’re terrible at keeping secrets
+ but he never says anything
+ he has the cutest smiles when you walk into the room
+ and you know he tries to hide them by looking down or suddenly finding interest in potted plants
+ and when you leave his eyes grow twice their size and he looks so much like a tiny puppy it’s insane
+ and you know he likes to watch you interact with animals
+ but not in a creepy way
+ and when you catch him staring you comment on it and he stumbles over his words
+ and you think it’s so cute
+ and like, Newt blushes
+ hardcore
+ anytime anything happens ever
+ and you think it’s so cute
+ and like, you constantly ask him what color his eyes are
+ and sometimes he pretends that it annoys him
+ but deep down it makes him so happy
+ because you actually stare at his eyes long enough to care about what color they are
+ and when you find out what his full name is, you always use it
+ and he secretly thinks it’s the cutest thing ever
+ and when I say secretly, we all know it’s not a secret
+ like, he blushes and everyone knows
+ but everyone pretends like it’s normal
+ and like, you know that Newt likes you after two weeks
+ and you know he won’t do anything about it
+ so you have to break the ice
+ and you wait for the perfect moment to do so, but while you wait you’re super awkward too
+ and one day he’s talking about going back to England to publish his book
+ “Please don’t go.”
+ “What?”
+ “Don’t leave me.”
+ and he looks at you with a pained and confused look and you pull him into a huge hug
+ “I love you.”
+ and then Queenie, Tina, and Jacob come rushing in with party poppers yelling “YAAAASSSSSS”


  • everyone has a letter on their upper arm that disappears when they hug their soulmate for the first time
  • the letter is the first letter of your soulmate’s last name
  • the one on your arm happens to be a big, fat, “C”
  • you’ve met lots of people with C last names and hugged some of them too, 
  • yet the letter’s still there.
  • one day, your friend, seungkwan, invites you to meet some of his friends
  • which isn’t a new thing since seungkwan knows literally everyone and he feels like you also deserve to know everyone too
  • and seungkwan does what seungkwan wants
  • so……
  • you head over to the park to find seungkwan waving at you from next to a group of guys, some of whom you recognize and some of whom you don’t
  • you see your friends mingyu and seokmin 
  • you see two guys you’ve never met before - one wearing a yellow hoodie that reminds you of hollywood actors and a squishy looking dude who reminds you of a hamster
  • and 
  • you see a guy in a cap that says thug life (in comic sans gosh darn it) that you kind of know through lowkey overlapping social circles 
  • tbh, you’ve always thought the thug life guy was cute
  • but you still don’t know anything about him bc you’ve only seen him around
  • you’d like to know more though 
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • movinggggggg onnnnnnn
  • seugkwan drags you over and introduces you 
  • “this is Y/N, say hi”
  • *awkward waving from everyone*
  • “WASSUP HOMIE” from mingyu (bc he would)
  • seungkwan forces everyone to introduce themselves and you learn that hamster boy is kwon soonyoung
  • hollywood boy is called choi hansol but goes by vernon
  • and you finally get a name to put on thug life boy’s face.
  • choi seungcheol.
  • choi seungcheol.
  • Choi seungcheol.
  • his last name starts with a freaking C
  • la;sjdflsjdflajsdflasjdlfajsdlfkjasdlkfjas;dlfkjasdlkfjasdfl
  • al;skjf;lasjfl;askdjflaskdjfl;askdfj;lasdjf;alsjfa;lskdfjals;l
  • you try not to flip out bc he’s actual pretty darn close to your ideal type?
  • plus, he has extremely pretty eyes framed with the most gorgeous eyelashes ever 
  • me want
  • but you don’t get to fantasize for long because Seungkwan bursts your bubbles and you’re off to play games with all of them
  • you laugh more in those few hours than you have for a while
  • watching Seungkwan with the hansol kid is the actual funniest and cutest thing ever 
  • seungkwan treats the poor boy like a puppy who rejects his affection
  • he does look like a cute puppy
  • after that day, you find yourself hanging out with seungcheol, vernon and soonyoung more and more bc you discover they’re roommates 
  • and they happen to live literally only a block away from where you live
  • the group of you often hang out at the park and you quickly learn more about the boys
  • you hit it off with soonyoung (who you nickname hoshi or hosh for short) right away
  • his bubbly nature just clicked with you and the two of you are constantly fooling around together
  • with seungcheol, the two of you get close easily as well and conversation is always light and comfortable with him
  • besides that, you also keep finding more reasons why you want seungcheol to be your soulmate
  • he’s really kind?
  • and caring?
  • and he’s into music?
  • AND he even writes lyrics?
  • PLUS there’s freaking depth to him?
  • goddang. this boy is perfect.
  • can he please be your soulmate?
  • hansol is probably the one boy you don’t feel the instant friendship click with
  • maybe it’s bc he’s more introverted or 4D than the other boys
  • maybe its bc he doesn’t really approach you right away
  • maybe its because you’re too occupied with the other boys
  • you really dont know, but you and hansol dont grow uber close and something’s just not there
  • at this point he’s just the really good looking one with the spongebob laugh who seems to be off in his own little world
  • (none of that is bad)
  • anywhoo, yall are still a squad™
  • during your time with the boys you quickly learn that they’re all performers
  • the two chois rap and hosh dances along with a few of your mutual friends and some peeps you don’t know
  • one day, when you and a bunch of the guys are hanging out together, seungcheol invite you out to one of their performances
  • “hansol, mingyu, wonwoo, idk if you know him, and i rap. soonyoung dances with this 99 liner and some exchange students. seungkwan mcs the whole thing. you should come”
  • “sounds fun. i’ll finally get to see rap god mingyu in person. he always tells me he’s really good - we’ll have to see.”
  • mingyu looks hurt but that’s not your problem
  • when you agree, hoshi (being hoshi as well as overly excited) pretty much attacks you in a hug
  • the boys watch and laugh as you try not to choke and die a death by squishy hug
  • but then mingyu comes in and joins
  • then seungkwan
  • then everyone
  • and eventually seungcheol comes and hugs you too
  • and nothing happens 
  • :( 
  • you dont feel the buzzing on your arm that occurs as your letter disappears 
  • you can’t say you’re not disappointed
  • but you can’t dwell on it too long because hoshi decides to call an “official” group hug
  • the boys peel themselves off you, throw hansol and jihoon into the middle with you bc they were the only ones that hadn’t joined the hug yet
  • and then,
  • rehug
  • its all a mess and you kinda just squirm a bit in the pile of overexcited puppies boys 
  • you feel it
  • a buzzing on your upper arm right as you’re forced into a hug with choi hansol and lee jihoon while surrounded by the other boys
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and in the midst of all the excitement started by an overexcited squish (hosh)
  • you and hansol are staring at each other like wtf?
  • neither of you know what to do
  • bc you both felt it and you both know how to match initials with names
  • he’s a Choi
  • why didnt you figure it out before?
  • or at least consider it
  • but anywaysssss
  • weren’t soulmates supposed to click right away or something?
  • you’ve known each other for over a month and you’re still p awk?
  • don’t really talk or anything?
  • due to the hype of the moment (even though there isn’t much that needs to be hype about it tbh),
  • the two of you dont get to talk about it and nothing happens to your relationship other than some more awkwardness 
  • which isnt out of the ordinary for awk vernon and the two of you not being bffs isnt new to anyone
  • you still hang out with them and he still joins in too
  • nothing new
  • bc neither of you really know what to do
  • you do think about it a lot
  • and then you like ???? 
  • bc you dont get it
  • and what do you do?
  • you two weren’t that close to begin with
  • and he’s not the biggest extrovert ever so he’s not going to  approach you first
  • its all just
  • the day that you agreed to see the performance comes around and you make your way to the venue which is a stage in a park
  • you stand towards the front off to the left side a bit as you wait for the show to start
  • it opens with soonyoung and some of his friends dancing 
  • thats followed by vernon rapping and ngl, you’re pleasantly surprised at his skill
  • wow he could be on smtm
  • his lyrics lowkey make you want to cry
  • goddang this boy has been through a lot
  • and the girl featuring - eunwoo? - bless her voice
  • much respect to vernon for performing that song
  • there was always something about music and lyrics that resonated with you
  • seungcheol (who was introduced as scoups for god knows what ridiculous reason) was up after him 
  • after finding that seungcheol wasn’t your soulmate, you’d slowly gotten over your crush, 
  • but you maintained an admiration for him 
  • and when he got into the music like he was doing now
  • goddang
  • you’re appreciating the music, really feeling it, when you hear the voice of a dude standing behind you
  • “i don’t get why this is such a big deal. he’s literally just talking to a beat.”
  • oh no he didn’t 
  • he did not just go there
  • you whip around, about to give the man a piece of your mind bc
  • who is he to go around judging other people like this?
  • and does he really think it’s that easy?
  • people are pouring their freaking soul into their craft
  • rap isnt just talking to a beat
  • its got emotions 
  • its got skill and technique
  • its got stories
  • you’re about to blow up at this dude, esp since its your friends and an art form you love and respect that he’s dissing
  • “It’s not just talking to a beat”
  • you hear another voice that’s not yours say that as the same time as you
  • looking up, you notice that it’s vernon who was walking over after his stage
  • “it’s so much more”
  • “there’s so much that goes into it and so much that comes out”
  • “you can’t disregard it like that”
  • and as the two of you are sticking up for rap together, something clicks
  • you two have a connection
  • something in common
  • and that’s the first step in realizing that 
  • oh. 
  • this person really is my soulmate.
  • the change is not instantaneous 
  • but you two find that you have a lot to talk about, starting with music, that you’d never discovered due to the constant presence of others combined with your personalities
  • soon you two are talking all the time about literally everything
  • (seungkwan is often jealous, but you can’t really tell if its you or vernon he’s jealous of)
  • the more you talk with vernon,
  • the more you realize he’s been your ideal type all along
  • he has all the qualities you used to declare coups your ideal type, simply manifest in different ways, and much more
  • he’s not only caring, deep, and a musician
  • but hes also an older brother, the owner of the cutest laugh ever, someone who’d experienced the cruelty of the world and therefore wanted to help others even more, too pure for the world, an amazing confidant, the list goes on
  • and you find that while your soulmate isn’t the person you’d thought he’d be or the person you wanted him to be,
  • he’s even more perfect for you - more than you’d thought he’d be and more than you could’ve hoped for
  • and you’re so glad that he’s your soulmate

Written by Admin Sea

BTS Reactions to Clingy/Touchy Lovers

Hey hey hey ! Relevant Post number one here we are :)) As someone who’s personally really into innocent human contact (ie. cuddles, hugs, hand holding, etc.) I found this to be a really simple and easy way to start off and show my “skills” as a reaction creator. I hope you guys enjoy, because I plan to write quite a lot :’)

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by theseoks

Ahh, starting it off with the one that saddens me :( I personally feel like Jin isn’t the biggest fan of continuous contact. He may be very lovable and enjoy the kisses and actions that showcase how he feels towards the person he loves, but someone who constantly craves his everything may annoy him after some time. Though, being the big softie he is, he may not tell them of this fact just because he loves seeing how happy they get when wrapped around him. As long as certain boundaries are respected at certain times, he’ll tolerate anything to keep that beautiful smile on their face.

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by forjimin

This oversized dork would take so much pride in having a clingy s/o. To him, it would only be reassurance that they truly love him! Due to his self  image issues (which are apparently getting better !! yay joonie !!!) he may even crave their clingy tendencies at times just as a reminder that he, indeed, is loved. Even if he thinks he isn’t loved widely, which he is, he knows he is loved deeply and that’s a lot more than enough for him. His favorite moments are when they both have a day off and just snuggle up on the couch, talking about anything and everything that they love about one another.

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by yooingi

Some may not agree with me on this, but I feel like Mr. Agust D here is the number one tsundere when it comes to someone clinging to him. If you were to randomly sit on his lap while he works, he would call you a total burden and annoyance whilst puling you closer to him in a tight embrace. This attitude of his has caused him to get teased by his members and s/o alike, but he doesn’t care and continues his actions nonetheless. There are some times were he really doesn’t want the contact, though. Whenever his key phrase of “I’d rather be alone at the moment,” is heard, it’s a sign that he REALLY is just not in the mood. He may be a bit mood swingish at times, but you know, that’s probably why we all love him.

Jeon Hoseok

Originally posted by hohbi

We all know that this fluffy ball of sunshine would be clingy as hell right back at his s/o in all scenarios, almost becoming the annoying one himself. Despite every kiss, cuddle, hug, etc. tending to be at the worst times (i.e. when he’s trying to focus on that level of his game that he just cannot beat), he would love every action and reciprocate it ten times over, maybe even creating a competition of who can be more disgustingly cute. Note: he would win every time by jokingly creating sexual tension.

Park Jimin

Originally posted by itschiminie

This boy. Is the king. Of sexual tension. Wait, no. He becomes the king of sexual tension. Jimin is the type to be very shy at first when it comes to clingyness. He would push it away in public, laugh light-heartedly at the idea when at home, and become red faced when its actually acted upon. But no fear! He warms up super quickly and when he does he becomes the cutest puppy around. he’ll cuddle the hell out of his s/o, show off his love in multiple different ways, and even show off his newfound confidence in front of the other members. After even more warming up though, he would be the type to start getting riskier, and riskier, and riskier. It would be a compete joke at first, laughing at the shy and cute responses he would receive and then returning to his usual fluffy attitude. Then he would start getting a bit serious, and this would progress until every member thought of it being too gross to even be in the same house as the two. Basically - I’ve been reading too many CEO Jimin fanfics :))

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by bwipsul

Playfully soft puppy cuddles all day everyday. That is all.

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by cyyphr

I feel that Jungkook would be so absent minded about the clingyness (from trying not to die of shyness/embarrassment) that he would unknowingly reciprocate and it would be the cUTEST SHIT EVER LIKE-  just think: His s/o leaning into him and him silently leaning back, them hugging his waist and him easily wrapping an arm around their shoulders, whining at him for attention and only receiving a soft head pat in return (but they both know that’s his way of showing he cares). Surely he would warm up over time, but at first it’s only him and his slight gestures that keep his s/o satisfied and happy.

Puppy Love

I wrote this last night at 2 AM haha
I go back to school on Monday so I’m trying to get as much content out now as I can
Hope you guys like this one! xx

Title: Puppy Love
Pairing: Barry Allen x reader
Summary: You get a puppy, but Barry is a little bit wary of your furry friend
Word Count: 1,596
Warnings: Food mention

Your name: submit What is this?

             "I want a dog,“ you announce to Barry one morning during breakfast.

           Barry nearly chokes, spitting out his coffee. "You what?” he asks, still coughing.

           You giggle at Barry’s reaction, handing him a napkin to clean up the drops of coffee on him. He gladly accepts, an embarrassed flush on his face. You didn’t expect to surprise him so much with the prospect of a dog.

           "I want a dog,“ you repeat firmly. "I think that would be a good step in our relationship.”

           "Y/N, are you sure?“ he asks you, setting down the coffee-stained napkins. "I mean, a dog is a big deal.”

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Jim Gordon has accepted that it is literally impossible to get any of the Batkids’ attention if the K-9 unit is around.

anonymous asked:

Pls gimme number 28 for jeff x fem!reader (he buys her a puppy bc she was sad)

ooo yay, jeff!! thank you for requesting, i hope you enjoy (: x

#28: They buy you an animal.

You weren’t having the best week. Not only was school stressing you out, but your busy mind wouldn’t let you get a good nights sleep nor stop from aching. Plus, your time of the month has paid a visit. You needed like a year away on a wonderful holiday with Jeff. You just wanted to relax and eat food and cuddle the days away on a sunny island somewhere far, far away.

“Jeff, honestly, this week has been shit.” You told your boyfriend. “Like, can school please end already.”

He laughed on the other line. “Babe, you just need to put everything away and go have a sixteen hour nap.”

“Honey, I don’t think sixteen hours counts as a nap.”

“Just say it was an accident.”

You snorted a laugh, rolling your eyes. Jeff is so the one to take a sixteen hour nap and blame it on being an accident when he totally just manages to sleep that long.

“I’d be reported missing within the first five hours.”

He laughed loudly. “I’m coming over yours anyway, I have a present for you.”

You gasped. “What is it?!” You exclaimed. “Please be ice cream.”

“It wasn’t, but I can get you that too.”

Your heart warmed at the kindness of your boyfriend. “No, don’t do that, I’ll live. Just come on over, I’m excited now.”

After bidding your goodbyes and telling him to drive safe [((sad face))] you went and quickly tidied your bedroom a little bit. Shoving clothes anywhere they’d fit and flattening out the covers on your bed.

Ten minutes later and a knock on your front door sounded. You grinned instantly and ran to the door, swinging it wide open to reveal a smiling Jeff. Your eyes traveled to what he was holding beside him: a pet carrier.

“What is that?” You ask, excitement soon covering your face as the tiny little bark of a puppy sounded from inside. You gasped, pulling Jeff inside. “You didn’t.”

He twisted his face into mock shame. “I did.”

You could scream with happiness as Jeff lifted the carrier down before opening it to reveal the cutest puppy you had ever seen. “I’m going to cry.” You picked the puppy up, turning it to face you, it’s floppy ears killing your insides. “It looks just like you!” You exclaimed, realisation hitting you because it honestly did.

Jeff pouted. “I’m cuter than him right?”

You held the puppy up against his face to compare. “Oh no, the puppy is definitely cuter.” You grinned cheekily, placing the wriggling baby onto the carpeted flooring. “Why do you have him?”

“He’s your surprise.” Jeff grinned, sitting beside you on the ground. “Because you’ve been sad.”

And you swear, you could have cried.

jeff, we love you.

EXO’s Reaction to you teasing them in public



*Not paying attention to his surroundings because he was too focused on you teasing him from across the room. The person in front of him was asking a question but he had no idea what it was. You were shaking your bottom and he needs to leave now.*

“This girl. She’s really pushing me, huh? Well guess who is going to get punished tonight.”

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*Had no idea what the hell he should do since he didn’t want to be questioned or make a scene. Al he could do was answer the questions with his mind a blur and try not to make it obvious that he is turned on. You were on the side laughing every time his answer didn’t make sense.*

“What am I going to do. She’s doing this on purpose, I know it. Just wait until we get home, she’s going to pay for this. For now, just stay calm. No one knows yet.”

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*It got so hot that he had to remove his jacket. He had no idea you were trying to tease him but he just went along with it. Sometimes, he’d turn to you with his face pink and smile, trying to tell you to stop. He finally understood your intentions and had to excuse the two of you.*

“You know, it’s not nice to tease me in public. Someone could’ve seen you. Now, on the bed.”

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*He finds it cute that you wanted to challenge him to a game of public teasing when everyone knows that he’s the queen of teasing in general. This wasn’t a problem to him and he gladly teased you back.*

“If you think you can win this game that you started, you can think again, sweetheart.”

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*Trying his best to perform on stage after seeing the picture you sent him. You’re not even here physically but you still tease him with a photo. He tried his best to keep a straight face so no one would notice.*

“This girl, I swear to mother of- What the hell am I suppose to do now?”

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*Confused as to why your hand is slowly traveling up his thigh but when he saw the small smirk on his face, he smirked back before reciprocating your movements. Soon enough, you two were a silent blushing mess.*

“I would ask you to stop but I don’t have a problem with this. Who’s going to break first, baby?“

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*He’s holding a smile now but deep down, he’s furious. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he loves the teasing but when it’s in public, he doesn’t find it funny and has no idea why you’re laughing when you’re going to be punished later.*

“You really want to get punished don’t you? I have a few ideas when you get home, if you don’t stop, I’ll up the punishment and you’ll be sore by morning.”

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*You’ve been doing this to him all night. Standing and bending over a bit in front of him to get him flustered and he does not appreciate it one bit. The growing weakness in his pants are starting to think and he needs to leave with you before someone notices.*

“Babe, get in the car.”

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*He was in the middle of talking when he felt your hand dancing on his thigh. His back tensed up and he quickly gripped your wrist to stop you but you just giggled. He then leaned in closer to you, giving you the cutest puppy look ever.*

“I’m making this face so the members don’t know what I’m saying. I suggest you stop, or you’re going to be in big trouble once we get home, got it ? :)”

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When you have a crush on them and shyly confess

I apologize in advance for how cringe-worthy this is at times.  X(  I hope you like it though!  You can find the Got7 version here.

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So he seems like the type to find this incredibly adorable.  I think Seokjin is the type to really appreciate the quiet shyness in you, so this act would mean a lot to him.  He would probably smile sweetly, watching you hurry away until you’re out of sight.  Only then will he unravel the heart to read what’s inside.  This is where his ego would come into play.  That shit eating grin of his when he’s particularly pleased with himself is going to stretch across his face and he might even giggle a little bit.  I mean, come on, a cute guy/girl just literally offered their heart out to him.  Of course he’s going to eat that up!  Seokjin is a planner, so he’s going to take his time getting things in order before he approaches you.  The rest of the guys are going to know something is up because while he enjoys cooking, he doesn’t just do it for no reason, especially when he himself isn’t going to be the one to gobble it up.  Baked goods, that’s what he’ll use.  All iced to perfection, cute as hell, and certainly not subtle.  He can be shy, but he’s also very confident in himself, so don’t expect him to beat around the bush with you.  “I really appreciated your confession, so I prepared one for you as well.  Why don’t we find a nice, quiet place to enjoy these cookies together, hmm?”

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Talk about tsundere.  Yoongi might be a pisces, but he’s a workaholic, so he might be completely oblivious to your crush on him.  That doesn’t mean the crush doesn’t go both ways, more like he believes it’s one sided.  He probably tells himself that someone like you wouldn’t ever go for a grouch like him and that makes him super sad, but he covers it up with a cool, ‘I don’t care’ attitude.  Thus, when you drop the confession in his hands he’s going to be taken completely off guard.  All that denying he’s been doing is going to blow up in his face as he reads the confession and he’ll be at a loss for what to do with all the emotions that are now coursing through his veins.  More than likely, he’ll turn to Hoseok and/or Namjoon for advice, both of whom will tell him to be straightforward with his feelings.  If he feels the same for you, he should approach you and confess them.  Yoongi being Yoongi will sit on the advice just to mull it over, probably folding and unfolding, reading and re-reading your note until eventually he makes up his mind.  “I’ll be honest, I’m not the easiest person to date, but I like you as well if you want to give it a try.” (btw, that heart is all nicely folded once again and pinned safely to the board in his studio just so it’s close by)

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