he is the cutest omgggg

check please au

where johnson still knows everything but he has a completely different personality.

like right now, johnson knows he is in a comic but he seems pretty chill about it. he knows whats going to happen and encourages everyone to stay calm. 

but what if, instead, johnson was more like “OMGGGG THIS IS THE CUTEST STORY!”

he meets Jack, finally, “omg. little baby frog. you are going to have SUCH A GOOD TIME HERE I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO LIVE ALL OF IT!! here’s shitty, omg you two are going ot love each other so much, so SO MUCH, like, ugh, i have to leave so you can connect but i will be right behind that tree. watching. friendships are so important. I LOVE IT ALREADY.”

all their freshmen year, johnson is very huggy and likes to pet their heads and “yes shitty definitely grow the mustache and the flow. AH ITS HAPPENING!”

holster and ransom arrive: “oh you TWO. fan favorites. FINALLY HERE. look at you two. so tall. YOU DO FIT TOGETHER SO WELL JUST LIKE I KNEW YOU WOULD. holster, here is a book on panic attacks; ransom, DAMN you are gonna be such a good doctor. DOCTOR RANSOM. DOC-TOR. No firefighting. DOCTOR! YOU KIDS GO HAVE FUN!”

bitty comes to samwell. johnson, for three straight minutes: “omg omgomgomgomgomg, there he is, its happening, omg i cannot even-!!!!! omgomgomg he is going to say hi to me. HE IS ABOUT TO MEET JACK, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS???” other boys on the team: wtf dude? Johnson: I JUSt LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. LOOK AT IT.

jack is mean to bitty: ugh bitty heis the WORST but also the BESt and I PROMISE YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE SUCH A HAPPY LIFE!!!!

Jack and bitty are friends: Johnson cries with joy for a week straight.

Johnson hangs out around Samwell, just watching his two boys be happy. He just loves the story so much. It doesnt even matter that he’s not really in it.