he is the biggest dork that has ever dorked


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No one can deny that the Koopalings are huge dorks. They all have unique interests, like Morton with construction and Lemmy with the circus. But which Koopaling is the biggest dork of them all? I firmly believe that it’s Ludwig.

I mean, look at this guy.

He marches to the victory theme during award ceremonies. No surprise there, since he’s a composer and a show-off. But still. He’s the most intelligent and cultured Koopaling as well, and has a lot of talents, so he must’ve spent a lot of time on studying and stuff like that, all for his own benefit.

So…the biggest dork ever? LUDWIG VON KOOPA.

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Ok but now I'm intrigued and need some Westflarrow headcanons PLEASE!!

West Olivarry for the ship :)

Okay so one of these has been sitting in my asks for months, so I can totally kill two birds with one stone! Here goes: 

Who said “I love you” first

Barry. Always Barry. Because he’s the biggest dork to ever dork. And you know he did it in a super romantic way – like planned out a whole night, probably tried to cook, failed, and then resorted to having to order something. But the point is that there were candles and flowers (for Iris, of course – and if Oliver is low key found smelling them later on, then no one saw a thing). Iris and Oliver find the entire thing adorable.  

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Barry and Oliver have the same picture, and it’s one of the three of them that Joe took while they were lounging on the couch together and laughing, Iris’ legs sprawled over Oliver and Barry’s laps.  Iris has a stealthily taken picture of Barry and Oliver napping together, and it’s hilariously dorky and adorable because Oliver’s basically lying still on his back and Barry’s limbs are just draped all over Oliver. There may or may not be a little bit of drool collecting at his mouth, too.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Iris, but she claims it’s the ghost that’s haunting their apartment. Oliver rolls his eyes, and Barry plays along and asks the “ghost” questions. It becomes a fun game, and Oliver can’t even deny his amusement by the end of it.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

You know this is Barry. It’s not even a question. But even then, it’s thoughtful cheesy gifts that actually mean something. Iris, for example, gets a pretty pricey pen with her favourite quote on it, and Oliver gets a custom-made arrowhead keyring (which may or may not be made out of the arrow that Oliver shot Barry in the back with, and may or may not also just be a case of Barry being a little shit and wanting him to have the constant reminder on him at all times).

Who initiated the first kiss

It started with Iris and Barry, obviously – and it was pretty much a mutual thing. Oliver needed some coaxing because while he’d been developing feelings for the other two for quite some time, he was perfectly aware that they were with each other, and they were happy, and Oliver didn’t want to ruin that. But with a little nudging from Iris, Barry managed to work through his nerves and kiss Oliver – who didn’t really get the chance to panic about breaking up their relationship, because of course Iris immediately followed suit.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Iris refuses to until Oliver and Barry brush their teeth because morning breath is gross. Oliver and Barry don’t mind so much, so if Iris is up and out of bed earlier than they are, Oliver will scooch over and pepper Barry’s face with kisses until he’s awake enough for morning sex.

Who starts tickle fights

Barry, and it’s completely unfair because engaging in a tickle fight with a speedster is pointless (unless Iris and Oliver team up, but they need to catch him first).

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

They all ask, but they have a strict rule of only two at a time, because the one time all three of them tried to squeeze in, Iris ended up twisting her leg and Barry had to have his arm set back into place. Never again.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Seeing as Oliver does the majority of his work from home (because while the commute between Central City and Star City might be easy enough for Barry, Oliver doesn’t have the luxury of super speed), he and Barry usually meet Iris at her office – although it stopped becoming a surprise when it pretty much happened every other day (but really, can you blame them for not being able to keep themselves away from her? Not that she’s complaining).

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Seeing as Barry and Iris started dating first, it was Barry – although it was more nervous and less shy because it’s not like he hasn’t known Iris practically his entire life. On the first date between the three of them, Oliver was still trying to get used to the idea that he was lucky enough to be brought in on this relationship so the nerves may have gotten to him a little bit. Still, it didn’t take him long to settle into the flow of things, and by the end of the night after a few drinks and a lot of teasing, he had to wonder what he was even so worried about in the first place.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Barry, because Oliver killed a spider in front of him once and he freaked out. Iris grew up with Barry, so she’s hardly intimidated by creepy crawlies either, considering that Barry used to bring home “pet” bugs every other day.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Barry doesn’t get drunk, and Oliver’s a little more composed, but Iris gets giddy and excited, and of course she wants everyone to know how much she loves her boyfriends. Oliver tends to distract her with his lips a lot, though, while Barry makes a beeline for the bar to order some water because it’s not like a lot of people beyond their inner circle are all that understanding of the dynamics of their relationship.

Dating Terry McGinnis would involve:

1. Terry giving you his jacket when you are cold because he would rather he suffered the cold than you. 

2. Him buying you flowers every so often to make up for missing or turning up late to dates. 

3. Staying over at his whenever he has the time (being batman means he is very busy). 

4. Wearing his t-shirts to bed because they all smell so damn good. 

5. Taking long hot showers together. 

6. Passing notes to you in class so that he can make your day just a little bit better. 

7. Him telling you not to worry whenever something bad is happening in the city that he has to deal with, you believe and support him but that doesn’t stop you from worrying. 

8. No matter how crazy things get, he always finds the time to call you every night to tell you how much he loves and needs you. 

9. Eating junk food together is one of your favourite things to do whilst watching scary movies/tv shows. 

10. Terry being a total dork (everyone thinks he’s this cool, mysterious guy when really he is the biggest dork you could ever meet). 


Shokugeki no Soma

Eishi Tsukasa- Current Number 1 Seat of the Elite Ten a.k.a. the biggest dork i’ve ever seen

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Friendship headcanon of Robin, Shanks, Nami and Mihawk.

Here ya go! :D

Friendship headcanons:

Robin and Nami:

  • I hope you like shopping, cause these two ladies do a LOT of it.
  • Give great fashion advice.
  • Though if you don’t like showing a lot of skin, probably go with more of Robin’s choices than Nami’s.
  • Robin would recommend a lot of really good books, though most would tend to be quite dark.
  • Lots of late night talks. About anything and everything.
  • Both can be a little motherly at times. Robin would be more calm about it, while Nami, well, isn’t. xD
  • Honestly, wouldn’t be any different from how they act/interact with their fellow crew members.
  • May surprise you, but both do quite a bit of “stirring the pot”. All for amusement. And it’s absolutely hilarious every time.


  • Out of this group, this guy is easily the biggest dork. Though he has his moments of being incredibly considerate.
  • While a lot of the time he prefers fun and laughter, there are moments where he’s serious and can talk/give real life advice. Despite being a dork, he’s actually one of the smartest/wisest people you could ever meet.
  • He definitely downplays that aspect of his personality.
  • Doesn’t matter how good you may be at hiding your emotions, this guy has some kind of detector. If you feel even a tiny bit down/upset in any way, he knows.
  • Hugs. Lots of them. And TONS of laughter of any kind. He LOVES making people laugh. It makes them smile, which makes him smile, which means happy.
  • Pranks. Whether childish or more well-thought out, there will be pranks.
  • And he can be a pretty shitty liar if confronted about pranking. Either he goes “Luffy” with his lying, or there is that HUGE beaming smile/smirk of his that just gives it away.
  • He’s a really good listener, too.
  • Being friends with someone like Shanks is incredibly rare. You don’t meet someone like him very often, if at all. So if you ever do, don’t ever let them go.


  • He’s that quiet, and unintentionally awkward friend. xD (I regret nothing.)
  • He’s also pretty smart, and really protective of his friends (All of them are, actually), so if there’s something incredibly dangerous going on in some way, he wouldn’t hesitate to tell them. Even if that means leaving the area.
  • Definitely a tsundere type friend. XD
  • He does have a small bit of a sense of humour, but good luck pulling it out. The only time it may is if he somehow is drunk. (So get Shanks.)
  • Can give amazing advice, though sometimes it can be shitty. He does mean well, though. He’s trying.
  • He may not train you himself if you feel you need to get stronger/need to better protect yourself, but he would give some helpful pointers. Lead you in the right direction.
  • Definitely keeps a sharp eye on you. Especially if he feels it’s very dangerous/wary of the people/area.
  • STUBBORN. He’s one of the most stubborn people you could ever meet.
  • Befriending Mihawk will be nearly impossible. He’s very careful on who he decides to be friends with.

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Top 5 reasons, why you like Kim Hanbin?


1. hes the most caring person ever, he may seem cold-hearted from afar or if you watch WIN but in reality he cares about every single thing on this earth. Dogs? cries over them (on Mari & I), his little sister? will protect her at all costs, A GOAT? lets give it everything it needs (also on Mari & I), his members crying? stop why i lov u dont do that hold my hand instead

2. he’s the smartest boy (literally still a boy, hes only 19 in american age) ive ever seen with my own eyes, he has been working to be where he is from a super young age (appeared on tv as a rapper as a small child), writes and composes everything for ikon and has recently been doing stuff to help blackpink, he has a tattoo that says nihilism which is a way of examining the world (like existentialism) which means he is most likely very smart in the literature aspect.

3. He never gives up and keeps going even if it sometimes it means his own health is at risk. During WIN, he got so stressed at one point that he ran away, he said he could have ran away further but bc he had no money he just went to the park for a few hours and just sat there alone. They found him and he came back to the studio and continued to work as hard as he did before. He also stated on Running Man that he sometimes gets very nervous when doing things and takes herbal meds to calm down but again, does what he has to do because he loves what he does and doesnt want to fail. 

4. HES THE BIGGEST DORK BUT ALSO VERY RESPONSIBLE WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC. If you ever have watched the show Mari & I then you know how much of a dork this boy is (if you havent seen it, go watch it). He sings all the time, GIGGLES, a smile that lights up the universe, sometimes accidentally makes himself look dumb (ex; the gif lmao) and he just seems like he wants to just have a good time

 5.  okay so, hanbin is lowkey known for his…fashion but honestly i love the way he dresses because it doesnt seem like hes trying to impress anyone, if he likes it then hes gonna wear it. One day he could legit dress in a trash bag and then the next he could wear something that makes him look like a rich celebrity and idk i just cant stop crying right now bc im jUST THINKING OF HOW I WANT TO MARRY A MAN JUST LIKE HIM OR YA KNOW…HIM

How to tell 17 members apart.

S.coups/Seungcheol - big eyes and THEM THICK BROWS. looks kindof mean but actually loves to play along with others. he tries to act cool sometimes but he’s knows the dance moves to every girl group. lol

Junghan/jeonghan - Angel descending from heaven. Has a very light spoken voice but is kind of manly bc you can tell he shaves his face. looks outspoken, but is very humble. 

Joshua/Jisoo - reminds me of a cat, his eyes are pretty curvy and uniquely shaped. Also is proud of his tan skin and being american. Looks  good and he knows it.

Jun/junhui - Heechul look-a-like, but face shape is a bit smaller. Has very nice big eyes.. looks really confident as if he talks  alot but doesnt (though his korean skills have improved), but very affectionate. 

Hoshi/soonyoung - The ‘96 ball of sunshine. has very pointed eyes (10:10). tries to be sexy but is too cute. loves to be dumb w/ seokmin.

wonoo/wonwoo - The one with the deep voice. has big eyes, but there more straight, than round. doesnt talk a lot. like at all. white like snow white. and mingyu’s guardian.

woozi/jihoon - the shorty. PD nim. produced the entire mini album. also  DO NOT BE FOOLED.  looks innocent and adorable, but is more on the serious side. international fans love him the most. LOOKS FUCKING SICK DOING THE DOUGIE

dk(dokyum)/seokmin - Blinding smile, and knows it. his singing is addicting to listen to. the 97′ ball of sunshine. looks charismatic but is really a dork who loves to smile.  and loves to be dumb with hoshi. also one of the more tan members, but not as tanned as mingyu or jisoo.

Mingyu - Looks extremely charismatic and handsome. but is the biggest dork ever. loves to tease jihoon. TANNEST MEMBER. and he be proud of it. but his makeup keeps changing, so he looks whiter sometimes. AND STOP WHITENING PHOTOS.  closest with wonwoo. and looks like him too at first.

The8/Minghao - the cute one. HAS REALLLY BIG ASS EYES. doesn’t talk what so ever, yet he makes an effort at communicating. looks badass when b-boying.

SeungKwan - looks like a baby, but is quite sassy, WHICH IS WHY  he ‘s the diva of the group. girl group dance king. is quite good at variety and hosting. You’ll love him no matter what.

Vernon/Hansol - the half-white kid. Wrote the lyrics with woozi for half the songs. has an adorable side, but bc he was a mixed child raised in korea (is very self aware of discrimination and prejudice) and is an older brother, he’s quite mature for his age. 

Chan/Dino - reminds you of gary (RM). DANCE KING . lOOKS good doing any kind of dance. MUST BE PROTECTED FROM HIS HYUNGS LOL. Michael Jacksons FanBoy. and rap skils are as good as his dancing. 

Videos of 17 being dumb or sexy:

wonwoo, hoshi, junghan

Never get tired of a high note battle: Hoshi, DK, seungkwan

get to know everyone:

and bc this was cute;

And their mixtapes:



Who are the people of Pentatonix? Part 1 (bonus people to come soon)

So I’m making this for fluffing-ducks because they’re new to the fandom:)

This, is Kevin:

He’s the mastermind behind the beat of Pentatonix’s songs. He’s also a Yale graduate, speaks fluent Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, and French (help me out if I’m missing one), plays cello and saxophone, and is half Grenadian and half Nigerian. He’s 26 years old too.

This one, is Avi (pronounced: Ah-Vee):

So, you know when you listen to PTX with headphones and you feel your soul vibrating, well, you can thank Avi for that. He’s the bass singer of the group. Also, he’s a big fluffy teddy bear in human form. His older sister, Esther, is the tour manager and is strikingly beautiful. He has quite the sense of humor, but we don’t get to see it too often. When we do, it’s often adorable and obviously funny. He’s the sweetest ever. He’s 25.

Now comes the trio.

You know this dork from Superfruit but I’ll explain him more in depth.

This, is Scott:

He’s the baritone of the group. Usually the one who sings the lead part in a song. He’s like 7 feet tall (he’s actually like 6 foot 3 or something) and is one of the biggest dorks ever. Obviously, he’s one half of Superfruit and acts like a queen sometimes. He went to high school with Mitch and Kirstie and they’ve been friends ever since. He’s 23.

The female queen, Kirstie:

She has so much beauty and some grace. She’s literally the sweetest person ever and she’s so adorable. She lives with her douchebag boyfriend Jeremy and they have a puppy Husky named Olaf. She’s the mezzo-soprano of the group and loves basically everyone. She’s 22.

Here’s the Queen himself: Mitch

I know you know Mitch from Superfruit, but he’s more of a queen away from those videos. He loves designer clothing, animals, food, and alcohol. Oh, and tumblr. Maybe an unknown fact to you, but he’s an amazing DJ! He made the intro/outro music for Superfruit. As you’ve probably heard, he doesn’t care about gender roles and is open to whoever no matter gender, race, sexuality, or religion. He’s a literal sweetheart and slays wherever he goes. He’s 22.

Exo Explained


Best Dancer. Secretly a pretty boy dork, tho.


Leader and super rich old man. 


Satan with a baby-face.


Also known as Bacon. He’d like you to believe he’s a Sass Master, but he’s actually the biggest fucking dork ever.


Overly happy dork. I think he’s just the epitome of emotions.


A sassy fuck. Also the baby of the group. Has a super serious face all the time.


Wants you to think he’s manly, but he’s actually the Master of WTF facial expressions.


The most gorgeous man in the world. I’m pretty sure he’s a prince. Can also be sassy.


Is a puppy–Don’t question me, it’s true. He doesn’t look like he could harm a fly, but he’s prolly like D.O. and is secretly Satan or something.


Kind of just there, but you gotta love him because he’s just so harmless and adorable. 


Looks like a badass but is actually the cuddliest panda baby. 

Kris (unactive)

Diva to the max. Seriously. I’m not kidding. You don’t know whether to punch this guy or laugh hysterically at his diva-ness. Diva. DIVA.