he is that of god status

Some more IronWidow Bros thoughts because I love protective!Nat but I also like to imagine

  • Tony and Nat being absolute shitheads together that throw each other under the bus, literally and figuratively speaking, all the time (but may god have mercy on the poor soul who tries to join in because they will destroy them)
  • Nat shamelessly using Tony’s money, reputation and status when she’s off-mission and trying to get out of uncomfortable situations, piss off entitled business men or just wants to get ahead in the Starbucks line because she’s ‘best friends with Iron Man!’
  • Tony shamelessly threatening the other team mates with Nat’s terrifying knife-abilities to get them to clean up after them, do their chores etc. He does the same with politicians who just won’t back off occasionally
  • Tony and Nat being Those Friends™ who always back each others’ choice for movies/food/activities/excuses and that’s why they always get their way
  • Tony being the only person allowed to serve Nat tea and soup and cough syrup when she’s sick–anyone else will face denial and endless pain because Natasha Romanov does not get sick
  • Nat backing Tony’s suggestions during team meets and in the field even when they sound ridiculous and will probably get everyone killed because like hell is she not gonna be right by his side when he Blows Shit Up

The problem with Doflamingo’s “god complex”

Oda giving Doflamingo a literal god complex i.e. making him believe himself to be more than human never made sense to me and here are the reasons why.

From the very beginning, Doflamingo is presented as a cunning and insightful character with a deep understanding of the workings of the world around him, the pinnacle of that being his famous quote from the Marineford Arc. He makes the point that justice is defined by the winner, suggesting that the concept itself is malleable and therefore meaningless.

By doing so, he demonstrates a high level of intelligence and self-reflection, clearly referring to his own experiences (“Children who have never seen war and children who have never seen peace have different values…”).

Given the “reality check” he lived through as a child, learning the hard way that his power and status were not inviolable, it would only make sense that he understands the arbitrariness of terms like “justice” and “gods”.

Doflamingo saw first hand that the title of “god” means nothing without power. To think that after all those years, he would still cling to the idea that the Tenryuubito (including himself) are more than humans with means of power is an illogical step in the development of his character.

He is a man who has seen too much of the world to hold onto a story he was told as a child and that was proven wrong to him when he became a commoner. His desire to see the Tenryuubito dragged off their thrones should not stem from his denied wish to return to their ranks but from the realization that those born as Celestial Dragons are not gods but just as weak as every other human being once their influence and might are taken away from them.

Just like those who call themselves agents of justice turn into criminals the second someone else makes the rules.

Greek gods part 2/who knows, some more of Hermes’ kids, and a couple of other randos.
Heracles was Abderus’s bae (until he “accidentally” killed him), and Philammon is Autolycus’s twin from another father(because that,, totally,,, happens)
Also Dionysus is not exactly Hermes’s son, but I love that statue with the both of them together so I want to believe they used to hang.
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Out of curiosity, I decided to check out BigJB21 (the guy behind the “god i wish that were me” meme)’s DeviantART page to see if he was aware of his meme status. Predictably, his account had been deactivated, so I decided to see if I could access it through the Wayback Machine. The earliest archive of his page was from early 2013, but it seemed the “God I Wish That Were Me” meme began to catch up with him in mid-2015. I guess the sheer amount of people spamming his notifications with “God I wish that were me” was too much for him.

Stop me if you've heard this one before/that time I had to explain Jesus to a six-year-old I was babysitting
  • *walking past a church*
  • Child: *points at a large wooden crucifix replica out front* who is that?
  • Me: uh, that's...Jesus...
  • Child: who is he?
  • Me: well, in the Christian religion he is regarded as the son of God
  • Child: is he real?
  • Me: *internally screaming FUUUUUUCCCKKKK* um, that's a good question. Evidence suggests there was in fact a historical personage who once lived and that we now know as Jesus. How closely his life resembled the events written in the bible is somewhat unknown, and largely a matter of belief, I suppose, although what isn't, really?
  • Child: *long pause* okay.
  • Child: *points at the statue again* Is he real?
  • Me: oh. OHH. You mean like, is that a real body???
  • Child: yes
  • Me: Oh good god Tyler, no, I think it's wood

Guys. GUYS.

So you know how Jaune is staring at this statue in the volume 1 opening credits?

Right? Okay? And how volume 1 is when Jaune is going through this huge confidence crisis because he comes from this family of warriors that goes back for fucking ever and he doesn’t know if he can measure up?

And also how his sword, Crocea Mors, is a family heirloom?

Well, guys. GUYS.

The hunter in the statue is carrying Crocea Mors.

And that’s not the only similarity. Take a look at their outfits:

Guys, I’m pretty damn sure that the hunter being depicted in the statue is an ancestor of Jaune’s – obviously a highly famous and successful warrior who was such a great hero that he was chosen to be the immortal face of one of the prestigious Hunting academies. The kind of person who was a leader, an inspiration, a savior.

God, no wonder Jaune’s looking at it like this:

How the hell am I supposed to measure up to that?”

EDIT: Elaboration

We know that:

a) The Hunting Academies came about after the end of the Great War

b) Jaune’s great-great-grandfather fought with Crocea Mors in the Great War

So I think that’s Jaune’s great-great-grandfather.


@nikosarc suggested that maybe Jaune’s great-great-grandfather was the founder of Beacon and I AM ONE HUNDRED PERCENT HERE FOR THAT.

I’m howling because god can Morrissey and Johnny Marr please take a normal picture together

Morrissey looks so uncomfortable??

Johnny please, he’s trying to be serious I know you love him but

Prom picture???

From the same photoshoot I guess but why is there a statue, this is terrible

This is what they do I guess, they hug trees and cry into them when they’re alone


“What if he snips the zombie’s pockets too well and his pants fall down?”
“Oh god please no. Imagine the horror of being flashed by a zombie.”
“It couldn’t be that bad.”
“Is it a negative status condition if we’re mentally traumatized by the sight of rotted zombie dick?”
“I love you man but I’m not risking zombie penis ptsd so that you can have 2 extra gold coins before the fight starts instead of after.”

-another player and I discussing the possible consequences of our thief (who had been having a night full of nat 20’s) using a knife to pickpocket a zombie in the room. Our DM was very disappointed in us.

||❥ a moon without stars (m)

w o n w o o ! s c e n a r i o


word count: 18, 194 [ sorry not sorry]

genre: oh my god, it’s everything. angst + smut + fluff + romance + drama lord have mercy.

includes: the tale of Y/N’s first love, jeon wonwoo, and their relationship that builds up to an unplanned pregnancy. he helps his uncle out with mechanic stuff nd works part time as a body piercer. Y/N is a florist. mature themes nd shit, cried over this more than i needed to. enjoy!! :))

✎ don’t rlly have anything 2 say other than have fun reading, the soul has been sucked out of me!! jeon wonwoo destroyed my feelings!!

He is quiet, still like a marble statue that encases ivory bone and hot scarlet. He is impassive, a heavy brow left without a single crease nor a wrinkle, the ink that churns in indolent pupils murky, yet clear with your image that reflects in similarity to a mirror. His lips are beautiful, decorated in lovely shades of rose, yet they are not curled in a signature smile that flutters a heart or preludes a giggle. That is because, above all things, the boy is gobsmacked, perhaps even a little enraged.

Therefore, Jeon Wonwoo’s lips are plain straight. No, if they were to smile, you would burst like a water balloon, sprinkling the earth in droplets of solace. But it is not solace you feel when his face finally cracks, when his eyes flare in smoky streaks that practically engulf your lungs with desolation.

There is a click in your mind, an instinct to clasp your palms to your stomach as Jeon Wonwoo points his chin toward the floor and swears. Your words are still echoing around the room, burrowing within couch cushions and empty coffee mugs. They are permanent reminders that will forever linger, steeping around your limbs and tugging softly at your clothing. They remind you that your life will never return to normal, if normal even existed to begin with, and that sometimes, life can only prevail if a mistake is there to kindle it.

He will not hurt me, you acquaint in the sealed tomb of your skull. He will not lay a finger on me even though he is confused and angry. Every syllable that ricocheted behind thick bone only amplified how your chest ached, like someone’s fist had enclosed around your heart, squeezing it while the organ beat frantically. His fingers carded in exasperation through sable black hair, a groan so deep and desponding spilling in fashion to liquor from his lips. Still, you knew he would never bruise your flesh out of anger, out of spite perhaps starting to brew. You are beautiful, and Jeon Wonwoo does not bruise beauty.

Instead, he leaves it.

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So, let me get this straight

Sherlock has been a  drug addicted for YEARS and he never, ever, not once, in his altered status remembered a thing….

BUT watching a missing bust of Margaret Thatcher and smelling a whiff of drugged paper from Mary AND feeling guilty for her Hollywood!Death! unravelled childhood memories he had buried so deep that he literally had no idea?

Wha - how - how in god’s name does it make sense? This goes beyond suspension of disbeief, this is the writers requiring us to fucking lobotomize our critical thinking skills.

Donald Trump has won the US Presidential election. He will be the 45th President.

As darkness loomed over all of the United States, God-Emperor Elect Trump took to the stage to gloat over his victory over everyone who wasn’t a Christian straight white male.

“May the next 4 years be filled with the crushing of bones of minorities to be ground into a fine paste so that they may be used to paint the many statues built in my honour,” he boomed into a microphone.

“Bow down, America. My ego has not yet been satiated.” The crowd cheered in veneration. “Worship me. Worship me until you die.”

The crowd screeched until their lungs were sore and throats bleeding. They howled at the moon and yelled racial slurs in victory. The earth split open in several places and from it the smell of sulfur emerged. Hell had been unleashed and it wore a toupe.

“Bring me the constitution. I wish to devour it and replace it with my word as law,” Trump yelled.

[Neil Gaiman] was going through a small town in Alabama where he saw a statue of Vulcan. It was a steel town and, as he told the story, there was a factory that had a series of accidents where people were killed on the job and they kept happening because an actuarial had done the numbers and realized that it was cheaper to pay out the damages to the families of people who lost people, rather than to shut down the factory long enough to repair, and that occurred to him as modern a definition of sacrifice as there might be.
—  Michael Green on the genesis of Vulcan in the American Gods adaptation [source]
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Jacskepticeye’s: Man, I hope Jack puts up the next dentention video soon. Kinda miss the Anti hype *looks at the Markiplier fans*……..hey, uh, are you guys ok?

I think one of the really big main issues I have with Wes’ death is like…..the whole cast constantly reminded him that he killed Sam. As if Sam Keating wasn’t a p.o.s. human being who nearly choked the shit out of someone and almost killed the rest of the 5 too.

Like that shit was purely accidental, and y’all can’t tell me if that was your friend, you wouldn’t had grabbed that statue and slammed it into his skull too. Oh, and let’s not forget Asher ran someone over, but they never want to hold that over his head for some reason, hmmmmmmm?

This fucking god damn show and its writing. 

So, in case it’s ever in question: There is absolutely no doubt this show has been building up to the idea of Sherlock falling in love with someone, and they’re doing their best to make that clear.

1) The very first episode opened on a shot of a statue of the god of requited love.

2) Our first glimpse of Sherlock is of a woman hitting on him (and being roundly rejected).

3) John and Sherlock’s first real conversation was about whether Sherlock would have any interest in a relationship, or physical intimacy, and Sherlock denied it.

4) Their last real conversation in TAB was exactly the same, but with the addition of John calling Sherlock out for bullshitting the question, asserting that he DOES have those feelings, and Sherlock implying that his previous denials have to do with a traumatic event in his life (Redbeard).

5) Their first confrontation with the main antagonist has him asserting that Sherlock does have a heart and he’s going to burn it out.

6) Their second season opens with another woman hitting on him (and being rejected), and trying to figure out what he really likes.

7) This woman is a clear visual and emotional mirror for him (wears his coat, same hairstyle and facial structure, similar mind). She’s gay.

8) This same episode establishes that he’s a virgin.

9) This same episode makes clear that Mycroft’s encouraged him to believe love is a dangerous disadvantage that’ll make him ordinary and ruin his one gift, the ability to stay one step ahead of everyone through logic.

10) The same episode establishes that Sherlock was completely stunned to find out John cared about him so deeply, that Irene thinks John loves Sherlock, and that Sherlock has a streak of the romantic in him (he wanted to be a pirate).

11) The same episode concludes with the revelation that this was Moriarty’s first attempt at burning Sherlock’s heart out, or at least a rehearsal of it.

12) Moriarty’s coercion of Sherlock centers around the three people he loves–Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson and John–and hints at a Final Problem he’s threatening Sherlock with, and says it’s not the Fall that kills him, it’s the landing–which means that the Fall was not the final problem, and not the way that he’d burn Sherlock’s heart out; that was coming later.

13) The final episode of next season is called The Final Problem, which means “burning his heart out” is still coming.

14) They reemphasize that Sherlock’s heart is vulnerable by mentioning Redbeard at John’s wedding and having Mycroft (again) telling him that he shouldn’t have let himself be emotionally compromised.

15) They use the last episode of last season to show Sherlock terrified of feeling pain, begging Moriarty to teach him how he never felt it–which can’t mean physical pain, because Moriarty was never injured in front of him; it can only mean emotional pain, “heartbreak, loss,” which Moriarty seemed immune to.

16) They’ve used the promos to imply Sherlock has a dark secret, and to show him saying “I love you,” softly, tenderly, to someone.

There’s absolutely no way this show’s whole arc has been building toward anything but Sherlock in love, Sherlock finally opening his heart to his humanity that way. The only question is: Who could he open his heart to?

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“What’s a god to a non believer?”

Probably still a god because one person not believing in a god doesn’t change the status or power of a god and they can still totally kill your crops or start a plague or something if they wanted to idk like if Thor was standing in front of you and you said you didn’t believe him he wouldn’t like magically disappear or whatever and that would probably hurt his feelings tbh

Martin Luther King Jr. On Communism (quote)

​“In communism the individual ends up in subjection to the state. True, the Marxist would argue that the state is an “interim” reality which is to be eliminated when the classless society emerges; but the state is the end while it lasts, and man only a means to that end.

And if any man’s so-called rights or liberties stand in the way of that end, they are simply swept aside. His liberties of expression, his freedom to vote, his freedom to listen to what news he likes or to choose his books are all restricted. Man becomes hardly more, in communism, than a depersonalized cog in the turning wheel of the state. This deprecation of individual freedom was objectionable to me. I am convinced now, as I was then, that man is an end because he is a child of God.

Man is not made for the state; the state is made for man. To deprive man of freedom is to relegate him to the status of a thing, rather than elevate him to the status of a person. Man must never be treated as a means to the end of the state, but always as an end within himself.“


These are so cute, esp Joker + family vacay in Japan anyone?
basically the Japanese Lego Batman Twitter is a blessing… also PLEASE WATCH THE JAPANESE TRAILER I’M DYING BC OF THE VOICES https://twitter.com/legobatmanjp/status/811862982627987456

anonymous asked:

Tim being the final key for Bruce remembering his real past w/all his kids wouldn't be too out there. Tim was the one who helped Bruce recover after Jason. Kind of helped Bruce and Dick patch up and (emotionally) became Dick's first strong bat sib bond. Dates Steph (past/current). Closest bat sib to Cass. Rebirth/n52 made him and Jason+Damian get along better. He worked w/Kate now. Dick may be the heart and main pillar to look up to of the batfam. But Tim's the soul that connected everyone back

In the old universe, Tim was incredibly interconnected. In fact, one could argue it was Tim, not Dick, holding the batfamily together. Because god bless Dick Grayson but sometimes the man messes up, is selfish, causes ripples in the family. Every kid has caused problems, upset the status quo but Tim could always be counted on to be the rock, the one solid, stable one. Tim was never making waves, he was steady, taking responsibilities and complaints and unfairness with minimal fuss. It was very rare for him to start fights or to step out, only when things started falling apart for him (really when damian came along) did Tim start causing his own problems. He was the solid support, the bridge between Bruce and Alfred, the old gang ( Dick, Jay) and the new kids (Steph, Cass, Damian).