he is talking about the carnival haha

Pumpkin Head to...Boofriend?-Mark Fluff

Request: “ you’re writing is amazing! hallucination gave me so many feels. i wanna request a mark angst/fluff. im not great with plot so can you make one up? also, i want the ending to be a happy one.”

Song: Riptide-Vance Joy (this is a great song but a bad fall one, but i think it relates to the scenario decently. I have so many song and so many playlists for cold weather though i can’t wait to use them ^_^)

“Crisp, like a fallen leaf! Clean, like the fall air! Warm, like the perfect cup of hot chocolate!! That’s what you are! She’d be crazy not to go to that carnival with you!”-Renjun

“Yeah! Even if you did have that bowl cut 2 months ago.”-Donghyuck

“Hey! Your hair is orange like a pumpkin now so it’s fitting for the season!”-Chenle

“Wow, your determination to your crush is motivating!”-Jisung

“I didn’t dye my hair for-nevermind. Thanks for the pep talk guys.”-Mark

Mark chuckled and rolled his eyes at his friends antics while waiting for the bus they took for school. He had always been assigned the role as the reliable yet awkward leader of the younger ones in his group of friends. He appreciated that but he still got flustered every now and then because of them. Today was not going to be one of those days. He needed to be as cool as the fall air caressing his pink cheeks at the moment.

He was waiting for three things. Number one; the bus, which was soon coming to get them out of the cold. Number two; for October to officially start, which was obvious considering how the stores were already over packed with candy, costumes, and decorations. Number three was the thing he was anticipating the most; you, his crush. Well, a crush is what his friends referred to you as but he knew it was more than just a childish crush. He had liked you for some time now and you two had finally seemed to get even closer in the past couple of weeks due to you being in student government together. He wasn’t even supposed to be in the group but after realizing he wanted you to be more than just a simple crush, he took a chance to get closer to you at school and joined. He only had one problem so far with that plan. To him, you were the most kind and passionate person he knew. He admired how hard you worked for your school and he wish he had more time and ways to enjoy that pleasure with you and now that he finally had, it was great! He just couldn’t get past the nicknames you gave him. It was always cute since he thought you were adorable but…it always felt like you were making him out to be a baby even though you two were the same age! This month, he wanted to change that. He wanted you to see him as a capable, reliable, possible boyfriend but he knew he would have to work hard since as long as he had known you, you always seemed to treat everyone the same. He knew you had good intentions by doing that but he wanted to show you that he could be just as special to you like how you were to him. He found it to be quite contradicting how involved you were in the holiday events later in the year, specifically Halloween. He knew you had an oddly deep love for all things during fall from the comforting hot drinks to the scary horror shows. He wanted to be there with you, enjoying those cozy and fun moments. He couldn’t wait to show you he could be more than just a cute nickname you give him.

After a few minutes of discussing their most recent performance with his members, he saw the bus turn the corner, finally bringing you to him. He couldn’t hide his nervousness as he hurriedly fixed his hair and straightened his coat. He tried to act natural as he walked up the steps of the bus and scanned his card. He was doing a decent job of looking around nonchalantly until he locked eyes with you. He stopped in the middle of the aisle as he took in your appearance and nervously returned the smile you had given him as you noticed him. He tried to wave casually but was pushed by his members to hurry up and move out of the middle of the aisle, causing a giggle to escape your lips. He kept walking slowly up the aisle trying to decide whether or not he would take a chance to sit next to you. He was about to keep going and just sit behind you until he saw you look at him and pat the space next to you. He smiled widely and slid in the seat.

“Hey Mark. How was your weekend?”

“Hi, Y/A. It was fine, we just practiced. And I talked to you on the phone, of course,” Mark said already remembering the late night conversations you two had begun having lately after his long practices.

“Yeah, that was fun but you didn’t mention you dyed your hair!”

“O-oh..yeah, it just kind of happened late last night. We might be having a comeback soon so, yeah. Do you like it? I mean the guys say it kind of looks like a pumpkin bu-”

“OMG it does kind of look like a pumpkin,” you said reaching up to feel his soft hair. A loud laugh that Mark recognized all too well could be heard from the seat in front of you two. He ignored it and giggled softly as he looked down at you playing with his hair. He didn’t like the fact that you thought it resembled a pumpkin but he wasn’t going to complain. You looked too beautiful at the moment and he didn’t want to stop you from being close to him. You caught Mark’s eye and saw them sparkling as he admired you. You grew flustered from his stare and dropped your hand down into your lap.

“Uh, sorry for…yeah.”

“No, you’re fine. You can play with my hair whenever you want.”

“Okay! But I didn’t mean that you looked like a pumpkin or anything, in fact your hair looks really good and you look really handsome and-oh look, we’re at school!”

Mark looked out the window and saw the school in plain view with kids already walking into the building and out of the cold air. He got up and tried to be a gentleman by grabbing your bag for you. He also might have wanted to get back at Jaemin for laughing earlier by “accidently” hitting him with the bag.

As you all finally exited the bus and were in the front hall, you grabbed your things from Mark.

“I can carry it to your class! It’s fine. We can talk on the way!”

“No. it’s really fine! But we can walk together, since we are going to the hall, haha.”

“Oh…ok, right. Let’s go!”

Ok, she doesn’t want me to carry her stuff. That’s fine, it’s not like I have to.

Mark walked you all the way to your classroom, listening to you talk about your plans for the month. He noted that you kept mentioning how many people kept asking that the carnival be super scary this year and how nervous you said you would be to take part in any thing like that.

OK. This is great! Later, when I’m asking her to be my date for the carnival, I can promise to protect her from the scary stuff!

Mark was smiling widely as you kept talking. Once you finally reached your classroom, you turned around to see him off.

“Ummm, Y/ A. Can we meet up later? I wanna talk to you about something, if that’s cool.”

“Sure! Just text me. Now hurry up to class before you’re late, my pumpkin head!”

You skipped off into your class while Mark’s smile wiped from his face. He turned to start walking towards his class with a distraught expression.

“Pump-pumpkin head?! She called you pumpkin head!?? Oooh, that’s just too great!”

“No it’s not…I was determined not to get a silly nickname from her!”

“Well, at least she said my pumpkin head. That must mean something!”

My confidence has hit an all time low. Why can’t you just like me back?

“But you have to admit that she has a true talent for making up nicknames that fast.”

“….Maybe I shouldn’t ask her to go to the carnival. I mean, I don’t think she likes me like that. If she did, she wouldn’t call me anything silly…right?”

“I don’t think a cute nickname equals her not liking you. In fact, I think she would return your feelings if you just perked up a bit! Besides, what’s wrong with a cute nickname?”

“There isn’t really anything wrong with it. She could at least call me something else that’s a bit more…I don’t know, mature?”

“Like what? Her boooofriend??”

All the boys starting laughing at Donghyuck’s joke while Mark continued to sit there and pity himself. He knew he would have to regain his confidence soon or else you definitely wouldn’t want to go on that date with him. He quickly texted you before he could lose all of his determination. He waited for a response and once he got one he knew he was ready.

Later that afternoon after school got out, Mark waited at the gate for you. He spotted you leaving with a group of your friends. They seemed to be pushing you in his direction, almost as if they were trying to prep you to come over there. After you and your friends parted ways, you made your way over to Mark and stood in front of him.

“Hey Bumpkin! You ready to go? You said you wanted to go to your house and talk about the carnival, right? Let’s hurry up and get to the bus, I’m freezing.”

Bumpkin. Where did she even pull that one from?

You soon were seated on the bus to go Mark’s house. You hesitantly sat down after smoothing your skirt down as much as possible so that your legs wouldn’t touch the cold leather seats. As Mark watched you do it, he noticed that you weren’t wearing any tights under your skirt anymore.

“Y/A, what happened to your tights? Aren’t you cold?”

“Oh, I accidently spilled something on them during lunch so I had to take them off. I am a bit cold, but I’ll be fine. Your dorm isn’t too far anyway.”

You smiled up at Mark but noticed that he was beginning to take off his jacket. You didn’t realize what he was doing until he was gently covering your exposed legs with it. You were too shocked at his thoughtfulness to say anything so you silently sat there. You leaned forward slightly so that he could tie the jacket around your waist so that it wouldn’t fall off. You stared at Mark’s face until he noticed your intense stare on him. He didn’t know why but he was suddenly compelled to lean forward. He was slowing leaning in, gaze set on your lips. The warmth of his breath was taking away the cold surrounding you as he leaned forward, only three inches between you both. He was about to close the gap when the bus jerked to a stop, causing you to lurch forward into his arms. He caught you from falling and pushed you back into the seat. He readjusted himself to face forward and you two sat in silence until you were in front of Mark’s stop. He lead you out of the bus and you two walked to his house. He didn’t let you unwrap his jacket from around your waist until you were inside his dorm. You noticed that it was empty, even though you assumed it was normally packed with the NCT Dream members.

“Where are all the guys? I thought they would be here, too.”

“Umm, no. They got picked up by our manager. They have extra practice today.”

“Mmmm ok. So what did you want to talk about Pumpkin head?”



“That nickname. Well, actually not just that nickname…all of them.”

“What? Do you not like them or something?”

“Well, no! It isn’t really that. Your nicknames are cute! Just a little…too cute. I feel like you aren’t…taking me seriously. I like you so much Y/A. You make me more nervous than when I’m performing sometimes. You make me feel like I’m floating above the clouds. I want to be seen as a reliable, comforting person to you but it seems like every time we take two steps forward, you push me 4 back with those nicknames! I know it’s just your thing but…I can’t tell if you like me too or not at this point. A-and…I want to be more than just your Pumpkin head! I want to be your boofriend!”

“……..My-my hahaha my what?! You want to be my Boofriend!”

Major L for Mark Lee. Now she’ll never understand my feelings. At least the boys aren’t here…they would laugh at me forever.

“I meant boyfriend, Y/A, boyfriend! Ugh this is so embarrassing.”

“I-I haha didn’t know you thought that. I do take you seriously! More serious than anyone else. If I didn’t I’m wouldn’t have spent all those night staying up late to talk to you or tell you how I’m feeling or…only call you those nicknames.”

“You do take me serious? And what do you mean only me? You give everyone nicknames.”

“Actually, if you like me as much as you say you do, you would know that I almost never call anyone else loving nicknames unless it’s like some variation of their name or something everyone calls them. I give you special ones because…I like you, too.”

“Well,then now that I can confirm that you like me, too, I want to ask you; will you go to the fall carnival with me? I want to do all the cliche boyfriend things with you there like win you prizes, go on the rides, protect you in the haunted houses, and buy you food. You know, the whole works. If possible.”

You chuckled at Mark’s cuteness and grabbed his hand.

“I guess you can…if I can still use one nickname with you. Just for October!”

“Oh gosh please no-”

“Boofriend! My Boofriend Mark. It has a ring to it!”

“If you get to call me that then I get to call you…
My ghoulfriend Y/A!”


“Sorry. I’ll leave the nicknames to you, baby.”

I…forgot to make it super angsty but i actually have like 2 other mark angst to fluff requests right now so i  hope this is a nice start to the fluff and shows some youthfulness? I don’t know but i hope it’s a nice way to start the cliche fall themed requests! but mark is my irl pumpkin head baby, i can’t deny it anymore!