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don't you think Liam talking about Cheryl and Bear in every interview is a part of his promo marketing plan?? I mean- when Louis was asked about Freddo in every interview blogs were like "Louis is so much more than a dad, all they ask him is about Freddie- they diminish him down to just a father, why don't they ask him about other things than Freddo" yet when Liam is asked about Bear in every interview people just compare it to babygate 1.0 ....Liam is much more than Cheryl's fake bf and a 'dad'

Yes, I agree. And yes, it’s being used for promo. People should indeed focus more on his work, but yikes personal life sells a lot (fake or not). And well, we can’t help not to compare when there’s such a stark contrast

Random little GF Headcanons I’ve gained from re-watching the series.

  • Wendy and Soos both thought that Dipper and Mabel were gonna be like normal kids who need guidance and protection 24/7, which is why Wendy was so ‘just let him come he’s little’ in The Inconveniencing, but by the time Boss Mabel comes around they all realize that they’re basically independent and just let ‘em go.
  • Dipper and Mabel’s parents are those kinds of people that Stay Together For The Kids, despite not being happy anymore. It’s why Mabel is so into things like “Force Love!” and Dipper believes swooning someone requires you to monitor them closely.
  • Dipper once chugged two gallons of Mabel Juice on a dare. No one is allowed to speak of this.
  • The Bell was far from the first attempt Preston made to control Pacifica- it’s just the most effective. Sometimes she flinches when he raises his voice just right, or pats her head.
  • Dipper and Mabel learn through trial and error how to fix up floorboards, plumbing, vehicles, look they know how to fix things okay.
  • Wendy and Soos had this unspoken agreement with Stan that his house was always open to them, but they never felt interested in sitting around Stan’s living room unless they were really bored. Once Dipper and Mabel happened and Soos got the shack Wendy basically lives with them.
  • The day after they get the shack back from Gideon, Stan wakes the whole house up for a 1 a.m. trip to a waffle house to celebrate, grabbing Soos and Wendy on the way through. They all think it’s ‘cause they got the shack back/survived being attacked by zombies. It’s not.

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I read the article where it sums up what we know about season 5, so this clearly means that jason is A) a asshole B) he doesn't like bellarke cuz clearly he isn't going to make them a couple in season 5 also. And lastly if he kept on doing this shit he might go in S6 (if he gets another season) Or he might loose his lead actors aka Bob or Eliza and this whole show will face the fate same as TEEN WOLF just like DOB left and STYDIA doesn't have any couple like scenes.

A) No argument there.

B) I disagree and here’s why:

He doesn’t dislike bellarke.




Or, one of my favourite tweets when 1x08 aired. Because we know it from the leaked scripts that he indeed cut out exactly some of that.

+ Right now, both Bob and Eliza love working on this show. We don’t know what the future brings, of course, but I don’t want to worry about that right now.

And I can hardly wait the moment when they are without a doubt canon* romantic for the people in the back because I’m kinda expecting an Alan Rickman-like revelation when he confessed he had known from the beginning of filming HP that his character was in love with Lily, Harry’s mom.

I agree on one point. I am keeping my expectations low for canon bellarke happening early s5 because it’s been 6 years and people change and they have to find their way back to one another. Right now, I think we might get to canon bellarke by the finale. I am sure, however, that we will get more of that bellarke extraness in s5. (It can, of course, also happen that they overcome with lust and finally give in to their feelings at any point in s5. I give it like 1%. But that is my opinion.)

(*) If you ask me bellarke became canon in s4 even without saying “i am in love with you” or without that damn long awaited kiss.

i think a lot about how during kkul fm where hob didn’t have any complains at all and praise and compliments and wants to support namjoon’s singing endeavours saying “it’s a good thing, i support you, i love you” and yoongi just “it’s undoubtedly j-hope” 😢💪🏽💕