he is swedish god

History of the Scandinavian Cross Flag (“Nordic Cross”)

According to legend, the flag of Denmark originated during the Battle of Lyndanisse, part of the Northern Crusades, near modern-day Tallinn in Estonia, on June 15, 1219: The battle began when a group of pagans attacked Danish crusaders by surprise, killing Bishop Theoderich von Treyden. King Valdemar II of Denmark was nearing certain defeat when the Archbishop of Lund, Anders Sunesen, raised his arms in prayer to God; suddenly a flag (called the ‘Dannebrog’ in Danish) miraculously fell from the sky; taken as a sign of Christ’s protection, the King took it and showed it to his troops; their hearts were filled with courage and the Danes won the battle.

According to Swedish legend, the flag of Sweden originated when King St. Erik IX saw a golden cross in the sky during the First Swedish Crusade in 1157. He considered this a sign from God and adopted the golden cross on a blue background as his banner.

Regardless of who had the flag first, the cross design, which represents Christianity, was adopted by Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, the Åland Islands, Scania, Shetland, Orkney and several other areas around northern Europe.

"Reading Fanfiction..."
  • Cry: "He knocked on the door with all his might- goddamn that's a lot of strength..."
  • PewDie: "Otherwise he doesn't hear it! Playing video games!"
  • ×
  • Cry, PewDie: "The swedish-"
  • Cry: "You know what? FUCK IT! You go! YOU GO!"
  • ×
  • PewDie: "And to his horror, he noticed something he probably shouldn't have... He was fapping!"
  • Ken: "NOOOOO!"
  • PewDie: "Clothes scattered around the wooden floor and creaking bed noises enacted from the ro- What does that mean?"
  • Cry: "That means there's SOUND!"
  • ×
  • Ken: "It was Cry and Ken!"
  • PewDie: "WHAAAAT?!"
  • Ken: "Oh yeah!"
  • Cry: "Gimme some of that beard sugar!"
  • ×
  • Ken: "... the bouquet of flowers fall into the- wait... into the flowers"
  • ×
  • Ken: "... and made up excuses as Cry lay in the bed with no sheets to cover him-
  • Cry [dying]: "...and strike a confident pose!"
  • Ken: "So you're laying there naked and you're like YEAH WASSUP!"
  • Cry: "Yeah, I'm just like 'I don't give a damn look at my dick!"
  • ×
  • Ken: "And hurt was the last emotion Felix will ever experience..."
  • ×
  • Cry: "Don't kill youself after seeing my dick please..."
I love how both Denmark and Sweden seem to have decided the final verse of 'Stars' wasn't gay enough in English

Danish!Javert: God, let me have him
Danish!Javert: Nothing’s regretted
Danish!Javert: Nothing left
Danish!Javert: I’ll catch him
Danish!Javert: Unfortunately, I must
Danish!Javert: by the sparkling night!
Swedish!Javert: God, give him to me
Swedish!Javert: He is my convict
Swedish!Javert: All I ask for*
Swedish!Javert: I’ll endure
Swedish!Javert: Until then… Yes, I swear!
Swedish!Javert: I swear by God’s stars!