he is sweating

pancakes or waffles?// mc blurb

“Nice job tonight.” She chided, smacking his bare ass before grabbing his tee shirt across the floor.

He laughed while pulling on sweat pants and following her out into the kitchen.

It was fifteen till midnight and both were still basking in the afterglow. Michael took a seat at the counter watching as his fiancée pulling out bowls and ingredients in his old shirt and a pair of black underwear. He rested his chin in his hand admiring her.

“Pancakes or waffles?” She asked without turning around.

He was lost in his own thoughts, recounting the moment he realized he loved her. She was strutting around the dressing room, dancing with Calum and his girlfriend The three were jamming to All Star by Smashmouth. She turned to him and before he could resist, she pulled him out from his seat and was forced to dance. The smile on her face was enough to get him dancing. He knew then, he was in love. Flash forward to now, two years later, they’re engaged and living in his house.

“Babe?” She was snapping her fingers in front of his face.

He caught her hand and fiddled with her engagement ring. “I love you so much.” He sighed.

She giggled and pecked his lips. “I love you too.”

He pulled her back when she tried to leave. “No, like, I really love you.”

“And I really love you. Are you okay?” She looked a little concerned, holding his face between her hands.

“I just can’t believe how lucky I am to have you.” He smiled at her, pulling her into his lap.

“You know, in the beginning, I never thought it would be you.” She wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. You drove me crazy. I wanted to rip my hair out. It wasn’t until we slept together that I realized I just really wanted to see you naked.” She smiled teasingly at him.

“Yeah well it wasn’t hard for me to realized I wanted to see you naked.” He responded with his cheeky smirk. “It took Ashton a month to convince me to ask you out the first time.”

“And it took Luke another week to get me to accept.” She giggled again, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“And now look where we are.” He said holding up her left hand, staring at her ring.

“I think you love this ring more than I do.”

“I just like seeing it on you. It screams ‘I am not available.’” He beamed at her.

“Yeah, but I’ve been yours for years Clifford.” She kissed his cheek.

“And I’ve been yours for so much longer, Future Mrs. Clifford.”

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hello!! i really really love your writing, especially how you portray saeran from mystic messenger! i was wondering, could i request a saeran x reader where the reader comforts him after a bad nightmare? thank you so much!!

[MysMe] — Saeran Choi x Reader

A/N: I would love to do this because I absolutely adore Saeran. I actually like his character a lot in the game and I’m more than happy to do this!

Rated: SFW

WARNINGS: Nightmares

He constantly tossed and turned, sweat pooling down his forehead and his hands were gripping the bed sheets. His light whimpering was audible throughout the dark room, the hint of a frustrated aroused state was taking over the bed and you jolted from your position.

You widened your eyes at his twitching formation. Saeran was mumbling your name under his breath, almost as if your own name was taking away the last few moments of his breath. It seemed as if smoke was filling his lungs; he was losing it, and then he nearly fell off the bed with a twist.

“Saeran!” you shouted out loud, holding your hands out. His eyebrows were plucked and furrowed; he was deep in his nightmare, and you placed your palms on his shaky shoulders. “Saeran, wake up!”

“No, no, no!” he groaned audibly, reaching his palms up to you, and your heart was sinking.

“Hey, it’s okay, Saeran,” you whispered calmly, trying to lean closer to him. You shook him slightly as he arched his body to move forward. “Wake up, Saeran. Please!”

“Y/N!” he yelled out loud your name, voice drenched in fear, and within seconds, his face was deep on your shoulder. His chin nearly stabbed your skin and he panted heavily; you could hear the exhaustion coming out from his mouth. He was in another world, almost as if he tried to get himself away from the terrifying dream he was swallowed in.

Saeran pushed himself away from you and stared deep into your eyes. His mouth quivered, eyes drenched in frightening fear, his hands were glued to your own shoulders and he gritted his teeth. The sight horrified you; seeing your own love has escaped the nightmare he was lost in. You weren’t sure what happened, and now, all you could do is hope that he was trying to get back to reality.

You kissed his forehead, wiping away the damp strands of his hair. “You’re okay, honey, I’m here,” you spoke cautiously, trying not to make him uncomfortable in any way. “It was only a bad dream.”

“Something happened to you,” Saeran said, his eyes darting back and forth from you to his hands on your shoulders. “You left me. You were gone. And I just—I couldn’t help you in time. I thought I lost you.”

“No, you could never lose me,” you said, pulling him close for a tight hug. He felt warm in your arms, and suddenly, he was safe and comforted. “I’m here, Saeran. I’m not going anywhere. I love you.”

“I—I love you too, Y/N.”

“I’m not leaving you,” you said softly. “I don’t plan on leaving.”

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Your top five fave Jackson pics?

omg anon!!!!!! dfjksdhfs this is a hard one… like… each pic of him is a fav 😬💕💓 but lemme see…

BYE THIS MAD EME SWEAT HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL HOLY SHIT I AM 😍💞💕💓💐😍💞😍💞💕💓💐😍💞😍💞💓💐😍💞😍💞💕💓💐😍💞😍💞💕💓😍💞💕💓💐😍💓💐😍💞😍💞💕💓💐😍💞 CONSTANTLY wow

Kaminari:(Sitting behind Ojiro in class)…
Ojiro: I know what you’re thinking. Don’t do it.
Kaminari:(Visibly upset) I’m trying.
Ojiro: Stay strong.
Kaminari: (He starts sweating) It hurts.
Ojiro:(Sighs) Fine, go ahead.
Kaminari:Thank-you! (Starts playing with his tail) It’s fluffy! Bonus: Ojiro:(Dragging Kaminari on the floor) Let go! Kaminari: (Still holding onto his tail) Never!

honestly… in a high school au naruto is probably a really bad football player. but he tries really hard, harder than everyone else, and by senior year has a pretty decent fan following for making a couple very cool and unexpected Key Plays… and so in his senior year he finally gets a girlfriend and is vastly underwhelmed. wasn’t it supposed to be the best thing ever? meanwhile he is also gaining a few fans who are less into football and more into… how handsome he looks despite those ugly sweats he keeps coming to school in

Volleyball | Preference

Requested By: Anon

The Twins watching you play Volleyball


-Like your biggest cheerleader ever

-Lots of yelling

-Like the proudest little thing, you would do literally anything well he would tell everyone around him that you were dating

-Whenever you had an ace he would do your little team cheer with you guys from up in the stands

-Might get a little bit distracted by dat booty, but snap back to attention when Ethan makes fun of him

-Would mob you with kisses after every game even if you won or lost bc to him it doesn’t matter

-Would talk for days about all your awesome plays

-“That’s my GIRL!!”


-More of a quiet watcher, but would reassure you whenever you looked up into the stands with a thumbs up

-Would accidentally stare at your butt for like 10 minutes, but would glare at anyone else who accidentally glanced at it

-Would touch you endlessly after the game bc he thinks you and sweat are a good look

-When you lost, he would talk to you all quietly about everything you did well

-Ice cream after every game

-Everytime you so much as touched the ball he would nudge Gray and brag about how good you were and how lucky he was to have you

Hey, I hope you like it! My first preference, but this was really fun to write!

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Panic! at the Disco almost went by the name Pet Salamander. Those emos almost chose to go by Pet Salamander. Can you imagine how different things would sounds? “This is ‘I Write Sins not Tragedies,’ sung by Pet Salamander.” Ryan Ross why? Where did you get the idea for the name? What stood out about this name? All of the jokes about the exclamation point would just cease to exist. The emo trinity would have been Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Pet Salamander. The jokes about panicking at discos would stop and would turn into jokes about salamanders i just wann


Than any boy you’ll ever meet 

Sweetie you had me


These are humans from another galaxy. A Pathfinder.


i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco