he is super hot though

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what would turn the most in bed for got7?? damn we are all👅


I think deep kisses would be his biggest turn on along with your hips rolling. Like even if he was doing you doggy he’d make you look over your shoulder so he could kiss you. Also lip biting…


I think hearing you moan would be one of the biggest turn ons. I could see him thinking you gripping his skin would also be a major turn on. 


I think you taking charge but quickly giving up just to test how dominate he could be would be a huge turn on for him also alot of touching, he’d want you to feel how hot he was (muscle wise)


Moaning definitely. Also needy touching. I think having you become small and needy for him would be the biggest turn on for him. 


Hearing you say his name would be one of the biggest turn ons for him. He’d love knowing how good he was making you feel- not dirty talk though, i think that would make him feel too shy.


I think seeing you keep up with him would be the biggest turn on. Like he’d love to have you try to roll on top of him and take over just so he could beat you down to moaning underneath him. He would think it was super hot though when you were dominant.


Since he’s young I could see him love it when you let him over power you. Gives him a sense of manliness and although i can’t really see him be SUPER into dirty talk I still could see him loving it when you told him what you liked. 

related to sawasprout comic 🌼 all the little plants in miyuki’s garden

also please see the amazing daiya plants by @narameval!

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S/O brings up the idea of getting tattoos together. Members reactions?

2D: 2D loves the idea of you getting a tattoo. He thinks you’d look super hot. He does worry about the pain though. He asks you where you’d get it and of what. 2D looks up some cool tattoo ideas he thinks you’d like. When you go to get the actual tattoo, 2D brings some water and snacks in case you’re there longer than expected. He holds your hand throughout the entire session and hums to you when the tattoo artist was going over the more painful areas. After you got the tattoos, 2D would take so many pictures of it. “It looks so amazin’!” You’d giggled at your excited boyfriend and put your shirt back down. “Let’s go home, I want to take a nap after being trapped in that chair for hours.”

Murdoc: Murdoc almost immediately got a boner when he thought about you getting a tattoo. He’d joke about the tattoo you’d get and say stupid things like, “Oh, my face would look great right here.” And he’d grip your ass. You’d laugh at him and push him off. He would most definitely come with you to get the tattoo. Murdoc would probably threaten the tattoo artist if the tattoo got too painful. You’d have to distract him by holding onto his hand and squeezing it when it started to hurt. When it was done, he’d pull you close and whisper, “We need to get you home so you can model your new tattoo for me.”

Noodle: Noodle would enjoy the idea of you getting a tattoo. She loves the stories behind them and wants to help you pick one out. She’d get more excited than you were when you actually go to get it done. Noodle would closely watch the tattoo artist work and ask them questions about the practice. If you started to squirm because of the pain, she’d try and calm you down. She would distract you by talking about some of your favorite things. After you were done, she’d help you up and make sure you were cleaning the tattoo properly over the next couple of weeks.

Russel: Russel would be a bit shocked by the sudden idea but he wouldn’t be against it. He’d make sure you were absolutely positive about your tattoo choice before going to get it done. Russel would offer to pay for the tattoo and ask if he could come with you. On the day of the tattoo, he’d bring plenty of water for you and try his best to keep you entertained. Your tattoo was going to take a long time so he brought some movies to watch on your laptop. When you were in a lot of pain, he’d rub your head and kiss you to try and make it better. After you got done, he’d admire the work of the tattoo artist. He’d thank them and go pay for the tattoo. Over the next couple of weeks, he makes sure you’re taking good care of your tattoo so it doesn’t get infected.

SINCE RDJ IS GETTING THAT MTV GENERATION AWARD THINGY:  Here’s a 25-year-old Robert Downey Jr. with his then-girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker, attending the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards (September 9, 1990).

Some Bakugou and Dadzawa with winter flavour for @saisai-chan who needed some fluff.

Bakugou doesn’t like being cooped up in the winter so Aizawa will take him for training or bring him somewhere quiet to do homework, and will erase Bakugou’s quirk if he loses his temper. This a) prevents property damage and b) makes Bakugou feel like a child throwing a tantrum because there’s no explosions and Aizawa is just disapprovingly staring at him (because erasing quirk) but it bothers Bakugou so much he stops having temper outbursts when they’re together.

Bakugou is terrible at snowball fights because he can’t use his quirk and his naturally warm hands make the snow melt. He doesn’t like to wear gloves either. Aizawa however is lethal with aim (when he can be bothered to) so they have snowball fights under the guise of Aizawa teaching Bakugou control. Aizawa also stuffs gloves onto Bakugou’s hands and scowls. Bakugou scowls back. The gloves stay on. (Kaminari and Kirishima join in, so it’s team Bakugo and Aizawa vs Kiri and Nari. Bakugou has fun, but won’t admit it. Aizawa sleeps for a week but also has fun)

They make gingerbread men together, Bakugou adds extra spices so they’re really intense. He makes Aizawa hot chocolate and even though the super spicy gingerbread makes Aizawa’s eyes and nose burn he eats them anyway. At some point they make a gingerbread house that looks like the school. All Might takes a picture of Aizawa and Bakugou standing with it. (Bakugou treasures the photo, not like he’d ever admit it).

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Don't get mad but....Kenny Omega is a phenomenal wrestler BUT dude I just don't see the ... ya know... attractiveness? Could I be enlightened? I wanna get on the train too but I keep missing the stop lmao.

Oh man! You don’t HAVE to be into anyone if you’re not feeling it.I feel like he doesn’t look physically hot all the time. Like especially with his stupid hair extensions and questionable hair looks, but when he’s his adorable normal self with his blonde curly locks and dorky clothes he just looks so sweet and cute I just wanna hug him and then also suck his dick. I find his passion and love for wrestling incredibly attractive, anyone with loads of emotion and desires is something that really gets me into people. His personality also makes me love him more, he’s so silly and clumsy and doesn’t take himself seriously while also really seeking approval of others and being quite open to feeling vulnerable. I dunno for me with Kenny is more than just how he looks it’s how he acts and carries himself even though I also think he’s super hot and had a body worth dying over!

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Can you do the RFA+v+saeran and their favorite holiday?

A/N: I woke up today and I almost cried seeing all the requests!!! Itotallydidnotdanceforlike20minutesoutofjoynowaythatdidnothappen. Thank you all so much for following us!!! You guys are all so precious. We’ll be getting back to you as quick as possible! ~ Admin 626


  • Of course this little sucker loves Halloween!!!
  • Dressing up as his favorite LOLOL character??? What could be better
    • The only thing he hates about it is that he can only dress up as ONE character
  • But he’s super excited when you two start dating!!!!
    • You both can dress up like LOLOL characters!!!
    • And you love this guy so much you dress up as one of his favorite characters your first year together
  • The second year? He’s disappointed when you tell him you want to dress up like a sexy sailor
    •  Yoosungwouldbetheonlyboytobedisappointedbythat
    • “Can…can we do it next year though?”
    •  MCyoumonsterhowdareyouhurthimlikethis
  • But oh lordy lord, when he sees you on Halloween, it takes all his control to keep his hands to himself!!!
    • Tries to give a death glare to any boy who looks at you the wrong way
    • Justlookslikeanangrytoddler
    • PaysSaerantowardoffanygrossboys
  • Even though you look super hot, he still prefers you in the LOLOL cosplay


  • I wonder what holiday this romantic loves???
  • I mean it’s just so hard to pick
  • Definitely can’t be Valentine’s Day
  • He loves having a day where he can celebrate his love for you!!
  • Roses? You get one every day until Valentine’s Day when he gives you a dozen!
  • He buys you chocolate but he’s a little afraid he’ll eat it, and poor zenny cant ruin his complexion
    • Joke’sonhimyou’regonnahavehimeatitoffyoulaterthatnight
  • Totally cliché scene where he gives you a fabulous dress and hires a makeup artist for you
    • and then takes you to a 5 star restaurant!!!
  • Rose petals and candles lit in your bedroom when you get back???
  • wheredidheevenfindthetimeforthis
  • He does this every year but you never get tired of it because you know how much he loves you


  • The week Starbucks has a happy hour!!!!
  • idontcareifitsnotreallyaholidayfIGHTME
  • “I thought you didn’t like Starbucks, you said it’s nothing but warm milk???”
    • “Listen, MC, I’m scoping out the competition, I need to figure out what’s popular with the consumer”
  • yeahokayJaeheei’mprettysureyoujustlovetheirfrappuccino
  • She’s there every day??? The entire time???
    • She bought 10 drinks??? In 2 hours?!
    • “The discount is very nice, I should take advantage of it as much as I can”
    • Jaehee no
  • You decided to go in after her one day because this needed to stop omg the shop needs her
    • You find her asleep on one the chairs and she just looks so adorable and relaxed, you can’t wake her up
    • Howthehelldidshefallasleepafter10drinks
  • You cuddle up next to her and fall asleep too!!!
    • Starbucks would probably kick u guys out but let’s ignore that, you two are cuties


  • Is there even a question about this???
  • National Cat Lover’s day duh
  • It’s not a real holiday??? It is now
    • Mister Trust Fund Kid got connections
  • You two dress up in cat onesies!!!
  • He tries to get you to wear one that looks a little too much like Elizabeth the 3rd
    • “Jumin no”
    • “MC yes”
  • Showers Elizabeth the 3rd in gifts???
    • “I don’t think she’ll need a cashmere sweater”
    • “You stopped from getting the turkey imported from Maine, MC,,,I can only compromise so much” hahaHSMreferenceimsowitty
  • lowkey this is your favorite holiday too
  • you, Jumin, and Elizabth the 3rd cuddle on the couch and watch cat movies all day!!!
  • Nothing is better than being with your two favorite people all day~
    • you’recallingElizabeththe3rdapersonnowJuminhasreallyinfluencedyou


  • aLL OF THEM!!!
  • There is not a holiday he doesn’t go all out for
  • Christmas??? He’s the guy who has every inch of his place decorated, inside and out!
    • People visit his house and he makes Saeran (Saerantotallyvolunteeredbutwhatever) dress up as Santa Claus!
    • He dresses up as Mrs. Claus ofc, he passes out sweets and baked goods (thatMCmadebecauseSevenisterribleatbaking)
    • He makes you dress up as an elf!!!
    • When I think about you, I touch my elf”
    • Youdontknowifyouwanttolaughorslaphim
  • Halloween?
    • His place is now a haunted house
    • Tries to make it scary as he can
    • “Saeyoung, you cannot have someone chase little children wITH AN ACTUAL CHAINSAW”
    • He dresses up as a zombie maid bc he knows he looks hot as hell
    • You’re the grim reaper!!! You pretend to chop off heads!!!
    • Heactuallythinksthisiscute
  • Okay this guy even celebrates Thanksgiving, he doesn’t care if he’s not American lmao
    • For him though, it’s just about getting together with the RFA??? He never got this before and he’s going to make damn well sure that he spends much as time as he can with his family
    • You guys end up eating pizza but nothing could be more perfect


  • This Edgelord™ absolutely adores Christmas
  • Thechristmaslightsgivehisdarkdeepsoulsomebrightness
  • He dresses up as Santa every year???
    • Tells everyone Saeyoung made him do it but we all know he wanted to
  • You’re Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer andheslovingyouinantlers
    • He can’t talk to you without blushing
    • “Saeran are you okay???”
    • “You’re stupidity must have rubbed off on me okay bye”
  • You two always wear matching ugly Christmas sweaters through all of December!
  • You knitted him a Christmas scarf??? He doesn’t take it off for thE ENTIRE YEAR
  • Listen,,,, this boi would definitely without a doubt want to go Christmas caroling
    • “On the first day of Christmas, my twin brother gave to me, a screwed up childhood”
    • thosearentthelyricssaranwrap


  • Listen,,,, I will fight u on this, this giraffe’s favorite holiday is def New Year’s eve
  • Ithasnothingtodowithkissingyouatmidnight
  • Honestly, he looks forward to spending the year with you!!!
    • alsolowkeyenjoyswatchingyoufailatyournewyearsresolutions
  • Your first New Year’s eve together, V was actually a little anxious
    • whatifhescrewsupwithyoulikehedidwithRika?
  • But when you grab his hand to show how him something, the warmth spreads through his entire body
    • He realizes he needs to stop thinking about Rika (thankgodVyoudumdum), the relationship you two have is incomparable to his and rika’s! 
  • He laces his fingers through yours and gives you a quick kiss
    • “V, it’s not midnight yet???”
    • “The kiss I’m going to give you at midnight won’t be anything compared to this one” itsgettinghotinhere
Remus and Sirius

Ok so everyone imagines Sirius as the outgoing one in him and Remus’ relationship, but what if it was the exact opposite. Imagine Remus completely quiet around everyone else, but he turns into the loudest and most obnoxious person in the world with Sirius(of course Sirius thinks it’s cute). And he’ll be the one that tries to hold hands in the corridors and kisses Sirius during breakfast every morning while Sirius blushes madly. And Sirius will be the one worrying whether or not they’ll get caught and Remus just sits there and doesn’t believe that everyone thinks he’s hardcore. And Remus is always the one teasing Sirius, but Sirius always finds it super hot when he does, though he won’t admit it.

Ryuji -

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  • He would tease him so freaking much 
  • Though he highkey thinks that he’s actually super hot
  • Tries to distract himself by trying to find a way to turn Rin back
  • Would get all flustered when ever Rin gets too close to him

Renzo -

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  • At first he wouldn’t even think that it was Rin 
  • Would probably try to hit on him and ask for his number
  • Eventually the others have to tell him that it’s actually Rin
  • He would be shook™

Konekomaru - 

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  • He would just be super confused as to how Rin turned into a girl
  • He doesn’t make a big deal out of him being hot
  • Would just try to think of ways to turn him back

Reader X Taehyung X Jimin X Jungkook [SMUT]

  You swear you almost slapped him silly just by the smile he had on his face. But you choose to huff and turn back towards the movie, bringing up your knees and staring blankly at the screen as your clit continued to throb.


   When the movie finished, you steered clear of Jungkook, walking next to Jimin as all of you headed back to the hotel. You all were quiet, lost in your own thoughts as the bright lights, sounds, and people passed by. When you all make it back, Jimin takes your hand and drags you to his room. 

   “Are you okay?”  he asks the moment the door is closed.

   You cringe, the smell of popcorn coming to your nose. You didn’t want to tell him what Jungkook had done, because you knew that he would be pissed. Still, he could tell from your face expression that you were thinking about something. He walks up to you, hands on your hips as he slowly leans forward and gives a small kiss to your nose. Your chest swells, heart beating faster as his lips move to your cheek. And then his lips are on yours, and in that moment it felt like the sun shone behind your eyes, and you couldn’t help but pull him closer as you tried to soak in his sunshine. 

   Unfortunately he pulled away, giving you one last peck before turning and heading to his closet. 

   “I forgot to tell you, but tomorrow we all have to go to this photoshoot. We will be gone for most of the day.” 

   He turns back around, eyes studying yours as you nod your head.

   “Okay,” is all you say. 

   You felt kind of sad, because literally most of your days on vacation was spent with Tae, Jimin, and Jungkook. You don’t show him your sadness though, you smile really fast and make up an excuse to go to your room. 

   Once you’re there, you close your door behind you, walking slowly towards the bed and laying down on it. If you felt sad now, while he was just going to be away for the photoshoot, imagine how you’d feel when you left in three days. Well almost two days now. Just the thought alone made you groan, face curling up in the sheets as your heart sunk to your stomach.

   Maybe you should cancel the last two days of the hotel and go to a different one, just so you could gather your head for when you went back home? No. That was a dumb idea. You would be waisting the money you spent on this hotel, because it had cost a lot, and they didn’t do refunds. 

   With another groan, you stretch out, taking deep breaths to calm down and before you know it you’re asleep. 


Day 5

Auth’s POV

   Jimin woke up, got dressed, and left at the crack of dawn with the other members. He hadn’t wanted to leave. He really wanted to sneak in your room and wake you up with kisses and possibly some wonderful morning sex. But of course duty calls. 

   He kept glancing at the clock all day, noticing how the time dragged and dragged and dragged. It didn’t go by any faster. Eventually the photographer started chewing him out for being so unfocused, and he apologized about a million times before he started taking good pictures. Finally, finally when they were done, he begged their manager to drive faster so he could just get to the hotel to be with you. 

   When they finally got there, he burst through the doors, tapping his foot as he waited for the elevator, and then finally he was there. He opened your door, not even thinking twice to knock. 

   First of all, Jimin’s plans had been to kiss you when he got there. Then he had wanted to get you dressed so you both could go eat because he was starving, but when he found you sitting on the bed, phone held in your hand, wearing nothing but sinful shorts and a tank top with no bra, well lets just say the plans had definitely changed. 

   He glanced to the small couch, seeing the robe laid on it and he had a sudden idea. He walked up to it, grabbing the cloth rope that tied it together, and he slowly walked up to you. You still hadn’t realized he was there, too busy focusing on a game you were playing, but the moment his lips touched your neck, you jumped with a yelp. 

   “Ahh, Jimin, you scared me!” you say. 

   “Get up,” he growls. 

   You look at him, eyebrows scrunching up in confusion, but you do as he says.  

   “Jimin, are you okay?” 

   He comes around the bed, standing next to you and you feel his breath on your neck. He was wearing what he had put on this morning, jeans with a plain shirt and a leather jacket. You had to admit, even though he dressed simple, he looked super fucking hot. 

   “Do you have any idea how much i’ve been wanting you today?” he whispers.

   His breath on your ear sends shivers down your spine, and you can feel your heart beat increase as your face becomes flushed with want. He then takes your hand and leads you to the end of the bed. He sits down, making you stand in front of him. 

   “Take your clothes off,” he orders. 

   Feeling a little embarrassed, you glance away and start lowering your shorts, taking your time as you let them slide down and then you throw them to the side. Your heart beat was going at an alarming rate. You didn’t know what his plan was, but it was turning you the hell on. Seeing your legs exposed, he sighs a loud sigh, mouth twitching as his eyes take in your exposed flesh. 

   “You’re not even wearing underwear. You knew this would happen, didn’t you?” he says. 

   He stands, slowly walking towards you, fingers immediately going to your now wet clit. You stiffen when his fingers make contact, back slightly arching into his touch. He gently rubs with the tip of his fingers causing you to give a soft moan and your eyes close from the pleasure. 

   “Open them,” he says firmly. “I want you to look at me Y/N.”

   You slowly open your eyes, your head clouding as you try to take him in. He massages your clit for a minute straight, dick hard as he listens to your soft moans. His hand finally pulls away, moving to your tank top and lifting that off of you. You watch as he throws it to the side, biting your lip when his tongue snakes out of his mouth to lick his lips. He drinks you in, bare chest, naked body, turning flush from his stare.  

   “Now, unzip my pants,” he says thickly, eyelids becoming heavy from need.

   You take a deep breath, slowly moving to unzip his pants. So slowly in fact, that he thought his balls would go blue before you even finished. 

   Bringing you back to the bed, he takes the cloth rope of the robe and ties it around your wrists. You can’t help but let your eyes go wide as you watched him finish the knot on the rope. When he’s done, he moves his hands to your breasts, working them and his eyes narrow when he hears your breath rush out as your nipples further stiffen in the palms of his hands. 

   “Get on your knees,” he says hoarsely, as he reaches to pull his pants off. 


   He flicks your nipple with his index finger, stopping you in your questioning and you groan. 

   Some inexplicable part of him needed this control right now. This power. The primitive part of him needed to feel as if him and his dick were being worshipped and longed for, as though both of them were as addicting as drugs. 

   His eyes narrowed in arousal as he watched you take to your knees, kneeling before him. Jimin finishes pulling off his boxers and steps towards you.

   “Put him in your mouth,” he says thickly. “Suck him.”

   You hesitate, eyes looking up to his and you saw in them the command. When your full lips close over the head of his cock, when your eyes close as you slowly take him all the way in your throat, his teeth gritted. He’d never been harder in his life than he was in this moment, watching you kneel submissively before him and taking his member into your mouth. You were naked, with wrists bound together, and the sight was so very nice to him. 

   “C’mon Y/N,” he said on a groan. “I’ve been waiting all day for this.”

   You hesitated again, for the briefest moment before deciding that you wanted to give him what he wanted. You took him all the way in your mouth until the tip of him reached the back of your throat, then out again. You did it over and over, faster and faster, again and again, deeper and-

   Your eyes close on a groan as you suck him off, seductive moaning sounds erupting from the back of your throat. You loved the taste of him, it was a slightly bitter taste with a hint of manhood, and you wanted nothing more that to pleasure him.

   “Oh shit,” he mutters as he grabs the back of your head. His nostrils flared when he grabs onto your ponytail, the sight of it waving back and forth as you sucked him aroused him further. “Faster,” he grits out. “Make me cum.”

   You suck on him faster, concentrating on going up and down the middle of his shaft to the ruby red tip with your lips. Jimin could hear the slurping sounds you were making, the arousing way you kept moaning as you sucked him off. He watched the long, thick length of himself disappear into the warmth of your mouth, over and over, again and again.


   He closes his eyes on the growl, head tossed back and teeth gritting as he comes inside your mouth. His breathing hitches as he feels you take every last bit of him. 

   “Shit,” he mutters as your head finally bobs back up and into his line of vision. He reaches for your hair, pulling the scrunchy and throwing it over his shoulder. 

   He cups your chin with his hand. “Stand up,” he growls, his dick already becoming hard again. He’d never gotten hard this quickly two minutes after emptying himself, but the sight of you was really making him break inside.

   “This time when i fuck you,” he murmurs, eyes becoming heavy lidded as you slowly rise to your feet, “I’m going to take you from the front so i can watch your beautiful face when i sink into you.”

   He saw you shiver, but you say nothing. 

   “And then I’m going to fuck you from behind again, until i cum.” His index finger flicks your nipple and your mouth opens slightly at that. “Then I’m going to feed you, and let you get some sleep, before i fuck you again.”


Reader’s POV

   You knew with certainty that you wanted to be with Jimin. In this moment. Here. But you knew that he could break your heart if you let him, so you didn’t want to have feelings for him. But you could no sooner stop the way you felt than you could stop the sun from rising in the east or setting in the west. 

   Emotions were a horrid thing. Especially when you weren’t certain of the other’s feelings. 

   You sigh, taking in Jimin’s body as you would a sunset or sunrise. His body was so toned, pale skin so smooth and you just wanted to touch him all over. But with your hands tied, and his dominating you at the moment, you couldn’t reach out to do just that.  

   He grabs your breast again, flicking your nipple and your body shakes from the small torture. 

   “Jimin,” you whisper.

   He stilled, enjoying the sound of his name on your lips. “I like you like this. Tied up and waiting for me to fuck you.”

   He brought you to the bed with him, laying down and placing his body between your splayed thighs. He moves his hands, touching all over your body, never leaving a crevice untouched. By the time he had his filling of touching you, you were so turned on that you thought you’d die if he didn’t start fucking you. Your breathing was shallowed, words sounding desperate as they left your mouth. 

   “Please,” you moan, arching your hips up. 

   You groan when he slowly starts massaging your clit with his thumb.

   “Jimin, please.”

   His nostrils flare as he watches your body writhe above him. 

   “Hmmm, i like it when you beg. Tell me what you want.”

   “I-I,” you start, but his thumb presses harder onto your clit, making your mind go blank from the pleasure.

   “C’mon Y/N. Use your words.”

   “I w-want you to fuck me,” you gasp out.

   He doesn’t let up though, making his rubs faster and your thighs clench at the feeling. Your whole body is flushed, and he can’t help but gaze up and admire the sight. Taking you in as he tortures you. Your chest heaves, making your breasts rise and fall and his eyes narrow at the sight. 

   “Who do you want to fuck you?” he asks.

   Your body tenses, his words starting to get to you as you feel the pressure build in your lower stomach.

   “You,” you moan out.

   He shakes his head, slowing down on his rubs and you can’t help but whine, the pressure in your lower stomach going away slightly. You try to force yourself down on his fingers, but he just moves them further away.

   “Who?” he asks.

   “Jimin,” you gasp out. “Please, just please fuck me Jimin.” 

   “Anyone else?” he says.

   He takes his finger and dips it into you, curling it just the right way to make you shudder from pleasure. He quickly adds a second finger, speeding up his thrust inside you.

    “No! No one else,” you promise. “Jimin, please.”

   He moves his thumb to rub your clit fast and furiously, increasing his fingers thrusts inside of you, making your legs quiver as you feel yourself nearing the end. 

   “Come on. Come for me,” he grits out. 

   Your eyes fly open, his words turning you on so much. You spread your legs farther, giving him better access to him undoing you. 

   “Oh god!” you yell. 

   Lights go off behind your eyelids, blood rushing to your face as your body convulses on his fingers. Your legs stiffen, as he continues to ride out your orgasm. When you’re done, he slowly withdraws his fingers, licking them and you watch in fascination, face turning pink.

   “Don’t look at me like that Y/N. I’m only getting started.”

   He lifts you up, placing you below him and he lifts your tied wrists up above your head, leaving you open to him. Slowly, he sticks himself inside you, letting himself fill you up and you can’t help but grip the bed sheets. When he’s all the way in, your head falls back on the bed and your eyes close. He leans forward, taking on nipple in his mouth and twirls it around his tongue. Your mouth opens, a soft moan slipping out and he pulls himself out of you, slamming back in and making you yell out. 

   He increases his pace inside you, watching as a sigh comes out when he starts ramming himself inside of you. He spreads your thighs further apart, causing his dick to hit your spot and you start to cry out at every thrust. 

   “Look at me,” he growls out. 

   Your eyes pop open to look at him. His face was slightly tinged with pink, teeth biting his lower lip as he continued thrusting himself in you. Sweat started to form on his forehead, and his eyebrows were scrunched together. His eyes met yours, shining with lust as he met your gaze, unwavering. 

   “Good girl,” he murmurs. 

   His jaw was tight, making the vein on his neck stick out. Your legs wrap around his hips, feeling half crazed as you tried to pull at the knot on your wrist. 

   “Jimin. Please. Harder,” you gasp out at every thrust.

   He wanted to slow down, show who was in charge here, but in the moment all he could think of was getting deeper and deeper inside of you. Jimin groans, eyelids heavy as he sank into you. His teeth gritting as he listens to the slapping of your flesh. You couldn’t handle it, his tempo was so fast and deep inside of you that you could feel yourself being pushed over to oblivion. Glancing to the side of his head, you notice the view in the mirror across from the bed. The sight of his muscles clenching as he pushed himself into you, his toned body covering yours while your legs are wrapped around his hips. He twists his hips, slamming deeper into you that causes your back to arch and a scream to come out. 

   “O-oh. I’m g-gonna-,” you start. 

   He doesn’t even give you a chance to finish, twisting his hips again, and you watch in the mirror as his muscles clench again, vein popped out of his neck, breath rough as he grunts while he fucks you. 

   “Jimin!” you yell in desperation. 

   You body begins to tremble underneath him, and he adjusts his footing, somehow slamming himself faster and harder into you. Your walls clench, staying clenched as he doesn’t let up in his thrusts. Your back arches, nipples rubbing against his chest as your bodies moved. 

   “Come on. Come on. Fucking come!” he yells out. 

   “Yes!” you scream out. 

   A broken moan slips from your lips as your legs shake and you convulse under him, orgasm ripping through you. You push yourself down in time with his thrusts, wanting him to keep going, harder and harder. 

   “Y/N,” he groans out brokenly. 

   He squeezes your body tighter to him, reaching up and ripping off the rope as he continues pummeling into you. Your hands go to the back of his head, gripping his hair tight as you push yourself closer to him, feeling as if you both would become one at this rate. He surges in you faster and faster, sinking deeper and harder into you, his eyes shutting in a state of near delirium as he was almost to the edge. 

   “All mine,” he chokes out.

   He follows your orgasm, bursting on a curse, teeth gritting as he let himself go inside you. He slowed down, until completely stopping as his member still twitched from the after shock. He stayed inside you, his body becoming heavy on yours as his strength left him. 

   “Y/N. I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but it’s scaring the shit out of me.” 

   You don’t say anything, slowly stroking his back and he relaxes above you, his breathing becoming heavier as he slowly drifts off. You follow him soon after, wondering what the hell you were going to do about this. 

——–> alright. sorry it’s late, been having a lot of things going on. Hope you enjoy and hopefully the next part is coming out soon. Have a nice day!

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That time my Summoner got knocked up

Okay so for some backstory, we’re playing the pathfinder pre-made campaign, Curse of the crimson throne. We’re in book 2 by now, and when we received a quest an NPC hit on my summoner, the only female in the party. I failed a fort save and got high by walking into a hotboxed hooka bar. I temporarily lost 4 wisdom, so I had a -1 for the rest of the session. We finish the job and our DM asks us what we want to do before we finish the session.

DM: “okay so you can go buy or sell items, try to talk with any of the NPC’s here, or do whatever really.”
Party: *various mumblings about random encounters, resting, drinking, etc.*
Me: “…. Orsinnio (NPC) basically invited me to go to his place. I go there”
DM: “you know he just wants to bone you right?”
Me: “yeah I know, he’s super hot though.”
My DM proceeds to grin and nods
“Okay, roll a luck check.”
*rolls a 4*
DM: “he’s a really great guy, and a greater lay. Because he’s so wonderfully kind, he gives you the greatest gift of all.”
At this point the entire party has burst out laughing
Me: “wait what?”
DM: “yeah no he knocked you up big time.”

I had to change her goals to marrying this NPC because she’s Chaotic Good, so she would totally be down for raising a kid with this super nice guy and becoming a housewife.

The lesson learned here?

Intelligence is knowing somebody wants to bone you, Wisdom is wearing protection while getting boned.

I too, thought that Peeta’s love for Katniss was just infatuation (because the parent thing and things that happened whe they were 5). And so I shrugged off his “love.” But the thing that changed my mind was that after Peeta told the story about her singing etc., Katniss asked “so you never noticed any other girls since then?” and he said that he noticed lots of other girls, but none of them ever made a lasing impression. This shows that he wasn’t crazy about her since they were kids, but more like he kept noticing things about her personality over and over as the years went by and only fell more in love with her. Whatever he noticed doesn’t really matter. Why does anyone like the people they like? They just like them for their own reasons. But all those reasons you mentioned: the bond they formed during their common history/tragedy, her strength, love, loyalty, commitment to justice, etc.- Those all seem like good plausible reasons to me.
—  Jaime Wright [x]
magical meddling (20/30)

“Then love knew it was called love, and when I lifted my eyes to your name, suddenly your heart showed me my way.” || 30 day rare pairs challenge

(x) coffee shop au + corporate espionage au, darcy lewis x tony stark
(x) idol/fan au + mma fighter au, darcy lewis x sif
(x) anonymous love letter au + harry potter au, darcy lewis x brock rumlow
(x) angel/demon au + x-men crossover, darcy lewis x warren worthington iii
(x) bartender au + shield recruitment au, darcy lewis x phil coulson
(x) spin the bottle au + summer camp au, darcy lewis x sam wilson
(x) stuck someplace together in winter au + x-men crossover, darcy lewis x logan howlett
(x) sex pollen au + time travel au, darcy lewis x peggy carter
(x) matching soulmate markings au + batman crossover, darcy lewis x bruce wayne
(x) deserted island au + arrow crossover, darcy lewis x oliver queen
(x) meet in a dream au + reincarnation au, darcy lewis x jemma simmons x leo fitz
(x) arranged marriage au + medieval au, darcy lewis x fandral
(x) handcuffed together au + mr. and mrs. smith au, darcy lewis x grant ward
(x) stripper au + courtesan au, darcy lewis x thor
(x) office romance au + superman crossover, darcy lewis x clark kent
(x) seven minutes in heaven au + college au, darcy lewis x natasha romanoff
(x) noble/peasant au + robin hood au, darcy lewis x peter quill
(x) orphan au + inhumans au, darcy lewis x skye
(x) vampire au + misunderstanding in love au, darcy lewis x edwin jarvis
(x) magic spell au + matchmaking au, darcy lewis x pietro maximoff

The first time Darcy met Wanda Maximoff, the petite girl had ignored Darcy’s outstretched hand and went for a hug, her arms drawing tight around Darcy’s waist and the touch sending a tingling jolt down her body. Darcy wasn’t expecting the embrace nor the sudden shock of pain, left floundering as everyone else blinked at the sudden show of affection, and Wanda’s brother Pietro – who was super hot, even though he looked at her like she was dirt on the bottom of his shoe – had inhaled sharply, eyes boring into Darcy’s own as the arrogance drained away to be replaced by something else entirely.

“It’s lovely to finally meet you,” Wanda murmured, and drew back with a bright, soft smile that made the girl’s gaunt features glow in happiness. “I’ve seen so much about you.”

Darcy tried not to show her unease on her face, remembering what Jane had said about Wanda’s power of clairvoyance. “Good things, I hope?” she said with a weak smile, but Wanda had just beamed, reaching down and clasping Darcy’s hands in hers.

“The best,” she said, and Darcy felt the shock again, this time transferring into her through Wanda’s fingers. Darcy glanced at the girl in wide-eyed worry, but Wanda just winked, smiling. “The very, very best.”

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