he is such an awesome man and dad

I once took a class in college on the American Mafia, called “The Psychology of the Modern American Crime Syndicate”, but it was like “how to be in the mob 101” taught by a man whose father worked for notorious gangster Lucky Luciano after he was exiled to Sicily. Luciano had this really nice house, and his dad was like his right-hand man in regard to everything, (he called him a Signore-attendant, basically he was like his bff) and so my teacher spent a lot of time around the father of organized crime when he was a kid (6-12 years old). He said that Luciano became like an uncle to him, cause Luciano himself didn’t have any kids, but he was fond of kids in general and he really liked this little guy (my teacher). Apparently, there was this one story about how when Luciano and Meyer Lansky were first working for Arnold Rothstein in like 1918 or something, he sent them out ahead of him to Chicago to meet with some guy there, and it’s a good thing he did, cause there was this ambush set up to kill Rothstein in a restaurant. Luciano and Lansky hightail it back to the lower east side of Manhattan, and report back to him what they saw, but one detail was CRUCIAL to the story: the color of the tablecloth. Luciano said it was white, Lansky said it was beige. They spent like an hour arguing over the color of the tablecloth, they argued so long, in fact, that Rothstein went home and came back a few hours later to find Lansky with a black eye and Luciano icing his hand, fuming in the corner. My teacher wanted to know if it was true, so he asked him when he was 11 years old, while Luciano was reading in his parlor (like outside his bedroom) late one night. Luciano looked at him, took a sip of wine, walked down the hallway and simply said “don’t tell Meyer Lansky this, but it was beige”. That’s my all time fave story about ANYONE, cause he DENIED the fact that it was beige for decades, and that’s something I would do.

Here it is!

(behold my awesome editing skills to hide my potato face!)

But yea! Here it is! The jedi costume I made with my dad for my last day of high school (aka Penkkarit) a wee tradition in Finland! I still need to buy nice long boots for this costume.

I’m so proud of my dad! He is on sick leave at the moment and had so much spare time to create this costume with me! AND IT ONLY TOOK ABOUT 6 HOURS IN TOTAL HE’S SO AMAZING!

I like the robe the most. It’s big and the hood is amazing! Dad made nice shoulders on it too (sadly it can’t be seen on the pic) and the lightsaber is actually about +10 years old! Vintage ftw! 

Whaddaya think guys? :D

I’ve been married for a while and while I have no problems calling my mother in law by her first name, I have never been able to address my father in law by his first name. It’s not that we aren’t close… we are. He’s awesome, they both are. But his name is Richard (super formal and would be so weird) and all his friends and family call him Dick or worse Dickie and there’s no way I’m doing that. 😐

I’ve known the man for over a decade and i have never called him by name. Not a single time.

My dad somehow lives the greatest life doing the most mundane things. 

Working in the office one day, him and a bunch of others are over by the windows, grabbing a coffee, watching the FedEx and UPS guys unloading their trucks down at the loading docs. It looks like they’re talking a little bit, making a few gestures, as they unload. Suddenly the FedEx guy jumps over some boxes and punches UPS man. UPS man tackles FedEx to the ground. Everyone in the office is freaking out, frozen, “What should we do?!” Then the FedEx guy and UPS man both stand up, turn to the window where they’re all standing (a couple floors up) wave, and laugh. They’d staged it because they knew they were being watched.

One time at Office Deopt Dad got separated from my mom while wandering around the store. A super old dude with a scraggly gray beard, wearing overalls and an honest-to-God striped Train Conductor’s hat walks up to him and launches into a story about how growing up his Mama made the best bean soup around! It was 239 bean soup. She’d have him count out all the beans individually and drop them in the pot. One day he got tired of counting and asked his Mama why it had to be so exact. 

“Well,” she said, “if it were one less at 238, it wouldn’t taste quite right. And if there were one more bean, it’d be too-farty.”

And the man guffawed, shook my dad’s hand, and walked away. (The joke being 240 sounds like too farty and it’s a BEAN soup). My dad immediately runs over to find my mom to tell her the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him but they can’t find the Train Hat guy anymore and most of us are still not sure if he made that up himself.

I know there’s like, another 100 examples of great things like this happening, but that’s all I can think of right now. What kind of luck do you have to have to get a rando to tell you a long as heck story in the middle of an Office Depot that’s actually a joke? Or to see a fake fight break out between the two guys down in the loading docks? My dad is living the dream.

When being ‘The Other Woman’ changes how you think

“ugh, why does his wife and kids always have to get in the way of my life”

“His wife is so nosey, why doesn’t she just leave us alone”

“he’s older than my dad and his daughter is my age and that doesn’t put me off”

(see’s a man, notices his wedding band) “awesome, lets hope he has a boring marriage”

“oh you are married? Well you better spoil me rotten”

“I don’t trust men”

“I don’t trust women”

Look man, if McCree became a Dad, he’d be the kind who carries around a wallet full of pictures of the kids and shows them off to brag for like thirty minutes.

Hell, if McCree became an Uncle, even an honorary one, he’d do it, because his nephew/nieces are awesome, people need to know this, it is important news. 

Not to like bad guys or anything cus that puts them in danger, but like getting dragged to a bar and a beer in just whips out the wallet and starts chatting.

Hours of people’s lives have been lost folks. Hours.

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Quillsh Wammy for the character meme

general opinion:

fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess |

like them!| love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang  | He’s an old man I can’t do this 

hogwarts house: gryffindor?? | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality:  Houses orphans, invents awesome things, can probably cook

worst quaity: Literally tortured Misa……..

ship them with: Soichiro (mustache dads for the win)

brotp them with: Roger Ruive, L 

needs to stay away from: Nothing comes to mind here there aren’t any ships I despise?

misc. thoughts: I use to think of him as a sweet grandpa who loved kids but now I’m starting to see that he is kinda suspicious..probably not that great of a person. I still love him tho.

Y’know, I’ve been thinking some more about it, and it’s not that those of us who defend Ging in fandom think he’s this great awesome person who’s done no wrong. We don’t. We know he’s an asshole, we know he’s a jerk, we know that he’s not a stable man by any stretch of the word. We know.

We wouldn’t be defending Ging at all if people accused him of the shit he did pull as a person. Not as a dad, because he wasn’t in Gon’s life enough to be considered an authority figure, but as a person:

  • he leaves home at 12 and doesn’t even send a postcard until he’s back 10 years later to throw a baby on their doorstep without explaining where the hell he’s been;
  • thinks this kid he’d fathered (but wouldn’t raise for whatever reason we don’t know) has some potential as a Hunter so he irresponsibly nudges him ‘gently’ onto the path;
  • sics Razor on Gon because of this weird faith-in-Gon issue he’s got;
  • creates chaos wherever he goes because he’s too bored otherwise, and has such a short attention span that if something’s not catching his interest, it’s not worth his attention;
  • doesn’t trust people he thinks don’t share his interests to understand his motives;
  • mocks people who ask for his help;
  • disappears when he’s needed;
  • has zero social skills, foot-in-mouth syndrome and a general doesn’t-care-what-society-thinks-of-him disposition;
  • manipulates people into doing whatever he thinks is right.

The only thing that has anything to do with Gon is Ging’s attempt to nudge Gon towards Hunterhood (and how to be a good Hunter), which backfires because Mito has never mentioned Ging’s box or the condition he’d set for giving it to Gon.

Honestly now - how many of you remember who was your main caretaker when you were 2? Yes, the disappearance of a parent can be detrimental to a kid’s life even if they’re loved and well-cared for, but at this age it’s less about the act of getting abandoned and more about how the abandonment affects the kid’s environment during their growth. (It’s a little more compicated than that, but this is the gist.)

Ging does have some good sides, though, because he’s a complex, round character who’s not all bad (only like, 85% bad):

  • he talks sense into Gon when Gon confesses to feeling guilty over Kite’s death;
  • good at understanding that learning a new thing is a gradual process (Greed Island);
  • capable of maintaining strong and long-lasting connections with people who share his interests;
  • has faith in Gon (for whatever that’s worth, and probably misplaced);
  • keeps general tabs on Gon’s whereabouts and status (which can be considered creepy and bad);
  • once you get past the bullshit listed above, he’s highly empathic.

So here you go. Two lists detailing Ging’s good and bad points. Disliking Ging’s fine, hating him is fine too, but please hate him for the right reasons

Personally, I think all of this makes him an interesting character, but not one I’d like to be in the same room as him. Good in story and fic, but please keep away from my life.

Yeah but like

Little Artemis Fowl was like a science freak so he wanted to know everything

So when he decided to know where babies come from he wouldn’t ask his dad, he’s a busy man, neither his mom, who’s also too busy saving endangered species and stuff so it’s up to good ol Butler to have “the talk”

Needless to say, Arty gets ultra uncomfortable and blushes and “very well, thank you for explaining Butler” and walks out as fast as he can and Butler can’t help but giggle

BONUS: until he realizes he’s gonna have to have the talk with Juliet too at some point


Real Talk: The Beard

So it’s no secret that I really want a beard right? Well my friends when I think about my family and the chances of being passed down the awesome beard gene I come to a very confusing halt. 

Basically from what I know- on my dads side there’s a lot of beards going on which is great and all, but physically I take after my mum quite a lot and the only male I can look at on her side is my grandad. To be honest he used to have a handlebar moustache so I guess that’s pretty awesome but other than him I have no other reference? 

I don’t know man. I’m playing beard roulette over here!


“Who the hell are you?” You asked the man with white hair as you walked past the doors. He just stared at with in awe. You slowly took your sword out, which was strapped on your back. “Put that thing away.” Your dad ordered. “Who’s the guy?” You asked Tony, doing as he asked. “He’s part of the team.” Tony informed you. 

“This guy? I could probably take him down with my eyes closed.” You scoffed. “That is, if you can catch me.” Pietro smirked and sped off, a gust of wind hit your face and you smiled. “A speedster?” You asked. “Yeah, awesome right?” Your dad asked. 

“Yeah. Come on out speedy!” You shouted in amusement. The man stood next to your dad with a smirk. “So, what’s your name?” You asked him. “Pietro.” He told you and his accent made your knees weak. Tony smiled, knowing he’d somehow get you two together. 


Oh man, I went from extreme disappointment this morning to pure loving life!
I waited around all morning for my walk, baby Oak didn’t nap so he must have thought something funny was going on too. Little did I know mum and dad surprised us with a Frenchie Walk in Ashridge! How awesome is that!? Sometimes they do some funny things, don’t they know it’s not nice to pretend I have to be a lazy frenchie without a walk, I would much rather make that choice on my own!

Remember when someone from tptb said that Beth was more mature than Daryl.

Remember how Beth held it together better then ANYONE else on the show (Rick has a freaking nervous breakdown every five episodes and NO ONE is saying he can’t handle himself)

Remember how Beth has always held shit together and broke up fights with a gun shot, stared psycho cops in the eye, dealt with an angry man who didn’t know how to vent his anger, fought of walkers and handled shit like a BAMF.

Remember how Beth saw her dad killed but didn’t let it stop her from believing.

Remember how Beth still stayed the same light in the tunnel, while also becoming someone who would slit your throat if she had to.

Remember how Beth was fucking awesome and and kicked butt and was more than just some “immature kid trying to get a drink” yeah…

So fuck you and your stupid dumb ass attacks on Beth. Fuck you and saying she’s a child. Fuck you for acting like Beth can’t handle herself. And FUCK YOU and your age argument.

omg, @kingsmanhartwin , your dad!lance ficlet was awesome and now all i want is dad!lance fic!

like, what if, Michelle in her grief after Lee’s death, really falls down the rabbit hole and eggsy is left by the wayside because she can’t drag herself back even for her son, so Eggsy is going to be taken away by child services.

And James learns of this because maybe eggsy pings on his computer when he’s put up for adoption. So jame, new kingsman agent he is adopts the kid and then FREAKS OUT because jesus shit, he can’t leave gary to the system, but he’s the newest agent and he can’t frickin take care of a kid either!

Cue james being obvious about being distraught and Percy notices and then finds out omg, james when did you get a kid? youre not that good of a spy to hide a goddamn 10yr old child from me for 3 years…

Jame is obviously indignant. Alistair, fuck you, i’m a great spy. but! i can’t let arthur find out about this and i can’t quit my job i love my job, but i can’t abandon eggsy because lee would haunt me to the grave, what do i do?

And percy, the champ he is, helps lance out, and they tag team take care of kid eggsy while they do missions, and shutup its percilot dad fic, and roxy shows up because she’s percy’s niece and they become biffles.

Then, one day, around the 16 yr old mark, fuckin harry hart walks by eggsy’s periphery and bam. James is all OH SHIT.  my son can’t be smitten with another agent! this is blasphemy! hoW Da R E.

basically super dad James and his sort of husbando Alistair/Percival (they would have their own romance as they learn to take care of an uppity adolescent boy ok) and then Eggsy falling in love with his dads’ mysterious handsome friend, and then james dying and percy nominating roxy instead because no eggsy, you can’t, and eggsy being so mad and wanting to avenge his father’s death he makes harry nominate him and bam. epicness ensues, obviously.