he is such a teaser

I call the darkness unto me

From deepest depths of Earth and Sea

To blackest night I pledged my soul

and crush my heart

To summon forth a deathly power

To see my hated foe devored

The Immortal Monster will long he haunted

By the darkest spell of

Moon the Undaunted

From the teaser it seems like Battle for Mewni will give us some insight to what Moon’s “darkest spell” could be… 

Methinks that shit’s gonna go down.

There was an envelope in Isak’s locker. His name was on the front, written in block letters. It was a handwriting he didn’t recognise, but it clearly wasn’t Vilde’s. He turned it over to check if there was any information there, but nothing.

He frowned as he used his elbow to close his locker, wondering who it could have been then. The only one he could think of was Even, but Even had his number now and they had texted quite a bit already, there was no reason for him to send letters.  That would only make sense if he was sending a message considering Omnia Vincit Amor.

Teaser chapter 10 (full)

Cleansing my Soul

The Washington Pamphlet Teaser

He stood and buttoned his breeches before making his way to the desk. George kept a comb and a hand mirror there for when Alexander used to sneak away from the Treasury Department so they could to spend their lunch together. A quick round of lovemaking before George’s small council meeting.
He combed his hair back into a neat queue and slipped his shoes back on. 

He glanced over at George, still resting on the settee. His poor love. His General. There were bags under his eyes. Worry lines on his face and Alexander could see a faint gray fuzz starting to grow on his scalp. He obviously hadn’t been taking care of himself this week. 

He reached for a piece of parchment and George’s quill. Scouting reports indicate no changes, he wrote. The code he’d used in the war to send trifling bits of love to his commander. One day historians would see orders to plunder rolling hills and seize lands and they would never know that George’s orders had nothing to do with the capture of Pennsylvania. 

He put the note where George would see it and hurried from the room, hoping no one would see him. 

“Ah, Mr. Hamilton,” an arch voice announced loudly. “Or should I say Mrs. Washington the Younger?” Thomas asked, his voice lower.

The Hero and the Fairy: Welcome to Madness

Choi Youngjae did some serious backtracking on Mark’s IG liking almost all his posts all the way to Mark’s first post in 2012. He even commented on Mark’s teaser photo during Mad era^^

Mark’s first IG post way back in 2012. 

Mark’s post during his high school graduation back in 2015. 

and commenting on Mark’s teaser photo during Mad era in 2015. 

He’s so funny. Probably he wanted to leave his mark using his new username because he used a different username before  (◕‿◕)

What We Know About Purple

This is so long omg, sry.


He just wanted to do something exciting for the fans, respect that!!!

1. The announcement was made on the 1 year anniversary of Prince’s death.

2. The announcement was made in movie theaters across Chicago.

3. The initial release date for whatever is happening was on 4-28-17, but was moved up to 4-27-17, which is Patrick’s birthday.

4. Pete has previously stated that “someday we need to make the purple one” in regards to fob’s previous albums on Instagram.

5. Fob filmed a music video around two weeks ago, which was stated by a fan in the area who witnessed filming.

6. Pete backed this up through his now-deleted-tweet that said something like “this week was 😑and the next is😎” around the same time of the music videos filming. (I don’t remember the actual wording of the tweet, but it was something like that).

7. This now makes sense that the video he was talking about was probably either an actual music video or the teaser released yesterday.

8. Purple is probably an album because of all these previous statements above and the many hints both Pete and fob have dropped.

9. This is also the start of a new era, which is defined by the gif of a purple wave that is now of fobs official website and their new twitter layout.

10. Pete has a string of tweets that have the emoji 🔮, which is purple, and sound like lyrics. (Documentation of these are on this site somewhere)

11. The album is probably titled something like “young mania” or “young maniac” because of Petes current twitter name which is “yng mnc” with purple emojis in between.

12. The teaser for the movie theaters was also in a purple color wave and started off with the words “Mania Entertainment”. This is a music production company.

13. Late last year and into this one there was some drama about fob maybe leaving island, their current label to our knowledge, so maybe this is their new label? This is backed up by some of Pete’s tweets during late 2016 and early 2017.

14. If this is new music, it is probably a mixture of previous fob music styles with something new. This is because all of their previous albums have been red or blue, which switch every album cycle and red and blue mix to make purple.

15. They have a show scheduled in Brazil in September of this year.

16. It has to do with the ocean because of the theater teaser and the wave gif on fobs site.

17. DCD2, Pete’s record label, has been tweeting more actively lately. Idk if this means anything, but it would also add more credibility to the whole “leaving island thing”.

18. Island Records hasn’t tweeted anything about the fob news to my knowledge, so maybe they really did leave the label?!!?

19. I’ve seen some speculation on this site that this is their last album. This is because all of the previous albums fall into either a blue or red theme in order (tttyg-blue, futct-red, ioh-blue, fad-red, greatest hits bnd-blue, srar-red, abap-blue). Purple breaks this cycle and thus may be their big finale. All the hype going on alludes to this as well.

(If this last point is true I will die)

And lastly, whatever this is, I can’t wait. It’s definitely something new and I want to be supportive in any way I can 😊!

Thanks to anyone who read through this long post. It means a lot.

If anyone else has more info feel free to add onto this post.

Among The Beasts: Cursed

Reader x Kol Mikaelson



warnings: smut, violence, swearing. that’s pretty much it. also, it may contain some physical descriptions that might not fit yours. :)

Imagine: Five years has passed; now it’s time to face yours biggest fears and try to save the people you love.

Word Count: 3217

Y/N, in the past five years, had learnt a few tricks on sneaking out of her house to meet up with Kol Mikaelson, her best friend and, as it was bound to happen, caring boyfriend too. It had to be a hidden relationship, though, for his parents could never know she still remained so close to him.

A couple of months ago, his mother, Esther, decided to forbid their friendship. According to the brown haired boy, she said it was way too dangerous to be close to such a wicked family as the Hales; he could get hurt and the great matriarch could not bear losing another child. Although Henrik’s death was not your fault, it was horrible to be accused like that.

Taking a deep breath, Y/N decided to shake those thoughts out of her head. They brought up a dark side of her: it got her wishing to make the blonde woman pay for all of that; through torture or maybe even put an end to her life. Again, this was the vicious wolf speaking; craving revenge. Urgh.

“Kol?” Y/N/N queried, in a whisper. “Are you in here?”

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