he is such a swell guy

“My friend came up to me and said: ‘Alfredo! There’s some guy over there jerking off in front of women and kids.’ So I ran up to this guy, and I said: 'What the hell do you think you’re doing? Put your shit back in your pants and get the fuck out of the park!’ And he stood up, and he got in my face, and he started to say: 'Fuck you!’ But after he said 'fuck,’ and before he said 'you,’ I clocked him right in the face and knocked him out. When the cops came, I told them the story, and they said: 'You better get out of here before the boss gets here.’ So I left the park, but this guy’s tooth was lodged in my hand. And he had some sort of infection. Cause two days later, my legs swell up like balloons, and I’ve barely been able to walk since.”

  • Alex Hirsch:*disrespects AAVE in a tweet and then blocks someone for politely pointing out that he was being a bit racist*
  • Alex Hirsch:*creates Grenda, whose main purpose is to be a walking transmisogynyst/fat joke*
  • Alex Hirsch:*makes fun of triggers, particularly kids with triggers*
  • Alex Hirsch:*uses the Man in a Dress trope*
  • Alex Hirsch:*puts Mabel in a rainbow sweater*
  • Clarke:This is Bellamy my best friend and life partner, and the one I trust with everything and whom I adore above all others, my dearest most precious person, who can do no wrong in my eyes because he’s so brave and dedicated and smart, and we have so much in common. I just adore this man, look at him, isn’t he handsome? Isn’t he swell? Yeah my guy Bellamy he’s the best I love him.
  • Bellamy:I guess Clarke likes me, yeah? But I don’t want to assume or anything, you know.

the blacklist characters dembe

“Dembe is a Muslim former freedom fighter from South Sudan, who at some stage was trafficked by the Eberhardt Cartel and Red facilitated his escape. It was assumed that he was Raymond Reddington’s bodyguard. There are confirmed reports that Dembe was with Red in Sierra Leone and Brussels, Belgium. Other reports place him and Red in Murmansk and Belfast.” [x]

You make me happy in a way no one else can. Just by stopping to talk to me in the hall or by opening a door for me, my heart swells with happiness and I’ll remember it when I feel down. Whenever I see you, I’m uplifted by your beautiful smile and eyes. You always give off good vibes whenever you’re around, making me feel more positive. You are just a great person.
Before My Jeans Don't Fit

“Are you and Harry coming out tonight? We’re all going to be there,” Perrie’s voice broke through the speaker as you took a bite of the omelet you’d prepared just moments ago. You let your eyes close in satisfaction, a breath escaping your lips.

“Mm, I’m going to try and convince him. You know how he’s been lately,” you mumbled, your hand giving your miniscule swell a soft rub.

“I don’t blame him. He doesn’t want anything happening to the munchkin,” she giggled. You rolled your eyes, taking another bite of your breakfast.

“You guys are ridiculous,” you laughed, leaning back in the chair. “But I should go get him out of bed and give him the puppy eyes to convince him. I’ll let you know.”

“Alright, sounds good. I’ll talk to you soon,” the three beeps came from your phone before you set it down on the table in front of you. You finished up the contents on your plate, downing a cup of orange juice behind it. After rinsing the china and setting it in the dishwasher, you trudged up the stairs to wake your sleeping husband.

“Babe,” your voice was soft as you pushed the door open to find him sprawled out on his stomach, fast asleep. You grinned, tiptoeing in and climbing in on your side of the bed.

“Harry,” you played with the curls hanging limply by his ear. He let out a long breath before peaking an eye open, shooting you a small smile.

“Good morning, my love,” he leaned in, resting his head in your lap as you stared down at him.

“Good morning, handsome,” you leaned down a bit, pressing a kiss to his forehead as he let out a yawn. He wrapped his arms around your hips, his lips reaching up to press a kiss to your swell.

“Are you feeling okay?” He laid his head back down on your thighs, his lips peppering them with soft kisses. You giggled, playing with the messy curls you’d grown to love.

“Yeah, I’m okay. You fell asleep before the movie ended, I had to finish it by myself,” you pouted down at him. He let out a laugh, rolling to his side and pulling you to his chest.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “I was drained from yesterday’s workout.”

“I know,” you pressed a kiss to his chest. “But you owe me.” He couldn’t help but roll his eyes, his arm tightening around you.

“Oh yeah? And what does my beautiful wife have in mind?” He wiggled his eyebrows, his hand playing with the waistband of your panties beneath his stolen shirt.  You grabbed his hand, a smirk on your face as you halted his motion.

“Mm, not what you have in mind,” you kissed the corner of his mouth. “I want to go out tonight.”

“Like date night?”

“Sort of,” you twirled his dark hair between your fingers. “Everyone’s going out to the club and they want us to come.” He groaned, closing his eyes before rubbing his face.

“The club? Really? Babe, you’re pregnant,” he turned his head to look at you, a frown on his face.

“Exactly. I’m pregnant, Harry. Not dying, relax.”

“We could just go out for some dinner or a movie,” he pouted. “Just you and I.”

You sighed, beginning to roll off of him. “Okay, we’ll just stay in tonight,” you lowered your voice to a softer tone. He groaned, the guilt taking over him before he pulled you back towards him.

“Alright, fine. We’ll go,” he watched as you cracked a smile. “But if I don’t like one thing that happens, we’re coming straight home.”

“Deal,” you leaned in to peck his lips, his arms wrapping around you. “Are you hungry?”

“Did you eat already?” His fingers kneaded into your lower back as a relaxed sigh came from you. You nodded, pressing your head against his chest.

“I couldn’t sleep and I got hungry so I had an omelet,” you glanced up at him. “I can go make you some breakfast.”

He was quick to shake his head, his fingers continuing their trail on your back. “No, you need to take it easy. I just want to cuddle with you for now,” he pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“And by that you mean you want to go back to sleep,” you grinned, laying beside him and tangling your legs with his own. He laughed, nodding as he pulled the duvet over the both of you.

“You know me too well, missus.”

You giggled, leaning in to kiss him softly before resting your head against his chest. “It’s part of the wife duty.”


You’d been cuddled into him when you began to rouse, your arm draped tightly around his bare torso. You let out a tired sigh, glancing up at him as the snores fell from his lips. You couldn’t help but laugh, leaning up on your pillow to watch him sleep. He turned over on his side, pulling you to his chest as he did so.

You couldn’t help but relax into him, your fingertips tracing the ink on his chest as you let him sleep. You always admired him when you got the chance; the way his chest rose and fell with every breath, how his lips would be slight parted, his arm secured around you to comfort not only you, but himself.

“Are you being creepy again?” He kept his eyes closed, but you could hear the humor in his raspy voice. You laughed, pressing your lips to his chest as you stay cuddled into him.

“How many times do I have to tell you? It’s not being creepy, it’s being romantic,” you looked up at him, watching as his lips curved into a grin before opening his eyes.

“It’s weird,” his lips brushed over yours, his hand falling to the small of your back.

“It’s romantic,” you glanced down at his mouth, taking your bottom lip between your teeth.

“Don’t do that,” he growled, his thumb reaching up to pull it from your teeth. You smirked, running your hand over his chest as he narrowed his eyes on you.

“Do what?” You whispered, brushing your nose against his as his hand slid down to your bum.

“You know what,” he squeezed, causing you to squeal as you pressed further into his chest as best as you could with your protruding belly in the way.

“Why are you always harassing my bum?” You groaned, smacking his arm softly causing him to only tighten his grip.

“Because I’m your husband and I’m allowed to. And I’m allowed to do this,” he pecked your nose. “And this,” he began to pepper your face with kisses as you giggled, wrapping your arms around him as he climbed over you, shifting his weight onto his forearms.

“Especially this,” he leaned in and pressed his lips to yours, moving slowly against them before he slipped his tongue in to tangle with your own. Your fingers knotted at the nape of his neck, tugging softly at the curls.

It lasted longer than you’d expected, his hands beginning to run down your sides without breaking the kiss. He stopped at your waist, massaging slowly as you let out a moan.

“This isn’t getting you out of going tonight,” you whispered against his lips between kisses. He laughed, nodding as he kept his lips moving against your own.

“Can’t I show my wife some love without any accusations?”

“Nope. I know you mister,” you pecked his lips once more. “Now hurry and wash up so I can make you something to eat.”


“Babe? Are you getting dressed?” Your voice came from the bathroom where you’d been getting your hair ready before getting dressed. He groaned, flopping back on the bed as he rubbed his face.

“You know, I’m not feeling so great, baby,” he closed his eyes, hoping you’d give up on the idea of going out tonight. He opened an eye and turned his head towards the bathroom door, catching the scowl on your face.

“I know what you’re doing, Harry. And if you’re not going to go, I’ll just tell Perrie and Zayn to pick me up.”

He narrowed his eyes on you, sitting up on his elbows as he furrowed his brows together. “You’re not going alone.”

You made your way over to him, pouting as you stood between his legs. “I don’t want to, I want you to come.”

“Is a club really a good idea?” He sat up, his large hands wrapping around your round swell sitting above your hips. “With the baby and all, I don’t want anything happening.”

“Harry,” you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Nothing’s going to happen and you even said if you see something you don’t like, we’ll come home.”

He sighed, pressing his head against your chest as you stood in front of him. “Promise?”

“I promise,” you pressed a kiss to the top of his head. “Are you going to get dressed now?”

“Yeah, I’ll get dressed,” he leaned up to kiss you softly.

“Good, I need to go out before I really can’t fit in my nice clothes anymore.”


“My favorite jeans barely button anymore,” you stood in front of the mirror, your hands falling over the swell hidden beneath the jumper you’d stolen from his closet.

“You look beautiful,” he wrapped his arms around you from behind, his lips pressing a kiss to the shell of your ear. You relaxed back into him, your eyes meeting his in the mirror.

“Hm, which part? These that have seem to have grown 3 times too big over night,” you cupped your chest in your hands causing him to laugh. “Or this,” your hands fell to your bum. “That you seem to have some weird obsession with.” He laughed louder, throwing his head back as he did so.

“Neither,” he turned you to face him. “I love this,” he peppered your face with kisses. “And this,” he leaned in to press his lips to yours. “But especially this,” he bent down in front of you, lifting the jumper out of the way and pressing his lips to your swell. “This is my favorite part.”

You grinned down at him, watching as he admired the bump beginning to take its real form. He intertwined his fingers with yours, lifting himself back up in front of you. “But you know, these are a bonus,” he playfully poked your breast before reaching around and splayed his hands against your bum. You laughed, smacking at his chest before pushing him away.

“I love you,” he grinned, kissing your forehead as you slipped your feet into the white converse you’d decided to match with his.

“And I love you. Now let’s have some fun tonight, handsome.”


“Babe, there’s a lot of people,” he kept his arm securely around your waist, leading you into the club through the flashing cameras. You pressed yourself into him, pushing through the fans and paparazzi before you’d made your way in.

“I’m okay. Are you okay?” You looked up at him, watching as he nodded before leading you up the stairs where you found the rest of his band mates and girlfriends.

“Aye! The Styles’ showed up!” Louis grinned from his seat on one of the couches, a drink in his hand and his arm around Eleanor. You laughed, intertwining your fingers with your husband’s.

“Leave them alone,” his girlfriend elbowed him jokingly in the side. Harry made his way to an empty lounge chair before he pulled you to his lap, his arms wrapping around your waist.

“No drinking tonight, yeah?” You leaned into him, running your thumb over his bottom lip. He nodded, grabbing your wrist and pressing a kiss to your palm.

“How’s the little one holding up?” Niall came over, giving your belly a soft rub as he grinned.

“So far so good,” you smiled up at him. “We get to find out the gender next week.” You caught Harry beaming from beside you, his arm tightening around you.

“We know how excited Harry is for that to happen,” Liam laughed, leaning over to hand Harry a drink before he declined.

“No drinking for me tonight. I’m on bodyguard duty,” his fingers grazing your swell. You rolled your eyes, looking over to everyone sitting around.

“It took too much convincing to get him out here tonight,” they all laughed.

“That’s Harry for you,” Perrie grinned, leaning in to her husband. “Over protective before the baby’s even here.”

“It’s part of the daddy duty,” he grinned, pulling you back into his chest. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, relaxing back into him as you laughed.

“Yeah, yeah. Can we go dance?” You leaned into his ear so he could hear you over the loud music. He raised an eyebrow at you before you gave him a pout. He sighed, getting up and taking your hand in his.

“Just for a little bit, okay? I don’t want you all hot and bothered,” he grinned, leading you down to the dance floor and pulling you to his chest. You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck and enjoyed how relaxed he was.

“I’m stunned you’re actually dancing with me,” you swayed against his body as best as you could, your fingers playing with the curls at the nape of his neck.

“I’ll make an exception only because you’re my wife,” he kissed the tip of your nose. “You feeling okay?”

“I’m great, baby. I’m glad you came out tonight,” you watched as he smiled, his arms tightening around you.

“Me too. Let’s enjoy ourselves, yeah?”


You’d lost him in the crowd when you’d tried to leave the dance floor and it wasn’t long until you’d been pushed and shoved around. You wrapped your arm around your waist instinctively, your eyes darting around the club for a sign of your curly headed husband.

But your worry soon turned to anger when you’d felt a cold liquid seeping through the front of your jumper. Your eyes looked up to be met with a young girl, a smirk on her face.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she giggled to the girls around her.

“What the hell did you do that for?!” You took a step towards her, your fists balling at your sides. She took a step as well, her heels giving her an advantage over your height.

“What’re you going to do about?”

You’d felt his strong arms wrap around your waist from behind you, pulling away from the girl before he glared down at you. “Did you plan on fighting her? Or were you going to remember you’re carrying our child?”

“She spilled her drink all over me on purpose,” you looked up at him, the hormones making anger rush through your veins. “I didn’t do anything to her!”

“I know you didn’t,” he looked over your shoulder and his eyes met the girl’s, his jaw clenching tightly.

“So why did she do that?” You looked down at your stained jumper once more before looking up at him, tears stinging your eyes.

“I don’t know, baby. Please don’t cry, let’s go home, yeah? Let’s get out of here,” he wrapped his larger hand around yours before he trudged through the crowd, his eyes meeting Niall’s before exiting.

You stayed quiet most of the ride home, your eyes focused on the specs on the window. “I’m sorry I ruined your jumper.”

“I don’t care about the stupid jumper. I don’t know what I would’ve done if she put her hands on you,” he glanced over at you, his hand resting on your thigh. You laid your hand on top of his, a sigh escaping your lips.

“We should’ve just stayed home. I’m sorry I kept pushing it,” you breathed out. He shook his head, taking your hand in his and raising it to his lips before he pressed a kiss to the back of it.

“Stop apologizing. You did absolutely nothing wrong, my love. I’m glad you’re okay, that’s all.” You nodded, leaning back in your seat as he continued the drive home, his lips continuously pressing kisses to your hand.


“At least I don’t smell like a drunk anymore,” you climbed into bed beside him after showering. He grinned, wrapping his arm around you to pull you to his chest.

“Good because I like the wife scent on you better,” he watched as you threw your head back and laughed, your hand resting on his chest.

“And what does the wife scent smell like?”

“Mm, like your favorite body scrub and a mixture of me because you like to steal my clothes,” he grinned down at you. “It’s my favorite smell in the world.”

“You’re my favorite thing in the world,” you smiled, leaning up on his chest to look at him.

“You’re my favorite thing in the world too,” he tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “And I’m lucky to call you my missus.”

“I’m lucky to be your missus,” you ran your thumb across his bottom lip. “I love you.”

“I love you,” he leaned up a bit to capture your lips with his for a brief moment. “And I’ll continue to love you every step into our forever,” his hand slipped between the two of you to rest on your swell.

“I can’t wait.” 

Happy Halloween, lovelies! Thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope you as well as everyone else enjoys! Drop by my ask for some feedback! Love you, darlings.

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prompt from @captaintinymite: "Derek is the mall Santa. stiles works at a Christmas candy kiosk. they’ve been flirting in the form of longing glances for weeks.“ find a way to work in stiles sitting on Santa’s lap asking for Derek for Christmas

“He’s beautiful,” Stiles says on a sigh to Allison, one of the elves, who is currently trying to steal a candy cane from Stiles’ tiny Christmas tree.

Allison sucks the candy cane into her mouth and looks over where Stiles is looking at the man dressed as Santa and softly talking to a little girl. “Even dressed as an old guy?” Allison asks.

Stiles nods emphatically. “Look at his face when he talks to the kids,” he practically whines. It’s too much for him, okay? The way Derek’s face softens and opens up completely when the kids start talking to him makes Stiles’ heart swell up like the Grinch’s. 

“You should see it when he’s talking to the adults,” Allison snorts.

Stiles has seen it, okay? Stiles sees all of Derek’s faces. Well as much as he can from across the way. The Beacon Hills mall isn’t that big but there’s still a good few yards between him and Derek, who’s turning his head to look at Stiles as the little girl climbs off his lap. Their eyes meet, and Stiles stops breathing for a second because just look at him. The man is just. His eyes are. Ugh

“He’s beautiful,” Stiles repeats because he understands that talking to people is hard. It is hard, especially in their lines of work of having to serve entitled people.

“Then why don’t you go sit on his lap and tell him what you want for Christmas?” Lydia asks from behind Stiles, effectively scaring the shit out of him.

“Son of a nutcracker!” Stiles hisses, not allowed to cuss around all the children. “Could you at least let me know you’re there before talking?”

“And miss this?” Lydia asks innocently. “Time for your break. I suggest you spend it getting to the next step of your creepy flirting stares.”

With a roll of his eyes, Stiles pulls the apron over his head and hands it to Lydia. He grabs a piece of peppermint fudge on his way out and shoves it all into his mouth just to disgust his coworker. Allison gives him an impressed look and nods approvingly. This is why Allison is his friend. She sees the good in him and doesn’t force him to do silly things like sit in his crush’s lap.

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King Edward II ruled England from 1307 to 1327 when he was deposed by his wife, Isabella, and Roger Mortimer. 

He is largely remembered for his relationships with Piers Gaveston and Hugh Despenser, whom he loved but the rest of the realm totally hated. It’s quite likely that he was bi, which is pretty awesome. 

He wasn’t a great king, but he was a really nice man. He always took time to stop and chat with his subjects when he could, and he liked to going rowing and thatch and dig in his spare time. What a swell guy.

Safe Haven

(A/N): I totally relate to this scenario so much…this also took a really dark turn from the imagine but it’s still along the lines of that. I also, when writing this, grew concerned for the anon who requested this (I just hope you’re okay and not in a relationship like this)

Request: BuckyxFem!Reader where the reader is an avenger and in a really shitty (long term) relationship and Bucky really likes them and wants to help them but the reader is scared?

Warnings: Shitty boyfriend, abuse (physical and emotional), rape, swearing, protective!Bucky

Originally posted by suicidessquad

   You were absolutely in love with Bucky, to the point you’d die for that man and you knew he felt the same but there was only one problem, you had a boyfriend. 

    In the beginning you had actually loved this guy, you’d have married him had things not taken such a drastic turn. For awhile everything was going swell, the two of you were happy and in love, you had been planning out your entire future together when things started to turn to shit. 

   Your boyfriend became much more controlling, always making sure to know you were with and what you were doing. You found it a little strange but you had just dismissed it as him being overly protective and then came the manipulation. 

   He was constantly making you feel bad for things you didn’t even do, he was always making himself the victim and you the bad guy, he was starting to convince you that you didn’t matter at all. This of course raised a few red flags but you were too scared to talk to anyone in fear of what he’d do to you. Many weeks followed and suddenly he was physically assaulting you, a punch there, a kick here.

    It was actually starting to interfere with your work and your team was less than pleased when you were slacking on a mission yet again. Little did they know it was because you’d been beaten to a near bloody pulp only a few days before. But being an avenger you bounced back as quickly as you could but apparently, not fast enough for your team. 

    “I don’t know (Y/N),” Steve sighs softly, shaking his head. “You’ve been…”  

    “Off? I know. I don’t like it.” You interrupt, glaring at Steve’s boots. It’d be so easy to come clean, to tell everyone what was really going on but you were terrified absolutely petrified. 

    “Maybe you should take a break,” Steve suggests lightly. “Stay home, relax-”  

   "No!“ You nearly yell, shocking all the other avengers on the Quinjet. "I mean,” you whisper this time, “no. That won’t help, trust me.” Steve stares at you for a moment before sighing, shaking his head once again. 

    “I’m sorry (Y/N) but we can’t keep you here if your behavior continues like this. Until you can shape up you’re banned from the Avengers, got it?” You want to scream and sob as you nod, accepting Steve’s statement. This meant you’d have nowhere to run, you’d have to remain by your boyfriends side 24/7. The thought alone has tears welling within your eyes and your stomach flipping in fear. Steve gives you a sad smile before crossing over to his seat by Bucky and Sam, settling down into the chair comfortably.

    You stare at the ground for a moment longer before crossing over to your seat with numb almost robotic movements. Now that you had been kicked off the Avengers you had nowhere to run, you were going to be stuck at home 24/7 with that monster. You sigh shakily as you bury your face in your hands, wishing you could just melt away and forget all your problems. Unfortunately, the world was too cruel to do such a thing to you. 

    Two weeks you’d been stuck at your apartment, being beaten and degraded as if you were nothing more than a toy. You wanted to fight back, you sure as hell were capable enough but the fear of what he’d do to you and your family was enough to keep you silent. So everyday you dealt with the beatings, the humiliation, the harassment, and everything else this man had to throw your way. 

   You’d ignored every phone call and text from everyone in fear that answering them would only aggravate your boyfriend further. So you sat around all day, doing whatever he asked you to do in fear that he would seriously end up hurting you. Today he’d gone out for the day, most likely to go get hammered and pass out in some alleyway. So for a few hours you were free from his ministrations and you could actually relax for once. 

   You sigh shakily as you trace over one of the many bruises that littered your body, wincing when you pushed on it a little too hard. You sighed even louder as you studied your body, glancing at each bruise that covered your skin. They were an array of green, purple, and some even black and they hurt just as bad as they looked. 

   You were reaching down your leg to poke at another one when a sudden knock upon your door stopped you, causing you to sit straight up. What if it was your boyfriend, returned home early from getting drunk? You glanced around your apartment and you realized you had forgotten to clean it, now you were in for a hell of a beating. 

   You gulp as you slowly rise to your feet, hesitantly walking over to your door. Your hands are shaking as you slowly unlock the door all the while mentally preparing yourself for the beating about to come. You squeeze your eyes shut as you open the door but as you open it there was no sudden harsh voice or no fist in your hair, in fact whoever was at the door remained silent up until now, their voice quivering as they spoke. 

   “(Y/N)?” You’d recognise that voice anywhere, it was Bucky’s, the man you loved with all your heart. You slowly crack one eye open, staring at Bucky’s face.  

   “Bucky?” You whisper in disbelief, your eyes widening in shock. “W-What are you doing here?” Bucky gulps as he looks you up and down and you suddenly realize that you aren’t wearing anything to cover your bruises and marks, all you have on is a tank top and some shorts, leaving nothing to the imagination now. 

   “…You haven’t been answering my calls…I was starting to…” Bucky trails off as he stares at your multicolored body, his eyes raking over your form once again. You feel vulnerable and you feel as though you need to cover up but you can’t, now it’s out in the open and there was no taking it back. “What are these?” Bucky asks softly as he gingerly takes ahold of your hand, his fingers gently tracing over one of your bruises. You sigh shakily, knowing it was pointless to try and lie to him, he probably already knew what they were he just needed confirmation.

   “…I think you already know…” Bucky looks back up at your face, his expression akin to that of a kicked puppy. His eyes were wide and brimming with tears and his lips were trembling as he stared at you earnestly. 

   “Was it-” Bucky swallowed hard, attempting to keep his tears down. “Was it that piece of shit you call your boyfriend?” You nod softly, tears of your own gathering within your eyes. Bucky nearly growled at this bit of information, his eyes burning with a hatred you’d never seen before. “I swear I’ll tear him to shreds!” 

   “Bucky, wait!” You place your hands on his chest, stopping him in his tracks. “You can’t…you can’t interfere, please…it’s for the best.” Bucky stares at you once again, his anger melting away as his gaze connects with yours. 

   “But, (Y/N),” Bucky pleads, that puppy dog look returning once again. “You can’t keep living like this, it’s not good for you-” 

   “I know,” You sigh, folding your arms over your chest. “I’m just…I’m scared of what he’s going to do if I try to leave…” Bucky nods in understanding, his gaze sympathetic upon you. 

   “Why didn’t you tell us? We’re the Avengers for God’s sake, he could easily take him down.” You sniffle softly, wiping away at your runny nose. 

   “I didn’t want you guys to worry about me…I didn’t want to be a burden…” 

   “Oh, (Y/N),” Bucky sighs, pulling you into his chest. The man smelled like cinnamon and honey, like a safe place you could call home. You breathed in deeply letting his scent overwhelm your senses. You bury your face into his chest, finally feeling safe for once in your life, Bucky was your safe haven.

    “Please,” He whispers softly, burying his face in your most likely matted and tangled hair. “Let me help you…” 

   And wrapped up in Bucky’s arms, the overwhelming feeling of safety, the feeling of Bucky’s lips so close to your skin, you couldn’t help but agree, ready to finally end this chapter in your life and start a new one, perhaps with Bucky being your Knight in Shining armor.