he is such a social butterfly actually

I think Assassination Classroom does a pretty good job depicting actual school cliques. I’m used to seeing (western) media with student characters being separated into the “jocks”, “nerds”, “cheerleaders”, “goths”, etc. Assclass doesn’t categorize Class 3-E into labels. Rather, it chooses to show the cliques based around personality types.

Case in point, the train scene in episode 07. 

Here we have the natural leaders. They get along because they’re proactive and have no problems getting serious with the assassination. Isogai and Kataoka are obvious, being the class reps. Kimura is action-oriented and the son of cops, so it he fits in well with them. Yada is mature and thinks about her future, so she’s definitely comfortable around people with strong prospects. 

Next we have the easygoing extroverts. Not actually immature, but prefer to have fun and engage in interpersonal activities. Nakamura and Maehara are social butterflies that like to fool around. Okano hangs with them because of her boyfriend she likes friendly competition. Okajima and Kurahashi are playful types who share a what-you-see-is-what-you-get personality. And Fuwa, who would seem like an introvert, is actually really outgoing and fits right in with these thrill-seekers.    

Then we have the clear introverts. Reserved and prefer to keep to themselves, but have no problem with others who can share in their interests. Sugaya and Mimura are the artistic types, and can engage in passionate discussions with one another. Chiba and Hayami, the hardcore stoic duo, clearly enjoy each other’s company and fit right in with people who can give them their personal space.

Following up are the anti-social students. They can engage in social interaction, but actively reject society’s expectations of normalcy. Terasaka’s posse of Yoshida, Muramatsu, and Hazama are the “delinquents” who get along easily because of this. Takebayashi clearly prefers to be alone, and most likely hangs around these guys since they can respect his individualism. Hara is the one woman out, and probably connects with the group due to her friendship with Yoshida.   

And finally, we’ve got the wild cards. At first glance, you wonder how such differing personalities can get along so well. I believe it’s partly a friend-of-a-friend type of situation. Karma is an old friend of Nagisa, who is best friends with Sugino, who likes Kanzaki, who is admired by Kayano, who is friendly with Okuda. But also, they each have a nice balance of playfulness and seriousness that they just sort of gravitate to each other. 

This is the type of school I grew up in, and it’s nice to see a representation of that in my favorite anime. 

alright tumblr fucked up and a thing got fucked but someone asked for valdangelo headcanons

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  • getting together takes for fucking ever
  • mostly their hanging out happens in bunker 9 - it’s quiet, and even if nico’s back at camp he’s still not a social butterfly. leo is too engrossed in his work usually to bother him as much as everyone else. nico doesn’t get in the way, keeping to a bare corner and reading, or doodling (i really like artist nico sue me), or maybe just sort of watching leo work
  • occasionally nico falls asleep there and finds a (slightly old and stained but warm) blanket over him when he wakes 
  • they start sticking closer together out in camp. and actually occasionally talking. and soon enough holding full real conversations
  • it becomes a Thing at camp - if leo’s there nico’s 7 times out of 10 within range and vice versa
  • and people start asking if they’re dating quick enough
  • at first they reply with Emphatic “NO” but then they realize that uh, yeah, they’re kinda dating
  • that is a really awkward time. nico has a mini freakout and leo is still socially awkward and has as much of an idea of how to interact with boys as he does with girls (aka 0)
  • leo asks nico out really, really awkwardly, kinda stuttering and laughing a lot
  • their first date is literally just hanging out together outside of the bunker in a clearing in the forest and its dorky but leo lights up (literally his ears catch on fire) when he legit gets nico to laugh because when nico laughs it’s full-on curling-over open-mouth laughing and it’s Wonderful
  • their first kiss is two weeks after that and it’s nico who initiates it (after leo kisses him on the cheek) (leo goes a really bright red because he flirts with so many people but he!!!! doesnt know how to do this!!!!!!) its really fumbly but really great and theyre both smiling for like 3 hours afterwards
  • after that they are totally the couple that leans their heads in while looking at you and shit-talking you under their breaths
  • theyre not the most touchy in public (mostly just hand holding and occasionally leaning on each other) but when alone they’re huge fuckin cuddle monsters. both of them
  • leo is the cook because nico could burn cereal and has at one point nobody knows how
  • this is found out when leo catches him eating cold chicken nuggets for dinner thrice in a week and takes matters into his own hands by serving him home cooked fajitas (nico is instantly hooked)
  • leo thinks its cute that nico wakes up and cant speak english for like 10 minutes and just mumbles in italian
  • theyre both tiny and can stack on top of each other immediately and work as one unit to fuck tall people up
  • i love them both
  • spicy boys
YoonMinSeok - Euphoria Wafting off of You

For as long as Min Yoongi can remember, he is befriended with Jung Hoseok and Kim Namjoon. The three of them are quite the personalities. Namjoon, youngest of the three, is The leader of the gang and seems like a total hardass, but is actually a huge nerd. Hoseok, the youngest, is a social butterfly, friendly to everyone and an absolute angel. Yoongi is the odd one out, with his anxiety syndrome and therapy visits and his mood swings.
He knows his friends love him unconditionally. They help him when he needs them. At least that is what he thinks until Namjoon insists he comes to one of the school’s parties. Yoongi tries to get out of it, but it doesn’t work. Because Hobie is on Namjoon’s side this time.
And thus Yoongi has to cave and join his two friends to the party. Namjoon helps him with his outfit and Hobie with his hair. They head out around nine in the evening. Yoongi feels like he should be sleeping by now, or do homework, but Hobie and Namjoon seem rather pumped. So Yoongi is determined to have a good time as well, even if it is just on their account.
They enter the pub, which is already quite full. Yoongi feels how his palms grow sweaty. He startles when Hobie takes him by the hand. “We’ll be here, hyung.” Hobie says gently. Yoongi smiles a gummy smile at the younger boy. Hobie smiles back a radiant smile of his own. Namjoon leads past the groups of chattering students, to the back of the pub. He heads for a table where one guy is sitting. Alone, but obviously waiting.
The guy looks up when Namjoon sits beside him. A smile tugs at his lips. Namjoon leans over to him and whispers something in his ear. Yoongi can’t hear what Namjoon says. Awkwardly he sits on the other side of the table. Hobie sits down beside him. “Is that your boyfriend, Namjuni?” Hobie asks teasingly. Namjoon looks up, blush dusting his cheeks. The boy beside him smiles widely. “Am I, Namjuni?” He asks gently. “Yoongi-hyung, Hobie-hyung, this is my boyfriend, Kim Seokjin.” Namjoon says admittingly. “Lovely to meet you, Hobie-ah and Yoongi-ah. Call me Jin-hyung.” Seokjin says gently. Yoongi nods curtly.  
Namjoon and Jin have their own conversation. It is obvious that their love is new, because Namjoon behave exceedingly flirty. He still has to prove to Jin that he is worth it. Hobie is looking around like he is expecting something to happen. “What is the matter Hoseok-ah?” Yoongi asks, putting a hand on Hobie’s arm. Hobie turns to Yoongi and grins. “The table isn’t full yet.” He winks. Yoongi feels his heart skip a beat. He knows he will meet more people he doesn’t know yet. He is very bad at that. Seokjin isn’t a bit issue, because he and Namjoon are in this honeymoon phase, where they only have eyes for each other. But Hobie’s other friends will probably not have eyes only for Hobie.
Hoseok takes Yoongi’s hand and brings it to his face. He kisses Yoongi’s knuckles. Yoongi feels soothed somehow. “Don’t be nervous hyung, they are nice people. I am sure you will like them.” Hobie says gently. Yoongi squeezes Hobie’s hand. “I can only hope you are right, Hobie-ah.” Yoongi says.

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Jaehyun’s Ideal Type
  • for hair length and skin type - i’m really not sure
  • not saying he may not have standards, but still I think he’s more about
  • personality/first feelings than appearance first
  • also a mirror-like personality like his
  • someone who he can seek support and comfort in
  • a girl who can be independent but still know she can rely on him
  • i think she’ll have to be more on the feminine side
  • he’ll like seeing her always get dressed up just for him and their dates
  • i don’t think he’ll mind her being shy as he may find it quite cute even
  • someone a little outspoken though 
  • because he a social butterfly himself
  • overall, I think a girl who’s a bit reserved but when comfortable –
  • she’s actually loud, playful, lovable 
  • and they can grow off of each other


(( Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to send this to me, and I apologise for the late reply! I hope you don’t mind I reply to this publicly since I feel that this is something everyone should take note of from my portrayal of Luciano.

This Luciano isn’t asexual, he’s actually pansexual. And it’s not that he’s ‘meh’ on the whole romance thing, he actually wouldn’t mind having a romantic relationship, but he’s just not actively looking for it. If it happens though, good luck to whoever his significant other is haha. ))

(( Ah, great question there anon!

Luciano doesn’t have a hard time accepting friends, he’s actually pretty chill with it. I mean, he’s not a social butterfly like Feliciano, but if you want to be friends with him he’s not going to shove you away or anything.

And it’s not that he lacks friends, he just prefers the people he’s close to because they understand him better then the others aha. He’s completely fine with having only a small amount of friends though, less drama and all that for him so he says. ))

Connor’s video just made me feel pretty sucky… Not that I’m all or any of things he said, but I feel like there are some that I could maybe come off as sometimes. For instance, I always do that hide-behind-a-phone-to-get-out-of-awkward-situations thing. It’s not something I’m necessarily proud of, but it’s something I do… I don’t blame him for having turn-offs; I do too, but, at the same time, there are people like me who can’t physically/mentally/emotionally be social butterflies to everyone. idk it just sort of reminded me that they (youtubers) aren’t actually our best friends. Like, I know that they appreciate us and that they understand that we are a big part of the reason they are where they are, but sometimes I forget that they don’t like EVERYONE. idk it just made my heart sorta drop like: “fuck. he would hate me…”