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Okay so my ex-boyfriend said that one of the reasons we broke up is because I make him feel like a loser but I don't understand. Anytime I ever helped him with money or other issues I thought I was just being there for him but instead I was making him feel like a loser apparently. So how are you supposed to have someone's back and be there for them if it's just going to end up making them feel bad about themselves? Would love to know your opinion.

Well he didn’t have to take your help right ? You just wanted to help and I don’t think that’s bad. You are not the one that makes him feel like a loser. It’s himself. I don’t know what he did but if he doesn’t try to get it right on his own then he’s the one that has to change something. He makes himself feel like a loser. It’s not your fault that it ended. I don’t think that’s the reason why he broke up.

reddie headcanons

there’s no rhyme or reason to these, they’re just random for the most part but i guess set when they’re about 16/17. if you want any that follow a theme just send me an ask!

  • eddie loves flowers but richie doesn’t have money to buy them (before he gets a job during high school) so he picks flowers and makes little handmade bouquets. richie isn’t the best at romantic stuff so eddie thinks it’s the sweetest thing when he does it
  • sometimes when it’s bad at home richie really hates being alone so he bikes to eddie’s house and sneaks in through the window. he lays his head on eddie’s lap and eddie plays with his hair and sings to him sometimes
  • the losers help richie with a cute & extravagant plan for him to ask eddie to prom senior year but one night they’re sitting in eddie’s room doing homework and richie nervously blurts out “will you go to prom with me?” and eddie starts laughing because “i kind of figured we were already going together, einstein” but ofc he says yes and tells richie he’s cute when he’s nervous (richie blushes furiously)
  • they got together when they were 16. the other losers started a bet the summer after they fought It about when they’d get together (stan won the bet)
  • they go on a lot of dates (to the aladdin, to go get ice cream, the arcade, stargazing) but most of the time they either hang out in richie’s room and play board games/listen to music or have picnics at the barrens
  • richie starts working a part time job before their junior year and saves up all of his paychecks to buy a car. he insists on driving eddie to school and he rolls down all the windows and sings obnoxiously loudly (his favorites to sing to eddie are come on eileen, can’t fight this feeling, and africa). eddie acts annoyed but he loves it and is usually singing with richie by the second or third song.
  • when they’re 14, eddie and the others find out that richie has never had a cake on his birthday or really celebrated outside of anything he might have done with the losers. eddie takes it upon himself to make a cake for richie every year after that and have a party with the losers. after the first year mike decides he’s gonna make the cake (bc he’s the best cook) and eddie focuses on making sure the party runs smoothly (it never does. one year bev shoved richie’s face into the cake after he blew out the candles. another time they had to convince richie that, no, trying to jump off of the roof and into the pool in bill’s backyard is not a good idea)
  • richie tries his best to be nonchalant about the party & cake every year but they make him so happy. he doesn’t tell eddie that until they’re older (eddie already knew)
  • eddie says ‘i love you’ first. they’ve been together for a few months and he says it when they’re walking home one day. richie runs into a telephone pole bc he’s just staring at eddie. he gets so distracted that it isn’t until he gets home that he realizes he forgot to say it back
  • ^he bikes to eddie’s house that night and throws rocks at his window until eddie opens it, and richie climbs up onto the flat part of the roof outside of eddie’s window. 
  • “richie, what the fuck are you doing?” “i love you too” “what?” “i didn’t say it earlier. i love you too.” eddie can’t even be annoyed that it’s late or his mom might hear them or richie could, like, fall off the fucking roof bc he’s so happy

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bill’s mom wasn’t too keen on the idea for bill borrowing the car to take stan out on a date, but he assured that they were taking georgie to the park, and stan was just gonna help look after him! so she finally gave in and handed him the keys

stan and bill were suppose to go bird watching, but stan didn’t mind georgie coming along! they went out a lot so he was glad to spend time w his favorite sailor

when they arrive, stan tries to bond with georgie and show him all his favorite birds and the ones he’s gonna try to spot today in his field guide, but georgie is excited about all the different flowers! there’s so many shades of pinks and purples and even blues, and blue was his favorite

✿ georgie begged begged begged, almost on his knees for stan, to let him put flowers in his hair. he said they don’t stay in his and bill’s hair correctly, and he saw a curly haired girl at school do it and she looked “really pretty, i promise”. bill helped his brother beg too, and stan couldn’t say no to the denbrough boys

georgie picked the flowers and bill put them in stan’s hair, arranging them in a halo above his ears. the flowers alternated from pretty pink sweet peas to white lilys. bill vouched for georgie, and agreed that stan looked very pretty. georgie said, voice in awe, “pretty? no, bill, he’s perfect”

stan was flattered of course but he forgot all about the flowers in his hair when he branched off from the boys to continue bird watching from a greater height. when he went up hill, he bumped into his group of friends, having a make-sift lunch picnic with all the boxes of pizza they chipped in to buy together. he thought “wow, what a surprise, let me get bill and georgie real quick,” but his friends wanted him to hang around just a little longer

beverly muttered curses under her breath every time stan moved, ruining on off her sneaky off guard pictures of him with the flowers in his hair

ben was convinced that the sight of stan with flowers in his hair is what people wrote poetry about

eddie and richie had to restrain from reaching out and touching it because, “wow, when did stan’s hair look so soft?”

mike was going to speak up, let him know he had something in his hair, but beverly sent him one of the deadliest stares he’s ever received in his life, so he decided to stay quiet

the losers had stan stare off in some direction away from them in the promise that there’s definitely a blue jay over there as they all snapped pictures of him

normally they would’ve been excited to see bill and georgie, but they were sure he would ruin their fun when they saw the two walk hand in hand up the hill

bill said simply, “babe, there’s no blue jay over there,”

and stan turned to him with the cutest confused, annoyed expression, head of curls full of beautiful flowers and the sun light hit him just perfect

bill just had to grab his phone from his back pocket and join in, “it’s not a b-buh-blue jay, babe. it’s a steller’s jay. you know, that one from your book? yeah, you gotta squint though it’s real far, just keep looking,”

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hellooo! if you're still doing the drabble challenge, a mix of 86/2 for reddie?? <3

Sorry about the wait. I just really wanted this one to be good. I hope you enjoy it! -

Eddie loved his friends, but he hated sleepovers. All the other losers managed to sleep soundly through the night, but not Eddie. He was always suddenly bolting upright. Head filled with twisting and turning thoughts and noises and faces. He hated it when one person inevitably awoke and saw him like that. He hated looking weak. He wasn’t a child anymore. He could take care of himself. Which is why he felt a bit of perverse delight along with reasonable concern when someone was injured. He would be able to help them, to take care of them, to prove he was capable. The delight simply wasn’t there the night he saw how broken Richie was.

He was torn out of sleep by muffled noises. He turned and looked next to him. The blankets were moving. Someone was crying.

“Richie?” Eddie rubbed his eyes and mumbled groggily. Richie’s best of blankets jerked in response.

“Richie? I’m going to move the covers so… if you’re jacking off… please don’t be jacking off.” Eddie pulled away the blankets.

Richie’s eyes were squeezed tight and fear was etched clearly onto his face. “Richie!” Eddie whispered and shook his shoulder. Richie’s eyes snapped open. “Eddie?“ he whispered in disbelief.
Eddie nodded. “Are you o-”
Richie yanked him into a hug. He was still shaking. Eddie was shocked at first, but quickly melted into the hug, trying to soothe his friend. He didn’t feel any of the excitement he usually felt when someone scraped their knee. As he rubbed Richie’s back silently he felt a completely different emotion. Something he couldn’t quite place.

“You’re okay, Rich.” Eddie muttered into the crook of Richie’s neck. He kissed his forehead. “You’re okay.” He felt his face heat up. Why had he done that? Why had it felt so natural?

Richie whimpered into Eddie’s shoulder. He was doubled over himself for the height difference to work but he didn’t care. It was helping.

“Lets go somewhere else.” Eddie whispered. He had no idea what he was saying. Eddie kaspbrak, was suggesting they sneak out. Since when did he ever do that? Eddie took one look at Richie’s face and decided. Eddie Kaspbrak suggested things like sneaking out since now.

They crept up another set of stairs and out a window, onto the roof. Richie staid uncharacteristically silent, staring at Eddie, clinging to him, as if he was worried he’d disappear. “Do you want to tell me why you woke up crying?” Eddie prompted after a while of silence.

This seemed to snap richie out of whatever trance he was in. He smiled sadly. “Nah, don’t worry yourself, eds.”

“Don’t call me that,” Eddie rolled his eyes fondly. “And I’m already worried so don’t start that shit, either.”

“You’re truly a peach, deeah. A geeorgeeah-”

“Beep beep, Asswipe.” Eddie chuckled.

The music of crickets filled the silence.

“It was a nightmare.” Richie whispered. Eddie turned to him. He was folding in on himself, hugging his knees to his chest. Eddie waited for him to say more.

He didn’t.

“I kind of figured that.” Eddie nodded slowly moving closer to Richie. Richie turned his eyes away.

“I- I was thinking about it.” He was trembling. “About all its faces. And the room. It-”
Richie seemed to choke on his own voice.

“Hey, hey. Calm down.” Eddie tried to coax Richie into looking at him. “Breathe.”
Eddie was glad he knew breathing exercises because Richie was a mess.
“They can’t hurt you anymore.” Eddie whispered into his hair. He pressed a kiss to Richie’s head again. “You’re safe.”

Richie just kept shaking his head. “No.” He muttered.

“What do you mean no?” Eddie asked pulling away. “You’re okay.”

Richie shook his head.

“Are you okay?” Eddie asked.

Richie nodded.

“Then everything’s fine.” Eddie moved in for a hug again, but Richie refused him. He shook his head again. “No.”

“Richie, what’s wrong?”

Richie didn’t answer.

“Fine, don’t say anything and make me worry. Let’s just go back inside.” Eddie opened the window. Richie grabbed his arm.

“It was you.”


“When it lured me into the clown room…” Richie trailed off. Eddie moved so that the bespectacled boy had no choice but to look at him.

“It was you. It knew I’d go after you.” Richie picked at the roof tiles. “It didn’t even bother trying to be convincing.” He laughed bitterly. “In the dream it-”

“I’d go after you too, Rich.” Eddie whispered. Richie froze. “What?”

“I’d walk into a room full of lepers if I thought you were in there.” Eddie said simply. Richie smiled. It was a gooey smile, spreading across his face like butter.

“Are you okay?”

Richie nodded. “Let’s not go inside just yet.”

Edie sat back on the roof and gazed at the sky. He glanced at Richie to find he was already looking. His face turned pink. Richie slowly intertwined their fingers.

Richie’s hands were probably filthy…. Eddie didn’t want him to let go.

“The stars… um.. they’re pretty.”
“Yeah. You know who’s prettier?”

Eddie felt warmth spread across his cheeks.

“Your mom.” Richie grinned.

Eddie shoved him. “I will push you off this roof, Tozier!”

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Richie’s hair (part 3)

To celebrate 1.5k of you beautiful people, I present to you part 3 of my most requested Headcanons

Sorry for typos, I’ll add links soon

- the losers use the fact that touching Richie’s hair calms him down more than they probably should

- considering the fact they’re 17, he has a boyfriend and touching his hair is pretty much a kink now

- he can’t help it, it just feels so damn good

- ‘It feels better than sex Eddie, you don’t understand’

- however the losers don’t know this, they just think it’s like petting a dog on that one spot they like the most

- and Richie can’t protest because he can’t find his words if someone touches his hair

- one particular movie night Richie’s ADHD was pretty bad and ended up with moving around so much that everyone had to either 'beep beep’ him or touch his hair

- So Eddie decided enough was enough, they need to understand d what they’re actually doing to his boyfriend

- so when Richie goes to get more blankets, Eddie stands in the middle of the room and explains it to them

- 'Okay everyone we need to chill with touching Richie’s hair, okay?’

- 'Why, we aren’t trying to steal him from you?’

- 'No, Stan, I know you’re not but it’s just awkward to explain’

- so Eddie eventually explains that they’re pretty much turning Richie on when they’re touching his hair and that having his hair touched is a massive kink for him

- 'Well shit’ - Stan

- they still do it in desperate times and it’s mainly Bev and Eddie who do

- They also now understand why Eddie touches Richie’s hair when they kiss

- And now the losers pick on them about it if they ever see Eddie’s hand anywhere near Richie’s hair

- Like one day they were watching a movie and Georgie decided to join them for it

- Richie and Eddie sat on the sofa with Richie slightly slumped down it with his face pressed against Eddie neck

- like half way through the movie Stan looked over to see Eddie’s hand in Richies dark curls

- he instantly gasps super loud, grabbing Georgie to cover his eyes

- 'Guys ! There’s are children’

- Bill looks up to see what’s happening because why is his boyfriend yelling

- Stan covers Bill’s eyes too

- 'CHILDREN, EDDIE!! How could you taint these innocent minds’

- Richie is too tired to reply, so Eddie does it for him

- 'We all know Bill isn’t innocent Stan’

- Both Stan and Bill go red at that

- another time is when they’re sitting in a restaurant, just getting milkshakes like they do everyday Wednesday

- it’s like a celebration that they got through half the week

- Richie is so exhausted from school that he puts his head face don’t on the table

- Eddie comforts his dramatic boyfriend by placing a hand on his head and ruffling his hair

- they’re rudely interrupted by Bev

- 'Isn’t that like having sex with him in public, though? You guys really shouldn’t do that, ya nasties’

- Eddie just keeps looking at Richie with a red face

- Richie says something but it’s muffled by the table, it was probably an insult

- 'What was that?’

- 'I said Eddie’s mums a nasty’

- 'Ah I thought so…yanno, why do I even date you?!’

- it’s safe to say that there was not more hair-touching that evening

- However the losers also let them have their moments as they watch in awe because let’s face it, they’re adorable

- one day they were meeting up outside school when it finished to go to Bills for their Friday sleepover

- Richie was visibly tired and just done with that day

- he walked up in front of eddie, wrapped his arms around his waist and put his head on Eddie’s shoulder

- the losers watched in concern as their usual happy jokey Richie was obviously not okay

- Eddie placed one hand on Richie’s arm and the other in his hair, knowing just what to do to take his mind off whatever he was thinking about

- 'You good?’

- Eddie only got a muffled 'mhm’ and a nod as a reply

- he looked up to see all the losers watching them and turned red

- another time was at Bill’s house, it was the morning after a sleepover

- Eddie and Richie though they were the only ones awake so naturally they decide cuddling until the losers wake up is the best option

- and cuddling always involves Eddie playing with Richie’s hair

- which ends with Richie become pretty much a noodle whilst laying Eddie

- however they didn’t know that Bev has low-key been watching them the whole time

- she even snaps a photo with her polaroid camera

- she slowly wakes the rest of the losers to appreciate the adorable scene with her

- however she uncovers another cute scene when she realised that Stan and Bill were also cuddling but whilst sleeping

- (she’s used to them doing this because Stan and Bill are the designated cuddlers of the group)

- In their usually position with Bill becoming an octopus and Stan putting a leg over Bills waist and arms around Bill’s neck

- she takes a photo of that too

- all in all there’s an equal amount of teasing and appreciation when it comes to Eddie and Richie

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IT Drama Production Headcanons

- Bill got the lead and when he did all the Losers piled into a group hug because they’re so happy for him and he nearly cried because he didn’t think he could do it, but he did

- Bev is the lead opposite him but she also helped (read: did all the work to) make the costumes because the school couldn’t rent all of them

- Richie always gets the comedic roles and every time he comes to rehearsal everyone just simultaneously groans and cheers because what would the drama department be without him and he just feels really loved

- Eddie is a stage hand and he and Richie just make out backstage and people have stopped trying to stop them like it’ll happen no matter what

- Eddie always freaks out though because there’s dust and spiders and once someone screamed rat and we all know how that went down

- Tech Week is INTENSE

- Stan and Ben work tech and lights and Stan keeps missing his cues because he’s so mesmerized by Bill’s performance

- he helps organize the stage manager’s binder and color codes which button is pressed when, it’s a wonderful set up

- Richie always ad libs his lines and no one can say theirs because they’re too busy laughing

- Ben just does his homework during tech week and he can tell which button to press (courtesy of Stan’s colored tape) without looking up from his book. It’s terrifying

- Bev has an entire book full of sketches of costumes and stayed up so late making them but she gets so many compliments and she’s just so happy

- Eddie sometimes goes to chill up with Ben and Stan when they’re just running certain scenes without costume changes and Richie always calls up to him while he’s on stage

- “you look hot, babe!”
“you can’t see me past those lights, dipshit!”

- Even though Ben is the master of timed cues, he sometimes forgets when Bev is onstage because her voice is like honey and Ben is in love

- he helped her run lines and they nearly did the kissing scene and he always tells Stan about it in the tech booth

- “my heart was going to EXPLODE, Stan!”
“so you’ve said…I’m happy for you”

- Eddie likes to just take a nap during tech and Richie loves it

- Stan and Ben always look away during the Kiss™ between Bill and Bev because they love their friends and know it’s fake but it HURTS

- Stan and Ben quote the show to themselves while working and it’s hilarious how good of impressions they do

- “Stan, you have such a good voice, you should do the next play!”
“or I could not…”

- during the show Stan and Ben nearly miss their cues because Bill and Bev are amazing™ but the other catches it quickly enough that no one notices

- Richie ad libs a line about Eddie on opening and everyone loses their shit (the audience loved it so the director just let it slide)

- Mike comes to every show and brings flowers for everyone and screams so loud for all of them because THOSE ARE HIS FRIENDS

- Georgie always came to rehearsals and they even had a bio for him out in the hall because he was such an integral part of the cast by that point

- Richie wasn’t allowed a quote because all he did were dick jokes, mom jokes, or quotes from porn stars. He almost snuck one in, but Stan ratted on him. 

- the cast party is LIT and they sneak mike in and it’s just so much fun and everyone is just so happy because they had so much fun and are so proud of each other

Patrick Hockstetter || Guilt

A/N: I say this a lot, but I mean it on this one, this was hard to try to come up with. I tried to hold true to Bower’s Gang as much as I could but I wanted to also humanize them more I guess. I hope this turned out well and everyone enjoys!

“Listen, I wouldn’t have came to you loser’s in the first place if I didn’t need the help.” Patrick’s voice was raspy, he growled out the words with his eyes hard on Bill, Stan, Richie, and Eddie, who stood in front of him while Henry, Belch, and Victor stood behind him. Patrick’s face was scratched up, his body bloodied and bruised from his narrow escape from that god damned clown. When he got back and found that you had been missing as well, something in him… broke.

When Patrick first started dating you, his violent and sinister nature eased as he began regularly taking his medication, with a little convincing from you. It took nearly six months, six long strenuous months, but he slowly warmed up to treating you and others decently. It was a lot of work for you, but despite the sexual gestures and the harsh words he would give you and others, you saw the glimmer of good in him. Patrick slowly became more affectionate and loving than just possessive and obsessive over you, he treated you more like his girlfriend than just his personal toy. He treated you like you were real, as terrifying as that was for him. He grew to love you in how own special way.

Patrick shot a glare behind him at his friends, who looked away in shame, his gaze turned back to the losers, “I would’ve thought that they would’ve kept an eye out for Y/N, but obviously not.”

“Listen, man-“ Belch was cut off with another glare from Patrick. Y/N, his girl, was taken when the others clearly should have been with her.

“Wow, what does that make you assholes if you’re asking us losers for help? Huh?” Patrick gave a warning growl, “R-Richie, n-not the t-time.” Bill stuttered out, he looked over at Patrick, despite the constant bullying Patrick and his friends did to the loser’s, Bill understood the desperation Patrick felt to find Y/N. Hoping she was alive.

“W-we’ll help.” Bill’s words cut the tension, Patrick’s eyes moved from Richie to Bill, “on-n one con-condition, st-stop the b-bullying.”

Henry scoffed, “Patrick, let’s just-“

Patrick turned on Henry, his finger pointed directly in Henry’s face, “you don’t get to speak.” Oddly enough, Henry shut his mouth in a tight line, “deal.”

“Woah-“ Richie began to speak, “shut it trashmouth.” Patrick stepped forward threateningly, “go get the other losers and let’s go.” The boys nodded and scurried off, “meet at Neibolt in an hour!” His yell was loud enough to reach the four boys riding off on their bikes, arguing over what was happening, he turned on his friends, “we aren’t upholding that deal.” Henry’s arms crossed over his chest, Patrick closed the distance between them, “oh, we are upholding it. You fuckers got us in the situation in the first fucking place. I had to fight way way out of that god damn sewer just to find out you idiots didn’t even give a damn about watching over Y/N or making sure she was ok. I was missing!” His words were becoming increasingly angrier, the last sentence he yelled aggressively in Henry’s face.

“And if you don’t hold up the deal, that’s fucking fine by me, don’t even fucking come. If she-“ his voice almost broke, he cleared his throat and kicked his chapped lips, “if she’s dead, I’ll kill you all myself.” Patrick stepped back from the boy, stomping in the direction of the Neibolt house, he could hear a scuffling behind him as the others caught up to him in silence.

The stood outside of Neibolt, waiting for the losers, well, the others to show up. They showed up after forty minutes, Patrick shot them the closest look he could give for being grateful they came, it almost looked like a pained grimace with a hint of a genuine smile. He was working on it and it did not help as an unfamiliar feeling washed over him, his stomach churned and he looked away in shame. Guilt.

“Let’s go.” Patrick marched into the house without a second thought, his head set on finding you, alive.

Patrick marched through the house, leading the ten behind him as he came across the well. The rope that he climbed out of still hanging there. He gave it a strong tug, “I’ll go down first.” He muttered as he latched onto the rope, “there is an opening about halfway down, we’ll go from there.”

One by one, they slowly climbed down the rope until they were all huddled together in an awkward silence, “this way.” The light from the loser’s flashlights surrounded Patrick as he lead the way, his lighter lit in front of his face. His eyes were darting around, clearly on edge about being back in the sewers, “you ok?” Patrick shot a glance over to Victor before he gave almost a barely noticeable nod, but no answer.

The sewers opened up, they stepped out of the pipe, their eyes immediately drawn to the mountain of… stuff. All eyes slowly trailed up to see floating kids, “t-the m-missing k-kids.” Bill whispered, his frantic eyes searching for Georgie as Patrick looked for Y/N.

“Y/N!” Patrick’s voice was loud, his tongue swept across his lips as his eyes landed on your body in the air. Your head was leaned back, your hair falling freely, your arms hung loosely at your sides, blood trickled down the side of your face as you stared blankly at the ceiling.

“She’s too high for me to reach her, someone help me get her down!” Patrick turned his rage onto the boys as Victor and Belch moved and helped Patrick up, despite the height they came to, she was still too high. His eyes landed on Richie, knowing he weighed the least, “Tozier, come here.”

Richie stood frozen, eyes wide. Patrick let out a calm huff to tone down his anger and fear, “please help me get her down.”

Richie moved and Ben and Mike helped Richie up, holding him up to Patrick who grabbed him and lifted him to grab Y/N. Slowly, the four boys began to pull Richie, Patrick, and Y/N down with Henry catching Y/N as she fell forward.

“Is… is she breathing?” Patrick had to catch himself from his voice breaking.

Henry laid her down and Mike pressed his head against her chest, “I hear her heartbeat and she’s breathing. It’s faint, but she’s alive.” Patrick’s face strained as he fell to his knees, his hands grasped her face, “Y/N.” His gave her a light shake, “Y/N, you have to wake up.”

A bone chilling laughter echoed off the walls, it sounded like it could have came from anywhere in the room. Heads turned wildly before Beverly’s voice called, “to the right!”

All heads snapped in that direction, It stood a few feet from them, it’s eyes stared at each one in hunger, drool pooled on the concrete below him, “ah, the one that slipped away.” It’s voice growled at Patrick, who stood up defensively in front of Y/N’s body, blocking it from its view, “well, you aren’t as dumb as you seemed.” It hummed as a twisted grin rose on its face, “the loser’s and the asshole’s: what a crowd, what a meal.”

Bill caught it off guard, slamming a metal rod against the back of its head. All ten kids piled on it as that time and began their merciless beating.

“It’s not real.” Bill’s words echoed throughout and a smirk rose to Patrick’s lips, he jumped forward and tackled the clown, sending him down to the floor and he repeatedly punched the clown in the face. With a harsh shove, Patrick flew off of him and landed near Y/N, her eyes still stared blankly at the ceiling, “what the hell did Hockstetter do to it?” His head turned back to the group huddled around the frantic and panicked clown, who stared horrified at Patrick, “I don’t believe he’s real. That’s how I got away the first time.”

“What the fuck?” It was a quiet whisper, almost unheard. Simply not believing in It is all it took?

“Solipsism,” Henry’s voice was rough as he stood threateningly behind the clown so he could not escape, “he doesn’t believe anything is real… other than himself.”

Patrick gave a shrug as the losers looked at him with wide eyes, “I knew he was crazy.” Richie whispered quietly.

“You took my girl.” Patrick stood up and walked in front of the clown, “real or not, I’m going to kill you.” Patrick took his foot and kicked it into It’s face, smashing it between Patrick’s foot and the edge of the well. He repeatedly brought his foot down on him before Henry pulled him off, “Ok… It’s dead man.”

Patrick pushed his black hair out of his face and wiped his face with the back of his hand, all anger he had left disappeared when he faced Y/N once more, still unconscious. Eddie was next to her, shaking her. To Patrick, it felt like the world stopped when Eddie began doing chest compressions, “She’s not breathing! Patrick, come here!”

Patrick walked forward and fell to his knees, “what do I do?” His eyes began to water as he looked down at Y/N, “tilt her head back to open her airway, when I tell you to, pinch her nose and blow two breaths into her mouth…. now.”

Patrick did as instructed, his lips met hers and he blew two deep breaths into her, “C’mon, Y/N, c’mon.”


Patrick repeated his steps as he did before, this time after the two breadths, he placed a kiss on her lips, “Please, Y/N.” Tears began to run down his face as Patrick cried for the first time since he was a baby. The ones that were standing around, observing, looked away. Ben and Beverly had tears in their eyes.

“I got a pulse!” Mike called, Patrick did not even realize he moved over to them. Patrick wiped away a tear that fell on your cheek with his thumb, “Y/N, wake up.”

With a raspy cough, Y/N’s eyes returned back to their bright iris instead of the dull white, her eyes met Patrick’s wet ones, “Pat-“ his arms pulled her up to his chest and held her close, “you… you were… Patrick, you were missing, what the hell?!”

You pulled back and took in his bruised and scratched face, his nose was broken but reset, his lip split open. His hands came to your face, her eyes swelled with tears, “This is real, right?” You ask through a sob as you took in your surroundings, the ‘losers’ and Patrick’s friend’s stood around you. The first genuine laugh you had ever received from Patrick broke through his throat as he held you close, “I’m normally the one who asks that.” You note that whatever happened to him since you both went missing possibly changed him, he was showing emotions.

“You’re safe.” He whispered into your hair as he held you close, your eyes sending a grateful look to the others behind you. Patrick was safe and you were safe, to him, that was all that mattered.

Dating Richie Tozier would include:

Gif is not mine.

-Requested: no.

-Richie being very Shy when you first started dating but he came around

-also being a trash mouth

-they’d never admit it but the rest of the losers club are jealous of the two of you

-sleepovers at your place, he didn’t want to bring you around his neglectful parents


-he would love to hold Your hand all the time

-inside jokes you can’t tell anyone about

-secret hangout spots

-sneaking off together to get away from the losers

-Eddie teases you both relentlessly

-totally shipping Benverly but you two are the #1 ship

-helping them to defeat penny wise, against Richie’s protests.

-he didn’t want you to get hurt or worse, die.

-he would get so jealous when someone looked at you, but who could blame them you’re hot!

-being there for each other no matter the circumstances

-your parents not liking his bluntness but they came around

-cute little dates every month

- “y/n once this is all over I promise nothing bad will ever happen again.”

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netzoflix  asked:

Request: I want to see some jealous Richie, pretty pleaseeeeeee ((I ADORE YOUR BLOG BTW 💘💘💘))

-Richie gets jealous pretty easily.

-Sometimes he gets borderline possessive. But he can’t help it. He has abandonment issues and has a big fear that everyone he loves will leave him.

-The one thing that he can’t lose is Eddie.

-So when he sees other guys or girls standing with Eddie at his locker and Touching his arm or trying to make him laugh, Richie can’t help but to get a little possessive

-That’s his Eddie. Only he can touch his arm like that and only he can make him laugh till he throws his back.

-So when Richie sees someone try to flirt with Eddie he’ll walk over and throw his arm around Eddie’s shoulders or his waist and kiss his cheek. Then something like “Hey baby what’s going on” or “Hey cutie ya miss me” just for good measure.

-Eddie is pretty oblivious when it comes to people flirting wit him. Really because the only person he wants to flirt with him is Richie and half the time he can’t even get the other boy out of his mind. So when someone comes up and starts playfully touching him or giving him small compliments, he doesn’t really think anything of it. He just thinks that their being nice.

-It’s until one day while sitting in Eddies bedroom, and Richie was being uncharacteristically quiet, that Eddie asked him what was wrong.

-”Oh nothin Eds. Except the fact that half the fucking school is trying put their hands down your pants and it doesn’t seem to bother you at all.”

“What are you talking about no one is trying to put there hands down my pants, except for you.” Eddie was genuinely confused. People don’t ever touch him like that, just Richie and only after he has said to Eddie that “he’s sure this okay” or “If he wants to stop it’s fine” about a million times. They hadn’t done anything to sexual yet, because they both wanted to wait till the the time was right, but when Eddie was reddie ;) to lose his virginity he was fully intended to lose it to Richie.

-”Yeah and I should be the only one that gets to Eddie. When guys go up to and rub your arm and call you cute its cause they want something from you. something that they can’t have because your mine and i’m the only one that can touch you like, and the only one that can make you laugh like that, and the only one that can make you blush.”

-Eddie moves so that he is sitting on Richie’s lap ”Richie, of course you are. I didn’t know that those guys were flirting with me. The only person that I want to flirt with me is you.”

-Richie smiles and kisses, feeling a lot better knowing that Eddie doesn’t pay any attention to those other guys.

-But that does’t stop from wrapping a protective arm around his boyfriends waist when he sees someone getting a little to close.

I’m sorry that this took me literally a month to do I’m awful I know but you like it :)

Think Before I Talk | Stanley Uris | Part 2

rating: t (for language)
warning: angst and detail of a panic attack
pairing: stanley uris x fem!reader
a/n: because i got a shit ton of requests for a part 2 of “think before i talk” also added in a few seperate requests into this. THIS IS SO BAD IM SORRY
part 1 

           “Don’t touch me.” 

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Pairing: Reddie with background Stenbrough and Mike/Ben + lesbian!Bev

Word Count: 1904

Prompt: modern, college, soulmate au

Warning: mention of childhood abuse (but only in the past – not major theme)

Dedication: my faves in the loser club gc !!!!


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anonymous asked:

okay loser's club hogwarts au. what houses do you think everyone would be in, and why?

Bill: Gryffindor. There isn’t a doubt about Bill being a Gryffindor. The boy is brave and full of courage, and would do anything to protect his friends. He is daring and caring and won’t hesitate a second before sacrifying himself for the people he loves.

Beverly: Gryffindor. Another really brave girl who doen’t hesitate to go through the things she doesn’t agree with. She will fight to protect others, and puts herself in dangerous situations to help someone. She’s a fighter, strong and fearless. A really vaillant and caring girl. She will never run away from something, but face it, and fight it.

Eddie: Hufflepuff. Eddie is patient and dedicated to his friends. He may not be as brave as them, but he’s definitely the most loyal of them, and even if he’s terribly scared, he will never give up on someone, even if he needs to sacrifiate himself to do it… 

Stan: Ravenclaw. Stanley is sharp-minded. He his curious and always try to find a logical way to solve a problem. The answers can always be find in books. He has a really calm aura and always tries to focus on the Thinking part before the Acting part. also….he loves birds

Mike: Ravenclaw. Michael is clever, but also really curious. He loves to discover new things, and create stuff. He is also full of wisdom and will always try to think before doing anything. Just like Stan, he always tries to find the most logical way to solve a problem, and will never give up until he finds it

Richie: Slytherin. Richie is really cunning, and thanks to his charms, can easily manipulate people if he wants to… The boy is also really ambitious and resourceful (believe it or not, he is the first one in his class, always having great notes on his exams… but terrible notes for his character). 

Ben: Hufflepuff. Just like Eddie, Ben is patient and really loyal to the people he loves. He couldn’t tell a lie and is really friendly when you start to know him a little bit more. Ben is also a hard worker, spending his time at the library, and dedicated to his friends, but also to his work

i want to hold your hand

this is dedicated to @losvers-club since he requested angsty stenbrough and who am i to deny that? [based on this ask]

it was around the midpoint of their sophomore year of high school when stan began to notice bill in a different light. he began to notice how his eyes seemed to change color when sunlight reflected off of them; how he would smile endearingly when any of the losers, though mostly richie, did something stupid; how his stutter had gotten so much better, only getting really bad when he had to present in front of a group or if he was nervous. he also noticed a change in his reactions to bill. his heart would skip a beat when he smiled and how he would blush whenever bill touched him.

then stan began to notice how much time bill spent with beverly. he didn’t think much about it at first because bill is nice to everyone, but then stan noticed that bill looked at her like he looked at bill. he didn’t let himself dwell on the subject, but it’s hard to ignore the sting in his chest whenever bill talks to or about her.

school had just ended and he was talking with bill in the building’s main entrance. he listened attentively has bill talked animatedly about a new TV show he’d discovered that stan hadn’t heard of.

“y-you really sh-should- oh, h-hey! bev!” bill cut himself off in favor of calling out to their friend.

stan felt a pang of jealousy in his chest. beverly approached the pair and sat down next to bill, smiling wide, unaware that stan wished she was anywhere but here. he then mentally cursed at himself for being so irrational. it wasn’t beverly’s fault.

bill started to direct the conversation toward beverly. stan resisted the urge to roll his eyes and grabbed his things, standing up.

“where are you going, stan?” beverly asked and stan wished she hadn’t said anything.

bill looked at him curiously and stan looked away. 

“i forgot i have to ask richie about something,” he said, turning toward the courtyard. “i’ll see you guys later,” he added quickly.

he didn’t wait for a response before he headed out to the courtyard, hoping richie was still where he saw him last. he sighed in relief when he saw the familiar mop of black hair. 

richie was leaning against the brick wall of the school, and as stan got closer, he noticed he was leaning over someone. stan didn’t even have to look twice to know it was eddie. everyone, expect the short brunt, knew that richie had a major crush on him. and everyone, except the trashmouth, knew eddie liked him right back.

“oh, come on, eds!” he heard richie tease as he approached the pair.

“absolutely not. i’m never going anywhere alone with you. who knows what kind of trouble you’d get me in to!” eddie hissed.

richie just laughed and seemed to just now notice stan. “stanley! what brings you out here?”

“i need to talk to you.”

“what’s up?” richie asked, suddenly taking on a more serious demeanor. 

stan glanced at eddie. “alone.”

richie nodded and grabbed his backpack. he gave eddie a pinch on the cheek before walking off with stan.

“see you later, eds!” he called out as they headed out of the courtyard, blowing eddie a kiss.

“don’t call me eds!”

the two boys approached the bike rack and richie took the cigarette that was tucked behind his ear and lit it. stan smiled to himself. he knew richie never smoked around eddie because it irritated his lungs despite his asthma being a lie. he took a drag and looked at stan.

“so, stan the man,” he began. “what’s on your mind?”

“you are not allowed to tell anyone this, okay, richie? i trust you, but this includes eddie.”

richie held up his hand. “you have my word. scout’s honor.”

stan rolled his eyes but knew he was being truthful. “i have a crush on bill,” he admitted.

“whoa, hold on! stanley?! having feelings?!” the trashmouth exclaimed.

“beep beep, richie.”

“this is truly a once in a lifetime moment! hang on, i need to document this.”

richie pulled his phone out of his back pocket and threw his arm around stan’s neck, snapping a photo of stan’s annoyed face and richie’s big smile. 

“richie, i’m serious.”

he laughed. “i’m serious, too, stanley. but in all seriousness, you should ask him out! bill’s a good looking guy and i wouldn’t be surprised if someone beats you to it!”

richie ignored the nagging thought in the back of his mind: bill has a crush on beverly. he didn’t want to hurt his friend.

“don’t let eddie hear you say that,” stan teased.

the trashmouth laughed and put out his cigarette. he unlocked his bike and climbed on. “c’mon, stan the man. i’ll race you to the barrens.”


stan was only slightly panicking as he walked into courtyard after school ended. last night he’d given what richie said a lot of thought and after many hours of panicking and thinking, he decided that he’d ask bill out. he scanned the area for bill, spotting him by himself at a table toward the back. stan took a deep breath and approached the table.

“h-hey, stan,” bill said with a smile as he sat down.

“hey, bill,” stan returned, feeling a bit more nervous. “i, uh, i wanted to ask you something.”

“m-me too,” bill said, looking up to meet stan’s eyes.

stan felt his face warm up and his heart beat faster. endless possibilities were running through his head on what bill wanted to say.

“okay, you first then.”

bill smiled again. “i w-want to ask out beverly. i-i really like h-her b-but i don’t kn-know what t-t-to say to her. a-and it’s not like i’m going t-to ask r-richie for help and th-the rest of the l-losers probably wouldn’t be much help, well except m-maybe ben. and so i decided t-t-to ask you for help.”

stan stopped listening as soon as beverly was mentioned. it felt like he just got hit by a freight train. his heart twisted painfully as bill looked at him expectantly.


he ignored him his and stood up, rushing off to find richie and ignoring bill’s shouts. his nails dug in to the palm of his hands as he fought off the urge to cry.

“stan? are you okay?”

his head snapped up. beverly looked genuinely concerned and that just made him even more upset. he pushed past her, accidentally knocking into her should, but he didn’t apologize. stan regretted it as soon at it happened but he was too hurt, and angry, and upset to care.

stan pushed the main entrance doors open. he spotted richie by the bike racks, except he wasn’t alone. he was with eddie. and they were kissing.

he stared at them for a second. he felt a bitter pang of envy for the pair. stan cleared his throat and they broke apart, richie grinning while eddie’s face was bright red.

“hiya, stanley,” richie said, still grinning wide, obviously giddy from the kiss.

eddie looked at him with concern. “stan, are you okay? you look like you’re about to cry.”

“bill likes beverly,” he muttered simply. “i was going to ask him but then he asked me how he should ask her out.”

richie looked guilty. eddie looked between his friends, utterly confused. stan picked up instantly and glared at the taller of the two.

“listen, stan-”

“you knew! you asshole, you fucking knew and you told me to ask him out anyway! why didn’t you just tell me yourself! it would’ve saved me a lot of trouble,” stan snapped harshly.

richie recoiled slightly. eddie looked from his boyfriend to his friend, still confused but a bit irritated that stan was treating richie like this.

“stan, calm down.”

“do not tell me to calm down. this isn’t any of your business anyway,” stan growled.

he regretted the words instantly upon seeing the hurt look on eddie’s face.

“fuck, i’m sorry, eddie,” he apologized. he grabbed his bike from the rack. “i’m going home. if bill asks why i left, don’t tell him a thing.”


stan sat with ben in the library, silently reading a book he’d found earlier.

“are you and bill fighting?” ben asked finally.

stan looked up from his book. “what makes you think that?”

the other boy sighed. “well, you don’t seem to want to do anything when bill, bev, and richie are going to be around. i understand richie, but not so much bev and bill. and you’re closer to bill so i just assumed.”

stan placed his bookmark in the book and closed it.

“i like bill. a lot. i was going to ask him out but before i could he asked me advice on how to ask out beverly,” stan confessed. “i think i’m in love with him,” he choked up.

ben gave him a sympathetic smile. “i kind of figured. if i’m being honest, i always thought he liked you too. i’m really sorry, stanley.” he was quiet for a second. “i understand how you feel, though. i’m in love with beverly.”

stan returned his smile.


bill knew he wasn’t acting the same for the past week. he hadn’t seen stan since he asked him for advice on beverly. bill didn’t know what he did wrong but the look on stan’s face made his heart clench. he’d looked so hurt. he missed stan. he missed seeing him and talking to him and just being with him. 

stan didn’t come hang out with them at the barrens again today and bill would be lying if he said he wasn’t upset. the other losers had left, leaving him and beverly alone. 

“i-i can walk y-you home,” he offered. 

beverly smiled and followed him back up the path to the main road. they walked in silence. bill glanced at beverly quickly. 

“h-hey, bev? u-uh, can i ask you something?” bill asked. 

beverly looked at the stuttering boy beside her. “sure, bill. what’s up?”

bill took a deep breath and looked at her. “i w-was wondering i-if you want to go…..o-out……with….m-me,” he trailed off, words becoming softer, as he spotted stan walking in their direction. 

they made eye contact and stanley immediately turned around, causing a stabbing pain in bill’s heart. 

“i'm sorry, bill, but i only thing of you as a friend.” beverly glanced from bill to stan and sighed. “bill, how did it feel when stan started to avoid you?”

bill snapped back in to reality, a bit confused by her question. “u-uh, it hurt a lot. i missed h-hanging out with h-him and i-i don’t even kn-know why he was avoiding m-me. if i knew, i-i’d do something t-to change it.”

“how do you feel about stanley?”

“i like b-being around him and t-talking to him. i like seeing h-him everyday and being the first p-person to know a-anything happening in h-his life. i like h-how excited he g-gets when we-we’re out in the b-barrens and he spots a-a bird he h-hadn’t seen yet. i like l-listening to him when he t-tells me about n-new books he’s read. i like…him.”

beverly raised an eyebrow as bill came to the realization that he was in love with his best friend. 

“bev, i-i like him. i-i love him.”

beverly laughed. “well what’re you waiting for! go after him!” 

she pushed him forward and bill took off running in the direction stan had been walking. after what seemed like hours, he finally saw stan’s figure in the distance. 

“stan!” he shouted, running toward his friend. 

stan froze and turned around, mildly intimidated by bill running right at him. bill finally caught up to him and stopped to catch his breath. stanley moved to rush off but bill grabbed him by the wrist. 

“i-i have to tell you s-s-something.”

stan yanked his hand away and crossed his arms expectantly. 

“sh-she said n-no,” bill began. “i'm s-sorry i-i didn’t re-realize before. bev's g-great and all but w-who i really w-wanted was you.”

stan looked furious. “oh, so now i’m a consolation?! i don’t want your fucking pity, bill.”

bill looked hurt, and stan regretted snapping at him. 

“you’re not a consolation. you never could be. i was just too stupid to realize i like you. i like your sense of humor, your wit, your smarts. i like how you get excited over little things and i like how honest you are. i love you, stanley uris. i love you so goddamn much.”

stan was shocked. bill didn’t stutter once. bill looked at him nervously. he was about to say something when he felt stan’s lips crash against his. 

they broke apart and stan grinned. “you’re an idiot, bill denbrough. i love you, too.”

bill smiled back. he kissed stan again, lacing their fingers together. they laughed as they pulled away. 

“come on,” bill said quietly. “let me walk you home.”

stan laughed as bill pulled him forward. they walked side by side, hand in hand, laughing and smiling the whole way there.

Nobody puts Bill in a corner, Bill Denbrough.

A/N: not really surprising that I made a small lil something for him cause tbh my heart belongs to Bill Denbrough but, I always had a HC that he loves the movie Dirty Dancing and I was listening to the soundtrack the other day and thought of this! 100% fluff and just Richie being Richie.

Word Count: 2,270 (short, I know)

Bill invites her to hang out with him at the quarry as many times as he can manage. He asked her out a month ago and still hasn’t found a way to tell the Losers. Every time he tries, the words just won’t come out.

So their “dates” are secret. It’s not that they don’t trust them, they’re just afraid of what it’ll do to their group of friends. What would happen to their dynamic if two of them were dating or holding hand in front of everyone? As stupid as it may sound from a different perspective, it’s a difficult problem for them.

The only person, unbeknownst to him, who knows where they sneak off to is Stan. Because Y/N and him are close friends and he knew something was up.

A boombox sits on a rock next to where Bill and Y/N are sitting, talking, and cuddling into each other.

She stands up and walks up to his backpack, rifling through the main pouch to look through the tapes he brought. Bill’s music taste is a variety of good artists and a few random songs here or there.

Y/N thumbs through the selection and mumbles to herself, “Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division, Toto, New Order, D-”

Her soft words halt at the sight of one specific tape that she didn’t know he had. And to be fair, it’s one he didn’t even mean to bring out of embarrassment. You could call it a guilty pleasure.

Bill loves the movie Dirty Dancing and has the entire soundtrack on one of his tapes. A main reason he hides it is because it would provide Richie with way too much joke material and the idea of giving his friend that much satisfaction makes him cringe. The other reason is that because it’s more of a “girly” or “chick flick” movie after all, and he’s afraid she’ll think it’s weird.

“I didn’t know you liked Dirty Dancing,” Y/N says and delicately turns over the tape in her hands.

The words make his head snap up to focus on her. An intense blush spreads over his entire face, even some redness reaching the tips of his ears upon seeing his girlfriend find his secret tape.

“W-Where did you-that isn’t supposed to be in there,” Bill says.

He’s liked her ever since they met.
It happened early in this year when he found her crying on the floor against his locker. The English teacher yapped at him for forgetting his copy of Fahrenheit 451 and sent him to his locker to get it. That’s where he found her for the first time.

Her head was lowered into her hands as her entire body shuddered with her continuous sobs. It was mostly quiet, so that he could only begin to hear it when he neared her.

For the first time in her first week of school, someone cared and listened to her instead of ignoring or bullying. What had made her upset was Henry Bowers and before he even asked the question, he knew the jerk was to blame.

Bill cheered her up in the few minutes he was supposed to be getting the book. Something he always remembers about that day was how he was instantly interested. When she initially lifted her tear-stained face up from her small palms, he thought she was beautiful.

And so when he walked back into the class with a smile on his face, he realized she’d made him forget about the book.

That day, she met the rest of the Losers and they’d never been separated since.

Now he stands awkwardly a few feet away from where Y/N stands and cringes inwardly at the tape she has trapped in her grasp. Bill can’t help but realize, this has to be the most embarrassing moment of their relationship so far.

“T-T-That’s a girl’s movie. I don’t like it-”

“You don’t have to hide it from me, you know. Maybe Richie or Henry and his goons but I won’t make fun of you. I liked the movie too,” Y/N says casually and leans against the rock.

It’s a tape he made of the soundtrack, since it still is on the radio all the time following the release of the cult classic. If anyone else found it…

He’s watched it more recently, now that he’s dating her, and admires the love story aspect of it. It reminds him of how he feels for Y/N. It makes him think about their relationship. It makes him smile.

“Whatever you say,” She sing-songs and pops the tape into the boombox.

The rhythmic tune starts to play softly, a background to the sounds of the water below and forest above them. Y/N glances over her shoulder at a nervous and completely embarrassed Bill. When their eyes meet, she can see him swallow back the lump in his throat and try to speak.

Usually, he’s comfortable and at ease around her. So his stutter is never that bad when they’re together. But he can’t start a sentence without stopping right now.

For a while the two just stand next to each other in silence, not quite sure what to do now. They were in the middle of a conversation when Y/N stood up to change the tape and now neither of them know where to start again.

“Do you w-want to dance?” Bill asks her softly, his fingers brushing hers as if to beckon her over.

Y/N laughs a little, and then nods.

“N-Nobody’ll see us. So if you end up being the worst dancer ever, at least I’ll be the only one to k-know.”

She throws her head back in a beautiful, dorky kind of laughter she only has around Bill alone. The entire night takes a turn from a relaxed date after swimming for a few hours to a goofy session of dancing.

Her arms fall over his shoulders and she stands on the balls of her feet to be face to face with him. The feeling of his blush, previously spread all over his face, slowly begins to fade from the intense redness to a twinge of pink on the apples of his pale cheeks. His hands respectfully stay at her ribs when they start to dance and he struggles to focus on what he’s doing while looking down at her.

The comparison of now versus the first day he met her is immeasurable. It baffles and dizzies him how two strangers can go from never having met to, well this. Dancing together with wet hair from swimming in the quarry, their middles pressing into each other as they clumsily sway back and forth. They aren’t good at it by any means, but being close to her and dancing with her like this makes his heart race.

“Bill!” She exclaims in pain and reaches to grab her foot.

“What happened?”

He didn’t even realize he’d stepped on her foot until she told him, looking up from where she was kneeled on the ground at him with a giggling laugh erupting from her chest. It surprised him to hear her laughing after that but she’s never been one to overreact.

“We’re a mess,” Y/N says in between gasping laughs.

The grip she has on his wrists is so tight that he ends up falling down to her, the weight of his body forcing her onto the ground.

Bill and Y/N stay like this, laughing so loudly that they’d likely scare away Bowers had he followed them here. The quarry is a place of sanctity and love, a place where they can kiss, dance, swim, cuddle, talk, and listen to music. The quarry is their place and so, when he draws up from where he was silently laughing in her shoulder to meet her eyes, he leans in.

Through their relationship, Bill has had many firsts. First girlfriend, first date, and recently had his first kiss. It was a normal day for them, riding their bikes around town with the rest of the Losers. The second he could get her alone is when he kissed her. For him to do that out of nowhere, took a lot of nerve and courage on his part, but it took both of them to a place they’d never been with another before. He’d planned the kiss all day and tried to get her alone every chance he got. And once it happened, more like after it happened, he was walking back to the group while he tried to fight the smile off his face.

His fingers splay across the side of her face, bringing her lips up to his as he gingerly kisses her. The music quietly hums in the background, setting a cadence for them through the speaker and every thought of how he was dancing with her left him immediately. All he could think about is how she made him feel and how he wants to feel this way for the rest of his life.

“Can you two stop kissing and come hang out with us now? All of this sneaking around is fucking annoying,” A familiar voice interrupts the moment.

Richie, with the rest of the Losers’ Club in tow behind him, stand a few feet away.

Bill and Y/N look up at them from where they’re laying on the ground in terror, pushing each other away frantically.

“W-W-What do you mean?”

The group of friends knew of the relationship since it started. Not only is it completely obvious, but Eddie ran after Bill when he noticed his absence and saw them kiss. Eds was only able to keep it a secret for five minutes before Richie knew something was off and got him to spill it. Suddenly all of the early endings to their hang outs and rain checks on days they were supposed to all ride around town together made sense.

“You two were kissing, like a minute ago, and we’ve known for a long time anyways,” Stanley says with a shrug and walks past them to look through the selection of music they have.

They’re pushed up on their knees, far apart from when Bill nearly jumped away from the kiss. She pushes a lock of hair behind her ear and gives a worried glance over to the boy.

“How’d you know?”

They all follow Stan and sit on the rock next to him, staring at the couple.

“Eddie saw you two kissing. Plus, it was super obvious. You two have the subtlety of a pipe bomb,” Beverly adds.

“Yeah. It didn’t take much to figure out. Why didn’t you tell us?”

After being so obviously smitten with each other from the get go and then their lack of subtlety in their secret relationship, the pieces weren’t hard to put together. Just by watching him when she’s near and taking note in the adoration in his eyes or the soft touches. You could tell.

Bill turns to look at her and shrugs, meeting his stare with the ground below him.

“W-We though you wouldn’t approve, it might feel a little weird to suddenly have a couple in the g-group,” He admits.

This is when the Losers go crazy. All of them start talking wildly, Bev and Eddie especially, about how ridiculous of a thought that is. They explain left and right with their voices overlapping that they don’t care and they’d rather have them at their hangouts than sneaking off.

“Guys,” Y/N raises her voice over everyone with a small laugh, “I’m sorry. I get it, it was probably a stupid worry anyways. We just-we didn’t want to throw off everyone. It seemed like it made sense at the time…”

Richie says, “Dude, we don’t care if you guys are dating. No matter how fucking gross seeing you guys kiss all the time is.”

He immediately gets a glare sent his way from Bill, who stand up with Y/N’s hand molded into his.

“Actually, for once, I agree with him. Mono is literally called the kissing disease. If I see you two kissing all the time I might throw up-” Eddie rambles and looks to his left at Mike for a agreement, but all the boy does is shrug.

The Losers go on talking about random things, stuff they did while Bill and Y/N were, as Stan calls it “off sinning without them”, and they ate the food they’d brought.

Essentially, the Losers crashed their date at the quarry. But now their relationship isn’t a secret and they know that their friends support them no matter what. They understand that they shouldn’t have been afraid of their disapproval because, no matter what, they’ll have each others’ backs.

It’s ten minutes into the newly crashed date when Richie stands up to change the tape that he had paid no mind to before, and busts out into an infectious fit of laughter as he knows that this is Bill’s music collection.

“Hey, Big Bill, is this your girlfriend’s tape or do you actually like Dirty Dancing?”

Bill’s eyes widen instantly and he rushes over to snatch the now not-so-secret tape out of his friend’s hands. It was one thing to have Y/N find the tape, but now Richie? He might as well have just dug his grave.

“Don’t get upset! Nobody puts Bill in a corner-”


I hope you liked it! I’m currently working on more stuff for Bill and the Losers right now. This was just a short little drabble I wrote because I think he’d do something like this lol.


Request: “Hello! So I was wondering if you could do a Patrick hockstetter x reader where the reader has the biggest cruch on Patrick but he’s to oblivious to notice it and with the help of the losers club they make Patrick slowly realise that he has feelings for the reader to. Ps. I love your work”

Pairing: Patrick Hockstetter x Reader

“Seriously Y/N out of all the guys there are you decided to like Patrick Hockstetter?!” Richie asked in disbelief. 

He couldn’t believe that one of his closest friends liked a member of The Bowers Gang. Why couldn’t she have picked someone else? He thought. What Richie didn’t know was that you can’t force love.

“I didn’t make myself like him it just happened Rich. My heart goes bonkers whenever I see him or hear his voice.” You pouted.

“Yeah Richie she can’t control her heart. If it chose Patrick then it has got to be for a reason.” Ben defended. ‘The love expert’, as you liked to call him.

“Yeah the reason is that she’s insane.” Richie retorted.

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jealousy / reddie

“hi I really like pink bubblegum, you’re great can you do one where Eddie is jealous of Richie because he is going on a date and then he confess his feelings”

a/n: thank u so much, babe! i highkey cried tears of joy when i saw how successful pink bubblegum was. i rlly like this request, and i hope that it’s what you’re looking for!

summary: in which richie scores himself a date, and eddie can’t help but feel undeniably jealous.

pairing: richie tozier x eddie kaspbrak

warnings: slight angst, kissing, swearing, fluffff

requested: yes

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Okay but, supernatural au

- Each member of the losers club is a supernatural being

- Bev is a witch and Ben is a warlock

- Stan is half ghost

- Bill is a vampire

- Richie and Mike are werewolves

- and Eddie is just a human because why not

- Ben and Bev bond over spell books and trading their favorite spells with each other

- Bill lets the others know that the whole vampires can only drink blood thing is bullshit and he can live off of any fluids

- but the whole mirror, garlic, and shapesifting thing isn’t

- he has to ask Stan for help on how he looks because he can’t fucking see himself

- Stan would 100% probably make jokes about him being dead inside

- If this was a later time period they would make Danny Phantom jokes about him all the time

- Richie has tried to stick his hand in him to see if it would go right through

- Mike is really good with the animals at his farm because he can understand them

- he loves going out into the forest late at night and climbing the trees all the way to the top and just sits there to read

- Richie would be really freaked out at first (cause he’s terrified of werewolves) but because he’s one he’s able to overcome it

- he tells Eddie that his scent is amazing and Eddie secretly gushes about it all the time

- if he’s with one of the losers and they need to get somewhere fast he’ll just pick them up and run because werewolf speed AND werewolf strength

- he does this especially with Eddie so that he doesn’t have an asthma attack

- Eddie probably wears a team Jacob shirt sometimes

- he goes to Bev and Ben in case he needs any medication because their spells work better than his mom’s meds

- sometimes Richie will just jump up to his roof at night and knock on his window and at first he’ll be like “wtf” but then he’ll just let them in and they’ll have a sleepover

- even though Eddie isn’t supernatural he’s still strong as hell

Lmao sorry if this is lame or stupid but I wrote it at like 4 am

Feel free to add on to this if you want!!

Some Reddie fluff, heh

Eddie looked at the taller boy who was in the seat next to him and couldn’t help the smile that spread on his lips. Richie was softly bobbing his head to the beat of a Pink Floyd song, one hand on the steering wheel, the other was resting on the top of the car as he had his arm out the window. A small smile was planted on his pink lips and his curly hair fell in his face. Eddie thought he looked absolutely beautiful. Of course he didn’t tell him this. Richie would probably think he was weird. Richie turned his head to look at Eddie and Eddie looked away fastly, making Richie chuckle. The sound made Eddie’s stomach do a triple flip and he tried to fight the blush. 

“So Eds. Where d’ya wanna go?”, Richie asked and Eddie looked at him with a shrug. 
“I don’t care. I’m just happy to be out of that hell house”, he mumbled and Richie nodded softly. 
It was 3 am and Richie had picked Eddie up, because his mom had been specially bad the past week, after she had found an underwear magazine (of course a magazine with male models) undeneath Eddie’s bed. Eddie hadn’t told Richie that version of the story. 

“I see. You’re lucky I know the perfect spot then”, Richie winked at him and Eddie felt himself blush again. To hide it, he leaned forward to turn up the volume of the music but then his eye caught something. He reached over at grabbed a mixtape that was laying and brought it up to look at it. 

Eds :)

He bit his lip to hold back the smile and then looked at Richie. 
“What’s this?”, he asked waving the tape at him and when Richie saw what he was holding his cheeks turned bright red. 
“It’s.. It’s some music I’ve heard you listen to and some songs that reminds me of you, it’s nothing special”, he shrugged and Eddie nodded with a smile, his cheeks matching Richie’s. Richie had actually payed attention to his music taste? And made a whole mixtape. Eddie felt like he was flying.
Both boys sat in silence for a bit before Eddie broke it. 
“Can we listen to it?”. Richie got a panicked look in his eyes and he reached over to grab the tape from Eddie, but Eddie was faster, holding it out so Richie couldn’t reach. 
“Eddie….”, Richie’s voice was pleading and he looked at Eddie with a slightly embarassed look. 
“Why not?”, Eddie asked, frowning. He really wanted to hear the songs that made Richie think of him. 
See Eddie had been in love with Richie for as long as he could remember, and sometimes he got the feeling that maybe Richie felt the same. But then again. Richie was flirty by nature. 
Richie sighed and looked troubled for a few seconds before nodding. 
“Fine. Put it in”, he mumbled and Eddie’s frown turned into a smile. He put in the tape and the first song that started playing was 99 Luftballons. Eddie’s smile grew even wider and he turned up the volume even more, singing along in very bad german, making Richie smile. He also started singing along, sounding even worse. Eddie laughed and looked at Richie. They both sang from the top of their lungs, making each other giggle. 

Eddie had forgotten everything about his homelife when they were at their fifth song which was footloose. When the song ended they were both giggling messes and Richie’s hair was even messier than it was when he picked up Eddie. 
Then Africa came on and Eddie kept singing, but Richie was a little more tight. Eddie thought nothing of it and then lovesong by the cure started playing, making Eddie stop for a bit. Richie said he put songs on there that reminded him of Eddie and lovesong was certainly a lovesong. He shrugged it off until I don’t want to miss a thing started. He looked over at Richie, who’s eyes was nailed to the road, unreadable look in his eyes. The song ended and then can’t fight this feeling came on, right as Richie stopped the car. He didn’t turn it off though, letting the music continue. Eddie’s cheeks were burning at this point and he didn’t dare looking at Richie. Why had he put those songs on the tape? Had it been a mistake? Or was this why Richie didn’t want Eddie to hear it in the first place. When the song ended Eddie took a deep breath and then looked at Richie who was chewing on his bottom lip softly. His eyes then met Eddie and he sighed. 
“I’m sorry if that weirded you out. You weren’t supposed to hear it while you were with me. I was going to give it to you when I dropped you off again. I thought it explained my feeling a bit, but it’s totally fine if….”, Eddie interrupted him by grabbing his hand. 
“Beep beep Richie. I feel the same way you idiot”, he almost whispered making Richie’s eyes go wide. Eddie then leaned over and pressed his lips against the taller boy’s, smiling into the kiss. Richie was the one to deepen the kiss, brushing his tongue against Eddie’s lower lip. Eddie’s hand found Richie’s neck and he tugged at his hair lightly. When he pulled back he rested his forhead against Richie’s and he felt Richie’s hand on his cheek. 
“Well that was almost as great as my first kiss with your mom”, he whispered and Eddie pulled Richie’s hair hard. 
“Shut the fuck up trashmouth you’re ruining it”, he sighed making Richie laugh. 
“I’m sorry”. 
Eddie then pressed his lips against Richie’s again and they spend the rest of the night on the backseat of Richie’s car, listening to the tape all over. Eddie never wanted this to end. He had never been happier. 

Ok I don’t know if I like this ending, but here’s something. I’ve been in an awful writer’s block and I’m trying to get out of it.