he is such a good photographer

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How is boy?

boy is good, a very hard person to read and HORRIBLE at texting because he’s always at work LOL. and he’s been super busy with work this week so I haven’t seen him at all this week (which is fine because we’re not ~dating~)

but i’m going to a show tomorrow that he’s gonna be photographing (I’m not going BECAUSE he’s going, i’m going bc there are sooo many good hardcore bands playing) and i’m gonna talk to him and basically just be like

“ Hey, so I’m gonna go out on a limb here for a sec and say that I think you’re a really cool human and to be honest I kind of like you.  And I guess I was just wondering if that was mutual or not.  I don’t want to make things weird, you’re just really hard to read and I don’t like not knowing things.”

And if it is mutual then I’ll ask him to go on a proper date w me instead of just calling it “hanging out” and if not then honestly that’s chill too, I just wanna know.

(everyone I’ve talked to about this is convinced he likes me but my insecure ass is all ‘ahhh idk tho’ lmao)

EDIT: thank you for checking up on me/my life in a non-weird way :)  I honestly really appreciate messages like this and I really appreciate you guys <3 also I’m so nervous i coulD PUKE HAHAHAHAHAHAH


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“Rylee, just look to your left for me” the photographer said, I did as he said and moved my head to the left and the camera flashed “that’s it, all done” I am so glad that is done with “you look so good in those pictures for Chanel” Maria rushed over to me “thank you, thank you everyone for working around me and my schedule, I know it all had to be done for a certain time” I had to make sure this was done before the kids were done for school “it’s ok, you’re a natural and I love working with you” the photographer walked over to me, shaking my hand “appreciate it, until next time” smiling at him “that’s my girl, slaying the pictures as you do bitch” EJ clicked his fingers at me “I don’t know how because I was at one point I was annoyed, did you see it?” EJ cackled “we saw, you don’t like being told what to do, but it’s done with now. Cannot wait to see this on billboards, the big dollars you are making on this shoot is so good but anyways. Have you got your manager to go out with me yet” I knew he would have asked that “I don’t think he is into black men with big booty’s” EJ gasped “look at him, he is here” EJ is in love with my manager Ryan, he is gay too. I didn’t expect anything less from Chris when he showed me him, but he is a very handsome gay man “are you ready for New York next?” Ryan said with his arms wide open “not really but yes, you said you are looking after the kids” Ryan hugged me “oh yes, don’t remind me. That is the only way you would come” he knows how to get me to come “do I get a hug too” hearing EJ say in a whisper.

Walking towards my Bentley, I have my own Bentley that I bought with my own money, how amazing is this “I am so sorry I can’t come to New York” Maria said to me “Oh no, don’t be sorry. You’re pregnant and you need your rest, I rather you rest up and be ok. You know I got you, I ain’t going to be angry at you. You rest up” hugging Maria “thank you so much, I can never stop thanking you. You have made my life something I didn’t think I would have, I just can’t believe it” holding Maria’ hands “stop, I told you I got you and I have. I want you living good too, we are winning together. Anyways, you need to transfer my godson to the same school my kids are in, they miss him. Bring him over soon” waving Maria off unlocking my car door “I will speak to him and take care, keep in contact with me” pulling open the car door “I will, rest up” sitting in the car closing the door, placing my bag in the passenger seat. Switching the car engine on, rolling my eyes and the first thing I hear on the radio is Chris. I miss him so much, he has been overseas for so long now and he needs to come back to me already.

Chris and I wanted the kids to have the best education they could get, they are in private school and I can see they love it and it’s very mixed with black and white, Chris and I really took the time to check this out. When I got back into work Chris thought I should get someone that could look after the kids but I declined, my schedule works around my kids and that’s it. I always make time for my kids and I am always the one to pick them up from school, the parents here are generally nice but the white women think they are special. You can choose for your child to come home on the school bus but I rather do this myself, I am very overprotective with them, well Chris says it a lot. The doors opened and the kids came pouring out, watch my kids be the last ones.

Smiling at them both “it’s not my fault, it’s his fault!” Cassius pointed at Caiden “he stupid” here he goes again blaming my baby “mom, it’s a lie. Cassius was getting in trouble for jumping on the desks” Caiden spoke up, a couple of months after I had Cassius I got pregnant again, it was practically the first time we had sex after the baby I got caught pregnant. So they’re both like twins but a year apart, I can’t believe I have an eight year old and a seven year old, both boys too “is that true? Are you playing around again?” Caiden is such a hugger, he loves his hugs “you had a good day?” hugging him back “I didn’t see that on you earlier? What I tell you about taking chains to school Cassius? If someone takes it then what?” pressing a kiss to Cassius head “mom” he whined “he put it in his bag mom” of course he did “that’s snitching!” grabbing Cassius hand “leave it” I don’t want to hear them both arguing in the car.

Unlocking the car door “mom he sat in the front last time! I want too now” Caiden shouted, staring at Cassius “I am sitting here, go away” I tried to be mad at Cassius but he reminds me of Chris, his personality is like him, a pain in the butt too “for me, Cassius. Let him sit in the front” I know this won’t work at all “no!” Cassius sat in the front, Caiden hit his arm “my turn!!” they really have to do this now “both of you in the back now, I am going to count to three then I am dragging you both” they are so petty “one, two” Cassius is staring at me like I won’t “three” walking around the car “mommy, it’s not me” Caiden quickly shouted, Cassius climbed into the back so quickly “that is what I thought” I will get him when we get home “get in the back Caiden” he thinks he is funny when he is just pissing me off and wants me to beat his ass.

They know I am angry at them both, they haven’t said a word to me now “dad is on!” Cassius half shouted, “when is dad back?” they both missing him so much “I don’t know, he is still touring. Soon, I will be telling him how many times you have disobeyed me” looking in the rear-view mirror “not me, I been good!” Caiden said “you right, you are” Caiden is so much more calmer, it’s Cassius that hatches plans and then Caiden gets caught and in trouble “I did nothing, what I do?” looking at the road, he gives me that face and then I hate being mad at him “what haven’t you done, you broke Royalty’ doll house, you climbed the car when dad said do not touch it, you left marks on it. You kicked Caiden, that was mean. You tried to climb the fence for a ball, I told you to do homework you don’t. You just love getting me angry and then you tell grandad that I am mean to you when you do stupid things, Oh wait. Another one and I know dad will be angry, you started a fight at basketball practice. You can sulk all you want but I am telling” he looks so sad now but he deserves it “Caiden hit me too” which happened “and I told him off, you both fight all the time” boys are such pains, they are forever playing up.

I am so content with life right now, everything has been so perfect besides the fact Joyce still tries to speak to the boys but I won’t allow it, Chris said no so I can’t “mommy, when Roro coming back?” Caiden asked, turning the corner onto the road to go home “she is with her mom, she is coming back tomorrow, you knew that” we came to an agreement a year ago, it’s been working. Nia has learnt a harsh lesson, it’s me that gave her anything to do with that girl. Royalty still calls me mom and Nia accepted that, Royalty understands and I am so happy with how she is. I can say Nia is no trouble now, with Joyce seeing Royalty I can’t say but with the boys she never saw them. But she did end up meeting them when it was Desean’ birthday party, she was there and she made a scene, cried and couldn’t believe how much they look like Chris, she wanted to know them but it’s not happening. It was so dramatic and it got me sad because it’s been years since Chris interacted with his family, his sister said she is not going to be there but that was bullshit

Waiting for the gate to open, clearing my throat. I am really upset I didn’t get my daughter at all. As soon as I had Caiden I was done, my vagina was done. Chris wasn’t going to stop having sex so I had to have contraception, I did say to Chris we need to try for another. The boys are growing and I really want a girl, boys really do run in the family. Parking at the side of Chris’ Porsche “when you get inside, I want you to both do your homework. I know it’s the weekend but get it out of the way, tomorrow morning we are going to New Jersey it’s my mom’ birthday and she wants to see us” turning the engine off “don’t get me annoyed again, if I hear fighting or playing any kind of game then you both will be in trouble and I don’t care who was doing it” opening the car door, I can cook some food while they are doing that “is Roro coming with us?” Cassius asked “yes she is, she is back tomorrow” he climbed out of the car and I grabbed his arm, I ain’t forget about earlier.

Crouching down to him “Caiden go inside” taking Cassius’ chain off “why do you like upsetting me? Did you jump on desks today or not? Why did you both come out late? Do not lie to me, why didn’t you listen to me earlier?” he shrugged, I shrugged also “shrug again and I will beat your ass, I don’t mind doing that and you know it” he put his head down looking down at the ground “I am sorry mommy” he sniffled, lifting his hand up to his eye crying “I don’t want you to be sorry, I just want you to be good” I don’t like to see him cry, hugging him. He placed his arms around my neck “why are you crying?” rubbing his back, he moved his head back “I upset you and then you tell dad that I am bad” he damn right I am “so it’s true you did it? You jumped on desks and was being bad in class?” he nodded his head “I saw Caiden and then I run out to you” I was wondering why the teacher didn’t come out to me, she usually walks him out to tell me why he has been bad “that was wrong, just stop crying. Go and do what I told you, same with Caiden. If I hear he is playing up I will tell him off too, just go and do your homework” I am honestly leaving them to Chris when he decides to come back, I deserve a break.

Placing the Macaroni and Cheese on the side, I feel like cooking today and I know Cassius’ favourite is Macaroni and Cheese, I made chicken too, I went all out for no reason at all. Washing my hands under the water, grabbing the towel and drying my hands off “where is everyone?” hearing Chris’ voice, my mouth fell open. Walking out of the kitchen with my mouth hung open “Chris!?” I spat, he is actually here “surprise?” running at him, jumping on him wrapping my legs around his waist “oh my god, I have missed you so much! You are back early!” moving back kissing his lips, Chris chuckled “look at your tan, oh my god. You’re home” tears ended up leaving my eyes, I just missed him “I came back for your mom birthday and I missed my wife” wrapping my arms around his neck “it’s been so long Chris, don’t leave me like that again” it’s been too long.

I am such an emotional wreck, Chris placed me on the ground. Flicking the tears away “I am done crying, look at you. You have grown your hair, I love it” he looks different “you have a new weave, I like it” hitting his chest “shut up” he is so annoying “for real, I have missed you so much Rylee. I have not had sex in so long but that doesn’t matter, I have missed you. I have missed your body” Chris hugged me close, placing his hands on my butt. Lowering his head, his lips met mine and I immediately parted my lips, tongue flicking out into mine as we kissed passionately. He moved his head back breathing heavily “let’s not do this, I would want to fuck you now” smiling wide, he pressed a kiss to my forehead.

I am so damn happy my husband is home “where is the boys? The house is so quiet? Royalty ain’t back till tomorrow” if only we were kids free, I would be having sex on the couch “they are in their rooms doing homework, they have been bad. Not so much Caiden, Cassius has been a pain. He is just been bad, everything you told him not to do, he did it” Chris licked his lips laughing “he is me, he is like me. I was the same, it’s the crazy in us” I have missed Chris so much “this is why I can never be angry at him, the boys are going to be so happy you’re back but I don’t want to share you right now” I want to hide Chris “you stopped your contraception? I am feigning right now, we can just skip the meet and greet with the boys and just go to the bedroom” biting my bottom lip “I can smell the food you made too, oh Rylee. I am spoilt for choice, do I eat the food or eat you” covering my mouth with my hands giggling “I have stopped, I stopped when you told me too” he is making so damn shy.

I decided against it, if we had sex it will be ruined because they would do something. Walking ahead of Chris to the boys room “you been squatting like I told you? Your booty grown? I seriously want you to sit on my face and then I want you to choke on my dick, I am going to do you so good tonight Rylee, oh god” he is making me feel so horny “stop it Chris, seriously. Just you say hi to the boys” he is awful, I don’t blame him it’s been a while. Hearing the boys both talking. I hope they are doing what I told them to do, they aren’t fighting so that is a good thing. Pushing the door open wider “I am helping him mom” Cassius was quick to say “I can tell, I am happy. You want to leave the homework and eat now? Thank you both for actually doing what I said” they knew they both got me mad “what is it you boys miss so much?” Chris wanted me to say this “my games” Caiden quickly said “I want dad, I miss him” Cassius said “what if I said that daddy is here?” they both got up from the floor “is dad really here mom?” Chris poked his head from around the corner “I am back boys” they both ran at Chris, my smile grew watching them jump on Chris “I see peanut missed me the most, what is that all about?” my boys are all reunited, this warms my heart so much.

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Hey, for the cute shippy starters how about number 16: “It could be worse.”?

This piece was written for me on my birthday, by me, as a little indulgent Shenko fluff, thanks to @leysendris wanting  the prompt ‘It Could be Worse’ and @joufancyhuh really wanted Assless Chaps so I killed three birds with one stone. :)

The crew of the Normandy is doing a charity calendar photo shoot, where all the proceeds go to worlds ravaged by the war with the Reapers, but it’s a little hard for everyone to get into it, much to the photographer’s dismay even if it is for a good and noble cause…

Sighing heavily Kaidan turned away from the mirror pulling on a long sweater that went a few inches past the tops of his thighs to make it from the dressing room to the area where the charity photoshoot was being held. He would’ve thought he’d be used to being a cowboy by now, thanks to Alyss’ murder mystery party where he was Rusty Cattlebrandt, as well as using that same costume to seduce her in the shuttle bay not that long ago. But nothing could’ve prepared him for the 4-piece costume consisting of black leather assless chaps with a g-string, brown cowboy boots and a matching brown cowboy hat; what he wouldn’t give to have a shirt, even if it was an open one.

He held tightly to the brim of his hat; he’d put it on when it was absolutely necessary.

Joker was finishing up his shoot, his jeans unbuttoned and shirt covered in sugar skulls for day of the dead wide open as he sat, legs spread, next to a large fake turkey nestled on a small table…the pages being shot in reverse order. The photographer, a short-tempered little man, kept muttering about his artistic vision being ruined by a pilot jockey in a hat unable to take this seriously; Joker removed his hat for next to no one. Their ornery pilot stood up slowly, re-buttoning his pants and shirt, scratching his chin under his beard as Alyss came around the corner, wearing a knee-length beige trench coat buttoned all the way up and cinched around the waist with the tie, her black hair hung in waves around her shoulders. Kaidan’s breath hitched. She jammed her hands in her pockets but brightened up when she saw him, making a beeline for him; if it hadn’t been for her makeup, Kaidan would’ve thought she was up next after him.

Her lips were their usual red hue, but her dark grey eye shadow had been traded for red and green sparkles.

“Hey, you.” He went to catch her lips in a light kiss, a tutting sound stopping them when they were a centimeter apart.

“Are you my October?” The photographer asked, clicking his tongue in disapproval as his eyes roved over Kaidan, narrowing in dismay at the sweater he wore. “Why the sweater? Why aren’t you wearing your hat? Commander your crew is trying on my nerves!”

“It’s almost like they have minds of their own.” Alyss giggled, wrapping her fingers around the hem of Kaidan’s sweater and tugging it down gently as she pressed herself against him, grabbing his earlobe gently with her teeth. “Take it off.”

Joker gagged and rolled his eyes.

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Minerva Mcgongall pulled out her notebook and turned to the page that listed the names and details of that years Gryffindor Quidditch team. Her heart swelling with pride she jotted down the name “Harry Potter” next to the position “Seeker” before closing the book and opening a second drawer. She took out a small, wooden box and rummaged in it for a few seconds before withdrawing a worn out envelope, inside of which was a short letter and a photograph.

“Dearest Minnie,

Hope you’re doing well! I’m the same of course, driving Lily up the wall as usual, she sends you her love by the way!

Now I know I told you that you’ll never find a chaser as good as me ever again, but it just goes to show that even the brilliant are sometimes mistaken. I’ve found you (made you!) a replacement who will one day outshine his old man by leagues! Enclosed is a photograph of your new Quidditch prodigy so that you may assess his skills for yourself. We have him chasing the cat for practice. He’ll be unbeatable by the time he starts at Hogwarts! The youngest Quidditch player in a century!

I guarantee it, Minnie. And you know I’m never wrong, though you’ll never admit it!

Missing you and Hogwarts terribly,

Lots of love,


P.S. Sirius says his marriage proposal still stands.”

Wiping away a single tear that ran down her cheek and chuckling to herself, she smiled down at the photograph of a small, gleeful, black haired boy zooming along on a toy broom, a pair of legs chasing after him and a young woman laughing hysterically in a corner.

“Right again, Mr. Potter.”

Imagine Bill letting it slip that you are dating during an interview.

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“So here we also have a photo of-” Jimmy paused, taking a look at the screen, just like Bill, and the entire audience that went crazy and started cheering and clapping the moment they saw you.

Bill himself chuckled as he took in the sight of you looking stunning as ever in your red dress, standing on your tiptoes even if you were wearing high heels to kiss his cheek; one hand on his chest and the other on your shoulder as he had an arm wrapped around your waist and the other cupping your cheek. 

He didn’t even know how they had managed to snap that photo because it wasn’t exactly in front of the cameras. You had mostly been standing on the side with his brothers, and great friends of yours, and he had rushed to you to get that good luck kiss. He didn’t expect there to be evidence of that so he was glad he’d kept himself from kissing you properly on the lips.

“(Y/n) and you.” he completed with a smile, glancing for a moment at the enthusiastic audience “You two-” he turned back to the actor “You two are great friends right? I’m- I’m just asking because that could, you know, be misinterpreted by some.” he motioned to the photo, giving a look at the audience and everybody laughed at that.

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Astrology Behind Our Beloved Leader (Happy Namjoon Day)

In honor of Namjoon Day, let’s look into his natal chart and see what exactly makes him the genius leader we all know and love ♡

Sun Trine Uranus

  • this aspect makes for an inventor, a rebel, a visionary 
  • people with this aspect don’t have to try hard to be seen 
  • they naturally stand out from the crowd
  • they embrace everything unique and eccentric, it’s truly their element 
  • these are independent spirits who walk to the beat of their own drum; they’re quite content with being outsiders
  • they have ideas that are beyond their time 
  • many are humanitarians
  • not afraid to go against the status quo to stand up for what they believe in 
  • they believe in the equality of all and embrace all walks of life
  • literally some the least judgmental folks you could encounter 
  • so open minded 
  • if u have a secret that u think is too strange, tell joon. he takes everything in stride and will never judge you 
  • they have an air of curiosity and enthusiasm about life that takes them on many adventures 
  • so optimistic and hopeful, bless his heart 

Sun Trine Neptune

  • i think his sensitive, philosophical side comes from this aspect 
  • these people have a deep connection with everything neptune represents: creativity, spirituality, nature
  • this is a very good aspect for artists and musicians, specifically writers 
  • poetry is a second language to them 
  • they write in ways that leave others in awe
  • this is apparent in so many ways in namjoon; from the songs he produces, to his fancafe posts, to his mini speeches during concerts
  • a subject matter many are drawn to is suffering, either one experienced by themselves or the human race collectively 
  • in fact, suffering and tragedy are two things these sensitive souls are quite familiar with
  • another aspect that points to humanitarianism
  • extremely compassionate people who are in tune with the hardships that others face 
  • it also notes a strong connection and appreciation for nature and animals
  • which can be seen in his many photographs that center around nature, he appreciates the little things in life 
  • for these people, a simple walk in the park is enough to recharge them 

Moon Sextile Mercury  

  • when the planet of inner needs and the planet of learning and communication form a harmonious aspect, it creates an individual who has a thirst for knowledge 
  • and a charming speaker 
  • these are people with good common sense
  • they solve emotional problems in logical ways, but at the same time avoid being insensitive
  • their nonjudgmental nature and great listening skills makes them very good mentors, role models, and leaders 
  • he’s definitely someone you can look to for advice 
  • the moon also represents the home, the mother and childhood 
  • this aspect indicates a childhood where education was important in the household, and a mother who encouraged his intellectual pursuits 
  • many posses talents for writing (again, another aspect that contributes to his amazing producing abilities), and speaking 
  • they’re able to weave imagination into their speech and written word flawlessly 
  • many are drawn to books and literature and have an impressive library
  • they are truly perpetual students: learning is a life long process

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I really want to believe that there was a plane where they had polaroid cameras and the IPRE crew went crazy with it. Like hundreds and hundred of photos, all lining the halls of the ship. There are selfies of the twins, and samey sunset pictures that Magnus took cause he thought they were so pretty and blurry candids of Davenport because no one can get a good picture of him. Just a space ship covered in photographic evidence of how much these goofs loved each other

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dan is so beautiful and anyone who disagrees is lying. like have you seen that boy? he has slight curves and a soft face and his lips jesus christ. and gorgeous long legs and he has a little bit of a chub tum. everything about him is so soft yet he can go from holy shit to aww it literally two seconds and he looks gorgeous in literally everything.

i thought this answer needed some visual representation

like this is just a random liveshow screenshot?? hOW??

WHY WHY WHY yOU knOw what this is dOIng to us bOIIIIII

phil lester: photographer extraordinaire

fOr fUCk!!!!!

my heart is soft :(((

tHE squISHieST bOYe???

the purest human :((( 7 hours of training a week looks good on him

eXCUse mE????

he deserves all the happiness in the world :(( i’m so :(((


this entire panel was a blessing for our eyes

i will nEVer be over this. eVER.

more denim jacket dan 2kforever pls :(((

fRECKles???? so good man :((((

i would die for him

gLoRiouS. stUnNinG. what is existence honestly

truly, what have we done to deserve him. i need to lie down.

Michele Romero   ||  Here at Camp EW, we love a good prank at work. This happy mess took place on our recent @amcthewalkingdead cover shoot and was inspired by a clip of @bigbaldhead pouring pounds of glitter into the air conditioning vents of a very sweaty Andrew Lincoln’s rental car. I watched that clip 1000 times. When I asked Andrew if he wanted to revenge glitter bomb his bro, I got the biggest hug of my life. And so photographer @aspictures, Prop Master John Sanders, Andy and I hatched a plan. I would yell “knife” and hand the weapon to Norman. Andy had a safety pin off camera and John Sanders rigged a glitter balloon onto a stick and hoisted it over our mark. As you can see the plan worked and made one man a little bit too happy.

monsta x as boyfriends


  • the boyfriend who loves to buy you stuff bc he’s always thinking of you but gets a size too small and didn’t ask for a gift receipt
  • constantly bickers with you over the tiniest things but in a playful way, he likes that you’re not afraid to tell him what you’re thinking
  • has a bunch of inside jokes with you, will literally say one word and you’ll burst out laughing. the members just think he’s super-upped his variety game
  • sends you lots of blurry selfies and texts with typos


  • willing to wake up with a “bloated” face so he can have late-night ramen parties with you
  • takes a while to open up to you about deeper, more personal/emotional problems but will immediately go to you once you two have reached that level of closeness
  • he laughs so much when he’s with you that the other guys tell him to shut up and he goes “mmm nope” and squishes your face
  • enjoys just spending time with you. sometimes you’ll come over and read a book while he messes around on the keyboard


  • probably the most cliché bf out of mx, he wants to protect you and take you on cute coffee shop dates and hold you when you cry
  • almost always holding your hand, he doesn’t even really think about it but his hand reaches for yours
  • your #1 fan. he screams hysterically over everything you do and it’s nice but surprising sometimes so you’ve learned to tune him out
  • never gets tired of hearing you say that you love him.
  • likes to ask you hypothetical questions about your relationship under different circumstances (“if we were in the hunger games but we weren’t from the same district, would you kill me or would you save me so we could both be victors” “minhyuk go to sleep”)


  • likes to listen to you complain about your week, the little stories you tell him spice up his (quite lonely) idol life
  • will do all he can to take care of you so he absolutely loves it when you baby him and do the same
  • sings sweet songs to you when you’re cooking together and will throw you the occasional wink over his shoulder
  • if y'all aren’t cooking, he’ll take you out  to eat good food and photographs the food and your beautiful self :)
  • sends you all his selcas to look over before he posts them on social media


  • the one boyfriend who changes five months into the relationship bc he’s comfortable now and unleashes his inner meme
  • likes to wrap an arm around your shoulders or waist and tuck you into his side
  • teases you in every way possible. want a kiss? cuddles? a bite of his food? you gotta work for it
  • thinks you are the cutest bun in the world and talks to minhyuk about you nonstop. minhyuk’s like “i love them too but why are you telling me how they like their bagels again”


  • has you saved as “my honey🍯” on his phone
  • isn’t great about responding to texts but is very routine about late-night phone and video calls
  • so easy to tease and he’ll pretend not to get worked up but start talking very loudly in his grandpa voice w lots of hand gestures
  • somehow manages to bring you up in every single conversation he has with anyone who’s willing to listen
  • gives such nice/thoughtful/expensive gifts that he makes you look bad when you tell your friends


  • sending each other memes/gifs is a must. if he’s smiling at his phone someone might think you sent him a cutesy text that made his heart flutter but no it’s a meme
  • prob asks you to look over his lyrics sometimes if he’s stuck or thinks something sounds awkward (“babe, what’s a synonym for ‘love’?”)
  • totally calls you babe. sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes he’s squealing on the inside as he says it
  • on that note, he bounces between greasy “fresh out of the fryer, must be drained before consumption” and “wikihow: how to act cool around your crush”
  • most dates are spent snuggling together in bed, talking about the future, and eating snacks/getting crumbs everywhere

A/N: whew i cranked this out super fast and got really excited about it so i posted it!! i’ll be opening requests in 2 weeks if anyone’s wondering~ also thank you to everyone who’s followed me and a HUGE thank you for 1000+ notes on the “sleeping w monsta x” post!? that’s amazing holy crap thank you so much

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hi cassie! Have you already decided who's gonna be on the cover of The Queen of Air and Darkness!:)

We have not, but it’s likely to be a girl because photographing a boy for Lord of Shadows was awful. Not the model’s fault, but a huge amount of what makes underwater photography of people arresting is the movement of hair and clothes and boys tend to have less volume of both. Our photographer/painter/designer almost had a breakdown, and has lodged a VERY STRONG REQUEST that Queen of Air and Darkness feature a woman.

(I was like “Put Mark in a dress! Who cares about the gender binary!” But my editor thinks this will mean people believe he is the Queen of Air and Darkness, and admittedly he isn’t.)

So we’re really deciding on setting right now (especially because Chain of Gold has to be designed first, so this is a ways off) and then there are lots of good options: I’d love to see Cristina, but there are several other powerful ladies who would also work as well.

Mark will, however, be on the spine of the book: it will be the first time the spine character and cover character differ.

The History of the RFA

*I was gonna put a keep reading but decided against it. I stop where I did because the events go differently depending on the route you take. Should I do one for each route???*

*Inspired by “The History of the World, i guess” and “The History of Japan.” Just imagine that voice reading this or it’s not gonna be as good.*

Hi, hello there, here you are. 

You’re at an apartment. But whose apartment is it? We’ll get to that later.

Knock knock, here’s a blonde girl. Who is that?

She thinks “wow I really like photography, I’m gonna go to a gallery” So she goes to a gallery.
Then she meets this guy 

Yeah that guy.
But who is that guy?

He’s a photographer and he likes her hair. So he says “wow, I really like your hair, what’s your name?”

so Rika says “Oh thanks, I like yours too, it’s a weird shade of blue. My name is Rika”

and V says “Oh wow is that you’re real name? We’re Korean, that doesn’t sound like a very Korean name unless one of your parents is foreign or maybe they just wanted to name you something foreign, y’know?” 

and so Rika says 

and V doesn’t say anything else.

Oh look now they’re dating! They’re religious people who like church. One day they’re at church.
Oh hey who’s that cherry-headed kid over there scavenging for food? 
“Oh shit,” V says, “That looks like someone who could really use our help”
Then he says:

and then the little cherry kid said

Then he says “Oh but my name is Saeyoung”

“Yes,” V whispers under his breath, “Our first great act of kindness”
So V and Rika see this kid at the church all the time after mass and bring bread for him. Yay bread.
Turns out Saeyoung’s twin brother, whose name is Saeran, is the weaker one. 

Yeah that one.
His dad’s in some deep political shit and his mom’s blackmailing his dad because his dad won’t tell the people voting for him about the kids he has so the mom threatens to tell the world if he doesn’t give her money and all she does is spend that money on alcohol

“Wow that really sucks,” V says, and comes back a few weeks later with an offering. “Hey I have an idea. How about we take you and give you a new life. You and your computer skills can get you a rad job and then we’ll take care of your brother for you. The catch is that you have to abandon him and become a completely new person.”

“Woah,” Saeyoung says. “I can’t do that, are you crazy”

“No,” V says,

“No,” Saeyoung says.

“But you should,” V says, “It’s best for him.”

“Are you sure,” Saeyoung says.

“Totally,” V says. “You just met me. Trust me though, it’s gonna go smooth.”

So Saeyoung says yes and they take him in where he’s

, converted to catholic and given the cool name “Luciel”
It’s got something to do with not wanting to be a fallen angel but let’s forget about him right now.

A few years later. Surprise! V and Rika wanna start a group together. What are they gonna do in the group?

“But wait” says Rika

“What is it?” says V

“What are we gonna call this group?” 

They have to think of something clever. Something super smart but also obvious so everybody knows their intentions. So they decide to call it

“But wait,” Rika says again, “We can’t just do this by ourselves. We need more people. I have a cousin”

“I have a childhood friend who talks to only me because other people don’t understand our rich lifestyle,” says V

“Oh hold on,” says Rika, “there’s another guy who’s really good at acting and had a pretty shitty childhood, we gotta invite him too”

“That’s pretty dank,” says V, “And my friend that I mentioned previously has an assistant that he can invite.”

“Wait, what about that kid from earlier?” says V.

They hold parties and make money that they donate and everything’s fine. Let’s go forward a little.

Knock knock. 

Who is it now??

Rika’s been struck by mental illness that’s causing her to have delusions. Well this isn’t good.

“I’ll help,” says V
So he takes her to a therapist. But she doesn’t wanna go to the therapist so she stops going to that therapist. Not that she goes to another one. She doesn’t go to a therapist at all.

“I wanna make a cult,” Rika says, “it’ll be totally chill. like a paradise, let’s do it”

“Woah,” V says, “You can’t just make a cult”

“Hey, that’s bullshit,” Rika says, “You can’t tell me what to do”
Then she jabs him in the eyes. Well, we don’t know if she jabbed him in the eyes yet. What she did to his eyes is unclear for now.

Oh no, V’s vision is deteriorating slowly over time. Now Rika’s run off to start her cult.

“Shit,” V says, “I can’t tell the RFA about this, what the hell do I do? Oh wait, I know:”

Woah. Now everyone’s heartbroken and there’s a funeral held for her. In fact, everyone’s so heartbroken that they stop holding charity parties for like two years.
Also Rika’s cousin really hates V for some reason.

Fast forward.
Ding ding. You just got a text. 

Now you’re inside a stranger’s apartment. Surprise again! Your phone suddenly opens up a random chatroom with five people talking about random stuff in their life.

Hey but wait, who are you?

Now they think you’re a hacker and you have to explain what happened and how you ended up in the apartment. You don’t know who this “Rika” or who this “V” is that they keep mentioning but whatever it probably isn’t important.

So you tell them, and they realize you can’t leave because something’s clearly weird, right? So now they’re faced with a dilemma