he is such a good photographer

headcanon that a modern!R is a stage set designer 

Okay, hear me out. I always see headcanons for him being an artist, or photographer, and careers along those lines, but what if he was a set designer? And strictly for stage plays and musicals. 

  • He’ll paint the backdrops himself, and enlists “starving artist” college kids to help him make the sets and, to a certain extent, design some props, instead of bringing in sixty year old know it alls.
  • He’s really good at graphic design so he works closely with lighting directors to make incredible digital art and shade the sets to the mood of the scene. 
  • He loves to create sets for revivals because he can take what has already been done and put a modern twist on it. Stays true to what the original designer wanted, while putting his own personality in. 
  • The best sets are the simplest sets. He’s minimalistic regarding the amount of pieces in the show, but puts in an incredible amount of detail and work into every single one. 
  • He’s probably gotten fired once or twice for sneaking in a bottle of wine on set. Probably also quit because companies wouldn’t let him pay the college kids who’s help he wants to enlist. 
  • Ah maybe he meets Jehan while working on a revival of Romeo and Juliet on the west end. Jehan’s playing Benvolio and suggests R “uses red carnation’s on Juliet’s balcony because they’re flowers of love.”
  • Bahorel works as a crew member for the company. The two convince him to join their group of merry men at a local cafe. 
  • Maybe Enj is one of the actors and just so happens to have angelic vocals but that could just be slander 

“Sunshine is not a subject. There is no emotion; there is no story,” photographer Christophe Jacrot once told Pro Photographer magazine, “Snow is full of stories.” He’s never been interested in “good weather” and chooses snow and rain over idyllic conditions. Jacrot took this picture at twilight in Russia during a blizzard.

“My father and his cousin created the first drug dealing territory in this favela back in the 60’s. It was a very violent place back then. Before my father came along—anyone with a weapon had absolute power. There was no law. There was no police to turn to. There were many homicides, burglaries, and rapes. My father played an important role. It was a cruel role, but it was important. He had to clean up the favela. The criminals weren’t just going to leave. They had to be erased. And my father did that job. He was a tiny man. He dressed well. He was educated, and polite, and humble. To many people he wasn’t a good person. But he was a righteous person. I didn’t follow in my father’s footsteps. I became a photographer and an activist. But I don’t see my father as a bad man. He brought rules to this place. And today’s drug traffickers enforce those same rules. This favela is one of the safest places in the city. Stealing is not allowed here. You can’t rape. You can’t hit a woman. Yes, there is violence. Because the police are always fighting the drug traffickers. But if the drug traffickers were gone tomorrow, the favela would be a far more dangerous place.”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Who wants to bet that this was exactly what happened.

This was supposed to be a YoI secret santa gift for @ghostnamedcaseyart

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@girderednerve got me thinking about Jack and the Samwell archives.

Freshman Jack who’s so intent and serious, so specific in his questions, the archivists think he’s a grad student. He pursues his questions carefully, and cements his good impression by overhearing that a librarian needs a French-speaker to help her sort a series of new acquisitions to special collections, and volunteering to translate.

They let him deep into the archives–past the stacks of published books, past the official archives and their carefully-filed documents. He treats the books carefully and reverently, pulls on his white cotton gloves before handling old photographs at the edges.  They let him look through the handwritten journals famous literary alumni bequeathed to the school, concert programs from 1911 and photography negatives from Winter Screw 1978.

In a jumbled box, scarcely sorted since it was inventoried decades ago, he finds the Samwell Men’s Hockey archives and records from before Faber was built.  Pictures of the team practicing on the Pond, which they did until the first indoor arena was built in 1956. Original stat sheets, the pencil on them faint and fragile.

Pictures–so many pictures.  Team photographs Jack recognizes from Faber, but also action shots during games, candids from practice, and people in street clothes in what Jack thinks, if he squints, is the old hockey house–the one the men’s team vacated in 1985 for the current Haus, so the women’s team could move into the old one.

Two Samwell players in hockey gear, locked in an embrace on ice.  The men are kissing. With a trembling hand Jack flips it over and reads: SMH 1947 Hurlston #78 and Maxwell #13. Don’t mind Max & Hurley, they’ve been joined at the hip since Italy in ‘43.

“Can I, uh…” he says to an archivist, then swallows to keep his dry throat from closing. “Can I make copies of some of these?”

Some of the evidence entered against Casey Anthony, who was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2011.

-The trunk of Casey’s car smelled strongly of death. Casey’s own father, a former police officer, even remarked as such when he picked it up from a tow yard. Further testing determined that air samples from the trunk contained chemical compounds consistent with decomposition.

-A photograph of the ‘Bella Vita’, meaning ‘the good life’, tattoo that Casey got while her daughter was missing.

-A photograph of a sheet of heart shaped stickers from Casey’s room, similar to a sticker that was found on Caylee’s skull

-A photograph of Casey at a ‘hot body’ competition hosted by a Florida nightclub while Caylee was missing.

-A strand of hair which was found to be microscopically similar to Caylee’s was found in the boot of Casey’s car. The hair had a band around it which is formed only after death.

-Records of Google searches performed on the Anthony family computer included searches for ‘neck breaking’ and ‘how to make chloroform’.

-Caylee’s body was disposed of in a laundry bag which came in a set of 2. The other laundry bag was discovered in the Anthony home.

Most recent pictures of Serial Killer Patrick Mackay that exist.

Patrick Mackay (born September 25, 1952) is a serial killer who confessed to murdering eleven people in England in the mid 1970s.

Early life

As a child, Mackay was frequently a victim of physical abuse at the hands of his violent, alcoholic father Harold. When Mackay was ten, Harold died from complications of alcoholism and a weak heart. His final words to his son were ‘remember to be good’.

Patrick was said to be unable to come to terms with the loss, telling people Harold was still alive and keeping a photograph of his father on his person.

Later in his youth, he suffered from extreme tantrums and fits of anger, indulged in animal cruelty and arson (at one point setting the pet tortoise on fire), bullied younger children, stole from elderly women’s homes and people in the street, and even attempted to kill his mother and aunt.

He also attempted to kill a younger boy, and later said he’d have succeeded had he not been restrained, and attempted to set fire to a Catholic church. Because of such incidents, he spent his teenage years in and out of mental homes and institutions. At 15, he was diagnosed as a psychopath by a psychiatrist, Dr. Leonard Carr. Carr predicted Mackay would grow up into a ‘cold, psychopathic killer’.

Adulthood and murders

As he entered adulthood, Mackay developed a fascination with Nazism, calling himself “Franklin Bollvolt The First” and filling his flat with Nazi memorabilia. He lived in London and was frequently drunk or on drugs. In 1973, near his mother’s home in Kent, he met and was befriended by Father Anthony Crean, a priest. Regardless, Mackay broke into Crean’s home and stole a check for £30. Arrested and prosecuted by the police, he was ordered to pay the fine back but never did. The incident caused a rift between the two and Mackay returned to London. It was around this time that Mackay said that he had drowned a tramp in the River Thames.

On March 21 1975, then aged 22, Mackay used an axe to kill Father Crean, hacking through the victim’s skull and watching him bleed to death. He was swiftly arrested and was soon considered by police to be a suspect in at least a dozen other killings over the previous two years, most victims being elderly women who had been stabbed or strangled during robberies. Mackay bragged that he had murdered eleven people.

Mackay was charged with five murders, but two charges were dropped through lack of evidence. In November 1975 he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. He is reported to be among the 50 or so prisoners in the United Kingdom who have been issued with a whole life tariff and are unlikely ever to be released from prison.

Photographic Evidence


Danny sulked as he dropped into his seat for study hall. Tucker was already sitting in his own spot, playing on his phone. “Long day?” Tucker asked.

“I. Hate. Wes.” Danny punctuated each word with with hitting his forehead on the desk.


“Wes.” Danny buried his head in his arms, fully intending to forget the mess his day had been, curl up, and take a nap. He was mostly caught up for once, and an hour-long nap sounded perfect.

“Still not following.”

With a groan, Danny glanced over at Tucker. “Wes. Wes Weston. Red-head. Bane of my existence. Constantly tries to prove I’m a ghost.”

The boy looked up from his phone, eyebrows wrinkling. “Are you,” Tucker reached out and brushed his hand over Danny’s forehead, “okay?”

“Am I okay?” Danny said, pushing Tucker’s hand away with a scowl. “Are you okay? How can you suddenly not remember Wes Weston?”

Tucker blinked, then turned to the girl next to him. He asked, “Wes Weston - heard of him?”

The girl stared at him blankly for a moment before shaking her head.

“Oh, come on!” Danny said, throwing his hands in the air. “He’s on the basketball team. He’s annoying and somehow mousy and gangly at the same time.” After a second, Danny snatched Tucker’s phone and started flipping through pictures on the school website. “Look. Right…” Danny trailed off.

Wes wasn’t in the picture of the basketball team. Or the soccer team. Or the whole class photo, and Danny knew for sure the redhead had been standing behind him making bunny ears. Instead, there was nothing but a faint red blur that could have been just discoloration in the image.

“Danny? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Tucker joked, peeling Danny’s fingers off the phone and taking it back. “You find your mysterious Wes?”

“Uh…” Movement at the door caught Danny’s attention and he looked away from Tucker.

Peering through the small glass window in the door was Wes, pointing two fingers at his eyes and then at Danny. I’m watching you.

“Maybe,” Danny said.

reasons why hayden in goosebumps night of the living dummy III is Iconic™

  • his outfits are Looks truly

yes i made a collage specifically for this post

look at that vest. truly inspiring. those pajamas? beautiful. camera around ur neck for that photographer aesthetic?? amazing

  • he wakes up in a field with a cow right next to him. Goosebumps predicted his future home can you believe it. i love my farmer son
  • he tells his cousins that he’s into photography and his cousins just. walk away from him what the fcy taht’s so rude. then one of them hit their nose on the door. Good. i’ll look at your photography hayden i believe in u
  • i love my son
  • i don’t care if he’s 17 years older than me he is my. son
  • also he’s like 16 here and he looks 12. me too. i love him
  • soft and smol

r u kidding me

binch..i love

  • look

he’s been yelling for 5 straight years. me too my buddy. inspirational

  • i love him
  • he is my son and i love him
  • my son
  • who i love
  • who is my son
  • he literally screams so many times in these two episodes like me too i freaking relate. i know how you feel bud
  • “come on slappy ol buddy ol pal” - hayden (also known as My Son)
  • then here we have the mf biggest plot twist of the century

his head just!!!!!????? turns ALL THE WAY around!??!?!?!??!!? are you okay??!??!??!

  • i love him
  • watch this show i’m yelling

in which victor likes pictures of yuri

1. Victor takes a picture of Yuri playing with Makkachin on the beach. It’s a good picture: the sun is setting, the waves are a vibrant blue and the sky a lovely pink and orange, and Makkachin has been captured in just the right adorable running pose for dogs. Yuri’s laughing, too, and he looks more relaxed than Victor normally sees him during practice. Victor uploads the picture to Instagram.

It’s a nice picture. The colors are bright. He sets the photo to the lock screen on his phone, then puts it away.

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Imagine a UNIT era modern day AU where the Doctor discovers Facebook:

  • He immediately sends friend requests to everyone at UNIT. The Brigadier doesn’t really understand social media (he only uses it to keep up with family stuff) but he’s very good at clicking the delete button. The Doctor is undeterred and continues to send him friend requests.
  • One day the Brigadier has to tell him exasperatedly, “Doctor, you can’t publicly list your education as ‘Time Lord Academy’.”
  • On another occasion he has to tell him to take down the picture he posted of the First Doctor that was captioned, “And here’s me in my younger days.” “I suppose this means you’ll want me remove that photograph taken during the Omega incident that said, ‘Hanging out with myself’,” the Doctor sighs.
  • The Doctor tries to sound cool on the internet but doesn’t because he keeps using memes that haven’t been invented yet. No one has any idea what he’s talking about and internet-savvy Jo is perpetually embarrassed.
  • The Master (under a paper-thin alias) stalks the Doctor’s page and likes all his posts in the hope that the Doctor will send him a friend request and he can have the satisfaction of declining it. The Doctor ignores him, but he does get a friend request from Sergeant Benton. Somehow the thought of declining that isn’t quite as satisfying.
  • “No, Doctor,” the Brigadier groans one morning when he sees his Facebook feed, “you cannot post… selfies… with a Dalek.” “Well if you don’t like mine, “ the Doctor replies, “just wait until you see Jo’s.”

It’s all right, have a good time.

There’s something special in this screenshot, don’t know how to explain it, sounds like the end of a mission which turned fine, time to go back on the Normandy. He’s kind of relaxed, that half-smile on his lips, he’s looking straight at you, the “photographer”… or Shep taking the photo. ^^

- Think I’m going to make a tpf to have it as a photo in the cabin.
- Yes, I like to see some characters from head to toes ;)
- Going to add other shots of James and Kaidan

Yuuri has a framed photograph of Victor on his table.

At the end of Ep 1, just before Yuuri finds out about the video going viral, there is clearly a framed photograph of Victor right in the middle of Yuuri’s table.

It’s a copy of this poster:

In ep 2, on the very first night that Victor stays over in Hasetsu and tries to sleep with Yuuri, we get a shot of his table and it looks like this:

So… in the days after the video went viral, where he avoided all contact with the outside world by switching off his phone and holing up in his room, he decided it would be a good idea to put in a new photo of Victor. More specifically, a close-up of Victor’s FACE.

Even as he frantically disassembled his Victor shrine, he left behind the framed photo.

Even in Ep 4, the framed photograph is still there, although it’s not clear what’s actually in the frame. (damn you reflective glare)

From these shots, it is obvious that Yuuri has moved the photograph from the middle of the table to left, so that his laptop doesn’t block his view of the photograph. The photograph is now placed prominently to his left with nothing obstructing it. So he can stare at it all he wants.

Like this:

Ok, he’s looking at his phone in this shot, but it does not negate the fact that his workspace has 1) his laptop 2) his notes 3) A PHOTO OF VICTOR’S FACE.