he is such a good dancer

Dance With Me

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A/N: I watched Kingsman: the secret service last night and the song Give it up was stuck in my head so here’s my inspired imagine.

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Warnings: Slight cursing

Summary: Bucky catches reader dancing.

Bucky heard the music all the way in the kitchen. “What the hell is that girl listening to?”

When he entered the living room he couldn’t help the grin that broke out on his face. Y/N dancing away, unknown was his presence, and he was gonna keep it that way.

He hid his body half way behind the door frame and watched her dance. She made funny faces while she moved and pumped her fist. She looked like a belly dancer, the way she moved her hips was so fluid. She wasn’t trying to look good, but the joy she displayed made her look so beautiful to him.

“Are you forgetting I’m a trained assassin, and there’s no way you could get away with watching me?” She was laughing at him, but didn’t falter in her moves. Not once.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m only here for the music.”

Cocky bastard, she thought.

“Well in that case.” Y/N grabbed his hand and pulled him to the center of the room. “Come dance with me.”

Bucky didn’t move except for to look down at his toes. She wouldn’t have his shyness right now when he should be having fun. Y/N took ahold of his hand while she bounced from foot to foot, waving her hair around and trying to get him to move.

“What was the disco era like Buck? Did you grow an afro? Wear bell bottoms?” She paused to fake surprise with a gasp, “did you smoke weed?”

He chuckled. She was being ridiculous, dancing around to disco and asking questions she already knew the answer to.

“You already know I wasn’t allowed that kind of fun, but if I was I’m sure I would have been all about the flower power man.”

She laughed out loud, throwing her head back and cackling like a witch. Her laugh was so hilarious he almost couldn’t contain his. Here he was, standing in front of a deadly assassin, who could seduce men with the skill of a siren, snap necks with her bare hands, rob you blind without you ever knowing she was there, and she was acting like a huge dork. Man he loved this woman.

“Tell me about the 70′s Bucky.” She was still bouncing around but she had released his hands, finally giving up on making him dance.

“I don’t remember the 70′s Y/N I was barley huma-”

“I don’t care make it up.” She interrupted him before he could say anything self damaging.

He thought for a minute. “Everyone had flowers in their hair, and went bare foot. They loved poetry, and believed wholeheartedly in world peace.”

“And you don’t?” She had stopped dancing now. 

“No.” He answered simply. “World peace isn’t possible when greed and hate still exist.”

“Well I like to be optimistic, and I say it is possible.”

He smiled at her. “Then it is possible. As long as you say so.”

She went back to dancing and this time she had hands in hers and a partner to jump around with. Neither of them could stop smiling. Maybe there was something in the water but Bucky was having a lot of fun acting like a fool with Y/N. She brought out his inner child and it was a feeling Bucky had missed out on for 70 years.

Y/N’s heart felt weightless and like a hundred pounds all at once. She loved seeing Bucky this way. A boyish smile decorating his face, not hiding his emotions for once. Just living in the moment with her and looking like he was having the time of his life made her so happy. She really loved this man.

“Y/N look!”

When she turned around she had to double over with a loud cackle, before she joined him in dancing the disco. He laughed harder than she had, at the funny face she made. She really is a wild one.

“Get dressed,” he said, “we’ll go to an actual disco.”

“For real?”

“For real.”

She squealed. “Give me thirty minutes!”

Steve closed the door to the living room. After witnessing what he just had he definitely didn’t want to interrupt. His best friend dancing around like that, was the most fun he’s seen him have since being back, and he wasn’t going to ruin that. He smiled to himself, grabbed his coffee cup from the kitchen counter and walked back to his room.

most male idol dancers just… dance … and that’s it no matter how good they are. but taemin has this maturity and femininity about him which he embraces and puts into his performances and it’s very effective

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But like imagine some dick made Richie cry and like out of nowhere Stan is beating the absolute shit out of them like you mess with the tiny not so innocent soft boy you get multiple fists to your face and Beverly marsh videotaping it so your life is hell after cause you got your ass handed to you for making the tiny cry - Nikolai

THIS IS SO GOOD AND SO TRUE stan is a dancer so he’s so fuckin graceful n he can dodge any hits you try to throw at him and he knows Weak Spots like the back of his fuckin hand you do NOT mess with the boy with fucking bite marks on his face

beverly has a small collection of videos that are just stan kicking ass and richie likes to watch them when hes sad because he loves it when his boyfriend is snarling about how amazing he is and how this guy,,, this GUY,,, trying to insult him is basically dead now

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Do you have any good dancing stiles fics? Or where Derek meets stiles at club cause he’s dancing really good?


Dancing With The Moon

Summary: Dancing With The Stars AU. Stiles Stilinski, former child star, has been strong-armed into participating in a reality show by his agent in an attempt to raise his profile and actually get him some work as an adult. With champion dancer Laura Hale on his arm, Stiles might even stand a chance of going all the way. Their only obstacle (aside from Stiles’ complete inability to cha cha cha) is Lydia Martin and her professional partner—Laura’s brother, Derek.

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The Chance to Come Through

Summary: Derek’s auditioning because Laura talked him into it, though he’s not sure a ballet dancer is really what a televised dance competition is looking for. Stiles is auditioning because it seemed like a fun thing to do with Scott on a Saturday morning, and maybe he’d get to dance with Comfort, his favorite female hip hop dancer. They both end up getting a lot more than they were looking for.

(A So You Think You Can Dance AU.)

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The Music Of Your Body

Summary: Derek inspected the paper with curiosity. It was a poster that seemed to be advertising a dancing event. There was a dancer in the middle, dressed in ballet clothes, body toned and hard, but the movement that was captured screamed smooth and melodic even from the picture.

I don’t understand. He signed with a frown.

It’s an invitation. I am one of the dancers in the group and I would like it if you came. Stiles replied nervously.

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If You Want Me To Stay

Summary: The one where Derek is a fine arts student and Stiles is a dancer, practicing in the same Beacon Hills Police Department shirt his mom used to wear when he watched her practice in the living room.

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Bite the (metaphorical) Bullet

Summary:AKA the one where Laura threatens Derek with bodily harm if he doesn’t go out and pull some tail, Derek doesn’t know the rules of one night stands, and Beacon Hills is a small town.

After Derek is dumped by his long-term boyfriend, he goes to the Jungle to try to forget and meets go-go dancer Stiles. They head back to his loft and Derek doesn’t know how to do one night stands. Feels ensue.

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when i realised that taemin was going to have a group of only female back-up dancers for this comeback, i was a little worried. 

and the fact that i was not very happy about a set of female back-up dancers made me unhappy with myself. i always considered myself a rational fan. i know that idols date. i know they interact with women. the vlive documentary shows that taemin’s entire coordi staff are female and they get along great. it’s a good thing. 

so why was i upset about the female back-up dancers? 

i only realised this once i saw the mv, and then it hit me: the girls weren’t sexualised props. that was what i had been afraid of, but unable to pin down before the mv was released. but in move, taem did the exact same dance as they did. if they pumped their chest, so did he. if they swivelled their hips, so did he. they were a squad. a team. i look at them and i see a ride or die team ready to fuck up anyone who crosses their path, not a man and his harem of admiring women. 

it’s a level of respect women do not usually get in kpop. so many mvs use female back-up dancers to highlight the desirability or masculine appeal of the main idol/idols, but that didn’t happen in move. 

in move, they are equals.  

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I've watched some of Jhope's live performances with the boys and the little bounce he does sometimes in between dance moves makes me so happy. I mean besides that he's such a great dancer, makes me sad that some don't appreciate that.

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he’s the main dancer for a good reason. i love the way he dances he’s ?? so bouncy??? sometimes it’s almost like he doesn’t have any bones lol. i remember when i watched the bst dance practice for the first time i couldn’t take my eyes off him. he puts his heart & soul into his dance~ i hope hobi gets more solo dance stages soon (maybe at this year’s mama?) …..

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OK so... every single member of GOT7 is a good dancer. Mark's always been very good considering he knew nothing about dance before going to SK but I wouldn't say he's like YG or JB "gifted". BUT LIKE WATCHING YOU ARE AND TEENAGER I S2G HE'S LIKE KICKED IT UP A NOTCH BETWEEN NEVER EVER AND THIS COMEBACK? IDK IF ITS JUST THE CHOREO SUITS HIM ESP WELL THIS TIME ROUND OR HE'S FEELIN IT MORE OR SMTH HE JUST SEEMS TO HAVE TAKEN SOME TRAITS ON BOARD LIKE FULL EXTENSION ETC AND I JUST????? mooooooooork!

I KNOOWWW!! i do think the choreography helps too! Because this choreography (especially teenager) has like a better sense of flow that fits him and actually all of them.

But i honestly think hes bringing the fierce energy too like w0W BUB

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What if s/o was a belly dancer?~

Thinks that you do a very good job at dancing but don’t expect much at of him. Maybe a compliment or a pun… Or a bunch of puns.

Enjoys watching your shows and thinks that this talent of yours is amazing. He’ll be at all your shows and always claps the loudest. He might even start to pick up the dance himself.

Doesn’t care about your hobbies. You can do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t interfere with his time with him.

He loves going to your gigs and watching you dance. Doesn’t so much like other guys watching you and can often be heard growling at others if they watch you for to long

Thinks that your amazing. He’ll ask you a bunch of questions about how you move like that and how long you’ve been learning. He enjoys finding out the answers to things

Gives you a flirty comment and a wink but doesn’t really bring it up again.

He acts like he doesn’t care and that the whole thing is stupid but in reality he is super interested about it and will quietly and not to subtle to stalk you to find out more about it.

Doesn’t say anything, or do anything. It’s more of a oh you dance? That’s cool. And then moving on.


Request: Can I get a winner reaction to their s/o dancing really nicely?❤️ @saumya–anand

A/N: I’m so sorry this is so late, I really thought I had already posted this but when I checked it was still in my folder!! I hope you enjoy!

Jinwoo would be surprised and would just enjoy watching you dance without interfering. He’d watch with a big smile on his face and might even sneak out his phone to snap a few pictures just for himself to keep when he needs to cheer up. 

Seunghoon would totally join in with you after watching your routine. He would love having the chance to be so close to you and probably wouldn’t want to stop dancing. One of his favorite things is to take a glance at you and see you so concentrated on doing something you loved.

Mino would record an entire video of you then proceed to dance with you afterwards like he had just walked by and noticed you dancing. He would be the type to want to do a sexy dance and would eventually take the lead by holding your waist (not that you minded). Imagine dancing to this….

Seungyoon would watch you do a routine and like the leader he is want to give you feedback right afterwards. He would be sort of like your partner and dance with you letting you have more fun. Sometimes if he thought something could be done better he would gently shift your body and continue the routine.  


Zodiac Signs

You asked, i did.
I wanted something god-like and modern(ish) at the same time so here we go.
You can find more information about each character below. Hope you like it.
feel so embarassed everytime i do smth like that help

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DOPE screenshots

“shh take it off now girl..just take it off..I’M A MASTER WITH YOUR BR” okay that’s enough I can’t believe I’m only discovering this song now 😂

Moving on…

Jungkook’s inner fuckboy came out in Dope

I’m not complaining, why would I

Angry BTS compilation

Jimin grabbing his crotch/being rude compilation

Oops wROnG pIC

He just looks good I’m not over his red hair

Tae too innocent to grab and Idk what Jin is doing tbh…

Crazy BTS compilation

When your parents walk in on you and you immediately pretend to be asleep..

We see you Joonie ;)

This is a demonstration of how they’ll snatch our wigs each comeback :)

Rare footage of Jimin looking taller than Jungkook and Yoongi

Jungkooks legs…no comment…I hope he was okay

Suga being a cutie compilation

His legs..and people say he’s a bad dancer..

When you see oppa

Okay so Tae was staring at Namjoons butt, he looks disgusted tho…

“wait is that a pizza slice on the floor?”

oKAy but Jin lowkey looks like Jimin here!?!?

Suga being a cutie again

He have been doing the famous “chong jojun balsa” since Dope..that’s why I have trust issues..

Who is Chanyeol?

screams ultimate bias

♡ Park Chanyeol

♡ “happy virus”

♡ “yoda”

♡ “3.01″

♡ Biggest dork on the planet

♡ has a dog called Toben

♡ Is tall

♡ god took his time on him

along w the rest of exo

♡ raps

♡ sings

♡ plays the guitar

♡ plays the piano

♡ is a dj

♡ composes 

♡ produces songs

♡ models

♡ can unlock the doors without a key

♡ bowling king

♡ masters everything

except dancing

♡ He is also fucking rich 

but not as rich as $uho

♡ lends all his money to sehun

♡ doesn’t mind buying a car that costs $500.000

he can buy me three times w that money

♡ Has the most unique voice along with kai

♡ His voice is deep and soothing while singing

♡ but strong and powerful while rapping

♡ has reeaallllyy good collabs

♡ stay with me ft.punch

♡ don’t make money ft heize where he dissed mnet

♡ let me love you ft junggigo


or should i say fa eest momint

♡ sorry not sorry

♡ won the best collab award

♡ a wise man once said “you lovin’ the size”

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♡ Wrote heaven

♡ And gave sehun lots of lines

♡ bless him

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♡ He is so good looking

♡ despite the fact that he’s a freaking giant

♡ he is ethereal

♡ i’m not even talking about his photo shoots


♡ art art art art art art art

♡ was really popular in high school coz he looked so good in uniforms

looks better without

♡ Visual af

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♡ He knows it

♡ but sometimes tends to forget that he’s the sexiest man alive

along with the rest of exo

♡ He has lots of nicknames but the only one that matters is

♡ happy virus

♡  A wise man once said

♡ “no matter how difficult something is,i will not pout and smile like an idiot”

♡ pure hearted boy

♡ He’s always so giggly and happy

♡ is the mood maker of exo

♡ manages to make everyone smile

♡ with his dorky and goofy side

♡ camera caught him saying “yeppoo” to red velvet’s irene

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omg i love him chanyeol you cant do dis to me

♡ however also cries a lot

♡ They say that people with big eyes cry a lot

♡ he has the biggest eyes

♡ he said that he cried on his car after Exo’rdium Japan concert due to stress and hardships

♡ But we’ll protect him

♡ Also cried cause he was so happy when he received many gifts from fans and friends for his bd

♡ He is a soft boy indeed

♡ Also,a dork

♡ Sleeps his eyes open

♡ Screams his ass off

♡ hits anything nearby when he’s laughing

♡ chanyeol+floor is a tru ship

♡ he loves the floor

told ya fam

♡ They call him yoda coz he got big ears

big and beautiful

♡ He said that he watched his part “3.01″in growl’s mv at least 100 times coz he thinks he’s too handsome


♡ If you’re mentioning chanyeol,you have to mention


♡ the precious,holy relationship

♡ they basically want to marry

♡ but sm is a bitch so won’t let them

♡ They adore each other

♡ they’re the real life couple

♡ went to see kid together to adopt one

♡ baekhyun said that if he were a girl,he would date chanyeol coz he’s kind but we all know the real reason here

♡ chen said baekhyun is being too unrealistic coz he can’t even reach yeol’s ears

♡ –>baekhyun wears chanyeol’s  clothes

♡ They buy couple shoes from gucci

♡ they had oversea dates —->ny where chanyeol bought him coffee

♡ They also said that C in CBX stands for chanyeol and introduced themselves as Chanbaek


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stop staring baek he already knows

♡ There’s also a love-hate relationship called


♡ They get along really well and love each other

♡ but not afraid to hit or diss each other in front of the camersa

♡ ksoo secretly loves chan but too scared to admit

♡ coz chan is a cheesy giant who will talk about it all the time

♡ chanyeol supported him on his drama

♡ he said “thx chanyeol” with a disappointed face

chanyeol is his secret one night stand

♡ The height difference is real tho

♡ They’re adorable we hope bbh doesnt know

♡ ksoo often forgets chanyeol’s presence 

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♡ Chanyeol is also multi talented

♡ he can sing,rap,dj,play 5 instruments and compose


♡ Sometimes he doesn’t show but

♡ he is da real mvp

♡ loves dogs

♡ has a small dog called “toben”

♡ said”he is a kind dog and i wanted to name him as toben since Beethoven is also a kind and respectable person”

♡ bootiful

♡ Also great with kids

♡ cooked a meal for a smol child on a variety show 

♡ was cute

♡ Also,dancing his dancing isn’t the best

♡ the thing is

♡ compared to normal people who don’t dance like me,he is a great dancer

♡ but since everyone in exo knows how to dance perfectly

♡ he isn’t considered as a good dancer in exo

♡ he also has a giant body

how is he supposed move all the parts perfectly

♡ is good friends with chimchim of bts

♡ woozi of SVT

♡ Joohoney of Monsta X


♡ As well as jonghyun of shinee


♡ He is the most adorable person on the planet

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♡ his relationship with members is just

I love lay so much looks at this adorable cutie pie i hate u sm omg he sso cutteee

♡ He is a part of the beagle line

♡ chen+chanyeol+baekhyun

♡ also a part of the shopping crew

♡ sehun+vivi+suho+chanyeol

♡ Part of the chingu line

♡ ksoo+the beagle line

♡ he gets along withe everyone except ksoo

♡ for once lay touched his crotch on kbs music bank accidentally and he was like boi what r u doin

♡ pokes lay’s butt


♡ knows every single girl group song and choreo i mean twice

♡ said oh shit on a live broadcast

♡ is thirsty for lay

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♡ he is a dork who we must protect!

  • Meet Park Jimin. born on October 13, 1995, in Busan. He is the main vocalist and dancer of BTS. 

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  • Before becoming this celestial creature who inspires youth to pursue their dreams, he was a child with none but a will to become either a chef or a police officer. 

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  • His dream will come to shape when he sees a south Korean artist named Rain. At the time he would laugh if he heard that years later he will have to dance to one of his songs in front of the world.

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  • He falls in love at 8th grade with dancing. A love he will keep dear … a love that will change his path forever.

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  • He will work hard for his dream and get into Busan High School of Arts as the top student in modern dance, but will later transfer to Korea Arts High School where he will meet one of the 6 guys that will share his destiny: Kim Taehyung (V). 

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  • None of them knew at the time how valuable one will become to the other, that they will share smiles and pains and call each other soulmates.

Originally posted by vmonism

  • Seasons pass and Jimin will audition to BigHit, Sweaty palms and shaky voice, this shy guy will sing … was someone that scared and timid made for the stage? People who didn’t know of his duality will mock even the idea of it.  After a poor start caused by stress, fear will fade when it’s time to dance along with the judges' hesitation: he was a raw diamond. 

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  • Jimin will get accepted into this small company, full of trainees with more experience and chances to debut than him. He said only later “as a trainee, I really didn’t know if I’d ever get to debut”. He used to be perceived as talented and showered with compliments by both his professors and parents in his hometown, arriving at Seoul. Negative thoughts will start to build up: “Why is everyone better than me? Do I have no talent? … Am I no good? Should I give up? Is this worth it”. Being a guy who hates losing he will ignore the hardship and just work harder.

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  • And indeed, hard work paid off. Jimin with only one year of training will join Big Hit’s first group: Bangtan Seonyondan. During BTS first year, he will have the chance to write a letter and read it to ARMYs. His face will carry his signature smile at first but word after word, memories of that harsh year will start to hit him … and tears will fall. He will say that he thought of giving up endless times and that he is thankful he did not.

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  • During BTS first years, they were hated and belittled by many. Jimin who though debuting was the hardest thing will come to laugh at his naive past self. He will recall what made him come through that harsh year: “hard work”. Even if he is known to be the boy who helps and supports every member, he is the kind who tries to solve his own problems … He blames no one but himself. 

Originally posted by parkjiminz

  • He didn’t know at the time that he was feeding a complex he kept from the past that will lead to a dangerous situation: He will start viewing himself as “fat” and be more self-conscious about his appearance than ever. And so … *sigh* … 

Originally posted by jiminimised

  • he will start starving himself in a middle of a busy schedule where even sleep is a luxury, to shortly after fall into a big depression. Smiling during the day to cameras and …

Originally posted by wonhoslilmonster

  •  wiping sweat and tears training with all his might for hours. 

Originally posted by taehnwnho

  • Jimin called having abs a “homework”. ARMYs loved his abs … but no one knew the price the poor boy paid for the screams of the crowd.

Originally posted by btsdaddy

  • Receiving hate from others is hard, yet imagine hating your own self? we can hide from people yet we can’t run away from our thoughts.
  • Jimin is also the kind to help everyone but solves his own problems. A workaholic who hates losing and get veeery stubborn. The members even said, he is the scariest when he gets angry. 

Originally posted by destiellive

  • But Jin couldn’t stand seeing Jimin in constant pain so he got him out of it. It took Seokjin time and effort but it was worth it as his junior started to eat regularly and accept that he too can have flaws. 

Originally posted by kim-aris

  • All of this situation made Jimin grow not only as an artist but also as a person, to become idolized by many. People tend to think Jimin was naturally good at all he does. Jungkook’s words when he described JM will quickly tell you otherwise “He tries the hardest! He watches music videos all day long … When I watch him, he looks cool”

Originally posted by eatupbangtan

  • He is the protégé of both BTS, the managers and the whole fandom so no one can refuse him a favor. 

Originally posted by jeimin

  • Have you ever thought why did Jimin not release any cover song alone? Most people learn from their mistakes but there are some that prefer to not allow any. As Jimin stated in both Bon Voyage S2 and BTS Wings concept book, he is still not pleased by his singing. 

Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

  • People mostly say “I like Jimin’s voice” when he worked so hard he wants to hear “Jimin sang well” because a good voice is something you are born with, singing well is something you learn and work hard to achieve. 

Originally posted by notkimtaehyung

  • There is no way we can change Jimin’s way of thinking, but maybe we can choose better words and simply stand by him the way Jin and the members did in the past.

Originally posted by haninnoona

  • Jimin is like a moon reflecting all the light he gathers on us with a smile. Yet where we stand no matter what, we will never see his dark side. Neitherless, we still know it’s there. 

Originally posted by lavender-kills

  • You may probably already adore Jimin the singer, dancer, and performer but please don’t forget the one who needs more love: Jimin the human. 

Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, I am happy destiny led him our way so we can open even better paths for not only Jimin but all BTS.
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BTS in Bed (Based on Their Venus and Mars Signs) - Hyung Line

warning: longg 18+ post ahead

Maknae Line version here.

Jin - Capricorn Venus Cancer Mars

  • the cheesy romantic type
  • capricorn is a cold business like sign
  • while cancer is emotional and sensitive
  • so that creates a conflict within him
  • probably the most vanilla of all the boys as both his venus and mars are very traditional signs
  • but by no means is he boring
  • his sagittarius sun knows how to spice things up and keep it interesting
  • would love missionary with lots of eye contact and kissing and feeling
  • kissing in general is very arousing to him
  • body worship
  • food and sex are two of his favorite things so of course he’d combine them
  • food play
  • licking whipped cream, chocolate, and more off his partners body
  • mmm maybe you’ll be my next special on eat jin ;)”
  • (oops did i forget to mention jokes during sex bc yes jokes during sex)
  • let’s not sleep on those magical fingers
  • he knows how to use them
  • has a soft, feminine aesthetic 
  • ex. likes pink lingerie, fluffy white bed sheets, etc
  • his capricorn venus likes controlling and owning their partner
  • so he’d surprise u with pretty collars that say “property of jin”
  • nonchalant and open about his sex life
  • literally in the middle of dinner he’d go
  • “oh jagi the baby pink vibrator i ordered came in let’s try it tonight”
  • and u choke on ur food
  • calling his s/o princess/prince !!
  • so many soft pet names
  • knows how to pleasure his partner and does it well

Originally posted by chokemejimin

Yoongi - Aries Venus Cancer Mars

  • listen…not he’s always the kinky hard dom y'all think he is

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